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Guest: Kristen Beat


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That maybe aren't necessarily sponsored by by stars but there are a lot of guys love that a chest protector thank those guys were coming on board and AJ Kenzo so made supercross main events this past year on Max's tires TI tired developed by the King Gerry McGrath. MSSP's pleased get him get out check. Oh come out and minion mountain bike tires as well. Max Has got light truck tires. They got mountain bike tires. They got dirt bike tires they've got ut stuff so max has done a very good job marketing their tire line and making great tires for a long time. Now so thanks for listening appreciate it thanks to those companies for sponsoring it in studio this week for the podcast Very very very excited to have her in town. She's currently here in Vegas for Seema doing work for the kicker people. I believe we'll get to that in a second but you've seen her on flat track on NBC. Oh you've seen her at the Monster Cup you've seen her number places over the years doing a great job commenting commentating. It's Kristen beat. What's up Chris area? Hi I'm good but you're going on. Yeah I they came here to see rocky. That's what I was GONNA ask. You was really rocky was the draw is the big John the Dow go you gotta get data and five minutes later is on his back. Just pass out so I don't know what was in the tree. But yeah here. CBD Good now looks very contentious the rocky mountain chocolate factory for the dog. That's awesome thanks for coming in. So you're here for Sima. Yeah I'm here working with kicker audio and they're just super super cool they work with a lot of motor sports guys sponsor for the AFC guys and they have some great product and brought me out. And I like working with them. Are you doing some stuff with the spectator proofs of patient stuff for what what what you're actually doing some social media videos on which is a little bit different for me because it's more from creative angle. It's very casual. It's not an you know Xiaomi I bring my big notebooks. I don't need no book for this. We're going through and we're talking about a lot of the truck builds at what kind of speakers they put in their their cool. You know they've been in Moto longtime like you. You said man. I I knew Jason Jones backup kicker a long time ago. I got a bunch of stuff from them and I remember. They supported so many riders over the years has yeah yeah. And there's such a cool company like American made it from stillwater. Oklahoma in the guys on the company like you would not believe the owner. Steve Irby of kicker is at semen out and talks and tells us tells me about that is built. And it's just one of those like very cool family comfortable for you yourself and we'll get into your personal life a little bit. You've got an interesting fiancee. That takes up a lot of your time. And you're trying. Obviously you know locked down this commentator job and get ahead in that awfully stick and ball sports by the way that that is what really pays. So you've got a lot going on so when when somebody. I imagine you're like me you're a freelance broadcaster. I'm a freelance journalist. So kicker comes in or if a go kart series comes in. That's it's just take it right. You're not under contract with anybody else as you know like when supercross didn't come together this year I just told myself okay. They think that I need more reps. They think I need just a little a bit more and I'm like I'm Gonna get everything that I can get my hands on so you won't believe the amount of people. I sent my resume to a semi demo to my guys. Hey if you have anything let me know and the call started coming in. I literally couldn't do as much between AF T- arena cross endure across some Canadian rounds like I was everywhere literally no weaken this season where I was just like the kick back and watch a movie. Your travel schedules. Pretty gnarly man. It was so much fun and it was really cool to be able to see how all these different series kind of intertwined because they do a lot with arena craft opened. Do the Canadian you get to see the difference between the US and Canada and how their series and then you go into endure across learn so much about those was bikes knows handling and then you do AFC which bees very cool to see. How all the different racers I learned a lot about recycle AJI and mentality? That's what it kind of took away from is all very similar. Yeah Yeah I really I really erasers eraser the buyers the brain is trying to psychology. Is the same as your motocross background. So you're O'Brien race your brother Ryan race pro for a number of years good writer. You just grew up with it right motocross groceries for a little bit. I wasn't very good in San Diego. Yeah Yeah So. I wasn't very good and I took up a camera instead and got behind. That and I was like this is where I feel safe. I feel good here and then I went to college. I did that traditional route and got an opportunity as a photographer when I was working with fuel TV and I used to work with MOTORCROSS DOT COM and fuel TV gives me a call. And they're like hey we've seen you at a lot the racists. Could you go and do this interview. I that we have booked for this freestyle. Event is sick under the sheet. Press I go out there and then one turn into another entered into another and I was like okay. Maybe I won't go and get the law degree. Maybe I'll start doing this. You know going up sister of someone who had gotten injured in the sport and didn't have a lot of the right protection. I wanted to go that route and I wanted to like protect writers about that but I realized that one person isn't GonNa make that change but if you can tell stories that relate back that right and people start becoming more educated about sport in the complexities Lexi of it. You can make changes. Of course I wanted to become a voice in the sport and it did. Let's cool climbing com. Yeah I still working on it and yeah with the NBA switched to NBC sports. You probably in the running for that right. I came close. The what I've been told it was down to the wire but I mean I think they made the right choice. I watch the races and I'm so excited about the the progress that they've made it as a team broadcast and I in my head. There's room for two people down on the floor like one person cover the fifty bikes have one person over the announced grade. Twelve pit reporters on pit road and they have less cars than we have writers on they get more reporters keep someone stationed in the pits when someone goes back to the pits and between the motors you can catch an interview and then how someone on the floor to do interviews and have guy like Daniel Blair giving you the detailed track reports the teeth. I'm not saying they take away people which I your perfect yeah. We'll does a good job. She does she does a good job. I don't know what her background was beforehand. But she's picked it up pretty good and she's into it you know so so good for her one one of the things that we saw you at a lot is the flashback series which is our years and again is the lead announcer. That's something that's kind of rebooted free-kick started how's that going as a series as a whole. How do you feel? Yeah so when. I don't know much about flashbacks. Just bear with me here so It was completely new to me as well. Well when I got in I was like wait. So the four fifty s are the singles class. You thank you know. And so you're there is a huge learning curve there and then you have the harleys and the Indians which is Make make that. I'd never been familiarized with during all about Yamaha main stands and so the series as a whole when I approached it I had a huge turning curve just learning about the bikes and the tech. Because that's that I try to educate myself on. I use that as a starting point but the series is really cool because it has been ignited in the last year and they're really trying to revitalize it and oem's earned supporting it more it more at the final round actually. In meadowlands we saw one writer on on a Suzuki broker on the final round trip. And it was completely unassociated from. Jj are built. It happens to be on the NASCAR side and came out to Chad coast and goes. Hey I want to build you a bike af t fan I work at GTRI. They told me they could lend me a bike in some parts. Do you want to run it for Chad. Coast of the private here. And he's like yes and until I mean it had the J. Geremek's branding on it and all the graphics and we saw him go out there and I think it might spark interest for a lot of the. OEM's too competitive. It seems like an neat series. It seems interesting for that. A new united talked. You know we talk a couple of times on the phone here and there and yet you're you yourself you're trying to dig in and find some stories. Stories of these guys are trying to get behind them into them and like okay. Yeah you got four tonight. But what's going on behind the scenes. The worst thing is like when you're trying to pull teeth with a guy that they they they have to have some concept to know like what we need is reporters when you come into it right like if I'm saying like hey. So what adjustments view of making all we just made some suspension changes. Like No. I know I know you did a little bit more than that. Like tell me about the tuning changes like I'm not dumb like tell me what you guys are doing. I learned the bikes for this reason. I'm educated reporter and then you get the guys. Were like well my goal just to work my way from you know mid pack to the front like I want to win this one like you're not getting. TV's I'm like why aren't you talking about because like you're not giving me what I need to try to ask good questions but there's always each race you end up with two or three really good stories. I mean like if I was a puppy it'd be wagging because like yes. I just Scott Goldberg. Tell me what I need. Thank you I'm going to write this down and you get that gold by these guys. Obviously when you're toymaker. Ken Rocks Oxen Super Cost. You don't really care too much media you don't really care what people know because you're winning all the time and you're gonNA get the press anyways but I'll side of it a few elite guys like hey guys were coming sell it and I think one of the things that we've done well pulp show. Is We found these Nicoletti ethic naps in Alex raise. And we've been like we've exposed them to the world these guys who have great personalities personalities and can tell a story my race with Canadian series. Go Calgary and I go up there Calgary Calgary and I go up there and my best story that was from Phil and of course. That's an easy low hanging fruit. Actually give me feedback on the Vikings at the back. Just not doing what I needed zoo tonight and I need this to. It happened in like he told me the truth. You told me exactly what I knew. I'm so miserable. But he was telling that story in like what he needed more on the bike bike in those are the kind of little tidbits that I think at home. If I'm a fan I mean obviously you have a sports fan. If I can know. Exactly what's happening. It makes them more interested in it because it's easy to follow. You actually get what's going on on the bike. Yeah I've I've said for years that they need. They're so worried about the first time viewer and super costs and I'm just I'm just I'm just shaking my head all the time when Ralph talks about a Red Honda when ricky goes to that cutout bike and says nothing interesting like. Hey if I'm a new guy I'll catch up but if you're into it. Tell me about the high-speed compression speak impression. Tell me about this stuff because that's what people WANNA get into. You know what a pig is this so many times but if I turn into an NFL game. They're not talking about like hey he'd made a toss down the field like their specific. Everybody you need ten yards for. I doubt if I'm not a football fan. What's I know? They preach to the choir because they know who their viewer mean. You're a maintenance is just as important as NASCAR is well learning like your maintenance is just as important S.. Viewer like building insecure in our sports. Like guys we are we are just take him to embrace the guys that have you know love the sport and go with it and the other guys will catch on the Google it or whatever population out there. Yeah for sure so you did this thing. You did only two rounds of Canadian stuff. Oh I thought you were GONNA do more. What happened there there? Some competent budget problems probably apple. I mean to be honest. Yeah there were some problems but I love that series. I love those guys like. They're so nice to work for the kind of guy that you want to go up there with Goldie and it's like I don't wanna say logs I gotta get paid but like I do that ship for free anyway. I do it for free. 'cause I love working with those guys and like it's so much fun but like you can't do things for free and and then you always have to go against the guys who are like. Hey I like this guy. Does it for the hotel room. Shares a hotel or three other people. I can't you share who you get. What you pay for him? Yeah I know exactly right and I know that series I know the people run it including in that goal character and yeah it's it's laid back in the. There's not a lot of money there for sure you went to Prince George Right. It was long arduous but it was probably one of the coolest experiences any fan if they have the budget. Go to Prince George and visit just the tracking show like. I saw bear on the way to the track which you feel told me that to fill BERTUCCI's was running and I saw bear. God you get out there and So funny funny story though. I'm doing a stand up during that race and of course it's all live and I got stung by a bee and I'm sitting there and I'm about ready to toss it to Goldie and I couldn't toss it action because he's laughing because I'm like hey guys one pas and I try to like blow off and it wouldn't move sung by it and I was like so I'm GonNa toss it back to you guys now. After I finished my report that ended up cutting that my desk because it was quite impressive. Yeah Yeah you get stung by the kick arena cross series as well. Jason Just made a mockery of that thing. He won almost every round but the cool news. Is that things is going bigger and better. I think for next year you're going to be involved with is still. Do you want to one hundred percent involved in one hundred percent because the people behind it I love the producers. I love the directors I love of working with Todd Hammock Glenn Zeal and they worked arduously throughout offseason trying to get the sponsorship together trying to get the series together in last year. It was so last minute that we didn't have the writer depth that we should have had because no one knew there was going to be even on. I feel like it was people people that I knew in the beginning of supercross. We're like what is that thing and then I'm like do Jason's killing it right now. Money Allergy you guys should be there and I don't feel like anybody knew about it. Were filming at one point throughout the series and we couldn't tell people's we literally had to cover my hand over the Mike until right when we were with the riders. The only people that knew like the writers that we were interviewing it wasn't isn't finalized with Fox's film like please please Fox Louise Paul together and it did and so this coming year. We're going to have twelve rounds. They're not all in different workplaces which is great for the team so basically like we'll have two nights in one venue teams only have to go to one place but we ended up with twelve. TV shows six six around six visit. Six six stops and then twelve. TV shows from it right so and then on top of that. We got amy sanctioning. The there is a huge amount of prestige that follows that so if the Ama Championship has any state. I mean I don't know what it means to you anymore. Steve But like an Ama championship to me is still an Ama champion. Reveal yeah right so a lot of writers like that that brings a level of prestige this series. It's what is drying Jason Back to this. Because last year it was not naming championship this year when the arena car series. It's Ama Championship. People knew what JAS ACE was making every week. And there'd be a lot more riders there so they might be there this weekend right and we may have a new title sponsor coming that we don't know for sure but we hope so. Yeah that thing sounds like it's GonNa Gonna blow up the really cool thing is to everyone talks about. Ot ratings sponsors. I want to be part of it so last year. I don't know if you ever go to bars and you see like Fox sports two on every single time that I do you want to bars. Did you go to every single time. I went to a bar but I also got from friends all the time they'd send me pictures and it was like weeks weeks months after these races aired even just a few weeks ago. These races are still not switch to the rear time that these episodes are getting. That's important too. Yeah and you got the interview. Blake Gordon Day which is a special treat. Sit Down and I didn't want Blake Blake's a piece of work and then they're good way everywhere but I really admire him and his ambition and it's cool and it's Kinda like personalities and he's got one for sure so so that'd be interested. That'd be good. I I like to see that we needed arena car series again like we used to have back in the day I I think feld mismanaged in my opinion The last few years and it went away. And hopefully these new guys and I don't no these guys at all but they do a good job on here and I hope that they can bring it back to where it was were you ever around for the cash payout like the bracket that used to do where they used to collect cash from the I heard about a lot of them. I only went to a couple of those. I don't remember those bracket rounds. Yeah Yeah so all the talk that they used to pass the hat around and I mean you could walk out of that place of five six grand. Yeah if everyone's putting in money and I was like I gotta bring this back so I'm on that chance so yeah you're still riding up. I WanNa see that because I'm not sure if we could get that kind of money to these guys so you know now a series like that. The color people are calling it from a studio somewhere during the week or so. You were the person on the floor. How hard is that? It's it's really weird. I would think so right. It's super weird because also like so. I don't know if we Daniel have told you but I'll put together note packages for them get quotes from the writers for them to us and then I'll take notes throughout the race because not always what we have cameras. I mean you. Everyone works in a budget so we only have so many cameras. Things will happen. That our cameras so during the race. I'm trying to make notes of anything. That's fifth falls out what happened if someone like something happened. What happened and so making these notes for these guys? I send it in later. I listened to them calling. I try to send them notes about what I'm giving them can create great. This transitions Blake. I'm tossing it up tower. People who don't know and in race hits hoping that they didn't already talk about it and that's what I mean like super weird to me like piece together and to know and all work in unison and make a really smooth show and that's why I like live so much better like I love. I love working at monster cut both years because I got that live experience so I was like guys. I'm better live. Look look what I can do. We don't need to talk about Markup TV package in law in in in race presentation this year. But I don't know what those guys are doing but I don't I try to mix it up for the match up every year and that's one of the reasons you gotta shot of it. They try to mix it up and bringing some different people. But I don't know who these people were this year. I think they all just want to contest I. I don't know but I hope fell felled realizes that didn't work this year and they bring it back so you've got that going on and flashback and thing not for sure coming back but you wouldn't whatever if it works out right back on a lot of things don't say they haven't really schedule Et. You can expect to schedule. Things could could not see. Yeah and for you. Have Mike will travel right when somebody calls you. Honey absolutely the Canadian series Calgary Arena Cross. Right one of the first arenas of course rounds which is tight action Berry to bury. Okay Yeah and then But Yeah Calorie was good. Calgary was really good berry was good did but I just enjoyed prince because I was the one where who's who's back wheel broke off and they finish the race. No Don Dylan writes suffering sell off. Yes yes and it just like action nonstop these guys finishing the race and watch a guy like Coal Thompson. Carry the banner for half off the race and I'm just like I don't there's so much to talk about so much Where did you? Where did you get your reps at before you got all these other jobs before you kgo broadcast school for that? I would just go for. I know I know but did you go to another place like where did you just started with the fuel geisen. Yeah I had a view reps apps with fuel and then after that I got job Sprint Cup because I needed to pay off college or misprint. It was like the Monster Energy super-cross but for Nascar so I did that in twenty twelve opening fire suit and I got champagne. Victory already used to be pretty good that yes that seems like a good job auto pay wise and stuff maybe not like it was really good but it's like a one year deal not only do with him. Or how do you get a job interview. And it's a really long interview process wrestling like check to make sure you don't have any news online the whole front and is that why you live in Charlotte. Yeah initially moved back there and I I realized gas was like three dollars. Cheaper back there decided to discover why guidelines because it's cheaper and they're I'm sure all okay so so that I didn't know you did that so so you were just candy. Yeah wraps that was why I put my name in for. That job is because Bluefield CD went away. The same started there with fuel. TV got eaten up by Fox will then I also heard Fox was eating up speed vision. Either back in motorsports. I also love sticking ball. Sports I did. I dabbler that in college and did there beside line for college but after college is like what do I do. And there's no really easy way to a network and they said Oh you gotta go back and pay your dues the local TV station. I'm like no. I don't need to do that job. And all of a sudden wants speed vision well that ended and after Spring Cup Nascar came new was like hey you wanna come cover. The Canaan series covered the Canon series. And that was fun for about a year but then there's of course a transition from Fox to NBC sports and see how their people in line all the time. This is my story so after that I was like okay. Well what am I gonNA do get an offer to go to East Lansing Michigan and cover Detroit Sports with Fox Sports Detroit. How do you even get some of that? Is a trade publication within within. Hey two is hiring. One hundred four sounds like old school because your video with that. Is You have to work at a new station Monday through Friday so I covered local news like Pie. Khan and so you weren't in studio you were on the remote. I was in studio in the morning and at night and going cover games because they want you to work. You lost five o'clock in the morning. Read the teleprompter. Do the news thing. Hey this happened in the world today and then at night I go back home and to take the House for Lansing just for Lansing but then if there was games in Detroit to cover games in Detroit if there was like football games at MSU. I cover some football games for fun. I got to cover game at Michigan in the big house which was fine school and it was for like the local regional but then of course the national games to bring the cool I got to cover like some of the regional stuff really cool. Good wraps I get a call from fell out of the blue and Michael Prince at that time was like Hey Chrisny when it come into motorsports now. Mike signed me on quit my job and now I'm here poor again. Okay what did you do from there. What did he get you he got me arena crap across all three years ago they said? Hey we we want to get a Oh really serious journalists in here and I popped in my little notebook stuck around. Of course like motor. Sports is always the goal. So always. How'd you like living up in Michigan? uh-huh yeah I became a huge redwings fan which I didn't expect shorter here. Yeah yeah real sorry to hear that. Oh like last season right now. Start but it's supposed to be it's supposed to be there still rebuilding. Yeah I like that would result so you would get up go nap and then go to a game. Yeah Yeah and you just grind and you kinda learn to do it but I love stick and ball sports. I love motorsports in. It's all about repsonse industry. They want someone who has all the reps under their belt. Now like I have a really good resume and I'm like hey guys it's funny because when you're not plugged into it you know you see you see as a mechanic and you're like Oh. He's a factory mechanic he's got you don't see the twenty years of struggles that Tony went through as a privateer mechanic or whatever ah or you see Erin Andrews Polish. She's on screen. TVs great job. At some point Erin Andrews was in Lansing. Yeah at some point earners doing things for free. Yes yes and I. I think people don't understand that like very whether it's a podcast host or mechanic or a sideline person or play by play guy. They started somewhere small. I mean Tony. Romo walked off from the Roma walks in the NFL. I get it but everybody else using the next athlete anyways I should say I should auto lending callard started with You know radio show and radio was the dead medium. It was like Hey I. I remembered him doing podcast about his career and he was. I thought my career was dead when radio radio started. And he's like them. PODCASTS came around and then Fox knocked on my door and said like hey. We're ready for you because it's always the people on the podcast that feel like or a few steps ahead of the game. TV is like hey hey this is catching on. Let's try this right just extreme enough for us to try. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I don't I don't think people I just did a podcast myself. Alf Guy Interviewed me. Set The table and interview me and you know you don't realize how much struggle you put in before you before you quote unquote make it and it's like hey. I didn't really remake it. I just struggled my ass off for fifteen years or whatever it is so so for you. You're still so grinding. US still trying to get that right right and it was the worst thing that I hear is like people like. Oh but you're still young and I'm like but I want it now bats and just as many reps a suzy demonstrate does giving my gosh darn channel now but okay. Here's the doesn't pay the rent and pay the groceries but you know the cool thing about your deal is and we'll get to endure across Canadian Canadian Canadian model and flat track and Kicker Doug who that's cool that you'll get get some switch it up. That's cool yeah and endure across was really fun this year mortgage but no fun and you get all those grabs you get to meet great people and again like I'm learning more about the psychology of the sport than I think. Most people have the privilege to two so it is it is still a privilege. Get talked to these guys and learn about how they work and maybe someday outright a book about it because I've gotten to interview every athlete and you're you're naturally inquisitive would've girl I think like you and I talking privately like you ask a lot of questions. Yeah you're just like hey I want what about this. What about this? What about this monster? Serb IDA conference call with you because I was like He. What renders stories like to know what other people because everyone thinks their ideas are the best like in reality? They're not now. We're asking questions get you far. You know what I mean being inquisitive gets you far. I mean at some point I was like how do I do a podcast. Let me learn. How do I do this? How do I do a live Internet radio show jerseys later exactly right? No but I think that's a great thing that's a great quality to have. I think as soon as you think you know at all all as soon as you think there's nothing you can learn that. That's the worst thing you know. So that's that part but again you can go. That doesn't pay all the bills all the time as gods to feed feed. How hard is it for you being a good looking woman and walking into these scummy dirt by guys? I didn't look I all these people. They're nice guys but it's a bit of I'll be say here redneck sport. I don't know I don't know what would be the right word but I was that for you. People ask me that all the time and I love it because not women I feel like don't use it to their advantage as much such as they should Like if I'm pretty I'm GonNa get a better answer out of an angry. You all back then Daniel Blair might you. Are you know what I'm saying like and I can get anything. And he's got everyone but like you know what I'm saying like no I think there's a certain quantitative versus qualitative messaging that I can get from writers qualitative from guys. Sometimes I'd rather take the quantitative. I want to know what you guys are doing to your brakes. I WANNA know about the line underneath the bridge. A Super Moist. That you guys are GonNa hit. I want to know about that stuff but at the same time if I can pull the qualitative except for me and be that girl like how are you feeling today about your most. Yup I agree. Yeah you're smart that way you're using it but at times you gotta be like look. I'm not going out with you. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA is here to do a job I'm professional. I'm trying to job. I think one of the good things to my big brother was in it. A lot of guys. No not to the better and is probably going to find you and like sniper you if you had your pick supercross motocross full-time America's one hundred ten out of ten. My right so my bucket list trip last year last year me and my girlfriend Kylie she was a an arena. Cross went out to Tennessee national and that was like girls bucket lists I I I I mean I get people read by but like I wanted to go to Tennessee Nashville. South wanted to go to Nashville. Make me back up so we went up there and it's just like I a group going to Glen. Helen Paula. Like I've been a southwick. It's that Kinda like racing that I really enjoy and I like being outdoors I come kind of outdoorsy anyway. Yeah so like if I could choose like obviously motorcross but to me like supercross is the big show and it has the best stories and it has the most pomp and circumstance. I Yeah I mean that's really a hard question now that I think well supercross has an edge because Saturday night. It's the only thing going on a lot of times. You know what I mean Sunday during the day. The people who are out people are doing things. The families in motocross inherently is your longer race four hours. You know people talk. Oh no no no I know but if you want maximum you know hit or performance. supercar Saturday night. I think is where it's at the racing intentions more than ten. Yeah it is more intense and so you get that and I do what I like about supercross twos. I like the team there. Because I really like Daniel Blair like if mandating could work together get it the rest of our lives. ACN That'd be like the Dream Team like AC. Daniel Blair myself will like the whole team. Have you often as he's GonNa make too much money to they want to dabble in you. Think I do. I do. Who knows Rick Rick? He's got a ton of money. He's doing it so maybe I'm wrong sticking ball stuff. What would you want to do who actually I think it totally? Just last year I was in route to cover. La Kings. And I turned it down. Because I thought that there would be an offer on the table for your order sport that might come about and it didn't and I am still kicking myself because I really like La Kings hockey hockey. And I'm not getting dirty like the walking. Distance is very small compared to like. We're walking around at these big tracks and I mean my body. It's just a lot easier so that would have been great but I know those opportunities will be tenfold. Come down the road. I have context built up where I'm not worried about it where I mean like if I even came knocking. I don't think there'd be a problem with me trying to get in there. They just being matter of contracts and things like that. My heart isn't one hundred percent there yet but hardly motor sports. I want to be there because if you if you do a job like that. That's it that's all you're doing and then here's the thing is like I've learned through watching other women in my position in my age get frustrated and go a different direction. Interesting do you have a mentor. Do you have somebody you lean on family. Don't please don't say that I really do like my man. Like he knows what he's talking about and I think his knowledge in his perspective is very big. Big and what I like about. Does he follows other sports. He's not so tunnel vision to my only motorists. They think that you get into that right. You're playbook depletes itself. I agree hundred percent and it's shocking to me when I when I walk around the pits and talk about hockey or NFL or whatever or or you know just did this podcast with baseball guy draft in the second round by the race and and we talked a lot of baseball and people I got comments like. I can't believe you know much about baseball. I'm just a sports fan. Yeah all the motor people should open their ears up a little bit they. They don't understand what's going on and sticking small stuff and here's like not just automotive people but if you're a reporter if you're broadcaster watch how other people do their job watch what other people are asking like. I think the cool thing in the last few years of hockey even post interviews. They've gone from your S- asking about the player they're interviewing to. Hey how did this guy perform for you guys and I love that force them to think as a not one of the big questions that I've tried to start integrating like. How did you know Jason Circumstance? He went a lot against Isaac diesel. Ak How did Isaac. He's trying take this pass on you effect you during the race and it Kinda changes how you view the racing poor Freddie serious trailing in third one win he did he got one win. You've got that and you. What is so funny because I got that final out? So you got to figure it out. And it's like I think he's an outdoors guys the pacing and the different and then finally when he figured out like wait. I need to be really quick. Go do this poor Freddie. Kristen be on the fly racing racer podcast by Alpine stars. And Max. Thanks for listening appreciate it. FLAT RACING DOT COM. Please check them out Who Wars Far Racing Zach? Osborne does Justin Bogle does blake bag. It does damn a lot of guys where fly racing. Of course I thank the race tech check as well for coming on board this podcast pulp. Nineteen is to save with raise tech. Get your motor work done. Get some suspension work done at race tech race on my bike this weekend at Glen Helen and it was like riding riding on pillows Christina. It was amazing not really was still really writing but Race Tacoma Zombie. Chris uses race DHEC as well this past year. Yeah Race DHEC DOT COM. Everybody gets your motor work. Done game. Suspension Work Service in. Your bike will be much happier. And of course fly racing alpine stars and Max's so for you got. Let's talk a little bit about your personal life so you're engaged to a guy who pitches in the major leagues. Yeah kind of up and down up and down. What's his name Kohl urban okay? So we're starting pitcher. Yeah he's he's started. He relieved a little bit this year. About how are you. How do you deal like so? I don't know for sure But I'm going to guess. Ninety percent of starting pitchers in the major leagues significant others. Don't really work. They're not really that busy there following the husband's husband's dream. You and you are flying Canada Prince George flying to fly into flat track races and still trying to support him. Yeah it's not as hard as people think honestly we are both very connected. We talk all the time like Alpha. Timeout Uber. Over here be like. Hey what are you doing. He's like Oh urban employees and he does a lot of gaming and I think it's also very true to our personality like we're just both really big sports fans and he's so supports me like I've dated guys before have been like. Hey like I'd prefer if you didn't do there's like are you not gonna come and hang out with this weekend. You're not going to go to the bar with us like Oh hey. How's this going? He'll text me like because he's a race fan fan like huge Kerala's he grew up writing the contracts. Come into play right away. So he'll text me asking about how the race you're going and hey did you win when that one again. So we're both on the Saint Peter's each other and it's like with me with Mike during the middle of my events like there's downtime. I'll texted me like hey how how's the game going. Got If he can make it back into the house bill. Hey pitch like six scoreless innings. It works out really support each other. How'd you meet at a bar because I go to the ball? Apparently that's what I do a lot of watch yourself on F S to yes. Hey can you guys. Yeah well good job and she is pretty no so I had just gotten off a flight from arena cross race and I am going to a friend's birthday party in this really. Do looking tall guy with cowboy boots on at like a very modern club Charlotte and I go in there and so parents guide just gotten off the plane and I was just dropping off a birthday present present sure and he goes up and he's like hey like really familiar and I was like And being really nice and was the pick up line or did he from I think he did okay. I hadn't idea and mind you. I have no idea. I think it's really easy to people. Say Oh she's a sports reporter didn't athlete when I met that goofy looking guy I had no clue. Ah Yeah so yeah no. Don't go there so he comes up and he's I can get you drink to down. We start talking a little bit realizable. California have a lot in common and then he's like. Can I walk you to your car. And I'm like no because I'm probably in fifteen million pieces of this is all be cowboy guy. Lifetime starts here right like and so anyway. Anyway my cars like right around the corner and I am like okay. Fine like you can walk. My car seemed goofy enough. Where you won't find your so as you're walking the car homeless Guy Comes Up to Colin's like hey? Do you have any spare thirty change because like no you know. I don't like actually I do so. He breaks out his wallet and hands the Guy Some bills and the guys like thank you so much. Can I get your cards. I can pay you back. We actually really cute story so I'm going. Yeah Oh yeah so 'cause I know don't worry about it and he's like so. Can I share with you. Something that's been on my heart and he's like you know I'm real homeless car okay. It's it's got a really deep and he's like hey. Can I share with something. That's been on my part and he's like I read a Bible versus Marine Jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven this and that and he does with verse means. It's basically put your trust in God and Dan. At the time I get chill bumps because at the time I'm wearing a necklace that's a gold bar and you can't see it from the Saipan underneath it says Jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven colon means like are you okay and I'm like and and I show my necklace and he's like no way he takes off his watch on the inside of his watch. He's got the Bible Verse Jeremiah. Tolstoy crazy and the amount of people have been like grown. Uh but it happened and so after that house like this is like some universal like God this guy my number so I gave him my email address. Wow and he emailed me the next morning asked for breakfast and I was like and then he tells me works at night and I didn't reply 'cause I was like great meals per shift worker right. Ah He didn't drop the baseball player until breakfast. The next morning almost companies. You told me you work at night and so I'm thinking like hopefully you're a pilot or something like I'm hoping that you don't work at uptown cabaret because that would Nami And then he entered the graveyard a seven eleven right now because my dating life excites prior to meeting coal and then no so he was like. Do you want to come to my game. Churn the phillies minor. League is in Charlotte wasn't channel. So how long ago was that two and a half years ago we like each other. I still reeling over the Jeremiah of. Isn't that crazy a really it. It just. It's one of those things like when it happened. Cash probably talk to this guy so he got called up to the major leagues. That was crazy. I bet you told me a little bit before. We started recording Yeah that that's got to be a really cool moment man. Unbelievable you've you pitch in the Major League Baseball Yeah. NBC Did me dirty. 'cause I'm this crying girl at the corner that they zooming because you were saying like in sports like the new thing lately and I flew over on a ready because he was flown in honor. Hey We need you tomorrow. And so I'm floated on a okay from California right after doing an AF. I had one hour sleep. I get to the stadium. I have a few cocktails sitting in the stands who just please do good and sure enough like he goes out there and pitches. What does it shut out? I still like the big show to shut out and I I look back on the NBC broadcast home and there's zoom anatomy after every single ending. And I'm just like you guys are really going to do that. Eh. That's cool though man that's awesome. That's that's got to be. And what a what an achievement for both of you for him to do that like Geez. It's so much worse and baseball. Minor under leaguers are that as a slog. That's buses the money. That's the amount of years that we've been like the first dated. We were really poor like apple for dinners and like you just. I kind of knew that. That's what happens with it but he really worked hard and like the amount of adversity that he faced issuing being sent up than being sent down. Now it'd be like having the factory Kawasaki Call you onto a bike like hey this week well no go back to your private ono comeback and three years later like the mental game adjustments that you have two different of the pace of the game and all the changes there's between AAA 'cause they have different rules even aaa two o'clock all these different things that you have to work with so literally be the equivalent and like for him to work through all all that and have a great September because he was up there in September As a reliever and just I mean not a single home run and that's the kind of on your contact pitchers don't let the home run on. And he had a really good September so that was good what's it could be good or bad for. Him is the phillies cleaned house with their managers. And everything else. So you know you're going to get a guy a new guy in there and maybe be like she doesn't Fan yes so he gave Cole call and of course like he's super about the family and like what's going on and we had never experienced that what their previous manager so he was asking about like what his you know what you're GonNa say does and he's like my girlfriend does racing stuff like she's in. No wham huge raising fan. I watch supercross watched now. This is like really big. When you're like people like Joe girardi watching that's that's a whole nother I got? I don't have an hour to get into that but yeah yeah and so yeah what What a hectic life between him and you and you're trying to make us career work and you're doing all these different the job and you have a dog and he is and he's trying to make it and he's traveling all over? You know what I mean. Yeah Geez you got a lot going on. But it's it's great right. Yeah much anymore or do you do. Yeah so we just actually. I'm also working on a hot wheels TV show. We've been film that lash six episodes and it's basically hot. Wheels comes in and wants to exhibit action. Sports guys right but they're trying to sell tickets to monster trucks lives which is a monster truck. Chuck thing right but like those mass offense the Technically Homework for hot wheels and Rico on that one so I am free from any blame. I'm on that and it's more about action sports. They Wanna get action sports guys. That will make appearances at the. You know monster truck competitions and we went riding with Cudi Elkins and so water order Oklahoma Agenda Burgers and I got to get on a bike again which was fine and we filmed in. I didn't like too much of a squid like there's a few times I rolled 'em but for the most part I'm trying to full Sanli cody like he's like and he's pretty wild. I'm just like I'm happy. I'm keeping broke for you growing up. Are you at home. I gotta say I've got a picture on the starting line so fun story. I lost my two front teeth at Brown Oak saw but as most recent kids know if you cry you don't get to race so it was like. Hey don't cry in. You can raise the next exit Saturday Sunday a lot. A lot of weekends out there the big brothers racing so the next day. Come back. And this is toothless Christian beat on the starting line on a on a P. d'Avignon the neons Purple One that my dad painted the rams purple throwback Thursday. You need to put that up. That's funny yeah number. Twelve number twelve kit. Get happy you are. I know cranky gets a race and the funniest thing is back then. They didn't make boots for girls. Small little it's my mom. Bought a pair cowgirl boots with fringe on US and so I walk out with pink sparkly Calgary's with French and I'd be like watch me go. I may not win but out get a good shot and so I was the Michael Nice I like that. What's your brother do? Now he races off road trucks. And I'll just won. The championship improved light and Laurie. Sweet Okay So. He went from being an injured. supergrass guy too because only knew how to do as well like my my dad's mechanics and I mean not like a mechanic. He worked in four wheel. No my dad like is a shop guy he it works on my dad's I grew up that way so my dad you know taught him out a well and build stuff and my brother's like I hear there's a series that races offroad tracks I build a utd and it's like the so that she can say builds those he goes out there and one's a championship and kills it and then they're like okay. Well maybe we could like actually do this. So He's the team he starts getting sponsored rocks recalls Bill Stein because of all these people and he's like I'd like to build this car. Can you help me out and they did he wants. He wants a championship. He goes back pizza this year. And now he's going to go into which makes me much relieved he has. He's moving up to the protein class. He's going to give it a few more years but he's kind of going into managerial Rosa broadcaster aster in the off season. He built bunch trucks. Wow look at him the ring they get Hendrika. Lucas really Russian. I'm so proud of him because it's like. He went from a position of being at his lowest low in supercross after all the injuries like one of those guys back in the day who I had to face the same question what do I do now. Because there's nothing really for them after that there's no like support system. There's no like. Hey here's job placement. It's guys being like hey can i. Can I do goggles or can I do this. It's that kind of thing so my brother is in this circumstance where it's like what am I gonNa do. Heath Kinda found his passion and while he was doing. Ut's WHO's working construction attraction and then after he figured out okay. I might be able to join us in. This could be something. Yeah and I'm so proud of for 'cause there's so many guys who like after that it's like what do they do. Yeah no absolutely. It's IT'S A it's a big. It's a big thing when the and I don't WanNa say when the checks stop stop rolling because these guys aren't making anything when they're even when the racing you know what I mean but yeah yeah what do you do. Then you admire the guys that have come on the other side and been normal and fine. You know raising families and everything. We're able to put it down on a house before the chaps. The check stopped position. So as a little girl do you remember going to San Diego. Super Carson Heck Okay and I really worry about McGrath so my mom and I are walking looking through the pits because you know my brother knew people. My Dad worked on motor world stuff. So we're walking through the pits. And all these guys are coming off the tractors. Zoom zoom the almost hitting us being terrified but then like this one guy kind of comes up real sloan creeps up behind a student gently it was like Yeltsin was home when they go home and go turn around. And it's Jeremy McGrath. He tosses me goggles. No Mike I saw goggles like nicest guy in the world. I've interviewed a few times now and I tell them that story. And he's like you know. Oh like I felt like it's such a cool like memory and we used to go to a lot of San Diego. supercross is back when Iraq was out there and Damon Bradshaw CIA. That was kind of like my growing up in guys rates. Nothing against Petco Park. It's a beautiful stadium. It's great but man those qualcomm. Oh come race back in the day. We're just a bigger LAEL. It's a bigger. Yeah huge bigger footprint. Sixty five thousand people in that thing. I mean I remember San Diego Supercars back in Monday. I started going in like ninety seven so it wasn't that long ago it was it was it was big. It was a massive thing and I don't feel like since it's gone to Petco towards ever been the same vibe obviously Nicer Stadium press box Hoity toity like having my family in San Diego down gasoline quarters like really hoity toity and and so. I feel like moving in that area. It's very posh and like I like welcome stadium to the parking was easier commute was easy. They're easy to you and alcohol and people don't go. Oh okay all that's funny. I didn't know that so. Yeah so alcohol history as you know I mean yeah yeah it's really deep but machines lover all those guys from back in the day. Have you been to Europe much. If you've been over there anything I've never gotten to go to Europe and they want to. I'd love to do Bercy. I'd love to get over there and do some of the GP's that'd be so much fine. The opportunity hasn't came up and I I mean I've knocked a few doors and I think that it could modify really pushed for it because I do like the. GP They're awesome. You know down the down the road. We'll see what happens. I gotTa go to Paris tomorrow night. No not too bad no. It's all right. It's it's direct. No no not with my airline. I got stopped. I think Chicago or something. So how long are you in a week for Seema. I will be leaving tomorrow and then going to film with hot wheels thrashed the weeks finishing out the second. Okay all right. So what's the next thing for you have to that January arena the crap okay so January. It starts in January last year. Yes it did. I feel like it felt. I felt like it started a little bit later. But okay so you have some. We have month and a half off. Yeah exactly Nice. That's nice. Yeah so it'll be good. The fiance is terrible. Okay fiancee what are they doing. offseason do they strengthen their arm do they. Ah but be honest. He comes through a lot of my stuff like he'll come out to endure across like he'll come out and be a fan at other stuff. He'll watch the dog at home and hot wheels and we were filming with popsicles. And you can't pitch you on your arm. You won't start throwing until late December and then January like he'll start actually starting to filter. Yeah yeah bring 'em pulp show coming out to know. We want to go to Vegas. Keep because we're kind of homebodies. Nothing because you know like when you're traveling all the time now. We have some friends who want to do out here. So let's knock on your door then come on by and do it flat racer x podcast with Kristen beat presented by Alpine stars ars and Max of course Before we go endure across some that you did series went away and came back this past year with three rounds and I tell people I tell people all the time. I haven't been to one of the new around around Boise Prescott Denver Denver. I tell people all the time if it comes. Are they expanding this year. Do we know yes. There's the actually have a scheduled. Six go neuro cost a great tickets great action. It's really cool nights shock right well. three motos Olympic scoring. Every Modo counts. Are you back for that. Yes percents. I'm John like non ago I wanted to be there. That's good racing with Corinne arena. Craft like always something going on. It's really cool. A cool event like I felt like it was going to be really birkenstock. Because you go back there and it's Super Granola and these guys like live in the middle of nowhere to climb mountains and do a lot of granola stuff but you get back there and like there is a certain finesse technique that is required and each obstacle. And when when you look at it closed I I got to spend a large industry Abbott alleging and You learn a lot in that sport. And when you're following the technique of it is cool almost taken out by biking biking any point not there but in green across for a few times and there's some of the guys that are like back the pack and the amateur classes and like I won't say that on stage anymore You're like yeah these guys sending out and there are no catch fences right right. Yeah no absolutely Did we catch anything anything. Anything else going on. I like the book of Kristen. I feel like we covered it. Pretty good. Yeah which is fine. You do a great job and everything I watched so keep it up. I hope. Hopefully you know big break. Great comes through you but I mean you still see like you're damn busy and you're sitting at home. Nobody complaining about it. 'cause it's not where I WANNA be. I think everyone like you always want more. No that's a viewpoint exactly right yeah. There's probably some people working in the broadcast industry. That news fallen is not bringing nearly as much as yours right. So I'm so grateful for that wraps APPs reps if I hear what one person. I've got the Red Pole. Yeah Yeah exactly what you're supposed to come in studio But did you get sick or what happened. Really say the Flu Monja bad last year. That's because I was traveling so much. I'm getting rooks Chris. Christie ski for probably creeped you out. I understand it now. There's going to be like the husband basement husband basement husband's either. I think I missed it. I missed it but yeah if you're a six or under you have to go so it was. It was mandatory Well thanks for doing this. Thank you came all the way from the Strip that out here to my house appreciate that. It was really fun to do that. Fun To get to know you and please check out your work. The for everybody listening next year. You'll see kristen. beat all over the place and thanks to fly racing. Thanks out by started. Thanks for Max's and thank you. Thanks for listening to the fly racing. Steve Ba'athist show don't forget to check out some of our past shows including motocross legends. Such as boy rick. I look down in my hand was chuck it over to the side. The tendons were jerking and weird places. And my did biggest disappointment Danny store because he never said sorry to Danny and I were friends and we've never talked since Louis. Four the five hundred events David. I fly to Germany. Go down to stood guard. There's this little shop on the back of the mall. Factory we get their cylinders. Take them back and you know off we go and you know we ran. Nicosia cylinders is battery Park for a handful of years before anybody ever saw in Production Day McGill was all he did the big pancake thing and he's got the thing he's completely laying on the gas tank. China miss his. I mean he would have gotten even harder jumped farther. If that tree hasn't been you know hadn't have been there came in and I love the Guy I don't think he's the greatest competitive sport ever had absolutely one hundred percent in my mind. I firmly believe that statement. I said about these modern day guys in Switzerland or Belgium forty five minutes on the same bike. You're not beating you. Oh you crazy is. They're not doing it if they think they're so much better nowadays and they were in the pool so different bikes different times. Beasts from the East Damon Bradshaw. It got to the point where I didn't WanNa leave home and once I got to the race I wasn't into it if I wasn't going to give one hundred percent I'm not gonNa take take the money class here. Definitely an emotional moment for me just thinking to myself at that you know. And it's amazing. The stuff that goes to your head in a short amount of time of the things that you know that was going to miss a machine until you really open yours. Here's and you WANNA listen to what they're saying like beating a dead horse and I know from personal experience. been anybody ever sidney down. Of course. Everybody did go circus Mitch. Payton there's two ways to make the money one as you can sign for money or two you can earn the money. I'm a high believer in earning the money. I think they ride better when they earn. The money seven-time Jeremy McGrath. I was so mad like so disappointed so frustrating that I can I left every point count. I could kick myself to this day for not just riding around and been no problem. My my ego got in the way you know Johny stuff that you didn't WanNa ride. And he wanted to look at it all day. I got a chance to test all that. I like that Air I was in. I really do search Popa Maxim. Yeah tune store to enjoy these over. Eight hundred. Great motorcross podcasts almonds.

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