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One Familys Story of Survival and Loss in New Zealand


They might just give you who wanted to see how it sounds MC. Could tell me. I guess we got to Christian. I met a dollar in Henan Alayan for the first time in Christ Jewish just are for a week ago. Have you already talked about? Now as day started telling me about what happened on the day of the terror attack in Christ Church at the mosque with father and brother a team. It was a blur. That's definitely a blue. They went straight to the hospital. We go to for Dan to that. We did. So we did all the man hunt to try and find him. They knew that the dead had gone into surgery. So they knew that he had definitely been at the hospital at some point. But they hadn't heard about the brother. So they get to the hospital and the dad's name is an anywhere and their brothers nightmares anywhere. So they basically just start rushing from room to roam on a hunter try and find either of them, we couldn't we told my so many people seeing seeing came out of surgery that he was okay. Went to every ward couldn't find him anywhere. And he. Wasn't on the list either. These this list at the hospitals, and these a number of anonymous patients on the list people who have been in surgery, but they don't have names for them. So kind of earlier in the night we were thinking. Okay. Well, if they're still seventeen unconfirmed people then this hook that up brothers. Also here is one of those enormous patients eventually really late at night after kind of just chaotic back and forth with the police and who was handling it. They did end up finding out exactly who every single one of those patients were. They. Yeah. A doctor who's part of the Muslim community in Christ judge comes into a waiting room. And he seems Lee stands up, and he starts reading the names these one two three four and dad was bred out. If others name is cold, and they feel the sense of relief. But as more and more names being cold, and they don't hear the brothers. They just start to feel the chiefs clinch shop kept hearing, more and more names. Warn, you pretty much. When the disc toll climbed thing it started at like nine when I went from six to nine thirty to forty five. Climbed the more Huila realize what are the chances that they both made it? It. And then we just got in and his name hadn't been right out. From the New York Times. I'm Michael Barbaro today. New Zealand is holding a national day of remembrance for the fifty people killed in the mosque shootings in Christ's church. The majority of the victims and their families were migrants or refugees from countries like Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, my colleague, Charlotte. Cram MacLay spent several days with one of the families. It's Friday March twenty ninth. So the Elaine family Muhammed is their father may soon is their mom and the three kids. I also Hennion and Abdullah also was born in Kuwait City in nineteen eighty five which is are has parents were living at the time. And what did I do? The ethnically Palestinian. And we're both scientists have heard so many accounts of mum chuckling raising her son and kind of lecturing and sorting out the HD and bringing him into really unsafe labs, so. Zealand win a university here wanted beef research, and that's what father did. So that's win. Christ Church became ashes home and nineteen ninety-five. His on a MacIntosh MacIntosh computer euros, really old ones with the what's that duck shooting game. I'm not sure these old old Macs. Look like bricks US to go and sit there she was doing split king. He was an only child for eight and a half years before his siblings came along. And it seems like he grew up as the sort of golden child. He was really good at sport. Once and he was a goalkeeper. However, he also scored go from a goalkeeping position credible. Yeah. So when his parents first moved to Christ judge has father was one of the leadership figures at the L, no moss. But the mosque was and Turco to kind of. I not life. It was beyond childhood. I was probably them more than most every week, you know, atavism with that in high school because high school had chased favorite does. This is kind of that struggle with identity, and the kind of a wisdom context, he went to the same high school as I did he was really really effective kind of, you know, blending in and being you know, just like any other Kiwi. But also in saying that he's he was one to absolutely embrace his Muslim identity any kind of around with him in a really effective way in the way that it's relatable. So I think obviously there's a bit of a struggle to assimilation on the opposite. But I think for me, I'm not the most sporty person out there. And this is interesting because I mean, everything I was interested in was not really what defined cautious was high like I did drama and debating and all these kind of cultural things that. Literally, no one respected. So one thing it kind of advise me was that getting into sport really does unlock doors, socially and an absolutely in hindsight. Can completely say that he wasn't wrong. It'd being into sports just made him more accessible to people that he otherwise wouldn't be. And we we often kind of disgust are Haskell experiences. And I've always lived through kind of his mistakes and his experiences, and it's literally was like my second father he'd gone through this stuff. So. He's always teaching us from his mistakes. It sounds like it's going to be something. We're going to really miss. I mean, I'm pretty stubborn in general, and I don't really ticket by from people. But anytime I want some inves- I'd go to him for everything. And he'd always the answer. And it would be the perfect answer. How do you begin to prosise something? I mean. Yeah. They're going to be totally honest with you. I think processing is gonna take very long time. I don't think. Yeah. We haven't hundred percent started processing. Yeah. I mean, the first in the second day were pretty tough. But I think kinda. Kinda pull it together a little bit for the sake of. But it's going to be long long road. And I think. Things are going to come up with every now and again, we're needs. Needs be Amanda, what's fun. Wanna talk to he's not here. Kind of thing. I'll show that's going to be years of pain. But I think it is influenced to describe what it means. To them influence. During architecture because I so wanna his one of his graphics projects penned up on his will. I mean, it's actually kind of hated life is like this yellow Simpson. Looking alice. And has pinned up on his bowl. And I sold a flow pens, and the sketches, and I was so inspired. And interestingly at something he set professed to stay close to home. He didn't wanna go to Wellington to study architecture because they didn't want to be on two things. We wanted to be an architect or dentists, and this one's. Just not to put both of those dreams on hold because he didn't want to split family. Atta stayed in Christ's church. He decided to study computer sciences and after his degree. He developed a business app design. It was during this time that he missed Fata. Was an angel. Honestly, not because he was my husband. It was too. Good to be true. She lived in Jordan at the time. And so they had this long distance courtship for while. I felt that this was the man I wanna marry I was very sure that I wanted to be the father of my children because he had every single thing that I wanted in the man. So it was we there's in Jordan in tell me about. The best part for me was when sang to him. We didn't know she could sing that's something. We didn't know about at the time. And no one expected that she kept it as a surprise. And she walked part way through we heard some realize it was her she walked in singing, beautiful, Arabic English. And she's saying it to him. He crying real prize. They had a little girl a baby named IRA. He never sang before he member say before. I've never heard. She's nearly two. Do you? It's like two. If. So far has been busy with you know, like a lot of children around does maybe two days ago. She woke up the middle of the night prying, and she was calling. And then I conjured on she's back and then the other day, she heard the plane. She's like, I'm like, yeah. She's like oh Clint because just Monday night. He went to Oakland to where delays has brother. So. I'm like, yeah. Moma bubba. He. Yeah. He's gone. But not to Oakland this time. He went to John which is heaven so for no, this is what I'm going to tell her that he traveled to the space, but we can't call him. And he he's going to this place. Whereas it's heaven, not Oakland. So right now, we're just waiting to get the call from the police to say you can see the body now. And after that, we can get started on the steps towards the period. And after that, we're just going to wait. So two days later photographer Etem was with the family when Abdali the cool that it was time to go and receive ashes body. And Edham see the composure broke just for a moment. And they went to go and get outta. Overnight. They watched him Abdullah looked after that, and they shrouded him. And then they went to bury him in a mess funeral with twenty five dollars. I was able to attend utters funeral. I stood in the seek Shen with the women were five thousand people there. Knicks event. Is proof and evidence. Play. A war Turner ISM has no. Has no race and has religion. To the people of New Zealand. Thank you. Thank you. Dues. Thank you for your flowers. Thank you. For your love and compassion. All the wonderful people. Who have shown us? We. North forgotten. New Zealand all New Zealanders and the world. In this segment for shit. What? Win the party's proceeded into the Barrio area. They will ask just to keep the party small for safety reasons. They didn't want to mix up the plots. We don't want anyone. They didn't want anyone to exit slip and fall into a grave. And so people were asked to only bring forward the closest family to bury the loved one. They read out the list of names in groups of five. You used to sing at a funeral cluster. Family around a grave. But what was so striking here is that you saw five clusters of family around five graves, and then you head team. And people were trying to have this kind of private farewell with all circled really closely together around h grave. But they were so close to the other families doing the same thing. And then they would encourage them to file out when they were finished. And they would read out the next five names. And and the third group of five the first name that was read out with others. The four artists body was Borton his father who I recognized from pictures was wheeled and his wheelchair. He's been recovering from gunshot wounds and hospital. But obviously he was able to come out for his son's funeral. He was all in black, and he just waited by the grave, and in the women filed a little way behind him Fatah and may soon after mum and Maine has sister and some other relatives, and they were all supporting each other holding onto each other. And the ashes body was Broughton. And I knew it was him because I could say Abdullah among those carrying the coffin. They had these open coffins with low sides. So you could see the shrouded body inside. And the other's dead Muhammed supporting himself on a cane got out of the wheelchair and stood by the grave as artists body was lowered and everyone head the're hens on him. It seems like everyone hit a hand on his back. And they were all supporting each other. In just stood there for a long time surrounded by all of these other families doing the same. In the shake sang, a llahu Akbar. God is great before the bodies were lowered. They picked up the shovels, and they started to shovel earth into the grave. Dullah ashes brother was going around and giving everyone hugs, but these really completely stock still hugs. He would hold each person. And they would just stand really still for a long time. The in floral arrangement was placed on the grave and the mean filed out they still head the hands on each other's backs. The women came to the grave for a moment and stood the Atto outside the Barrio area will whiting at as football teammates. They filed out and the the Knicks group of bodies was brought in. And that keep happening until the funeral was over. Not long after I got home. I go to taste from Abdullah. And he just wanted to make sure I made it into the funeral. Okay. I told him I head, and then I asked him how he was doing. And he replied all I can say is that I feel at pace. We have lost. We still have each other. We're gonna get through it. Get it is not lie has to go on. You gotta keep Louis. We do have faith, even if it's moving not quite a strong might do have free through believe me after we believe he's in. And we wanna meet him there. So I just hope that one day will be again United in Jena in heaven. And this is what we'll give me this train to you know, to continue our dreams and goals that we could not achieve together. And that we already said, and I'm going to raise our daughter to know, her father was very proud of her her father and. I love him. Always do. Officials in New Zealand now say that all fifty victims of the shooting have been identified and buried. Okay. Back. Tired of standing idly by on the sidelines while the world goes crazy. Diane Lockhart is Dan so is the cast of the critically acclaimed legal drama, the good fight. Join the fight by streaming the new season premiering March fourteenth exclusively on CBS Alexis. Tune in to see if Diane Lockhart will lead the resistance in a new post factual world. We're lawyers with the best stories triumph over the lawyers with the best facts. Visit CVS dot com slash New York Times today to start your free trial of CBS Alexis and catch up on the first two seasons. Head of the season premiere on March fourteenth. Here's what else you need to. On thursday. The times found that the reports admitted by special counsel, Robert Muller was more than three hundred pages long suggesting that went well beyond the bare bone summary required by law and offered a detailed explanation of his conclusions. No, thank you. Mr. attorney general we do not need your interpretation shell report and we've control our own conclusions. So far, those conclusions have been summarized in a four page document by the attorney general William bar fueling calls, especially from Democrats for him to release the full report to both congress and the public who don't need you interpreting for us that was condescending it was aggregate in. It wasn't the right thing to do. Silt the sooner they can give us the information. The sooner we can all make a judgment about it. Mussa pre court has ruled that a ban imposed by the Trump administration on bump stocks, a device that allows semi automatic rifles to fire more like automatic rifles can remain in place under the band, which was put in place after a bump stock was used in a mass shooting in Las Vegas. It is illegal to sell or possess bump stocks and those who currently own them have ninety days to either destroy them or turn them over to the government. The daily is produced by feel welcome Lindsey garrison Waigel Wester Anne Brown, Andy mills, Claire, tennis koetter, Michael Simon Johnson. Jessica Chung, Alexandra Lee young and Jonathan wolf and edited by page. Cowan LaRussa Anderson and Wendy door. Lisa Tobin is our executive producer. Samantha Hennig is our editor director our technical manager. Is Brad Fischer? Our engineer is Chris would. And our theme music is by Jim Bromberg, and Ben lands of Wunderle special. Thanks to Samdani Michaela Bouchard, Stella ten and Damien cave. That's it for the daily. I'm Michael Barr. See women.

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