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Welcome to the ring podcast network. I'm Liz Kelly fresh off of talk. The thrones the ringer is introducing a new live Twitter after show covering season, two of HBO's. Big little lies immediately after each episode, the ringers, Amanda Dobbins and ESPN's. Meantime, we'll be going live. He their initial reactions breakdown everything we saw in the episode and to kick us off. There'll be a special season to preview airing on Friday, June seventh at twelve PM Pacific. So join Amanda and Meena for big little live every Sunday on Twitter. Welcome to the NBA show. This is the corner, three my name's Kevin O'Connor. And I am stoked to be joined live in person here in beautiful Los Angeles, the ringer associated or DHL and ringer staff writer, Jonathan sharks. I'm here. I'm getting goosebumps hearing, some person it over the microphone. I know it feels so good to be here together in person. I one in person entire season. Last year. I believe there's the post drafts pod that we did last year and today. Great, by the way, we taking care of yourself. I can tell them in short sakes Craigslist flush. Flush. I cut a couple of pounds. But I do love my ringer shirt that I'm wearing today. You guys submitted your questions through Twitter for a special NBA draft exclusive mailbag edition of the corner, three. So we're going to start off with a question from bell Minton Fung. What a maim where does the consensus top three in this draft Zayn Williamson, Jaama rant and RJ Barrett compared to the past to draft classes? So that's twenty eighteen Eytan Bagley. Don rich and in two thousand seventeen Foltz ball Tatum. And then we also followed up. It'd be could construct a three year big board where were they start stack up. So you're starting generally, Danny. How does this top three compared to those these past drafts? I mean two thousand eighteen is clearly a number one for me. But what do you do with Zion, who is probably the best freshman we've ever seen? I like how did that weight? And that to me is like the first question. I really it's Luke averse. I on. Right. That's the best prospect of the past three years. Yeah. I think for me, you know, if you're going by your valuations heading into the drafts, I would rank them like this, and this is again heading into the draft. So I would have Dontrelle. One Zion to false three Tatum for eight and five Barrett. Six Marantz seven ball, eight Begley nine. That's the way I would have ranked these guys based on valuations heading into the draft and obviously, now full to be nice if you're taking these guys from where they're at now in their careers, but I don't love Barrett or Mirant. I think they're good prospects. But I don't I don't value them nearly as much as they had Foltz, who looked the part as a two way long big guard, who could create off the dribble for you and play make and defend multiple visions. I don't value either of them as much as Tatum who looked like a go to score potential granted that year. We had different opinions on him. But even at this point, it's undecided with him. But I think the go-to scorned potential was higher than with eight. And again, a guy super-efficient near the room, who projected potentially as a. Good defender, and he made great progress as a rookie as we saw Barrett with his inefficiencies as a score and his poor decision making and Mirant with his really frail thin frame in he jumper. I would just slot. Those two guys behind Foltz Tatum, eight, and it doesn't mean they're not poor prospects. They just have some, some flaws that do stick out, Danny. Yeah. But I mean really like I think I think we're kind of burying the lead here. Like where do you stand on the dodgers Zion to meet, how close is it for you? I think when you consider the importance of the three point shot in today's league and shot creation from the perimeter. I think that's where I give Dante I on a big lead, but a, a noticeable difference like this is the Kentucky Derby like what is to tie like us, who? A photo finish. But, you know it's close. And, and, and I that's why I'm out with Don, she twitches has playmaking ability in his shooting ability as you've seen all season sharks, that gives me an over Zion, who is more just like the freakish athlete is going to be a great defender rim runner, and he can handle the ball to. But I just think dodge for titties league with his permettre skills, a little bit more important. I mean, I feel like if you look at the floor like Lucas lors like that shock creator like he's basically that hard and Steph kinda play, or he creates a bunch of threes from south a bunch of threes for his teammates that kind of player superchargers and offense Cihan. I wonder like do you think the LeBron thing is crazy? Yeah. Carson. So I do sort of, I think even LeBron in highschool. Remember watching him playing on ESPN and like junior and senior high school like he, he didn't have a great jumper. But he could create off the dribble from the permanent and Zion. I look zion's a tremendous prospect, one of the best prospects that we've seen in our lifetime. But they're still the concern with his shot creation ability, he's very left hand dominant. He doesn't have a jumper off the dribble and those are skills that to, to reach that LeBron level, you have right of that. But I think that given the way that we see the leak now and given the way that like position list basketball has kind of taken over in, in kind of mainstream consciousness and the way that most people conceive of the league. The idea of Zion playing center sooner than later kind of intrigues me a in terms of those kind of deficiencies in his game, not necessarily, meaning as much as they might have when LeBron started out, you know, like I think Zion might have enough skills to kind of offset that. So I go back. Do you remember this game the Pittsburgh game when trade Jones got hurt and Zion ran point? I remember watching that game. He had seven assess hours like, oh my God. This is happening. And then after that he goes back to power forward. He's plan off the ball. I looked at his numbers. So this is a very small sample size. Okay. But who cares Zion the pickers picking all percentile lessen the pick and roll as a ball handler, and then plus for nine percent? Oh, interesting. I mean so I mean him as a role may not be rolled college. You never will. And I think that's like there's always going to be Zion LeBron comparison, because just their freakish athleticism and just their body size and everything else. And also their games though. That's the thing it's like he's not a playmaker like LeBron's level, but he still for his size and for his position. Somebody who like we talk about this all the time. Whether he's the guy handling the ball in the pick in the middle or the guy who's on the short roll. He can do the Draymond green thing where he can put the ball in his hands or have him screening enrolling and then just creating against the defense and devastating than with his either lob lob dunk ability, his ability to finish with finesse ores ability, just a find and locate in open shooter like he didn't have great spacing at Duke. And like you said he didn't have the opportunity to always do that. But in the NBA he's going to have chances to do that. And that's like the difference between him in Luca. Danni, Luke is going to be that ball dominant force. Right. A little bit more offense versatility. I think besides the fact his shot off the catch still is. We'll see what level. So then my question is if Zion can become a Draymond green like player and possibly, even like do that better given his physical like superiority is that let's say Zion gets paired with a Steph light, who can do approximately. What Steph, that's not as Atlanta thing. I was so upset. Right. Oh my can you imagine it would have been tremendous? Now would would what who would be more valuable in that situation like Zion with that or Luca without a dream idea is Luca is that Steph lie guy, but his success, right? Because after one seeks to me, like, I guess, big picture to me. I think Lucan Zion, I put as their own tier my various. I think absolutely. And I think I want you three or four five I could see you could throw trae young and they're not, not not pre-draft looking at him. Now, I think Heathrow Jaren Jackson and there, I think it's really. Male, there's a handful of guys that, like, if you're evaluating based off today like from ranking people from today forward, obviously, false that even in the conversation, sadly, very sad story. Alonzo's ball's probably been knocked down bit, too. I still believe in Lonzo. I think he's got to I, I really liked Lonzo in with these rankings. I had a hard time between Miranda and ball. I gave them rant an edge over him because of the sheriff lettuce them. I think balls a bit better as a playmaker granted similar speaker, these bigger in that that's indefensibly. That's one of the concerns for me with Marantz in this draft where he's going to be a good player anytime you play make it his level. Like you're not gonna fail. You're just not gonna fast like you. He's, he's going to be an NBA player for ten plus years, assuming good health. The question will be what happens with his jump shot. How much does he improve defensively because like the effort was not there at Murray state the bodies not there for the NBA level, but when he tried he was solid enough. Like like anyway. I mean if we're talking about like him in Lonzo ball. Lonzo ball's defence was never really brought up in his home. He was active in on the baller is very different players really total opposites. How about this? I wonder with me like to me, I look at RJ see guy to me is number nine this like, I'm really low and RJ my too low on him. Yeah. I believe, so. And that will bring us into our next question, because this is really it's directly to RJ because not all of us have Zion. Gye RJ, Barrett in our top three and Daniel tap asks, how much stock do you put in Brennan Clark, having the second best box, plus minus, since two thousand ten behind Zayn Williamson, and I have RJ ranked second on my board. You guys have Zion one. Both you and Danny, you have Jarrett Culver to, and then John three RJ. You have fifth behind Brian Clark whose fourth and then sharks, you have Zion first, Brennan Clark. Second, I wouldn't feel hipster. And then third, then you have RJ all the way back that was throwing darts or, or our big boards are going to continue changes over the weeks, Corey is on may twenty second, and it's going to air sometime, whenever you're hearing it next week from the time of recording. But like from where we're at now based on our evaluations. The question was about bringing Clark and we'll touch on the analytics and the second with BPM. But I, I guess, regarding RJ I have him second fifth seventh for you Danny seventh for you charges. I where are you guys at with him to have them at that point in the drafts, I, I don't really believe in him as a primary kind of ball handling big wing. I, I don't believe in his finishing ability like everything that you see his game kind of pointing towards I don't really see him having the ability to do it very well at the NBA level. Like I think you'll be a solid player. He just has the build he has. He has the body for it. He has the with the requisite athleticism. But. But I don't see him having the kind of special touch. That's required for him to be the kind of bully ball wing that he he proposed to be. Yeah, I feel he's not that athletic either. He's a good athlete. But yeah. Inspections of like the way he plays, he kind of relies on being the bass author on the floor all the time. And I feel like RJ is good. But like he can be good somewhere else someone else's team. I wanna deal with it. Honestly. So, in other words, what happens in the NFL draft. And the NBA draft is a lot of teams will just have writings of guys that they'll take like they might some there might be a team that does not even have RJ on their board because they're just like we're not gonna take him. We're does not going to bother investing in. He can be somebody else's problem to deal with now. Obviously that happens really, in the NFL draft fourth fifth, sixth round where you just have maybe one hundred fifty guys when you're bored in the NBA draft may be only have forty in your board, but like regarding lottery picks for you having him at that point. He's just not a guy you'd want to invest in then because of those flaws. I just feel like RJ needs a ball on his hands amateur. He's worth the investment of having the ball on his hands. I, I don't really believe in his jumper. Really? And to me for me. I think with him eighteen years old, six seven strong body and he is been great at every level. He had a really good year at Duke. He did not meet expectations and he had some really like annoyingly frustrating turnovers and decisions that he made on the floor. And like, I think a lot of the focus with RJ was on those doesn't knowing with the pain in the ass to watch him sometimes, but he also had moments where like this dude at six, seven was just whipping the ball around the floor. Made can kick out threes after driving with a clogged lane and projecting him forward. I sort of look at him as a big gar, like a big point guard more than a wing. I think if you're if RJ with his ball, handling ability as a passer, I think that's going to develop for him over time. With more spacing, I think is at room finishing should improve. I think also when it comes to his shooting, I have concerns about his jumper, as well as anybody Willie shot, only sixty six percents from the free throw line thirty one percent from three he wasn't shy about it was not now in the thing is with him, though, was like he is at least a shot creator. He is somebody who can create shots for you. And look, I think compared to Brian Clark who I have ranked tenth, I love Brennan Clark I, I thought ten was high for him, but apparently not compared to you guys. I just think with Brennan glory, so sky's the limit cooked Clarke Clarke to me is more like a Super Bowl player where this is Brian touch on draft Lhasa here, where Brennan Clark to me is the guy who here's somebody that you can plug and play into any type of situation, and he somebody who can use as a roll, man, somebody who surprisingly athlete who's like a good passer for his position. But he's also like twenty three years old. And I think there's upside for him to be better than he was in college at Gonzaga. However, I just would have a hard time ranking ahead of wrecking him ahead of RJ, Barrett who's five years younger afar. Better. Shock creator, a far better playmaker with these supreme potential star skills. Like there's a there's a superstar path for RJ Barrett. There's not for me with Brennan Clark parole player. See for me. I guess, like when I look at Brennan Clark, obviously, to his hi, this is me throwing darts. I look at two things to me like your minds me, Sean Marian. That's the kind of guy, I'm seeing them as and here's where like so totally gamble. I look at his shot at San Jose State. Like if you go look at a shot at San Jose State. He is literally like the worshiping revolt on one of the worst looking strokes, I've ever say thank you all over his head. I don't even know it was like a rocket launcher Grosso like he's my jump show. Yeah. Those who are shooting special fly. I'm good at three guy. I know a bad jumper. See it trust me. I do trust me. So he went from that. And he goes to zag he rebuilds his shot. He's pretty much money fifteen feet now. So I'm looking at that trajectory. I look at his touch around the rim, and I'm gambling that he's going to become a good shooter, which is I admit I'll recognize as a complete gamble and might not happen. But Sialkot like RJ's a path superstardom. I feel like he has a path to be the Marta Roseanne. That's like that. That could we could be and other have a Super Bowl player like Shawn Marion kinda guy to me. That's more violent the Marta rose. And honestly, I think it's fair. Yeah, I mean the I feel like the points of comparison for Brandon Clark or Shawn Marion, PASCAL Siachen, like you can see a little bit of like, Andrei, Kirilenko. Even he's just a beautiful like stunning athlete to watch Jew his defensive instincts are topped here. And as you're saying, like, he has playmaking chops off the dribble like if he can take the ball down the floor and he can, you know, find the open man. And I just think with all of that with, you know what we've been talking about with guys who can create like Draymond in the short roll and everything. There's a lot of value to be had in a defensive star. I will admit the wingspan thing early hurt my heart. He came in at six foot eight. That was read this little background on Brennan Clark there. So Frank Clark. He's six foot eight. And his wingspan is identical sixty very. And for him, he, he was a junior zag. So he's going to be twenty three years old as a rookie averaged. Seventeen points, nine rebounds, two assists twenty-seven percent from three seventy percent from the free throw line three blocks per game. And I think with the wingspan thing it's interesting because if I obviously thought ideal for guys six eight to have a six eight wingspan when he somebody would project as like a small bowl five type, or I want them, you want them playing in the front court, but he's lean he's not exactly. He's not long obviously. But what he is said, Danny just a bouncy athlete. Any plays his ass off like that. Dude, plays any the frequently hose it pretty smart. That combination of athletic ability, and bass bike. You to me, it's like a six eight Zaire Smith at same kind of type h with a six four and he had drafted the lottery. Yeah. And that's where with Brennan Clark like to me, he's like a no doubt lottery pick just no doubt about it. And this year is class no doubt top ten pick in part of me. Feels tens a little bit. Oh, but I just. It's definitely reasonable. Frisking is very nice. I just have a hard time. I'm like, I'm trying to understand, like why over Jay? Like I understand that, like the philosophy philosophy behind driving a Super Bowl player. But I think with RJ he's somebody were so many of those flaws were just put under a microscope this year. Duke. Guys, succeeded every level for Team Canada being team USA before college. Like he is had a lot of success throughout his basketball life playing with more spacing in the NBA. I think with RJ when he's putting an effort on defense with his playmaking with space and just developing over time someone who's only eighteen years old like Brennan Clark at eighteen would not be the number two pick for Shurmur to like RJ Barrett at twenty two twenty three projecting. Ed, he just dead like we're talking about competing with, with Brennan clarkin, how hard he plays RJ places ass off to like he plays really hard. Okay. So here's what I'm looking at with, with our Jayme, some looking at like these teams in the lottery, right? I feel like you put RJ team. He's not gonna plan to New York. Right. New york. No time for that. They've hiring, Katie. That's not gonna happen. He won't magic. Hiree and RJ. That's like Tatum times, twenty amount of time, couldn't shoot, right? And Kyrie is like bro, like you, movable so LA, that's on. You look at it like if he goes to Cleveland, I guarantee him and concepts Navid shoes, if he goes to Phoenix, we plant down Booker, I don't think so if he goes Chicago, Markkanen porter Levin will be no wanna play with your work with having broker. I feel like give me the ball and Booker. I think we've Booker like he's became that, but still like at Corey still a guy who can run off screens spot up is that real that feels like a demotion though. Yeah. I mean for book, I'm the guy. What if an upgrade, and I mean to have more on his plate? More more offensive responsibility off the ball not less demand on the ball. I think RJ somebody, you can alleviate some of that pressure on him. Look Booker is the dude who comes from a very specific school of thought the Kobe school of thought, I don't I don't I don't really playing assault RJR, but that's just not going to Devon Booker was not the sky in college, like he's just. This guy. After last season up this season after last seasons. I don't ever want to miss the playoffs again. And, and letting RJ run you'll get them to the playoffs. A five year rebuild. I mean, this is also theoretically, because the odds RJ won't even fall to happen is she'll get picked up three and we'll be traded somewhere else buys, where with RJ worry he has to be the man, I feel like wherever he goes, whatever team is on the players on the team. Now. We better than them. They don't want to deal with it. And he can't be awful because he can't shoot. So I feel like he's just going to be a chemistry problem wherever he goes who food. I, I, I don't know. I think RJ's one at every case. Like let's say the next world you wanted to go if like the next try this pick. Right. Who makes the most sense Friday was the best fit for him in the NBA. You can take a second. I like them. I'm saying I like it for the Knicks with Katie and Cairo that would work. Yeah, I, I don't even know if they're gonna keep them, but they might flip them by I don't mind him with Katie with Kyrie after what happened. Boston. The share. Then we'd just watch this whole show. I don't I don't mind like a high upside player growing with each at grow with Kyrie like that's gonna happen. Oh, so. But you're, you're assuming like, he's just not going to have a very like he's not going to have a starring role. So he's just gonna be like another guy. No guy, you bring them off the bench. Now. He couldn't get shots. He comes off the bench or not like he's gonna get a shot. I'll tell you that. And that's the one thing with RJ. Sometimes I question, how much of it is basketball Cubans of those poor decisions that he makes a how much of it is just like I gotta get mine. Okay. My story I was just talking about this. So what's is she in Canada? It was always RJ in this guy, semi Shittu Vanderbilt freshman, he'll be in the Strath, probably a late second round pick, and they're always kind of arguing, like, whose team is this is a, my team as a your team, and it was like it's constant back and forth in what turned out so right before they won the gold medal and Canada Shittu quit the team like RJ you suck. I can't deal this anymore. You're not that good. I should be the man. And now he's like this rapid in the NBA, like, oh, semi should use an idiot. He's like a egomaniac. He can't handle a role in his team. Maybe Shitsu is like three steps ahead. He's like, I know this guy isn't very good. She said kill the team. I feel like if xylitol argument you did it. That's true. They won the cold. But I'm saying like imagine Duke if that's large at RJ not that good take a back seat thirteen are they is good though. He's been good at every level. He was good as Duke. So what you know, it's fun though. We could say the exact same thing he wanted every single level with Julia loca for every single level. He was a champion at every single level of basketball. And he looked the part of an NBA player. You know, he had all the requisite skills wind Jalil Okafor is what I'm saying, I guess I'm saying, I don't know devil. New york. I'm trying to find a team that makes sense far Jay even like Cleveland here, goes the concept, I think it was like the Okeafor winning and every little well, winning levels, sort of fallacy, like the know. It is just. Admit that I met in Poland these cards out for my support him RJ, but again like I think the real argument again is like with the skills the shot credibility the effort. I know what happened defense for him this year because the offense of load, but like the effort level the intensity the work ethic off the court everything here about how hard he works. He does the amount of resources team candidate has put into him medically skill wise. Everything nutrition like he has a lot behind him. It's less accede. It's less that, for me, it's more just the natural like level of touch, and just his spatial kind of awareness from right? Touch at all. He doesn't have great touch. And that's kind of really important for me, especially when he's not as good of an athlete as he was at the college level. And so when he's trying to finish over guys, he's not going to be able to with as much regularity as he did in college. And he didn't really finish with too much regularity, given his physical attributes in college anyway. So I think that's. Kind of more where I'm leaning with, with you guys are with a semi shoot to on our Barrett. And I am with a more thanks one thing. I've heard I've heard like RJ wants to be the best player of all time, which is like such a scary thing to hear about a guy was not good side. Jamaran called himself a point. God, I conference can be good or bad. I mean, I don't mind talking like that. I mean look, we great Charkes we've been wrong on this. We've been on the wrong side of history. With Jason Tatum, so changing. Re-litigating. On for talk with our you guys are with semi Shittu. And I am not speaking about late round gyms. We were asked by many, many people about who are some potential steals in this year's draft sharks semi is one of the guys that you have highlighted as a potential steel in the trapped who is he and what what is about as game. That makes them a potential. So he was a five star freshman forward at Vanderbilt basically his season got song. He's Darius garland, garland tears as offer the air five games in. Yeah. And then Vanderbilt enough talent their coach got fired. I look at I look at like a five star guy that shit too is very athletic. He's very raw. But to me, he's a guy like if he goes G league for two years, works on his jumper work since feel for the game is athletic ability, and his skill set to me is very interesting. He's a six ten dude. Who can bring the ball down the floor? That's automatically very, very attractive, and he was playing on tornado Seattle right out for I sign me. I don't know that he's fray raw. He five bus heartedly but he's a guy thing worth shot in the second. Around, how are you doing? I'm going with the guy who probably most people haven't heard of a guy named Alan smile GIC all in smiling. I'll let you take that, man. Yeah. So he was drafted fourth overall in the G league draft last year. Nineteen years old place for the Santa Cruz warriors, and the G league. And there's been a lot of talk of the past couple of months about how the warriors are basically trying to hide him from the rest of the league by putting him in this G league. They didn't they didn't send him to the showcase to the showcase. So none of the other teams really got to see what he did. He's six ten really skilled guy. He can bring the ball up the floor. He has a lot of like DeMarcus cousins, e like, oh, I'm going to bring the ball flora, and I'm gonna like hoist the three type of thing he played third division Serbian ball before playing in the G league. So this dudes basically, an unknown player he hadn't played in any like high level competition before that, but he's been killing it in the G league. He's a cool store. At the very least in terms of the way the wars are using the Julieta hired a guy. It's a pretty interesting story. No matter what happens with him just the way like Lee could move forward as a developmental tool. I think the guy who stands out to me is Daiquan Jeffries. Really? He's a guy I was talking about. He's in a lot of buzz Tulsa. He's a six foot five near seven foot wingspan wing Ford type. I think when you're looking Hyun I talked about this, in our NBA slack recently charged like finding like other PJ Tucker's like I, I think it's easier said than done to find guys who can do that. Because of the mentality. But from the body in from the game Jeffries is strong bodied wing who can play big and he's an intense defender. He someone who plays hard, somebody who's a smart player makes good decisions on the floor, and he hit spot up threes at an above average to good rate. He shot thirty seven percent from three this year, seventy six from the line, and those aren't great numbers -sarily, but it's solid enough. And I think his shot is projectable enough, where he can be a good shooter anniversary defender in what more could you want today's Lee? He went to combine Cassie. I was not. I heard he was one of the big risers at the combine. He had he had a good combine. Yeah. I liked to freeze a lot. I think he's somebody to me. I haven't ranked twenty nine well like that. I think should be a first round pick. Then, like this is the type of thing with the draft. It's like everything we're talking about. Like I just said, with Jeffries, it's like there's not that sounds like a guy who should be a lottery pick, especially this year with a week we class and a lot of guys with questions. And one of the guys who has a lot of questions is bowl bowl, and we were asked by a couple of different people about him. Nikki Nick and slow Bomba who said, which is actually a great nicknamed yet. On my band, and I'm going to start. How how high could bowl bowl go charts? I mean, I I are we doctors? I write like what's up with this? What do you mean? Like he has serious health issues serious medical red flags. And that's like the number one thing boring. His game is like how healthy is he? I don't know. I'm not a doctor. I think we've bowl bowl like that's the only question really is with the health, I think with his game there's every player has holes every player has questions with him like his frail frame, like how much can he actually defend stronger bodied centers like how is center of gravity is? So high is such like a seesaw bags. Yeah. It's, it's all legs all arms. I mean his his wings bans from Mendes. It's seven foot seven seven foot stake and stroke threes. Yet fifty percent from three in the small sample size and at Oregon, how many EMMY? Emme ten. Twenty five shots. He played ten games. But yeah. Like he can shoot though. It's like he's not true. Fifty fifty really stroke it quite hot Sean floaters, he can shoot. There's no doubt about that. He's going to at least be an above average. Good shooter. It's really funny. Like if you watch some of his high school like highlight mixes, he does a lot of bring the ball up the floor and he has like, little tricky like ball, handling maneuvers there. They don't won't amount to anything in the NBA, but it's just like he has confident. I mean it's hearing, the bombmaker shrike, highschool video thing, right? Yeah. But he's just he's really slow. There's not a lot of like lateral or down quickness. And I worry about him defending a lot space as you mentioned the high center of gravity his just fairly skinny legs. So I, I just don't see him defending affectively on the post against bigger guys, or even like big wings for that matter. Yeah, but you look at a guy who seven four seven four seven two and a half. He's talking with a nine eight standing re. Each. Shoots threes at fifty percents. Some team will probably look at that and be like, hey, if we're going to swing for the fences. Let's swing for the fences. Yeah. I mean, the role is there no matter what bench shooter if he can say, hell, which is the thing, like I mean, seventy two guys will tell you to begin with a broken foot. I mean nothing the difference between him and Michael porter last year. Is I remember when I interviewed Tim Conley for the nuggets article I wrote this year he said with porter the only question was health like you like that's it the game was there. But with bowl bowl, it's it's not just health. It's questionable work ethic. The difference is person incredible athlete. I that of course. But like with bullets also work ethic and scouts, have long question how hard he actually works how much he actually loves the game. So it's like you have durability concerns and work at the concerns, I would be not surprised if he went top ten because of the sheer talent level somebody, maybe falls in love with him. But I wouldn't take top ten I have him ranked twentieth of my board sharks. You have him twenty and Danny. You have him fourteenth. I think I think fourteenth fifteenth. Is fair late. Auto mid I for someone just to pick a swing on him. But I was kind of funny, I feel like if not already taking mogambo he's a perfect Orlando pick, as super tall long guy shooting. Let's go back to the Columbine real quick. We have a question from hunter who was the biggest stock riser from the NBA combine. Well, it's never shots to Nick Claxton, the Georgia. Big man, he was kind of awkward or all season. I nothing about him. Honestly. And then as he's name come up there. I went back the only played Texas as they play Jackson Hayes site washed game like Claxton, just more skill than dachshund nays in my opinion, point guard, I felt like I I'm really argue in terms of like his basketball skill level just higher right now. He's a good athlete. You've got size like this guy, I think will stick in a strap because his, his theoretical skillset is pretty intriguing Claxton, seven fifty seven foot tall seven foot three wingspan averaged thirteen points last season. Eight nine rebounds, two assists, only twenty eight percent from three only sixty four percent from the line with him. It's like. Like you said, sharks, he, he skilled a cappella had handles. He wrote a quick appel at handle. He ran point for Georgia's offense, a lot of time like he ran pick and roll as near seven-foot player. And I think with that skill set again like to me, he's a first round talent, it's still decided if he'll actually stay in the draft or not. But I think with the combine he had where he showed off his versatility. Switching screens defending guards and wings. And that was like the cool thing about the combine is you're required. A switch all screens on the ball. Oh, that's awesome. So, so it's like with Claxton he. No. He looked great. He looked good defensively. And, and if you're looking for a guy in today's league, that's what you want a big to do is to be comfortable defending on the perimeter in Claxton, the question we will be with him, like what level has shot really reach how reliable he be defending on, on how reliable he'd be shooting from the Primera when he's off the ball. And also, like he's still pretty thin. So how, how will he handle the embiid's the Yokich types of Biggs of the world? But like to me, he's a no-brainer first round in terms of like the combine measurement numbers, though. Like I understand all of the, the kind of sadness that Pran and Clark didn't really have to great of a measurement in terms of like his anthropomorphic numbers. But man his lane agility, it's faster than drew holidays. It's faster than John walls. And this dude is going to be playing small ball park. Yeah. Was was it faster than taco fall? It better be better taco fall to me is the number one. Well, we have someone on their staff will not be named in our slack was talking about the first round pick. Right. Say Hawaii who will not be names. Forget, I want to look at it. I gotta give guy Ben room at the step in. He has, like Nick lacks takes for days. They're really well written when, when the clock check that out. He's interesting. I is Claxton like a lotta pick for him or think so. I think but he was saying he might go back to school because he has Tom Cruise Georgia now. And they have a top two class coming in is coming it becomes back with early stack team. Maybe actually as lottery, pick because his team is really good next year because one of the things I guess, is worth pointing out like honestly, whether it's what sixty five power five conference teams. If you're a guy was on a big recruit, and you weren't a bad power five team. No one's really watching you sort of like these MBA scouts like kinda goes on to watch like Georgia. And like Clemson like these teams aren't very good. It's hard to watch during the season. So let's go to the whole season. No-one talk about I think Claxton brings us to a question from Andrew del Toro, who asked which guys have a chance to someday guard Janas relatively speaking. Eligible is the recording this on Wednesday the twenty second right now. The raptors and bugs are tied to, to, to to to to in the series. And by the time you hear this, we'll know who is representing the Eastern Conference in the finals if it's the bucks, I'm saying the conversation is even more timely, because in the draft, do you need to think about who your opponents are going to be who the teams that you have to beat in order to get to the NBA finals, and for the foreseeable future Janos onto the Kubo in the bucks, whether or not, they make it are going to be one of those teams that you have to beat to get to where you wanna get? So back to the question her manager Danny out of there, any prospects. Whether it's law guys late. I guy second round guys that stand out as players who are potential Janas containers, not stoppers. You can't stop them. But guys who you can at least put on them at LeBow if you're thinking about it Zion. I've right, hash because look, you talk about the type of player, you want gardens on you. You want a wide body? You wanna big body who can take up a lot of space that doesn't allow Jaanus to kind of do that whole. Whoop. Dee doo Eurostep. She can't get rounds. Ions ions. He's tank. Zion also has the vertical ability to challenge him up top. He's not taught. He might not be tall enough to do it all the time, but he definitely has the strength to Elliot's hold his own. I mean, that's as good as you can ask for right? Yeah. I mean you have to have a combination of strength and agility, and also like the mindset that it's to lock in and defend him. Zion clearly projects as one of those guys, I think, staying in the lottery, Andre hunters another one that maybe you could put him on unison. I mean the hunter I have my concerns about him laterally. I'd not quite sure he's the defender that he's made out to be. But I think, again, he has the combination of strength. And at least mindset. To, to be a guy that you could put on you on us long term. I think worth pointing out was I on. So one thing that's been out there lately, it's like, oh, if he goes to New Orleans, you just Julius Randle, chanting. Zion, Julius Randle? What are the main differences? So in college Randall average, and looking at the numbers zero point five steals, a game zero point eight blocks games a loser on defense, and Colorado college Zion average two point one steals a game one point eight blocks. That's like triple or quadruple. The difference like zion's defensive ability has been very underplay because of his offense but like this is a very very, very defensive player. I remember that year you wrote an article on SP nation about Julius Randle, the wingspan probably Julius Randle in that year on Celtics blog. I wrote an article about Randall's defence like looking specifically at his defensive issues like the focus problems. The just his inability to read the floor, as well as short wingspan. If I have ramp, like we have Randall has a comparison fours firs, I on like, shades of because of the offense is like. Yeah. It's like it's like not a knock. In fact, it's actually kind of a compliment 'cause Reynolds turned into a good player. But like as he said, sharks, the defensive end of the floor is on. It's a different end of the spectrum. Randall was absolute loser on defense in college. Just I hated watching him. I couldn't stand watching him when he was in college Zion projects, somebody who has a chance to be a lane to be Draymond esque versatile guy who can protect the rim for you. Can switch screens for you when he has the intensity, he has tolls for, for Zion that's going to be about. Like where does his mind go, like how much does because dream onto the basketball genius, and you also wish Zion had a longer wingspan, but he makes up for him with his athleticism and his timing. Also KFC we're getting old man Tung s from five six years, wrote about them to man up there. It's a and I think you know, there's a handful of other guys like scrolling through the draft guide just going through. I think Brennan Clark, even though he's a little, lean he somebody that makes sense, PJ Washington. We'll talk about in a minute. There's somebody with his size and mobility makes a little bit sense, Nick Claxton, who we just talked about somebody, you can put on him for these like bigger guys, in terms of wings. We mentioned earlier Daiquan Jeffries make sense, Nazir little from North Carolina who struggled, but again, long-term he has the strong body in the theoretical defense. You're you look we're talking about you honest here. Let's the next. This is getting ridiculous. I mean, there's these guys, I mean you need a big body by I mean, not all these guys are going to pan out, but a handful of them could make I mean that point. Let's talk about like Taylor Horton Tucker has a seven seven one seven two wingspan at six two or the number of guys, and they've got good jobs for like two guys can him probably. Guys that you can lease as Andrew Dolores guys who can guard, you know, relatively speaking like you got to put a body on them. So somebody can at least put a body on. Let's move on to a question from creepy curse, which is Chris Vernon, by the way. Which of Kentucky's, three project, the first rounders do you see having the most impactful, professional career? So let's go through the three of those guys starting with Kelvin Johnson, who is probably the most hyped prospect, heading into the season. I guess she was sure learn the biggest freshman that they had. Yeah. Down here quitting last. Now Johnson, what do you like about his game? Johnson's generic three hundred template six six reasonably athlete decent jump shot, very competitive. Very competitive so hard. I mean he was the one guy in that game when the opening night when they got crushed race. So is so playing everybody else. I took their soul. They were like, oh my God Johnson was still playing. He's a very competitive kid. I don't think I don't think he's very skilled. I think he's very big athletic. I mean, to me, just kind of a guy, it's like he tries hard, but it's feet. Dumb move at fast. It'll move that fast. You definitely don't want him dribbling. I'm not a not a big guy. I remember thirty two. Tyler hero, Danny. Guy who you would hope to kind of become a guy who can create out of pick and rolls can hit shots hit difficult three point shots. I'm not really sure where I am with him like given all of my hype and love for Kevin herder of, like I'm always looking for another bigger herders, huge care to hero, heroes, like six four six five as negative wingspan. Yeah. So I you you're always kind of looking for the next, but I don't I don't know if I don't know if this is probably very lazy. But like, you know, Luke Kennard right is worried about him on the wrong team leaves be a bench guy play defense. Right. That's my concern in the guy that we, you know, all mutually agree based off our rankings. I is the best of the three continue prospects is PJ, Washington. The past season. He improved his three point shot after testing the waters last year shot forty two percent from three still only sixty six percent of the line, but at six eight with a seven to wingspan he projects to somebody who can be versatile offender super for mobile quick, laterally. He's a good passer for his position. He improved his shot. He can. He's a good finisher on the ram. Even though he's not like a law guy. He's a good finisher, and I think with him he there's like up and down effort at Kentucky in for me that's like the one hesitated, I have with him. But we all you him as I mid first round pick. I think you have highest of the three of us sharks. I would've I'm too low. I have Matic at eight or something double check that nine somewhere. You have him not. I wonder if that's too low. I feel like I can just see like a Paul David west Paul Millsap ish kinda game. I mean, I like I think has basketball accused fairly high for guys with his kind of skill sets. And his I really wonder if he's gonna be a tough. I player in this draft has also done. Yeah. I mean, I think with PJ Washington, and he's one of those guys were like years from now, we can look. Then how do you how do you fall so far? He has obvious skills that make sense in today's league, especially with the spacing and the passing on offense. And then with the size and potential versatility on defense. He just like that's what you want. You can kind of get lost with him not necessarily having a standout skill. But he was just one of the most productive players in college basketball. I guess the concern would be if he goes somewhere. We asked to play the four they got a bunch of fives, not a great shooter. He's not playing off the ball than what is his role? I think that'd be the concern. I think that brings us to a good question from ghosts Jacobs, who asked do you have any tips on how to get a deeper knowledge of the game and how to apply it while watching game? What do you pay attention to remind me of an article I wrote in two thousand sixteen where I talked to Mike Schmitz my friend from draft express who now works dropping over, and then just the namedrop sec part of the site, and then Josh rebel who works for the s in a couple of like, anonymous NBA people for that as well and articles titles them how to scout college hoops from your couch. So just like the that was the timing. And, you know, there's some good feedback from Schmitz, who I think, is unbelievably he's been by the way, dislike as an aside, Mike Schmitz, star on ESPN like I'll tell you now man. Like watching the combine is like there's prospects will press you click oxen. Looks good up man. Look great on the funding on a permanent. Then you see Mike Schmitz. Okay. To like he is a natural on TV. I'm very impressed by Mike Schmitz, going from KFC shot. Sorry. All right. We get it's the biggest riser of the NBA. Columbine was Mike Schmitz? That's all I'm trying to somebody tagging Mincy can seek hair. Anyway, I think really one of the main takeaways in that article Schmidt said like he uses like. Spotlighting where like you're like just focusing on one guy. And that's why I did a lot with Julius. Randle bat. You're while I'm watching him the entire game. What he's looking at on the defensive end of the floor, how much he's ball-watching missing like backdoor cuts and things like that. But more than anything else like the big takeaway, from that article for me is, again, with PJ Washington like you, you really have to understand the NBA like if you're scouting the draft, you can't just watch the draft. You have to really understand what is needed in the NBA. What is valued in the NBA the game changes fast, these weekly project ahead sometimes too. And with PJ Washington, he's somebody that has skills that are surely valuable in today's leaks. I think actually, I really do spotlighting to likes to do like when I'm watching a guy like I'm a spy washing like two or three games. But then you have to watch his team you have to watch. Okay. Who is fourteen? What's on the floor? What are the lineups is being used in what's his role on the team? So once you know who he is. And he had to say how is this coached using him because I think that's. Scott him comes very important. Right. Because like these numbers are only fucking the role on the team and was so many guys. Hey, what's his role as college team now? What's the role in the NBA? And that's where the scouting comes into play because the numbers only say what, how he's being used and let's be honest. Most college, coaches aren't NBA minded. They're gonna win games. Now they're not trying to put maximum guy skill sets. Sometimes these calls a slow guy down keeping cluster year happens all the time. And also, like the game, the rules are different like your exhaust fences prevalent in the in college basketball, and ways in it's not in the NBA because of the lack of three second violation, not to mention the three point three point line of shorter as well. Which makes a difference in spacing. Oh, yeah. And, and like your teammates are so much, less talented. So there's less space, generally to move around. I it's a it's a it's a different game. And I think that's one of the challenges as well with even scouting internationally but your point about that is important, because even though you might be spotlighting you know, in watching one guy specifically, it's about like little things that happen. Afterwards from his teammates, how he interacts with his role on the team is obtained, like values cutting and like you don't have to understand the system too, because it's like some teams may not want guys cutting some teams cut a lot. Yeah. It's little things like that, where every system is different. And that's where I have a I have a bit of a hard time, personally, with, like numbers, for college, because it's such a small sample of only thirty games for a lot. He's one and done guys. I obviously it's important. Analytics are important, but, but with college like for me, it's like it has to be context. Matters more than anything with the system would lineups with everything else that directly affects said numbers, as John, let's say with numbers, Shamir, what I really looking back on it like the number I like the free throw shooting. I look back at a false and Lonzo in that year. And I wish I had more interested are free third numbers. Because those numbers said these guys are not elite shooters, there, shouldn't threes and college awhile. I took scrape, but those numbers are saying underlying number two saying, watch out even though the eye tests for long was very good. But I thought it was like a sixty five percent free throws in that. And that's one of the largest, simple, free-throw percentage varies writes, it is what it is. It has been proven to be more accurate, projecting future, three point percentage than three point percentage in college self probably because of the samples is that usually larger free-throw percentage brings a good question to from Mandela. What does a better situation for a young prospect to go into a contending team, where he gets to learn from experience vets or a rebuilding team? With no pressure where you can play through his mistakes. I don't think there's a black and white answer. I it's, it's just everything that you would mention in the previous question like context matters. Everything of fit matters. You know that style of play matters there. I mean there are so many guys who have gotten lost on contending teams in to never be seen from again who probably could have been NBA players on bad teams. And then guys who were just waiting for that right situation where they can be surrounded by proven. Players who can fit them. It's real. I think we're seeing this right now. L McKinney with the Golden State Warriors, somebody who if he's thrown into the fire in a different situation. He may be asked to do too much. Maybe maybe as not asked to do anything that works for his specific role with Golden State spotting from three playing on defense. Crashing me off. It's boards. Simple game just do that. And you're going to succeed within your role having every prospects different every prospect, like there's different best fits for him in terms of situation, but ultimately like charges. That's the type of thing where we've seen prospects fail just for by falling in the wrong, situation and prospects looked better because I fell into a good situation. You know what's funny? I was thinking of was Josh Jackson. I remember when he was like, I wanna plan, Boston, I want to go, where I can be the man, blah, blah, blah. And outs like this probably the more disciplined instruction face give them, right? It's so hard to know every, I think there's yesterday if there's no black and white answers, the applying times on everything I was thinking about this in regards Matisse, thankful the prospect from Washington who had a tremendous college career. Defensively who you know, assault offensive player can like three Indy type of guy for able to me. It's like I'd love for him to land on a community. He, he is because he had a lot of that combine. You gotta promise promise somewhere else. Agents like you know, I don't got time for this. I'm gonna to put them for bowl. It's like if you go to a team where like it's bad structure. Like there's no, there's no foundation knows there's nobody who can create shots for you. Like you're going to be zero on offense. And then your defense is not going to lead to winning if the rest of the team is because who cares, right? What does it matter? I envisioned him being Danny green Esq player, and Danny green was nobody on the Cavs and became a shoe somebody on the Spurs, I would say, for sure if you're an older college player, it makes more sense to go somewhere. You can spend a small role. Can I feel like these younger guys times go team that's gonna to win? It's like we don't have time to develop you unless the situation would springs us to another good question from Redondo. Redondo beach lists. I've heard liberal. He says another Landry Shamet and the straps. I'm an older. College guy who it's three's good size with, and he's somebody who fell into a good situation with the Sixers and NFL until a good situation after being traded to the clippers just a great example of somebody who situation played a role into his success as a second team all NBA second team all rookie player. But if he went to a team that, like sucks and had no structure and a no shot creator for him the shots from three when it be there. The his improved defense when matter nobody would have recognized that. And just one of led to winning but Shamet with somebody who fell into a good situation. So is there a guy that stands out to you charge that could be Shamet esque rookie who was late? I really second. Here's my guy. I really like him. John's. Okay. The UNC guy to me like that guy is a money shooter like he's not just. He's a good shit. He said knocked down a lead shooter, the numbers were. I think he was like ninety seven percent tile coming off screen shooting. That's. Guy. Six foot nine. He can stroke the heck out the basketball. He's pretty percent from three this past to me like you've put a guy at a good team can play off someone. He can score a lot of points because he can like he can attack three point line. He is a great shooter. We've got tons of size. You can't give him any space. I'm surprised you solo honest. I think he's gonna be pretty good NBA player. Yeah. Him is good. I like him. I don't love him. I think he stands out as a, you know, got playing potential steel tired. I think tied Rome from Virginia somebody that makes a lot of sense to me, as a potential steel you can shoot like in any which way from off three's tie tighter on his foot work. He'll be interesting because like I dream about tiger foot works to some like this few the few players who have better footwork in this year's draft entitled. Yeah. It's just a real crime that he so slow because like the extremely fun to watch because that's a guy that's like skill matters. Like it'll be that, but I thought the millionaires at all it's going to be tough. He is like the two extremes. I thought I could billion skill. I mean he. He has a T-rex arm six foot four wingspan six five and shoes. Even I guess. Yes. Like even compare to like, Joe Harris like UVA Joe. Here's moves way better. And he's also like a beefy dude. Yeah. He is he strong. I think tied Jerome is going to be a no doubt. Solomon be a player in the draft guide. We haven't compared to a taller Jose Calderon, Malcolm Brogdon, a grievous Vasquez, my buddy, Eric Weiss comparison to a Tomas Sadyrin's ski type like a better verse. Those guys are more sandwich. Sat around skis great athletes like three this also. That's a fluid players. They get what they want to go on the floor. I think tied room like borderline first-round pick, what you got anymore. Shutouts see when we get out here. Somebody who works in, like NBA sleep circle. Oh, yes. Yes. House Kevin billion the ringer has it was very sweet. One of the smartest basketball minds that I mean if he got his big break, he must pretty smart. He's eye for talent must be very high. Eric, Eric skirt. He knows hoops pub out. You Danny anyways, send out. Yeah. My guy Dylan winter. Okay. Like that. Yeah. Out of Belmont, six eight two hundred pounds. He showed basically every three point shot in the book during the NCAA tournament when he went off for like thirty some points. He had showed a little smooth step back. Three is a career forty percent. Three point shooter in his four years at Belmont. So, you know, he can stroke ball surprising, like hops he's not like the most athletic dudes laterally, but like you can get up there and says, some people might say he's sneaky athletic. Yeah. Some people might say, I think wind'll early. I haven't ranked twenty seven and I want to rank them higher. I think with his skill level as shooter, I think he looks like boy, on bogdonovich type and, and with his high Q and his size at six seven with a wingspan that can get buckets. I don't see him as. Yes, I mean boy on his more his developed into a ball handling by the window, twenty two years old. We Twenty-three as a rookie look manly. He's he plays hard on defense. I just want it'd be a shot. I wonder if he plays enough defense. That's why wave is horrid, though, at least like, he's not zero in and out think he's a he's on a bad athlete by any means. I, I think window projects is the NBA player because his passing because of the shooting, again, like he fits the criteria that Shamet type haiku guy who could shoot the hell out of the ball older guy. Yep. Older experience can come in and make a difference. One guy who comes to mind, somebody who is not ready to contribute at a high level is cameras. And we have a question from Graham Shaw, who said the draft lottery denigrate for land. But is there a player where they're picking who could help cover up trae young defense? And the guy that we all mutually agree makes a lot of sense for them, and he had them going to Atlanta in our in our mock draft. And the ringer NBA draft guide is cameras freshman from Duke who disappointed the season playing behind Zion Williamson, and RJ Barrett. However, he does make sense as a Phoenix trae young sharks, man Kam radish, like I think the move them up. He's just to skill level. I mean, he doesn't play basketball very well for the most part, but, like he's, they jump shot looked so good. He's so big. He moves so well for a size like there's a lot to like, Blay. Make it to eight. I want to go to work our he gets while someone goes like tops. I still in my mind. He's going number four just because of the clutch connection if they keep the pick. Yes, he's unlikely. Right. We'll see. I, I think with reddish, you unite I have him rank seventh charts. You have a me. I'll have him up higher. I can't put them out. I his skills to even want to have a higher. That say I mean, he could be like terms of like the guy is asleep in this draft like cameras skill level is ridiculous. I'm going to end up having him a bell above de'andre hunter, who I'd currently have a head of radish. But I think with radish like projecting him ahead again. Nineteen years old, he'll be twenty as a rookie. So he's a little bit older as a freshman, but again, like the length seven foot wingspan the defense that he played very switchable on that end of the floor strong bodies. Strong now I think huge he's big. And I think with reddish, the defense is there is a foundation for his future, the offense of the floor, he didn't get the show it a lot alongside RJ Zaylon, but he can handle the ball he can pass a little bit. He did it a lot in high school at lower levels, I think, moving forward, he's at least somebody because I can today's league. It's, it's, it's, it's important, not just to be able to hit threes, you need to be able to attack on the floor Fisher. You have to be able to make a pass off the dribble. Find you know, fight make that second pass hitting the paint, finding a shooter or a cutter and writers can do that. The question is going to be everybody looked at him as a potential star that's going to be that's going to have to have to do with. How does his Adam finishing improve? It was terrible. He yeah, it's it's been historically. Bad amongst MBA prospect, very poor and his shooting ability thirty-three percent from three this year, seventy seven free. That's high for again is out of the I think he's going to at least be a good shooter. So Redditch to me looks like a guy who is at least three in DC type of guy who got his floor is very high. We're talking about has multiple out so he could become like a shard Lewis type. Right. Arrived. Knee hood, type. There's just a lot of things you could go to in his career. Yeah, I, I really like reddish, and I think, again, sort of touching back on the RJ conversation like the expectations were so high for him. And he didn't meet them that it made him look worse than he actually did. Yeah. And but at the same time, it's like when you're behind the top two recruits in the nation, it kind of almost insulates your, your draft stocks like there was no way, he was over gonna drop pass ten even though he had like a pretty miserable season. It. Yeah, I mean, the concern is he's a six eight. Ben macklemore is to conserve. I love that comp in the draft had for him and that he gave it to be given that one back Lamar. He's the other guy, you watch Makomo shooting like this guy is really talented his shot looks like, yeah, it looks like butter, everything, and another guy, Bobby Wagner, whose producing today's show is just shouting at the top of his lungs. In the corner of also just a Bill Simmons. Comparison is Jeff green and other. Looks like a basketball player. Right. I'll tell you what, though Jeff green as much as I can't stand him as a player and as much as disappointed that he's never reached his clear potential with his athleticism and ability on both ends of the floor. And the fact he has never comple- completely tried on defense. They've given him so many opportunities to play point guard glut Jeff green Sylla's head along it'd be a career. Here's has had a successful career despite all the Knox and all the frustrations, he still in the league and still somebody who contributes given that you still wish there was more that he can. I mean Jeff green wasn't a game seven conference finals dang near swung that game. Yeah. Exactly. And how much money is moving us right now on six hundred million dollars. That's good. Man. I think radishes somebody who could if he has a draft. Green clues play fear in years. Right. It's almost guaranteed. You're going to be disappointed, but he still going to be a successful player talked about him comparison, the Rodney hood, comma pods ago and like angst can be the same thing and I'll have like one series. We has two points like this kind of terrible. They don't have like fifteen what that brings us right to a guy who we feel maybe, has bus potential from Mike, Mike McCarthy, he says, which of the top, let's say ten to fifteen guys on each of our boards have the highest bus time. And there's a lot in the I mean it goes. Yeah. There are and it goes without saying that you're fifteenth guy would be the guy with both. The bus potential. But that's not necessarily true. Because in the draft, you might be willing to take a guy with a bit more risk than you would be somebody who's more of a sure bet, if we, if we were taking guys who are all sure bets, we'd have, you know, like like I said, Daiquan Jeffries. He that ranked eleventh or twelfth, perhaps, if you're feeling that confident and somebody like him, I think of my top ten fifteen or so. I think based off where he's going to be drafted. Darius garland, just comes to mind. Why say he's not going to be a bust 'cause bust means you're out of the league. I have gone. I love him. I have ranked sixth. I think his shot creation ability is tremendous, but I think there's a chance he's a Jeff Teague. And like you might be expecting him to be a lot more than that depending on where to be Jesse can be Jesse. You gotta be great good player. I think just garland, he was promised somewhere. It sounds like we don't know where, but he's been shutdown, right? Yeah. Expectations will be extremely high for him or her regained quite a bus. But, but somebody who maybe doesn't meet expectations of the fan base that he goes talk, this is a little bit. I aggression, but here clutch sports sky. So he's been promised somewhere Sherbro LeBron raisin promised. Right. Obviously, is was text Rich Paul so Lakers. No, he's so weird. Right. That's the weird situation. And I'm sure which fall happy to tell everybody who knows. He might he'll tell the broad. Yeah. Lebron and I don't actually control leak eventually just like. The Chandler Hutchison promise. Last year. I go into the Chicago Bulls. I mean how about you? Danielle is there anybody like maybe not a bus. But somebody that you're like, yeah. I wonder if he's gonna meet expectations. I mean just given the top five hype like or maybe not hype, but like the top five billing that he's been giving over the past few months, de'andre hunter, that might be a guy who could probably disappoint like he's he, he has a very high floor as an MBA player. He's big, strong can hit a three projects to defend up to three four positions. I saw the Andre hunter. And then when I thought of him as Harrison Barnes, I cannot see that. Now, this guy is a good athlete. My Ray functional in the court, sometimes very ball dominant, Johnny great bomb, move, or not a very rigid. Very rigid player that really worried me when I hurt saw that com- fluff question from Jay five we need your guys breakdown of Mikhail Alexander Walker. He's a better shooter than his cousin Shaquille Alexander. And he has a similar build projected in the mid first round and most. Mock drafts Chuck said he would take extra number two overall in this year's draft class. So why isn't NDA w? Knaw. Makila. The top one of those mocks. We did. I think I putting a point. So why isn't he locked for the top ten charts? So he doesn't have s G as like suddenness like s shea gets really wants to go on the core is like a first step. He's a primer in the NBA NF w is never going to be that. But I do wonder like I look at NA w I look at his like floor and his skill set, like isn't there a chance you better critic, Jerry. Culver because he has more defined role. Right. That's possible. I think one of the things with me with an A W. We something I don't know how you know, I think we fell on something there. Nah. I'm kinda I'm kinda out on it. What was your snail mill that was that was for Yokich? That was a good one. I didn't get the response. That's really I think it's because I can't I came up with it. That was quite a three. I, I wish that stuck. But I'm with with well start tweeting any. And. With any w I think the difference between him and s she as he's allow leaner to he doesn't have the same thickness on the defensive end of the floor. So he's going to be a solid defender. But I'm not sure he has quite the versatility and that is us G A. And then as you said, sharks, he's he can handle the ball, but he doesn't get where he wants SJ. He's a he's a couple years, either old lawyer. I'm sure yeah. I mean I, I like him. He's a mid to late first round draft pick for me, but not somebody who's a lock in the top ten but could exceed ex I do think I feel like with him. He's one of the safer because he hits the check marks of he has the ability. He can like shoot the ball acceptably. Well he has no real define holes in his game. No strengths here. But no holes, and he's a pretty smart player for us this again, this year for shooter one, one guy. I want to touch on before we for we end this podcast. We get a question about him. But Koby white sharks, you, you had him as somebody who could there's like a blurb in the draft guy, like who he could be the potential best point guard in this draft. You have them bring forth in your board freshman from North Carolina. I guess I'm just curious, what is it? You. You'd love about his game. I think I look at him. I size speed shooting. Ability, scoring ability. I think he ran point he didn't have a ton of success, but he ran ROY Williams, his offense as you're pretty well. He pushed the ball every single time he was deeded his job super, well, I don't know. But as passing I museum in gray I just feel like I, I see Kobe wa I think y'all are telling me this like a more Jamal Murray. I feel like it came out that kind of player both actual athlete's ability, I don't like him as much as you do. He shot. Thirty five percent or three eighty or something line. He can definitely shoot he has touch, but he has a low release. He doesn't create well off the dribble. His shoot. Well off the dribble. I should say and I wonder with him. It's like it's more of just a spot up guy. Whereas Mauri think had that more shot creation, potentially. There's with marae like the concern was different like he had a slower first step, like how much speed how much space can generate. But with white the speeds on a question he's one of the fastest guys in the draft. He can handle the hell out of the ball. But like this, he's a really low releasing he didn't shoot. Well, it got blocked. A handful of times. To me. Like I think he needs a raise that release and I've gotten burned with my rankings in the past with guys that need to change their mechanics w thinking of terms with with white, who we have Maury as a confirmation. We're bringing in terms of guys that you've been burned from my raise in the shop. Speaking specifically look, guys changed Gannex. So I, I mean like Justice wins all the different type of player, but he's somebody who needed a tweak has mechanics and one's laws pan out into a good player. But I expected him to be a better shooter than he has turned into and he's a solid shooter. But I thought like I had him ranked second third at one point, and with Justice Winslow, like that's not happen Stanley Johnson. I've not got burned with him, but he's another guy in that same draft class where it's like os. You know, like a couple tweaks you know and they can become a good shooter. But again, like I wonder with with Kobe granted, he has the touch anytime. We're talking, what guy that needs to change mechanics. It doesn't always happen. So with him like he's going to be a solid player because of his passing ability because of south lettuces, because he can shoot off the catch, but I'd I'd do question the, the, the extent of his upset deaf. They wouldn't surprise me if he's a guy on a second team earth's third team. And that's all I could see a lot of these guys in this draft when I was looking at the other day. I was watching that Seku's like great Dubai is great game. He was. I f I watched. I saw Frank was getting a new agent is like oh, yeah. Eighteen year old European very raw player. He goes to wrong team. And until here's what we saw only twenty years old. He's got skills. Like I could totally see doom by Kobe. A lot of these guys in two years. They don't pan out and move somewhere else marrying with a second draft draft and Dubai again, another one of those intriguing guys six eight six nine with strength ability to shoot off the dribble shops game. Actually, yes, he showed the flashes of what he could be. And I talked to a NBA guy recently who said to me, he saw him years ago when he was fifteen or sixteen years old when he thought he would develop until, like, a, a mellow type player and he has not turned out. He's more like a I mean he looks like Ceac him, sometimes we even the amino comp right on our offer Camino Trevor Booker and tranquilized PASCAL because he efforts on. All right. How does he bit on like five? Yeah. Exactly. Him biting on his fourth in figuring out. I think we need. Aid for him like one more higher end calm because the sharing is just shooting potential with him is very intriguing with his ball handling. But they're like this draft overall. I think there's a lot of intriguing guys. It's not a strong draft by any means. But there's a lot of players in my mind, who was, like, when we re draft five years from now it's gonna look like a strong class. Does that make any sense, even though there's a lot of this thing, though? It's like if they're going to be good, and six years doesn't really mad at him the draft some because your team, six years, a pretty low. Right. That's where I wanted to, like, how do you balance your board? How do you balance draft for? It's like if doom bias and be good and twenty twenty-five does that really matter to most teams, it probably not. That's a price showed it was. Sometimes all we'll drive FU. Yeah. Fun gas person. That's great. We can talk Jaffer our it, this isn't scratching the surface of our drivers law questions. We had a delete and not not have ability to respond to, but maybe next time we'll do another. That was fun. Yeah, that's great. Thanks. Thanks, john. Yep. Bobby shot. I see the person. This guy over here, hard work. Thank you for listening to the ring around show. Please give us a five star rating, I tunes thumbs up on YouTube, tell your friends about pod, and check out our NBA finals coverage over on the ringer dot com. We're going to have tons of stuff over there as well as updates coming to the NBA draft guide stuff on her YouTube channel tons of videos coming out to check all that out special shut off to Bobby Wagner for producing today's podcast. Thanks for listening.

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