Performing miracles on a tennis court: R4/QF catch-up feat. Federer 7MP heroics; Djokovic routines Raonic; Wawrinka-Zverev + Nadal-Thiem previews; Barty marches on to Kenin SF; Halep + Muguruza ready for battle; McEnroe + Navratilova court controversy


Thank you ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the passing show. Ten book by fans for fans with Jolan came today. We're going to be looking back on the quarterfinals and forefront action at the Australian Open way halfway through the quarterfinal stage for the men and women. We're GONNA start came with talking about the action from today and I feel like there's any one place we can really start a not as federal versus Tennyson Grin. How enough did Roger Federer that match the winner? Because he says what down. I just thought well this is say he. He was seven. Match points down you know an array but I didn't how on Earth still in the tournament having saved seven match points. Pretty incredible especially he was sita's seemed to be suffering. I think it was a growing issue and really limiting him at all. I don't know how he managed to come through and then and then when it in faith it's I mean I dated what's left for his match against Djokovic and there's vinyl but I mean what about. I was tight city not expecting what we saw last night. Auto well I actually. I think I feel like A. I'm not completely surprised because I think over the last few matches starting obviously with with John Millman and in which policies that wrong we went on the website. I heard you pronounce that. And they definitely showed the federal yes. The first two rounds were very routine but since then the those players have shown federal does have a vulnerability and I think sanguine as well it just showed. The federal is is vulnerable this tournament and I think that vulnerability is interesting because it through our Roger Federer the I think we normally really kind of associate with because I think when we think about Roger Federer who think Wimbledon we think style and elegance and class on it on a tennis court but but really this match against Sangre it was. It was a complete opposite. Wasn't it was great. Say wasn't playing good tennis and it was just you know he just needed to find your shanking Shankar. As as many lighter refer to mass era. Yeah he became very. I'd say a warning from the Empire for audible obscenity which we don't see very often from federal so I guess that was tantamount evidence. Zongren was getting under his skin. I suppose I'm not really surprised that difficult test but I just I just think the manner of and the fact that sangram associate incredibly she winning and federals escaped a radio. Talk much yet again. It's it's amazing. These into office having survived Millman annouce angered at. I mean it's it's testament to to Federer. Actually we don't often maybe think of him as being a real gutsy fighter in the same way that we would have that we think of Rafeh but it just goes to show that he does what he needs to do and he gets the job done even if he's you know struggling physically and you know we we saw the USA from when he played Dimitrov and lost lost that one hit back she You know he came out afterwards and said that he it might be okay after a couple of days so we don't know what his his fitness scenes physical situations like this groin issue in the semifinal so we conserve ruled out that he's going to be a complete gonNA. I know you've said Joe that you think you'll be demolition job against which I don't think it's going to be a competitive but maybe maybe it won't be a complete white wash but yeah I mean I just think fed funds while I can't imagine what stress they were under willingness final. I mean we'll we'll see because as you said. He looks like he has some sort of groin injury. We we do know Federer as a player who I think. He's never retired from tennis today. Believable that was That was his his record. He's never single never ever retired From a well fifteen hundred matches. He's played in his career over. Never saw it. I didn't genius and EBA that starts crazy and yeah and of a status being banded around you know this is the first time federal. His first five matches at slam have always against players ranked outside the top forty and this might very well be his toughest Through to the semi finals I in terms of the closest. Which is you wouldn't put together new. I was thinking I always the community upset on paper. He's had one of the easiest routes three two semifinals of a grand slam inscribed playing plays outside the top forty but at the same time. It's almost been one of his is one of one of his mice crappiest because yeah he's had to really fight it from the brink of defeat on on multiple occasions against you know millman and now now angered and say you know we shall see but yeah his opponent will be done. Novak Djokovic hoist came through Cape through the needles reign on its rocket ship apologies. We'll get some point came through straight-sets. I don't think he's lost. Ever against ten wins from ten. I mean to be honest came. I feel like the only the only thing that was going to defeat Jakovich. Today was his issues. In the third and has taken medical timeout Ni squinting and looked bit. Looks tiny bit concerned as winter? Tie-break in the third set of thought. Oh maybe meal Shkodra you know. Just SNEAK SNEAKER SET. But it wasn't debate. I think it was like seven water break so yeah completely straightforward Jovovich and. He's now into the semi finals for the teens. Time and I don't think he's ever lost a semifinal or final at the Australian Open correct me if I'm wrong but I think when he gets to the stage he as you know I mean. He's looking good for an eighth try to Isn't hey it's it's just par for the course Yeah I think he. He came through. He did what he needed to do. I think Miller says he's giving himself a good account of themselves this tournament. Because yeah we what really talking about him. Even as kind of like the the the the best Canadian player He thought was going to say this but some I think he's giving him really good count of his. I'd just say that Jovic zombies got his number like he does odd lots of other opponents. Because I was reading jokes. Which is now defeated. Twenty-one opponents on ten or more occasions at toll level unnecessarily any four players that have lost more matches not one then around it and they are Gilman Fees Jeremy Shaw D and under sappy who have terrorised terribly three rounds at road and Garros overly eight three as an array. Can you imagine paying fees sixteen sixty one with the short ether need? Sepe twelve times one hundred percent so yet but yeah we do have a Roger Versus Novak semifinal. That's the fiftieth time. That they're gonNA meet and Djokovic has a slight edge twenty six to twenty three Came as well as we said on twitter. I genuinely think this is going to be a demolition job. I think I'm already convinced is going to be. I mean if they federal tons up on court because I don't think that's a guarantee to a out. He's not retired from an expert. He has ashim withdraw before match. But I didn't see him not turning up. I would have to be very bad for that to happen because you never know what's going to happen on the go. I'm not sure it's going to be a demolition or it might be like a small accident a giant but into like car crash just yet we see it being four sets four. I can't even say there's a playing up again. Irit he called C and he even see the ball. I mean federal did win their loss meeting the two. And that's a different ballgame completely rayleigh but obviously Wimbledon final. The last time they met in Islamic that was a crazy match. So we a I tell you wanna say a completely predict because we seen some unpredictable. Things Happen Storman say by shame that will be Thursday night session. So yeah it will be. I think that will help somewhat in federal recovery having the night session mercy's but it's yeah. Let's let's look at what's happening tomorrow so we've not Makoto finals. Let's start with verify against this is perhaps cold front. We didn't expect as Veritas made it through. He's the only Mayo player to go through without dropping a set. Which I certainly is is I was not for saying that A member on our preview. Poed we would just achieving. He wouldn't even get to like the fourth round looking. Say Yeah Lady was going to be a walkie walking seen to draw. I mean he had absolutely no form in the cup. Think he lost all his matches. He was on the blink serving double votes left right and center. But I don't know I don't know what happened. Was it whether you know? The magic spray has been applied but Yeah he's just been on really good form and just coming three players. You would expect him to be up to love with minimal fuss. And then yeah. I think I think that three that straight-sets against rebound for me. That was almost kind of his. That was a statement victory because of how little fuss that he took care of a player. Probably the most informed player known the season in the season upset with two titles. So yeah I think I could go either way to be on it. Yeah I think I still would give stand the edge. Just purely because of his grandson experiencing easy. He's won three ground slobs. He's being stage many times before but I think are feeling quite relaxed. I think he's just probably maybe men's leaders in place at the moment and people won't be. I think people most people will be expecting Stan like as the favourite so I think it's very probably wouldn't put too much pressure on himself. But it's intriguing match-up did I think when you know where the revenue that he was going to donate. If he won the tournament he was going to donate prize. Money or the prize money to the bush fire appeal and I love how you know the the reaction to begin with like. He's just doing that because he knows he gets. The final alleging pay the tone has changed and I think a testament to that is going back to serve. Acp HE SAT thirty-one double foes in seven sets at the ACP and so far in Melbourne. In twelve cents. Ten double votes so yeah. He must've been. He must have been working on his serve and for me. Almost like is the barometer for his performance. If you serve is working You know he's a force to be reckon with if you serve is off the boil then you know. It's a quick end in kind of a quick defeat so I think that will be. You know the shot that I think is going to kind of potentially decide. The outcome of of he gets to the semifinals. But I actually. I'm thinking about in in that match because as I said I think he's had less time on call I think things going right. I mean is. It is life that he feels very happy and positive. And Yeah I I kinda Pat Kim to kind of The beverage has got the experience. But I'm going to buy if he does go on to win the title. He should credit. Belinda bench for improvement is because she was the one that cooed him out on twitter saying he should take day. W Yeah I mean. It's just Stan you yes I I can say going both ways of space but I think stan winning over Medvedev. I think that was already like key indication for me the Stan might be on something here on a row. I think it's quite I think he's quite pleased that he's able to dispel a method to heavy new world number four. I think Stan sees himself eat. I really in that position like just behind the big three and I think by beating method if he's trying to prove your point the actually. I'm the next thing after the big I don't know I just I. Don and also everyone left in the tournament. I think the only way that maybe joke rich could not win. The I-I-I would be Estan went on a road and beaten in the final. You know he seems to be the the bogeyman for Joe Kovic Insomnia but yeah I mean that one. Yeah it's who did I call it really protect. I'm still gonNA go Stan And then also we've got rougher against Dominic team in the quarterfinal which again I I would say rougher low people are actually going team on this I think because we saw teams former hardcore the last year especially ATP finals he was very very impressive and then the last time that he met rougher in Assam on a holiday was that match the USA. Twenty eighteen. I think it was. Yeah it was in the I think and either refer edged tiebreak but without without was incredibly face and if that team shows up in that form again well rough was gonNA have to reckon with yeah. It's it's not one because e C Nidal versus team anything. Oh that's you know. That's a clay-court clay-court matchup attach actually the the That match on the hard courts flushing meadow. Just showed you what show they can put on for the fans On a hardcore as well and I think that is testament obviously to dial and how well he plays across all the different but you know how much dominate team has improved on hardcore. The fact that he can he can bring it to the big three on on. Different surfaces now is not just not just clay core and yeah. I think I could see that very easily going nick. Going five sets I think similar to vary ever wasn't I wasn't that she expecting to be at this stage in our previous. If anyone was listening we did say that. We didn't see team getting to the quarters. I both involved. Then either. Republican defeat Raffarin. Then I'll just famous last words. Tell me he was. He was two sets to one down again. Yeah Yeah I mean in the second round and I think I mean he yeah. I still think he can kind of blow hot and cold in a match and if he does against someone of Nidal's caliber. Are you really going to be able to control back into it so I still? I still probably will back in the dial. I think he's looked very good. This week and Yeah I kind of seeing the Dow I think in the Dow Zverev semifinal today with Adnan Novak fed familiar. Yeah Okay I. I'm going to say rather Stan Navy Fed. That would be right by indeed. Yeah let no so. Just just Auden on the rougher Kiro snatch what did you make of that because as I mean I'm just relieved. That Rafa came through that as Rafael. Especially when he he served for Nick break back in so Gauche and then I think the third set tiebreak curiel stop who foch's and then rough accessible boozman set point. Oh so that helped me quite tense but you know I thought that was. It was school right into their Wimbledon. Wimbledon wasn't Wimbledon animosity and aggressions happening and Carol aimed. That shows at Rafeh. Didn't pay and there was. This seemed much more pleasant and it was. It was leading for me. I know a lot of people. Love kind of the aggravation genuinely was getting into that much thinking. It's only a matter of time before you. Asset net the net and carry us. We'll hit bodyshop but that sort of that was not really so of moment that to kind of light you know ignite the the the match and it just. Yeah just kind of played out as a tennis match. That was really competitive. Ready Fun to watch. You know mustard need that so of controversial element to it because it was so you can feel the tension in the atmosphere and I think the Dow will be happy that you had someone like curious as a test in round four because I think he yeah I agree and I think not putting him in puts him in really good stead for his. You know his quarter-final Against Against Team. Because yeah just think he needed that. He needed a test. I thought it was interesting. Outs came out of it. You know in the press conference You know he said which I thought was quite interesting. He said he over the course of the last couple of weeks. He's he's made progress. Not just as a tennis but I came but as a human being and know. Have we see the curious this season or deep d- by that came or Akzo safer? He hasn't done anything to he's not done anything. Naughty has say maybe this six months sort of probationary ban the gave him Has has helped. I think that will be ending. Well probably around now. I know that was applicable to eighty percents not not ATF. But Yeah I think maybe the bushfires he's been he's playing sort of four in eight because he was playing for his country and hey you know. That's been a big motivator. You know he was going on in his country so I don't know I thankfully he's turned a corner. I mean he said I think is going to need it because what he how is being behaving safer hasn't hasn't helped him. You know progress any further. You know in Slam. So He's needs to change his attitude to to get tha latter stages of slams as an and I think I think he could climb back into the world's top twenty next week and you know the high he goes up in the rankings. The moral attention he's GonNa get and I think it would almost be better for him if he just kind of yet focused on his tennis. Because you know the the stakes will be higher and the ad is it's is I still think we're GONNA get some flash moments but I think he we've seen. We've seen the good side of nick carrier so now I hope it. I hope it continues because I think he's showing what I credit to the tool to tennis Australia. He can base. I be shameful misconduct Ruin it once. Probation is over and he does gets defaulted or something or other. Yeah let's let's wait and see but some kind of rounding up the men's side of the draw. We're GONNA take quick at right now and we'll be back to discuss the women's side so joe. We've got the first of Our Lady's semi finals set ash party world number-one and Severe Kenan is fourteenth seat. Take any of us. Had this all predictions okay? Yes Bharti taking we saw Kenan but cannons. Come through the action of the Joel that obviously had Serena Williams namely Asaka et Cetera. So let's let's begin with Bharti you know we saw a rematch of last year's quarter final with her and Patrick Uva very different kind of state of affairs. This time round they balked is now the world number one actually had lost three matches with Mitzvah. Balti- bought is beaten her whereas before she had never beaten associates really kind of turn their head to head and lost your. She lost in straight sets this year. She she beat in straight sets. Close I set for winter. Brain Cup was playing lights. How could we should've yes sir? Media Party and how much of a fighter fight shares? I think the turning point of that match was saying I think will be kicking herself. I think she had set point as well. Yeah she should. I think she should have won that first set party. You know as I said Tula credit was able to kind of just kind of keep access to data mouzina able to Tanabe on the tiebreaking and basically row rowed away. How much Balti- has has improved within the space for year like this. This kind of match really showed yeah. She's the first strain women to reach the semi says since one thousand nine hundred eighty four. So she is making history for Australia. Obviously the whole nation is she behind in her next match thanks to matches. They're hoping and yeah she's paying cannon next. I think they in Kenan has beaten dotty before. Kennedy's a player. That is is scared of of March. She she will fight into the bitter end in chase everything down so I think it's a walk in the park on Thursday. I think it could go three sets. I think she's going to have to assume thing and dictate I would give Aussie the edge. She's see come through a tougher draw. I would say that. Then Kenan and Kenan should be Biden's ewbal in heckled final and actually on on that point on cannons drew. I was looking at it earlier. I don't actually think she's played a seeded player to reach in the semi finals. So definitely making the most of what on paper is probably quite a quite a nice stroll. Think the funny thing. Is You know we were talking preview about at American getting You know the savvy. Fido's upset the flight of Australia. Diepen but we were talking about Serena Williams. We were talking about sophisticated You know it just shows you as you know as we kind of keeps saying. Is this season. I lost season about the strength in depth of women's tennis full. You know the United States yet. I it's it's you know. It really is really is going strong at the moment identity. How they gonNA pick the Olympic spots per that is going to be an absolute rascal racing itself because yeah that's just seems to be you know. There's just seem to be kind of pushing each other to do to do that. Best in the Kennan. Kenan will be tough. I think you'll be kind of a thing that contrasted says I think quite similar in terms of you know that just sticking get every ball back and they go great kind of presence all around the coal. So yeah think you'll be think he'll be an interesting one. I think he'll be kind of tight to yet but I kind of economic policy the edge you know given her experience and I'm not an east on if he can is by Australian crowd. But you'd still kind of John Can. She is one victory away from from breaking into the top ten so she does could off. An upset reached the final shelby. The top ten. But I mean I feel like it's any amount of time. Maybe before she gets to the top ten any way but yeah and just on Ziebel That match with with Kenny straight-sets but it was closer than than maybe the scoreline suggests she did. Have quite number of breakpoint. Skins can manage. Save Pretty Much. All of them Barjuan am I think she's going to break into the top fifty When the new rankings are released next week so that's a reward effort shutter like? She's she's GonNa again hopefully storming up these rankings. In she got a call from the extreme I I our woman to reach this stage of a Grand Slam and yeah definitely definitely very proud achievement for her over the lost. The last week will say so. Our money's on Balti who who is going to be in the other semifinal let's go Chico Sparta's being tight Murray Semaine how F- against a nets cultivate Hallett's looking to reach semi finals for the second time in three years she overcame Elise Merton six four six four in the last round whereas comtemplates other into the scale. This is her first called final offer slam. So she is in unheralded territory have no idea whether she's GonNa Crumble in the spotlight or whether she's going to pull off an upset she's never beaten Hallett before but they haven't played in three years so he names you back highlight about the go to the ground the grand grand champion nothing I think how his gone three the jewel quite you know with minimal fuss and I think that is gonna put her in good stead for for quarterfinal So yeah interesting. That cultivates coaches. Nigel says his father-in-law kings is is that actually he had a nasty incident a couple of years ago. Yeah I remember that Kim collapsed. When he was in the box was he was he coaching. Was He coaching vanity? Show the time and he sort of paused our or collapsing in her box and had to be rushed off the hospital. What year it was it was. Coffee is a and he said apparently that he he didn't they had a cardiac arrest or something but he collapsed and he said he thought it was because he d to the law of Sushi in the toxins from the Sushi had built up in his system and causing him to collapse. Which I've I've never heard of that happening before from Sushi but he must've been easing over. Yes so you'd have to put your money on Halloween content she. She obviously was amazing. Form Against Belinda Bench. But her loss round against sweet. It was a very close match. So I'm I'm gonNA give the edge to highlight but she she my pre-tournament favourite so. I'm still hoping that she'll come through on the other side well identical final Mugabe a resurgent mcgary collapse against Shankar. So I think this one for me. I'm GONNA give the edge to Megara just purely again because of her experience around psalms she's being at this stage of the tournament before whereas She's lost every calls final of a grandson that she's ever played so I mean is an negree head to head as well we've poverty. Cevaer is is pretty one sided and came mcgriff is literally been destroying opponents in her path in the IRA this year. The city Lena. That was a demolition spit later. That was a demolition job. And I'm I'm confident and I'm I'm Mubarak the win. The winner of Kobe is going to be that just playing to be the loser to Migori. Didn't tonight and seized two top ten players on Ebay. She's BAT WITH KAMAL. Tonight as they seem to be very good team together I mean yeah McGrath. You'd have to put your money or Megan Reuther just you know she's Warranties Lam's for interesting that with averaging she seems to love the Australian aid from because she is into the stage performance for the third time in four we. It is so if she is going to reach a goal of Assam. It's GonNa be Australia She must just Comes for Hey Mama courts but there is going to be. I think they have a grudge match between the two of them. Because pathogen conveys now coached by Sam scenic. Who at was formally immigrations coach so? I think they didn't Harem him. Mcgrath didn't didn't Paul on the best of terms not entirely sure what went on there. But I think that's going to be a of made me. We will see if he didn't say. I saw some of match against Koerber it. Was You know pathogen? Cuba really should've should've won the first set. She dropped the first won. The second lunch break came through in the third. But she she she hit seventy winners in that match which it must be were auditor. Is that record for the number of winners She did she has been paying very well But she she gets. She's one of these gets tense. That critical merryman said I ain't put my faith in her. When push comes to shop that she will come three so I think looking ahead Bharti against hype slash mcgary so I. I don't see a new slam winner happening storm and we can all a week ago. Rejoice in research at the newest ratings winner for sure but yes and McGrath is is back. She'll be I think this is what she's unseeded. Isn't she for this? She's ranked thirty two at the moment so she must've just missed out on this evening but it hasn't to her. She is is in accordance faces. Joe British success has been great in singles installment but we have a semi-finalist in the men's doubles Jason Free and his partner Rachi Ram. They are in the maze of the men's doubles and they're getting replaying public and Kukushkin who. I think we tried to stop we. Yeah we saw a blake on Kukushkin. So yeah spray in the semi great great stuff from Joe. He is working the magic out Australia. But Amazingly we actually had three British players in the men's doubles cool to hit Johnny Marr. Playing with Arra Valet. They lost Dodig and Pacific coast. And then we had Ken. Scott Ski Santiago Gonzalez. They lost in the coaches Pestle say bit frustrating his partner personal and I think you might be Mock Paso. They had. He had the same hair. Blonde of Long said houses described Menzer. It was strange. I'm flying the flag we do. You have Jamie in the banks with Bethany Masic Sans as well there in the coast finals so hatefully. Hey free we can still be on to Victories in the Bryans Aweso Played their lost ever Australian Apron That doing like a retirement year say they. They bowed out to dig and plastic and yet they won. They won it six times the so they have said goodbye to Melbourne Park for the last time and then just all Mcdonagh said earlier on that she was saying that they were playing in women's doubles. They're out they lost to Babbel's which who I think looking pretty good To defend that title was playing with Amanda and Samantha. They out as well lost to the fifth seeds. So I'm not sure I think in. The women's doubles is the top four seeds. That have made it through to the semis. Could well be Xiaoli. Skipper Bubble Schmidt Vich challenge. I think is a call and say these names could I'M GONNA attempt to actually have but yeah so. I think these doubles pairings enough to really prove this stuff with the Olympics in mind because it's same public jason currently well number one in doubles but you've established pairing of SENAC Credit Chavez so. That's a bit tricky but anyway we also had today a bit of controversy and we came on with surrounding Margaret Core and two legends of the game in you'll McEnroe and John McEnroe Martina Navratilova. Said you'll McEnroe came out. Basically COOLED MARGARET. Cho a crazy aunt. I think the tennis Australia were. They were recognizing her her achievements. I think it was fifty years on you know since she won all four. Grand Slams And yet John. Mcenroe's basic took offense because of the courts opinions do g to her religion and Yeah he hit macaroni and Navratilova. They did their own. Sort of protests. Didn't they never? Slavery was playing in the invitational doubles olden. Markle arena. I think and then arch basically at the end of the the legends doubles. She and mcenery wanted to help her. They they unveiled a sign that said Yvonne Goolagong arena because they think it should be renamed after even Google. She tried to start making speech on the unpasteurised Vice Chair and then controversially the TV feed was caught. You Know Sushi salted speaking and the Australian Nathan came out and said the Enough flavored McEnroe had had breached tournament protocols about how you should be acting or behaving which I don't know it just seems to the life feed and distort it wasn't like they were being violent or anything. They were peacefully protesting and making a point. I just I just think that was a identified. It's going to be any further ramification but in talking to have their opinion like the tennis. The tennis pundits that members of tennis media and I don't see why anyone you know I don't know why they should take umbrage mcmurray said his comments that he made because he's just responding to the comments that Margaret Cool made which have offended vall swathes of people and I think it will kind of boils down to is. I think they'll stereotype director Craig. Kelly said now there's a difference between the recognition and a celebration of someone. Recognition is tennis achievements only and McEnroe's basically like you can't separate the person from their achievements whereas it feels like a some people can and I think maybe I listened view in this can. Can you do that? Paul Impulsive. Really interesting question she listeners. I would really encourage. I'm intrigued. Actually whether you can weigh whether you can separate the cheap because for me. I really struggled if I knew that someone has a particular viewpoint that I I find deeply offensive to voss sectors of of the population that N-. I find that very difficult to to support that play on court. I know we've had for ten sanger Nina. He has come out and said some things agree with and I think he will find it very difficult to support him as a result just another case in point but maybe I maybe I'm unable to maybe narrow minded in in being unable to separate the. We not can still appreciate that. Someone can play a very high standard of tennis and can act in way on on court date and find offensive. But I don't know it's it's difficult to separate for me what you think last night. I think yeah moving on Came let's let's finish on some well. Actually what two pieces of news left. But let's let's start with one about coaching today. Because they said that they can now allow it from the box. So not not at Sam's just on the on the tour but you're able now you're going to be able now go ever speak to your coach. Well I think it's it's not going even speech speaking. It's it's they're allowing like hand signals. I think from from the players so I think they know what Patrick marginally was accused of doing. When Serena had the the the issue to describe at the final against us alka basically something like that would would just be allows because basically they've come out and said we know it's happening and most fraser kind of benefiting from any way that just you doing in codes or is it. It's going on a widespread scale say. Let's just make it legal. They're still going to have the encore coaching. Where the coach she physically come onto the court at the change of ends. I think they can do once or twice per ser so yet. But it's just basically allowing these like signals and I ate I'd say physically there and and I'm not entirely sure there probably is some kind of verbal element to as well. I'm sure I'm sure listeners. Should Spill Loudwar again? Let us know on twitter on all social. Feed A pulsing shop pod new volume as well passing show product DOT COM The last piece of information piece of news from today Kim very sad news. Makarova has announced her retirement by instagram. Makarova is yeah but she was. She had some good widens the Australian Apron show she didn't she beat Venus Williams late in the first round or she hopes it'll see she was Well number one doubles player. She played My question came. I was asking You. GotTa ask listeners. Catchy name her doubles partner. Who I think she won think she won three Olympic gold medal. I think I think they did. I to correct me if I'm wrong listeners. But Yes oh. She's she's no more. I think she's been trying for water injury or but yeah Saturday's anyway. We'll be back. I think in a couple of days time to round up the next few days play from the AA and anything else might be going on as well so that you can join us. Then do you let us know your thoughts and any anything? You'd like us to discuss on pausing shop Paul on Twitter Instagram facebook. And you can also email us pulsing chipotle but until then you enjoy all the action from history Nathan We will see next time bye.

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