Remembering the Territories: World Class Championship Wrestling


David Greco in DC W legend Tommy Dreamer book back on the territories and delve into world class championship wrestling. This is busted open some remember the territory special. Welcome to busted open remembering the territories and this one is one of my personal favorites. World Class Championship wrestling. We're GONNA talk about a top to bottom and who better to do with me and my partner in crime here at nine. Am each and every morning eastern time right here busted open. It's the innovator of violence. It's the landlord of the House of Art. Gore himself the one and only Tommy Dreamer. How are you man? I'm doing great. I thought we were doing the job or one. But we're going right to world class. I should have changed my shirt but anyway let's talk world class championship wrestling. That was phenomenal. It was phenomenal. There's no doubt about it and I said it's my personal favorite territory because it really is If you look at the innovation of World Class Championship wrestling you know the way that they the mics. You know near the ring they did it completely different. Shot it completely different Tommy than any other territory and a lot of what they did is still used on TV today. Absolutely and the beauty of it was. It's I guess Movement forward always like with production with it had somewhat of a big time sports feel with Bill Mercer being a commentator bringing the camera into the ring they did so many things that are different but really made it stand out and it went from I would like to say a regional just basically Texas promotion. you was purchased in what like nineteen sixty six by Fritz von Erich and then it just kind of blew up and I always talk about when you think of the territories you I find it so amazing that in one section one state you can have wrestling literally seven nights a week Running in all these different towns and like every house doing really really well. And here's the thing when you look at World Class Championship wrestling because when you look at world class championship wrestling you mentioned Fritz von Erich and you have to talk about friends. Fritz von Erich when you talk about world class wrestling but you know from nineteen sixty. Six To nineteen eighty-one. It was big time wrestling. It didn't become world class championship wrestling until late. Nineteen eighty one and really the big years of world class was from eighty to eighty six by nine thousand nine hundred sixty sorted decline. Eighty seven and eighty eight. Were definitely decline years. So when you look at the heyday of world class championship wrestling Tommy. It was really only four years but those four years or historical. Yeah and when we go back to quickly the production you know that was Keith Mitchell. He was involved in that and then from world class you went to WCW. He's shot every episode of Nitro from there he went to impact or TNA. You WanNa call it what was TNA. I E shot all of them up until he just went to eighty w Shot as now shot every episode of Eight. Uw So Keith. Has been a pioneer as well as kind of being like A. I know for a lot of us. When you're dealing with stuff in the truck. He was like a if go mafia terms a conciliatory to What's going on and what he brought to the table. What like you said is still being felt and seen today but those boom days I remember you know when we saw Gino Hernandez take the one man gang chain and great the Cadillac. Or you know we discussed on a previous podcast steel cage. When Terry Gordy closed it on The head of Kerry von Erich costing him the shot at they brought the cameras in there. But you could feel those atmosphere. We we talked about. Look at the swarm of people hugging the baby faces and just as boom period of pro wrestling. Which is all based upon the von Eric's as the baby faces and all the evil counterparts to the Bond Eric's because there was I don't feel looking at it now but back then. There was no drop off in baby faces. You had your on Eric's you had whoever was going against them. But you had your Bugsy McGraw as your spoilers Jose authorities. Everybody who was there was a star and people were into those matches even like the opening matches. You know if there was a friend do sick Versus Brian Diaz or whoever those matches are everyone who was in that territory was considered a star because of that great television they had as well and I. I'm glad that you said that. Because like Brian Adidas who early on I guess you can look at it as almost enhancement talent but then grew and grew and then you saw him just get better and better in the ring and that was lost on the fans. They saw that too so that a few years later you would buy him into being in a main event match. That's what it was great. It's almost like you know like a football team before free agency. You know how they got built by the draft. You had a last place team. But they started building different pieces to the puzzle on. Then you know two years three years four years down the line a team. That maybe was a team was now playoff team and then maybe even a few years later a super bowl team was the same thing in world class championship wrestling bite. You can have somebody on the undercard and then three or four years down the road there in the main event match. That's what I love so much about world class championship wrestling. And Tommy. You ventured it. It was a regional Dallas Fort Worth promotion but it was a national promotion. I mean it was. It was used eight the tours into Israel because world class championship wrestling was so big. And you can make the argument if they wanted to. They truly could have been a national product before Jim Crockett promotions and before the WWF. Absolutely I remember watching it every Saturday In New York Madison Square Garden at five o'clock and then it moved to seven o'clock Just because sometimes. There's a lot of Yankee Day Games. And this is when the Yankees are on it and it just did boomed and for exactly what you said. I remember immigration of how simple it was if you had Fritz von Erich who is this established wrestler in that market And then he had his young sons they would if you were a baby face. You're a friend of the Von Erich. I remember King Kong. Bundy I coming in. And he was from Alaska and he was dislike. Lumberjack Alaskan guy that they found in the von Erich like well. Let's train you to be a wrestler and then what happens you of course turns on the Eric's and you know Brian. Use was another one he supposedly. I don't know if this is true. Went to high school with Kevin Boehner and actually ask him on that but They attached their other baby faces to their top and it really really helped them for when they turned you. Think of the group's Devastation Inc. H H with Gary Hart was always the nemesis and it was perfect because Gary Hart. Who is the older guy? He hated Fritz von Erich so he also brought in all these other guys to beat up as sods if it was the Great Kabuki the Magic Dragon. All these different guys would come in to go against on. Eric's such a simple formula but yet done so so well and I remember seeing the first time they took it to Israel and they were it was like a president or the pope coming to the country like flocks and flocks of people and showing that footage to was kinda different. Because now you're saying like. Wow people love this company so so much and they had memorable cards in the cotton bowl that memorable cards at Texas stadium you know. Everyone remembers the first a parade of champions in one. Thousand nine hundred. Four where Kerry von Erich beat ric flair to become nwea champion in front of forty two thousand fans but when you think of world class championship wrestling because he saw each and every week on your television and that was the sport a terrarium when you talk about historical venues in the history of pro wrestling. Tommy just like the w arena in Philly the sport a Tory among Dallas. Texas is right at the top of list. Absolutely I remember the one of the first time I ever went to Dallas. I wanted to drive by the sport. A terrarium and it was just like this old building. I was able to see it and I was like man I wished I had the opportunity to wrestle there. I was wrestling when it was still around during the US W. A. Days going in there but It's no longer there but people still take pictures of the legendary Sports Taurean Basically an empty empty building I mean empty space but Yeah man if you think about how. Every week people would flock to that place and there's a documentary out there whether they brought Kevin von Erich through that building. It was amazing and isn't really a a conversation about the tragedies that have fallen World Class. It's kind of all about the positives of the territory world-class though the tragedies. Kinda led to the falling of it but to me it's more about the celebration of this amazing amazing territory and I'm glad what you said Tom. Because there's been so many documentaries about the fall of world class championship wrestling in the tragedies around world class championship wrestling. That's not what we're going to be talking about today. We're GONNA be talking about the triumphs of world class championship wrestling and when you think about world class championship wrestling obviously you think about the sport at Torian. But you also think about the family behind. And that's the von Eric's David von Erich Kevin von Erich Kerry von Erich Mike von Erich Chris von Erich the Father Fritz von Erich. We'll get into all that and probably the greatest feud in the history of pro wrestling. And we'll do that. When Tommy Neier back remembering the territory's its world class championship wrestling right here on busted open. You're listening to busted opens remembering the territory's World Class Championship special only on Sirius. Xm Fire Nation Channel. One fifty six Anthony Smith on anime tonight. Is this now the moment? Wherever we're GONNA just engage he as maybe the best live on planet or just engaged. She's on the middle better than Tony Ferguson. So I'm not sure if they ran that back if it would look much different. Maybe that was the effect like maybe. It's not Tony. Maybe he didn't have an off night and just engaged. You just gotTa make if you look back at this point. There's a strong argument to be made. Adjusting may be the best one hundred fifty five in the planet. Stacey Thursday seven to eight. Pm Eastern on Sirius XM fight nation. This busted open remembering the territory's world class championship wrestling special. Here's Dave Look Rica in DC. W Legend Tommy Dreamer. Welcome back to busted open remembering the territories with my tag team partner that handsome Tommy Dreamer Tommy talking about world class championship wrestling today. And my personal favorite territory when you think of all the elements and Kinda reminds me of these. Cw Not just a hardcore style and we do know world class wrestling at times could be that strong style that we see in Japan. But you know a lot of the elements that's missing if you watch it on the wwe network just like e c w you know. The music was a huge aspect of world class championship wrestling. You know when you think of the free birds and you think of you know free bird by Lynyrd skinner playing and you know you think of the junkyard dog with a another one. Bites the dust and Kerry von Erich. You know to Tom Sawyer. Music was a big element of world class championship wrestling. Oh absolutely you know as you're saying it I have Visions of Kerry von Erich in White Daisy Duke. Shorts cough wet hair oil on his chest. Coming out to What was it that whitesnake video riding the horse on his it always do those videos Leading up to like a big match and that was for him go into take on Ric flair. And if you watched it today you'd be like this is how you're promoting Office guy in the world and he just slow motion. It looks like it would be a joke today but yeah man all those videos. I remember they did an eye of the tiger video To that but there were so many different elements. And what you said I think is the best word. The feuds the feuds and we've talked about this so much feuds and angles or what really drew the business of professional wrestling back then and even though they went to the well a lot it was because it still worked the free birds and Navan. Eric's like I said before the free birds came in as the von Erich friends and then all of a sudden they turned and it wasn't like a classic turn where all of a sudden they just jumped him. It was over that Christmas night Match that we went over on the podcast where Terry Gordy slammed the cage on Kerry's head costing him the title but Michael Hayes was trying to be indifferent but once you turned on von Erich you're immediately hated because they were so loved but like devastation. Inc feuding with them or Gino Hernandez increase atoms feuding with them. Hernandez always kind of the. He'll but Chris Adams if you remember came in as Kevin von Erich friend Yep and that ye turned on him with a famous super-quick All this different. It's so easy because as Sadly people know your friends do turn on you and in real life and that was always portrayed against the beloved von Eric's and we talk about greatest feuds and I think when you make a list of the greatest foods of all time in pro wrestling on or near the top of that list is going to be the free birds in the von Eric's and like it's like you said the free birds came in as friends of the von Erich. That quickly changed that Chris night you and I did a watch along to carry and Ric flair in the cage of from Star Wars at the reunion arena on Christmas night. You can see that. Watch along or you can hear that. Watch along on the busted open. Podcast WHO's Click and subscribe and like but honestly. Tommy you look at that feud even though it went on for years it didn't matter that was one of the greatest feuds because it never got old and never got tired because you had so many compelling personalities and characters in that feud and it takes you know they heel and face to tango to make it. Michael Hayes was just amazing. You know with that over the top personality in wise ass character and he had Terry Gordy as the muscle. And Buddy Rogers's body Roberts is just like that mind that knew how to get under people's skin one of the greatest feuds of all time off dude absolutely. I say it's top three in the Tommy Dreamer world which is Dusty Rhodes and Kevin Sullivan. Tommy Dreamer Raven the free birds and bruiser brody versus Carlos Cologne. Those are my top feuds. We'll do a whole talk about that one day but We talk about Feuds and and how they made things special another guy and you know learning stuff about the business was a lot when who was booking. A lot of it was Gary Hart and then when he left David Manning Had a piece of the book Bronco Lubich had a piece of the book When you say my did you of you. Cw W that is Kinda profound because if you think about it like I've heard well Bronco Lubich also had A. He had a town that he helped promote and we had a baby doll was on. She said her parents had a town that they helped promote for world-class so all these group of people. Now when you went to that town like her father you know a referee. She used to do stuff and it did have that family element to it but everybody who came in like worked it would be like you were owned a little piece of the company in the Senate. If your house was up you get paid more So I mean stuff like that is just like I love that because you see like again the rise of it but Yemen the I'm trying to think of once the von are like wild. There were there who is another top super duper face. No one could surpass them and it would be different today because everyone would be like. Oh it's because they're the sons all this stuff really work good athletes. They really were draws that. We're going out there and working I've always said this triple h gets a lot of he He not so much anymore. Back in the days because he married. Stephanie McMahon but at one point triple h was the best. He'll in the business and it doesn't matter who you are as long as you could back it up in the ring the fans would accept and I think that's why the fans accepted the von Erich so much and they also all complemented each other so well and like the breakdowns of it were. Kevin was the high flier. Carey was more of a brawler and the muscular guy and David was the all around Great Wrestler. He was the one primed. He was the big brother he was the one primed and ready to be the NWEA champion. And that's another beautiful thing that they always did was. They fought for a prize. There was the Americas heavyweight. The Americas title was the number one regional title but when Rick Flair was coming into town. Guys would fight for the bigger prize and to me. That was pure genius because you also you had the great if it wasn't Harley race I associate world-class more with Ric flair because his amazing battles but Harley race was in the mix a lot while he was champion to and it made that. Nwea title so special. And that's what's amazing about world class because you know Tommy every every territory had their hot baby-faced that you wanted to see become nwea champion no like amid south. There was the junkyard dog for a while. Then it was Terry Taylor you know in Georgia championship wrestling. It was know Tommy Wildfire Rich Ringo around the country at the top territories but with world class. It was it wasn't just one person was an entire family. You know you know it could be carried von Erich it could be David von Erich could be Kevin von Erich. You Know A. It didn't matter. They were just all as equally popular. And I'm you know we're GONNA get Kevin von Erich on here in a few minutes. Can't wait to talk to him. I'm sure he's got stories about you. Know the fans and how they would claw him when he would go to the ring. You know Gil Brandt and Gillibrand. If you don't know the name he was the scout and you'll player personnel director for the Dallas Cowboys for decades under Tom. Landry in TEX SCHRAMM and I had a conversation with Gil Brandt Gil Brandt Nada wrestling guy. But he knew the von Eric's because he even said it to me. He said there was a time. Where the Vine Eric's were as popular as the Dallas Cowboys in the mid eighties? The cowboys were a mediocre team. So you look. That was the height of the popularity of the von Erich. So he would tell me that they were on par with the Dallas Cowboys in the Fort Worth Dallas Texas area. Think about that. They're really tells you how big that family truly was. The first time I got to meet Kevin. Von Erich was when he came to impact wrestling when they did a pay per view there and they had his sons on the show against The von Eric's and Kevin was in the corner and when Kevin got announced the place blew a gasket and I it was just like and that was so many years removed from world class championship wrestling. But like I always say wrestling fans never ever forget 'em even his hall of fame speech was spectacular And he got an amazing amazing reaction there for someone who really was never on. Wwe television. Yeah it's it's crazy when you really think about just the popularity of that family and that promotion how much it meant for Texas and the economy and and unfortunately when the economy did take a nosedive in the late Eighties World Class Championship. Wrestling went along with it. But you know you mentioned Kevin von Erich in Kenya von Erich is a wwe hall of Famer. But he's more than that to me. He's an icon. He's a legend. He's truly a hero. And when we come back Tommy we're GONNA talk to that hero and legend Kevin Von. Erich GonNa join US right here on World Class Championship wrestling remembering the territory's I'm busted open. You're listening to busted opens remembering the territory's World Class Championship special only on Sirius. Xm Fight Nation Channel. One fifty six your home for all things. Combat Sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Start Your Day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted open. Respect these men and women that build the business and the barracks keeps you up to date on all things boxing. Boxing is the fear of young. Expect Gary Thomas. Has you covered for mixed martial arts? Joe Rogan is the most important influencer in all the fighting broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius? Xm Channel One fifty. Six David Greco legend Tommy Dreamer book back on the territory's delve into world class championship wrestling. This is busted open some remember the territory special welcome back to bust it open remembering the territories and Tommy as I said my favorite territory of all time world class championship wrestling. And who better to talk about it than one of the legends one of the heroes of world class to one and only Kevin von Erich Heaven. How are you today good? How are you buddy? I'm great lettuce is like I'm I'm talking to Kevin von Erich from my house. Are you get me? This is like a dream come true. Well I'm sure glad to be here and then terminates good to see you again to my friend lives excited to talk to. You. Haven't seen in a while though I feel like I'm part of the von Erich Family. Because you're my favorite person of follow on twitter because of the boys and diving off a cliff in your grandchildren. You're very uplifting person and there ever a time. We need to be uplifted. You need to follow Kevin von Erich agree. Just nothing but fun on the incharge of free time here. Let's let's my. That's my job is to stay relaxed. Wait a second. I don't mean inter up. I'm getting a phone call here. Hold on this song. Remind you anything Kevin you know. The U Mark. He's playing Tom. Sawyer know that what are you playing? I can't hear it. Go hold you get old. It's my play Tom. Sawyer was curious music. Play in Eric in terrible mark. Tommy I swear they don't get onto. Tommy he's my buddy for sure. When I went to I was a show I did for several years ago with the boys told me what told me. I was looking for chair. An atomic came into that role in the. He gave me a three or four chairs. He told that good up this go paved the road for us. Snl Like this guy smack man all about respect you know the business you brought up the right way. Come on now. Don't arts ride? I did like the appreciate it to. Let's who's the shoes on on the other foot? Now is on the old man and watching these young tigers there. But it's a it's a great seat here to Kevin Can you explain to our listeners? A big like we're talking about the territory's was an average week for you like what shows you guys worked. But like you know ten. We had tend to be Aussie talking about mid south. What was an average week being arrested in world class? Championship wrestling Well it wasn't uncalled for us to work seven days a week we work and sometimes twice on Sunday. You know 'cause we we're we had such a such excitement. They wanted to run as many shows as possible. And you're there was a tie where I was working two or three shows a day. We'd have shorter plane for but you know we witness so much so much guys were in the territory you know they would work. Dallas and Fort Worth and then there was a TV on Austin and Houston was Thursday and Friday nights and so But the Russ was just you know towns end the WCW that we run called spot shows and then with the with midsouth just right over there it was pretty calling for the guys who work a few shots for mid south to during the loop. We wanted to keep all the guys working as we could. And so with W WITH MID SOUTH OVER. There was easy to do and plenty of road trips. Nice and you're a you're on the road a lot but for fans like Tommy and Tommy from New York and myself from New Jersey. You know watching world class wrestling every week. You know it was the sport a Tory and that venue meant a lot to pro fans you know. What do you think of when you hear sport a them? You know the history of that venue if you could describe it us well. You know When people talk about it now I think they kind of sensationalize a little bit the other way because it was you know. Yeah it was an old going and it was It didn't have installation and it was but there's a lot of things say regardless everybody that worked there. I think really love that building it but it wasn't dirty like didn't stink but because the food was really good sport a tour we talk Os and hamburgers and chill and cheeseburgers and French fries and a in the near with your your your Cotton Candy Cokes. And all that but you know it was. It was a good place to eat. You could really have dinner her. You know if you did Monte Nido according to art some Tacos and our cheeseburgers over. They were good and We wouldn't have sold that much food. If the place start at didn't stink. It was just old. You know it was. It was clean. It was old but it was clean. What about the fans the fans that would be at the sport a? I'm the one thing I always remember watching it on. Tv was like there was like a string around the ring. The hell the fans back talk about like when stranglehold would hit and you become down at entrance ramp to the ring what that what emotions were going through your mind. Will you know that's another thing? I'm glad you brought that up. What we we look at what we're doing out there are what the people have a good time. That's what we are. We thought it was important in the little kids. Especially the little kids you know. They're going to go home and they're gonNa kill the parents about what they had and what they like the most about the show and we thought it was important. They're able to touch us. Get up to the rain and sun their autographs and even stand on the Apron. We couldn't get in the ring but it was okay with me and all the rest of my brothers to let them get up on the Apron and not and be treated like you know like like little kids and it was just. I think it was important to have that in the excitement. And so you know the entrances went. came off great was the music but But all the kids getting up to touch it. They're not going to hurt you. They all have pens. And you might get poked or whatever but but it's it's worth it. It's they're going to have a great time and I wish they'd go back to that. I know they're worried about insurance. And all but the kids aren't going to hurt us. I think it's a it's really good and you know the kids that's all. They have long find when they come ringling that so. I think we're really on the mark where we did that. It's funny when you talk about the business bag van when heels were allowed to get real heat. All you had was a string at prevented you know from hitting the ring but yet today when you have Who can't get heat? They have barriers and security to prevent Wrestlers fans to go after wrestlers. When if you think about it you really should just have a strain because no real heels could actually get eat anymore. Because you're not allowed to her from Tory kind of insurance worried about. I have gotten sued on my own show because a guardrail. Hit A fan but Yeah I think it's for insurance and also Just those like you said it's it's a lost. There's loss pieces of the business. That are so so needed. I'm happy that starting to bring back managers. They're such a key component to the business. I just think through time. It's just like world class wrestlers such stars but the fact that I was able to touch a star to me made. Y world-class was so so special. Because you guys were actually ascertainable to your fans or glut here say that Homeo- that does what we're shooting for the kids to be part of you know because a lot of kids that they don't have a picture of her they don't really have the money to spend and so you got to sign a ticket stub or even a piece of little scrap of paper. You know anything but at least they got something in their hand you know and they don't have to pay for it so I'm glad we did that. Our wish they bring more of that too. In the history of world-class everyone equates the the free birds and the Bond Eric's feud when Terry Gordy slammed the steel cage into Carries head which was an amazing angle Do you think that was when the territory clearly popped or you? Did your best business. I'm sorry on this very did. I think that was curious. What do you think that was when the territory popped or you? Did your best business. Oh No that was a great angle. It was but it was just another angle told me. To tell the truth you know a hesitate to go on about The Free Birds. Because I don't want to take any way away from Chris Adams Gino. Those guys were a great tag team and you know how Israel just set on fire over there. It was like we built such a business there but those they never even saw the free birds you know it was all Chino increased and so And they later on. They did but all that excitement was over gene. Chris and so I WANNA give those guys credit and not to mention Kabuki Dragon. We had a lot of those guys and you know so. Many so much good talent came through but that was a super good angle With the chair with the slammed the cage door in a Santa Claus in all it was it was really good. But Laura don't take Chino because they were. They were just Christmas morning but toughest guys I know you know. There are a lot of our business were close with He. He was so was good. Yeah go ahead. I'm sorry I know the company always had booker's but how much did your father just let like. Let's say Gary Hart Just book or did did he have a lot of influence on what was going on as well or did he handle like the business aspect of it will. Jerry was good because he was he knew a lot of people. And that's which you want in a book or you want somebody that knows knows a lot of people that we could just movement the moving into the end the company and it worked really good. Gerry was good for that but as far as or take anything from Jerry. He had a good mind and he was a a all. The guys is number one advantage. Was that how will he go along with the boys? Now I know Jerry is not real popular type but he was popular when everybody wanted to. Work world-class over all the numbers. And so and so knowing Gerry was important. I mean if you knew Gerry you had a a leg them. A leg up in so jerry was great it probably I think. Probably the best booker we have. You Know Kevin when I look at some of your greatest matches and you know if I had to make a list of my top ten favorite matches of all time. One of those matches would be you and Chris Adams at the cotton bowl. I thought that match was absolutely phenomenal from nineteen eighty four. Do you have a favorite match of yours. Is there one match? You look back on as one of your favorites. Well that's the question. They're because doing so. Many wrestling matches the nineteen years in Russell at so much. Believe it or not. It's just not on television. Forget it it's just too many of them when you you see TV. Oh that one. But I just forgot so many but It's funny that you know you're lamarcus. Some people may remember our matches all but I can remember like clean beaches For instance Billy Robinson and nuts a match. It's on Youtube. I only always admired him. He has A. he's a great mind for the business. Thought he would have made a great chance to back in those days but I had a good match with him or just on Youtube the other day and so I'd have to say that's one of my just a great name like billy than there were so many good men are Russell Dorna. If it's not on type I can barely remember Tony talking about without the TV. It just modest will never happen. Sometimes you to the good part about social media fans will send you clips of what happened. I was like man. I totally forgot. I had that match. Who isn't that something? Kevin something that we talked about before you joined us was how important bill. Mercer was in the history of world class championship wrestling. And you know. He's kind of forgot about as far as some of the greatest. Play by play announcers in pro wrestling. And then I also mentioned Mickey Grant who was a director for world class championship wrestling. How important or those two people and World Class will. I'll tell you something that no one knows I ever told anyone else but Osteo Mickey grant and we're making creative and bill but bill mercer was was our voice and he was a great man. One of the. He's a legend. You know he was one of the only newsmen around when JFK under an assassination and he was there and on the spot and you know he took it and ran with it and he was divorced. Dallas cowboys. He's always in the right place at the right time. It seemed like he's a great mass. Russ you know when I got out a wrestling essay out when I was starting to wind. My career down in the nineties are Russell. Mexico City and in the Caribbean people wondered where would but I went down to San. Jose took Mickey Grant N. Bill with me and I was negotiating TV. Deal on Retro Tall. There's a channel down there. It's three six nine one company. And it's the IT's in San Jose Costa Rica. And it's it's sports news everything and so I was putting the show out there in these guys. Were really hot for the show. Wanted to put it on and A learned something so crazy it found out a turns out and actually in Third World countries. They're not so concerned with high ratings. They they're not concerned with ratings at all it was all about getting their person elected president like that's why you on the TV station in Central America is because you've got someone you WanNa have elected this president nuts really they own. It's like a a a A. They all know they all do but that it in Dutch down their in Costa Rica that they could care less about ratings. It's all about getting or mandarin elected. You could say the same in today's society about the news but that's not to live in our world wrestling Norwitzki. That something Kevin. I'm going to ask you to straight up mark questions that a young Tommy Dreamer needs to know. Are you ready? Okay straight up mark questions number one did you in Brian. Diaz go to high school together. And where you were you friends in high school. Yep Smarter Fuck Best. Friends Curie was in Bryan. It was in carries class and Roy was there. Were both running box and Willie good bikes. Jerry was fullback and Brian was the tailback and I think they both don't thousand yards on to earn about two thousand dollars. That's really soften 'em. Brian was the family friend for sure and he was like a little brother to me because he curator always to go. But Ya and glad. Brian got into wrestling but once he he had an ankle with me. You know it's business and you know we went cyber her. You know it's not just him and I'm glad for it because he's a tough guy and he would dish it out by he's doing okay. I think he went to prison but he got out. And he's like a he's a good man and he was a good man then but he's he had some problems and he got us all thrown now so if you see brought a DSL there watch him. He's a good athlete. I don't know if he's still rustling but he's but I'd marry him the way carrying himself. yeah man. I mean I remember that whole feud and everything you but if you talk about we were talking about earlier. The beauty of world class and to me it's always storytelling. It's good versus evil. And The von Eric's were always good and somebody betrayed them and it would instantly be a top heel for the company. And that's how you do a lot of money but it was so simple and if you I came in like even like a Senate King Kong Bundy was found by the von Eric's and then he turned and like that simplistic booking was money. All the time and stories old as the Bible you know good versus evil or told me that's exactly right that's really and you so. I don't think we did that purposely. It was just It's just that's the way it came out when you're putting something together. Good versus evil. The people can sink their teeth into that. They understand it. And when you take real real points like like like a right enroll on. I mean the people can sink their teeth on that they feel like they're part of it. It that's one thing I think. Neglecting nowadays they. They don't have that aspect. I think that was really important for for us. People to get behind your you know my second. Mark question is this is urban legend. You were facing three men. You put a claw on one a claw on the other and then picked up your foot and put a claw with your foot on the guys. Ed Architecture told me that sounds great. I love to clean up but corny was put on. I don't want to say I didn't say I just don't remember that Jack. Victory told me that story. He said it was He was one of them and he got the claw from the foot. And I was just like I don't know about that. One so of cost pass through the years if both hands are occupied and I have to do something. That's why I took my boots off. You know it's not necessarily two. It was to be quicker and move around better but you know told me I would. I could pull hair with my feet. I can hold on the rope talking to all sorts of cheat will stuck with boots on so I would do anything I could get that much. Yeah in Heaven by votes on head coach to me. I needed if I needed to pull the trucks or Puma here. I did use those yeah. It's so funny. I'm watching World Class. Today on the W. W network and they bill mercer asked you how come you took the boots off and you just exactly the same answer. Which is so real. You're like that's just me? I liked B barefoot. Like you things without it and it's the same answer today. I love it. They told me you know curate to Curie Luxembourg foot now believe carrying would of Russell Burford Edmund for that. That injury right wants a bit videos. Keri Russell say Lauda third four I know back in the day there was always like who could be the next NWEA champion. Who was the top guy for the company in your opinion? I know it'd be hard in their prime. Who was the best all around? Athlete Yourself Carey or David or for the family. Will you know their whole old different ways to define athlete? You know what I mean All AROUND WORKER. Probably the most versatile. Because you know I was a hydro earn high hurdler and a sprinter and a fullback and I also did discus and shot and a lot of my brothers were but I think the bribe but I. I was the most versatile I'd say that Kerry was a great football player A great disc store and a great wrestler. You know so and then die Dave. Was You know devoted with what he did? Is that the way divorce with basketball. Practice practice practice. That's the his UH is mantra. In anything that you're short or you're practicing you'll get good at it. You put your heart into it annual and you will achieve and that was taped so David Carey were both. I don't want to take anything away from because they're both super athlete spent on But when it comes to versatility that I I think maybe get that one but What a great wrestler he was and Kerry was there just a phenomenal athlete. Around in so You know it's kind of hard to ask me. But what he was he was to take you think for Mike either just was looking at a newspaper article the other day that you know we have a bunch of we brought over from Texas and also we're Mike was in track meet in junior high and he broke in five events and he set five meet records out and three of them were records that he himself himself had set your before in in seventh grade and so it was a fellow athlete. We're just so busy wrestling. We didn't have time to to really watch him but Mike was something else. I hear these videos. Mike was an athlete but he really was in a really good athlete to now Chris. Chris wasn't Chris had the The asthma in it hit them really hard but not Mike. Mike was a good athlete and was his way when he got when he when he died aged Bloomberg Kevin. How important were the wrestling magazines? Y- Tommy and I did an episode about you. Know with George Napolitano and stews stacks and Bill Apter. How poor were those wrestling magazines to popularity for you and get your name out there to an audience that might not have been able to watch world class championship wrestling. The wrestling magazines were never really. They didn't really get down to world class. They pretty much handle New York in that area up there in their this kind of held the way it was you know in so but that was just kind of their way of a promos are supposed to people over that. We didn't have a lot of a look at the magazines. Come down come down to Texas. Now what we started rushing then bill after and George the Polito Pronounce it. But in Stu and those guys are your started coming down then but before that that we didn't we didn't have wrestling maximes actions come down to Texas. That was just a northern thing but it it started up soon and smother goes through those Japanese. The those or shoot. I'm GonNa have some good. Japanese men works Georgina. Waly Waly Gilmore Gucci with name while Yamaguchi with the Japanese Baseball magazine. And all that stuff. Yeah Yeah right wall. We started doing the Nog later on. That was not joey we are. We really caught on but the magazine started coming down and the Japanese magazines too. That was a that was an aspect of it. I suppose We we didn't have a whole lot of Texans down your mo stories. Though Kevin. I WanNa ask you about your son's. Because they were good enough about a year ago to come in studio with us. You know Ross Marshal von Erich who are doing great things with M. L. W. wrestling. And you know how how do feel they progressed. And they've created quite a buzz with L. Lali so problem the way the ratings have come up from the boys came always just pat on the back Steve. I'm just so proud of him. And they tell me and the company the heads of the company. Tell me you know how ratings are doing and the market share and all. I'm so proud of the boys and the way the way they're doing it right. Keep their word they just. They're as solid as they get here out at Pembina have just the take care of us. You know. They pay the bills they feed us. They didn't they just everything. And it's what a way to live. I just delegate the authority to my and it was the best decision I ever made. Pamela I just live here and they just take care of everything. They need. Cars feed of branch the the sheep the any any building. We have to move their all over it. Just it's a beautiful life out here. Good signs that's good sons. You Have Kevin. That's awesome the year Kevin. Thank you man. This has been an absolute pleasure. This is like a bucket list for me to be able to talk to you today for the special and the Talk Abou World Class Championship wrestling. We truly appreciate the time today. Thank you so much. Listen anytime you to do show Koby. I've had never list Evan. Honestly man you're you're living legend and I say it from on the first time I met you. You open the doors and paved the way for so many. You and your family made people fall in love with wrestling and I just want to say thank you because of what you and your family did for so many man flicky Tommy. God bless your heart you say the most encouraging thing up. I sure appreciate friendship was a pleasure for me to know you and you to you guys were just number one anything I can ever do because a count me in and let me say to the to the viewers out there make you offer still remember me after all this time. We're going to get through this. I know the has got us down. But it's going to be I. It's it's passing at. We'll be fine. It's going to go with your coming in from what I understand. The temperature in the sunlight kills this thing. So it's GONNA be great everybody's cheer up and love each other and as a great summer this has been busted open remembering the territory's world class championship wrestling. Special Check Sirius. Xm On demand for more Sirius XM fire nation content. Follow us on twitter at busted open radio.

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