Episode 53 | Not Tapping


Stroll tell me you'll see eh just case but having could away you could wait incurred Incurred on wage slavery Uh last the dog skin allows us to the sea and Needed a incurred wait incurred you could say. Oh Own Talk Oh sorry I keep you however Mr chance moments from all the lesson I cherish the most important it is for in love. You love what you do and it's making you happy. All the hard work. Perseverance will pay off. I was out of gallons council us. Tell me that I shouldn't play basketball. That it would never amount to anything for him. His negatively towards me made me stronger. You can't stop people from. I'm trying to limit your dreams. Can't stop it from becoming a reality. Your dreams are up to you. I encourage you to always be curious. Always always seek out things you love in always work hard once you find it so with that. I'll let you carry on with the evening please. No I'm thinking of you supporting you and encouraging you always piece. I'm back under some song. Emmy satisfy bre again. Yeah I saw this show. The yes is episode fifty. Three new. Pablo podcasts Yano Stephen. Burn her Rest in peace so the mom but man yes sir whereas you when you heard the news brough man. I was I was at I was at the court. We was not kids was playing and my game. I think I hadn't played my game yet. I was waiting and one of the parents standing next to me. Lyngdoh was I. Hey have you seen this. Show me his phone and it was. The team was a tweet from Tim. Z's said that Kobe Bryant four has died in a helicopter crash. And you know I didn't hear a lot of people talk about like the the first reaction. was you know you know disbelief. I don't believe it. You know they need to see some more credible source. Whatever and like the first thing I saw was you know credible so I was like damn I mean when I've seen it up blue? TMZ Two easy. I mean people saying teams. He Ain't credible as they broke a Lotta Shit. Though they have Timothy's I mean it's been a long time since they had been wrong about something I don't even i. I'm sure they had before. But it's been a while they put bullshit out there Arab when it comes somebody dying some like most of the time. I pretty much like ninety eight percent at the time like I know they said Wayne was dying at one time when he was in hospital. Mc's is Ross Hyannis. Anyone looking good for him but for the most part when they when they put that out there that that Somebody's died is legit. So yeah you know. Of course I was on vacation and We was doing a we used on the street or a tour and I pulled and pulled my phone out and I was about to do some house by May pose a Pixel Edgy. Take a picture and post it but Yeah Oh my my phone and right there at the top G. academics at the top no do get algorithms this shit and that was the first thing I seen was like a scene. It I said what the fuck and Two homes is where there was like a what happened and I was like Bernard St. Kobe's dead and then one of my homies. They was with us. He's like Dour Kobe. He was like shut the fuck up. He's like how he's like he's like I'm not believing. That should the forgot here. They're like I don't know probably five ten minutes later confirming I should. It was on because I personal google and it was It was only maybe like TMZ and it was one of the new source saying it but yes an es order saying it New York Post saying La Times started saying it. So yeah we like. Yeah we we all three of us. We couldn't believe I ever point. We was walkin silence night three or four minutes like walking right beside each other and speaking just like damn but I will say I really didn't i. Yeah my homie. Homey took a hard. So I mean we finished the tour and then we went and got food To Low bar and a half food and it was a sports bar so they had sports on TV soccer but they did a little commercial break or something and then they posted the Kobe. No nineteen seventy eight through Twenty twenty or whatever year and then my home Eve's broke down. Br Who's in our boohooing for real like damn straight. You didn't hear me. I got back and I watched a little The tribute show shack talking about do Jerry West s s where he hit me. Too Shack Shack Shack was the shock was the one that did it to me. I listened to him talk about it and I think I think it was. I was I. I was Kinda sympathizing with him to like You know he is. He's going through a mourning. The death assist to the just recently and just listening talk everything that he was saying it just it just hit hard. Everything using man SARS watching the the the legends day he grew up on grow still being around and everything. Like as like you know this is. We don't know we won't won't get that. I don't know if it's true but I seen something where it was like Koby's Donnelly Mvp dead NBA Um like me. I don't know I didn't I didn't research. I mean it would make sense though because I don't know I feel I will have one. So we'll is there Mendez four-minute but yeah everybody Jerry West. I mean but you mental top league ain't been around that long but I think it's only been like fifty six six years something. Yeah so it actually makes sense because Bill Russell still alive. I don't know how many Pe- I mean she George Kareem he got six of them. So it's like people got multiples borough so it's like yes crazy when you look at it ally Kobe's MVP and he's dead on of Elgin. Baylor were guy one. He died like in the past couple of years yet. They gotta be some I mean. Let's see Russel Kareem abdul-jabbar Michael Jordan Lebron James. I'm not on this them all. Tim Duncan Dairy. But you scroll through. I think he's the only one. I'm Debora come Bob Pettit by pettit still kicking I believe so damn he. Es Yeah that's what I said but I say he's the only mvp dead Burton history NBA. Not even only one day. He's the first one to die. It's crazy it's crazy man. But so you I mean so. We say that that he's the first. Mvp Dr you know Nike was kind of scrambling because he was the first signature athlete today. And that was. I mean that was different. They had they had a lot of stuff that they had to do You know as far as I don't know what do you think was it. That goal to kind of remove rupaul. His stuff to make sure people wasn't profited off of it or when they put all this stuff down yeah men pressure they did it to people are selling the shirts from the game the other day for Magus on Ebay for like eight hundred bucks per search that they gave away for free just looking up stuff out of curiosity like career. Kobe's burs going for six hundred right now. Yeah Yeah I was. I was looking at that the other day. Just out of curiosity. 'CAUSE MEG got a couple of pair house looking. I'll look them up just to see you know. Yeah they going for crazy prices based composer all star weekend. I'M GONNA try to grab both I. I don't doubt it go to will get Kobe. Anything is going to be is going to be worse than Nama. I'm a I'm gonNA try for now. If they come out but I like I say only GonNa drop them now Glenn Helder Brush is going crazy. Amounts of bread. Branches is like stacks on Stock X.. Two three what is crazy. What's your favorite? What's your favorite Kobe? Memory man a me me me early and Kobe's career our amounts. ASEAN Brousseau when a big fan of Kobe coming up. I actually hated Kobe. I wanted I hated the Lakers. Manar come full circle circle on the LAKER fans life. Fly Answer Your Life. Put Life Bro. Okay part of like a nation. You know well I guess it's kind of solidified now. Lebron can't can't go where I mean. I never thought he was going to wear any that he was going anywhere and if he leaves he'll go to Cleveland. I go pay would assign behavior this five years from now. Now what else. Oh Shit. My favorite memory bro. Probably the sixty point game bro. Should occur again to the his last name. Yeah is asking him but I mean he got he got moments but yeah and I will. I didn't appreciate Kobe. Greatness to prize last couple of years at he won his last on Sunday one day last title in two took thousand eleven so yeah probably twenty. Thirteen two thousand fourteen because dams winding down. Then he started getting hard to shit. Yeah not just feeling. Bad on. Watching play was really trash because he was doing shooting jumpers. Yeah he couldn't get past nobody in Yeah it was just it. When it went from the wash we are seeing him? Go off in their last game even though he shot the shots and then he had the game one or two. I was doper Oprah. Can came right on. He say he said you can't write a better ending. Yes I think For for me like the. I'm comfortable in saying that. Kobe has always been the villain you know for me. The first part is career for sure he was number eight he was available. Because you know I I had. I was a fan of team and that team. He you know he stopped him from winning. I was I was a pace fan huge when I was younger. And then when they finally had hey got Jordan added away Jordan's Gong. The Eastern Conference is pretty much decimated in detail in Reggie Miller's career. He finally gets to the finals in Kobe. NEOM knock him out. That was like I ain't GonNa lie. I was so upset then I cry. My brothers Big Lakers fan. I was a big Fan. We Watch the game together. They do you know they they go off. They do what they do kind of kind of. I think that's what started the era too wouldn't it. That was the first three peat on. Now that we're we're not I repeat the three P. and So like I just remember I was like damn I suck but you know I've I'm comfortable with saying that you I know I hated him as a basketball player just because he this he accepted that role. You know what I'm saying he. He accepted the role of being the villain air by telling him to shoot. You had the commercial aware people's yelling at him in the crowd. And he was directing him like you know he was a like it was an orchestra. Whatever so I he you know he always bad? Yeah Guy But the My favorite memory was win when they had the series with between Philly and La and Up they was they was at staple center being the shit out of Philly and it was toward the end of the game. Somebody somebody got fouls at the free throw line and Eiriksson awesome was yelling the Kobe come back to Philly. Come to fairly name went to Philly. Whip the ASS to. That's that's my favorite Kogi. I don't remember that I'm Eh but I'll start getting fairly. Though he went off and they will. He went off early. Buddhism pissed him. Oh Yeah Always the Vailima nine. But he's not even A. I think like somebody was saying I was reading. saw a found his teammate. His teammates from the two thousand team. I think on a instagram. He was sharing koby stories. He actually got some dope ones on our for real about about green. Went on the show but He was saying that phillies were. So it's like if you learn from Philly let it was like Kobe won from Philly. He was from Lower Merion. Which I eight or ten minutes outside of Philly but like they treat you Different at a boo kind of shape but We'll say he he did. Share a story Bro. which is crazy because Kobe went like thirteen from the draft and there was in the same draft class and his team played against in? AAU Bre Events Carter. Tem Time Kobe and it was warm. Were notable name that was on the same age you team and they play and do head a forty two. His team for Lakers Here forty two tim. Thomas had twenty eight Vince Carter didn't play was gone and he stayed home and What the problem do said Kobe draw fifty. 'cause everybody was like this is a man so I mean he's going to Carolina and all that and it was all we got this. You know what I'm saying we'RE GONNA we're still. The team is startled. He his team had Elton brand him. And somebody else. Some other notable name but Yeah but who is like here. Forty two was like I won't believe Kobe dropped fifty. He's like hey you yeah he was like you know. I always thought I was the best player on the floor. He's Kobe was by far the best clown the Florida Day had. A NIGGA had another story but he was like Dr warm-ups Calleja Abraham Play Defense and He's like you know Kobe's during this move shot mess. And he grabbed rebound or whatever and he was like I guess it was like his turn and they do the benchwarmer was like yeah. He's played he told Kobe played. I said No. He said well he said why not. He's like you don't you don't the need to play defense. You're not playing. He said keep playing me and they will say he was passed by. Because what you playing defense for. You're not getting here and do it was like man. He's taking it back looking back man I wa I will. He said I would play Kobe. Eighty two games right now if I could you know just to bring him back and should yeah. It was crazy. It was a he. He wouldn't know star player and he played for the Lakers. Won a ship in two thousand thousand. Then he went on. They got drafted at the same time and then he went on. He went overseas and play for some years but he said Kobe was cool and Your managers he do Kobe crazy stories out there bro. The Nick Young Shirt Louisville team made all the Magus biggest takeaway. Kobe's off to solid. I and I do scenarious land. I I was trying to say was You know I think I think like sports worldwide like sports world wise rather the fans that dislike Kobe. They didn't dislike Kobe the person they dislike Kobe the competitor you know what I'm saying. Because he he was a winner yet he broke Kaleida. Heart Lebron people. Hey Tom Brady yeah to me tonight. let us not forget either now. Two other Welsh uh eight lane by nobody else. Beer called his daughter. That was probably the biggest ship. Amoeba was his his daughter Dr on the plane and my homey. That's a big. Kobe knew knew he was like because they didn't release. Nobody's brought guaranteed on the plane. But he's like you don't see Kobe but now his she's on a plane and then the numbers was coming out and saying it was four four and they've saying his daughters was there then they were saying it was said man. Rick Fox is on airlines. It was just a whole bunch of shit coming out and be wasn't yeah once it came out to Jesus was on her breasts trash because it's like he ain't even got nobody here too. I'm he got. He had three other daughters with is like I mean we need him who like she really went on away. Hurry onto the nickname was Montecito. Carry on that the that the basketball took Gino was about the Sancha. Yeah because you got all these toll him browse. I behaved Louvre fans because they always do monkey shit. Oh God whoa fans do now. She was come Balu well to Because girl in the pitch and there was no she wasn't on so you can play Gino. She'll be annoying the fuck out of me but this is the fact that she was thirteen years old. Who knew what she was gonNA? Do you know what I'm saying that to buy they fuck with somebody that went to Lulu like she there. Hello there was holding ales and shut up. Yeah there should be annoying. Fuck the recipes to to Auden gee-gee pilot Two other teammates parents the parents of one of the teammates. It's and Do then I my missing somebody and got all the names in front of me. Man Bears Essay and Shit. She pisses me off tuber. Because I'm just like why fuck was Koby in own s helicopter. Bor News like four hundred meal rods. I don't get it broadcast on the stand up on snare and then it's like they missed. Do they was just twenty feet higher. They wouldn't even hit the mountainous shared. India is crazy tribus meow. Bre Is our our credit union. So you see the Laker Shit. Last night they score eighty one and a half seeing anyone at the half. Yeah I saw that and then when you wait so the total the final score. If you add up the points from the game visit was it a two hundred twenty four two two two two hundred forty two. Okay okay. We are his numbers twenty four and two why this should just just eerie bro. I sent virus earlier in the week with all this number shit man. It's crazy Emmanuel. You where we get if you WANNA get into start. There was interestingly in half and in the final score twenty year not one forty two crazy but you may rest recipe sturdy body man. Kobe go Miss Kobe. Man Got but we got hello highlights shit That's another thing like literally missing Kobe. We really miss him because he was he wasn't even though he was retired. Like he wasn't removed from you know from from media or from you know he he was always still right there. You know he remember the year he was like the after your after he retired he was given all the NBA. The players different goals. Whatever honestly going to get the MVP and all that stuff so like he you know he was still active with the NBA? Hat the details show. He's still active daughter got him active with NBA was funny. Somebody bought up a tweet. Where being Michael Komo said giveaway mega some? I reply so my reply with a picture of Kobe looking at his phone nicotine he played. I remember that we say he was waiting for. It would be more on the team bus looking at his. What team you play? So yeah between. He was still active in basketball. Is Getting into being a coach active. They happy yeah. It's great to see I love when he ever him. Lebron yeah yeah and and it was crazy. 'cause Friday that melody and play yes because he told. Kobe told him that he was going to be at the game. Yeah yes trash man. Yeah that just. It's good to see how happy he was. After you know the the the kind of play Kobe was the the competitive like he you know he as hard as he worked on the court he was working just as hard own his game. Away from the game. You know what I'm saying to where like you. You just know especially like me as a father I got. I got three mon like being at work. You know passed a five o'clock platt past six o'clock clock or whatever and then you know you get home you get home six thirty quarter to seven you got to get the kids you gotta get fat and get him to bed. You don't get to spend time with them like you. You know what what I'm saying like you really want to so thinking of that from the perspective of being a basketball player playing eighty two games a year like forty one of them away from you know your family you know you gotta you across you on the other side a country half the time or you know in the summer you on the other side of the World Plan Ball and you just you always are away from your family and you note that so he did that twenty years of that and then you know three years into you know becoming becoming a father and you know you see them like you say courtside with his daughter and let them all as the like you see how happy he was with actually being able to be a a father after leaving everything he had on the court so s s tough to see that it is. It's a hard pill to swallow. You know just to to think about like. We're not going to be able to see what Kobe could've done in the next twenty years. But we're not going to see. Do Go to the hall of Fame Nauseated Hall of fame. We're not gonNA see him with his statue. GonNa see him on the sideline sixty years old. You know what I'm saying with the Lakers for the Lakers. Shit like lead. Like she's just crazy and then on top of that somebody made somebody made a good point. I was just talking about NBA. I right now. There was like Kobe. I five rings. There's like we might not ever see anybody. There was like Lebron. Don't do it. There was like we probably won't ever see nobody win. Five rings a long time. If it happens again was that's a long time. I mean it's not when we of course we not hard to win a definite three but nobody steph best what they said. It was like the Brian. You got a chance to four one this year so he has a chance to tie. Kobe was six but negative. Negative count now like Haiti. Katie into. No they don't see steph getting leading to more they don't see Yeah I mean that's IT K- I mean the only people with multiple rings in the League right now is Steph. Klay Katie Lebron. Nobody else has multiple challenges. The success that cow. I don't have one to San Antonio. Well he got multiple yet but nobody thinks who is getting five. He's got to so yeah and it was just like it might be the last time in a long time that we see somebody get five. Yeah I don't know because I feel like I feel like it happens once a decade. How many how many did the How many do the Lakers in Boston? Gate back in the in in the eighties. Then you've got Jordan. You Got Kobe. I feel like it's kind of do. Maybe if I go home state team maybe it would have happened if they stay teamed him blow with the fire but they didn't they only want three. Oh I think eighty was for two two but timmy. Got Five to So so things are getting behind the Jordan. Tim Ming and Coby Coby Tim. He played in the same area. So they splitting assuring titles BMI. Ah Moon along their piece to code the other people G G and everybody else. That was on a helicopter man last last week man long well we could go but We can get into our normal. Yeah well yeah. Let's go. We go ahead get into the normal. The norm show so before we do that as always make sure you follow us on new power flow plugging thirty minutes. That show. Is it thirty minutes in spot. Now I mean we had go ahead you follow us What the fuck was that? Hey follow that new Pablo podcast on instagram new pie flown UNSCOM pot on twitter shop demerge new flow dot com backslash shop. Make sure you tell your mamma tell Ya. Baby Mama We are everywhere where the podcasts are. Available Stitcher spotify tunes all that good stuff. Youtube nigger are was. The last episode erupted the AD with a nigger. My bad the La- what was that one episode that we did that we use the porn star for the cover art. They should have a hell of hits on Youtube as has comedy like it was just my regular feed. It was just it was it was just I was like damn why has got so many and then I figure the cover art. You know what I'm saying about to see some pants right right back up. I saw that start the regular show. What about these sex robots but what about a man did you use is it to be? I looked I looked for like a Article about it but the from that is just a little thing that you sent for me from twenty eight team. Yeah Yeah but I think they actually like coming out. So what's what's the deal like I talked about some read about but I mean you can read about it. We just I mean to to know that that the that the games getting fucked go look at your competition. Now man to join look Subaru Right. That's this this joy. Don't look too I mean I I mean look like you could tell us a robot okay. I've seen no okay. I forgot about that but I've just seen a woman yesterday. You say a woman one. I thought that's always talking a year. there was a video. The person like touch the teddy downstairs shit like a real titty titty bounce near wow big to their walls is is Teddy Kennedy. Show now I seen one where the dude look real. He was chiseled it up stuff. I'm like Ham. Man That's the last thing everybody's negatives by a robot was the they probably should they won't fuck like a robot. Da You gotta think the advantages of being able to put your partner in the closet. We own deal with him this allies. It's a Lotta a lot of parks to that man that I'll be willing to put megan the closet sometimes but like kidnapping. I want endangered Minnesota us. Oh my God I can put it in the closet. said he'd be willing to put in the closet just to I mean I don't know maybe get Outta my face. Sometimes you know you just want like we talked about. I think we should just leave leave. What the House wrap somewhere this leader House? Don't be having nowhere to go to A. Let me tell you about the last the time I left the house. Now let's say you did. Dowd lasts all left the house I went to the Tom Sawyer Park and read a book for three hours. The snake was his old man. Swag what do you do when you leave the house. When you manage a girl? What do you do go do whatever you want to do like what what whatever you WanNa do name something because I literally I leave house like fuck what I'm about to do I mean I know what I would do. What would you do so I will go to a mean I will go to the record store out with okay? You okay okay. That's a good idea. I need some help man Dan. I need to know because sometimes I'll be like Menem to get the fuck out or you're just need some air then literally go get air hole. Go eat or go to a restaurant senator about Dolo I did. That's trash try. Just I'd probably people see no. Hopefully your waitress nice to look at. Yeah the I don't know if we need tips. I need tips The whose husband and door dares brought with the hoses word ligature holders bi week do they. What time did you go to? Because that's a big. That's a big club and night. I shouldn't be weaknesses. which was which one did you go to Breckenridge Breckenridge uh-huh okay okay okay. I don't think it's been a long time so I went to hold us but it was I when I went in there. Ain't try dragging we know trouble is Panama would oh we did some other shit I would have been should've went to offer the other. Oh the shit wasn't gonNA shoot had spending money I remember I went to hooters. I went to hooters in South Carolina. One time absolutely I was with my ass is long long time ago but I didn't want to go. I was with her sister and I won't go but they was come on. We'll go. They talked me into my whatever so we go and this girl is in there. Amine hallways is probably the size about race. This and I ask is probably about the size of this table as far as you start. hula-hoop mildly video over cheekbones. Go hit my bed. I'll say they got so uncomfortable. Da Perhaps like literally. There's a chick that I just seen the other day some youtube video. Have you seen it where she looks fake Like a real person like like US built waste to ask S. ratio was crazy to fucking Pumpkin S. We amount I can get into that kind of stuff man. I don't even sound right. Grossed out I was gross. Okay I thought you I thought that might I do not in the Greyhound Bursch work. I don't know what she goes. Yeah I can find it Bro. Video real quick. I'll let you see it. But it's like she's dancing some industry but You ever find a broom I had to send to you bro. Mustard gas mark with some black. She issues week but Now what about the robust mma I mean would you focus on a robot. No no no would you. I mean new would yeah. I don't think so I. I don't think I don't see how I but I can't like say goodbye isn't going to be normal in ten years but I don't I mean I I can. What what would you do? You went to fucking understand girl the robot why 'cause they always make a we real people they want us to fuck like robots. They WANNA sustain hard for three hours. They want us to Fuckin- Jack Rabbit. Negative foot who who's who our swans not sixty wounded. I never heard that before. I didn't know I was unaware chick. Better WanNA negative just Fast Stroke Negga for our listening to much. TRINA wedding. I'm like I'm not a human would would you. Do you went Lewis. Everyone you to do that but don't became Ryan for five minutes. That's why I'm asking for two minutes and be done really tired right exactly. That's right so go. Ahead get up and catches cramp robot. He going to be cool to ride them for two minutes. I'm not the fuck you like. No Jackhammer Negga for a centimeter today. They was like Is like a bitches be doing this today. So expect you to to be able to reciprocate the same shit it was a cartoon she got a big Ass Jackhammer while she what's the role in the back of Haitian attention. That's real man it'd be you'd be looking at. What would you do if you want to? You went to a restaurant you saw your ex. Listen I would have sex robot. Because that's the other thing. is they taking them on dates. They'd say the oily looking for the Arctic dog and they say they as much as six complain about having to pay for something being broke they they got money if they mind. The robots robots though money. The robot. Don't have nothing but if she playing she by how much aerobic house. You probably tutor grand. I mean I'm thinking for four more focuses about twelve grand. You don't think a sex robot is up five figures. I got it now. I really think like fast. Six down the chicken that they posted it was a it was four grand but you but you put shit on it to make you customize it to Geneva so the low low quality I mean the low The hello Yeah so a chick chick like how you like would just nobody. You know. I'll come east. You'd probably like fifteen hundred die you telling me it costs money to put ass on the robot. Yes I'm doing serious bread assizes. At's how big the ask for Shit I'm I'm sure they get options for all ship while okay so these were Ovalles also look to the guy like different looks. I colors all kinds of shipper. This is from four these these robots may be free to have sex with you but they certainly aren't free. According to Cox George ambitiously sex sex box currently cost between five two thousand fifteen thousand dollars to purchase although Morgan mentioned some lower prices so perhaps groupon are available but if he woke. Would you have when you woke up. She was standing in the doorway to get ready for more. Even I'm worried about ask what. If what if you hit the wrong button on veggie Stein Damn House Chase through the house about sex robot sales. Rip Your Mom. Start just spasm basil now just fucking go beserk tired chasing you to work for me. One of them out. Why why the road you remember squirting oils la dammit what's the show Bro. So far you Toronto no Amazon show girl was riding his head and it should bomb. Can you talk about the boys. The boys the negative face road negoti squash pumpkin dies. There's too many movies man I don't I just don't think this is a good idea. Man that the more we talking about it. How much does how much something like this way you say I I mean? Is this going to be not light. He's eating sex. Robots can't even pick them up kilos. The dragon bodies is around the career. Now yeah well so you wouldn't do it. Yeah okay okay. I wouldn't do it either. But a hundred and ten pounds by the way I feel like a real person field. It's not gonNA feel real dot es names come moment it's not skin. We put on a shirt but the technology is crazy. Though I'm sure they could make s you feel like skin I put some put. Some some veal wrapping veal or any meat beat name. Ah minutes news leaked US should have like a hand trash. They said about cash to cash. It looked like Straw me. Who but they say is the closest raw meat to feel like a vagina stuff? Some some. I'm just going to be you forget about style. Overheating is you get done and don't feel like cleaning want himself off the robot robot robot the big magazine insider hey robot sex's crazy the robots robots happened. Robot is not Tappan Man MOM's at work time us up on that buff you finished before the time time ago. It on the ground going crazy finishing official underground kind out of noise. The neighbors downstairs and they beat on the on the ceiling is robot GonNa be in your living room. So Oh brother on his floor Oh yeah Shit tapping robot sexist man. I mean that's the point of it you you like tapping if you're gonNA get a robot you like tapping out ethnic is don't last okay. Last five minutes with a real person I want to have on his last one with a robot knife life. You say they can't. They can't fuck with brother. Robots definitely going to be better edited moving and energy wise. I think this is rob. I'm looking at it as being robotic I am off I just would save repented switches. YEA and ain't do spectacular. Oh no I'm out to try to try to invest. It is legal to so you read to try to to try to invest in the game. I got some ideas. Can you maybe put settings on Abella Anderson Signature. move having taken their bro. So what you got bro sick go come back to the ACC with the knowledge that you've got now or ten million dollars today. All right what what. What would be easier for you to defend? I mean I'm taking ten million now. Okay good because I was gonNA cause because if I had this like if I actually could make the choice I would definitely Restart my life At the age of six nine. Oh no no but no honestly though you the NFL about like what would happen. If you could undo some mistakes na Neve now because I feel like I was supposed to supposed to go through that you definitely want to go through some shape but you can. Actually you can go through differently. I know there for me like okay so it's restart your life at six or ten million cash okay if I restart my life at six as Ten million to one chance. I'M NOT GONNA put myself in ten million dollar cash position. I'm not going to be. I'm not going to be able to get ten million dollars cash but there might be some things that I can change in my life to where I could maybe be live in the same way. I'm living now just more comfortably like we talked about it before. Would I went to college in racked up that debt starting start Alvis. It's probably not or if I'm starting at six. Would I do some shade differently during my school years where I get a scholarship or something like that to where I wouldn't have to worry about racking up debt you know what I'm saying. Just different place. That happened in my life. In the past I would probably try the handle a little bit differently to put me in a more comfortable position now but if you get ten meal you're not going to be a debt. We the best crazy to be. Nobody's in debt ten million dollars. Okay my uncle over ten million dollars I said he said if you He's like if you can't handle he said if you if you mismanaging a thousand dollars what makes you think you're going to be able to manage a million. That's why you hire people so I mean so you think you mismanage your money. Oh definitely definitely every at the end of every fucking week. I'm kicking myself with decisions. I made over the week and promised myself. I'm going to do better the next week. And and then don't do better the next week as it's a self discipline thing that I haven't really gotten down die. I can't I can't manage the X.. Amount of money that I'm making now I know for a fact I'm not going to be able to manage ten million right now in the palm of hand. I don't think I'm not I'm not like saying I'm not like like idiot. Anything I ain't stupid like I'm GonNa take ten million just blow so it but it's hard to blow to definitely definitely because I've done it but you're not but but what so you get ten million what going to a matter. I'm become an expert moving to the country. Buy some land. Probably I will do some. I don't know if it's going to be here in the states or no outside of the states number some land plan for sure in Wyoming Nah my Wyoming to beautiful women in Wyoming yet kind of women I like anyway lambreau probably about the country Bro. Kick Mom Luke Salton no buster on a couple of meals between family members now the island or some shit I said. And then that then whatever's left makes him aggressive loan. I WANNA know double triple my little ten million if I can hopefully make some getting in with with some with some No financial people to go would just be to to to get ten meal. It'd make more often on it. So that's why I would buy land. Yeah on things starting life over six really puts you in a position where you are level with somebody would typically dollars rethinking you decision. I mean it's. It's hard to debate the you're supposed to be doing. This is supposed to be on the side of starting life over sakes but no I mean you can go like you say pretty much all you can do for just pushing submachine differently. If you literally no and you remember everything with me going back to six Islam lose all my friends lose I of France out of people out and build relationships would they go restart your life at six. I'm I'm assuming you're GonNa go through everything that you've been through but you get you get to make a different decision. You See. Gotcha Gotcha so I mean. I'm trying to find forgot to say this like so. Everybody goes back to six year just yet you just go back how you thirty one. You just go back X.. Amount of years ago and everything you do up to today. Would you do everything the same anything that you definitely differently. I would. I mean I definitely. FBI Steel. I'm taking the ten. I think I'm taking the ten meal to fuck the other side of this argument on Dr Fru. I mean because angles angles eight a madman. Right now I'll say that I would regret van tomorrow so I go laissez. He'd be traveling with my baby up nine on. I'm not doing online but but no I mean yeah ten ten million right now now. I mean you know the only thing that I would do differently I six like you know what s did make me think when I first saw it was like man so you know how important it is to like. Teach kids about credit in different things like that like that shit is so important because I feel like just this past year I found Lee understood credit like like self taught like I've gotten to a point to where now okay I get I get the purpose of it. Understand how it's damaged understand how it's improved understand. You know what I've done on to put it in that position where I need to do to get better. Whatever whatever I get it now? Nobody's nobody's ever talked to me like this is credit this is this is. This is a bad credit score. This credit score you need credit because she needed like so. That's one thing that like Thinking like looking at this the one thing as far as red pill thing goes I would definitely I mean that was that would be one of the changes that I make some certain decisions. I Now and do it. May I ask you a question would you ever buy. Would you ever buy a brand new car zero mouse on it now. I mean I might get that testimony that trump we talked about. I'm saying I'm what I'm what I'm asking like you right now with the career. Are you in the money you make and everything would you not. Not If he was in a position to do it in your current position would you would never buy a new car. No they will never again. It's not a good investment. It's a horrible horrible investment and you just just like just look at the. I just looked at a number. I'm just like okay. Wait till my car is paid often again. Twenty twenty to start making extra payments on this shit going. ACL Yeah it should pay at the end of next year. We got. Make that fucking Kiev's the worst decision. I've made my life because like we we've already outgrown like we instantly outgrown. As soon is keen on seat changed is too small force. And that's the primary car and can I stay with my mom. We went to Disney last year. And we wrote down there in an OPTIMA KIA optima. It's like is that her. That's her car. That's how hard it was brand new. He was brand new. We just bought it like we bought it. One month went to Disney the next month like if literally isn't a huddle for eighteen hours and then it was regarded as a regular sedan. Right OPTIMA. OPTIMA is. Yeah it's like it's like a Corolla. ooh Yeah yes brand spanking new off the light so we ended up for great minute van brother. I know it but like I'm I'm I'm talking like she's like we we need A. She wants that fucking she he wants to tell you. Ride the big ass. It looked like a you know the Ford Flex look like just being yes man or now. Now yes this is a big bulky almost crossover looking. SUV is big and spacious and stuff like that and it looks nice but duck now astray Korean good. Because I don't know the first. That's the one thing I don't know the first thing about it and I'm not trying to upside down shit. You take take some shit in that you still paying on you'll be paying on that and what you get so you know. This is going upside down. I'm not I'm definitely. I'm sitting here now. Kicking myself over this one. You know what I'm saying so it's like I don't even I'm definitely not looking at another. 'cause she say about other guy. I begin so man Ray. Are you putting the closet. Yeah Yeah I think we need a real so yes changes tool. So He will tame Tame. I definitely take the ten minute. Beginning was trash. Yeah no I can't use like the debt and like Nick Tim meals. You can't pay your dad pretend to fuck what did you do that means. You had to mill before exit. Have you think about it. If you pay ten dollars. We get ten million dollars. Can't pay off your debt. Hat Samuel before yet intrigued it somehow now. Mc Hammer MC hammer title. Michael Jackson there but Yeah man feels good to be back. Y- man and we're going to be a consistent. Follow bit right you'll get Outta here man we going. We're going to let this fan Black Mama rock for Kobe rushton piece to the Mamba. We'll catch up next week man Gobi fell asleep was will appreciate the grace got scheme in all day. Just warm more black Mambas got him screaming all day. Just want you know getting cold sixty to go to the cold shit call it sixty. I mean he actually got hyphen his face shooting in your face from far man. That boy gotta be nice if the race talk with him quietly games one set to trade at all video say we had a nice little stains at worth. He said you gotta come and spice up the game were Koby giving me advices. Insane of survey prayed favorite player. You Watch Lane is putting you on the game and the price. It is a these the things that let you know. That's gonNa Chase a nasty stuff in your head like a knifing racy back then. I just want to ice in my shame sneakers Jersey from flights on a plane. I me I was giving money started pricing little things the Gerald wipe each plane. Just the Lyceum in the rain yet. The nicest brain yet come before it even pains back to the other scoring leader with someone Awol Pitas number eight and when you try to play a new drive. Dan Got Five rings at what these peasants naked steel track. Canes on a Da Meanest Chick told me Ring Dot Com and net that she couldn't get a ring on the phone Nola in service for Lisa totally. Try to treat me like a street. But I was sacked Morris. Get some things have changed the game winning shots gotTa WanNa take it saying what you miss it the same way you could make it just that colby four point shit in two thousand up. His shack caught the shit. George ready sent the colby check Jordan three shorter eight Lega Josie. Coordinate Madam they call your name Hopi ready for Hall of fame on April Thirteenth. Mama Day forever will be gone but his is legacy Google play for they eddie. Game Forty two forty. They gotta screaming in all got screaming. They just

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