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Prep we all like long-form interviews but time is valuable moving to live wants to give you the option to learn and be entertained without needing to commit sixty minutes at a time for an interview. Give moving to live. Listen CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST FIT lot. Pg H which highlights people businesses events and activities in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area that make movement a priority moving to live with love to hear from you want to connect with us or have an idea for somebody you think we ought to interview crops. Email M. O. V. Number Two L. I. v. At G MAIL DOT COM or connect with us on instagram and twitter both underscore emo V. Number Two L. I. V. For excited to bring you these interviews and we think you'll enjoy each and everyone that we bring you welcome back to another podcast episode. I'm the host Ben Reuter. This is a dual podcast episode for moving to LIVE IN FIT lab. Pittsburgh both of which have the ethos movement is a lifestyle not just activity to let pge interviews people around the Pittsburgh area who make movement priority. Whether they're movers people who are in the profession making people move or just have an interesting story about moving moving lives tries interview move the professionals to find out their story and also to find out how they do their jobs in the era of Corona nineteen or excuse me cove in nineteen corona virus. This is thrown everybody in the movement field. Really for a loop and does most of my good ideas occur. This occurred while I was out running with my dogs was practicing social distancing and I realized that with the upheaval in the fitness world. Of what do you do if you don't go to a gym or facility or you? Don't have organized practices. I had interviewed a few people from my podcasts. Who were able to speak on this directly. Because they see people both virtually and in person I am happy to announce that today I am joined by Mike Schultz of highland training. We interviewed life both Pittsburg moving to live back in October. Twenty nineteen and I think Mike is going to have some interesting insights. Since He's been coaching and teaching people virtually probably since the age of dial up Internet for some people so might bite. Thanks for taking time to talk to me on the podcast today. Yeah you're welcome man. I enjoy being on the path and speaking about this stuff As a when I did start dollop Internet and I was I think it's you validate government. Seven In that Rancho. Just when the the iphone would becoming popular getting big and so Yeah that's when it all kind of so-called online so and of course I'd always want everybody to go back and listen to my podcast episode with you because I think you had some great info talking about your background but just to remind listeners. Or maybe people who haven't gone back. What is it exactly? You do was highland training. Well We. I am an smoking team of people that I Co work with We focus on athletic performance and that was the main goal. And you know way back in the day when I was trying to figure out how it's going to do this You know one of the ways to train specially runners and cyclists. That's we mainly focus on cyclic. I'm one of the best way to do. It is the online. And so you know you need a schedule. And you need goals and Then like I just mentioned the eventually the awesome and then gardening Becoming big and all of a sudden Now you can go run or ride your bike anywhere in the world and upload the foul to the computer to look at and Straw came along and all of these online tools Then kind of like home their practice and be I'll become very cool and they all work in slightly different ways But you know you start to say okay. Well as a coach I view A work out of someone in California and I can see how far they ran. I could see how intense I get their notes. I can call him on the phone. We can talk about it and this makes better spent working together than actually showing up in person every day so In a nutshell. That's what we do week by Week. Is Communicate with all the athletes that we got Right schedules week by week and With the goal to gang strength Mainly on the bike and I know from talking to you. I guess five or six months ago in October you work with athletes nut just a lead level athletes but just somebody who has maybe the goal of I'd like to do a century or I linked to grant fon does a really across the spectrum from high level. People say I just like to move that totally correct. Yes I I. I got people Who May focus on? I try to get everyone to focus on. At least one event or something to do every year Just as gives you a goal to work towards You know outside of the general fitness aspect. But sure I'm bringing people of a guy who just got into cycling like in the past year and You know was a weightlifter back in the day and trail running and took some time off and kids and all and so he just got backing cycling and this is all brand new to him and so it's pretty cool. I mean so I get to apply you know. And in honestly from the beginner to the elite. I mean girls kind of folks on the same thing at times just the you know how much duration they can put in each week or how much power they're putting out or how intense to work on it so There are differences. But yes I get to see it across the board And there's there's common amongst at all and Weight gain strength so I guess it would be correct to say on the one hand with your coaching in the corona virus. Your coaching really hasn't changed that much. But on the other hand I suspected has harshly because of the cancellation of so many races event and events and partially just with having athletes and people that you coach literally across the US. What's happening and what? The concerns are differs from area to area. So when was the first time with your coaching business? That you first became aware of like. Hey this might be something that's going to have a direct influence on either me or the athletes and I'm coaching job. Probably a few weeks ago And I've been following the news every day and obviously I work online so I'm online I can pull up the knew and see what's going on and you know as everyone knows changing rapidly I think about You know when they start shutting the schools down here in PA and went to essential businesses. And I again defend messages to everyone of Hairston general rules when I'm going for The first number one roy. Like don't go out and waste yourself on a ride Don't lower your immune system and come susceptible to something like that And so the races are off right now. The first of all that was kind of like a reality that hit everyone kind of slowly. is racing started to get cancelled and on my side. I had it back and wait. They are what's going to happen here. Give it five days and we kind of seen everything canceled you. Know obviously February March Or March and April May. Most things are starting to cancel June the race. They're kind of holding out. What's going on So at that point we just kind of take that back and say all right. There's no more anything what's get over the fact that no one's GonNa be raising now and let's focus on some Based building you know building building the engine again and And then we'll ramp up and kind of wait week by Tom. What's going to happen? How it's GonNa play out and I would imagine not to put a positive spin on cove in nineteen but for some people not racing having more time to build a base and build straight could potentially long-term over the years make them better riders. If I'm not incorrect. Yeah I agree. I mean it's sad to see what happening with the Olympic or example On that end obviously that the most elite end 'cause those guys are really trying to peek for something that's a month away and now cancelled But for the majority of a specialty crop the year focused on bike races in health and getting stronger and being competitive on age groups Yeah I think it You know it's kind of a heat. Said put a positive spin on kind of a blessing in a way because everyone just now gets to take a break From doing event than focusing on the things. And everyone's gotTa just chill out. Roger Biker run alone and So it kind of put a Spin. A different spin on everything By as everyone. Everyone's got a personal life. And you know I think it took a week or we can ha- Figuring out jobs in kids and all this kind of stuff so there was a little disruption there and we're we're actually now just kind of people are just getting into the groove of all right. I'm staying home and working out every day. You know and back into the thing and I think it's great that you you mentioned that. There's a life outside of sports outside of cycling for most of us if we're not making our living at it and I'm curious what the messages are that you're giving to your athletes because I know if you read on facebook or twitter there are some amateur athletes who may be going off the deep end because they're ironman races been cancelled or postponed or they can't run that spring marathon and we're not talking about somebody who is going to the Olympics. This is once lifestyle. We're talking about somebody and this isn't a downplay. Because when I participate this is what I get. You're getting participation medal for completing that hundred mile race or whatever it is. What's the message people who are kind of almost ready to jump off the deep end? Because they can't do that activity the for some of them. At least I know. In the cases ironman triathlon may be have been training for it looking for it for almost a year or even over a year. And that big I fortunately didn't have anyone on my roster Shooting for something Super Big like You Know Armand's are pretty big. You can you train For a long time for them and not that. The down the emotional. You know as you know. There's an emotional part of exercise and competing all this stuff and and there are let them and then they saw By I've had a few You know I have a few guys that are traveling overseas for example. And it's They're GONNA do a bike floor not even rate and it's on the bubble and You know they're not bombed yet but you know my message to them like it's out of your control. I mean it is what it is and It's like I mean like we. No one ever expected this to happen. So let's look at the positives working out. Every day we had goal right And so right now. Just put it out of your mind like We'll know more in a month or a to the people who are missing those big events you know you have to. Kinda take a use. The coddle cuddled a those guys and women Because it is it's a it's a it's an emotional drain Yeah I thought one guy. He traveled overseas and in the event got cancelled. There's a lot of big events that got canceled Cape EPIC Coburn Africa. That was the big one that got canceled. And you know I I think I saw on their making the best of it and Rodney bikes of their stuff. Negating backed by to some extent. You can't really control it though I know yeah and I have talked to the first time we we chatted in a podcast just about how much fun and how enjoyable it is to be outside in the fresh air and and the things that you can see on the bike or on the Ron. Is this a message that you think some people because we all know and I'll just pick on bike racers that sometimes they're just so focused you know they have to get an exact power measure if if they're going off heart rate has to be that if they're doing hillary beats if they're three seconds slower on a ten minute climb. They're almost distraught. Is there a message? You're sending to some of these athletes. Who maybe you're missing out. Events is like hey think about why you got into cycling in the first place you know. Think about the enjoyment of actually going out and getting a workout without saying I have to hit my heart rate goals or my power goals or the time of the speed goals. Well that something I kinda keep everyone all the time you know outside of this cove in nineteen Because their stress their stressful cons though like you said everyone has a job alive kid and and right now that's all stress jobs and work in being cancelled and so forth and so you know whenever you have stress within the on nineteen like this stuff happens in life. You know as you in every I don't care on every End of the spectrum from the elite elite to the average. You know You know Age Group Athlete. Everyone is going to deal with some kind of lifestyle and it's going to interfere with training. That's just the way it goes. And so what you do in no time. Did you get outside and smell the roses? That's the best thing to do. An Act that makes you. It does make you realize like why you got into cycling. Or why are you getting the running and for me? I mean it's always been the views so Or the trees or the smell. The trees of four it You know getting out early morning. I think it was The other week I got on the mound by early morning and the Sun without new brisk and I'm just like his life Mrs Weiler the dude it and so that's my message of stressing out on it. I mean again. If you're an Olympic athlete and show there's GonNa be there's GonNa be a stress period and you're going to get over that I it is what it is. You're not going to put on the Olympic by yourself so you need to at some point. Take that back Rico Kit. And then then. I think that's a great point to make no unfit Pittsburgh. We do movement tip and lifestyle hacks every Monday Wednesday Friday and today are actual tip. Were recording this. On the twenty fifth of March today are tip was you know makes your exercise and movement is a use stress or good stress and not a distress or bad stress. I think you've just reinforced it. When I was thinking about that making the video of it you know. That's the important thing about moving on a regular basis because the Olympics are a goal. You know maybe running. A marathon is a goal doing one hundred mile race or multi-day mountain bike race but at the end of the day was you said just being able to get out on the bike and spin. Maybe that urge you see those two deer running across the road make you realize wow? This is really cool that I'm able to do this right. I mean it you know it is always more fun when you're more fit and I think you'll agree upon sometimes like you know 'cause you just you know and especially the and this is the bike racer mind coming out of me. It's like you know you're you're riding along but you get a little bit faster and it's more fun But yeah that that. That is all my goal. This is why I do 'cause I'm always focused on getting people just a little bit more fit And and you feel that you know the matter on no matter if you're walking hiking running or whatever it is It makes you feel good. So but yeah. I'm curious with some of the athletes you have. I know from having worked with runners and bikers. There are some people who they're the solo guys or ladies or they have water to people that they always go out of their rides or runs with and then there's other people who they just have a difficult time functioning unless they're in a group ride running with a group of people. Have you had conversations with any of your athletes about this either ones who always are alone or ones that you know are more prone and I? I don't mean that in a bad way but there were likely to exercise in large groups of people may be right now. That isn't the smartest thing to do. Yeah the majority of people that I have are Solo Ryder. The run runners There's a few guys like One guy up in Michigan who Leads a weekly group ride And on Mondays and that was cancelled. So you know the advices. Pick one or two people make sure that you know you guys are social distancing and go ride. I I can't see an issue with that But on the flip side of it had a guy out of The Boston area He's really intensive Gaza scientists in East Gut. That mind writing. He just He actually been his glory right now because He's always training and now he can. There's no cars on the road until you know 'cause year people out around where he lives and You know he's got it all felt so he's like loving it But Yeah so. It's interesting I my main is. Everyone should be in in the first thing. You're taught like as a trainer as a coach is personal safety. Like you're always looking at people. Stay I number one role Then exercises seconds so when it comes to this cove in nineteen The scary thing is and with any endurance athlete. Respiratory infections are common And so especially when you're pushing it and pushing it and pushing it and pushing it pushing it you're you're susceptible for for an upper respiratory infection. So since October covered nineteen attacks along That's my main concern with the people who like the push it So I'm trying to send that message and say you know Solo ride be. Don't be waiting. Offer pushing it too hard 'cause there is a point to where there's too much extra stuff right so. I know one of the great things about Running hiking and even biking is. It's pretty easy to do. As far as you know with biking you need a helmet a bike and maybe a pair of shoes if you get more advanced so and we also were talking a little bit too that you know you've been doing this sort of thing online since two thousand seven two thousand eight. I know just in the fitness world is a whole I guess. In the Pittsburgh area was middle to late last week where most of the fitness facilities said okay. We're closing down or we're GONNA do streaming things Oregon train people over the Internet and I just from following around and watching on social media. There are fair number of people who this is completely novel to them. I suspect what we'll find is there. Some people are going to thrive at it. There's some people go. God I can't wait till I get back in by facilities. Get back to talking to people face to face without a computer screen and then there's some people who are just GonNa fall by the wayside because maybe not. That's the best way they work for somebody who's worked in this virtual environment for over ten years. What are some things that you can offer to other fitness professionals to keep in mind? I mean. Obviously we're not asking you to give away your your secret. Stories sat resources. There are some that everybody whether they're a cycling coach a personal trainer or even a physical therapist. All of a sudden doing telemedicine could benefit for somebody like you who's been the field in this realm for the last ten plus years The number one thing is that well there are plenty of online services now i-it's training I have since the beginning. I think the greater that There are plenty online platforms where you can post a schedule online for your clients to follow. My number one tip is that you can't rely just on that online schedule. You have to have human interaction with people and so no matter. What like you know. Text messages phone calls If your local meet up and shake hands and work out of a once in a while That combined with the online president is The recipe for success in this field And so And and you know depending on how busy you are what you got going on. We'll depend on how much communication you can give. I'm you also need to get to know the people that you're working with get to know your client and how much communication daylight and you know. I have some people that will very few people call me about some people. Call me. Talk it out I've some on FACEBOOK MESSENGER FACEBOOK MESSENGER I've others. Who like the ten text messages? And so you figure that out and offer your client but communicate you communicate that way with them and consistently when you when you combine that and you get to know. People left part of it You know you combine that with an online presence and you make me online presents realistic. Each week critic people then you have a recipe for success for coaching someone online. I think that's Great Info. I know that you you mentioned a Strada and training peaks and I don't want it to really cool things for me is when I travel and I do work out and I pulled up on my straw than I realize that there are various segments that other people. Do you think that is going to have something in the future whether it strove or something else that I know that there are electric trainers real or indoor trainers where you can compete against other people? Do you think there's going to be a pop? Up of events are racist People doing certain segment lengths to racing electronically that's going to have an increase Factor on people who are missing out on their events. What do you say that because there is a local group that just popped up and they invited me? And they're doing exactly that they're they're gonNA start tracking Local Straw segments in time. And they're going to choose a segment each week and they're going to say. Hey this week. Is this hill over in this township. Whoever the fastest time is the winner of the weekly on Strada and I actually thought that was Kinda cool. It's motivating right You know indoors. We have list. And there are lots of competitions on And lots of people But I can't he you know people like the right outside or or run up and So but I could keep them. Maybe competition for stronger popping up Although once things settle down in events come back you know? People are focused on events and experiences. And that's kind of been driving industry for a long time so I think that that will always You know take the top spot. I think what's interesting? I believe I read. I read a couple of weeks ago. That the IRONMAN corporation is going to hold virtual ironman competitions online and this was before nineteen and just the. I think they're only doing half ironman distance. Just the idea of you know biking fifty six miles on the bike running on a treadmill for half marathon just strikes me as something that I almost think I'd rather do one hundred mile ride outside with absolutely no food water. It's really hard indoors and you know I eat some of the best guys out there you know on average I mean. There's I've seen some five hour ride on a trainer. That's a long time You know I see a lot of really gonNA play like two and a half three hour days in on a trainer At all three real long time But outside of that sixty to ninety minutes is pretty much what most people can can stand dot and there's a whole nother subject there because with a trainer it's calm it's not completely different than outside but the your you're doing let movement When you're on an indoor trainer and so you're targeting your prime movers more than you would when you're outside the changes slightly differently so if you're not adjusted to that You know lower back. Pain is a common problem people go endorses start training because they tighten their quad. Hayden hit by you know Rotate that pelvic girl and You got lower back needs so We get them to stretch it out and it usually here that And so But yeah a long ride on trainers. It's just not fun no matter how you put it on. We're talking with Mike. Schultz of highland training is a endurance coach. In strength coach. Who works with people both virtually face to face? I'm curious is probably a little soon to tell on this with where we are with Cova? Nineteen you think this is going to drive or has the potential to drive more people to maybe run outside more cycle outside more hike outside potentially a take on a coach because they realized while this outdoor stuff is as fun or more fun than going to a fitness facility. I hope I mean in a way. that Yeah the this Cove in nineteen thing drives people to realize that people do this virtually and makes sense right and this is motivating That's the funniest thing is people sign on with me. They don't really know what to expect. Sometimes and what they find that Well I'm gonNA email them and texts them every single week so they better get their work out then right so it's a it's a motivating spirit different than the gym. It's just as motivating But yeah I mean there's been especially when you viewing things like facebook and the ads. There's been a lot more ads popping up about virtual Training now and I think it's Kinda put it in the spotlight a little bit which is pretty cool so Yeah and I know you and I were chatting before we started recording. You mentioned you're out for a ride this weekend in North Park in Pittsburgh. It was pretty busy. I know a lot of people are kind of transitioning to outdoors going outdoors because their facilities are not open for maybe people who are not familiar with Outdoor cycling outdoor walking hiking. Because they've done most of their movement in workouts in gym facilities as somebody who does the majority of his work outside two or three recommendations you'd offer either As far as behaving in a polite manner or training tips just for people who say I'm doing this outside of North Park but people keep yelling at your eye or they're not yelling at me but I WANNA make sure I'm not doing something to embarrass myself or get hurt. Ray. I mean. The first training to is Well it yeah they go hand in hand is To be polite so I was out when we were riding on Sunday. We were Kinda weaving through People times we were on a a rail trail and You know we started weaving through some people walking with your kids or strollers. Whenever and at that point you have to realize what going on in the world wide or went outside So a we tried to off the real trial to space it out and get out of the way and be. We rode slow Because that's polite and That's where you kinda like. Put the work down the. It's you know I don't need to be doing hundred miles an hour through these people to get in my efforts. I don't need to be no one needs to be dot focus so You know When people come as long as you you're doing like eighty percent of the work so if you encounter about then find or seek out and maybe another trail. That's not a busy or another road that did the And make it work the bat right. The International Mountain biking association had with their phrase share the trail. Exactly it. And you know Pete whether you're there a bike or especially You know but whatever it is to move inside give each other some room and Be Polite I think if you can do those things And then then everyone's going to have a good time and it does seem like our local here I think there at one time there were some head butting trail you just use but think kind of all resolved You know It would just use the trail and great info from Mike Schultz of highland training. He's been coaching virtually in face to face for well over ten years. Like thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to fit lab Pittsburgh and moving to live about movement and virtual training in this era of culture nineteen not a problem and not not hope everyone Stay healthy and hope everyone is able to to get outside a little bit so Hopefully we get this but Anytime thanks for listening to the latest episode of moving to live. Make sure you check out the show notes for contact information for our latest guest as well as links about all the things. We talked about intern. Exit Music is travelling light by Jason. Shaw you can subscribe to moving to live on stitcher apple podcasts and Google play. It'd be notified about new episode releases. Have ANY QUESTIONS COMMENTS SUGGESTIONS? Drop us an email emo v. number two L. I. At G MAIL DOT COM next with us on twitter or instagram. Both underscore AMMO V. Number Two L. I. V. Please tell your friends about moving to live. It's go to place for information for movement exercise professionals and amateur Aficionados who understand that movement is part of what makes your life complete until next week. Keep on moving.

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