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Rich Eisen on demand, your show your schedule, fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. Rich is great Marcellus reference to start this edition of the rich Eisen show. Interestingly enough Marcellus in Los Angeles that evolve the fight sequence back in the day. In Pulp Fiction didn't know I'd be starting to show the Pulp Fiction. That's the way it rolls after a crazy while we I'm telling you Tober has been unbelievable in terms of sports viewing sports confluence of baseball and college football and professional football. And now the NBA is back in the mix and this weekend had absolutely all of it. It ended last night on Sunday night football, the weekend with the Kansas City Chiefs. Just putting an absolute beatdown on the Cincinnati Bengals and this chiefs team, despite having lost in New England. The weekend before in my mind is the team to beat in the American Football Conference. Right now they're getting better on defense that offense that Cincinnati brought into the building last. Night is no joke. It's one of the best offenses in the league, certainly with Joe mix and running the way that he is running and you just cannot run anybody against the Kansas City Chiefs. If they're constantly getting the ball and and and playing offense like they're a bunch of eight year old kids hopped up on a bag of skittles playing video game. And this kid Patrick Mahomes is dynamic. You can't keep him in the pocket. And if he stays in the pocket, he will rifle it somewhere and he's got Kareem hunt scoring three times out of the backfield. He's got an elite tight end in Travis. Kelsey, he's got tyreek hill, got Sammy Watkins. He's got an offensive line that keeps him upright and blows open holes. And that may be the best part of his team is the offense of line that nobody is talking about. And the Kansas City Chiefs are continuing to football games and all they need is the New England Patriots to slip up once or twice. And it doesn't matter that they've lost the New England New England still gonna have to get on a flight to go to them. In January. That's the way that they're playing football right now. And then you've got a team out here in Los Angeles the nobody's talking about in the Los Angeles Rams who've done the following just one, three straight games on the road. They have not played at home by the way since that week, four Thursday night football game against the Minnesota Vikings track meet that. They won at home despite Kirk cousins coming in with that high flying offense in Adam Phelan who did in fact come up with a seventh consecutive one hundred yard passing a receiving game yesterday. He's got an elite set of wide receivers in Minnesota. The Rams doesn't matter them either because of what they have on offense and what they have all over the lot, what they have over all over the lot. Now that they've won three straight games on the road that included two division games on the road. They wanna both a paint swap and affair in Seattle in which not only cooks, but Cup got knocked out due to concussions and they still won that football game. Then they go on the road. They play this. I. Sub freezing temperature at kickoff game of the NFL season in altitude, lost Cooper Cup in that game as well and still one that football game in which by the way, Jarod Goff to throw a touchdown pass. But perhaps the MVP of this league Todd Gurley ran up for two hundred yards. And yesterday he scored three touchdowns Todd Gurley in San Francisco against an opponent that adjust almost pulled off a major upset in Green Bay feeling good about themselves despite the loss, no doubt. And they came in and Aaron, Donald played particularly angry, and he threw his hat in the ring and reminds everybody that he's a defensive player of the year. They have an elite, they have, you can make this argument, the Rams they have elite folks on the field. At the following positions, head coach be coordinator, special teams coordinator, the son of. Jim fossil? Yeah, the son of the the, the chips. The son of the chips. Pusher is remarkable. In the way that he's always scheming somebody to try and block a punt or return a punt return a kick. They've got by the way, an elite running back, they've got an elite left tackle. They have elite receivers, Robert woods by the way, they're number one receiver, and he is an elite receiver in this league and talking about cooks and when Cup is in the slot. You could put him up there with anybody slot position. The NFL. They have an elite defensive tackle. They have. You can make an argument, an elite quarterback. They have an elite defensive back. They've got two of them and Peter's into Leib would to leaps healthy. They've got an elite kicker. They've got an only punter. You could make an argument that they are elite at every level in the NFL and nobody's talking about him because they're the Los Angeles Rams. That's a fact if this team was the New England Patriots, they'd be on front pages everywhere, but they're out here in Los Angeles. Where dodger fans are already complaining about east coast because the Red Sox have already won the World Series in four games, five games. Got it right there. And this week, in particular in the sports world, as we will see on this program had a lot of, you know what in vinegar. And Dallas Cowboys fans right now in that rivalry cannot believe they lost that football game. How this team as you see, Todd, Gurley running rampant here in Los Angeles, how that team can't score with Ezekiel Elliott and running back is an absolute head scratcher. And you know how much I love Jason, Gary, I do. I've met him. He's smart and he's sunny. He's positive disposition. Never changes. Life is great, and he's a smart guy. That's now to end game scenarios this year, one in Houston. And now the one yesterday in Washington, DC as the Cowboys despite Dak Prescott deep in his own goal line for whatever reason when you've got Zeke Elliott, that's the point in time where you're done, you're done trying to gain yards, just get outta dodge, don't turn it over punted away. And with that elite defense, Dallas lead defense folks. And this team's identity in my mind should be on defense with the way they're playing offense. Let the defense play and try and get enough points if they can on the road which they can't. So why are you trying to gain yards right on the back of your own goal line Dak fumbles the ball ball comes out easy gimme seven for the Washington Redskins down ten. And yet here comes to act whatever they were doing in the final four minutes because their hair was figuratively on fire. They didn't do the rest of the game. And suddenly they have a chance to tie it. Not only have a chance to tie it there on the thirty seven yard line with a time out left and fifty two seconds still on the clock. They got a time out in their back pocket. And you know Irenei is rich for all those years that Tony Romo war the cloak or got got hung on him. The. Reputation that the Cowboys were own foot shooters. In the final minute minute, half of a game. He sitting up there in the booth talking about how there's more than enough time left, not only kick fecal win the game throat in the end zone. Michael Gallup, their rookie finally caught a touchdown yesterday. Alan Hearns is like eight feet tall, go try and make a play Mitchell. Trubisky almost did at the end of his game against the New England Patriots. He threw it sixty five yards in the air have give give it a shot. Scheme. It figured out instead to place one time out left. It was a six yard pass, and then he three yard run essentially to just set up the kicker in the middle of the field. A penalty and odd penalty for an illegal motion of the football led to a backup, a five more yards. And out river on the head of NFL refs sent out a tweet explaining exactly what what was done wrong and you could see it. It didn't fact get Washington jump off sides, five yards later, fifty, two yard field. Go goes off the uprights, Dallas Cowboys lose toughen. They could easily be five and two. Instead they're three and four game and a half behind a Washington Redskins who are in the catbird seat in the NFC right now, and there's no excuse for it. And Peter King can be joining me here later on the show. And I'm wondering if Jerry Jones has seen and felt enough, I don't think he's gonna make a change in the middle of the season. But I'm wondering if Jason Garrett is finally, in fact coaching for his job in the Metroplex. Good news for the Dallas Cowboys is they have the defense and they have that running back with the ability to put their foot in aground and win enough football games between now and the end of the regular season to win this division. That's the good news. I just don't. I don't know why they can't win on the road. That's a game. It should absolutely one yesterday. Now, how about Adrian Peterson? How about that guy? Hell terrific. He'd been for Washington and they just flat out lucked into being able to sign him because nobody else probably one hundred. And he got a chip on his shoulder and Alex Smith, and Adrian Peterson have Washington in the first place position in the NFC east. And in terms of the you-know-what in vinegar. Michigan versus Michigan state that was ugly before the game. And then it was a Donnybrook between two schools that do not like each other and Michigan now has the pole position in the big ten heading on out between now and through November, should it went out, but that's obviously a big f because the big games coming and if Purdue can do to Ohio State, what Purdue did. Then why can't Michigan. Fair question. But Michigan won't have Ohio State in its house like Purdue had Ohio State in its and had everything work inform. We'll talk about that with Joel Klatt who called Michigan, Michigan state with gusts on FOX. He's joining us in our number three kings coming up in our number two. And as the dodgers closed out the brewers with Clayton Kershaw on the mount, not kenley. Jansen was brought up any setup role. Kenley Jansen got the hold. Wasn't a safe situation anyway, but as the dodgers were closing out the brewers. The Lakers tipped off with LeBron James wearing a home uniform for the first time, a brawl ensued. Suzy was covering the game for her official Lakers podcast sent me a text. I can't. I can't describe it in full language. Some of it's not safe for work, but was holy. You know what a brawl just broke out here because I was on daddy duty. I'm like, what flipped on the TV? And I'm like, oh my gosh. Got caught up completely to speed on that front. And Chris, Paul, Two games Rajon Rondo three games and Brandon Ingram. I don't know what his malfunction was. I don't know what was going on with him, but maybe the bronze been whispered in his ear. Somebody's been whispered in his ear last few weeks like you gotta be tougher. You gotta be grittier, but he lost it. When James harden was asking for three point for basket to count on the foul that he committed right Ingram, just shoved Hardin started this whole thing off then wet in the face of Aref, and as he was pulled away for the scrum, there comes Rondo and Paul face to face and it's Paul Pierce described on the ESPN post game broadcast, these two guys don't like each other for a decade. Plus it has been a long simmering feud between these two guys. And then Rondo spat at Chris Paul, even though he had his mouthpiece still on his mouth. I don't know if he was. Spraying it while saying it or legitimately spat j Stokes like in his like Romanowski fate and j j Stokes face light stuff like full, go Romanovsky on Chris, Paul, I don't know. But Paul, Paul, Tim, and then Rondo punched him. And then there was a feud plan and everybody's pointing out how LeBron pulled away Chris, Paul and not his own guy, even though Anthony pulled away Rondo. I mean, everybody took try to keep a piece here. It was crazy to watch. And Rondo knew he was out. He just walked off the floor by the way, second game of the season. Like your second game of the year? No. First brawl for sports fans out there who think it's a softer Sportsworld and that guys just want to compete and trade swap jerseys. After the game this weekend was for you. A lot of number one in vinegar. This weekend in the sports world, love it. We'll discuss it with Marcellus Wiley who is flat out suited and booted like he is running for office over there. Look at you man, good to see you Marcellus. Great to make putts just you just jarred it from about ten, ten feet away. At least I ever played golf. Is that right? Five years young. Did you get you have gotten a Columbia scholarship for golf. They don't give out scholarships, but anyway, Columbia's finest. Now with f s one and an author of Marcellus Wiley, the life opinions and unexpected adventures of an NFL outlier. Never shut up Marcellus while he's gonna join us and Chris, you have the overreaction reaction, Monday subjects. Yes, we do. Okay. We're gonna play that with Marcellus Wiley and have a fun conversation with him on everything that went down in the sports world. This weekend, try to touch on everything in the opening segment of the show, but that's the way we're rolling here. Marcellus Wiley, mex- Peter King our to Joel Klatt our three or phone calls throughout at eight, four, four, two, four, rich Marcellus. Is going to speak for himself. Next here on the rich Eisen show. My favorite time of the year is here because NBA is officially back LeBron LA Koiwa Toronto metal in Houston who takes over the east Boston Philly, Golden State go for three and a road. All the action you want is only add. 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We're all books can be acquired man who got Magic Johnson, Bruce Smith and more to give testimonials to him on the back of his book. None other than Marcellus Wiley. How're you? Marcello been great man watching you. Now's good to be here with you right back at you. What did we first meet when you're on when you were still playing, right? Yeah. On the NFL network was a correspondent before broadcast media, and they had the the opportunity for players to be a part of the media. I just did it off of my own relationships and that turned into when I was active player. Two years we didn't make the playoffs would show up this new network, I guess, started his four NFL network. Next Mona feel will ladainian Thomas Emma, former t. Teammate, interviewing him because he's in the play offs, and I'm a correspondent. That's how I started. Yeah, I think we started in three. Actually. We're celebrating our fifth anniversary in a couple of weeks. I think you were a cowboy? Yeah, for two thousand four playoff there. You just come off of being with the chargers for three years? Yeah. And you're saying, despite your success. When despite your success in light of your success at now, Fox Sports one. And then all those years ESPN the NFL network was the first one to knock on Marcellus while he's door? Yeah. How about you? Give this a try. You know, give you your proffer for startling. You your props because it's not easy to do what you've done, which is transition from the NFL as you call yourself on your book an NFL outlier to go from that to what you're doing right now. Yeah, it was really impressive. Marcellus I gotta tell you it was the role, less traveled, obviously, coming from the inner city Compton, California, south central and going across the country to Colombia place with such a great academic reputation, but not the yellow brick road to the NFL. A lot of naysayers along the way. Lot of people, Toby, I wouldn't make you achieve my goals and then take from Colombia. One of the lowliest programs at the time in terms of reputation, football wise, and making it to the NFL drafted. So the highest drafty in the history of Columbia football? No. They actually have had some first rounders back in the seventies, you know, yesteryear times. But yeah, second. 'cause I've done the combine so three. I've never seen a Columbia. We haven't seen anybody run as fast as you do. So that's why you call yourself an NFL outline? Yeah, it's just the contradictions from one destination to the next and not many people traveled those same pass. And from that I gained kind of a different perspective of fan experience fell like because I was living a dream. So through my ten year plan, career kind of came into a different mindset, didn't seem like a lot of guys. I wasn't tired of big business football. I wasn't jaded from the experience, a really cherished every moment of it because I was a guy who was told he would never make it there in the first place. Marcellus Wiley here on the rich Eisen show and drew Brees with his five hundred career touchdown pass, and he went five one. You went full on jeans on us by adding another one yesterday, a huge win for the saints over the ravens. And he just here. He is pushing forty now getting out of the pocket, making some incredible throws you were there when he first stepped off the campus of produce and you, you were there when he was a rookie in San Diego. Did you see anything there when when you saw him that, hey, this could be a goat walk into our midst right now? No, I will be can't say no to the point where Joran I even had a little words of difference at times. I was empowered by the team, his rookie year. He was struggling and people wanna Doug Flutie to be our quarterback because he was a veteran ES success in buffalo and Jews gonna be their future. So let be the present and I'm one of the guys that was told to go upstairs and make sure that that change occurred kinda ended Jalen Ramsey mode, but I was more outspoken than I think even Jalen Ramsey after one game, I said, seven, seven, seven flu should be our quarterback who would have known that you pres make me eat those words. And obviously that message didn't age well, but he came in with his positive and negative attributes. People say some people said that daily accurate, not the arm strength. You desire for NFL quarterback, and I got to see him from throw one to still present day. Ace and him do amazing things. What I love about him is the old adage that football's a great game of skill greater game will when a guy tears showed her office body basically when a guy response from that kind of versity from his early playing years, that aversive, he didn't hit the ground running like ladainian Thomas did that same year to become who he is right now, all about character. All perseverance, amazing. I did not know that story about you and breeze in breeze. Okay. Yeah, we're good. We're good. I don't know if Britney stew is wife was my friend the way it went down, but you know, I, it was a different time near wasn't social media and everything. But it's also too though. I mean, Big Ben had that issue. Remember Allen fan, like who is this kid coming in? Yeah, you know, we don't need him right now. We can't turn things over to a rookie. I mean, that happens in the NFL all the time, and I think the way that rookies are now coming out of college. Now, people can't understand that that might have been an issue for veterans. NHS with a rookie quarterback who's drafted high now that you see what Mahomes can do. I mean, ranks golf Watson, you could just go on and on and on. And now you're saying, why aren't these guys playing right now as opposed to why are they playing at all? Yeah, that totally time. I think we had a different leash like our calendars have to synchronize. So if I'm a veteran, I don't have time to wait for you to get good. I don't have time for you to catch up to us and come to speak with us, and we didn't have that lease for him as well. But obviously he proved us wrong, but different times they're so loving on bells going to be coming back soon. One would think did you have an issue with what is offense of line said when he first held out? Oh, definitely one. I've never heard a office ally ever come out and want to be on record names faces to anything they're anonymous was in the locker room there too smart guys. They're the tightest Nick group. They're the ones that want to stay in the back in in terms of attention because they oughta dirty work. I've never seen a collective offense. Align just come out, but that just show me how much desperation and love they have his player that they would cross those lines. Just show how much they care for them. You know, it was almost eagle lists like, look, we know we look bad in this moment talking about this guy's money office. Alignment. Usually don't talk at all, but if he's not gonna come back, we're hurt by that and kind of took it from that perspective as well. You're the only one that's come across it from that perspective. And we'll see what happens as they're coming back against the Browns who I mean. Hugh Jackson saying, he wants to take the control of the offense back in a little bit more with Todd Haley. Now, going back to Pittsburgh, it seems like an odd time for him to do something like that. And Peter King is going to be joining us later on the show. We'll discuss that we do. You have the overreaction Monday or reaction Monday subjects for Marcella, sonata chew on rights. Are you ready to do this? Now we're, we're not going to be split screened or anything like that. Okay. It's just you and I having a conversation. All right. No Rondo Chris, Paul. Now before you get into that, you think Rondo one, the quote, unquote fight. Of course what, of course, please show your work back that up. What do you mean? Of course, he got the first punch off. That's Google. That's how you great fights in school school times. Oh, Ian, I but hunched I artist. But you didn't plus the hardest. Chris got a uppercut in there a straight, right. And that's all after recovering from a first glancing jabs. So I give the points to Chris Paul. It doesn't get. I don't know, man shifts your that, your Celtics, that your Celtics. I'm not perfect that, but now, of course, editing. Now, do you think that Rondo spinning him? Yes, absolutely. Those accidents that are on purpose. We're all guilty of their stepped on quarterbacks fingers and when they ain't man what you doing. I'm like, I gotta take a step Dona. I didn't have to take a step there. Rondo didn't say anything out of his mouth. Rondo was not speaking to Chris Paul. He looks to the side if you watch it, then he looks at him gives a little little little quick one, even with even with the mouth of worn at my entire life. Guess what? I know how to manipulate it. Quick. One look away was telling his one. He didn't do anything else what his mouth, but one action that's telling to whenever you know you're about to do some. You always try to play it off. I mean, this is body language one. Oh one man. You can easily see CSI. We'll have a field day with this. Around there, spit on them. Staples coming soon CBS most watched network. All right. So you think that that was inappropriate. Suspension from the from the NBA two for CPI three, three, four Rondo and four for Brandon Ingram. Who went top rope on this whole? Yeah. He did Ingram desert the most because he he was the fire starter, tough phone. Chris, Paul, you take the high road one because you're Chris, Paul players association president, hey, I'm not trying to get the spended off of some altercation, but you spit on me. So now it's like all bets are off, but still I'm respecting the consequences. So what do you do? You mush someone Mushin to people who don't know what Mushin is. It means I wanna hit you so bad, but I know I can get at trouble. This is bad. You wanna miss your brother. I wanna just deck you. So you must ever come in my face again and then Rondo being for Ronald from say, oh, the fights. All ready started back. And now Chris, Paul had respect, respect that and responded that all bets are off. But schoolyard people told Chris, Paul, once he spit on. You just swing, but he took the AL because he didn't. So. So this goes back ten years. Did you ever have somebody that you hated so long when you're in the NFL that from week one to week last you would have mushed or gone down? Thrown down. I wouldn't you say right now? Yeah. Kennedy and I had our wars, but thinking, yeah, yeah, big. Lincoln like dis for arms big ours, punched me every time I was like menace hurts, but he's the worst thing is when I get a second Lincoln or he pancakes me whatever happens. People are caught up in those moments. It wasn't those. It was their quarter. Second is six. No one took. Notice this another play, and he punches you and you don't get to the quarterback. I mean the fibber later when I'm like all God and I gotta go back. It's third down and you just gotta keep going back to the head of security at the club. This is the biggest dude I ever met in my life and play out there playing Lincoln and I have some wars, but we always smell it off at the end at the end. Yeah, you have to because this is this would see p. three and Rondo has been bubbling forever and they're going to be, you know, they're going to be playing again and again, and again. Yeah. I mean, look, that's the nature of basketball I, it will fester. It will bubble because they have a way to really let it out like Lincoln and I was like, all right. I'll see you on third down, bro. If you really got a problem and we can handle that within the confines of the game been basketball, you get hit two free throws, but I still wanna hit you. So it comes out in these little antiques and I gotta hold onto the ball from Rondo one year. He did it, but Chris trying to grab it or I gotta hit you one of those every now and then they can't really fully let it out. Yeah, that was really something and and LeBron's evening. That's what we. We were all going to be talking about beginning to end and the results that was going to be happening. Nobody that was secondary. Yes. -olutely secondary to what we saw a lot of tug of war going on with the bra right now. The heartstrings seavy threes. My boy, Ronald not may then reports of Rondos girlfriend, pushing c. p. three's wife. So now you gotta deal with that. Reset spilled out all Israel in the field. Yeah. So now you gotta deal with that. You got next to LeBron's wife. Savannah savannah has to talk through that. Go to her emotions with LeBron the Browns to go through his teens emotions because the optics don't look good. You're grabbing another guy instead of us, and then you still gotta deal with the fact that c. threes my boys. So how did he take this all? But I think Rondos thorough enough to man up to what he did wrong privately. I don't know if there's gonna be a Jim, big public apology behind closed doors, Rondo own up. Maybe we should get. This is a new episode of the shop, right? We're LeBron gets everybody in the shop and let's hash it out, you know, you know, let's get hash it and get Drake back. Oh, yeah, you know, backtrack master. He could Jon Stewart. Just just balance. Can we get? Let's just get them off. I would watch maverick Carter dared stirred up manning, let's just get them while. Wow. That's the show just keep the clippers out of the hands of Brandon Ingram comes over the top. Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to take a break. Okay. One more segment with then we're gonna do the overreaction reaction Monday. So we get a whole nice amount of time with you. Okay. When Marcellus Wiley never shut up is a new book that's out tomorrow will discuss that a little bit more with the co host with of speak for yourself every day on f s one Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley here on the rich Eisen show back with overreaction Monday from the NFL and the rest of the sports world. No moment the World Series is just around the corner and podcast. One sports net is your home for the best coverage around listen to expert analysis and run down at each game with the rich Eisen show. Why are we seeing more strike the Dan Patrick show, but the beauty, the Red Sox have done. It's a dynasty, baseball and chill. And so many more listen to these shows on podcast, one sports net or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Hey, listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast, one dot com. Clicking on the support, this podcast button, and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course supporting now back to the show. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of av news, headlines right after this podcast. Hi, welcome back to richeisenshow. Just looking through. Never shut up Marcellus while his new book just look at his beautiful family on the back right there. I like how you read you starting to back just like being actually, I'll be honest, you know, I always look to see if somebody's name is in the back. Told me that she's like your knowledge is more important to your book, what? No, just like paid you mentioned or dash six in a failed network. Art. Got you. Start. So you've got a a little boy. How old is he? Three. Three. And your daughter goes to uconn? Yeah, she's nineteen. Sophomore, run attract a Yukon, and you've got another one on the way expecting January catch elation, sank down. You just started at f s one, right? Yes. After expect you expect a baby gift from Whitlock though. I mean, have you have you have you you tied enough with him yet? We're expect. We're cool. I think he already gave me my first gif CASA going is if people are enough a million two kilo. Okay. E. upgraded tequila pallet. So I respect that already done that. Yes, he's done that. And he may ride that all the way through the baby gifts. I really took care of you and you're hydrating situation, but hopefully he looks out for me, but he's really another gentle, giant. Another guy that behind the veil behind persona, whatever people may think of opinions is really a cool. Cat is always looking out for you. Excellent. But skip is an ask though. No skip is. Skipping the best at. You know what? That's actually. I just took a shot that's kind of the Bronx. And Troy Aikman I just took a show. All right. So let's do you have. Do you have overreaction idea? All right. Here we go play. That would be. That was garbage. Talk reaction mundi's. All right. Overreaction Monday, Chris Brockman is going to read off a headline based on some of the sports. Is it all NFL you mix it up here? There's no, it's not all NFL. Okay. So from this very busy sports weekend throws at a headline. We decide whether it's an overreaction or not. Okay. Okay. I up crisco for they got smoked this weekend and he got benched. Blake Bortles will not end the season as the Jaguars starting quarterback overreaction or not. What over reaction? Yeah, too much. Money's invested in them. You have to give guy a second chance in terms of the benching. How would you respond? Because that's the true sign of your character and how you do it. Adversity. We all get knocked down is if you get up and they were gonna, give them a chance to get up. The only reason why he wouldn't be the starting quarterback for the Jaguars in week. Seventeen is two reasons. One that he is injured to that they have gone ahead and made a particularly bold maneuver in the next week plus because the trade deadline is next week. There's always that conversation about ally. Let's see if the giants get blown out tonight and fall to one and six. I think Bortles is going to be the starting quarterback on NFL network with me in the game. They morning crew Kalma game against the eagles by the way, that's promo. Okay. I think Bortles starts this week in London where he's the Jerry Lewis of quarterbacks. Everybody thinks he's the greatest quarterback ever there because he p balls out in London. I think they're gonna put him back in there this week. Yeah, but do not swap out a Blake Bortles for ally manning if I'm on that team, I'm like, you just painted our problem different, but it's the same problem that's lipstick. No, I know that that that basically Bortles feet is what what sometimes gets him through the day, but don't you think that ally manning would would improve things over there overboard. He doesn't even come in with the reputation now that you have to respect the revere player to player. You know, we, he's protected in New York, two time MVP and that legacy. But right now, I think a Nuff of the guys on the collective have talked about ally manning said, can't get you the ball man shell shocked into pocket, who can't extend plays, can't get off script. That's today's NFL. I don't think he will walk in and get the love, and at least that he deserved. That's an overreaction from both the seat in Marcellus rallies. What's next over there? Chris, Philadelphia Eagles will miss the playoffs. I think that's an overreaction definitely overreaction on their only two gains back into division Washington Lee, and they play Washington twice going four. Do Yari one to head to head against Dallas, easy to spend that one if I'm in the locker room and say, hey, we're fine. We just need to get this hangover behind us. Let's get rolling. What is the hangover though? Right? I mean, because it was whatever that is. We saw it in the fourth quarter they're up by. They were up by seventeen nothing. Yeah. And then he comes twenty one seventeen. They couldn't stop Cam who was just dynamite in the fourth quarter. That was a huge win for Carolina. Yeah. I mean, every hangovers different depends on what you had. And if you look at this team, what they had was underdog tally wearing the dog mask and no one respects this, and then the off season at the become Super Bowl champions, everyone feel like they arrived. Everyone felt like we're the ones now that's going out there as the predators. They responded better when they felt like they were deprave and they start talking trash, it's between ear stuff. Don't feel like you've arrived in NFL any moment specially when you're champion when you get everyone's best. All right. What else do you have over there? Christmas, go to Minnesota. Adam deal, and it's the best wide receiver in football. That's not an overreaction. Take that he's got, he's he's tremendous is terrific back it up. He makes every catch he catches every throw his way best receiver in football. I'll take it. I'm not overreaction. You're right, but I wouldn't for my money. I still take a Julio Jones despite the production issues at time. And that's more of a Matt Ryan conversation to Julio Jones, Antonio Brown. I still like him, but dealers right there. So how about that two years ago, three years ago, death Bryant was right there. It comes fast. It could go up fast. Go down fast with dealings tier one with other to not overreact, but an argument, but an argument. Yeah, don't put them at one. Okay. Don't put them at what do you have over there? Chris saints are the second best team in the NFC behind the Rams that's not an overreaction. I'll take it now. Obviously, this is gonna. This is gonna be decided this coming Sunday night when the saints Vikings play one another. I soon that's the other. Team that you're talking about Carolina be thrown in the mix. You could throw maybe Green Bay in the mix. I wouldn't take Washington over the saints right now. Team Rams out the play someone. I think there's a cliff between them and other teams, whether saints or Vikings, but Vikings play them tough, a cliff? Yeah, I think there's a cliff. The Rams are still semi mash unit guys are falling left to right, and some guys are still trying to play through those same injuries, but not leave. Still Cooper Cup. We don't know the extent of his injuries, Farrell Cooper, a lot of guys that they are on count on January football, having given them full effort just yet because the injury, their squad. By the way we're gonna find over the next two weeks saints next two games at Minnesota home for the Rams. Yeah, there you go. What happens NFC and the scheduling makers are going to the Rams will earn every last bit of it. The Rams take on minutes took on Minnesota beat 'em, ready. They're taking on Green Bay at home this week. They go at New Orleans. Then they play Kansas City in Mexico City. Philadelphia at home? Yeah. The only team it's missing on this list is New England pretty much. Yeah, exactly. I and I think that's how it's going to play out AFC NFC. It looks like those are the two teams to beat chargers, has something to say about that as Well. Chris, another one over there police. This will be Jason GARRETT'S. Last season is Cowboys head coach. If they do not make the playoffs. We're both looking at each other. I, I'll go first is not an overreaction. You think is it if they don't make the playoffs this year this, this division is ready to be taken. They have a defense that is no joke. Jalen Smith is balling out Vander. Ash was a terrific pick. I know they a lot of folks like wears readily. We need a wide receiver Vandereycken that kid and those front four that front four is no joke. Also, they've got Barron Jones on the back end. They are. They should be able if they score three touchdowns if they score seventeen to twenty one points, they should win more than not. And you've got Zeke back there now as Dax suddenly, so useless. Sometimes it really is. I understand they don't have people outside the numbers from time to time that we can talk about. But yeah, yes should win this division this year they should. And that's the conversation. Is it? Is it the coach or is it that Prescott. The conversation for me is interesting. If you look at the numbers has never proved consistently that he can be an elite quarterback under these new rules. A guy who's mentally conservative doesn't pull the trigger as Tony Romo kept pointing out, thankfully is a little slower with the is then you desire for an elite quarterback, missing some receivers that are getting separation are open, but isn't that coach I would assume. So I would hope so. But this is third year and he was thrown to the fire. So it's not like this young third year player. This is a guy that you would expect a little more out of to do things on his own regardless of what's trying to hold them back with. You didn't make it to f s one sitting on a fence. Is that an overreaction or not? Jason Garrett stays beyond this year. So. Overreact. Can you sneak one more in here, Chris, Michigan, wolverines or the best team in the big town. That's an overreaction. Michigan history is the best team. The big. A big react to that now yet you still got Ojo states come November six depend state after after by, they're going to kick the crap out of by. Okay. And then it comes Penn State. Then they've got Indiana and Rutgers in some form of a one of the order. And then Ohio State. Yeah, but they have the ability to be that they have the ability to be that your palm been out there yet? I had not because I've I'm too. I'm too busy doing the the Sunday job, but I'm pumped. Last two weeks have been particularly satisfying, especially after they tried to write off Harbaugh earlier this year after Dame game, you know it was coming. It has, yeah, respond. Do you have one last quick one last one? The Lakers are own two. They will miss the playoffs this year overreaction. They're making the playoffs still second best team in the west. Second. Once again, that cliff is they're going to say group. I think it's an overreaction. They missed the playoffs, but it's over reaction this second best team in the west. Okay. Well, okay, sees to sluggish start. No, don't sleep New Orleans now. New Orleans on Utah. Don't sleep on nuts. I'll give you Utah. Out of that group, a New Orleans. We'll find a way to implode Portland, the two teams that beat you. All right. Yeah, good point. That's true to Marcellus. Wiley. Catch him everyday with Whitlock on f s one on speak for yourself and go get this man's book. Please man, please go get this man's book. Never shut up Marcellus Wiley. Great to see. Hopefully this is not a one off down. Love. Love watching your success. Congrats. Me to forty two because that's what I'm about. Being Gaza suits. That's an overreaction. You've got to wear the suit, though. You Murdoch issued suit, tear it up in turf green. Third, okay. Top of hour number two, the latest on college football, the top twenty five list and why? I think Alice bama's should lose to LSU just lose it. What am I talking about? See, this man comes from one and I'm hot taken like crazy. Football season is here, and no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for me at this point. We also have Jim Harbaugh with attack each day and revenge the jocks with Martellus Bennett. Football's the ultimate soap opera. So download all of these shows in more each week on podcast, sports dot com. Not satisfied. I'm Ben Thomas with an AP news minute. President Trump isn't liking Saudi Arabia explanation of the death of journalist, Jamal kashogi the president tells reporters, he's spoken with the Saudi Crown prince, and he's not satisfied with what he's heard. The United Nations is estimating that the caravan of Central American migrants making its way through southern Mexico has grown to more than seventy two hundred people. A u n spokesman says they are likely to remain in the country for an extended period as a boil. Water advisory in Austin, Texas mayor, Steve Adler says it's the result of unprecedented rain. We've all seen lady bird lake as it's begun to turn more and more into something that looks like like a milkshake. The sediment in the water, just overwhelming. The the system we have. We have too much mud forecasters, say hurricane willa. Now approaching Mexico could also affect Texas in the coming days. I'm Ben Thomas.

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