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Do it yourself spa at home. Stay tuned. I'm kelly. And I'm Leslie and we're the dollar saving divas. We know how hard it is to provide your family with everything. They need while still being able to treat yourself over the years. We've found some tips and tricks everything from how to spot the secondhand deals to tips for maximizing to rewards points. We want to help you save money. If you have money saving tips, you want to share. We would love to hear from you. We'll talk about them in a future podcast just had to our Facebook page at Facebook dot com slash dollar saving divas. The bus will you can really distress by doing one of the latest spa inspired treatments? And you can do some of the stuff at home. Well, and my sister-in-law it all as we go through this. I'll tell you because the ones that you make these things at home. My sister-in-law makes scrubs, she makes body lotions. It's all these things. And she, yes, I went to a wedding shower, and she made individual bag. With like six different things that she had made. And she does it at Christmas time to meet idea. It's a very neat idea. And some of these recipes it's with stuff that you have in your house. Yeah. Well, one of the best ways to reduce stress is to surround yourself with a relaxing environment like a warm bath, and you can add some skin, soothing ingredients, like camomile or oatmeal to the water. I'm that'll help you keep your skin soft I'm seeking to some of the pre made stuff too, but they have here, a do it yourself and they call it a tub tea, and it is four camomile tea bags and one Cup of warm water. Do we drink it? No, you steep the tea bags for five minutes and use a spoon to push the bags against the side to extract the camomile, and then pour it into the bathtub filled with warm water. Well, this is another one as a softening wrap for your hands. Now, I'm I'm the Tories I now I keep lotions for my hands because you're always washing your hands, so and this morning, I put some of it, then I wash my hands again. So I need to do this. But here's one of the ones that it's a do it yourself, not a vino makes makes a good one, and it's only like it's a hand mass than solely three dollars drugstores, but you can actually do it yourself with a quarter now, this is actually, when my sister has done a quarter of a Cup of Honey, a half a Cup of Brown sugar, a quarter of a Cup of milk, and two teaspoons olive oil. I just made sure that I kept it in the refrigerator, but it really worked, and it really did moisturizer hands. Is it like super greasy or on little a little bit? But you know you use it and then let it sit for a little bit. But then you then you then you wash it off in like three minutes. And it's just your hands are really soft. It really does. Another one is this one? And she does this one as well, the smoothing scrub for your lips because I'm not, you know, you always get dried. Yeah. She actually did a teaspoon of rock and sugar and once spoon of Honey, and put it into a small bowl and mix it up and combine it then dab a small amount on your lips and easy to. That's he's an any and I let it sit for a little bit. And then I, then I rinse it off or lick it off on the other, right? Yeah. You could eat that most most of these, you could. So if you have like puffy eyes when you get out like you can you do a compress for your eyes, and you can do cucumber. Oh, I've heard this for us as cucumber could you put it on your eyes, then eater put in a salad yet. I wouldn't do both with the same. Robert. Yeah, it's a high water content, and it's a natural anti inflammatory so on your cleanse skin, you could just place cucumber slices of your close ties for fifteen minutes, which will cool them and take the puffing down. And these do yourselves are so much less expensive than the things that you have to buy right? Because you do have most of these things. Yeah. Right. So you could do, and then there's another one, you could if you want to do a soothing soak for your feet because the average person and takes like between five and ten thousand steps per day, so you're beat can get tired. But just pour two cups of Epson salts under warm one warm. One and water wanting what warm running water in a base in her a tub to dissolve put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and soak your feet. Well, another one is face masks, and I know we were talking another thing is about we, you know, the charcoal masks, that you can do, but I skimmed softening too is you can use which this again, you could actually eat a half a half a ripe avocado. One egg. A teaspoon of plain yogurt. A teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of Honey. You combine them all up in a blender and you apply a layer on clean skin, and don't make sure you don't get in your eyes. Leave it on for ten minutes, and then rinse it with warm water. That sounds good. Now here's a deep treatment for hair. If you have dry hair, I'm not sure I could do this because I think my hair would be too, greasy. But if you do have dry hair, you can make kind of a hair mask, I guess, with two tablespoons of coconut oil. A Cup of mashed avocado and a banana. Oh, right. So you put it on clean, wet hair and leave it on for five to ten minutes and rinse thoroughly. So I think that would be fabulous. If you have dry hair, if you don't you may end up with some stringy greasy. Yeah. They'll look like you're here. Right. You're right about month. The best said for every room, I think this is interesting is they see for your bed, trim, soothing, lavender, which you can get it bath and body works for your kitchen, fresh citrus, which you can get simple, pleasures lemon citrus hand, soap at about six bucks from Kohl's bathroom detoxifying eucalypt, those love, eucalyptus you love. I do you like the smell bugling and this do you? Okay. I guess you do John living room, cozy amber, which you can December small, like I don't know an amber spells you could get a candle and and try it. Okay. Cozy numbers. So they'll the I like I do like lemon in the kitchen. I always have like lemon hand lotion up I did too. I have lemon. I have things called, like fresh cotton breeze. I like the fresh smell anything that smells like food. No. Oh, I'm not a candle person smells like food handler's bond candle or whatever those are smell, like nothing had. No, none of. None of those. So we'll these are some of the things you can do teddy your own do it at home spa. So I'm going to go home. I think I'm going to check out what I have in my pantry and maybe I'm gonna make myself a nice relaxing afternoon. Thanks for listening to the dollar saving divas. If you have ideas for an upcoming episode we would love to hear from you just head to our Facebook page at Facebook dot com slash dollar saving divas Ciba's and share your comments. Our podcast is available on I tunes iheartmedia or your favorite podcast player. Thanks again for listening.

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