D.A.D flashlight designed to defend


you're destination for gadget on gear. I'm Fred friskin. It's a flashlight designed for safety on campus and more. The dad too is a flashlight that includes a bluetooth connection to your phone at can quickly send alerts to loved ones, if you're endanger, it can also defend with military, great Knepper spray tiger lights EEO. Michael Tyke says it sends Email and text messages that give your location using the phones GPS and also sends an alert to other people and anybody who has the app or not in your out contact within a one mile radius will get the alert. So basically, it's a way to silently call for help. And be heard by those in the best vision to help you the dad and dad too by the way, stands for defense alert device. It sells for about one hundred thirty dollars. There's more info at tiger light dot net. You can find us at texter nation dot com. I'm Fred friskin. Now, this how many companies out there have continued to innovate when it comes to building. A better radio. I'm Fred friskin, host of textile nation, and I'm here to tell you about the new C sky wave SP radio from the wonderful people. Let's see crane baba his crew really love radio, and it shows in this new compact model that is packed with features beyond great AM FM reception. Unsound you can tune into shortwave signals from around the world. Listen to ham radio operators aviation and more. It's the radio you'll turn to every day. And in emergencies, it will run for nearly three days on just to double A, batteries hair. The sleep timer with a new soft speaker three and you've got the perfect radio for your nightstand. Of course, it can wake you up to click on C crane texting dot com and put in the code text nation for free flashlight with your order. They love radio and you'll love secret. The.

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