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Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guy and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your instructors, Neil Patel, and Eric SU. Welcome to another episode of marketing school. I'm Eric SU and I'm Neil Patel today. Organ talk about how conferences will lose you money unless you do this. Most people attend the wrong conferences. I'll give you the perfect example of this. There's conferences like e tail, I think is called e right? Or internet retailer RC. There's one that you have to pay a lot of money for internet retailer conference. I think that's a or shopping or whatever it is shock dot org. So I know there's conferences where people are paying ten fifteen, twenty thousand dollars even for meetings, and they charge you this as agency. Here's what I learned about concepts spoke at a lot just because you speak, even if you get paid to speak, doesn't mean you're going to generate an ROI because a lot of times the audience could be the wrong fit. For example, I tend to get paid to speak at conferences where there's many. More entrepreneurs that are just starting off entrepreneur? Starting off are amazing. I was of them technically am one of them right now because I'm starting another business, but it doesn't mean that they're your ideal type of client. You have to find the conference that has your ideal clients. For example, if radio clients is that e commerce conference. Ecommerce companies going to internet retailer, five hundred type of conference doesn't mean you're going to get more clients. If all the people who are there are associates junior level people, they're not decision makers are not gonna sign any contracts with you. But if you go to another type of that has directors in VP's in owners of these bigger companies, you're now meeting the right type of people. You could potentially close a deal. It's not about attending the biggest event or what people considered highly relevant. It's all about attending events where your ideal buyer is. Yeah, it's it's proximity at the end of the day. Right? And the other thing is if you go to these conferences until you go to the most relevant conference in world, but if you're, you know, you're an introvert. I'm an introvert and you get your energy from recovering an you don't like being around people for a very long time. Well, what you have to do is you maybe bring the party to you? Right? I've talked about in the past throwing dinners for example. So just the other day I spoke at an. Ecommerce conference. I threw it in there too, and. Oh, I did get interact with a lot of people because I spoke. I still make sure that I, you know, get to target people that I, I'd like to see and they show up at dinner right that what you have a lot more control as to you know, wear what kind of outcomes you want to you want to achieve. And I agree with Neil to, it's know if you are a SAS company or SAS marking agency, maybe go to SAS conferences, or if you are into e-commerce, ecommerce conferences, but don't try to go to every conference in the world because you're going to lose a lot of money to lose a lot of time, get fatter because you eat so much when you travel on the Tokyo. Right now, I've been travelled last two weeks. My God, Neil Patel gain weight too, because of an eating fatty. You don't look like you gain weight? No. Trust me a half anyway. So and I'm like, I wanna know either way. Here's the thing when you go to these events, don't focus on the bigger ones focus on the smaller ones. When people have one hundred ten years max, it's much easier to close a deal than is when someone has a thousand two thousand. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but the smaller. Vinci get to spend time with the Sundays. The other thing Eric mentioned is get people's cards and do dinners. It's not even just dinners. You can do dinners. You can follow meetings, you can do follow calls, whatever it may be, but it is all about the follow up. A good example of this is Eric does dinners and in one of his dinners, someone who goes to dinner is a client of his and they do over one hundred million dollars year in revenue. These dinners help him. So it's all about not just networking at the right event meeting the right people, but it's also the follow-up. Typically, if someone's gonna sign up with you sign for your product or services, it's not gonna happen at that conference. It's going to happen after people at a conference are there to learn or to meet other people or to network. They're not there to sign the deal on the spot that typically happens over the next few weeks or months or two. Great. And by the way, if you're gonna, throw the dinners, don't be tacky. Don't act like you're, you have some kind of terrier motive because people can smell it from mile away autism. When I do these things. Like I'm looking for something. Honestly, a lot of people end up doing business with each other and that's completely cool. Right? Like that's like you giving back a you helping other people that's kinda life like that's the point when you start a business you give and then you get back. So think about it that way. The final thing I'll say is this weekend conferences. Neil night will do a free conference if you help us on the journey to getting to one million dollars. So we started this journey, seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Now we're on track for by eight hundred fifty thousand. So thank you guys have been so supporting us go to review, subscribe. 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