The Media's Coverage Of The Impeachment Hearings Continues to Be Absurd; Thanksgiving Is Not 'PC' Enough For American Universities


Welcome to the no Spin News Monday. November eighteenth two thousand nineteen fight for your freedom so not a lot of breaking news today but but a lot of important things going on and we'll run down in our usual no spin style poll from ABC says only twenty one percent of of Americans are following the impeachment thing very closely twenty one percent. That's it if you don't follow it closely or somewhat some water this and then you're a captive of newspaper and click bait headlines so really know what's going on you really have to watch it it's It's as they say confusing and it's complicated. I wrote a com out on bill. O'Reilly DOT COM posted today. I think you'll enjoy it kind of like taking a little fun poking fun at the impeachment thing. I think it's funnier than the Saturday Saturday night. Live Open on this past weekend but let me know so only twenty one percent are really locked in ratings or a disaster twelve thirteen million. The people you know networks covering it if you divvy it up. It's nobody remembers three hundred and thirty million people country and those ratings cow on tape tape it not just live to nobody watching it because two reasons it's boring and there A lot of people say look we know the fixes scam. Okay now have played three soundbites from the Sunday shows just to give you a little bit of perspective on how this is being portrayed by the Pundit class who I love that I guess I want to a member of the pundit class are the first one is on meet the press go the testimony was compelling for anybody buddy watching closely. The people testified where people have stature and accomplishment what they said was believable brick by brick. They made a case backing the charge. That the president muscled an ally up Together political gift that he wanted now that woman. Peggy Noonan used to write speeches ages for Ronald Reagan. She hates trump and she's a witch hunter that wasn't made clear here by NBC News. She hates him. Donald Trump now as far as her contention that these these were people have stature and accomplishment that may be true become a US ambassador. If you're some dunderheads but one thing they all had in common was they. They don't like trump. Are we getting kind of getting a picture here. So Peggy Noonan. I wouldn't object to what she said if she had been identified. went to fight but Republican. Peggy Noonan I if you read her stuff at a Wall Street Journal dripping with loathing issue all right second one is CNN state of the Union. Go drive no idea whether it affected her testimony if she says she found it intimidating. Is it not possible that that she held back or shaded her answers because she didn't want to upset the most powerful person in the universe. Any further is that not possible but well I think you overstay Donald Trump powers. Hopefully and how absurd is this. He's talking about the ambassador. The former ambassador who trump fired who hates trump mm-hmm well because trump tweeted bad things about her. She may be intimidated. She volunteers to go in to testify. Friendships Friendships Committee to rip him up but once he replies this tapper another trump hater dripping with loathing. WHOA she might be a little intimidated that he tweeted? It's uh he. I mean this is third grade stuff. Find a one on Fox News Sunday go. The law required that before any tax payer money go to Ukraine. The president had to ensure that they're rooting out corruption. which ultimately they did but the money was released in any got the he got the money needed? Now that's congressman scalise who Republican that is the strongest argument. The Donald Trump did not do anything wrong right there. Twelve seconds in order to give. US foreign aid there can be no accusations of corruption that they have to be a vetted. You are listening to a free excerpt from bill. 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Online trading academy has been teaching skills designed to help you learn to invest with the confidence the professional so sign up for a free three hour introductory class at an auto ta trade dot com slash. Bill that's not a trade dot com slash. Bill that's a free class in your area registered. OTA TRADE DOT com slash. Bill received their professional professional insiders Kit for attending OTA TRADE DOT COM Slash Bill Indiana University in Pennsylvania Rain Not Indiana University in Indiana. They are celebrating Thanksgiving by D. colonizing the holiday holiday and eating de colonial indigenous cuisine. Wow no Turkey. Indigenous Genesis cuisine. Quite sure what that is. But I'm sure it's politically correct and virtuous so these loopy students didn't they say they WANNA focus on common values generosity gratitude community and good food rather than harmful themes of pilgrims and Indians. All right so you want decolonize. Well here's how stupid this is and Indiana University. Take no number. Why there was no colonization colonisation of America because there was no country there were Indian tribes here and they were scattered throughout the land mass but there was no unification bit was a bunch of tribes? Set did what they WanNa do and anybody could come. The conquistadors came. The Vikings came really early And then the Europeans and they came because they were all UH in Europe fleeing persecution losing any colonizing it was called colonies because what of what are the naming them but if they weren't like taking another country and running it wasn't another country so in Massachusetts the the original settlers of which my maternal ancestor came on the third boat after the mayflower barrier early. They got pretty. You're wealthy Indians. kind of traded stuff and the Indians helped him with the little harvest. And I don't know where the Turkeys came running all over the place place. Oh but away with loss strife and in Virginia and James Tana beginning They got along but then stuff tough one south. That always happens but the students up there. They don't they don't tell me. What indigenous food is? I'm sorry there is a list here sir. Thanksgiving meal corn beans squash tomatoes potatoes. Peanuts Chili Peppers Chili peppers. Chocolate and Vanilla. That's the indigenous food. I don't think I'm going to be going there. You are listening to a free expert excerpt from Bill O'Reilly Dot Com. No Spin News broadcasts where you can actually see me. We'll be right back after this message and now the final thought of the day so I had a great time as you know a few weeks ago where in Boston with the understanding trump tour. Boston my second home and For some reason people like me. They're in New England so I decided I get away from Boston. And they went out to the Palm Desert Area Palm Springs Palm Desert Indian Wells and it was a blast sold out crowd great time and then hopped on a night flight right into into the valley and son Phoenix for the show and Mesa which we live streamed Big Tune in for it. But you can see it if you missed it. If you're a premium concierge remember we have it for you nobody else would. Premium concierge. Members could see so you pop it up. I think you'll be engaged now. The reason is important. Meeting thing is because I want to know what you are thinking and in the understanding trump show we do acuna the audience who do the cards. All right and I learned a lot and we do a good thirty five. Forty minutes Aq- An and we're going to do that. We have one more show left this year in Huntington Long Island the home team. I think it sold out but you can check it. Maybe the way you win. It's going to be a blast. They got all kinds of surprise that show but I like to know and you know everybody knows me which is both good and bad and people stopped me and engage and talk about the United States trump and and all of that and I like to know what they think of the book and why they liked it or didn't like it not too many didn't likes you know I'm six four and I don't look like I'm GonNa that'd be a real receptive to insult so I don't get a lot of that. United States should trump still doing really really well great Christmas and Hanukkah gift. You want what. I'm saying it'd be able to do that if I if you order you. Get an impeach the media bumper sticker absolutely free of charge. We also have a few historians. This paperback act killing a rising sun when my favorites because my dad is in this right. That's in paper stocking stuffer and all kinds of stuff so anyway the weekend got a lot of air travel you know a lot of to cross countries in three days. But it's worth to see you tomorrow.

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