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Bijay Gautam Take Your Career Advice From People Who Know the Industry


Wow I'm also making name. Here at the top organizers. And they're recognizing me and guess what entry one and a half years of doing that. So I realized I was running dot vase and I was winning that race interesting but without asking myself. Is this database. That I want to run low fellow risk-takers and welcome to my worst investment ever stories of loss to keep you winning in our community. We know that a winning investing you must take risk but to win big. You've got to reduce it. Today's episode is sponsored by the valuation masterclass Online. The complete proven step-by-step online course to guide you from novice devaluation expert. Podcast listeners can claim your amazing thirty five percent discount by going to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals. My name is Andrew Stotz from Stotts investment research. And I'm here with featured guests. Bj Gultom BJ. Are you ready to rock? Hey Andrew bring it on. I'm super super excited to be on your show. Let's do this all right and I am really excited to have you and let me tell the audience a little bit about you so bj's the CO founder of W Y N Studio a company that creates podcast for brands. Ladies and gentlemen. Listen Up. This guy knows about podcasting and how it can build brands so he hosts one of the top podcast India the inspiring talk on this podcast chats with top entrepreneurs bestselling authors thought leaders and celebrities about their journey as India's podcast coach and consultant. He has coached over one hundred people and helped over five organizations launched. Their podcast is conducted. Podcast workshops and trainings across the country reaching over two thousand participants has been featured in various media and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events but before all this began. Bj was working as a research scientist in leading pharmaceutical company. He was clearly losing motivation and drive in his life. And that's when he started the inspiring talk and within fifteen months of starting his podcast. He quit his job to follow his passion about podcasting and people through his podcast. My goodness bj take a minute in. Philly for the tidbits about your life. Thank you so much for that in true. Andrew as you mentioned I was booking is a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. And that's when I realized this is not something that I want to do with my life when I looked at people who wear five US ahead of me in that career right who attended ahead of me and I couldn't see myself deal when you know even if I got promotions and all the rages on everything year on year and if I reached that position in five years ten years and I couldn't see myself being happy and that's when I called pugh. This is not something that I want to do with my life. And what's the next thing that I want to do? And that's when I started thinking. Hey wouldn't it be interesting to reach out to already successful people and asked them? Hey what's been your journey like. How did you figure out what you wanted to do in your life? Because I had no idea what I wanted to do next in my life and that was the idea I wanted to ask people how they figured things for themselves in doing so maybe just maybe I can find a blueprint to figure out what I want to do in my own life. So that's how I started reaching out to entrepreneur. Ceo's taught leaders in different people and started interviewing them. Fall my podcast. They'd sparring talk. And that's how I got into podcasting and I love this medium so much. I always wanted degree day. Deal Jockey as a kid and I'm sure most of the you know a lot of people who are listening to this podcast if you know hard radios as a kid. I am sewer at one point of time you wanted to be radio jockey and I wanted we. The savings will and you know. I love this medium. So wasn't I thought okay bomb. This is what I WANNA do. That's how I got into podcasting now. I do bought US flu time. It spot gusting. And I now run a company that creates podcasts for Browns and you know people who are looking at building their personal brand so yeah So much to that story. I mean the first part of that story that I find interesting is that there's a lot of people particularly in Asia but across the world that are in jobs and careers. That really aren't satisfying and they may be there. Because their parents told them study accounting you can get a job in that or whatever that is but they find themselves in a situation you know that they're not satisfied with their happy with and yours is an example of exploring outside of that to try to find where you can find your happiness. The second part only in Asia. It's like a global phenomena and was looking at this research in fifty five thousand people said Damn unhappy with the absolve and that's that's more than half of the population. And that's you know kind of world that we're living in today it's shocking. It's just shocking. I would say the other part about your stories for those people who are listening and aren't satisfied with your job. Start exploring about what else you could do. And it may be podcasting it may be something else but explore and explore why you got your job looking around and then try to find some area where you could try to build something and build something new in. I teaching. For instance about finance and stuff. I get a lot of people that are engineers that say. I WANNA move into finance. And they do that. So you know number one is explore and then the last thing I'd say is that the world of podcasting you know what's so interesting about your story is that you started a podcast to try to answer a question that you had and that is what should I do you know and you started asking other people. What are you do and that is you know? The opportunity in podcast is just endless by being able to ask just that question. You could ask that question to a thousand people over five years and you would actually become a massive expert in that area so while a lot to your story. Well now it's time to share your worst. Investment ever instance knowing goes into their worst investment thinking. It will be tell us a bit about the circumstances leading up to it and then tell us your story well so I mentioned about becoming an artsy and how fast it was about the audio or being just in media because when I was growing up as a every single function at my school I was the guy who would be up there and stays hosting the program who is leading the different divisions that you know. They used to create in school where the dots four different competitions. Whether that's for just building kind of community a team in this school and I used to participate in all this debate competitions and all this speech competition. I was that guy who always loved talking and being in front of people and so for me naturally. I knew that I need to study media. I need to go and study communication and media and get into this medium off. Being Arzi or being a television presenter. Are Anything that has got to do with you. Know going out there putting your face out there and talking and when it completed my high school and when I was thinking about what do I want to study at my callers and Dot Swin when I spoke to a couple of people asking? Hey what do you think that the media is a career has good opportunities in the future and the people whom I went to ask for the advice on other people who come from media background or who has any idea what they're talking about and this people went on to tell me. Now tell you what media is now going down. This is not a good career option for you to opt in and You can make a lot of money if you're going to media say it's better that you pick something reaches hot and that's how. I got into pharmacy because a lot of people told you know what this is. Pharmacy is really hard. And it's opening a big time. Now there are a lot of you know. Pharmacist JOBS BEING CREATED EVERY YEAR. So you should go and study pharmacy. And that's how I got into pharmacy. I invested my four years. I invested all the amount you know that I had all the money that had to study. Something Study Pharmacy and I did that for four years and when I was doing that I started feeling that this is not something I wanted to do at the end of. You know fourth year of my callers and when I started we didn't before steer and his interesting thing. Even when I was studying pharmacy I was topping call is I was getting scholarship for getting good number. I was being awarded as the best student of pharmacy and the finally I got placed in the top pharmaceutical company in India and now for the outside world. It seemed like a success. This guy made it right and for me as well at one point of time. I caught in know what I'm talking. I'm getting older scholarship. I met it now. This is what I wanted to do. I felt that's an even on the job on the first you itself. I got awarded as most promising candidate for our organization. And that also said Wow amilton making you know name here at Stop Organization and they're recognizing me and guess what Andrew One and half years of doing that. So I realized I was running vase and I was winning that race. Interesting mean but without asking myself. Is this database that I want to run and bats something that I did for seven years while my worst investment would be the amount that invested for my college education and the Sabin years that a whis did do something without realizing. This is what I wanted to without asking myself. Is this truly what I WANNA do? Is this truly what in what will make me happy in my life and that would be the worst investment. But here's the interesting thing. I called it Crete after investing seven years saying that. Screw the seven years that I've wasted but I want to be here and whisked into the seventy just because I wished at Sabin we in fact a lot of people do because they have wasted. Oh my God. I hope within seven years of time if LET'S IN Z. An amount and money everything to do his thing and you know but how can I now quit this and try something totally new but for me? I didn't wait for seventeen. Seventy or twenty seven years to just have that realized and take that accent. I did that but still the worst investment for me was to go to the callers and study something that I had no idea I wanted to do and I loved it and then you know taking up job so that that would be worsened. But I'm Andrew Yep and let me ask you just before we go onto the next question. I just want to go back to your story and I wanted to think about kind of your low point in those seven years and that that was the point that you hadn't yet decided to leave but you also kind of were really starting to realize that this was the wrong place and I want you to think about you know. There's a lot of people if we if you said the statistics that you said about people being unhappy in their jobs which I think is very true. Think about that person. That's at that point. Can you just describe? What was it like to be in this period of time? Where you you knew you probably when you finally realized that you really weren't where you should be so I would define that period is the frustration so I think that would be most prominent emotion that I failed at that point of time. Yes I would frustrated with myself. I was frustrated with the environment and more soul. The environment that it was at the organization that I was woking was was full of other frustration people and when you are in that company of people who are frustrated. The negativities is something you are surrounded with and when you are surrounded with negativities anywhere surrounded with people who are complaining. It's not saying that I'm not complaining. I am about that. You know that group of people who are complaining frustrated so when let frustrations started heating is remember how uncomfortable I was. I remember how much you know discomfort. I will zine wanting to do something in my life but have no clue what I WANNA do next in my life and I also failed stock. I've made saw no way out there because the one thing that I ever knew was to become a scientist to be there in the lab and walk there but I have no idea was the next thing that I wanna do so I was frustrated and I felt stuck and I had no idea what I wanted to do next. So yeah those rigs that affect and I. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the feeling where you see that there is no way out there you feel stock and you cannot do anything and none of the options in seems to be working and can get you excited and you really feel like damn where am i. what am I doing. Sadat's EXEC fans and I think the other thing I would add to. That is that other people may not be very helpful in that situation. Because you know your parents may say well. You've studied in that you know. Learn how to do it or even in my case with my own father at the time when when I was younger you know he would be like suck it up. I've had years where I didn't enjoy my job. And he can get a lot of different feedback so it may not help you know so true and in Asia bad and it has got a lot of control over their kids. And what's more even interesting to that story? Andrew is since that you have been about you know not other people helping. My parents wanted me to go and do masters in. Us IN FIREFOX MISS. Here I am. I listed my six years off my life doing two years of four years of my college degree and my parents want me to go to the US and wist enter the two years for master whist a lot of money for college education in us. And do the same thing that I hit and do the thing that I don't like I saw agree with you that people do not understand what you're trying to do and now imagine you saying that. I want to kick the seven years that I've wasted and WANNA do something. WanNa Start fresh so mislead. That is not something. A lot of people in your network would understand. They would say you have gone crazy exactly all right. So what lessons did you learn from this experience? So one of the things one of the most important lesson when I look back it and when I was just thinking about what probably would be the biggest takeaway for me when I look at the entire life journey of mine. As the most important one would be daunte. Take advice from someone who has not walked the path that you WANNA walk so if you remember I went and asked to couple of seniors in high school. Seniors are into the people who were just getting started with your callers but they had no idea about the media or any of the field so I just went and took the advice and you know just leapt by it but if I had gone to somebody who has walked that somebody who was in that field than maybe they would have guided me bitter. So that's one and second one would be. I always knew as I mentioned a key that I wanted to go and study media so probably if I had followed my gut without thinking about if I'm GonNa make a lot of money if this thing has got a lot of career choices if I'm GonNa make it big in this or not if I had followed my on gut citing. Sometimes it's very important for you to share a listen to you on hot and listen to your gut and just gory did without listening to a lot of people so these would be too key takeaways for me when I look back at that story. Great Okay let me summarize what I took away from it and see if I if I missed anything but one of the things I wanted to talk about was the sunk cost fallacy and we have this fallacy in investing and just in life and that is because you've sunk time money energy into something in this case seven years. We oftentimes are very slow. To let go of that and so the reality is though what is gone and done is already gone and done. And so in the case of investing a lot of times to deal with sunk cost fallacy. That say you own a stock and it was at one hundred when you bought it and it goes down to. Let's say eighty sixty or forty and it goes down. You know the question that you have to ask yourself is if knowing what I know now about this company would I buy it today at this price and it helps us to kind of get zero based thinking to say imagine. I did not invest those seven years. What would I do? And this is very helpful. Tool to try to break free from the sunk cost fallacy. The second thing that I take away from this that I'd mentioned about he said you know it's kind of interesting because when I looked at own self when I was younger studying in university I never asked the question you know. Are there good career prospects in this particular area? I was studying. I never even brought that into my consciousness. When I was choosing my major and you know on the one end you could say well. It probably would have been a smart thing to do but on the other hand. Maybe it's just a distraction. Maybe you know the fact is find a place that you really enjoy what you're doing and build your little area in that spot and don't worry about you know the overall industry and so that's something that kind of made me think and then the last one is that. I've been in situations as I'm sure many of the listeners have where you find yourself talking about negative things and you find yourself complaining and I found myself many years ago in job constantly telling people that I was busy I so busy and was very stressed and all that and I kept repeating this when people would ask me. How's work and all that and what I ended up doing is designing somewhat of a mantra that I said each morning and that mantra was one of the things that I said was all. My words are positive. Then I repeated that every single day and I repeat at Sunday's many times until it created a little radar in me so that when I was not speaking in positive words I knew it and therefore I stopped speaking negative words. I tried to only speak positive. Not doesn't mean that everything's positive in life but I believe that just spilling out. Lots of negative just doesn't necessarily solve the problem so if somebody is stuck in a situation where everybody is negative. You know try chanting to yourself every morning. All my words are positive. And you do that every single morning. Maybe two or three or five times a day and then do that for a couple of months and you'll find that it really does change your thinking and it helps you to understand the environment so those are my takeaways. Anything else you dad. I think you have summarized those very nicely. Andrew Yard think in summary. Those would be solved a key takeaways from the story. Okay so based on what you've learned from this story and what you continue to learn. What one action would you recommend our listeners? Take to avoid suffering the same fate one action so I would like them to stop and ask themselves one question. Ask yourself is this investment that I really wanted to make whether that's the investment in your relationship that you are in our with US investment of time that you are putting in our with us the financial investments. You're making something our investment that you're making and people just stop and ask yourself. Is this really the investment that I wanted to make in my life is really this investments going to help me in the dreams or goals that have and if the unseasoned no? I know it's going to be hard. I know it's not easy when you have the answer nor for the investment that you have been making fun of the biggest investment that you have made. I know it's difficult to move on from that situation but I think that's the right thing to do for your on happiness for your peace of mind. Go ahead and ask yourself. Is this really investment that I wanNA make in my life? Great great question all right. Well now it's my last question for you. What your number one goal for the next twelve months. Who signed super excited about you? Know you mentioned on the introduction about the wfan studio. We have started wwl studio back in November. It's still a tiny little organization part for us. You know our goal with that organization not for this year. Obviously I mean it would be too unrealistic if I say we want to become number one podcast company in India. But that's even should be the goal that we're trying to chase. We are looking at creating. Some of the amazing shows that people would want to listen to and hear some of the beautiful stories to share for this year. I would say just laying the foundation to build a great company. So that's really something that's exciting me for the next. You know grail months great and I'm GonNA put everything in the show notes so anybody listening that wants to follow that story. Get INVOLVED. Used the services of Bj. Make sure you go there so listeners. There you have it another story of loss to keep you winning to find more stories like this previous episodes and resources to help you. Reduce Your risk visit my worst investment ever dot com as we N. B. J. I WanNa thank you again for coming on the show. I know it's painful. Talking about are losers but our listeners are learning to win as a result and I want to congratulate you for being one of the brave words who is turn your worst investment. Ever into your best teaching moment. Do you have any parting words for the audience? Thank you so much Andrew. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I really enjoyed being on the show and love the insights that you yourself. Bring in the kind of person that you are. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed having gone to listen and for listeners. Don't forget cross that question to yourself beautiful. Do you have a good one. Thank you for all those good words and particularly I love how. Bj said before he said asked the question he said the word stop. And I think that that's an important thing in our life is just stop sometimes and then asked that question. So that's a wrap on another great story to help us create grow and most importantly protect our well fellow risk-takers. I'll see you on the upside.

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