573. Impact of NFL & College Players Opting Out


And now move the sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and bookie brooks. What's up everybody walking to move the sticks Dj Bucky back with your buck how you doing. Ma'am Man. I'm good. I'm good is a is an exciting time because at least when I turn on TV beginning to see football highlights Gaza just conditioning and stuff like that. But you the sense that things are coming back. We're begin to talk about real football stuff. We'll begin to see guys kind of going through the motions and working out I'm fascinated I'm I'm excited I'm excited to see what takes place one of the things I was thinking you know how especially when you're scouting like that hall of fame game would always can. Sneak up on, you beat going about your day like Whoa wait their turn on the TV football game on. Have you thought about the fact that's GONNA be a regular season game. We're going to be kind of not seeing a lot and there's only a couple of weeks of practice in your clock is going to tell you well, I haven't seen all this stuff. We haven't had preseason games. So the seasons still like a month away all sudden like foam like we're playing games year, we are playing games. This is so different but I think Dj, you been close enough to the college game. It's really not that different It just kind of depends on if you're a coaching staff kink on. Adept to how college football teams prepared to play because if we were dealing with the college game primarily, this is what would happen. You would get a couple of weeks and then before you know it, there'd be some kind of kickoff classic that your team is playing in and I think NFL teams and I think Bill Belichick said it eloquently than when he talks about a teams have been doing this for you. So we just have to prepare team to get ready to play. We have to go through the process of blocking. And tackling and learning the fundamentals. But when they kick off whenever the opening game is, we need to be ready but and talking to somebody because I talked to a couple of coaches and they said this year unlike other years your team can have to work itself into shape the first quarter of the season, their first game no matter what can the fitness and conditioning stuff that you've done is going to be overwhelming for everybody Did you've been on the sidelines during those opening gains and you seen guys reason and you can't breath? You're trying to see it as a player. I can remember just trying to hold off for dear life until I can get my breathing under control in those opening games and it's going to be like that. But typically about about week two and week three everyone has acclimated to the speed and intensity, and then it becomes about the execution. Sometimes, it takes about four to five games to get everything Kinda button-down, and that's why you'll see some teams get better and better over the course of the season and play their best ball heading down the stretch, and you hope that you win enough games early that when you're playing your best is still matters. All right. You've you've led me to A. Point, that weren't even going to discuss but that's what agree about these conversations as we can go into some new ground, I do want to let everybody know what's coming up. We're going to talk about the opt-outs we've had. Now a couple of premier college players have opted out tip of the iceberg my opinion you're going to see a lot more but we're going to discuss that also going to discuss opt-outs we're seeing from the NFL level with some big name players opting out, and then the news that just came out today about how that will impact a salary cap and what that could mean maybe for some extensions for some teams we're gonNA touch on that as well as. The the strategy, some of the different strategies teams are taking in regards to being able to quarantine players in kind of create an individual. But so we want to talk about some of those those things but you led me to a point buck I've never thought about this. But you're saying we've talked about the stress on communication the you know the question of whether or not you can be in shape Some of those issues led me to believe if you're a veteran team if you're a team like the saints or you're a team that has your nucleus is been together for a long time man what a year to go fast, you know you talk about we've seen the NFL game kind of adopt some things. From the college game and try to pick up the pace a little bit chip Kelly kind of ushered that to the National Football League, and we've seen a lot of teams adopted changing tempos some trying to go to me man if you're buttoned up offense and you know everything, I, am going to go as lightning fast and make this team that has had no offseason with new coaches in new players and communicate in a very condensed amount of time. Great Point. That's a great idea and I think is a great idea for. All teams, but for veterans, teams and veteran quarterbacks, it really makes sense because when you have a drew brees, Tom Brady guys who have seen everything by going fast you were able to control them dictate and allow your quarterback your best player to really put your team and optimal positions each and every play. It makes sense when you're the saints because you fat continuity. Yes. So many guys they have hand signals Dave. They've done this attorney on the practice field. So as a natural advantage, but I also think is an advantage for the teams that haven't been together a while or teams that have young quarterbacks when. You go fast the advantage of going fast you simplify what the defense can do. You don't see as many exotic pressures. You don't see a wide variety of coverage because communication is the priority and coaches are scared to really open up the playbook when they worry about everyone getting the call. So if I have a young quarterback like a Joe Borough who is very comfortable operating system fast where he has control might think about jump starting the offense by going fast all of the time to limit what the defense can do. It eliminates and reduces some of the variables which should allow the young quarterback to play better. I'm going to challenge you here because I know you you played and the K gun there, and you guys were kind of one of the first teams that really cranked up the speeds. The speed of the game can't remember no Richardson coached at Arkansas. Do. Do you remember the nickname of the way they played or the style. Yeah Forty Forty minutes of Hail. Municipal. Ninety Ninety four feet A. Pure pressing on a side note when I coach I know you knew that book will be when I when I coach my my son's wreck ball teams when he was like seventy nine Dj a four core pressing because when you have little kids, you can't put an office. So just create turnovers and layups all we did was press and she lay ups but I like that you bring that up forty minutes of hell because. When you're going fast, what you're doing is not only reducing the variables when it comes to what you see from the defense. But now you put conditioning at the forefront of everything and with these big guys not being able to rotate guys in and out the game if you're able to have success a couple of drives in a row and you talking about wearing down a defense especially if it's a defense that they want to have the big Gaza Front. Meaning three hundred plus pounders you got to run stoppers or whatever. Well, you never let those guys off to feel. So the pass rush eventually leaves go back and think about the Atlanta Falcons New England patriots superbowl when Atlanta had that big lead but they're forced to be a pass rush mode against Tom Brady playing fast and the third fourth quarter we saw them wilt and he eventually had his way because see some teams gain an advantage by doing that. Yeah, I mean to me I'm looking at the team just won the Super Bowl. That's what's scary. I mean I I don't think it's far fetched to say that the Kansas City chiefs in this environment can be more dynamic and more explosive than they've ever been because you have the relationship between an you're reading Patrick. Mahomes. You've got the majority of the skill position players all the same. The offensive line is very little turnover, offensively same coaching staff. They should be able to go fast and to me I think about the movie like hoosiers like where's the ball are we can use the ball like know we're not practicing with the ball like this is this is that's where we are right now you can't really practice. So the teams that are taking this time right now, this kind of ramp up period to really get themselves phenomenal shape man that could have a huge payoff for him to start the season and maybe even throughout the season. Think you could have a significant advantage that simple thing that you you speak on. I think it matters. It doesn't always have to be no huddled tempo when I was with Michael, the Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh steelers always give us problems because at the time they want to only teams ever into three four defense. They did the zone blitz stuff that was very very complex and hard to pick up. So what we do DJ, we would go off I out all of the time and the reason why we would into how to get out to get to the LAI goal. I sound you eliminate the Free Sneh reads you make them just get lined up dictate. and. So once again, with a veteran quarterback that understands what he's looking at, it's a huge advantage so whether you go temple no or temple quick paced fast rhythm. Man You can give your quarterback, your office, a significant advantage especially when you only have three or four weeks to work your team into shape defense is going to be playing on the heels. From The way this season is appearing to lineup. I'm thinking about some other teams that could do this. I. Mean off the top of my head coach. Phil. Philadelphia Eagles. Could do it because you've got Winston. Doug Peterson who have that along relationship there Baltimore you talked about the way they played naturally lends itself to play in this way the rams with McVeigh in golf you know having a good chemistry there and I think you've got a lot of the same pieces on the perimeter. They could be another team it should be able to go pretty fast. I think that that Era Zona. Kings Bury's background they have. The ability and that's what that offense is at its best their home and like that, and Roland calumnies played in that style of pace. So they could be another. What I mean seahawks have had continuity. There's there's a lot of teams when you start rolling through this had some continuity here with the head coach, the quarterback and most of their offense to be able to really create this thing up yet the team that you mentioned and I think it would be fascinating to watch teams already had a tough enough time trying to figure out what the Baltimore Ravens are doing with the Mark Jackson. The option stuff that they do really test the discipline of your defense and so even though teams of it all off season to break this down near, you trying to get your team ready to play against something that is unconventional. Lamar Jackson played fast when he was at Louisville imagine being an UPTEMPO team that is really run heavy. That is the thing that we haven't seen any. If you go back and you really think about chip Kelly and did it chip Kelly operated fast so we could get the running game on track because if you pick up three or four first downs in succession, the defense gets tired and now you don't WanNa lay on those blocks you're slow to get off and get into the running I. Think Baltimore could have a huge advantage with the option attack today run I think we stumbled onto something here just kind of accidentally I think this is this is going to be fascinating to watch. I think it is fascinating to watch from day one. If you're a defensive coordinator I, think you have to put some drills in and when these teams are talking about more scrimmages I think you could see this be a big part of that. It may not be lot to the ground but third temple hurry up offense temple off is going back and forth the quickest way to work your team back in the shape is to make your practices like this. So they have to acclimate to playing fast and communicating and those things. I would be more apt to do this from day one to jumpstart the conditioning of it. So I talked to a coach and this is a one of the better teams in the League and he said that they've done all their homework on this and trying to get ready you know what a lot of studying the college game and he said look we are going to be tackling to the ground. It's something that we don't ever do because you get some preseason games at that. Maybe it's one small period here they're very very. Little tackling takes place on. NFL field during training camp. He said now this year we're going to tackle more in the in the timeframe we have. We ever have before we're going to go to the ground because we have to get those reps that was fascinating to me. We did I ever hear anybody talk like that in the NFL. Yes there was fascinated but I wonder how effective that would be imported as might be because I've been studying too much ivy league stuff and Buddy TV's and dartmouth because they don't practice at all. They don't they rarely have lied tackling they do everything with dummies and bags and robotic dummies that we've seen and some similar things that the seahawks have actually made famous. I do wonder how many teams are going to go over the top when it comes to trying to get their physicality at toughness in their practices. But how was going to work to the detriment when it comes to having a tire team or beat up team when we kick off the regular season or this coach was even he even said this he said look. There's going to be some casualties like we're going to lose a couple of players because of this but we feel like they've done their homework on it and they feel like the good outweighs the bad. In the NFL it's just so funny because you always want to get to the starting line with all of our guys healthy. That's all anybody cares about in this was like kind of a throwback mentality of they think they can find an edge over the rest of the League. If they have a more physical camp than than the other teams, it's interesting. Yet is interesting and and I do want to because we've also heard Chicago bears talk about last year they gave their players off. Season they didn't play the starters and we've heard Matt. Nagy kind of regret taken that approach and so typically, if you do something and your succeeds, your season isn't successful you kind of reverse the train and go back to the other way. So with the physical practices when you talk about taking us to the ground, the one thing that I would carson is be careful beating your team up too much because no matter what you do with the preparation phase, the speed of the game when it comes to the regular season is so different than whatever you can simulate and practice that if your Gaza beaten up if they're slow, they're going. To have a tough time dealing with a fresher team that plays as a rapid at a rapid pace that really moving up and down the field I'd be curious to talk to each to see what Andy is done and training camp the last few years because when I was with coach didn't Philadelphia they went to the ground way more than we did in Baltimore originally, which would shock people because I think they'd say Baltimore the most physical and Philadelphia maybe throwing the ball bunch you know maybe not no no Andy Reid that was a physical they went. They had more live periods to the ground than we didn't Baltimore like by a lot. That surprise me dead surprise me based on our relationship when we were altogether with the packers for three three or four years micro wasn't what we did. We didn't. We didn't BEAT PEOPLE UP IF ANYTHING DJ I hate to admit like some coaches who think this is crazy. We would go non on seven early. So for people that Donato seventy inside run period, you normally have your office Lanaians linebackers and safeties and that front line and you go and run through it, we will do not seven early. Take off the pads me way to practice and practice rest of the practice with just like jerseys and stuff all just worrying about the pace and understanding to execution. But that the physicality part of it, and that is an old Bill Wall Street I wonder with Andy Reid background being an offensive lineman. If he felt like that approach left his teams, you'll prepared to deal with physical teams because I will say in Green Bay we encountered like the rough and rugged teams. It would take us a little bit to adjusted ramp up a physicality to be able to match him. Yeah. He would do things because you had to it. As you know then you don't really have that anymore. But in those morning full-contact practices, he liked to move the ball. So he would move the ball and go to the ground. So there they were almost it was a lot man where you just be moving the ball and now that's not always with the one. Sometimes that's for you to get full live full speed reps with your twos threes. But yeah. I mean I just remember leaving every going like, wow, what in the world like I did not this is not what I thought I was getting into. This is how they operated now operated on that approach and Kansas City with Marty Schottenheimer whereas school to come three hour practices loss of contact. We're banging and we felt like that gave us an edge. We feel like when we walked onto the field on Sundays against other teams, there were nearly ready for the tempo and the physicality there we were going to play with, and so it just got comes down to your school of thought there is a way to go lie to the ground, but to also have a quick whistle and so you're Kinda manipulate their as the coach. You WanNa be physical you want. To stress that you also to from a psychological standpoint, you want to stand in front of the room and say guys, we're more physical than any other team in an ESA football. The way we practice others can't practice like that. So you also trying to build their confidence in that mentality that when we do kick it off, we're going to be more prepared and ready than other teams. It's an interesting approach I think you're gonNA see teams attack this in different ways. All right before we get to the guys opting out, we're talking about this a little bit early before we came on. The unique idea that the saints have on kind of creating an an individual team bubble go ahead. No I I think the the New Orleans saints are doing something that. Is Different than what we've heard from other teams in. New Orleans, saints of basically trying to put together a bubble they've. Agreed to. Have Basically. A hotel provide their players with rooms for their tier one personnel. So the players, the coaches, some of the medical personnel they WanNa make sure that those. People, are housed in the hotel there in their own rooms their way from everything they're not exposed to the outside world because they believe a shopping talked about the team that can attack this virus and keep everybody away from it. Make sure that all their players are available when they get to kick off, that's the team that is really going to have the advantage by creating this bubble I would say is just like training camp but by creating this bubble in housing their players away from everybody else they may be able to get to the starting line with everyone ready to play, and that could be a huge advantage in this environment. Yeah, I'd be curious if you looked at a breakdown of a team in the saints have seemed to be more veteran team but just kind of us, we kind flippantly throw around like it's different with college in the NFL. These guys go home to their families. Not all of them. Abuse to see like what percentage of guys have you know? A family they're, they're just single a single guy versus being a single guys, wives, living girlfriends those those guys that a little more settled it will be interesting to see how that is I. think regardless of it I think we're seeing and I cannot remember who the player who talked about it from the Miami Dolphins. But he talked about how gas have to hold their teammates accountable and that this year where people talk about family in terms of the team concept, it really means more than it had in the past because you have to be careful what you're bringing back to the family going. Out being in bars being around a bunch of different people and potentially bringing things back to the family into the bubble year that's risky and that's reckless and if you engage in those behaviors, they're going to cast you aside and I know they put in more punitive penalties for guys when it comes to those things. But now more than ever, you have to be very disciplined this year and that discipline has to show up not only on the field. But in what you engage in off to feel, it will be a marathon to see how these guys are able to Kinda stay with it Discipline Yeah that was bobby. McCain and the dolphins. This is my idea actually brought this up with the with somebody the other day. Talking about talking about baseball but I to me I would do it if I was if I was general manager of an NFL team or if I was a head coach of NFL team. Let. Me Think of this idea book because what I would do is every day because this is not something that you can have a lapse in judgment we've seen that baseball you can be an on your best behavior. You know twenty three of the twenty, four hours a day but I mean you're out for fifteen minutes where you're not supposed to be in A. Crowd of people you're not social distancing. You're not you're not wearing a mask. Then here we are in a casino you're in a Bar, and now we've got major issues throughout the organization I would every single day I would have another a different member of the team and it could be the coaching staff or the players like say, for instance, you know you're the. I worked with. Do you just these jags because one announced that Bucky just announced that he's doing work with Jags so I would on Monday Gardner meant you won't you get up there and you can tell us about your grandfather tell us about your grandmother tell us about you know if you've got a young daughter or whatever tell tell us a little bit about that person and then if you finished every single, it could be a two minute thing at the at the end of the at the end of the conversation say guys hurt her Health Mike My Grandmother's health is in your hands. Let's be smart. Next day boom defensive lineman POPs up there. You know my wife has diabetes here. Guys. Her health is in your hands like that daily reminder we are. We are in charge of taking care of large group of people here we have to be smart. You know we have to be smart and I like that idea but I think another thing that will come to play DJ teams that are able to create this camaraderie within the team years ago when I was in Kansas City, what we would do is on Thursdays, we would have A. Film sessions after practice and they would bring in food they will bring in pieces they were bringing in all kinds of sodas and stuff like that where to keep everybody around I think male more than ever those activities are really vital in Green, bay. We used to have so food Friday where they would have a caterer bring stuff up on Friday to keep you around the facility guys wanted engaged and they wanna have that camaraderie that you normally was share outside of the building were nail what you have to do is. You have to get them to have that in the building because in the building you can control that Environ safe. It's the safest place you're going to be a safe bubble. So the teams that are able to bring it in and it may cost more on the budget line right? It may cost more, they were catering and bringing these things in, but you have to give those guys and opportunity to decompress, but you wanted to do it within the sanctuary of your facility because you know they won't be exposed to the other stuff. And look hopefully this way it's set up right now works I know a lot of people have thrown out different ideas of how to do individual bubbles and what teams could do. I did see one that actually Kinda liked. which was worse case scenario right where you have a little bit NFL's a longer season, you can't people are not going to be away from their families for the entire season. That's that's that's too much of an ask but if you built in league wide buys. Every four or five weeks where you can have by where you could. Go be with your family and then come back into your bubble get tested, and then re enter into your team bubble than look it's not ideal. We want to be around your family's every day, but it's a sacrifice. He may be willing to take in the short term to try and get through a season. I thought that was interesting idea. How another idea Dj. We've all seen teams because you've been with the Baltimore Ravens than if they went on playoff runs as we get closer to the playoffs, there's a level of seriousness that begins to happen with the team I believe having a bubble for your team down the stretch will be critical because we understand what the loss of a quarterback or key member could do just think about in the playoffs when we hit the playoffs a guys here's where we're going to do. We're going to bubble up on those. Itself self-sacrifice but for four weeks, we're GONNA quarantine in a hotel. We're GONNA treat this part of the season like training camp everyone lockup in the hotel. So we don't get explosive thing. So can assure that we have everybody. I think that could be a distinct possibility for teams that have real playoff chances and rule title hopes and aspirations. It's interesting man it's again people are trying to figure this out on the fly. I think a lot of teams are paying attention to what other teams are doing. Trying to steal good ideas just as you might try and steal a good play. It's copycat league in every sense of the word. All. Right buck. I want to get to this opt-out thing here. Let's start first of all the NFL side we've seen guys cj Mosey with the jets Eddie Goldman with the bears. Damian Williams with the chiefs you look at all the players from the Patriots with Marcus Cannon Patrick Chung? Dont`a hightower tally they've had a bunch of guys So that's that's a pretty chunk in names we've seen. That have decided to opt out the interesting thing to me was the report that came out today I. Think it might have been pillow Sarah that that that came out with that said, they're going to be able to take the rated number off of this year's Cap, not just the money. So he gave an example, I think it was John James you're making ten million and they had prorated three million on top of that to be spread out over the length of a contract you could save thirteen million on this year's CAP, which you're like I'm looking at the jets. The jets are in a situation where Sam Darnold is is is coming to that point in time we start thinking about an extension marcus maze a safety they could extend this to me makes it a lot more palatable to say if you take cj Moseley's money off the books this year fill that space get one of these extensions done frontload that money, and then you're not any worse shape going forward with the cap this is going to create some opportunities for some of these teams. I would have to win they could science donal or if they have to wait to Adam year, they might have one more year because because there will be there'll be interesting because he would have the biggest thing and I think he would actually be the easiest one to use to feel cj Mosey spot you talk about seventeen million dollars plus whatever the bonus probation is you may be talking about twenty million dollars. How about a few Sun Sam Darnold I'm not saying that you can't based on the rules, but if you could get him a, let's get his money mail. So we can put it on dish used books as opposed to having the weight it could be. As huge event is but you right Marcus may some of the other guys that you could identify on your team that you WanNa. Give those extensions it could happen when we talk about the New England Patriots let's just kind of fast forward to the end of the year. Let's just say the Cam Newton was the starting job and plays at a high love. Dj Come to him with an extension before the end of the season. And gave him a bunch of cash early and then have the cap in relatively good shape going into future years because they gave all his money right now. Well, and see like the jets when I talk about Sam, darnold well, not necessarily saying, you even have to do Sam Darnold. What you can do is you can work some other contracts you know be at new extensions of Marcus, may you can reduce some other deals and you can put their money into this year, which creates more money into next year for. It just allows you to kind of move things around a little bit and be a little more flexible. Yeah. Like the teams that are really good at in terms of manipulating the cat if reserve a lot of space, I mean he's a lot of space for them. If they have some guys had big big cap numbers that opted out in gives them an opportunity to kind of reset because we were worried about how The reduction in the salary cap was going to impact these teams next year and beyond when there you have an opportunity to look at whether reduction could be and begin to envision what does that team going to look like next year when it comes to the core players how can we get those cap numbers in line to be able to handle reduction while also give us enough space to sign some additional firepower. There those guys are working together to cap guys the personnel gas in the coaches be able to understand an dente who are the guys that are central to what they want to get done. Is Pretty funny like this. So I was just typed in just to see if anybody had written anything on this recently I typed in Sam darnold right. So I was going to see what was out there on. What, like the people ask or whatever people also ask you it's like basically what the searches have been the search history for Sam Darnold here's this. Here's a search history for Sam darnold number one what is Sam darnold salary number two how long will Sam Darnold be out number three? What Disease Does Sam Darnold have number four is Sam darnold healthy not great. Not Great there. That's not what you're looking on your search history. Is Definitely Nygard is not exactly what you're looking for but he has an opportunity to play Seo, say the cards stacked against him because I still feel like they need more firepower on the outside for us to really get a chance to see what he can be but. One reasons why we liked him when he was coming out is because we felt like he had the ability to elevate those around him this you will get a chance to see. I. Think. The biggest thing is this is a great opportunity for everyone to evaluate Adam Gates. Adam. Gates. Has a reputation for being a quarterback whisperer and an office of Guru will this year I wanna see what is he able to do to help him donald working with him now can't he elevate him Kenny, get him to play a different level by scheming things up that allowed him to have enough layups to begin to string together completions. That's what I WANNA see from the coach hip this year for. Adam. All Right College side. We've seen these guys opt out. We've Seen Rashad. Bateman, who is the latest one? And then Caleb finally was the first one there from Virginia Tech. Those two big ones we've had kind of the little little dust up there in the PAC twelve. With with what's going on there. So Cassidy Woods decided to from Washington state that was bizarre by the way recording the conversation with this coachman. Whatever's I mean nothing good about it I just just leave it there but but bizarre but and then we have a revamp. From. I haven't done him or looked at him yet. So but I know we've got the two big guys in Buck. With me on this but. Tip of the iceberg man, I'm telling you within the next seven to ten days. I. Think you'RE GONNA to see a bunch more of these guys and I'm not talking about low level players. I. Think WE'RE GONNA. See some some high level dudes decide that it's not worth it for them to play this year. I think we will. I. Think. I don't know if you saw the facebook post from the mom of the Indiana player I did read that here who contracted the disease because I, think I think we've kind of assumed a young people can handle this resilient football players we'll be affected by it. I think they're kind of brought a dose of reality to the celebration very so where I think some of these young athletes that have NFL futures that I would say pretty secured I. think they will weigh the pros and cons of what do I have the game you have talked about this it won't be the the the guys that have the ability to do. This would be the ones that already kind of know where the they fall in the pecking order. The ones that you worry about are the guys that have the potential to develop like the last couple of number one picks that we saw we saw Joe borough development tremendously his final season. I mean we saw Calamari. Develop as kind of like a one star of the year before and we saw Baker Mayfield do it. So for those guys, two guys that are hanging out there to guys who may enter the year with third fourth round grades, guys who developed and pop. Those are the ones that had to be covered because everyone is going to be in their ear telling them their grades are higher than they currently are in. Are they willing to risk This morning had a couple of texts conversations with some VP, player personnel to former Director of player personnel department on how are you going to treat this guy's opt out and we talk hey, this is very similar to suffering. Season in the injury very early in his final season will go back and look at the previous season's tape. We'll grade them based off the film that we have. We'll dig into the character whatever the thing that we can't do. We can't hold a decision against them, but we can always wonder how much would they have developed if they played their final year you wonder when they great on that curve did you great positively owned occur or do you great negatively on the curve because of what you haven't been able to see their final year while it's interesting to me because? You're going to say if we're going to have a draft right now of. Players under the age of twenty five right you know maybe it's maybe it's twenty, four, twenty, five around that age if we were going to do that league wide and you took the quarterbacks out of the mix. Buck. Nick Bosa might be the first or second player picked. Nick. Bosa shut it down his last year at Ohio State shut it down. Didn't affect them at all didn't affect where he was drafted did not affect how he played and to me that is the story that's being pitched these kids first of all. You'd be shocked if you knew how many players already done with agents right now like the deals are done like the top layers. If you looked at the top I betcha, there's probably I'm not even exaggerating I bet you there's seventy five to one hundred players right now that have already have agreements with agents like they have signed anything but they have a verbal agreement they know who's going to represent them. They've had all this time they've met with them and there's nothing illegal about that is not you know you haven't signed any papers but I'm just saying they're already getting advice from agents. They already know where they're going and guys like Nick Bosa that stories being relaid and people are sharing stories like you mentioned what that, Indiana guards mom talking about what he had been through through this and they're saying look. You know maybe maybe you're the twenty four th pick in the draft now maybe if you come back and play, maybe you're a top five pick but maybe again, the three bad outcomes maybe you get cove and maybe get hurt maybe you don't play well, that's three negative outcomes and they look at the one positive outcome as you play better in you up your stock I don't. WanNa be look I love college football as much as anybody I. Hope. All these guys stay and play and self will get a chance to watch him and we have a full college season but I gotta be honest man that that to me if that's my son and an an agent has come to me and presented that and said Look we've talked to teams around the League. Your son is going to be a top two round pick. If he does not play this year if he does play maybe a top ten pick. Apparent saying man I don't know top two rounds and not taking any of the risk sign up. Okay. So let's talk about the big elephants into college football room. Backs travelers just it feels trae lance. If they don't play another snap of college football, how does that impact the draft status? I don't think it to me. I don't think it. I think to me personally I think Justin fields has has more growth potential. I, think all three of them are. Spanish, they're all GonNa go in the top ten. They don't play snap. They're all going to go in the top ten, right so. That's so now because we're both very, let's put it on my parents had. and. Accuser sitting in this situation and we know for with relative certainty, they can be drafted in the top fifteen. Yeah. I had the opportunity to then hire one of the top quarterback gurus. Because we've talked about this offline. I can hotter higher top guru. To work with seven, eight, nine months, we can go do a bunch of different things when it comes to preparing and getting ready for the next level. Is that more advantageous than taking the risk of putting them out there Cova injuries fall off on play. Yeah. I mean. I think is something that the guys have to consider and desks me who loves college football and loves the process but also knowing this is unlike any other year that we've seen. In. College football if it's going to be to stop and start that, you know based on everything to have an opportunity to really get together and really work on your game and you can't really work on your game without playing but I do believe there's some things that you could do that you have to consider in this pandemic world i. I just think you have to and I think is not those players were but we were about the fringe players who may get bad advice they come up before they're really ready that that's the challenge and like I said, if you ask if you asked to the top two, hundred players put the top two hundred players in a room and said how many you guys are top fifty players all two hundred hands would go up that's the problem is you're gonNA get guys out of That world, they're gonNA end up taking this advice and believe in the hype and not coming I'm not saying this for everybody. But I think we're talking about select group of people that it's a compelling argument to say the least and you're not gonNA get any pushback from NFL teams. It's not like you know if you're starting quarterback I don't remember who it was a year or two ago. We had a starting quarterback that elected not to play in a bowl game when he was healthy. And then Gosh who was real real greer and then he played in the and we'll play in the senior bowl right? Play with his team but then he played and he he got a lot of grief. He got a lot of grief for that. You're not get any grief for sitting out in a pandemic nothing. We're beyond those things I think NFL. Teams have also kind of move beyond the first people that began to sit out when Linda for Ned in. Christian. McCaffrey and those guys setup all games we gave them a hard time but then other guys have done an NFL is just to be like okay I get it like that's your choice. We have more than enough to be a valuated. I. Think this would be a situation where we'll see guys elect to opt out and they won't be just look I have conversations and text. Hey you can't hold it against them like this is something that we haven't seen as a health and safety concern. We evaluate them based on what they put on tape. We have to call and do the background stuff whatever but you really can't judge them off of how they played the rest of it is really your projection. So the guys who have good filming the CAN. I can understand it does who are on the bubble. You may have to go out there and play improve to to get the draft raking won't at the end of the day you know what I was thinking of this is the analogy. This is like Hollywood. Okay and so it's you don't call Tom Cruise and tell me he's come in and read for you. You don't. So some of those star players you say, Hey, here's the deal. This is this is your job. If you want you got, we want you we want you in our movie. There's some other players you know what you come in here and read a little bit I. Don't know if I've seen quite enough yet from your acting career to be able to give you this role in my big budget movie. So you come in and read a little bit. Okay. Some people might even have to have a callback you maybe you need play like a full. You come in and I just want you to come and read for like three four games just read for three or four games. I'm a look at you and say, okay, you're out. So Dj desks, the other thing we've talked about this off the air, but there can be some guys who say, okay here's what I do. I'm not quite at the point why can opt out before the season but what if I get three or four games in and I can read some lines mash is coming read some live that's. Three or four games, and then I'm like you know. Good. Got To roll. So we may see some of those things happen it is unprecedented, and also with the player empowerment movement were more players in college football are beginning to understand their power in seizing upon power we may see. Many may be different all the way we may see some guys opt up before macy's guys kind of walk away from the team after, and that could be problematic for NFL teams looking at it like man. I get it but you Kinda quit on your teen depending on the circumstances and then you see some guys take all the way through to in. But we will see players do a bunch of different things that make choices and decisions. Based on their health, but also based on where they think they can sit in the pecking order of the NFL draft and one thing I wanNA reminds people that are listening like you might be a situation like we're in. We're in comfortable life right? We're we've been blessed. We're we're we're doing fine. Some of these guys have come from a situation bucky where there are a lot of people relying on them to be able to help their situation. So it's I I just think there's a lot of people that sit in their comfortable life and say be loyal to your team they gave. You this do you need to give them nat like hold up now man? No this is this is the ticket for some of these people was what they can do professionally and to put that in jeopardy I don't know how you can tell somebody to do that I to me that's up to them. Yeah I. Don't think you can have a judgment and also I think it's tough to really weigh in without knowing their family circumstance. You don't know who was in their their house. You don't know what they're what potentially they could be exposing their parents, their kids there Family too think this is one where you have to be very, very careful before you kinda lob an opinion or a high take on what a player decides to do because we just don't know because there's still a lot to be determined on the long term effects of the pandemic. I think we just have to kind of wait and respect everyone's wishes when it constantly decisions that he may now to me, it's. Again I I don't want to hear from people with the give me Oh you need to do this. You need to do that. All bets are off. There's no rules right now it's up to you individually to make the best decision for yourself going forward. So we love college football. I. Hope we get a chance to see college football I would love it if we had all the great players out there on the field. I get it I understand it and I think this is the tip of the iceberg with these couple names you know I. Think we're GONNA see some more here in the next week plus Oh absolutely I think we'll continue to see some of these guys kind of by out because as as a college season is continued to be pushed into mid to late September. I, think more guys are going way in there also have more voices in the ear that may convince them. You know it may be best for me to sit on this on just training prepare for the next love. Right. I do want to announce this new podcast that's coming out starting next week. It's called the hard knocks podcast hosted by our buddy. Peter. Schrager hard knocks. A TV. Show is going to debut on third on Tuesday I should say August eleventh at ten pm Eastern on HBO, hard knocks this year covering the rams and the chargers. Is they're music in the world I don't know about you but I'm ready to run through a brick wall. I hear those tuned because it means one thing. Yes. The NFL is back in action and so his HBO's hard knocks. In a season that's already unlike any other the league and how let's be honest the world has ever seen HBO is raising the bar yet again by going behind the scenes with not one but two NFL teams for the first time ever in hard knocks Los Angeles. HBO's unparalleled access to training camp where we can new heights with a two twenty Los Angeles Rams and the twenty twenty Los Angeles chargers. I'm Peter Schrager host of the NFL Network Good Morning Football show and I'm back as your host of the official hard knocks podcast joint production from HBO Sports Nfl Media Every Week I'm going to provide you with the recap show you want with an. Added layer of behind the scenes access and information typically, you'd go to a water cooler at work and discuss what happened on last night's episode loose slash probably not happening this August subscribe to this podcast because I will be breaking down the most intriguing storylines with people in the know decision makers, apple teams, and the actual producers at NFL films and Hbo Boots on the ground in Los Angeles. We'll be discussing teams highly anticipated moves to their brand new stadium, the chargers quarterback battle between Toronto Taylor Justin Herbert Sean McVeigh's plan to get the rams back on top and of course, we'll talk about all the challenges that will be coming from navigating a season amidst a global pandemic. Go ahead right now and subscribe to the hard knocks podcast on Apple podcasts wherever you get your podcast and make sure to watch our Knox HBO streaming on a Max on Tuesday nights beginning August eleven. It's the hard knock podcast. We are here q the water sprinkler noise and let's go. A buck that's going to be fun man our Buddy Peter Schrager is going to be all over that. It's GonNa be kind of like he's GonNa be our Andy Cohen kind of recapping. The show here is going to be fun. You should be a Lotta Fun it'd be. Interesting to see obviously, you have more access to the charges being down there being around their camp but whatever like I'm just curious to see how this gets done and I think the behind the scenes footage of what guys are experiencing, how different this training camp is for everybody will be fascinating I. I can't wait. I'm excited about the football season even though we kind of have this cloud of uncertainty hanging over top I just think this is going to be a year where the best coaches, the coaches who are adaptable to coaches who have really good plants and getting there guys ready to play. I. Think they go stand up for the rest of the pack No. Well. Let's Let's wrap things up here. This was fun man just again I love chatting with you man we always come into these shows with our ideas of what to do and you never know where it's going to go but that's the beauty about podcast over the heck we want to go. We can just take it. Is Funny. The next time we chat I do want to get the breakdown of those players because those are some really good players I studied. Bateman. For. Good players 'cause use me statements are really good player. Did you think he had big time juice I thought he was not either I thought he played four five and some people said I guess he's GonNa test better than that but he's a good player is good I mean it's funny. In the pockets but let's just talk about. F are like the thing that I wrote in my notes chain mover he's a guy that does a really good job of working and doing birdie dirty work in between the has before you talking about that, some of the best that I've seen here's one hand catches his ability to come down his hand. Eye Coordination is exactly what you dream of four wide receiver catches any and everything that is all around him and I love your comparison because you compare him to Michael Thomas. I'm GonNa give you another one. Aj. Brown. Because when I lifted him, I didn't see the Blazer and it reminded me of Aj Brown because when Aj Browser Oh missiles like I don't know how fast years but then Dj baby average over twenty yards of reception. I mean there's ridiculous amount of yours per catch and so look at Aj Brown this year in the League for someone who I didn't think was a burner even though he ran four hundred to combine his ability to really create these explosive place, I Rashad Bateman, being able to do that as well. I love going back through the notes and and looking at some things as we're talking and listen to you. He's such a sharp route runner. He never drifts which again you see. So much of that at the college level guys aren't precise I it. It is what it is the way the game's played there, but he was crisp. He was very crisp doesn't drift. He works in traffic. He's got kind of that subtle quickness at the top of his route and he's GonNa have the Dow in a little bit of the physicality down the field but much rather be able to. Rein, that in than to get somebody to be a little tougher, a little more physical and again you mentioned it but just the hands, the hands are outstanding and then also I wrote down for receivers you don't say this a lot but I have I wrote FBI FBI, FBI FBI like he's got incredible football intelligence broken plays being able to feel leverage like he just very instinct for those that don't know FBI stands for football instincts he is dripping with with instincts. He has a lot of things that. You really like and I like the fact that he played on the backside ex but he also win the slot some. Feel like he really showed you. He do a variety different things at this on the Balaji you the vertical port catching the ball over the middle of the field I thought he was physical echo raises enough to catch the ball inside everybody's not built to go inside and run the digs and the slants and the Bang Gates out thought his courage to the catch point stood out in. A row down very good one after catch crafty wiggle power. He can give you a variety of different ways to continue to get out of that that I tackle and I think in this game if you can get the ball to someone under the parameter and if they can make a defender to miss, that's when the big place. Bateman I saw that repeatedly show up on tape. Yep. The only thing I wrote down is. On some rare occasions, I, he got stuck a little bit and press. But he's got to strengthen the quickness to be able to improve in that area that just come with with more experience yet though award about Kayla for the what'd you think about it? So Kayla Farley. I've done nineteen of my I look scouting reports that you can go to nfl dot com slash your Mike and read all these reports on these top college players I've done nineteen he is number twenty. So he is. He is literally my last guy so he's GonNa come out later this week. So I'm GonNa Watch tonight. Or Tomorrow Okay I don't want to influence but here's what I'll say without really talking about his game. He is the prototypical corner that teams like Seattle Jacksonville, San Diego Nothing Ego la the chargers and and Doug was look forward because he's big he's he can kentucky his ball skills. It'd be interesting when we had that conversation about him because there's some things that are really really like but I also had a couple of questions and I want to see if you have questions although same aspects. Okay. Well, let's let's TVD that's. Let's get that on the next podcast. I. Love as we always are in the verge wrapping these things up, and then we ended up, we have more stuff we want to talk about it just tells us that football season's almost here. That's what it tells us. Yeah for Sure Ben, I'm excited about it. Always, good conversation though. See Mark is trying to start beef here. He he just put on our little chat here padres because the padres came off of a win over the dodgers but mark I've explained this many times I don't say anything I don't say anything until the series is over after the series I might something good happens I might say something after I'm not saying anything in the middle of a series have have you ever played today like when we're taping this I don't know if they played. A The game was right in front of us. I don't know what happened last night or any of those other things like today. Everyone zero zero today, right. Kim We. Agree. Mookie mookie did not play in the game. So that was big for the for the padres but. To me the best we asked Dave. Roberts. Who would be the best football player on the on the dodgers and he said Mookie Betts. To me if you haven't seen a lot of people watch the if you've seen the padres play Fernando tat ts could play football man that duties an athlete do he didn't he hit a bomb bomb? Yeah. He hit one of Bueller a curve ball. He's right handed. Out About fifteen rose up on the right field line. On the line opposite field at Buehler's. After the game is like I don't know I mean that's that's normal. Not supposed to be. To Take it to the opposite field where power like that. But he has what? What's your take on the uniforms I love him I love him and the majority of people love them the pinstripes, the white, the white and Brown Pinstripe the home unions is pretty sweet. But ninety percent of the People Nineteen, ninety, five percent of the people love Guy Haberman. From the PAC twelve network and our buddy up in the bay area hates him but he's a giants fan. It is what it is. So midday coma scheme I, remember I remember as a kid, it was brown. That's. Like. But in the pinstripes new, that's new. That's a new school. So we've got kind of old school colors with kind of a new school look. Darryl. GWYNN and Garvey one. They have pinstripes in Benito Santiago that was. That was Around Brown. Yeah. Okay. That was. Uniform this this crisp white with the Brown. pinstripes big. It's a big dig. I like it a little bit not a bad uniform. You'll feel good I feel good about my combination I was charges or not San, Diego anymore. But you know growing up the teams that local teams for the padres in the chargers. Now call the charger games. I'm still huge padre fan I feel like my uniform combination with my two teams is pretty strong right now. Nice uniform vote both the chargers new uniform unreal. They look so good I can't wait to see that. Polo that you're gonNA. Have to sport from the State Hell. They haven't sent them to me yet. I got a text. Those guys I need somebody get my new gear my workout gear. Wrap this thing up man I do want to thank you guys. We've had a bunch more get on apple podcast and leave us a review in inner raking. We do appreciate you doing that. If you haven't, I would encourage you to do. So that does help us out tremendously and I know we haven't done it in a while but nobile write this down for the next podcast. We need to answer the questions because we're compiling. There's compiled a lot of questions on their on apple podcasts. So we'll put that on the next podcast. So if you've lobbed a question out there, be sure to tune in if you haven't thrown on there and we'll see if we can get to it. That's going to be a forest today. It was a lot of fun. We'll be back real soon with another episode, move the sticks we'll catch you there.

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