Amen Sister Friend! with Sarah Anne


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Patterns from tied to Cammo even cute critters five packs or twelve fifty and ten packs just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old navy dot com see old navy dot com details. Season Queen. Own. Not afraid to be. Court. Welcome to. Sister friend I have my friend and amazing odd castor in mom and wife end just amazing incredible human being in Spirit Caroline Hobby here with me I rely I having. I'm so happy you're here. Thank you for taking the time to. Grace the podcasters with your beautiful inspiration and your beautiful spirit and I'm so happy to see your face I. Know It's been way too long. I'm so happy that you moved to Florida and you're loving life there but it does make it. Sad because I. Don't get to see you as much and we we loved to manifest together which I. Just you have such a great spirit of believing and getting vibration high so that You can actually manifest your dreams and I. Always really appreciated that about our friendship I do appreciate that about our friendship. Thank you too I like for the People Listening Carolina and I have been friends since college and we was went to Belmont and we were closed in college actually and kind of just journey of life of being a national just became a lot closer in really just became a line spiritually yes and yeah, we both. Loved talking about the the larger. Ideas of God and lives, and by ration- manifestation Creir all of it, and it was always really fun talking to somebody that really would just like go there with you i. totally agree because there are so many people who are definitely spiritual who have faith and all that but it's a little bit different when you are talking about aligning with your vibrate. And how what you think becomes what you actually experience in your life and how you and I are on that same level of. The Higher Force, the universe, all of that, and some people are like. You crazy. But you and I are always like Oh my God. Yes. Yes. And this. As. Well, and I love that shoe because I think you know growing up in. The, Church which I know you've talked a lot about how your mom is very open and I love I. Adore your mom she. Is Amazing she is but she's open to ideas and she's open to conversations around it and questioning things and is more like the you know creative side of know just you're you're raising and then your dad was very you know just dependable their leader. And I'm like I'm not putting words in your mouth. No, you nailed it. But You know the way we grew up I feel like it's very similar in that. It's it was very southern. Around a lot of religion and Not, necessarily in our immediate family, just in the Bible Belt and Yes Georgia and all that but you have always been so explorative in that's where you've been so willing to question. What has been taught to you what has been told to you. As have I and so I think that makes it so easy for us to line because a lot of people don't like it when people question. Yes. So true that is so true. Yeah and I think it's such a great quality about because you're you're a seeker. Will I probably feel I'm sure we feel the same and if something doesn't make sense to me, I can't get to the root of why I'm supposed to believe something. That's not a good enough answer for me like I need to know I needed it to match in my heart I need to feel aligned with my belief and I can't just take a belief I. think there are so many great things about. But I can't just accept everything that someone tells me and not believe it with my own soul. So I think that is why I am so curious and is why I Also like for me. I have a I. CAn't exclude like I feel like sometimes people who are very strong in their religion. It excludes a lot of people at hates a lot of people and I don't I don't align with that at all, and so I've had to go on my own journey to figure out what my faith is and how I fit into the spectrum of all of that and you know I encourage everyone to do that because my I feel like my life has gotten so much more full of God in the higher power once I actually felt like I had a real relationship, not something that was told to me. Yeah It's like uncovering and I think we've both done that really uncover a lot of what we were taught question to and men are still evolving and growing on a journey of piecing together. Yes and like seeing what? It all means for us because I. so aligned with that inclusivity and just allowing everyone to be on their own journey of finding their own peace in their own truth and I know it's true for me and I know what my truth should be but that isn't everybody's choice you know and so giving people that right? Yeah. Giving people that space to beyond their own. Journey and not I feel like religion. A lot of times really wants to tell people what they should be offered them in a box or it's a projection of my own judgments on myself. Right in these walls that built in my own heart and mind, and then I might know you have to have these boxes on your heart mind to where you have to have this certain. Belief system and that's just not the case you know. In a lot of religion and I feel like the journey that we're both really honest finding that. What we really believed to be true that is inclusive that. That comes from A. Really just love I was GonNa say the same thing Sarah I feel. I feel like. All intentions are so good with so many organized things like you know it starts off to be so good and helpful and to keep people safe in to give you guidelines to living a happy healthy life and it all starts off so good but I feel like we're it gets lost is where the message of love gets lost and that gets mixed in with people's own people's ideas and everyone's own ideas of how you have to be this certain way and look at the world everyone is there are so many different ways to live your life. There's so many different types of people and styles of. Just like a just lifestyle and. I I just think it would be silly to think that there's only one walks in way to get to God or this higher power as long as love is your motivating factor. Then why would I wanted to find it anymore pass that for anyone else like whatever brings love and true love into anyone's life like that is your way that is how you know your path and I don't think anyone can tell you what that is it has to be your own discovery. I. So agree one thousand percent with that and I think it's so important as people. Find their you know their trees that we. Allow people to do that. You know and keep that allow let let people lead their life and love how they want you now in fine left how they want do you know Richard Rohr have you heard of? My mom and an Amanda Factor, he's married to bill Saturday two thousand horses. End We went to a of his years ago. I think it was Santa Fe or cookie and. A four day conference and it was amazing talking about shadow self enlightened self all of it was awesome. I have known some of his work but just discovering universal Christ's tell me about it. Oh my gosh. Carolina you would love it. It's it's just this idea and it goes back and looks at different scriptures. do not take away from the amazing teaching that Jesus gave us about about love in about non judgment and about acceptance and about how we are truly the light of the world, right like we are. The light of God in this world, the light of love in this world, and it talks about how we put so much emphasis on this idea that Jesus is is savior but it kind of refrains it to where Jesus came to teach what love is in how how you could live unified with with Christ with God. So with like with the source with Creator and so it's just this it's a shift in. Of Light. Releasing the holy and the God in in everyone like this conversation like I know that when you and I come together and we have conversations about spirituality that God exists here right that s thought is I just got chills but like the spirit of God is in this conversation, the spirit of God exists in the homeless man you know asking for a quarter or if the person that you know deepen addiction and can't get out like. A God exists and all that. Maybe he's not in his full form in his glory at that moment, but there is got in all of that. I, agree with that and I feel the same I. believe that every single person who comes to this earth comes. As God was within them. They come and they have their own experience they come they're born into. We're all born into different circumstances. We all have different obstacles overcome, but I believe God is in every ounce the journey with everyone and. The, I've been struggling so much with the suffering of the world like and you know it's like there's so much hate going on right now and there's so much. There's so much division and it's just feel so like there's so much suffering that's being exposed. I struggle so much with that but I have to believe that God is in the suffering because and also owner give a shout my friend Lanny crowder she started a new virtual Bible study life in the week they'll make sure you check that on instagram she does a five minute virtual Bible study every Wednesday and she is talking about how you can find abundance in every season of life. And how plowing the fields in all this like there's so much pain that goes into harvest the harvest, which in life is like I feel like we all want to get to the harvest, which is the shiny beautiful spot that we think would give your happiness but to get to the harvest of your life, you have to go through all this plowing and. Rains like obstacles come in that ruin your crop and you have to start over again and it's like I believe that God is in the suffering and it's a part of getting to the harvest and I. think that's just what this life is i. think that suffering and Suffering abundance are it's not like what? You don't have to hate the suffering and I I feel like I. oftentimes just hate that people have to suffer the I have the suffer that they're suffering but. When you look back on every religious teaching, our every. Movement that getting to higher power, there's always suffering involved. We can't. It's not not here. So we might as well embrace that God is in the suffering as well, and there is something coming from it that will be greater and wouldn't have been able to happen if the suffering would have been made known if that makes sense. Yeah absolutely I think that that is really one of the keys to. Allowing it to shape it into something. New is the recognition in the suffering that God is doing something bigger. Yes. Trust and I think that that that is what life is about and I I don't think that we have to suffer I don't think that we have to go through challenging things to learn grow evolve but I think that out of suffering we either have the choice to evolve or to not. You know we have the. You shift our mindset to a mindset of abundance am compass, and. Understanding and trusting that God is doing something bigger through it all. Yes. And that's a that's a very hard. Awareness to have especially when you're in the midst of it, you know, and especially, if you don't already have this kind of mindset that you and I evolved into, we've really evolved into believing this. Now when I'm in the midst of like a season that is not ideal or that's hard I still have to like work hard to remind myself that this is for. The greater good of myself and whoever I'm impacting because I have to you have to remind yourself when you're in those seasons that you will rise and you will be more expanded and more aware and more able to impact in a powerful way because you have learned from this season of suffering but it's hard when you're in the middle of it, 'cause it's it's awful. No one likes it. It's terrible when you're there. I remember a quote that I took away from on sites which he? Always talking about onsite but I love on. We do The, first time I went, it was really kind of the catalyst that on was a catalyst that really kind of helped me begin a journey of self discovery self healing and love choosing love perception of love and. A quote that I took away was your own personal healing is the greatest message of hope for others. By media camera and so when you said, you know you have to trust that God is that you will rise that even though it is painful that you will rise end impact that she'll be able to make in the healing that you'll be able to bring to the world around you through love and through your own triumph through your own rising from the ashes is why you need to do it. You know is like my my own healing is like the greatest message that the world can do it too. Yes, you know, and so it's just like that's what we rise. That's why we continue to trust God is working together for good for ourselves plan for just all of humanity. I love that because we need inspiration and. Truly. I couldn't agree with you more that seeing someone else overcome something and then have a beautiful existence in a life and no longer hanging onto hate or pain remembering in your. Life gone through but not holding onto it with bitterness or anger. I. Think a such a such a sign of God working in that person in what a gift of hope to the world. Absolutely I mean. The greatest message, Pope I feel. Like wow I can get through this I. Know I looked at other people during suffering times like they did it I could do it. Yes. Yes So you said, something a second ago It kind of made me think about something already wanted to talk about. But you said you feel like as babies come into the world that they have the knowing of God and they have God you know within that. So you just had a sweet baby a year ago. Yet how is has been a year that's crazy. I know sunny is your sweet girl and how have you? Seen God's. Love in manifestation in her in your life tearing up about it but I think. A first of its made me check myself and everything that I'm doing because. She is so pure and she is so. Curious and she is so She's just so. She's love. You know what she puts out in the world is just her absolute truth. It's not she is not filtered by experiences that have like wrecked or hurt her soul or she she's just. So she still such a blank canvas, a- purity and her in her true self is really shining all the time because that's all she knows how to be right now she hasn't had the world teller how she needs to be. She hasn't had all these other influences, tell her how she needs to be, and so for me as her mom and for someone who has been on a spiritual journey for so long I want. Her to have an environment where she Can stay truly herself as long as she can if not forever and know that yes, there's going to be. The world impacting you. But I just want her to feel. Grounded in the she came here as herself like she cho- I. Believe she chose this life in this existence in her purpose is her purpose no one else is. It so important for me to help her uncover that and for her to genuinely. Experienced what she came here to experience in genuinely become who she came here to be because we all have unique a unique. Gifts a unique drive in a unique. Feeling of what we wanted to express in the world and what we want to how we're going to impact the world what we're drawn to, and what makes us curious than where we feel like we thrive him I did always her to feel so grounded and so confident that what she's interested in what her gifts are, who she is is who she should always be, and so I just put a new level of responsibility on me to check myself and to be very intentional about. What I? Okay with because before she came around, I was kind of okay with a lot of stuff like I didn't really. Filter still to the world's everywhere. But like I don't know, I dislike much more intentional about how I present myself how I. What I choose to let take hold me focus on because I just don't want. I. Don't WanNA I don't WanNa how you rub off on her of course stuff is GonNa rub off on her she you know there's a child their parents don't get it right all the time you know. There's GonNa be stuff I do that. Is, not great for her for whatever reason even try my best but I just want to very best to keep her experience as. True to herself as it can be, and so that involves me checking myself and making sure I'm not bringing in rummage because I'm letting step affect me that isn't keeping me at my highest self because I need to say my higher self so I can help keep her her the soil for her life good and ripe. It's Carolina Hobby here. Do you know what the great thing about podcast are there physically distance and you know what else is fun and great for physical distancing old navy's facemask for the family they're soft washable, breathable mask made from three layers of one hundred percent cotton and designed according to the CDC's recommendations for non-medical facemask. 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Square because Ledo pizza never cuts corners, check it out at LEDO PIZZA DOT com. I love that everything you just said is everything that you would want parents to understand. You know I think a lot of times and being apparent just being kind of a witness. I see a lot of parents that have kids to fit into what they want out of their life and you know the perfect pictures or just whatever. There's so many different. Avenues to go down in that in that room. But I think when you see a parent that really understand that this is a unique individual that's a gift from God. I as appearance Em not supposed to tell this person who they should be I'm supposed to cultivate US face to allow them to be who who they WANNA be. Yes. That's exactly how I feel like I do sonny whereas her diverse most of the time I don't have cute outfits I don't know how to put her on Bose. It is so rare that she's in a coordinated outfit or like a picture perfect experience. But like that is actually the opposite of what I want for. Sunny. I want her to wake up with the wonder that she has into wake up feeling curious for who she is in like let's discover that every day and how can I help you discover that because you are so important child you are so bright you are you're going to impact say that's fewer every night before I go to bed I might bless. This child you're worthy your whole. You have a purpose. You came here to bless this world. You are shining such a light on this world kindness your everything good. In this world you're talented and your -clusive you're loving and so I just want to nurture that so much. So she doesn't have to go through twenty years of therapy to finally get to canvas where she can like become who she wants to be because. She's overcoming all of this shit that she had. You know that was piled her I want to try to keep her canvas as clean as possible. So she can just be her bright light and of course, I mean that's wishful thinking I know we live in a fallen world and so stuff is going to happen but that is my goal every day that is how I wake up and try to parent her and so. I'm a things will happen and I'm you know you can't you can't protect your child from everything but that is how I wake up every day with maintenance for her because I just want her to shine as bright as she can live the life that she wants to live. Your Mama. Emotional, it makes me emotional because it's such a responsibility and I just I just wanted to. I just wanted to have the best shot you know. So tell me what inspired you to start this podcast in what your hope is for the podcast and I. Think it's amazing. You're doing three a week. I was like my God you're a Rockstar. Awesome well, you know my intention. With by cast is to just spread more lie love in the world to be a cheerleader for the people that need a little cheerleading to be a message of hope. And share whatever tools I have you know I know we all know no one's perfect. I'm the furthest from `perfect that as you know anybody but I have been through some challenging things in my life and overcome some challenging things in my life and continue to choose allies That is to the paradigm of love and that has lived to paradigm of love and. Acceptance Non, judgment, and inclusivity. And like I said I'm not perfect. But I do know that there are certain tools and teachers that have got me to where I am today to be able to make those shifts when I do Jews fear when I do. villains of fear or separation or judgment just to get back to that place of love. So essentially, just sharing all of that and having important meaningful conversations with other women that are in the community and women that has insightful. Inspiring. Thanks to say. So I mean, we've talked about doing me doing podcasts for a long time and It's been some been on my heart and finally felt why was at a place that I was really ready to make the leap and Do it a lot of imposter syndrome rich. Doesn't. Yeah. Just feeling like Hewish she like, right? Yeah. Why do I think people should listen to me like what? You something Sarah who has I don't know who said this I always have so many conversations swirling in my head, but somebody said. If you're putting out positive things especially into the cyberworld new are absolutely the farthest thing impostor and you are doing a service to the cyberworld because of with all the darkness we need light we need people who are putting light out there we need it. We need to act that darkness with light and turn it into a place. That is a good. Goodness to offer that does encourage and inspire people that leaves people feeling better about them light. Their lives are feeling like they're not hopeless or feeling like they can overcome whatever dark spot they're in, and even if it's just one person truly everyone always says that. Just, one person thank God. You're able to impact that one person important. Yeah. I, totally totally agree and that's been the main driving force for me. It's like it you you know who cares what people are going to have something as about everything that you do. Is Long as you're putting out. With. Loving intention stuff that will help people give hope to give white people give wiped to do people in empower people to then go and be the lights and yet hope in the love and so then you're not, I'm not only putting out there creating we're creating an army of light, an Army of love and like that's really what I see is the thing and I'm. Like okay, I don't have time to be sitting here like, no no bitch about what was made like there's work to be done. You know there's there's some there's the world needs this show desperately they just need every day all the love you know all about the world the world needs people who are passionate about spreading light to spread that light and you're one of those people. I am one of those people it is a passion of mine. I don't WanNa spread light because I want ever and be like Oh my God look at that person she's so awesome. Yeah. I mean it's great when you're recognizing people give you attention like everyone loves that but like the true work that I'm doing that you're doing is so other people can take their candle. That's not lit and grab a little bit of the flame that you're putting out there in life their own, and then they can go take their candle and they can spread that to the people that they're around, and we all have to band together to put this light out. There is especially on social media and forces like this because it we've got to get the light spreading. The light will always overcome the darkness, but we all have to do our part to keep that light going. I am so thankful that you're doing this while. Thank you. I'm so thankful that you're giving me distance in perspective because I love it. while. It's necessary. Especially right now I don't know why I feel. I am I'm tired I've did a post about this maybe yesterday or the day before it's like be a good person, but don't spend your life trying to prove it I. AM so tired of trying to prove that my intentions are good and I want everyone to like me and that everything I'm doing is for the higher power screw that it is everything doing is truly because I feel called to do it but I'm so tired of making sure that everyone knows that and everyone's approval on what I'm doing and that it's fine and like I don't want anyone's toes or don't want to get it wrong or. I'm never trying to do something to hurt someone I'm only always trying to put a good message out there I'm like point like I'm really starting to get unapologetic about it. I'm so tired of feeling worried about upsetting someone or getting it wrong or someone having something bad to say about me I know line tensions they are so good an however if someone doesn't pay eight. Really nominee I and I'm not saying if I make a mistake I won't apologize incorrect if are truly like dismissed wires were crossed you know. Besides that. When it comes to spreading good messages and having conversations that are meaningful. I'm unapologetic about it. Now, I just don't I don't care I. Don't want to let fear, stop me from putting out stuff that needs to be heard to encourage people to live a life that gives them joy and love and happiness. I totally agree and I'm tired of apologizing for those larger things in even smaller things I was on instagram the other day and I posted something in a spelled a word wrong or did the wrong form of the word and I like what realized that I did it nobody said anything shockingly and and? I felt the need to like reposted it with it crossed out and re spelled and eight. Ended up doing an instagram story and I'm like, why are we constantly like like and I realized that it routed down in and kind of shared this on my story to but it was rooted in me feeling not wanting to stupid like some point in my life somebody had been like you're an idiot, you're stupid or whatever, and so every time I, misspell a word I'm thinking like a Hobo thinks I'm dumb or you know I'm pretty face like I don't want people to think that I don't know how to like. Smell or what you know what I mean just not smart or that you're not you're not more. Yes. So I'm apologizing for it and I'm like, no. I need to go back to the root of this thought in in and change the that. Chats route rather than trying to go in like mask like sorry I misspelled as I should give a damn if I'm his fellow word. On a like a major gre- occupant. I agree and. I think that that is, is we all feel like we have to be perfect in that and because of social media and because of this larger web of people that were connected to now. It's like we're actually comparing ourselves and we think oh. My God that person has altogether there. So perfect I can't keep up so I needed to try to at least make it look like keeping up on my instagram and my social media and I know we're humans. It's never going to be perfect and I'm actually to the point now where it's like I'm I'm really trying to get comfortable to post things that make me uncomfortable because I don't want to. Be another spot that looks so buttoned up in perfect in unattainable like I hate that because that's not real. That's not who I am and that doesn't make anyone feel good about themselves. The full picture of human it's not all buttoned up imperfect in we are GonNa have typos we are GonNa do things that people don't agree with, but that's just be human you know and so it's like we have to share that part to or else people are gonNA feel. Unworthy or there's that there is this level of perfection that is real and it's not real with anyone. No matter who people are falling are looking up to it is not real with anyone everyone struggles everyone messes up, everyone doesn't get it right? No one's perfect and I think that we've gotTA share that part. Yeah I so agree. When you in all this'll be the last question but I wanted to just give I always loved the idea of taking whatever tools or whatever ideas he. Anyone has to get back to to love and I know that you are all about ewing lack the Lens of love in a space of separation or you've made a mistake or someone is wronged you a cow, what are some tools or what is your way to shift back to get your mind and your heart's doing life through the Lens of love. I am so in tune with my gut, if that makes sense. If something goes wrong in my gut I've I can. Definitely. I do not let that go by like if I have a sick feeling or if something is causing me. disruption peace and love and my body I have to analyze where is it coming from? Why do I feel this way like I can't just carry it around with me let it add on and add on and add on didn't push it down I have to like immediately identify it I. If I've done something on accident to upset someone, I have to immediately address. It or that person in love I have to or if there's like a bigger issue going on with like a just a world issue, I have to figure out my stance on it and sometimes that might take a while. But like I have to fully investigate why my my gut feeling is off and why I don't feel centered with God and love at that moment. So I will I will do whatever. I, am all. Conversations I will hit up some went straight up and like have the conversation. Some people don't like to have like conversations of. With Dif-, you know if you are worried about controversy or but I oh, I'm always going in with love and my intention is always the lead making that person feel seen and heard I think that's another thing you have to know that everyone's opinions of thoughts are valid and. Just agree that's fine. But like the go in assuming everyone's the bad guy go in and try to like see their perspective here them and then come up in the solution that really is the truth it's like. You just maybe missed wires and so I don't know I have to always check my gut and I have to figure out what's wrong with when my guts make me feel weird feelings I have to clear the air. So I do that and then sorry what could you ask the rest of the question I have? Remember Oh no, it's great. It's just how how do you get back to doing life through the Lens Glove like any tools or any tips in you know? A on that really and then The thing that really holds me up is like I was telling you earlier all the suffering in the world like I really get hung up on suffering and that really takes me away from love and so this is a big tip I've been doing lately especially with everything going on and It's impossible like one person. CanNot heal the world like no one has that ability. But what I can do is everything that I Feel torn up about everything that REX. My heart instead what I used to do was I used to crawl on a whole field. So depressed about all the things happening and I would I would just add sad energy to it because I would just feel so sad as well but I've really been learning instead of feeling sad I need to send so much love and so much light and send all of the healing energy that I can to whatever situation is happening this out of my control and sin all the love and then I have to blessed and let it go and then when things that come into my life that I actually can impact help and. Be a part of that fit in my world that I can actually get my hands in involved with been served there and make an effort to make an action step where you can in your own life and community. But when it's too big and you can't fix it all I just have to instead of spilling sad and depressed and hopeless I have to send all my love enlightened energy for that situation to find resolution to find light and I feel like that helps lift it up I. Mean I really do I think energies powerful. So that's my because I hate feeling depressed and sad, it's so and it doesn't it makes my light dim and I know. The biggest blessing I can do what you were saying from that quote earlier is to shine as bright as I know how because that shows other people that they can shine as well is so you gotta stay bright, but it's hard especially when you are like an impact which I I'm an impact on I'm sure you are too like I feel everything of everyone and it can really take you down. So you I ever had to figure out tools to keep my light shining even a dark world sometimes. Thank you for that Caroline, I appreciate that I definitely read. I ask You my final question yeah. Yes absolutely. Okay. So I always like to end with leave your light What do you want people to know? That viewing life through a lens of love is possible. That choosing love is possible and I live my life in a way for a very long time not really understanding what? That even men really to even see life through the Lens of love but to choose. Love over fear. In every situation has become really kind of just what would I do on a daily basis? Just talking about shifting back to that Lens of love it's. Really through meditation through prayer through a lot of teachers just. Learned that that's the way I wanna live my life. You know that being cynical and being judgmental and kind of bitchy. It's like even though it can be fun and you can try to find your people in that. You know they say like you don't have anything nice to say it comes to buy me. And like I've been that, I said, you know I I've bonded with people over negatively and I it got me nowhere but but feeling bad feeling negative and feeling separate from the world and feeling like there's not an answer that have to be separate from the world and that I have to feel this way and that's just not the truth I can simply surrender and that's the the hardest part right just getting to the point of prayer the point of like that surrender. But like I, surrender to you God and I choose to see the situation through the Lens of love. And it's getting to that point that's always the hardest. But once you get there and if you really mean that when you cry it, then God just comes in like the spirit the energy whatever it is comes in and changes at that situation and the way you view it the way you feel about it. Kind of like you giving all your your eleven like the world. It's like just allowing to come in and change the way you feel about a certain situation and help you see a differently, very, very possible to salute through the Lens of love. So. I loved what you just said I love that and I do think that is so important because so many people do bond over negatively because it's it is Kinda Fun. I've been there too where it's like, Oh man, it's kind of fun just to talk shit about this person like you don't really get a going and you have this connection with that other person 'cause you're talking bad. But really what good does that do? What good is that? Do? I think it's fine to acknowledge where you don't see eye to eye with someone. I don't really think there's ever appoint to just rip someone to shreds just make yourself feel better I've done that as well to assist like it's there's no benefit to that. It doesn't make anyone better. Definitely it might give you that quick fix of like feeling good for a second, but it does not pay out in the long run. I love that era yeah. where I am today. I. Think. It's amazing. Well, everyone listening to Ranga check out my friend Caroline Hobby on get real here line hobby. And Sarah's GonNa let me also this my podcast. So everyone listening to get real with catering Avi go check out Evans. What's your handle? These? Is it so Sarah it's so Sarah an yes. With an e with the knee. Yes, and then amen sister friend podcast is by man sister friend I love that I love that in. Yours is hairline hobby. That's where everything is just one stop shop I let off thrown in there together I'm just like a Bolt Spaghetti. I. Love You. Thank you for allowing. No. No. No. My podcast is care Oh hobbies C. A. R. O. H. O. B. B. Y. Sorry. Don't even librarians scattered I am in amount instagram handle. I can't remember all handles either are to be to keep it all in one place. The ATHOL. Exact. It's not there's no strategic planning on my part I cannot keep up with anything more. With your girl I love you care line and I love you to. Give Sunny a kiss view his for me until your sweet hobby that I said Hello I will thank you so much. I. Love this conversation it was so life giving me for. Thank you so much. I love you. This Fred. Hey all caroline hobby mix match in masks in old Navy facemask for the family, their triple layer cotton, and designed according to the CDC's recommendation for non-medical. Plus. They come in handy multi packs in sizes for kids and adults with new adjustable ear loops for Max come Venus and because you should cover your face and not your personality they come in tons of Princeton patterns from tied to Cammo. Even cute critters five packs or twelve fifty and ten packs just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old dot com see old navy dot com for details. 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