#03 Is Cannabis Safe? Part Three: Adolescent Use and Harm Reduction


You're listening to the curious about cannabis. podcast the sale of matter. One is even more difficult to detecting halt then the traffic in drugs such as opium pimm multi and and more vicious more deadly even these soul destroying drums. It's not everybody. This is Jason Wilson with a curious about cannabis podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again over the last two episodes. We've been exploring the topic of cannabis safety and harm reduction. We explored the toxicity of some of the major chemical constituents of cannabis how cannabis can interact with medications and contaminants that could be found in cannabis products now for the third and final part of the series. We're going to be focusing on the topics of team cannabis use before we dive into some of the ways that cannabis users can actually minimize some of the risks. That we've been talking about in these episodes so here we go the third and and final part of our series where we explore. The critical question is canvas. Safe in what are the risks of exposing children to cannabis at an early age as you might imagine. This is a very complicated question. Now offer this episode. We're going to ignore the topics of cannabis use during pregnancy while breastfeeding breastfeeding or the medical use of cannabis and children will explore this topics in other episodes. But for this episode we're going to focus on looking at the health. Risks of Atta lesson cannabis use during teenage years. This is your brain. The kids today have become come very wary of drug education of any kind her merely because kids had been exposed to tales of exaggerated harms or even outright lies about drug use for decades as part part of prohibition and abstinence based drug education programs so in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. You could go in in light of the kids. Whatever you wanted now they have google? This is Matt Matt Vogel Health and Wellness Educator. That's spent a lot of his time. Focusing on teaching high schoolers and college students about substance use and harm reduction strategies have had their cellphones in the moment. And it's interesting because a couple of years ago. I had a situation where I was presenting to a private high school to the seniors. An in early on in the session a student. He's he asked. He said Islam does does cannabis cause lung cancer. And I kinda usually when that question comes up really early it signals to me that someone has done their own research on that and they want to us get a sense of it so I was just really straightforward. You know. We don't have data right now. That shows that We we show that with chronic use. There is an increased in kind of you know lung infections. People get sick more and they have a coffin up. Things like that there's chronic chronic bronchitis that can occur but we don't have around the shows that causes lung cancer per se. I said we may in the future. especially with people are smoking concentrates. It's a lot of chronic way. We don't know exactly what that's going to entail but right now that's where we're at and and it was interesting so after the then we had the whole session. There's really good discussion discussion. Good conversation and at the end he came up in a lot of students have questions after and they'll talk to me and he said Hey. I asked you that question to see if you were full of Shit so you know it's an interesting that kind of testing the waters out to see. Can I trust this person where they at and I also would say if you critique the Nancy Reagan just say no. It doesn't mean that you're just say yes right. There's people think that that will will you're giving permission or being condoning the distance thing. Not at all you know. It's really important to think to sit. holistically think critically about this entire issue But if we go in in you know with you know You know fire and Brimstone in. That's all the only approach we're GONNA take. It's generally not very valuable able in. That said I have concerns about young people especially adolescents. Using high potency cannabis products chirp smoking dabs and other things. I mean there's issues with that. I think that are very real that we need to critique and think about especially at that age especially with new emerging research about the brain and brain development and the the different in new products cannabis more potent products. So it's it's something we we have to think about and can't get completely about. When it comes to cannabis? Kids have been told a lot of things they've been told it'll kill their brain cells that it'll lead to schizophrenia or psychosis it'll make them lazy or stupid or even caused them to move on to other drugs like cocaine or heroin. Well it should. I be pointed out there. Big differences between acute or just the occasional cannabis cannabis use and chronic regular cannabis. Use in general acute cannabis. Use is pretty safe physiologically with the biggest risks being risks six of motor coordination. which is why it's really not a good idea to try to drive after using? THC Rich Cannabis drive with the first thing. It'll be ice cold then. Also memory disruption in psychological distress like fear paranoia however most of the major did you risks that adolescents learn about canvas are associated with chronic or repeated cannabis use while chronic cannabis use can alter the way the brain functions and we definitely need to understand the consequences. That more to say that it kills brain cells is a little dishonest. Yes chronic cannabis use. Ken Definitely changed the the way. The brain works can make certain areas of the brain less active while also making other areas of the brain more active. But this is a complicated puzzle. In fact in some cases cannabis can actually encourage new brain cells to grow in a process called neurogenesis while cannabis can exacerbate or reveal underlying. You're lying mental health problems in adolescence. There's not strong evidence that it actually causes those problems. Typically someone has to have a genetic predisposition to mental health with problems and cannabis can act as a precipitating event to make those mental health issues reveal themselves and the only time that cannabis really seems to act as a gateway way drug to other drugs seems to be when users are exposed to those other drugs on the black market now. The issue of adolescent cannabis use in. IQ Is a bit it more complicated problem. Research has confirmed that there does not seem to be a link between cannabis use and low Iq but there does seem to be a link between early onset cannabis use and poor cognitive performance. If you dig through the research a common theme will emerge in the issue is that. THC In canvas can in some people interfere with the learning process by disrupting attention and memory primarily ultimately users that are affected in this way have to work harder to perform as well well as they typically would without cannabis but a lot of these possible outcomes are difficult to assess because there's a lot of different variables that affect a person's cognitive development including things like social factors Concurrent drug use like alcohol use and underlying mental health disorders. Just to name a few. In addition and everyone responds to cannabis differently. There are also a wide variety of cannabis products with different health risks associated. With each of them it has to be noted here that the context of cannabis use has a lot to do with outcomes. There are children teens and adults. Throughout the world with qualifying medical conditions that are using cannabis medically and exhibiting very few adverse events in addition cbd rich cannabis or cannabis products that don't have intoxicating effects. Don't present the same psychological health risks as THC rich canvas products doses also really important factor to consider lower. We're dosages of either. THC OR CD will present fewer risks than higher doses so if cannabis can be used responsibly. In a way that minimizes adverse events. Dance what does that type of use look like and win. Does canvas use become cannabis abuse. You know the question between use and abuse gets really really tricky because we it's really hard to standardize with alcohol right now for example we could say someone could say. Well what is adult responsible use of alcohol and you can give all these things around around risk reduction and never letting your blood alcohol content and get above point. Oh six and drink make sure you're hydrated drinking water. You'd never drive a car things like we we know this right. We have a number on and it really around essentially not letting that point of diminishing returns eight point. Oh five two point Oh six. That's where beyond that you're going beyond. The buzz is point we can really put that as a demarcation that gets tricky with cannabis right because almost impossible. What's the Turpin profile? One was harvested were the tricalm's amber color or were they cloudy. You are now more sedating because there's more. CBN in the THC started to degrade based on the person harvested it regardless. If it's a Sativa Indica What does the? THC level is his fifteen percent versus twenty five percent to take is it one hit or two hits or ten or one hit of concentrate. It's almost impossible to quantify that all these factors that are playing into it so I love this question. I'll ask young people particularly especially if I've I. I used to teach a class for conduct got caught smoking cannabis campus so I know there are already have experience with us it out atlas students. What does adult responsible I use of cannabis look like what if you had to describe that to someone and that is a tough questions? People answer because it's complicated you. It's harder to put this quantifiable quantifiable number on it and so again it's looking at it from kind of these different personal factors and yeah it's it's it's a very complicated one one thing. I really appreciated about my conversation with Matt was his attention. Just how complicated. This topic is not. There's really not a one-size-fits-all answer regarding team cannabis use and the potential risks involved. Even just finding reputable information about cannabis can be challenging in this age of Internet headlines. Lines and memes there's nuance to right. There's nuance to this entire conversation on canvas but people love things in kind of in this time where it's I I. You know we get our information from a headline on social media. Let alone going to an article that wrote about that came up with that headline and then let alone going to the research article that informed that pop culture article. It's not really happening. Every everything is Kinda like this. We're getting information from headlines in means just yesterday my daughter was like hey dude you know. Joe Rogan's running for President in two thousand twenty happening. She saw me about it. I'm like Oh my gosh. Please do not get your regime for memes and I. I do not think that's true at all nothing about that. So it's like it's just interesting what I have found talk about this quite a bit. Whenever I present to whatever whatever age group I talk about confirmation bias and say of confirmation bias essentially as we seek out and find information and research that already confirms our a Pre existing beliefs and ideas about something? And we do this politically we do it with. A lot of things cannabis is really prominent without. But what we we to. We do this with so many things so like like most things. It's not black and white right. There's complicated aspects to it and that's for me when I do any education specifically what I'm doing with high schoolers are college young college students. Ask them to really think critically about health and wellness and who they are as people talk to me. I have this flow chart that I have. If you're making a decision about substance use all these questions and no one ever. I don't think a Lotta Times. Were asking young people. Think about you know what. Where am I mentally physically and socially and my health right now? How will this decision making impact that? What's the security? What's the dosage Who Am I gonNA be with? What's the what's my mindset going into it? What's the setting I'm going to be around? What would people in my life? Who Love and care about me? Feel about the decision and making impact. Could this have on my life. In general good better indifferent like this run through a series of questions for them to really early processes and think about it because it so much of this now we have to keep encouraging people to think critically about their decision making and their life and their health you know not not just GonNa get on a team and say. That's the team. Amman I'm going with it. So let's assume in adolescent has decided that they want to experimental cannabis and they're determined termined to do it. How long should they wait in order to stay safe legal illegal states? It's twenty one. He could look at it from that perspective from a brain development perspective perspective. You can look at it at twenty five which seems really irrational for a Lotta people. Canada put out these federal guidelines a few years ago around risk reduction harm-reduction related to cannabis and they. They're pretty solid. I thought they were really interesting. one of them. They said it did talk about age. It said if you could recommended waiting 'til at least eighteen now. Gosh I talked eighteen year olds and I think we till you're forty but you know I I I don't know I don't know if I can give a good answer to that. Because 'cause everyone's maturity level is going to be different in some of those biological factors whether it be their indigenous can have annoyed system or their mental health. We sometimes maybe we don't even know that at at that point some of those. Some of the some of the mental health issues are really found. A really full-on come on in late adolescence early adulthood. So I if again if something like especially as strong canvas product is introduced at that time could exacerbate things who knows with data. We have now. I I think a lot of people are sort of pumping the brakes on this and saying hey wait a minute when young. If you're a teenager please abstain from everything if you can the longer longer you wait to ever try anything the better the outcome will be with it and you don't have to try it like that's the thing by twenty and say I'm not interested. I don't need to do this but it's different the younger you are. You think of yourself at age. Think of yourself at thirteen fourteen or fifteen years old like I try to ask people to walk through that exercise. Think of what the clothes you're wearing the bike you're riding reef. Who you were in that moment? You didn't know yourself that well. Wow that time. You don't have a ton of self awareness physical development social emotional mental development. It's a sensitive time so to throw in a really intense experience whether you from cannabis this concentrator of edible or they didn't know what they were doing. Eight four grams of suicide mushrooms or something and had an adverse response ecologically. Typically that like there's risk without it can be an exacerbating event that can cause and lead to more of a psychological an adverse psychological reaction for people at those eight so I think like us being able to have that conversation with a delicate thing to say. I want you to be empowered and really understand on this topic because I have data in front of me that says X. number of teams are doing these things already so we need to empower them to think about that yet. We don't Wanna I just say yeah you're GonNa be the message of. You're going to do this anyway. So be safe is a terrible message. Yeah it's completely putting out an expectation that this should be happening and and people are going to do it. It's more like my line around this. Is You know you you may be around this or you. At some point later in life you may try these certain things so to have a really strong knowledge base and critical thinking skills around it is really important and empowering and you also may be around it so being around someone who maybe is engaging in something in an unsafe way. Maybe you could help them. This all begs the next question. And what can people do to reduce the risks associated with cannabis use for Matt's perspective that begins with cultivating a healthy amount of self awareness regarding not only only substance use but health and wellness. In general there's a lot of stuff we could really look at in our life. In general I think whether that gets overtly de ah Mark Down in a journal or do some self awareness of assessment about food we eat our movement in our physical movement activities stuff like that. Yeah it's an interesting interesting one around that the self awareness piece into have you. You know to be able to do that and say wow you know. I am using cannabis way more than I want to be and I've had students tell me that I I've had students say I basically start my day off. Smoking concentrate and I don't want to. I don't like it. It doesn't make me feel good but it's just such a become such a way way of being for me. It's hard for me to get out from under it or I stopped using cannabis and I thought it was helping me with my anxiety and I thought it was helping seven years my sleep but I realized it was the opposite is actually making me. More anxious. Intermittent anxiety with depending on how high got at that moment and it was actually actually my sleep rough for the first week or two when I stopped using but now it's way better and I sleep deeper and I sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night stuff. I like that. So it's interesting some things we think it might be doing for us. Maybe it's not so I think it's important anything in life to take away something it it really helps you reevaluate it. And beyond all of that Matt had a simple recommendation to reduce risk. That was echoed by many of my other guests. So I think my advice would be one starting off small like with like low potency flour and having small amounts whatever age you are when you first try engage in this In don't start off by smoking dabs you know smoking concentrates. I asked veteran cannabis and cannabinoid researcher Dr Ethan Russo about his thoughts on minimizing risks associated with cannabis. Use right away. He wanted to bring attention to the diverse and sometimes uncertain quality of cannabis products on the market. The first and foremost does the issue the preparation right now. It's sort of the wild west out there. I can't vouch for the utility liberty or safety of any preparation without a certificate of analysis. And I want to know exactly what Senate not just the canal dial content but other cannabinoid chirpy chirp annoyed content I WANNA see evidence that it's safe that there's no pesticide residue microbiological logical contamination heavy metal contamination. And beyond that. I just won't comment and I would urge consumers to be extremely really diligent in China. Require that information my biases that that information should be available for every product whether medical or recreational at point of sale. I'm not a proponent of smoking anything particularly in a medical setting off favors Asian. Potentially Benchley is a safer approach. But when we're talking about medical uses of cannabis were almost always talking about chronic conditions and in that situation best approaches are for oral agents or tinctures say in the mouth Even in their reasons for that when the type of preparation is used as got a much longer half life basically the need need four or more frequent dosing limited often people can treat their condition with dosing two or three times a day. This offers other other advantages in that there are fewer peaks and valleys of activity on you. Avoid a what can happen with inhalation. Where there's a rapid increase freeze and blood and brain levels? That is going to a make a person prone to psychoactive side effects specifically anxiety. Heidi Paranoia things of the sort. That are much less likely with a slow tight. Ration- slow raising of does with an oral agent agent And therefore the risks risks of intoxication reinforcement Withdrawal and all these other affects this can be minimize again. The ingredients are key People need to know That can only come through regulation because it is a situation. I can say without a lot of fear. of contradiction that companies are not canoe produce lab results unless it's mandated. Yeah Yeah No. It's all about the bottom line and if something isn't required companies these are not going to spend the money but there's a happy balance there. It has to come on the side of safety so it's clear clearly. The first step of minimizing risk is to ensure you find clean high quality products. But what comes next. Many people already understand that it can be a very uncomfortable. An unpleasant experience. If you take too much cannabis so what can people do to avoid this. I spoke with Dr Jason Miller about the issue. Jason is a doctor of Acupuncture suren Chinese medicine. That's also an expert regarding the clinical use of medicinal plants. Recently he started having a lot of his patients come to him to ask about cannabis so he began taking taking note of what their experiences and their outcomes were. In order to be prepared to counsel others on the potential pitfalls and the promises of cannabis use the first goal he noted and was to develop strategies to void taking too much in the first place. We'd have some you know some safety nets in case you fall into that that sort of pitfall pit also so like you said. How do we avoid getting there? And I think the most important thing about that is looking at the end of cannabinoid receptor system right and and the way that it's tuned in each person's body audie and how it it's it's a system that builds a relationship to Kavanagh's whether they're indigenous or if they're coming from the plant genus and so always starting starting with a small amount of THC rich you know cannabis extract is a really good way to go in. You know if you want to start with something small I I would say something like a milligram or less. A dose is a really great a mellow star. I mean if if people have known history of cannabis use and they have a relationship with it. That's one thing you could start them with with more than that but some people who have never experienced a lot of people really interested in they want to experience it one thing that found with medicine in general if someone has an overdose experience where they take too much of anything and they get sick from it. They don't ever WanNa take that thing again. It may still be a really a beneficial medicine for them. And so I'd rather start slow. Take our time and builds the right dose rather than risk having that initial you know bad bad negative experience all right. So let's say you've done your best to find your minimum effective dose and you still went too far and now. You're in the middle of an uncomfortable cannabis experience -perience what can be done while there's some real simple things I mean. Even some of the older ideas just like drinking a cup of warm milk or just a couple of houses of warm milk is real simple will calming thing remind you know. But there's there's a lot of other things that we think of the have a history of use citrus you know and and really you know the citrus essential oils whether it be tamed rating and then of course things like black pepper. You know you. And I've talked about a bit repulsive abated Terry offering right and another another compound like Lyman. That shows up in cannabis itself as a modulator of the THC effects on the brain right and And Yeah now we know that Beta carotene interacts with CB two receptors and Is Affecting the system in pretty direct ways. Even though we still don't quite quite understand exactly what's going on there And then also in black pepper there is some piney stuff too that would also You can of play into that and kind of going back to the warm milk thing trying to calm the system down right. I know that. Piney Kin You can modulate acetylcholine levels and that sort of thing and that's interesting because a lot of the compounds that that have been shown to calm. THC overdose effect you paranoia kind of heart rate increase. Like you said some sweats. You know that calling that down has been associated with these These compounds like we're talking about pioneering in Lima Bean and I you know all of them have this other aspect where they actually act says colon urgency where they support the call in transmission in the brain so they kind of support smooth neurological flow. In case. You don't know see. Choline is a neurotransmitter transmitter. In our brains that among many things is responsible for influencing things like sleep arousal memory and attention and then they also you know in doing that one of the ways they do that should say that they block the acetylcholine nasty race enzyme. That naturally breaks down the Acetylcholine. Clean once it's been in the synapse kind of the message has been sent and received that it needs to be you know we need to stop sending the message. So that's what that enzyme does but if that ends overactive active which happens at a lot of people especially in aging and it's associated with dementia that we bodies the Alzheimer's disease that these are all associated with somehow a breakdown in that acetylcholine transmission in that Seato Colin enzyme becomes overactive. It's also an oxidative and inflammatory processes a a lot of drivers right to to this this error in enzymatic activity and these compounds Alimany pining to carry off lean. They all have data now showing that they actually inhibit and peroxide induce cell death neurons. They actually attacked. Veron's some of them actually blocked the ACETYLCHOLINESTERASE activity liberty preserving the holy. So something a real deep neurological link there to what's happening as far as the healing properties of the brain to sell all transmission and how these terp beans have a really positive effect. What are what are some other Medicinal plants that would have have that kind of calming effect on the body it. Would you know support Acetylcholine and that sort of thing. What are some other herbs? You'd recommend one of my favorites is passiflora. Flora Passion Flower Right. That's the passion flowers. A wonderful Just just central. Nervous system calming agent. That also works really well with the THC overdose or dose it calms the Central Nervous System Calms the heart kind of softens the mind and that kind of overthinking sort of produces the monkey mind effect. It's really like at And then what you'll probably the chief. Urban it has been used and could be used alone is sweet flag or a chorus calumnies. Does he has Traditional Chinese also Dick Herbs us for a long time for for cognition. And also. It's been used in flavorings now. You know all kinds of different compounds in it. And it's right. Yeah the cannabis route exactly. Yeah that's reflagged plant and then you've got this route and the route has dried in. It's extracted acted into ethanol most nowadays. It's unethical extraction of that. Then you get this really nice blend of chirpiness and flavonoids. That are you know really powerful in in this plant and one of the Asteroids Right L.. Phone Betaseron that both have strong activity in protecting the brain from neuronal cell death but the Beta aspirin particularly Does a really nice job of calming that. THC induced overdose and that overdose. A fact of all the kind of neurological hyper excitability ability starts happening and it just comes down. I mean even if you just had one thing if you can only have one thing I would definitely choose a course calumnies and I wish I could go back to those couple of experiences. Great Ziad too much. THC In have a bottle of course GALVESTON's they ought to take a couple of droppers of this tincture. Because I have given us to. I don't know how many patients instead I even. Some of the local dispensaries now have been buying this material for me at regular intervals to pass on to their patients. Because you know in in the event that people like Hey I really Wanna get going on on this. THC Regimen for whatever condition and. I'm a little bit worried because I'm sensitive. Will they say okay. Great we'll go ahead and start increasing your dose a little faster if you hit that point or you've gone over. If you use a combination of a chorus and smother herbs are like I said even if you just had the chorus it would really help to bring it down. And I've tested this out a number of people uh-huh and it's been very successful are there any Like health risks or anything like that with columnists that people should be aware of of. Is it something that they can use. Just kind of At will or do they need to kind of watch their intake or anything like that. Well you bring up a good point you know and again. This is not an herb obits meant for long term chronic congestion you know these these kind of high potency turpentine things like those different. There's different species in different variants of the plant where they at the Tetra Varieties that come from. Parts of India have very high concentrations of to ask Essential oils have seventy five percent Betaseron and at that concentration. We're getting to this kind of like you know. Essential Oil. Turpin substance that has a very strong aromatic quality. And you know we don't WanNa take that in all the time it can. It could eventually eventually overwhelm our ability to kind of quench. It's its own oxidative properties. And then we could get some damage. Your liver damage was saying so we don't really know but there have been associated toxicity studies done on some of these compounds in a lot of compounds they look at. If you took too much over to two long time it could be a problem but in the short term where you're just taking it for a THC overdose. There's no risk at all in under single dose in a way It's just if you end up taking high doses long term. I wouldn't advise at all. Yeah so you're telling me I shouldn't Start Smoking bowls all the time. And just following up with columnists every day. We'll take you bring up a really good point because you know it's kind of a thing. We're gushing. I gotta go to work it but I really love to get stoned. You could imagine a big bong load or to get really high for fifteen minutes and then I gotta work so take a big load of columnists and then go to work all right. Let's I'm not advising that approach. Yeah and I I think I think there's a lot of that what you're saying about you know using it in a very You know specific manner where you're using it to as a medicine to help people who are building a medicinal regimen out of THC the able to control the potential for overdose and give them some security. You know that they could they could You know be assured that if they get to that dreadful Oh headful kind of place that we can we can come down. I was GonNa say to what they thought. It was with that kind of warm milk as the CARDAMOM. You know again. Another one area area. There's a lot of great Compounds in there too that are that have been associated with calming that's Overdose effect if you forget all of those suggestions there are some products it's on the market. Now that claimed combat cannabis intoxication. I do have a product. That's out a barrel zone on it's called undue. Do Oh yeah yeah for yeah. They're wonderful. Wonderful that's Peggy Anderson. The founder of a company called can help you which is dedicated to providing seniors with education about cannabis in one recent study it. It was found that the demographic of cannabis users over the age of sixty five is growing faster than any other demographic of older adults many of these users don't WanNa be intoxicated and are particularly concerned about taking too much. THC Peggy shared some of her experience with this issue. If you smoke or new take when Undo with twenty two ounces twenty four ounces of water you'll you'll come down after ten minutes and I have tried that the product in it does really work and With with edibles it takes thirty minutes But I had to people that love that THC chocolate you know. They've got fifty milligrams. Yeah too much but yeah. That's a good product again. I think I just have to reassure them that there's they're not gonNA die. Might be uncomfortable for a while And if they are in I always get the my number and I kind of debating right now offering the service of sitting with somebody for the first two hours. Yeah just to be there with them. And and so they're they're not scared. The anxiety does go right or down. Yeah it's there any advice that you that you give to seniors that. If they've gone too far they're having an uncomfortable experience. They don't have access to undo or a product like that. Are there other things that they can do to try to Call meetings. -iety that paranoia down or you know. Try to get some relief from that uncomfortable experience. Yeah a lot of water the F. Much water as you can handle. And then I I call it distraction. Put something on. Television is just GONNA take your mind off of what you're doing That's what I did with with this woman who ended up in the emergency room but she Her daughter took her because she was out of control. But yeah and again. That was a weird thing. This was about two years ago where she had some Taffy and she had a quarter of it and she did find support and she got to that last quarter and that's where all the THC was so interesting interesting. Yeah wasn't wasn't a very uniform product right not two years ago for sure also. CBD's is known to reduce the effects of THC to some extent but changing the way that THC actually binds canaveral your centers. So that's another option available all right right and let's review it. We've learned so far across these past three episodes while the exact level of toxicity of cannabinoid is unclear. We know that can have annoyed. loyd's orders of magnitude less toxic than caffeine nicotine and it's physically impossible to lethally overdose on herbal cannabis as far as extracts and concentrates are concerned turned. There's still a lot of unknowns. There's no long term safety data available yet. Understand how chronic consumption of cannabis concentrates might affect health. However we do I do know that a variety of contaminants cannabis can become concentrated in extracts presenting greater risk to consumers particularly those that have preexisting health issues? Although cannabis is unlikely to present the risk of a lethal overdose there are still health risk to users including risks to lung health heart health mouth health immune immune system health and mental health. Many of these health risks stemmed from smoking and can be minimized or eliminated altogether by using other consumption methods like vaporizing. I'm not really talking about here. I'm talking about true low temperature vaporizing or using edibles or submersible products like teachers under the tongue uh naive users are at greater risk for experiencing the psychological adverse effects than experience. Users are so it's best to start with low dose and take it slow cannabis can potentially interact with other medications usually the least to sedation but in some cases particularly with CBD cannabis could slow down the body's ability to metabolize drugs resulting in elevated concentrations of those drugs in the blood for anyone taking medications with narrow safety windows or if your medications have a grapefruit warning on them. This could potentially be dangerous. You should seek medical oversight. When canopus some people with preexisting health both conditions could be at greater risk to suffer adverse events from cannabis use if you're using cannabis and have a heart condition compromised immune system diabetes or mental health conditions? It's really best to work with the healthcare professional to make sure you stay safe cannabis. Use in. Adolescence can exacerbate underlying mental health issues in general. Let's best for young people to wait as long as possible before trying cannabis daily until the age of twenty five as this is the age when the brain is thought to have reached most of its maturity and win. Most mental health issues will reveal themselves. If you do decide to use cannabis start with a low dose and slowly work your way up you end up. Getting too high there are a number of home remedies to counteract the effects of THC including things like drinking water drinking more milk eating pepper corns or black pepper. Taking pictures insures of other medicinal plants like passion. Flower Kalmus route chewing on pine nuts or even drinking lemonade there. Even some targeted cannabis antidotes now on the market additionally C. D. can also counteract the effects of THC to some extent. Finally if you consume cannabis regularly it's important. Perform farm regular absence breaks in wellness audits to evaluate your relationship with cannabis to ensure that your cannabis use is not negatively. Impacting your health. So is cannabis safe. Let's say in regulated states. In general. I feel pretty confident that most products you get are safe in the sense that they're you know probably don't have pesticides and solvents in the probably are fairly consistent in their dose at the other thing is in the seventies and sixties. You didn't know what you we're getting an IRA sure my seniors that I'm talking to that. This is safer than it's ever been before it's generally well known that nearly anything can be toxic when consumed in a particular way or in a particular dose going back to the early days of toxicology in the early fifteen. Hundreds the Swiss physician alchemist in stranger. Parasol says said all things are poison and nothing without poison. It just the dose alone that makes a thing not a poison today. This is often simplified to the saying the dose makes the poison this applies to everything including the water. We drink in the air. We breeze nothing in life is without risk. But in general cannabis is safer physiologically. Then many substances we engage every day like coffee and some of our foods while there are some rare exceptions and contraindications to to be aware of cannabis. As long as it's clean seems to be pretty safe and well tolerated by most people especially at low doses. Deaths contributed to cannabis are extremely rare and most adverse events that could arise from cannabis. Use like hyper media. Syndrome are usually reversible. Now if you want to minimize risk in general you WanNa wait as long as possible before you decide to try canvas for the first time. Ideally once you get past that age you've between like twenty two to twenty five years old. You WanNa try to avoid smoking a lot of these health risks. We've covered our result of smoking more so than in canvas itself you only use cannabis of a known quality and you want to start with a low dose and slowly work your way up to find your minimum effective effective dose. And remember if you do take too much. THC In her. Having an uncomfortable experience there are a variety of things. You can do to help ease that uncomfortable feeling and most importantly the feeling will eventually pass and you'll be fine. I know that some of you listening may be wondering about the issues of Substance Abuse and addiction addiction as risks which I specifically didn't really cover in these episodes. Well don't worry. There's going to be an episode dedicated to that issue as well as issues like pediatric atra cannabis use in canvas while pregnant or breastfeeding. So stay tuned as we revisit the issue of cannabis safety and other episodes throughout this and future seasons. And with that. I'm your host Jason Wilson until next time stay curious thanks and take it easy special. Thanks to our guests that were so gracious and spending time with me for interviews that helped construct not just this episode but other episodes throughout the season. Listen to check out the citations for this episode and there are plenty you can check out the show notes by visiting. CAC PODCAST DOT COM. If you WANNA learn more about cannabis the best you can check out. The curious about cannabis book available now on Amazon Dot Com and other online book retailers. 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