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You adding meaningful value in your next stage of life, the guests and show content. I bring to each week all address some unique aspect of learning leadership or legacy. This helps you raise your own game as a leader and business in light and also showcases some extraordinary people who exemplify living legacy leadership at least once a month. I also offer training session to skill you game changer thinking for your own application. So get your notebook ready or sharpen your memory by tuning in your tension. And we'll dive right in. In. Now. Our special guest today is one Stephen j burns who will be discussing buying and selling homes in H G T V world. Now, Steve burns has been a resident of Palm Beach county. That's in Florida since nineteen ninety two and his spent the last twenty four years in customer care and management and for various developers. He possesses a great understanding of the matinee components of the real estate industry an has very hands on protein in dealing with each and every transaction. So in Steve's Mino deal is ever the same nor any buyer or seller is hands on fluid approach has been the bedrock of his real estate business, which operates broker associated with the Mirsky realty group in Palm Beach, Florida. So welcome Steve. Thank you. Thank you for that kind introduction. And thank you for me to be part of your radio show today. I'm excited. Sure what little bit of internet. I have. I don't know. I think a lot of insight. Let me just pop this in as we get started in full disclosure. My house is currently on the market and Steve is the agent we have chosen to represent us to sell the house. So I'm going through the whole process that we're going to be a describing discussing today with Steve so Steve so you mentioned your background a long background in property development. And so on tells a little bit about how you made your way into residential real estate. The funny thing about it is they started out Healthcare's, I was a logistics manager for medical company. So I had to roughly two thousand patients that were that were really ill in. So I had the responsibility of taking care of all their needs. And I was a logistics manager. We had a respiratory fusion. So I just loved the idea of customer care. I love the idea of taking care of my my terminally ill patients in. So it transcended into I got into an opportunity to get into management and and run into properties for some developers locally in Palm Beach county and just kind of evolved into working more more hands on with with with hundreds of residents, and then it turned into a just a love for architecture and all components of management, and then it turned into real estate so just kinda volved and then in two thousand seventeen I completed project Jupiter y actually had to close the community and and remove the residents in. Find housing at that point in time. I said, you know, it's time for change. And I really love this real real estate game. I enjoy that. So many components of it. I enjoy being a part of something so intimate with a with a buyer or seller. You become part of the family. Honestly, if you do it, right? And it's just such a such a inviting fought to me to do that full time for a profession. I do believe it is a fulltime profession. I do believe as I've mentioned you pass. It's almost like a collie. It's weird. It's a weird thing. Because you're it's it's the mo-. It's the largest investment that most men or women will make in their lifetime. Couples into be part of that intimate experience to me is very flattering. It's very honoring. And I and I put a lot of I put a lot of stock in that. I take it very seriously. I know I know you're with us as well is that, you know, a house is a house perhaps to a buyer, but it's home to the. Seller. And yet the buyers are looking for a house, which can become a home. And I think you have that sense of that magic touch to find that balance as for people. So we're grateful for that. The funny thing about it is you are from the beginning stages. Whether you're representing a buyer or seller, if you're representing a buyer. You're listening to the family, you're negotiating with them. You're in the the initial phases of located the home budget and cetera et cetera et cetera. And so you're in the process of listening to them share their dreams amongst each other. And you're you're discussing the negotiations and then at the same time. We're figuring out where this couch is gonna go here, and we're gonna put this there. And so then you know, that home becomes a place where birthdays Christmas celebrations bar mitzvahs, and in, unfortunately, you know, we're funerals and things happening in in just so many components of life. Involved at home, and it becomes a part of your life. And I I am so honored in, you know, even a part of yours, you get the no the client. You get you get to really a for me friendship and a bond, and it's something that every transaction for me stays with me apart a part of me. That's nice. Well, and as does a bit of your blood, sweat and tears because unlike many agents, we've had the experience with over the years, you are a roll up your sleeves in geared on kind of a guy. So if you've noticed something that I neglected or something in the house based on feedback of business, you actually either may comment to us or just roll up your sleeves yourself, and you know, whether it's painting, a doorway or the laundry room or clearing stuff. You get an in do that. And that's all part of the process of getting the job done. So thank you for that. Absolutely. We we you know, I that that comes from my heritage with the management property management. I had a I actually had my own company. And so I had a staff, and no one ever does anything is was you you want it done. And so you're always on on a machine or on a building or doing something. And so I just that that that attitude is transcendent to real estate and provided me it's provided me with another perspective to the salary to the buyer as to what to look for with management. It's giving me inside and into into management and properties. So yeah, that's we we get it done the processes to eliminate to to hold your hand through that process that transition of selling your home or buying a home in as many as many avenues of assistance. I can provide I feel it. That's that is an asset for me. And for you the seller ensure share in a bit we'll get into the dynamics of that agent clock relationship whether there by his self. But I given we said that we're we're talking about buying and selling an H G T V world in HDTV is the is the network that has to do with home gardens. I guess that's what H g stands for. Right. I don't. So we're familiar with shows like fixer upper with the chip and Joanna Gaines property brothers with Jonathan Andrew and we've got each bargain-hunters flipper flop series and all kinds of others that, you know, a lot of us have become addicted to, but it also exposes a lot of under belly of the real estate. Market, for example, and give people in some cases, grandiose ideas that they can't afford or practical ideas that they never thought of before. So from your perspective. What what are you finding is the impact of people having access to these age the male shows on how how they approach either buying or selling a home. Find that the buyers like that I'm dealing with for example, your home that I'm listening. I find that the consumers are so much more educated today. I find that their knowledge they're they're there. And of course, it's because of the electron all the latronic means that we have at our at our leisure today with Zillow Trulia realtor dot com, I find the consumer so educated their knowledge just to stockpile of knowledge that they have when they come in view, my home. They've already seen it advertised on Emma last, and I'm going to have an open house, which I am a big believer in open houses provides maximum exposure to your home, but but they have so much out. They have so much knowledge when they enter the door, they know sometimes almost as much as I do about the property, and it's bizarre. But but in many in many cases, their information is either incorrect or it's outdated or it's exaggerated. Some of the some of the estimates on the value of the homes are are. Are are are inaccurate and some of the websites that people have at their leisure. And so you you are I'm finding myself. Well, it is kind of refreshing to have a consumer that educated and consent folks that are walking blindly into situations and in such a large investment in their home. It's also a little sometimes it's a little frustrating that that they're they do have wrong information. And so you're always at the same time as greeting them, you're educating them, and you're just kind of reminded him of that information sources limited on its knowledge and its how goes, and here's here's the real value. And here's where here's really where we're at with this process. So the TV and also gives an exaggerated ideas of what they expect when they're going to buy a home, you know. Gives them some like, you just said a grandiose idea of what they expect for their dollar. Sometimes it's really really exaggerated. It's not realistic. So, but the, you know, the educated consumer is here today, I believe very much. So so one of the things I think I've talked to you about this. When I watched the show, and I like them, and I like getting ideas, and so on some of which I've instituted my various home. But you know, there's the the move in ready home. And then there's the fixer upper, and then they said the the property in between where it's perfectly livable in. And I guess I'd put my house in that category. We are not brand spanking new. But everything works everything is it looks decent. Nothing is crappy or decrepit? It's just somebody else who comes in might want to put their own stamp on customization on. But it doesn't require ripping everything out in starting over unless they want to. And yet we find some of the people who show up will nit pick. About that, frankly are caused medic or whatever, you know, I guess is a seller. Sometimes I think will why should I bother painting XYZ when I know ado, bison paint the color they want. So how do you deal with both me as a seller? But also buyers in explaining this Allama. Every you have two sets of buyers in sometimes folks used the the used the perfection a property as a as a leverage point integrations, you know, really in like, I say to all my all my folks that I work with it only takes one buyer. You know, it only takes one. And so we're dealing with the law of averages and numbers and more exposure that we get the property on the market and in with advertising with with open houses on a very regular basis. The more exposure, you're gonna find that one person one. But you do have folks that are just had this is this idea that everything is going to be ripped out of this house, and I'm gonna I had a gentleman is mayor fact, it's funny that you say that I had a guy last week in one of my homes. He started the same thing with me. I'm gonna knock this while I'm going out of this up this to be done this driveways, ugly. Berkshire slipping and I just I carefully brought his attention. I see perhaps the idea really on all and and honestly this property. You may not be for you. I mean, you have to have I'm looking for a buyer. That's visionary. I'm looking for a buyer that can look beyond all the imperfections of a home because all the homes I saw last year around forty. No home is perfect. And I don't care what it looks like and how much money the the seller has invested in the property. It's never perfect, and they're gonna come in as you said they're gonna come in. And they're going to they're going to revamp. And they're going to knock this down. And they're gonna have this and move this around. So you're right. But you know, we we do still wanna make it presentable. We wanna provide pop and curb appeal we want to declutter, and we want to give them every opportunity to buy it. But there is no home this perfect so ideal when I get those folks want to knock everything down, and you know, this house isn't worth. Make the seller pay for it. When a reference rather than a need. We we had a transaction collapse. Last November when the buyer wanted the seller to supply her with a generator at closing. She wanted her to provide a a contribution at closing, and it turned out to be like twenty five thousand dollar contribution in the seller is like are you crazy about doing that? And the needless to say that deal went south. But the bottom line is as my job as a as an agent is to be diplomatic into be a dealmaker for both the seller in for the buyer, and to be very be very politically. Correct. And how I Kate it because I want to run everybody off mad, and I don't and I don't want people to to leave their hating the seller heating the house. I want the experience to be positive for them. So I always just try to educate, and, you know, you know, the tire kickers, you know, the ones that are just there to rip them the house. You know, your neighbor your nosy neighbors that are just there to see the house. I get those. You in the first few weeks of the open houses when a houses newly-listed you run through those. So the process though, is is really it's about educating the consumer it's about being transparent. It's it's about keeping the home as tight in clean and presentable as you can. Because you want pop you wanted to have the bullying you want to have the the you wanna get from the outside you wanna get them into. And so your home, by the way, is lovely. It's a mid century home. It's beautiful has beautiful molding beautiful character. It's it's a great home. So in many people, many people most people that say that say the exact thing so what I want. I think that was. Okay. Great. So so in in terms of clients working with you as agent, I mean, you mentioned earlier that there were buying agents and selling agents and bought some agents are both some are one or the other. So just clear up the distinction for the market. What's the difference between the two and then one of the best ways for people to work successfully with agent. How would you like people to work with you? When you need to do is sellers. What do you need people to to know our stand to be a good buyer with you as their agent. You know, as far as buyer seller Asia, you know, I both I am the I m e licensed real estate broker, so she hit. So I'm in the business mover state. So whether I'm representing you as a buyer or represent you as a seller, I'm going to work for you. I'm going to give you everything got. So there are people that say I only want to focus in working with buyers and their folks say, I only want listings, I feel like you limit yourself, both economically and opportunity wise, you mean, your sphere as an agent as a broker you're my limiting my opportunities and the business so the best way to deal with and I've done multiple deals where I've represented both sides. Now tricky because you have to be very diplomatic, you know, want the soda thing that you are you're leaning towards the buyer and giving them all the breaks. And you don't want the so vice I you don't want the buyer think that you were just trying to take care of the seller. It's it's a it's a very very delicate pathway to complete a transaction. But you know, we as generally speaking we are. Action brokers our job as agents, Florida. We have some special single agent representation. Our job is to complete the transaction. So I do represent you. And I wanna give you the best deal. I possibly can. But I'm transaction broker. And by completing the transaction I am, you know, getting you the the price that we feel is reasonable. I'm completing that transaction. So we there there are different types of agencies do agencies single agency type of deals where your work for one person. You you have their vested interest only in at heart. But we are most agents ninety percent of Laura eighty five ninety percent are transaction brokers to complete the process, but you know, in the best way to have to have your agent to choose your agent really is to be honest, and to be transparent and be loyal be loyal to them when you salvage relationship with an agent as a consumer go that he's working. Now, if he's if he is a deadbeat, obviously, you're not gonna continue the relationship, but if he's working hard, he's diligently seeking to find you what you're looking for in. Communicating with you openly. And honestly, and giving you everything has think than be loyal to him and communicate have an open line of communication. I would I would recommend strongly. There is no this is the very very competitive business. It's very dog eat dog, and I am very competitive person. So I don't have a problem with competition because I'll give you as my client one hundred ten percent if that's not satisfactory to you. Then I tied than it's beyond my troll. There's nothing I can do. So I don't worry about that. There's another deal down around the corner down the street, but it's a highly competitive industry. I think in each county I think they're twenty four thousand agents probably fourteen to twenty thousand of new one or two deals year. So very small percentage large numbers of transactions. Yearly I like to do a lot of transaction. That's where my where I'm driven and I have deals right now. I'm representing buyers. And I have several listens that I'm selling homes for him, so dealing openly. And honestly in in having a good liar. Education with your seller or your buyers is the key. And I loved as you as you can tell by now, I looked talk. So. Me me communicate with my clients never been a problem. But there's people that don't like to be bothered certain clients are really really busy, and they don't like bother them, send them text messages all the time. And then there's some that. I have client New York. She wants to every morning. What's up big? Where are we what's going on at the texture every morning? You know, everybody's different. Right. So just as we get closer to wrapping up here. What are the current marketing methods that are working best? I mean, what are you find in this area of is working best that that actually sells homes were? Yeah. I guess look at it from the perspective. So what what's going on that buyers sellers should be aware of and participating in? Standpoint, as you know, personally, I'm a big believer in open houses. I think maximum exposure of the property is me being there every weekend. And and a lot of ages do not would agree with me. But hey, we all have our own pathway to how we get to where we're going, and that's it's not for everybody. Your people think that open houses are passed thing of the past. Now when we put the when the house goes on the molest immediately, it's released to realtor dot com to truly to Zillow too. I mean, it's I think the P R AP told me around a hundred and forty different websites will pick that up and grab it then circulate it. So you have thousands in Palm Beach county from port St. Lucie Tamiami of thirty thousand agents see that information, and I'm a member of that board and a member of the Palm Beach the island the island. I'm a member of that board as well, which is about eleven hundred agents. So the exposure to the property is great, everyone CNN. So so that's good. You know, anyone because everybody has a smartphone and high pad, and again laptop so everybody's seen it. But I feel like from long longevity standpoint, I feel like the open house provides a very very open open door. You're here. You're getting by. Sick list passing by you're getting joggers joggers. I had a yesterday Sunday. I didn't open house and I had a lineman for the New York Giants. Stop into my open house. You crazy people you meet fund people, you meet grumpy people, but you're meeting people, and you expose in that home to a potential buyer, and you know, it only takes one. And so I feel like if I had a job at Home Depot or Lowe's, I would go to the show up there. And I would punch in just like I do when I'm working for you on Saturday or Sunday don't open houses, I am punching in and I'm there to make to to increase the likelihood of find any buyer. So I believe so marketing perspective, you're MLS fantastic. We do synopsis card. We do little showcase magazine's. We'll put the homes on that. That's minimally effective open houses several homes that I have sold in the last year have been through pronounces people riding by bicycle or jogging or just passing by and see my side. So I'm a big fan of that. And what about capturing particularly in the area where we live there a lot of international people. So how do you capture the international market either before they get here, which is our case for when we bought this house way back in two thousand five we from England. So how do you capture them either before they get here or when they get here? The agencies. That's really specialize in the international marketplace it they're getting all this data on the molest. And so that transcends. I mean, it it's the, you know, the we know the internet is is limitless. It's boundless, it's everywhere. So that would be the nationally that's the best and I have had international buyers from other countries that see my listings through various websites. So that you know, the last that we as an agency that is our like, our that is our that's our bread and butter really are machine for for an issue for situation of our product that we're removing. But so in both internationally and nationally that's I find it effective. But there are there are other agencies different agencies. Rob I do believe specializing international brokerages boutique brokerage do not cater to the international population. We cater to our national. But we do get we do. Get international clientele. I do have clients and. Other countries. Anyway, that answers question. Hopefully does. Yeah. So. Pretty much. I mean, those aside from the fact that that the using online to the molest and like you mentioned the hundred forty or so sites open houses, postcards, showcase magazines. And so on all, you know, that stuff agents have been doing for ages, maybe because they work. But have you thought is there anything new that could be done to get people to a house? I mean, what about staging like a well one thing you didn't mention I think is a broker open house. I think that's. Daytime property is recently listed on the molest we initiate which brokers open at that point. And that's something that we do. We don't just do it once, but it really when it's the property is new to the market will initiate brokers open. And that's where we invite all the brokers of all the various agencies, which, you know, their multitude of of agencies around where we live personally, Bobby county their thirty thousand agents from St. Lucie to Miami. I'm told twenty four thousand twenty four thousand seven hundred in the town, I on the Palm Beach eleven hundred membership members on the on that that website on that membership board. So you're dealing with thirty forty thousand agents, potentially. And the brokers open is a we send a blast out. And that we advertise prior days prior. And then we have like some snacks and some some beverages, and we'll have them calling for a couple of hours view the. Operti in they market, it they and they have a potential client whether internationally or locally they will. They may be potentially have exactly our buyer in place and many times this nothing, but just a just an opportunity to to market your home. It isn't always materialize. But sometimes it does. So we do that. And we don't just do it one time we'll do appear like I'm actually getting ready to do with your property again and not to disappear. Well, I mean, our time is has quickly gone by Steve. Thank you so much for a very rich an informative conversation. How can people get a hold of you at Mirsky, which is spelled M I R S K Y in Palm Beach, Florida. Steve burns, how do you want people to reach? You have an Email or. They can they can reach me via Email, which would be s j b realty one g mail dot com. Or they can always get me on my cell phone, which is always on my side, which is five six one six six two five five zero six and tastic while like you said I'm one hand it's a numbers game. And it only takes one. But I for one really appreciate your your dedication, your your hard work and showing up with verve and TLC. It really makes a difference sent I wish you all the best. And I thank you for being here. Thank you for lobbying to be part of the process that you that you've invited me to to participate in. I I'm grateful, and I always tell my always tell my clients. I am you don't understand how grateful I am. And how much I appreciate you allowing me to our this process because it's very intimate thing. It's just the numbers. It's it's your life. And I take her shirts. That's true. Well, thank you. And thanks for listening to being here on living legacy leadership to this weekend every week and back next week with your friends and check us out on game changing thinking dot com, and I think Joe producer to and it's a rack for today. So thank you, Steven j burns and remember, everyone the life. You live is the legacy you leave by now. Factor that seems Casuals claiming tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year tobacco. Yes. Smoking cigarettes can damage nearly every part of our bodies. So we choose to keep this life free from tobacco this free life freedom to be tobacco-free a factor that seems Casuals claiming tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year tobacco. Yes. Smoking cigarettes damage nearly every part of her bodies. So we choose to keep this life free from tobacco this free like freedom to be tobacco free.

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