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GRANDPA credit is only available to the first one thousand people redeem that code and it expires at the the end of the year December. Thirty first two thousand nineteen so make your money moves quick and score some last minute tickets Welcome to no dunks for what should be a fun little show today Task Trey Lee. Jd and very happy to be joined in-studio by writer actor and podcast probably best known for his work. As part of the comedy duo Jake and Amir ear but he also co host. The if I were you advice podcast and host hosts the MBA. PODCAST buckets my Lord. What doesn't this hand? Do Samir Blumenfeld. NFL Amir thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me. How exciting I feel like? I'm listening to the show but now I have to be on the show. I don't know what to do. I don't know overwhelmed. A little legit fan of no ducks. Yeah well well no dunks but then even before that but yeah. I've been listening for years and years. So it's exciting to be on the show. You appreciate it. I mean my first question I slipped in there. What don't you do? Let don't idea. Yeah what what are the three things you said that I was writer actor and podcast when I was like I guess I could've just went straight up comedian. Yeah I don't do the first two uh-huh writer actor podcasting Yes Comedian in general. Sure yeah so that's what I don't do. Why are you even here in Atlanta China? What's going on shooting? Something in Atlanta had to let you guys know hoping to God you would have me on the show it worked out now. I'm here you guys are staring at me too. Microphone and let's just have fun with like you said this should be fun. If you're right it should be fun. Little show actually also little okay. That's it thanks for coming in love that love that. Thank you guys so much for having me. You've actually already set a no dunks record. I guess yes. You're the first two time guest on the show because you were on who wants some Trivia. That's right that was I wanted to do better on that show. Let's just put it that that way. It wasn't bad I believe you beat Lee. Yeah the questions were tough and I felt like I should have guessed a few more correct bolstering my score yes would have helped. But we're not here to rehash that being said there was kind of weirdly worded worded. I WanNa talk about No it's actually great timing that you are here in Atlanta that we could get you on the show. Because you're Lakers looking all right. We're your Lakers fan. Twenty four they lost to the answers on Tuesday night. Yes I think. That's sort of your fault. Were you even watching the game I. I'm to blame well in I know. You're a diehard Lakers fan. But we're watching the game. No so the the shoot was happening during the game and I was checking the score. Occasionally I saw. Ad Wasn't playing so my expectations stations were low. And then I looked and we were up late in the fourth which looked promising and then it was Brogden time. Yeah I guess so. I didn't quite get fully recapped as to what happened but it seemed seemed like we stop scoring and then they started scoring more and then the game ended and we were down which was so bizarre. Your favorite team losing. It didn't quite make sense. I I mean are you on top of the world right. Now with the Lakers. Obviously Getting Lebron last year and sort of getting it going again but now adding and being one of the best teams in the League. Yes yeah it's definitely unexpected. We didn't think that we'd be I say we because we're good again so I'm on the twenty four and four. That's it doesn't feel real. It doesn't know if I mean I was optimistic. But then you know like new teams always start slow and Lebron always starts slow chemistry and all this stuff so it doesn't quite make make sense that we've one thousand four hundred twenty games to start the year. What how did you become a Lakers fan? I grew up in L. A.. So everyone was a Lakers fan. So yeah I started watching basketball and like the early ninety s so we had like the fun teams that were sort of over achieving van Exel Eddie Jones years. Yes then shacking. Kobe come around thirteen so like this is awesome. This is great. It's nineteen ninety six and then we start winning championships and I'm in high school and like this is awesome. This is great. We had some lean years again. But that's fine. I'm in college. I don't care about basketball winning again. I'm back on the team then Seven years I can't quite put my finger on what happened but now we're back in ten years. We seem to be championship contention. So that's a fun place to be. Do you think this Lakers team right. Now is should be at the top of everyone's You know title. Contenders are ahead of the clippers. Or the head of the box. What do you what do you think I would put him? Third Right now behind the clippers and the bucks really. Yeah because I think we're doing great but we are also like playing so hard and playing every everybody. Lebron hasn't missed a game. He's averaging thirty five minutes. He feels feels like playoff atmosphere every night. which seems difficult to sustain? How many jerseys of you on your wardrobe at home? I have a lot of shirt sees Baya Dia Kobe Jersey. where I'm going to wear that right but I do have like a Jordan farmer? Shirt satellite launcher Caruso shirt. On the way it's like I like wearing the shirts more so than the jury's they've got to be like a shark. Ib who say favorite pretty great Jordan. The Jewish Jordan I went to UCLA to didn't follow him in college. Yeah not just college but he went to high school in the valley. where I'm from? It's like we knew about him even our college alleged was that the one good thing about the Lakers. Being bad for six or seven years. Or that you've got a chance to go to more Lakers Games. They were still like super. I don't don't know what we were doing for the last seven years I look back. I'm like wow was rooting for that team. Why was that like so I was still watching laker games but like West Johnson was our starting for Edano? This felt it felt normal at the time and now I look back on like wow what were we thinking. I can't believe we were like ever like so emotionally invested in a nick young lead Laker team. But we were sometimes. Those crappy teams are the way the more enjoyable teams. I remember the wins because we only had seventeen of them. I want to beat the thunder. Now is fun. That was weird like Nick. Young hit a game winner in San Antonio. We didn't have to win that game right you you brought it up there. It sounds like you're almost worried. I guess a little bit about the workload. Lebron has taken on right now in seventeen. Personally I'm worried I'll let him know but he's a yeah it seems like he i. It's bizarre like if I were him I would. I feel soared as watching these games. Like he looks so beat at the end of it but then like two days later. He's like back. There and layup lines feeling spry. spry again maybe he gets. It's almost like he gets energized from winning more so than resting like he'd rather play and win that makes them feel better long-term than not playing at all but maybe that's just like the air that he puts out there because he wants to show off. How little minutes? He's taking awesome. Yeah I mean he's talked about it a couple of times now about this whole like I'm not doing this load management thing and I have a kid coming to see me might be last time during a Leonard Right. Why would I take a night off? It doesn't make sense to me. I feel fine where you're at a game recently. The walls else game incredible seats. Wow thank you. I listed to me but I didn't pay for no God. No I would never afford Lord it can you. I heard you on the podcast talking about them and we often have conversations about the best seats in the house. Yeah do you think you were sitting in the best seat in the House that undescribed the seat for the okay. So the seat. Was You when you think Bessie in the house. You think courtside usually but we're I was. It was like Fifteen Rosa Dead Center so it felt like where an owner would sit or like the king would sit during like a gladiator where you were just like dead center a little higher elevated. You're like I can see everything like nobody move. I'm like I'm like the the prime location to watch the entire game because when you're sitting courtside it's awesome of only had the pleasure of doing it once be he can't see the other side of the court because you're so close to the action when you're eligible you can see everything right and you're not like behind the basket we're like part of the basket is blocking part of the court so it did feel a little little bit like the best seats in the house without necessarily sitting in the best seats in and sometimes they even put broadcasters up there because of their vantage point that's right it felt like thousand that was the TV angle Yeah you're the camera cameras would have been there and I remember I test. I can't remember if you came with us. But we got bills tickets once or a bunch of us. We're I'M GONNA drive from Toronto Down to the sea the Buffalo Bills Place. Obviously when we were in Toronto and I was like in charge. I guess we're getting the tickets and I found them online of course and it was like front row front row crazy like forty fifty bucks a pop or whatever. I'm like I'm doing this for all this is going to be. The guys are going to be amazing front row tickets. NFL game maybe the worst of all time yeah. You can't see anything because all the guys are always standing on the sideline that's horrible vantage. especially if you're like behind the end zone you're like I. I can't see what's going on one hundred thirty yards away and so they were all mad at first front row. Nice job. HUSKIES and then they're like after the worst Steve. We've ever sat at fifty bucks back but you had good ones there to see. Anthony Davis go for Fifty Fifty Fifty Burger. He called it which I've always heard fifty piece which was like a chicken nugget there now. It's a fifty burger. The twitter search deceive like. Did he just make that up on the spot or has always been fifty burger. What do you I think I think recently caught on and it doesn't make any sense now right fifty piece at least it makes sense? That's something you can order. If you order a fifty burger maybe at white castle like the case. Yeah but a fifty burger. That's not a thing. No yeah it. Sounds like a sponsor thing burgers fifty cent introducing the fifty burger but it is a thing. Yeah Yeah yes so. He had done he where he had set it before. Fifty Burger like a pelicans twitter accounts using that So he's just trying to get away from on the fifty patients trying to create his iron little little market here. Why not have you guys ever heard of forty piece like I? What point does it become? Piece yeah 'cause I ever ever James Harden dropping a sixty piece and but there's not a forty piece right that's too easy to get. I've never heard questioning. Seems like a good amount of pieces. Yeah too many pieces right. You don't want that many pieces anyway. I duNno I does. McDonald's sell a fifty piece. I think yeah but twenty. Twenty points is like nothing no bragging about a twenty minute average but I think they did use to sell like part time only like a fifty piece. He's boxed does that sound familiar to you guys. Wow yeah well. Maybe if you're sitting in the king seats they'll just bring you show. That's Burger King Fifty Burger. Well that's what I'm trying to wrap my head around Windows Really Fifty Burger mean. What does that even is that just a bigger burger is it or is it fifty burgers the sliders version? Yeah I don't know just trying to sell things he's like. I came from New Orleans. I'm in in La time to make some money. Yeah just selling stuff like he had the glow in the dark chips ditty that before. La Or la like a month ago. He was selling a glow in the dark where he was a spokesman for the glow in the dark ruffles bag. So you know when you're it's two o'clock in the morning and you re over you find the bag product but he was marketing it just a good personality. Does he have a personality. Yeah is he like. Does he have more of a personality than Paul. George George no I think so. You think Paul George more personal less. What does he do for in his in his casual his spare time? Yeah I know Paul George George Fishes fishes. There's one thing that Paul George has does. Anthony Davis doesn't even pick out his own clothes. said that Photon multiple times. They pick it up for me. I wear it so he doesn't have an opinion on what he's putting on his body. The Uni Brow is kind of his fair. That's a thing that's a choice waste. It's a decision. Yeah people prey on lobby for him to shave it. He doesn't do that. That's a thing but I don't know ever since he's like been scooped into Lebron's Orbit it feels like he's trying to like find his what's his voice his personality. 'cause they clutch wants him. It seems to be like the the next big thing right and Lebron's vary like actively like yeah come over videos together so cool. I love hanging out with them. Uh I don't mean like. Does he listen to music. Does he go to a show. Does he like movies. You know he's from Chicago. Yeah you don't want to go back there. Fortunately go to visit. He hasn't taken it off the table still in play eighteen. Trying to think we've never had him on the show task tonight. We had a very very a brief interaction with. Anthony Davis All star weekend. We they asked us to do this sort of a shirtless almost like a vr commercial with them. It was Bradley beal and Anthony. He was nice definitely personable. I mean kind but there wasn't a whole lot L. so he was personally courteous. It was he polite courteous. If you were going to say three things that he wasn't you wouldn't say courteous because he was curious. But you're yeah ask I mean have you ever met him. Have you met any knockers. Maybe Lebron Clutch will out of a pull it out of him. They are definitely trying. Yeah that's the thing it's you are you sort of either. Have it or you. Don't though right. I don't think I don't think you really learn to have a person the pitch meetings I mean. You can't learn to have a personality. Although the thing is you can throw the other like why he has no personality but he he just doesn't tell us this person. Just don't talk. Yeah that's the thing with. Yeah you nailed it with Paul. George doesn't have a personality but he's trying to act like a super star guy. It doesn't it just doesn't read right to me. What about clothes? It was like Paul George wears like funky cool clothes I don't think. Ads Wearing funky cool clue. That's right. That's a good point fishing and close. Paul George I like him now. Also a logo logo right. Everyone's got the I I don't know I know. PG definitely does that. We're like triangle. Like Yeah Yeah. Yeah says. Eighty doesn't have a signature. That doesn't feel right right. He's like one of the top five players. Say Big guys don't sell shoes. And they gave him like his own. That came out a couple of years ago and they were just gigantic. But I don't know maybe not as in La the the hook them up right. Yeah you don't have to buy the size that he wears. That's the thing I guess I'll be tripping over my feet for a long time. What shoes do you hoop in play pickup? Oh Yeah I wear I wear Kobe's yeah classes. is He your favorite player of all time. He's definitely has like the most emotional attachment to me because for thirteen to thirty three. He was on the Lakers win championships. Like like I feel the most kinship Koby right but not your do you have a favorite player. Walton fanfare for like I Love Derek Fisher. I loved WBT. Obviously I love shack. Love Alex Caruso I love Brandon Ingram. I loved Eddie Jones. So they're like favorites. That went in and out of my life but Kobe. Wisconsin Cope was always there. What type of pickup game do you have a great question? You asked me that before I have. I'm always fascinated by people that talk about the or a living like like us included. If they can play what game they have yeah. I'm not very good. I'm like a high basketball. IQ Low athletic ability. Kind of guy. 'cause I know what I should be doing right but I can't do it like have you. Have you guys ever been bowling after like taking a decade off. And you're like I know where to throw the YOU WANNA hit that pocket but I throw it like that goes to the left or right so that's how I feel about shooting. I'm like sometimes I shoot it and it was great belt right even though it didn't go in and then sometimes it's just like such an Air Ball. You're like how did I do that. Why what did I do right? Why did I miss three feet off literally three feet off? You're not afraid to shoot though at the beginnings of games. I like to warm up I am too. I need to like get into a sweat. I can't walk onto the court after not playing basketball for two weeks. They've thrown me the bomb wide open. I'm like I can't shoot right now. Don't even like let me like. But but then that's even worse than shooting missing. Sometimes wide open can't cite try and I've tried to be a team player. I just don't want to embarrass myself out there. You play regularly like once. We talked about once a week. Do you play with other comedians. Yes so the bar is already low. And I'm not quite at the media and we get a scouting outing report on these other. Nobody to famous I will say bench words. My Buddy who's in parks and REC in a bunch of stuff is a great shooter. He's a great he's like a Demar margerison like from like fifteen to twenty like you'll make eighteen corner of free throw line extended shots in a row which I can't do I can't make eighteen. Seventeen seventeen footers in a row. And he's a fairly seems a little tall he's tall and he's about six feet but I thought he was saying. Okay he's He's not super athletic but he's an incredible shooter a so he doesn't like playing in games like he'll beat you guys in horse. Maybe not Li but he doesn't really play like five games Yeah 'cause much like me me. Were very breakable. We don't WanNA likes like if you twist an ankle or tears. AC Alec what do you do for a year. I can't do my job because I tried to clean a basketball game. It's scary. You guys ever like get scared off by injuries. Yeah every time I get ready to play basketball. I think I'm GonNa Shatter my leg Roy. That's a real thing I've played with people who like toward their ACO during a pickup game toward their Achilles. That guy can't walk for a year. Now Hobby sorry to swear but it's true. What age are you like? I shouldn't play. It's I mean you guys are fathers. That's like devastating if you tear your killy's corruption or Achilles and you can't walk for a year that's one. That's scary is an Achilles. An Achilles is scary. Because you're not going to be able to walk and ACLU like whatever it'll he'll join because we don't really need acl's really see you you could tear UC l.. But not just let it fix it. I mean it'll probably heard a lot but I would be. I'd be more concerned about breaking something and an Achilles. But you're right I mean you're not gonna be able to chase the kids around but yeah I mean. I've played a lot of times. I've got hurt a Lotta Times but I've got not hurt more time. Let's get worse injuries. Task I broke my Femur cry playing sports say playing sports because it sounds cooler career like software. It was foosball right. Somebody just sort of Sh- what does it. What are those things yes i? Yeah Yeah it was one of those foodball tables where the handles had been removed. So as thick steak folk directly by have you ever been injured ankles and a few broken fingers and things like that One time though. I missed a couple of games because I was playing in a league but I was in. I was like supposed to be playing under four teams playing under six things lanes for some reason. Baller it was there was something to do with the scheduling anyway. baller this guy threw the ball trying to like find a cutter going baseline and he threw it straight into my chest. Knock me down like I was out. He got he got. I think he got elected from the game for what it was They thought it was like malicious. Che's and I'll have to two weeks I had like like really bruised. Rats what happens to me. I like I have no padding if if an elbow like hits a rip direct. I'm like I feel it instantly. Feels like windows knocked out of me. I'm like I can't sleep for the next four weeks because of that like little looks like you're never going like inside side. No it's not worth it. It's not worth like. I went up for a rebound once and I landed on someone's foot I'm like great. I three months sucks. Yeah I was. I never worried about that. And then we're playing this REC team named the sex warriors. And I got an elbow to the rib guy was guy was going on a little hard in the post. Got An elbow to the RIB. Weeks serve using will never heal. Yeah it's awful it does but you know what balls life well. That's yeah that's right you don't want to stop playing just because of the fear of twisting an ankle and stuff like that you'll enjoy it. Sounds like playing basketball. I do enjoy. I haven't stopped yet. Alad as people fall like your next. Yeah my buddy. Adam broke his foot. He hasn't played in a year. That's not so we do just prefer to what shoot around play. Bump play horse prefer to play by play so passively that it affects the game. I'm not trying to go for a rebound so I'm not trying to sprint. Went after some stop the layup. That's fine fake point and click game like you don't WanNa be the guy that like jobs back on D. because I don't want hurt my Achilles Gillies he'll like somebody bumped me earlier. Somebody River Right. These are. You're never playing an organized games with referees. And just yeah I I tried that too and I was even worse than those leagues where it's like super like Organiz yeah organized with people. Trying too hard. So weird weird five. Do you have a good group of guys right now or girls that are that is an indoor which is great. He used to play outdoor. And that used to hurt me too. And and the next day. Even if you don't get injured I just feel like I'm like limping around. Yeah we we need to get the back story of how. Oh you and jake started making those videos with Rick. Fox Lakers legend Rick Fox that was a highlight of the videos. A gentle making three or four. Yeah and then we shot a pilot TV pilot and he was in it. So like we would have been like Coworkers it's incredible. So how did all that come about. So I was working at college humor comedy website. New York Rick Fox's son was a big fan of the website and so my boss was that this like Soiree Fancy Party where Rick Fox was at and he was talking to him. I run college humor and then Rick Fox. Oh my son loves that he loves those guys JACOMB EAR and my boss. Ricky knew that I was a huge Laker Fan. He's like a mere loves you probably because he's a huge Laker Fan. That's great like I should be video and he's like yeah definitely like we like exchanged emails. I'm like yeah you should be Jacob Video Man. We love you so so. We had low expectations because with athletes don't really like their area of expertise is playing basketball. I'm not good at basketball. So why should he be good acting sure but he was as good if if not better than being jake and he was also a professional athlete and he's also like insanely hot so they can do seemingly every yeah. It's insane insane to watch. And we were like throwing him weird like esoteric inside jokes and he was sorry going along with it he was so good are fans love him now now and like he's like when he's on a twitch stream I e sports pickup or whatever like there's a small subsection of fans of his that just know him from our videos that that don't necessarily watch basketball. We made him obsessed with eggs. We made Mary a chicken. We may have made them do a bunch of stuff and he was game for all of it always wondered like you're throwing these crazy ideas at him. Did he ever go no way. I'm not doing no. He also saw some yes he was into it and he like elevated he made it so much funnier than it needed to be and he's also so Rick Fox in addition to that he's a three time NBA champion. It's amazing it's awesome to see. Did you get to sign anything or tried to play it cool. I wanted to be friends with him. Or you get his autograph and you were successful. Yeah plus we have videos with him which is like all the proof. I need that I met friends. Yeah yeah show summit that Napkin that I made them sign although Rick if you're listening at least autographed task. He's we've had him on the show before is Super Nice Guy. He's great. He's good at everything and he's like he wanted to get close to his son so like bought. An e sports franchise unlike was great at that too. So it's like there's blue literally nothing he can't do also married Miss Universe was she at the Williams. Yeah well she the tot on she she definitely was if she was raining but he but he He done acting. He's acting hasn't he yeah he has done serious acting and he's like show right now and he's doing great at that. There's literally nothing you can't do. He's also like six eight bucks. He's the man other people people in the college humor office like. Wow that's Rick Fox. That's cooler relates. Maybe a handful of other Jake Jake's no fan fan by any means he wasn't he was you just see like when you see a professional basketball player like that guy and no is famous. Yeah tall handsome but but there were no other huge Laker fans in the office. So it's just a a private joy that I get I feel and then even made some videos without jake and it was just like me. Fox got some alone time. It's about time Africa. Fox's great is it true. Your favorite favorite song is blue trousers. You guys did Great Research Sal. You'd yes that came up recently. SELENA PODCAST I did call pup jam where we dissect songs or the host sex song guest and she had never heard of it. I guess it was submitted by a fan into like as a potential song too. That's my favorite song. We should do. That's on this guys. Know the song. Yeah Song about a song. That's right. It's the song long is about how writing a song the lyrics don't matter as long as the music is really good I'm thirty six right now so I feel like if you were thirteen gene to sixteen in one thousand nine hundred nineteen ninety-six. You love this on. But the host was thirty. She had never heard of before right. Really Yeah and then so she is at the end of the episode. It's meal who's hosting the show said. Sorry it's hard for me to concentrate with the best song. The dancing is a rolling back. The back of my head. You know the fast song the end the fast part at at the end. It's sort of a wrap sort of a diddy or whatever So at the end she punches up the jam. But I'm like this song's perfect. You can't punch it up and less. You make that part about about basketball or the Lakers in some way interesting okay. I don't know anything about basketball. But my brother's huge Laker Fan. He can give me some tips. And she rewrote and reproduce that end part which is forty six seconds of her sing rapping and instead of about gibberish. is about the Lakers this year. I hope it's good and it made my day. I don't know if you I have that. I didn't go then. Let me check on twitter account posted this video audio audio version of it. So if that at all appeals to you yeah it was a great punch-up of that Jan and there's about one hundred episodes such that show now every episode. She takes a song and eventually like Y- punch it started off as like what songs could Be Punched Up and it was me Ellen Demi. WHO's another podcast? Demi left the show. So now it's just me L. Talking about people's either at least favored averred. Most favorite most talked about song die second and then punching it up in some way shape or form. One of the other. PODCASTS yours buckets. That's right on the head Guy Network. Yeah how long have you been doing that. Why did you start it? I started it because I was looking to start another podcast. Jake my co-host for if I were you started a very successful dungeons and dragons share with his friends. I've listened. I've said that he's you brought up on this show absolutely did and I got a lot of twitter responses people saying oh they checked they loved it or I love. That show is insanely popular like he had no idea neither. Did I really how popular dungeons and dragons in general but that show specifically specifically so my new podcast. But I don't really like like that. I don't really WanNa talk about this. I don't really want to start another basketball. podcast as you guys know. There's lots of them out there MHM There's nothing else I would wanNA talk about for like an hour a week besides the NBA sound like just Oregon I'll start an MBA. Show myself it. It could be about like Phantom and talking to comedian friends. That could be my unique way in doing it. Not As popular as the Dragon Show if you can imagine. I'm not selling hang out seven hundred person venues. It's fun for me to do to talk about because I'm already talking to my friends about basketball all the time and might as well record some of the Christians nations right and you have you. Have you know look okay. It's not Jake's dungeons and dragons Crowd but as far as are a small little following that you are getting like people tweeting in there's a small mall overlap in the Ven Diagram of comedian fan friends and basketball fan friends that overlap and like the show. But it's a lot like you know if you guys like this show. It's it's like a kind of a friend's chatting about basketball more. So than like the XS and Os of games if there was one NBA player. You could get on as a guest right now Alec your booking them next week. Who really want to sit down and talk to for an hour? Yeah it's funny because I threw a weird connection like. BJ Armstrong was on the show. Wants to be a beach Benjamin Joseph arms but like having players on on a show like mine like almost like not a good guest because they're scripted answers. I don't have like a chemistry with them or ask them questions. They've probably answered before they have to give polite. PC DC responses so probably Rick Fox again would be the best guest on my show has to happen. Yeah you would think so rick. If you're listening again really appreciate your time okay. What about someone a celebrity That you may be no is a basketball fan or something. Yeah uh I would love to talk Zach Lowe actually. I've never talked okay. Yeah shared some tweets. DMZ stuff. Like I don't know if anyone's ever like had him on the show to talk about his story. I'm not really sure what his origin story is. So like. He's he's not quite a celebrity but like he's considered like A. I guess the top of my basketball comedy hybrid celebrity people that I can get on the show sure and he said a lot of Comedians on recently on his show he actually comedian. I thought I was as a writer. Actor podcast yes so hopefully that happens one day. That seems tangible. Oh yeah yeah no him texting one of you right now. The wife was like a student of his. Oh really yeah. He was a teacher for a time. That's weird not a very diligent agent. He quit yeah they gave him A. What was the class? They gave him that he was not some people really. I said film study of something like that. He just he he just put on T. movies but I'm not sure if it was. Yeah I know it was a high school class is a high school class. He had just became a teacher. Yeah I think it was a yeah. See you're what happened to be a high school student at the school war. He taught one hundred percent. Wow Yeah he put on movies. He was hungover teacher. Yeah I heard about those kinds of teachers. Yeah he wasn't. This wasn't his class. It shouldn't have been given this classic. He shouldn't have been giving this sinus whatsoever. He would have done it if if it was his realm he would have killed it. I'm sure we're definitely getting Zach Lowe professor low on buckets. Yeah Orono thanks for sure one of the other guys to do it if I were you. The advice podcast. Yeah with With Jake obviously that's a hugely successful. You guys do live shows. We've seen them here in Atlanta. I thought maybe you could try and give some some basketball advice to some hypotheticals that have come up with. Maybe the other guys can think of one off the off the top blur don't to the first one was considering. Like what if a star player is rights into you and it's like I'm a star player on ex team and I I do not like our team's city addition jerseys I hate them. I don't WanNa wear off. Can I get some advice. Jake and Amir what. What would you say to that that player player? Which player do you think is most likely to write that in? Yeah let's let's say let's just go with the cream city jerseys. Let's say as silly as he. He is Robin Lopez like these jerseys. Yeah I mean they don't have a choice right so like I can't quite navigate that situation. They have to wear the jerseys right. He can you know what he can do is play the bat. The old back spasm illness injury players resting. They say Oh yes quaters backseat acting up. Anybody's back can hurt right like professional. Anybody can have back spasms so like just tell your trainer later on getting back spasms that's not quantifiable. They can't test for that. Yeah it's not like Oh does it hurt. Yeah it hurts. There hurts their sure my lower back sore. Then you're in street clothes during the city edition nights. They probably let them know ahead of time which games they're GONNA do to some extent at least a day before shoot around. I'm not really sure. How the order of operations operations but so you're basically just come up with an injury? Go at the back. You don't have to wear them on that on the day as they call it all right. Good advice what about this one. Let's just say it's from Dion on waiters. You've taken a weed gummy on a team flight. Yeah panic is starting to set in. And what do I do Jacob. I do well that one specific thing was a short flight so like I'm probably not getting to him by the time he has to land and I think he's either have you seizure. Sure or in some way shape worm so I'll probably get to him too late but I have to let them know that like that happens. That's normal probably took and that's another problem. I have with like weed food. They never dose it correctly. Like I've talked to friends of mine who get high a lot more than I do. And they're like. Oh Oh you can't have the whole gummy. It's a small gummy bear. Like what are you just Sweden the gummy. Don't make me split like well. You sucked on the whole jolly rancher Richard Jolly rancher. What do you want me to do like just like every other piece of candy? I've ever eat the whole thing the whole cookie. Yeah Cookie. I'm I'm sorry I didn't split it into six or whatever they want me to do. So Yeah we've all been there you gotta ride it out. Close Your eyes try to fall asleep. The the highest I've ever been was when a friend of mine who did get highlight gave me A. We jolly rancher. He's like this is something I suck on even before I get high. So it's like something that you'd like. He he takes to like set the mood of a high. This big deal I can. I can have a we jolly rancher but like my tolerance was so low because I rarely get high. We're at an indoor in door arena football game talking about your buffalo bills. This is like one step below that it wasn't the XFL indoor arena football. Bon Jovi had a team. Yes yes kiss. Lat deemed had the drawing rancher. Felt so high that I felt like my mind body was in a suit of armor and the armor was my body so like I was trapped in the in the body of my whatever my soul was stuck in an armor and I couldn't move I was paralysed and I'm like you know what I have to just get up and get food. I'm just going to get up and get food so like stood up in it like you know waving very like weird kind of anti gravity underwater feeling got to the concession stand and stare at the menu. I'm like Oh damn it. I don't Wanna eat so like a stare at the menu and I was like I will have. I've too hot chocolates football game. I don't even come back. I got hot. Aw what a weird thing to order for yourself from one week. That's not okay. Jolly rancher sure should get kill. You feel for Dionne. Really been there. Lucid Vice Now suspended for something else. He's not on the heat anymore. Yeah he was on. He was on a boat us on the other supposed to be sick and instagram and he got another three games. I said he was seasick so he wasn't considering. Here's one more from me again. Maybe the other guys have one Let's say you're on a date at a basketball game okay. You're you're with a beautiful young a young woman if you are a man. Let's say or it could be as well but you're with your with your date and You got some gas issues and Something's bruin parting situation. And you don't want to hurt but decide to hold it in to the point where you are writing. It's hurt your rushed to the hospital. Oh because you wouldn't start okay. Some called trapped win. I don't know if you've ever heard of it familiar familiar from just this from an honest advice to someone that's been through that situation or or is again in that situation where they need to there. Yeah I yeah well yeah you should far Outta game on an airplane so loud in there you might as well rip ass and it's probably loud enough. Hide that noise right. Yeah the earliest you go to the bathroom but then by the time you stand up then it goes away then you sit down and you're feeling again you're like what am I supposed to like. Sit on a toilet now probably yes. You should've but at this point the damage is done. I guess you have to come up with a cool. Fakes stomach. Excuse although there aren't a lot of cool stomach ailments back thanks Bassin's which I'm sure you felt that in your back anyway. So whoever the young who knows who said I would say the person wasn't so worried about the sound downed probably more best smell. Yeah but then you know again. Eighteen thousand people. That's it that's the fascinating part of dilemma. I do agree. It's not like you're not in a small little booth at a restaurant and if you rip at she's going to know it to you. You were surrounded by fifteen thousand people. I have to disagree with you. skeets I sit. I sit beside him. She would have been on so it was war. You hit the nail on the head there because if you get up okay for a walk and then it goes away okay. That's down boom comes back. Right aren't eat popcorn. I think that's that's the problem. Let let me answer. This one won't have trapped with grandfathered in front of your wife now because it's a doctor's orders on following being nice. I don't hold it in. I have a prescription medical science. Obey the remedy may have been jolly rancher story grabbed too hot chocolates. Call me in the morning. The odor of the hot chocolates would have definitely squashed over the I I think is that why deep inside of my brain it's totally. I'll have to chop that Classic Stadium Food Jolly Rancher seems so innocent. Yeah before we let you go. We got a flight to catch back to L. A. Some rapid fire fun. Let's do it all right first one. Oh you don't get the sound. I guess if you want to do all right. I'm a fan so I'd like to hear that. Yeah it does doesn't it. You'll know you've done it right if jd has to restart at the sock long. That's how you're doing it rapid rapid about Rafael Right. I'm your favorite movie White men can't jump. Wow Yeah yeah. Repick Grey Grey Flick Watched it again. Holds up still great and whenever you watch it I'm always like don't do the dunk contest. It's like you just won the money. Go home to your wife. He never does it. Which makes me think they should get celebrities to reshoot scenes in movies that you wish went differently so like their traffic home? And it's like I am going to take the money back to Rosie Perez. And then they go home they have sex and the movie ends. They should do an alternate version of Louise Lake on trump. The movie the next one. What's your one guilty pleasure Pride gambling. Yeah that's advice you don't really drink or smoke or I duNno Watch a lot of porn but I do. Yeah just the average amount the average human amount of foreign twelve hours. Yeah Yeah I do like gambling on basketball football. Drafting Your Fan Duel. That's right came on one one one contest and never came back they call it a hit and run. We appreciate it. Nonetheless did come back and I lost. We'd love to have you back. We need five. I people every day. Right sometimes only have three or four so if any of you guys WanNa give it a go. I didn't like fantasy basketball so I don't. I know you rolling your eyes at the fantasy basketball. There's something thinking about fan duel where it's just like one day's worth of watching that you have to get through and they boil it all down. Two points rebounds assists all become like one unit the man it makes it very easy and simple and fun. You're playing with your friends. Not against like a million people. I do like that part now. You're losing money but you're losing to your friends five of us Bills like someone's to win even by accident. Yeah and you're trying to find those hidden gems on the schedule that nightly everybody's going to try and pay whatever but oh Caruso Roussel yeah yeah. What's The dumbest thing you've bet on? I bet that Hillary would win the election and I bet half of a a bitcoin which ended up being worth like eleven thousand dollars but now is probably worth a lot less than that because she lost the election so I was doing some sort of weird hedge. I was like betting with a a crypto currency that could have been affected by the election. So yeah I guess that wasn't done our democracies. I was actually the one that bit technically didn't you. I mean she won votes on the phone nitrogen sports. You won the popular Amir. What's your biggest pet peeve Biggest pet PM. I actually had. I had one recently or I sorry again How many is that because I got four Biggest penalty what do I dislike. There's there's so many things I don't like sorry a pet peeve but I don't like the taste of beer at all I really dislike beer. You dislike beer so much that when we read the hawks game this sweet and had the passes to kyle who hooked us up with the passage where we can have free food and free beer. You wouldn't even have the free beer you're spending like eighteen. That's right well. The game was free so eighteen dollars on a whiskey felt fine yeah. I don't like the taste of beer. Tastes like bitter things like sour things sour sour. GUMMY also I very like eight year. Old Boys tasted all right. We know like you drink coffee or wine as a kid and you're like Oh this is grows to adult strength that I still say that grows hot chocolate. Come back not red wines. Shirley temple please What's your must have travel item Wireless headphones okay. Solid you pop up to the wire. Although the problem is when you're watching inflate television issue really make a Bluetooth connection for that. 'cause I always forget him in record that I have to then plug into my house and then some people have the The APP now so you can watch live. TV younger phones. That eggs out beyond wireless headphones must have traveled. Travelled out if you had one superpower what would it be I would want a dunk a basketball ones. It's not really a superpower because ever died is Tall yeah that's awesome literally not for like twenty years. Yeah every year. It is my new year's resolution. This is the year I'm throwing down again. So maybe twenty twenty. When was your last dunk? Thank my last dunk would have been in college so like two thousand five. That's cool do you have a video of it like outside you get video outside Cabras I. I'm glad you answer that with dunking Schubert. Because I remember as a kid or probably not even as a kid a teenager thinking if you could if you had outta Jeanie and whatever you can make a wish like could you wish to be the greatest basketball player in the world and but then I was always in my head. I was like you couldn't hit every every shot right so like you'd have to like make it easy to suspicious. Yeah so it's like what would you tell the genie like allow you to do like seven out of ten shots Eva ten shots like for me to make the NBA being five ten. Yeah I would have to in theory be able to hit. I assume eighty percent of the again for math. Yeah you miss eighty percent of the shots a question if you literally never missed. What's let's go through that process? Would you make it to the NBA. Yeah like how that happened like okay you go to your shooting by yourself. You don't miss like right now. I got this power right now. That's right so what Hap- like who do you have to convince. I think you have to contact your Maurits Tweeden and be like video of Munich. Threes in a row. What he what he then contact you or you like Nice? Good job the G. League tryout it's like one hundred fifty bucks you get in you make every single shot you go to the G. League and make every single shot they're like why do you think it's killing an an open tryout for you if you personally or they'd be like guys too slow to play defense anyway. It doesn't matter that he made all of his shots. But I don't know I was keeping track back. Use Your one hundred percent for one month. You'll get called up. Yeah but what could you be positive. A net positive the NBA team. Like by the time you get back on defense. Everyone's already defense. Would you play defense side of the court anytime they got. Shut us. Stop no matter what any missed they would just chuck it down you shoot. It goes in a three kings doing this one hundred percent shooter. Forget we saw could've been Okay come more. What's the best way to make an egg scrambled man? I don't like a soft egg. I don't like around. It doesn't feel right although I did have that far meg tasks and personally. I know that was good. Because the yolk sort of turned into Asaf cracking open an egg and it just runs all over my plate and like lapping up love unhealthy. Yeah it's an uncooked egg but it's soup cooked it good question. You GotTa risk it you gotTa risk it with biscuit. And then there's like beef star Star. Now look so people okay so everything you know about. Eating raw foods is out on cooked Burger. That's fine and uncooked egg. Yeah slug what's bad for. Are you chicken neck. I heard of. I know Mattio used to love to go get a Horse Tartar. Raw Horse Meat. Is that bind to have have. I think they had a runny. Yoke on top of it too. So you're really. You're really putting yourself out there. Salmonella like a reorder blowing it to the children of America where it's like you know it's probably a one in a million anything but let's say it's poison. Can I eat a raw chicken breast and be fine. Only one way to find out. Yeah bringing in. I really am hoping eighty goes for fifty again in and says he dropped an uncooked burger piece on a fifty tar tar time. I find a one here. Obviously a weird one Who'd rather fight Jake? The snake or jake from Jacob Mirror I would I almost bought jake once. He pants me in the middle of the street and I got so like masterly offended that I started like slapping the back of his shoulder belt so like I couldn't control myself and that was the closest we got through in fact. We're roughly the same size again. I'm very breakable. I can't even play basketball cheek. Curiosity who'd win basic Amir thank you so much. Thank you got about studios a huge fan so this is very exciting to be on the show. I wish we were talking about something other than myself but here we are going to hear about. Let Asa we'll have you back on. I mean Hopefully back in Atlanta. You'd have a gray maybe shooting. Some things enter rick. Let let let everybody know listening. Obviously obviously you can follow you how to check. Oh Fuck it's all yeah. I guess twitter Instagram snapchat. Tick Tock viral tick. Tock Tick Tock you are are you guys are picked up where you guys don't know there's a no dunk zinc tick tock account. Wow waiting just waiting until we know what to do with it literally. What do you do at tick? Tock Yeah I was sort of just watch people. People dance too old for snapchat now like that has passed me. I can't I can't it's amazing. Talk is amazing. Yeah I haven't account to just for it's just. The kids are really creative. You're crying push the Mike Away. Our podcast around head gum. which is our podcast network? So good ahead DOT com. There's something forever right uses the punch-up Jams my NBA. Show the advice. Show If anybody wants podcast here Let me know Plop it on that easy. We've been doing a survivor podcast. Long Time. We'll oh have you signed sealed. We're calling it the merge. Oh Yeah Oh. We're back on the hook. SORTA HARMONICA SOLO Olympic. Can't fast forward. I guess we'll have to listen to the whole nine minutes of your thank you so much man and Hopefully we'll talk just in of course thank you again.

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