Instant Reaction: Shanahan and Lynch speak days before the draft


everybody welcome to a special edition of stats and eggs. And i am not solo. This morning kind of a different stats in exile. Posey's here what up. Kp man how are you doing what's going on what's going on is john lynch. Akao shanahan spoke yesterday and whatever you want to think about who. They're taking it three. You can think that even more strongly now the only thing we know for sure is there is no chance in hell. Jimmy garoppolo is going to be the starting quarterback for the forty niners next year. He was never coming back. They traded multiple picks for him. Why are we still dancing around this. And if you are still gullible. And i don't wanna be rude and say dan so i will say gullible enough to think that jimmy is coming back. Look at the words. Look at the emphasis. That kyle shanahan during that press conference because he all but came out and said i cannot stand this dude. It was very very obvious. Was that almost over the top overwhelming for you. When asked if he could guarantee the jimmy garoppolo is gonna be on the roster on sunday cow. Shanahan's exact response was. I can't guarantee that anyone on the planet is going to be alive on sunday. Like i don't know if he's gonna trade jimmy garoppolo or murder jimmy garoppolo. He does not like that guy. So i don't know what jimmy has done over the past since the season ended but things seemed to have gotten much much worse so i mean. Obviously you're going to hear a lot of rumors and stuff but it is evident that the relationship is too far gone. Like there's no coming back from that that's that was my main takeaway. Ooh we know we don't know who they're going to take because every time you were asked. The question was asked a question. It came back to five guys like he wasn't getting any sort of clue about who is clued in on but it made. It seem like he would take those five draft eligible eligible quarterbacks over jimmy g. that's the crazy ping is that he seems so fed up he was like. Hey i think we can win with any of those guys. But i know we can't win with that guy. And how many times during the press conference did he say. The words starting quarterback he literally said we felt. We needed to get a starting quarterback this year and add that to our team like he made. They're not hiding it. This person whoever they're taking is starting. Kyle said it about six times in a press conference that lasted thirty minutes. That would have been a dangerous drinking game whenever it kyle said. The words starting quarterback because he wasn't just saying he was letting us know he was telling us we did this today. Starting quarterback he is telling us what he's doing so we don't have to pretend anymore. I think it's fascinating a now. You know we're getting more and more rumors and not just rumors really because they're all saying the same thang these reports that are coming out. They're essentially saying it could be this guy. It might be this guy but don't rule out this guy. Nobody is saying anything. There's no new information that is coming out. Everything keeps coming back to matt jones with little bit of trae lance which makes me think it has to be justin fields right. Because that's usually what it is. Kyle said you wanna find a guy can throw. I drew brees and move like lamar jackson. So like that might be lance. That might be fields. But it ain't mack jones. Nobody's confusing mag jones for lamar jackson so like again. Whatever you wanted to think going into this. I think you can find a quote that supports your opinion but to me. I don't think it's mac jones. Yeah i don't think he says if he felt strongly about mack jones. And we've seen even on monday adam. Schefter came out irebi. Came out there telling us that. Kyle shanahan himself. Not the forty. Niners are very very high on mag jones if kyle shanahan was very high on my jones he wouldn't mitch in the word lamar jackson and for whatever reason this keeps getting confused because i tweeted out. A video of justin feels making plays over thirty five yards and somebody responded well. Mack jones could do that. Did you ignore the part where there's three runs in there where he's running for over thirty five yards. Jones ran for thirty five yards in his life. Like come on. What are we doing here again. All the signs have been so obvious. I feel like slowly. But surely we're going to get there and the other frustrating thing for me and i don't know why the media keeps trying to get john lynch to say this publicly they keep asking well. Who's decision is it. An lynch gave the answer today. Well he said the kyle shanahan the playcaller. So i'm going to always defer to him like no shit you're deferring to him. We know that it's in the contract. Kyle shanahan hired john lynch. We know this. John lynch has said it. How shannon has said it. You really think the kashan and hired john lynch and then all of a sudden he's gonna let john lynch pick his starting quarterback like oh. It's kyle's call period. We could have gotten a lot more callers questions during that presser but it all came back to. Who's in charge which has been answered twenty times by now. It's very evident that this is this is the san francisco. Shanahan's this is not john lynch team. We know this. Why are you even wasting our time on it. And he and every time they asked this question he says the same thing. He's not ashamed to admit he knows who has the keys to the car. But i mean we could've asked you know what they wanna do about possibly trading up because they have eighty four guys on the roster. They have more than six picks. So common sense says they're going to trade up. We didn't get a chance to ask about that or essentially any other position other than tell us who the pick is or is jimmy going to be here. We know they're not gonna give us any insight about the pick and we know jimmy's gone. Just a waste of time is what i felt like that was i liked the quote and this is someone who doesn't want mac john's this quote scared me. I believe it was kyle. That said this is what we do for a living. It's up to us to live with the consequences to me that same kind of being like i'm not listening to forty niners twitter. I'm not listening to anything. Anybody says we're picking the guy that we think is best because we've had are no so the grindstone. We've been down in the dirt with this thing. Since the whole thing began we're picking our guy screw everybody else. Ya has a burner. He is on twitter. Do not because that's how i took. It is like he said after. I get on social media after wins and after losses. Any did have a good point where everything is inflated. So when you are reading these rumors because as we get closer to the draft. They are only going to get worse. It's only going to get more nauseating nobody knows. And that is the only thing that matters right now. We're not going to know unless they come out the night before and say well. The forty niners are gonna draft so so until then. It's just. I'm hearing this. I'm an that from third and fourth hand information with nobody knows and there's a lot of people saying well the niners said they were comfortable with one guy but now they're open other so they shouldn't a traded up so the niners are saying whatever they feel like they need to say to not tell you who the pick is at three. They don't care if you think that they traded up too early. They don't care about all that stuff they don't care about all this prejudgment that's going on right now. All they care about is putting in the time to make the pick and getting their guy. Because i think correctly kyle if they get it right none of it matters all this stuff goes away. The extra rounds. Don't matter because look at houston look at kansas city. Even the bill like every team that has the teams that have had a successful trade up. They're not missing those picks. I thought it was interesting. When john lynch brought up that it doesn't do them any good to tell us who they want because they're working with other teams and kashan and also said we know we we trust those are teams like working with them so if they were to tell us we wanna take. Let's say it's trae lance would if there's another team who is in love with trae lance and they're going to jump the forty niners try to give him up random because that is who they want we made. It's and also brought up the fact that you know if there's no if you like a guy at three if the fans like twelve. There's no reason you should like him at three. Because he made it sound like the value talking about value in that sense. So if he's thinking that you have to imagine most. Nfl teams are thinking like that so it just doesn't no good. It does not behoove them to share that information. Yes it's going to be frustrating that we're going to have to wait until thursday but i mean it's the nfl they're going to keep it secret. They've been tight lipped about this pick. So there's no reason that they're going to change that a couple of days before one of the things that made me nervous as a forty niner. Fan is the way that john lynch kind of opened the press conference with his seasons of love style like rant. We've watched one hundred seventy six college games and practices conducted. Four hundred zoom calls interviewed six hundred players like that to me is them wanting to avoid the crap storm that came when kyle admitted they didn't scout patrick mahomes and they didn't scout the shawn watson very closely because they thought they were getting cousins. Whoever they pick they're trying to put the kabosh on that thinking and tell you just how deeply they dove into all these guys. Which at first i was like. Oh no does that mean. It's mac jones because they don't wanna hear that crap that they heard in two thousand seventeen. That's a great point. And i don't think anybody i've i don't think i've seen anybody bring that up. So what they're telling us is. Were uncovering every song. We are turning everything over. We watched him whether it's at alabama their it's alabama a and m tech. We watch that player so do not give us any crap. What is next for the forty niners now. Do we just wait or what happens raw. Yeah i mean honestly like. I thought that they were going to trade jim. The news of the jimmy trade was going to break. And that's why kyle had joined the press conference yesterday because that's what happened with with the trade up to number three is all of a sudden. The forty niners weren't speaking that band. There's a press conference scheduled and then like hours later a day later. Whatever it was. We got news that they were trading up to the next domino to me. That's gonna fall is. Jimmy's getting moved and based on. Kyle's comments today. I wouldn't be totally stunned if he got moved before the end of the first round Kyle all but traded him during this press conference. I feel like that will take away because it's going it's now it's only a matter of win. Are they going to be able to flip jimmy before the first round and use maybe another pick to move back into the first round or they're going to have to settle for future picks and not use those next year either way it's a benefit. Imagine he just said he's missed two of the last three years and there are more than likely going to get not one but two day two picks for player who has missed that significant time. They're going to be able to flip those picks and maybe get a starter this year if not they can use an extra second and third next year when they don't have a first round so it's been an amazing off season if they are able to flip jimmy for those extra picks Icing on the cake. If they if it somehow they managed to swing a conditional first round pick next year then in theory that means the forty niners could have gotten their franchise quarterback and gotten on first round. Pick back in return in addition to that like granted. Now everything has to break right for that to happen. That's those are two huge shifts but like holy hell how many teams can say they had to trade up to number three to get their franchise guy and also ended up with an extra first round. Pick yet nobody is the answer because look around. That just doesn't really happen in most scenarios. The quarterback that they would be trading like they would have to release him. Or they're not getting anywhere near this type of compensation so you have to really give a roundup and we never really talk hype up the forty niners station like most other sites do but the way that everything is unfolding right now they have just had a heck of an off season and just a one more move to make but again you know they can do whether whoever the quarterback is. We're going to have to watch play out. But i think the more fascinating part is to see where they go after this because they can have. They have a chance to add three to four players. Who can really help them right away and just transformed their team. I think that really looking at this year's draft as the cherry on top of the sunday. I think they really think they can put the finishing touches on what they see as a super bowl roster i know people like to get on me all the sp nation and host. The nfl is like say. I'm crazy because i think the niners can make a super bowl run with a rookie quarterback. But i think if you ask john lynch and kyle shanahan they would tell you the same thing if they can add the other pieces around him and obviously if they make the right choice at three. I think that's how they view this year. Absolutely so they do have a strong roster and john lewis did mention that you look at the depth chart there aren't many holes on the roster so if they really just feel cornerback wide receiver and add a pass. Rusher and those guys. All of those guys don't have to come in here and be number one guys. There are essentially either afterthoughts or can be groomed into a starting role that way after the one year deals are up next year. For a lot of these guys they can just fall into a starter so Everything that the way that they played this offseason just seemed i imagine. It has gone to perfection from their end like. I'm sure that they wanted one. Free agent that they weren't able at their hands on me. You can say that for any team so you have to really be happy for them if you are a forty niners fan at least right now. I'm sure you know if it has mack. Jones people are gonna tear their hair out and not care about what else happens. But it's all about the process and that's we have to respect. And that's the last thing i want to leave but i'm going to say this again and again and i'm sure i'll say it on thursday night. During the niners nation live draft show on the niners nation. Youtube page which everyone should definitely check out whoever they pick. We have no freaking idea. If this person can play. So it's mac. John's don't rip your hair out calling them idiots sane. How horrible it is until we see this dude on the field at least from april to september. Let's relax and just enjoy the fact that we have potentially a franchise quarterback because until then we have no clue what if it's matt jones. They're able to flip. Jimmy garoppolo they trade back into the first or a receiver falls in its shabaab. Menards devante smith who falls because he's one hundred and sixty six pounds. There's no way that you can be mad at mack jones if he has the person who got him drafted that high. So there's that you have to be able to respect the process and kind of see how this all plays out. I cannot wait. This is going to be a fascinating weekend. I imagine that we are going to have a lot of content for you. We will have it all for you. Make sure you stay locked in on. Niners nation dot com. We're going to be pumping out podcasts. In reaction to every single thing if something happens with the forty niners. I promise you. Kpi are going to be there with you. We will have an instant reaction podcast. There'll be plenty of those who do the live show like. I said thursday night eight pm eastern time niners nation facebook page niners nation youtube page. I'm going to throw this thing out on my damn twitter account. For god's sakes watch it everybody's gonna be into the pool for the niners nation broadcasts so whoever you listen to you'll be able to here on thursday night. We hope you join us. Rate review and subscribe to the podcast. Thank you very much. Stay tuned later today. For nine or nate and leo luna who. I'm going to have time to react to you on this press conference as well. Thank you and we're almost there. Everybody just hang tight.

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