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angry surly unicorn with along harry horn this is the margins episode one forty be leaps and bounds this is the podcast real stories from mythology and folklore some are incredibly popular stories you thinking but with spicing origins other the stories that might be new to you but are definitely worth a listen previously on the show the monkey king central kong was born from iraq in the flower fruit mountain in quickly rose up to be the king monkey healing martial arts transformations any elixir mortality memorial stage and came back to make alliances with the dragons unicorns and everything else surrounding this mountain he course the dragon king and the giving in the monkey king equivalent of doors hammer a golden staff that could change size and weight and that only he could lift the for dragging kings of the seat had a problem with this though and they had even more of a problem when the monkey king beat their teeth from their heads things were going off in the mckee king until the godly underworld decided he was getting too powerful and sent their generals to bring him in stand down handsome monkeying commanded confused his generals held up their paws hope rippling through the ranks beasely set a forty forty thousand monkey soldier domino's the troops obeyed the clearly up in arms wasn't their leader immortal and if so why was he now being captured in drag behind agents of the gods of that he would handle it some some congress shirt the mall using control and they must all stand down right now with a few years time a few thousand weapons and one at the montage of trained scenarios the monkey come in with his group of monkeys he's into the greatest fighting force the world had ever seen they would do anything for him even let it be captured if he commanded the fighters stepped aside watching helplessly is the enemy paraded they're bound leader through the city across see iron bridge and through the waterfall on his way sun will come tried to make small talk with the generals of death or whatever their titles where they were also grim and self series that is attempts fell flat they sailed and marched in sailed in marched his captors not really caring that some lucon could make this whole trip in fifteen minutes including a ten minute bathroom break in seriously would they be stopping the bathroom anytime soon they roll their eyes and dragged him working along end soon they arrived outside side the land of darkness it was then that some kong stop walking in held up his hands hold up would they might not notice something forum his hands flicks something in the direction of to the generals squinched at the tiny object is that it some golden eagle banks some kong said before muttering something under his breath in the blink of an eye metrical staff was no longer a small needle practically nothing an actual staff the size in wait a mack truck both generals were immediately crushed some ucon did a backflip as he did yuliana next with staff which is already shrinking to a manageable size he snatched it up and turn it face each other to generals in their armies it wasn't until the generals there armies and many others who fled from the city were quote turn to pace by the handsome lucky king and his staff that finally voices cold front end the conflict a parlay the surrounding army parted allowing ten humans through some kong lowered his staff they were the ten kings of the underworld emperors of darkness is they call themselves in what will be an excellent name for a heavy metal band among them were quote the king avenging ministers king yama king of equal ranks king of city markets king of complete change in king of the turning we'll monkey king didn't now but instead approach them as equals he began since they were kings they must be smart and since they were smart they must know what they were doing was illegal he had acquired the doubt in obtained immortality this with outside their jurisdiction kinks out up their hands and told him one slow you're rolling stop trainer people in paste over misunderstanding into a lot of people have the same name there is obviously a mix up wait you're having been waiting me some conquered hands on hips no no no how many other son will come along the handsome monkey kings are there i mean come on this wasn't a mix up this is a conspiracy to track them in the land of the dead said he motioned aggressively he wanted to see those record's defiance let their bluff be called leader rather than right now these numbers of darkness agreed he could see the record's but if some com wasn't air you will be staying with them indian the record's of birth and death be only thing governing the lifespan of every moral thing on earth really could've been organized it took him no less than a few hours to locate son will kong's file but at last they did and this is from the original he was sola number thirteen fifty had been born stone monkey the rec room with e m o m u files was a small one so only the monkey king in the recordkeeping were in there out there it is the monkey games have been born stone monkey oh three hundred forty two years that's how old i am cool hey is this the brush used right on all these things the recordkeeping nodded he he should really go get these numbers before the monkey king touch anything here it's making didn't mind the worker keep it was just gonna ask him to step out in the hall and oh hey why was he playing the needle from behind his ear cut to just outside the rickard room and the recor keeper flying through the air before slamming clumsily against the wall the hallway instantly the door slams shut of course it didn't take long for the emperor's of darkness to get the room open but when they did the damage was already done some come standing there within impish grin embers of darkness fluted they're record's and looked up shaking with rage in the moments that some congo been alone with the record's he'd taken a brush to all the monkeys he could remember they now had no recreate a birth or death in the land of darkness they were ageless says the mountains and they oceans he had done what he set out to do the numbers of darkness flooded into the room sneering at the monkey king and then they touched his forehead some lucon the monkey king gas the wake the warm air every afternoon underneath the tree where he had been napping put him to sleep he set up the dream of the land of the dead dampers of darkness using his staff as pestle pasty emperor servants was already quickly fading like a fog in the morning sun he sprung up and ready to his generals who told the calm down he just taking the mid afternoon wind that why was he so excited so i'm sure that this wasn't just any normal wind that no this was one where they came out immortal he explained it to be astonishment of all who listen they sent emissaries to be animal kings in the area aunt after that they all had a massive party boom boom boom boom boom boom in remained in heaven however there was a much different scene there was no party a celebration as this title goes the great benevolent stage of heaven the flex steel jade emperor of the most venerable devon who's holding court and the treasure hall of divine missed in the cloud palace of the golden arches is which might be the most upscale mcdonald's ever was having a bad day in having a bad day wasn't easy to do when you were in attornal celeste deliver you see the foresee dragging kings and stop by earlier now the dragon king the one last episode where the monkey king forty thousand buddies the plate last with the staff well he was here and he had a lot of complaints now the day deborah was like a god who is basically the supreme god of the chinese mythological pantheon he's not really associated with creation but he still sits at the top governing over justice immorality anyway using mortal but he still had protectors and armor and guards in you gave him the golden staff jeff the jade emperor demanded already knowing me answer the dragon king knotted the monkey king at forty thousand angry monkeys outside of gate yeah and now he's forty thousand angry monkeys and then eight ton metric staff great work at immortality they heard from the back the crowd parted as the ten emperors of darkness step forward yeah when they heard about the dragon king some luke combs growing power they tried nip it in the bud and bring him in getting caught up in years of paperwork will be stuck in underworld forever but he already knew he was immoral of course and also when their guys picked him up they didn't think the needle behind his ear was a weapon thinks so that by the way the emperor's of darkness set of the dragon king used at eight ten staff between their best fighters into a paste what the consistency of good pesto angie got away the jaden harassed and inside as the embers of darkness waited why did he get the feeling there was gonna be in an to the statement dampers of darkness fitted with their hats and looked at the ground they they left him alone with e m record's he wiped out his own name unlike a lot of monkeys from the books he is now forever be on the jurisdiction of the gods of death alongside a considerable number of newly immortal monkeys they were still going through the rutgers to assess the damage but it was consider it how is he so fast the gene ember demanded one of the dragon kingsley ocean raised a call a view of his teeth dropping to the floor as he opened his mouth you share that the monkey king could change is form a lot in their fight alone you must've taken ten different forms changing his skin to a heart ogre stone jumping into their with the speed of the win starting to the water like a dolphin guys seriously what is going on he's a monkey how did he become an immoral being completely beyond the reach of death wifi ability to fight for dragging god's at once in command and army of forty thousand at least partially immortal monkeys you simple godson embers not adorn another yeah that was a pretty solid assessment of the situation okay well now we really need to bring this guy in neighbor said he sat back and pinch the bridge of his nose you symbol beans piped up and how should they plan on doing that given all this stuff the gene emperor just said the g eight emperor looked up seriously this is why he was in charge and we're gonna bring him in would force they were gonna recruit him bring into the fold monkey earned his place in some come down on his new socialist you'll position on the one thousand divine horses before he didn't know what he expected when he'd been granted the heavenly position but he knew it certainly was not this so i am not a divine ageless semper didn't know if you knew that about me or not but if you're training in a newly immortal hotshot stop causing trouble by bribing him maybe the bony throw him shouldn't be covered in divine the newark official position translated roughly was banned horseplay because in chinese mythology monkeys are said to ward off sickness isn't horses it was quite literally a match made in heaven and it can't be said that some kong didn't try to make it work within the first two weeks you went through the list inspected the horses talked couns mugging supplies because i guess you can't be divinely supreme jade emperor in charge of justice and reality and still have to run stuff by accounting and whenever people took the horses is out they found the fed happy in rested single called excelled at horsemanship end one day news that the celestial banquet yes the guy sitting next to him horse manager was it a great position or the greatest position the guy didn't understand so some ucon elaborated what ministerial great wisey you know what rank oh that was easy game to apply it didn't have one some little kong sat back and smiled old excellent so it was like how when people were talking about the worth of something super great they would say priceless instead put a number on it the guy took another bite sure he hadn't spent a ton of time on earth but if priceless in worthless where synonymous then yeah his position was priceless the monkey king new the he was the lowest of the low amongst less deals right at the horses became fat that's a beating if they were to skinny that's a beating if they were hurt ooh you better believe that's a beating as a realization sunken some com returned to his desk seeding he was a king he left the flower fruit mountain for this and they made him what stable boy now still might have thought the the monkey should be grateful he had been born a monkey and now we had a role in heaven you is also ageless take the win some might say but code arrogance or a healthy dose of self respect some cone new the he deserved better he kicked his desk sending it splintering against the wall across the room he sucked up his staff from his hair raid give any celestial guardian who tried to stand in his way the same treatment as his desk and left straight out the gate of heaven you went turning into a cloud he flew through the flower fruit mountain he'd been gone for a couple of weeks but he had a plan and then you seldom the monkeys he's he had made immortal hadn't changed but others pronounce considerably older it was then you learn that he hadn't been gone fifteen days but fifteen years each day in heaven with the year honors monkeys generals were glad he was back though because well the demons the monkey king rolled his eyes and his staff extended all right where were they oh and when someone bring him up in a bucket of water this time the demon bits dried they were in hospital the get out of the grout but the monkey general stop there king no per once the demons were attacking they like all these other creatures only island it comes about down the monkey speaking in ballet did sun will come took it in stride but seen as they were actual demons remained a little wary that you know they lie and try to destroy everything after all that was pretty much their whole thing they said they were so impressed that some little kong successfully completed his mission in heaven what did he done well with his rank reluctantly some kong shared that it was banned horseplay he was in charge of the horses oh without a great position or the greatest position the demons ask their new king the monkey kings face lit up and he pointed i know that's what i thought but get this it was the worst position mission like bottom of the bottom no rank whatsoever the teams left what the hits a monkey king machine by heaven that was wow just wow in their mind and this is just them talking some some will conquer just march right up there and demand the rank of great stage equal the heaven what would anyone do not seen that working back around to leading the monkeys alliances and tour with heaven might actually be the demonic endgame the monkey king walked right into it you know what yeah he saw their power lack of their of he turned more than a few slow steel guardians into greasy stains on the walls on his way out and with his kingdom of immortal monkeys ally dragons unicorns phoenix is an demons they would be unstoppable he turned to his monkeys they wanna get sewing because he wants a new banners first coming war ones that red sun will come along the great stage equal heaven he smiled you like the sound that warm and a and a mom will come back the everyone just making really great decisions but that will be right after this this week's episode is brought to you by better help if there's something interfering with you're happiness preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling can help better help offers licensed professional counselors who specialize in issues such as depression anxiety relationships trauma anger family conflicts lgbt matters grief self esteem and more connect with their professional counselor in a safe and private online environment an help your own time at your own pace anything shares confidential and it's so convenient you can schedule secure video end phone sessions as most chat or text therapists if if for some reason you're not happy with a counselor you could request a new one at anytime for no additional charge best of all it's a truly affordable option myths and legends listeners get ten percent off your first month with the discount code legends so why not get started today go to better help dot com slash legends then simply fill out a questionnaire and help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor you'll love that's better help dot com slash legends all right now the show the mighty spirit god the general sense retrieve symbol kong indirect impact happened for banning post returned a habit but only barely he had relish the charge of bringing the monkey back the answer first crimes i mean the guy's name is mighty spirit god he didn't have much to worry about right except that when he found the monkey kings army of dragons phoenix is lizards monkeys insects and everything else defending some ucon waterfall cave home he'd been forced to demand the monkey king show himself after the mighty spirit guides axe broke any animals tore into his army the monkey king let him retreat saying that he was letting me in appropriately named mighty spirit guide lives in order to send the message what some cones monkeys had embroider don't these banners equal of heaven that was what it would take the stop young coming in war well the gene ever got the message but he didn't get the message you send more champions in each one came back humbled one after another the monkey king transform into a creature with three heads in six arms a weapon in each hand for the second fight and the third fight didn't happen the general decided that after all the humiliations he wouldn't fight he wants to talk with jay number when he armies of heaven descended on the flower fruit mountain for the third time it was with the decree they were to address the great sage equal of heaven himself symbol congress spirited away to his new post one of the actual right this time do right into his new task ask guarding the garden immortal peaches being essentially a god the monkey king sat back and contentment he had done it and she lives happily ever after if only cut you a few months later and we arrive on a new seat sun will come have been sucked into a fiery crucible and burned alive without chemical fire for forty nine days basically the gods kept making the same mistake they underestimated symbol kong but they also disrespected him oh he's a climber hitter and not just immortality but a place in the heavens his title was great sage equal the heaven after all the that was only after he forced it out of the most powerful beans in the universe still those in charge no respect his mobility or is intelligence they only slum as a monkey and they would only ever see him as a monkey they made this perfectly clear to cause even though who is giving a title put in charge of the peach gardening immortality in granted controls mitch unnamed quote peace and quiet you would never be one of them it'll start to win the maidens arrived simpson the queen of in herself together peaches for the festival memorial peaches it was then that some kong learned two things one no he was not invited but to yes they would actually needs his super backflip going by devas this buddies that foes gods goddesses really everyone who is anyone the monkey king glared at them and then froze the meetings in place with his magic and now now son who congress upset soaps soaps at the gate crush the party in the form of a guy who's invitation was lost in the mail but he proceeds to get drunk on the good wine and it's just sneak out with a pocket full of orders when people start getting suspicious he chewed up his chest here again and may bugs that when they landed on the faces of all the beans filtering into the party but then asleep with a single byte now all of this might have been forgivable no one knew that it was some kong though i imagine pretty much everyone suspected back to them right player not only because at home reeling from the line munching on snacks son will kong realized that he wasn't at home at all but he had stumbled in this drunkenness into the palace with arms and pockets full of stolen and party food looking around and sifting through stolen food some kong realize but he was in trouble because in his drunken stupor you're broke into the kitchen any drink the jade emperors immortality elixir the when they do you use for i guess the top of immortality ever she millennia in a flash the monkey king turned himself in visible snuck out of the heaven gate and somersault down to the flower fruit mountain he would wait it out until the heat died down and also surround himself with his violent monkey army in his allies should the heat not die down well of course it didn't for some reason the gene eber was furious that the monkey had lied to his advisors threatened in prison the queen servants got drunk at a party he wasn't invited bite at two in the first place had eaten immortal peaches and yeah we didn't mention that you would absolutely snacking on immortal peaches he was supposed to guard and drink emperors elixir well the sauce deal army besieged the flower fruit mountain and this time they were messing around this round of the mountain so tightly that not even water could escape quickly eighteen sets of cosmic nets were spread out above and below the entire region still the monkey king held out proving the challenge for thousand warriors from heaven at last it seemed like he had met his match his name would be immoral master a massive deeming king and the nephew of the g timber himself who came in challenge some will come to contest of transformations mid battle monkeying deeming king each change themselves and beans a hundred thousand feet tall and began fighting it out like king kong godzilla all the while their respective army swarming the cave the flower fruit mountain one after another let's deal army captured as many of the monkey monsters is it good distracted some come shrunk helps people and that's been immoral master literally game be upperhand captured the monkey king immediately heaven answer surfer his numerous crimes the problem with executing the moral however with that well they were immortal they tied some will come to a monstrous doing pillar in slashing the tires cut him with an axe stabbed him with the spear an accident with a sword but nothing happened monkey shrugged he was a mortal several times over at this point better luck next time and that's how we ended up in a fiery crucible it was the year of eight try grabs where he was smelter but a high and low heat at the separate him from elixir see had taken the ones that have made his body you like a diamond it of course didn't take he hit away from the flame in the crucible waiting for the opportunity the spring forced to make a break for it but as he did the smoke blew into his eyes turning the red and giving him a weakness he would leave with the rest of his days in one less search hungry angry in tired monkey fought his way through burst from the crucible and read from the house now the gina brad been alerted the monkey and you knew we could bargain with them kill him a reason within their plans at all fail because they thought they were better than him more powerful than him apparently they weren't they were treating him like an annoyance and they should have been treated him like a rogue god the jane byrne not a trump self as this realization cold rising from the throne damper announced that it was time to take this monkey king seriously it was time to call on the buddha himself self a monkey king surrounded by hundreds of beating celestial beings staff back behind his ear he looked on the humble simply dressed man who stood before him the monkey stormed in full of bluster he didn't want just any place in heaven you wanted me place in heaven he had the throne of the jade ember himself if it wasn't given to him all the destruction here brought so far would be nothing to the cassie will continue to rain down amber until the palace was his the buddha laughed this monkey with little more than a beast who obtained some level of enlightenment the gina brad been studying religions since birth at this maceachin smiled fine you just continue the war you raise the staff called the buddhist bluff the buddha nodded and step forward well played okay here's the deal some hunk put away staff is the buddha had a test for him jump over his palm the staff shrunken the monkey kings hand that's what jump jump over his palm the buddha nodded exactly you hold on hand the monkey brag but he could jumped one hundred and eight thousand miles right well then it shouldn't be that difficult chuckled the buddha prove it jump over my palm and the buddha would take the jade emperor with him into the west and the monkey king would have dominion over this whole world the monkey tried to restrain his excitement it was too simple too easy he smelled a trick but it was still worth a shot he crouched shift in summer assaulted in an instant he was thousands of feet above the year's end a few moments later he was over a hundred thousand miles away he slammed into the years and rose he'd never tried flexing his powers their fullest extent before and he had no idea where he was he stood on the mountain tall narrow rock jamming up from the miss high into the sky they seem to be holding up the sky there were five pillars the monkey looked still around well you pass the test one jumping he will be home but who believe him he put the chest hair and put it into his mouth spitting it out it became a brush and he painted on one of the pillars essentially the great sage equal the heaven was here then be classy monkey that he was he peed on the pillars when he finished he backflip back in the heavens into the buddha sun will come out on his palm grasping beer slough deal palace please the buddha glared should be hearing from his hand the monkey king was confused wait why did the buddha pee on his own hand the boot away from forward what did his middle finger say some calling inspected the great sage equal the heaven was here his eyes wide and this magic it wasn't impossible he fruit his brow at the buddha crouched to get as far away as possible but the buddha turned his hand over and the monkey king flew off the world healing hard and faraway land and the missed a five more pillars this time he knew what they were pillars became five mountains and the monkey king shook his head this wasn't happening he learned everything you needed to he had earned his place in despite them throwing up roadblocks every step of the way he he had risen it wasn't fair he crashed somersault but it was too late the mountains closed over him everything went dark for the first time in the past year since the monkey king it found his way up the heaven oh it's quiet and all remain quite it is the slush steel celebrated their victory over the monkey monster as they called him the buddha returned to the west it remained quiet as the threat the monkey presented faded into memory trees and mosque grew in the mountains that contain him the days groti years years and decades and decades and centuries the monkey king some kong came a forgotten relic of an ancient time a myth the legend of be the group behind a station in one more then he apparently had any right to do there you would remain river five hundred years until he was needed until amongst needed a protector someone strong enough taking was someone who needed a chance to tell her what he had done that we will absolutely get back to the story the mike king he doesn't know it yet but he's become part of a larger universe it'll be one of the four guardians who will company the monk on this journey to the west journey we will get much further into at a later date i don't really late getting suppose it means behind these stories but the monkey came to me seems like a cautionary retail about social mobility easy obvious protagonist despite his crude and disrespectful behavior and he seems to always wanna push past the station in life works out for him until it doesn't make it absolutely see the areas where he overplayed his hand that being said the continual lack of respect on behalf of the slush deals free up and comer paired with their borderline pathological inability to give him what he would do makes it easy to see why some common will be so frustrated and how woodley to feedback loop them having less respect them and becoming more entrenched leading to of course the slowest you'll see in the monkey assam rube east and becoming more entrenched in their position will see how everyone is feeling when some ucon has about five hundred years the cool off next week were going to japan and it's the story of mantaro the boy who came from a peach and will see how parenting is never easy but it is so much more difficult you're kids are hearing the call to venture in going the fight of fortress full of heavily armed cannibal demons i wanna say thanks to be forrester author towns of the baskerville two to one three shell two three six six six one here in gucci alex three robyn locus guy chick nicolas allen definitely not olympian good it'd be very mad if you listen to this podcast will miss boy in bumble being one oh one of the reviews and apple podcasts thank you so much for leaving a review and if you like leave a review on apple podcast is still the best place you could find the show the apple dot mc podcast cast dot com there is also a membership thing on the site for less than the price of a knapsack sleep would cost would put over your head so you could nap anywhere okay even get extra episodes source back e books and ad free version is the show that are the first step in every movie kidnapping never checkout support mc podcast dot com for membership and the creature this week is lindsay from the folklore of africa the museum is unicorn and i'm not sure if we've mentioned this on the podcast but unicorns far from there modern incarnations all rainbow and sparkles were actually pretty aggressive and ruthless they had those horns and they used them in the news who is brown and a little larger than his ebro and he was absolutely ready to attack the threat presented itself or even if a threat doesn't presented itself unlike many folklore unicorns horn doesn't have the ability detect poison purifier he'll but it does have another somewhat more interesting power is allah corn actual name funny unicorn horn ranges from two feet long and covered in hair to amir ten inches also unlike many modern depictions of unicorns this horner's retractable in a way no not in a cool wolverine way but in a way that would make even freud blush and apparently deflates insurance like a blue get out of the way only deterrent to unicorn horn at the right time yeah sticking with the awkward theme the female mizzou do not have horns and obviously at that point i don't know quite what distinguishes them from regular horse this creatures been around a long time with you at least depictions appearing in cave paintings a potential explanation for this is that is that is just a simple antelope drawn in profile or that it was it to warn animal that just got injured and apparently became legendary and not a weird anger unicorn with the curly harry horn that's a bittersweet legends is by jason in crystal wiser are theme songs by the band broke free and the creature of the week music is by steve combs thrilling see even more music in the show notes and i wanna say thanks again the better help for sponsoring this week whatever struggles you're facing from depression anxiety trauma angry at her help can connect you with a professional counselor 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