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7 Recession Marketing Ideas


Thanks for pressing play. This is christopher and i just wanted to let you know that we have just dropped a new episode of lockhead on marketing titled titled the seven recession marketing ideas and if you've been reading and paying attention lately you've been hearing like i have that there's some rumblings about the potential attention of a recession and i don't know whether recessions coming. You're not as you well know. If you're a regular listener i am far from being an economist <hes> however with the threat of a potential recession coming i thought it was important to underscore some of the things that we could do from a marketing perspective that would position our companies to not just make it through the recession but hopefully make it well through the recession and come out even stronger on the back end so i encourage you to go to lockhead dot com slash podcast and click on lockhead on marketing and check out episode titled seven marketing ideas or of course you can go to any podcast casts player that you like search lockhead on marketing and you'll find it there and most importantly i want to thank you so much for your ongoing support. The last little bit around here have been very heavy and wild times with follow your different achieving the charting success that it has and the incredible response and welcome that you have given lockhead on marketing so from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and stay legendary.

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