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Ep. 2,966: Andrei Arlovski, Ray Borg, Chris Wade and Simon Samano


The Nation on Sirius X._M.. I took you next time of roll baby on Junkie Radio with Gorgeous Georgia and this is what we do in why we do it baby covering m._M._a.. From all over the world this is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs and that may junkie radio the only show broadcasting live from a Mandalay Bay resort and casino in the fight capital of the World Las Vegas Nevada the Lights Theron and the mics or hot. It's tired you get your M._M._A.. Fix Junkies take it away big time gorgeous George goes. Are you ready. Junkie ridden will get it all from the fight capital of the world inside the beautiful Mandalay Bay Racist Force Book. You are listening to the junk radio show the only show that matters. I'm your host gorgeous. George with MS always is the devious and dastardly goes are east co host to my left. It's the fight analyst Dan Tom Back East producing the show Andre the giant. What's up Olah? I am really about that packbell fight last Saturday. Why wouldn't waste any time? I am not wasting any time. That was one Helluva fight. I was shocked because I felt like I was watching packet from almost ten years ago well at least for three or four to the fight. It felt like ten years ago. Wow Take it easy Andre the giant right. We're going to get to that. He had his moments he did look good and he did look Kinda vintage manning then <hes> I think the rest of his body caught up to him towards the end but it was a yeah good pace why etta slowed down a little bit because he went you know so <hes> he just went at it from the very beginning all right well let go said Andre the giant we are going to touch a little bit on that boxing match between Manny Pacquiao being key Thurman which took place this past Saturday here in loss wages Nevada however right now we gotta keep it going on here in this first <hes> our because we have a bunch of guests coming up in the second hour including Andrea laskey and re-board two winners from this past Saturday U._C.. San Antonio Card and Chris Wade who headlines The P._F.. L. Card on Thursday the first hour will also check in with our managing editor Simon Samano GonNa introduce you to a lot out of the <hes> newer staff that <hes> is part of the enemy junkie family now one day it'll be this week so Simon newsmen with us now for about two years. He'll Kinda give a little bit of of an overview of the new talent that we've acquired and <hes> he'll he'll pop in here towards the end of the first hour the first part of the show however all dedicated to U._F._C. San Antonio as well as a little bit of news with one of the major stars and I wish I could tell you it's good news but is it ever with <hes> John Jones owns who yet again in a little bit of hot water. I say a little bit because compared to you know leaving the scene of of a hidden on I mean this one. I don't think it's there you know but it's still just not not good and here John Jones at the two thousand nineteen. You know what I mean. <hes> <hes> so yeah. I guess that's what we'll start entrusting folks. We'll get into SAN ANTONIO. That was a fun car this past weekend as well <hes> Congratula Leon Edwards he'll be actually part of our the focus of the daily debate but guys when you read about John Jones and the Strip club and Albuquerque New Mexico earlier this year wh wh- what were you already thinking like are you processing. I'm going to go back to boxing for a second okay. There was a little video t._M._Z. style video that they had with Adrian Bronner and he was talking about key Thurman and how he was out the night before gambling now he had told his friends. What are you thinking? This dude is like he's hooking you up and you got him out here partying gambling when he should be resting for big fight right shame on you right and I thought that's what I thought when I thought of John Jones regardless of whether he did it or not a thought. Why are you even there? If you can't handle these situations why go to strip club MHM you're supposed to be repairing or image. You're supposed to have kind of gone through a lot of things in your life that that every once in a while cameras go in front of Utah's. How are you are for those things? Why even be there let alone act out of line? It's the acting line part. I don't even care these strip club. <hes> it's not doesn't surprise me 'cause John Jones but even if it was like a Stephen Wonderboy Thompson he got an incident. Maybe it wasn't this but the incident takes place in kind of ends up outing him that he's disturbed club. I'm sure there's as a Lotta people that would pass judgment I wouldn't <hes> I don't care that you know John. Jones had weeden his car when he got into the accident. I don't care that he even you know maybe less would still don't care <hes> if you did cocaine. What I do care about is ah you're doing cocaine those times going back for your we'd after you hit a you know caused an accident injuring injuring a pregnant woman <hes> that's what I care about you know a liberal civil liberties guy <hes>? I'm not judging anybody I don't. I don't see this point. John Jones may be seems to work best when he's at his chaotic but there's no. There's no there's no past. There's no passes for these things. You know why favorite fighters B._J.. Panels also misbehaving recently the Strip club. Some some people may have heard about that. I didn't give them a passenger either manages. He just no Bueno whether it's the bouncer or or the waitress especially <hes> inappropriate action is inappropriate action so I mean I just I guess I just I just I just I just wasn't surprised and <HES> I. I really didn't know what he told John about the story about the the boy cried wolf because I think that's where this is going. You know it's hard to give the benefit of the data. I don't know if that's where you're leading with George which play devil's advocate all just gonNA fill in the blanks we all no no he went to a strip club so tell you about the alleged incident. He's facing a battery charge stain stemming from this alleged incident at a strip club. This was in April. He fought in July. He also fought in March so this was in between those fights here in two thousand nineteen. He says he wasn't aware of it till Sunday. He's already gone down there by the way paid some fine but this is according to initial report from T._v.. News Station K._T._A._R.. Q. E. IN ALBUQUERQUE New Mexico where Jones Lives Jones allegedly had a forceful encounter with a cocktail waitress at T._D.'s eubanks show club <hes> police report obtained by Junkie. <hes> the woman said that Jones was quote being persistent about her giving him a table dance and quote which she quote consistently told Jones it was against policy for the waitresses to give dances so he's at a strip club. He probably was more smitten with the waitress and he wanted her to to do do that and she was telling him no. It was against policy for the waitress to do it so you know I don't know if she's basically saying boy I'd love to but I can cause of the policy or if she was just a firm no from beginning to begin with but regardless us the alleged victim accuses Jones of pulling her to his lap and kissing her neck placing her in a tight rear naked chokehold picking her up off the ground and slapping her INTERV- Regina she said Jones ignored her requests to stop his behavior and continued touching her until he left the Strip club. <hes> just like you guys said I mean luck regardless of where this takes place. Why does he think he can act that way? If I think if in fact that this is <hes> you know a genuine <hes> what's happening. This is the most updated the most updated story that we have here. <hes> we've been updating throughout the day in fact that kind of didn't even know a view these things here but she also said the this is our quote again. The whole situation is so complicated and I'm not really sure what to say and this person gets away with since expletive everything I imagine she said fucking everything. The alleged victim told police so this is just again. One of these stories were if we're going to talk about the story this being an alleged incident. I'm just one of those where I'd rather let let it play out but before I can say. What were you thinking? Why did you do this? Why did you do that? <hes> but what I can say is I. I don't think there's probably any denying that he was there. Well because of the behavior is around people is yeah. It's bizarre this. I guess it's hard for us to go. Wow this catches me off guard. It doesn't catch anybody up and said it perfectly because of his past it Kinda just if you put a gun in my head and said well. What do you think I'd probably say yeah? It sounds like somebody would do. I mean even like the e even matches the noncontroversial things that he's done in another club areas. What was that footage that came out at one time granted was with heavyweight X.? Heavyweight Champ Frank near was it was another kind of horsing around a bit in a club or something that ring any it was just having fun about it but people trying to make it more than it was but it just like there's kind of horsing around with like a move and a takedown defense thing and and that was the end of it but <hes> I pulled up a scene to try to try to throw curveball assault curveball Georgia's from road because it sounds like a scene from roadhouse in it looked it up again. That's the thing with Georgia's described first of all what was the place called the T._d.. Something that sounds like the first bar that like you know that you know don't Anaheim almost called the well it was filmed at bandstand hand in Anaheim got a different team in the in the movie yeah yeah but that's how it almost the title of this alleged club that John Jones got in trouble sound like that and then it sounds like ten dollars. It sounds like that ten dollar kissing. I don't know if you guys member or listeners right now. Ten Dollar Kissing roadhouse houses starts off one of the big bar fights ten dollar kissing the ten dollars a kiss on the girls kind of the guys granted in this version of the girls kind of egging remember this. I don't remember the ten dollars change or the guy guys <hes> <hes> you know the the guy inappropriate and and the gentleman that's with lady goes. Hey if you do that. It's got a ten dollars a kiss ten dollars a year and then they go and then I think they tried to take it more than a kiss and then that's where the fight starts obviously <hes> they got very inappropriate but it just in the guys. Don't put a rear naked choke on the lady like <hes> allegedly happens in this report but it just reminded me. It sounds like a scene for house. I'm sorry not trying to make light of it. I'm just my mind but here's the thing well that scene. When he's I walking? There's a stuff when he's I walking in the guy that winds up owning the the double deuce right so it's called key goes to a bar <hes> I guess it would be a fictitional bar where I where <hes> Patrick. What's the thing swayze swayze works <unk> Dalton? Sorry I'm confused on these where Dalton works well that seen he's walking into the bandstand in Anaheim since then the that that's turned into that country bar where I told you guys. I got my foot stomped John Kerry I forgot what the name of it is. If it's still there I don't know I haven't lived in southern California and ten years but it was bandstand for a long time sharp and <hes> yeah that's that's I mean you're right. Things have to play out with the whole situation and went. Why thank you just Kinda used to all I can think of is I think it's been proven that John just doesn't really know how to interact around others so now mixing six in partying by that I mean alcohol and drugs <hes> late night yeah I just it's probably not a good idea? You know what I mean but but what are you going to do. It doesn't sound like he wants wants to stop doing that. <hes> he downplayed the situation already on on twitter claiming he's quote definitely not in any trouble. He says I know this whole bunch of people hoping for my downfall but there's even more who are proud of me and love seamy amy do well. I love this community excited to keep climbing haters going to be mad. When I went in December by the way I can get rid of a quick contribution in the youtube chat someone chiming in who's a bouncer on the article has got a funny name? It's trouser control but for someone with the name trouser shows trying to contribute here's as someone who worked in a strip club. I've been a Cook Doorman Bouncer Barbeque Valet etc in Vegas and Detroit. If he's a big name in a small city he's GonNa get away with anything especially if he knows the owners tips well and treats all these people like his friends well you could tell by the alleged victims quotes. You know that that's just it. He consistently gets away with stuff so anyway there. You have it the biggest name in the sport award arguably <hes> acting this way but but again it's it doesn't surprise us. I guess it surprises me. Only two thousand nineteen seem to be going pretty good. Hey how about that last. Fight your international fight week. I think we said it but I'll bring it up again because we didn't talk about much. picograms never came up right right. It came up and watch. It didn't come up with his last time so I'm telling you like this. Literally could have been the bounceback year for two thousand nineteen thousand twenty world. Emma may awards the UH best comeback his me more of a career. I guess resurgence. I'm telling you John Jones COULDA had died the way he's staying busy. Maybe could've taken home. A lot of other awards could've been really really big form. You know I tweeted a stat and <hes> Chunky re tweeted yesterday there for Frankie Edgar wins this weekend at the trump the conversation there I'm not but if he wins hypothetically he'll have the longest inbetween U._f._C. Championships which is seven years <hes> and <hes> you know there's guy frank mirror veto Belfour G._S.. Peak are kind of the runners behind that right five three etc.. I'm trying to think well this list grow or or you know who who could match that forget beating even match that that seems like a really rare thing in my only two things that I thought of was with if you know Dimitrios Johnson goes and chases Gucci Chases as Lineker and does these fights doesn't come back for a couple of years in runs a big contract with one comes back later. Maybe does it but he's a lighter weight so that'd be super impressive or John Jones by just popping up popping another tests and then you know. He said he's going for four years. Yeah <hes> he's gone for. He's gone for you. Say you know he's gone for four and then you know you tack on another year from the <hes> you know the time between he gets pop to the time after getting into a campus stepping back in their ring finally after the suspension you'd be looking and boom the J. D. S. when he had one three in a row. I don't know if he's would you say seven years. Don't know if he's seventy years removed from when he won the title but I was twenty Thirteen Fox cartwright wasn't wasn't it can now I fox Cardi thirty one against Frank Amir may have been with eleven in the fight after that so it would have been late twenty eight twenty twelve Kane and then he fights frank then he loses it the fight after that so I got imagine that places him twenty thirteen but funny mentioned j. d. s. you know who could atop the list of Frank Mir beat J._d.. Remember he got happenstance. That'll shot back in twenty eleven <hes> he actually would have beat them and then he would have gotten far Carwyn for an interim right as interim but if you want to count the interim not either way the actual title the when he won first against against him Soviet was back in two thousand four thousand four to two thousand eleven would have been an impressive <hes> another impressive seven-year stretchered Sir Yeah that'd be fun topic to figure out never mind someone that that that's one one earlier in there earlier in their career you know what I mean and so then they can go through trials and tribulations or little mini retirement and then all of a sudden do comeback of course they'll heavyweights got that longer lifeline because they fight into their forties. That's why I immediately. My mind shot to the heavyweights if I know it's too soon for Kane but maybe Jay Diaz but J._d.. Is Out of the equation Middleweight title against Vangelis over ninety seven <hes> couture upset in two thousand four rather than if you would have beat Jones in two thousand twelve you would be on bars as well Argos and he's got he's got a modern era record and and just overall record as far as that goes all right so anyway that's some big news here in check out the story on enemy junkies things like that as they get more info they will edit it and contribute you too all right. We're GONNA take a quick break when we come back. We'll talk a little bit about U._C.. San Antonio which took place this past weekend the main event had Leon Edwards defeating Hartfield dose on Joe's combing event had <hes> wall. Excuse me yeah all terrorist defeating Alexia Alantic and then of course Greg Hardy gotTa Win as well. We'll talk about all that when we come back this series accent fight nation revolution is upon us. We bring the fight to you. Packer knuckle sandwich ain't so punch. The boys are about to break down the latest in M._M._A.. News here are George goes and Dan N._F._l.. Training camps are open and fantasy sports. Radio is covering the fantasy football perspective listen to the best analyst for news about position battles injuries which offenses you should be investing in your player projections and rankings plus live football expert drafts around the clock on the only channel dedicated to fantasy football Sirius X._M.. Fantasy Sports Radio on series to ten X._M.. Accent eighty-seven all right guys so I kinda give you some of the results of the main event combing event and the featured route continuing on Daniel Hooker defeated Jeans Vic Alexandra Fernandez defeated Francisco Turn Aldo Andrea Orlovsky defeated Ben Rothwell and on Prelims we had Alex Caceres feeds. Defeating Stephen Paddock Peterson skews me <hes> Raquel Pennington defeating Irene Aldana Clinton abreo defeated Sam Allie Jennifer. My excuse me defeated Roxanne. What Very Ray aboard defeated Gabriel Silva? Mario Batista defeated Jin Soon Song Felipe Baker Laras defeated Domingo Polar Tei. Where do you guys WanNa Start and remember? We're GONNA leave Leon Edwards off to the side just for a little. There's a lot to talk about with him kind of crazy card overall from the decision start what was seven fights in a roast tracy decision and not all of them were necessarily bad bullshit. You're lying but it was on paper guys and we talked about it. A bit last week. Is One of those underrated a car. It's you know as far as like match you know the proverbial gunfights in Texas. That's what it looked like top to bottom but we've got a lot of decisions and <hes> as far as the outcomes go. I don't know about you guys how you guys did but man. I just felt like gamblers. Were just like essentially like Edward Norton taking his afternoon shower in American history exit was not a good afternoon for us gamblers. I missed every pick really like my staff picks. I ended up switching not on-staff fix but just what I wanted to do and on sports caster I think I might have given six losers. She took the boxing. I missed that too. I just realized Dan you were right. There were seven decisions on the prelims to on the main card so we battled through nine of them. Why didn't it feel that way to me? I don't know I guess awesome good action in some fights and combining decisions with the outcomes you could argue again not as controversial. I'm like you know obviously like I'm with you. Georgia's you preach correctly. You know don't be quick to throughout the nothing nothing close to that but they're definitely were some questions. <hes> questionable Susan's you could argue more to the fact that not in particular ones but there were just ones where it was like okay. <hes> you know like police say for example like I totally see why he didn't get the second round but I'm like wait a minute. He landed the hardest rex both on the feet and on the ground. You're the other guy really didn't land any hard strikes he to near submission catches back day on like if we're scoring more toward damage which we've been trending more since two thousand eighteen although we supposed to been doing it since two thousand seventeen and took till two thousand eighteen years notice to the judges maybe even late twenty eighteen early twenty nineteen but then within the same car and in some of the same judges the they'll go to another car there favoring <hes> you know they're not favoring you know back control Stephen Peterson like if you didn't want to give the fight the Stephen Peterson that's one thing but there was a thirty twenty seven going against even Peterson listen in and around where yeah he got cut open and and he he started bleeding what she does every fight but he had back control you almost could've you know if you were just doing dominance and duration part you could maybe even argue the tenant. I think that's absurd and even in the easy to nate notes ten nine but you know again. It's just it's it's more consistency. It's okay if we're GONNA be old school and we're just going to reward. You know a guy pushing up like it's twenty ten all over again. We're just rewarding guys pushing into the end of the fence which Joe Silva hated for a reason because they guys found out you could win fights that way eh before they started influencing damage. I it premiers pick aside. If you're going to be hard on one side just just just be consistent for the night for Francisco Rinaldini Moon one round on one judges car. There's another one that's another one that was like where we on that one. We own the same I I thought he wanted to fight. I thought I lost the pick have lost that pick. I tweeted it out even too. I thought I thought he won the fight. I'm Fan I was on them. I bet them. I didn't think he won that fight. He Hernandez was just moving too much away from from the action just to too much and I didn't see like an overwhelming strike count or anything like that <hes> hometown cook and I guess but like even then okay like twenty nine twenty eight Hernandez and maybe I'll just have to go take a quick nap APP reset watch it again but when they thirty twenty seven wow I didn't give turn although none of that I think's Renaldo God the other two they were fought at a slow pace where you can make the argument where well you know. Churn all there could have done more and I hate to say that but you know he could have but I just looked at the educated I to me to you guys too many others that we follow or listen to if everybody felt like it was a pretty clear win for Renaldo. It wasn't like for example Salma Alley risk listener brave much respect. You guys know I love Sam. We just had him in here. He's been on the show multiple times but I'm sorry Sam you can't be surprised after that fight man especially with your style on that. That's that's bitten him harder than any other fighters stylistically because of the way he fights he will. What's the pulpit better better you better should he should've she should better known better? Yeah and I love Salmon. It's true you're one of those guys that you don't like that face that they make when they read a decision and you felt like maybe the fighter could have done more intern Aldo's CBS. Did you have that feeling because I think he could have done. I would have been standing behind them wearing a turn although Jersey or jacket you know how quick he just left because he was disappointed. You would've seen me because that surprised me. It was just very clear like I feel really bad for him so he gets tough fights. He's a guy that the ranking number we're like. Everybody's protecting their ranking. They're like you know like whether it's like when you WanNa guy at the ranking like like vic for awhile when you really deserved it and before we got these losses which I'm sure we talked about as well but remember the only guy they could find western although like he's that guy who who fights for them man and you gotta you gotTa respect that not a lot of guys like that you know here's the thing had turn all the one I wouldn't be in here on Monday. Going points stock is up. It would've been a win. You know what I mean but it really shocked me that Hernandez you know maybe Hernandez is just a little snake bit from that cowboy loss. He's fighting in his hometown and maybe he was just over thinking or who knows what but it just seemed. I'm like that was too much of that for fifteen minutes. That's too much at some point. You have to engage in fact. Wasn't that the fight where we were saying what what's the REF waiting for you know how they just bringing together and they and he'll omitted yeah for two minutes. You know he'll say listen. You guys need to bring it up. <hes> do something here. Sometimes he'll sometimes we'll be right. I'm a little bit and say hey give people show or whatever and Hernandez defense is something that <hes> <hes> my pal over there at a Beasley and Simon was saying that like you know we see it all the time where these guys especially if they oh come on short notice or in a spot whether or not supposed to win and they blow the guy out of the water I e but Neil Dr usually at that fight live U._F._C. Two twenty two right when he makes his debut. It's like here's your reward O._E._M.. Aubin mercy now. I thought that was a stylistically favorable fight now. I actually picked him in that as a dog but you know again then he performs well there he grind the grinding guys like Oh here Sironi and really if you look at Hernandez experience he's been fighting for a minute but he he he hasn't fought a lot. You know he's been fighting since it's twenty twelve but not as much as a fighter from twenty twelve months Surani type right way too much way too soon <hes> and again I was guilty. I Pick Hernandez spot. More of a fate on Surani was wrong but in hindsight really bad pick but it's one of those things guys we we've seen it. You know the U._S.'s. It's relentlessly you do well there. You're going to be matched up with killers and that's a really tough to find yourself in that light we division at the top in the end. They had ten decisions because the main event was also a decision so straight to start the card seven on the prelims to on the main card and then the last on so only three fights had finishes so question would be we'll have the bonuses workout all right they went with two performance bonuses all terrorists and Dan Hooker and they went with Mario Batista and Jin Soo son for. I like the fight of the night like that <hes>. I didn't see that fight so I was thinking that maybe Orlovsky and Rothwell deserved it because they pounded each other. I mean really really hard. Both guises faces were messed up. They could barely breathe at the end yeah every without seeing them all. I can't say Oh my God that. Would you know this was a robbery or anything but usually don't see heavyweights fight like that with face. I'm glad I'm glad you shot at them out because even though I feel bad for Ben Rothwell and I didn't see this like words this are Laskey Ben Coal. Mike years old incredible P._C.. Accuses you get that just got combos everything I mean. This is impressive when I first started watching in the U._F._C. Fifties in Alaska was one of my favorite fighters watching that inside access where there do whatever that will show was they used to have and like this was that Alaska then fought Bentiu Blonde hello this are under a lousy. I stumbled upon you know a help. Introduce me to the sport so that will even as much as I love big. Ben was informed <hes> that was awesome but I do. I am glad they gave that the not stor son Georgia. Here's what we pretty much was how these guys both look how they're fighting styles and how the fight played out is essentially McGill Torahs lifers Korean Zombie light that was really dollars a dogfight in the Clinton were giving it nine thousand two eight hundred fifty five and attendance the gate eight hundred forty one thousand eight hundred twenty with sixty one cents. We take a quick break when we come back. We'll talk about some of the cards at the top. Especially the beyond beyond Edwards failed assigned just fight which produced produced a huge huge win for the on Edwards. He's now got eight straight wins in the most stack division of the U._F._C. The Wealth Way Division and <hes> you know so we're we're gonNA. We're GONNA talk a little bit about what might be next for him and of course R._D._A.. Don't touch that dial it's M._M._A.. Any Junkie Radio on fire Nation Channel Fifty six your paradise away from your passions being called knee combat sports reigns supreme on Sirius X._M.. Fight Nation. If you cross them they will destroy you. Just ask three-finger ready and Pete the penguin who are they. You ask my point exactly they are gorgeous. George goes and this is ever made chunky radio little depeche mode for you. Guys never go wrong with them right. Stand the test the time didn't they come team over a couple of years ago. Sadly probably I just didn't catch a loser. That's the best way to sum it up but anyway I want to. I would like to I have now. I can't say I've caught them before. At Irvine Meadows and there was little diverse thirty years ago was going to say it's gotta be a long time ago close last year. It wasn't in class last. Ask Year Yeah for sure either last year or two thousand seventeen I it was the final show was Gwen Stefani Wayne. They call it something else so right. Verizon change the name kind of like <hes> the great <hes> the forum the fabulous phone became the Great Western performance venue all right so guys <hes>. Let's talk a little bit about the main. No no real fast Greg Hardy defeated listens fuck actually Orlovsky look great. We already talked about your Hernandez Hooker. We gotta give him some love. Okay then hooker beat jeans vic you know <hes> James I was telling goes on Saturday. I would just like to see him. You Start off eight and one in the A._F._C.. I'd like to see him go up to welterweight and just see what he what if he likes it up there you know what he thinks of it up there without having to cut those extra fifteen pounds. Maybe you'll feel stronger. Maybe can lift the little I don't know but right now he's so out of the mix at one fifty five and again after being eight and one that's why he got the gauge fight because he was the little the on his way and things have not been good to him since hooker and <hes> felt before him and then of course Gigi and he probably also needs a little bit of time off because he's taking a couple of bad caves there and props the Dan Hooker already ready with his he said I want to be in that stadium. Um You know what I mean. I WANNA fight hard perfectly yeah. He was perfect moving on Greg. Hardy defeated one atoms one win in for tried to razzle a little bit came up short party started pounding the head and basically guys more than likely one atoms could've continued but there is a point where they say you have to intelligently defend yourself. You can't just sit there regardless of if none of them are giving you a headache concussion or any form of damage you can't just sit there and get beat on by Hammerfest for four round for four minutes impromptu one little thing though what's that just like the first ten to the back of the head to the first three and then you get get to he did get admonished and then but the angle was weird. He didn't complain about it right so you didn't complain. I don't think nearly like didn't you and I both go wait a minute that we were still talking and they were still going on yeah. It's so hard to tell because if you connect if your pinky connects with any part of the ear <hes> that's considered illegal shot but he has such a bushy haircut that who knows what was happening. You know he had to get in there and see what was what I'm talking about. Mercury Yata he gave the warning and then after that looked like there was a little bit more of an angle and the rest weren't <hes> illegal shots and so that was it you know and just just the fact that he wasn't moving <hes> as my as man on twitter smoggy said I was doing what else doing his Jeff van good impression with <hes> Alonzo Mourning on the morning leg and Charles Oakley was a big was big Tan Dad speaking the Big Tan. Dan U._C.'s reaction after the held his hand. He kinda walked away shook his head and you know <hes> I don't know I. I don't know what that's due to honestly. I don't know if that was just dancing related to yeah Tammany the cut the slashing throw you know who who knows what but <hes> that was that yeah and Greg Hardy. Just you know just needs to improve his the people that are going to pose him. You know his opponent list is going to have to continue not to improve but so far he's kind of passing every test <hes> Walt Harris defeated Alexi Olympic. It's as Kale Punch that needs started at all and that need blocked was partially blocked by the arm and the armpit but either way it's still just was the on human basically <hes> striking the other human in making it so that his body kind of swayed to the side a little bit and then boom here here come the punches spot on by Walt Harris. I it was done in twelve seconds. Which I think is still not the it's not the fastest finish ever so that even it's the third in heavyweight division right away that Todd W had one of them? I can't remember the other one Rosenstock okay yeah all right so <hes> we hope for a big fight for walt pretty soon as well. He's won four in a row of you. Throw out the content study had and then of course get to Leon Edwards defeated hop failed Assan. Just man fifty forty five forty nine forty forty nine four to six really is not much more from me to sail prelude to you guys but I think that's story just tells it all he was better than R._D._A.. Everywhere yeah I mean to me looked like he packed on a little bit of Muscle R._D._A.. I think right away like early on you could just tell it's not that the he didn't have have anything. I just think he was just too big for me really couldn't do much the whole fight. He had some success kicking his leg but he kinda got away from that a little bit <hes> it just wasn't as night yeah <hes> you know I definitely want to just praise Edwards. I I will say real quick though so I I can finish with positive it I didn't know as and make an excuse I think with gave Edwards Bra and his stamina which was my big. Worry about picking Yeah you all that Leon Edwards deserves a win. I WANNA say one thing about him here in the second but argued did not look himself. Look something's wrong but I was worried already because this was a quick camp thing you know they love using the Brazilian vets in this in this in this division to get to fill their main events right how many times already a and Maya stepped in there but the difference is kind of like maya-maya needs to kind of preparation time right. He needs to get the do as wrestling camp so you can set that pace his pace even those at different style than R._D._A.. It makes us out come to life and you know Woodley which kind of ironic would lease Talkin about <hes> headline today talking about all my shortened camps that I did and I'm like man. You were doing camps getting ahead of your opponents before the U._C.. announced the fights before these opponents before Damian even fought moss with all your training and then you caught Yukon Damian you know and that was kind of a bum rap. Damian was kind of forced to get his title shot that he long-deserved on on short notice didn't get the put the proper training for it and it Kinda worried about that here because they really you know forced it. There was some back and forth you know initially R._D._A.. To want to take the fight and Leon call them scared and then R._D._A.. You know coat tweets the signed deals saying guess not see in six weeks but it was only six week camp and I don't know but that aside though was super impressively on Edwards it was a really high level fight. Guys might have a boxing fight you know because it was a lot of shutting down and he was doing really good offense. I mean when he got him on the ground you know I think a lot of us fell like R._D._A.. On the ground would be the advantage would be his when Leon got there. He was very very comfortable. All right did a little bit of ground and pound and I noticed that was a little bit of Nice. Chop you know in the EH in the tree trunk of Chop Down Tree. You don't WanNa go to the ground usually already. He's not like one of those unforgivable guys like Jok Ray but bring dot Grad how about when Jockey got taken down by Kelvin Gasoline Ron one of their fight in Brazil. Will the last thing you WanNa do sorry it was the way around the last thing you want to do have jock rate with four minutes and the bodies joy and gasoline survived it remember so when you can do that to someone that's used to being really really good in a certain spot now granted Leon was on top as long ordeal was on talk in that sequence but either way that and I think I think these guys watch each other and one thing r._D._A.. Can Do is observe and watch and say he's breaking. He's tiring. I'm damaging him. I'm this. I'm not just kept getting stronger. He was Stephen Gasping for a deep breath yeah totally that's a good point there especially being the top player and there's less on Edwards. Maybe it's because I'm crushing you know Frankie Edgar tape in in prep for U._F._C. Two forty but you know who's his style and his rise isn't reminded me of especially style in this last fight Benson Henderson South Pau L. Yeah Yeah for you know you from counter laughs <hes> punching in and out of the clench controlling the Clinton grappling with high level grapplers deceptive in the clench when he finds something that works he's not afraid to keep spamming it and keep just punishing. Even if it's just tick tactic tack find something he'll stick to it he'll sometimes he gets into the deceptively close fights and make four to close fight but he's so skilled everywhere. He's able to pull it out. Very frustrating shuts down very much Benson Anderson in describing here wreck like I hear similar yeah exactly this quiet run-up the ranks quite Benson to you know you have a bunch of those decisions deceptively tough guys like Bocek at the time and whatnot etc.. I mean a few people had told me about the size of Leon. I'm like well. That doesn't bother R._D._A.. With with Ravi right you know what I mean. The size in the strength Robbie's are arguing probably even stronger than Leon. Here's another thing same thing like you brought up. He kept kicking kicking them in the calf and I thought I saw the navy making adjustment every once in a while but it it didn't seem like it ever affected them where to the point where he had to like limp or if worked with his head or anything like that so thanks for the second second round was bothering them but then it was like it never happened off and so like I say R._D._A.. May have been thinking like you said Schorr camp. A lot of my tricks aren't aren't working here. This is a bigger dude. He's not tiring and then who knows if they start talking to themselves they can just you know I mean I. I remember when R._D._A.. Was Fighting Tony Ferguson in Mexico same thing this guy won't go away. You know what I mean and but anyway <hes> so next on Edwards what we know. We'll tackle that in just a second well. What would you guys like see with R._D._A.? By the way they're probably gonNA use them as a as a kind of stepping stool fight just because of his name but I I still don't I still don't think you know now people. Oh the small for I think it's too late for that like yeah that was legit concern of mind but with all the work that he's done. I don't think that's so much issue now. If you want to go back to one fifty five that's his choice. I don't think it's healthy for him. He Really Kinda. I you know I think outgrew that frame. Aim Singer deserves a proper fight twelve weeks ten weeks to prepare for his next opponent. Wherever may be what I mean but I think it's clear that I don't think he's going to be contending for at least not for eighteen months to two years? That division is stacked but stay ready. Go out there. He it does get paid well so good on him regarding the on Edwards. We'll tackle that next we gotta take a quick break. You're listening to M._M._A.. Junkie Radio on fire Nation Channel Six when we come back. We'll be talking to our managing editor at Emi Junkie Simon's Mono and of course <hes> we'll talk a little bit of Junkie canoes and the daily we'll be right back they were or abducted by aliens and instantly returned for rating all their snacks. They are gorgeous. George goes and this is m._M._A.. Junkie radio all right here we go. I guess of the night I guessed of the week Nick Managing Editor at M._M._A.. Junkie also known as a I think he's WanNa Prince's number one fans as well Simon Simona. What's up man how you doing Simon you guys know? Oh Gosh there you go that that get the adrenaline going. I wasn't expecting eve active introduced me with print and if you hadn't I would actually GonNa call you out so where to go okay nice always a step ahead. We just me yesterday. We know we know makes you tick yeah. We're bought those from Santa Anna from the streets Simon's so you know there's been a lot of movement on our roster at him and may a junkie <hes> you had a really nice tweet at the World Emmy Award even though we didn't take down our sixth World Emmy Award for best media source you you know you said you firmly believed in the team and <hes> I thought that was really really cool. <hes> <hes> but I I you know I think it's important for us to catch up every once in a while and that's what I wanted to do you know there's been some additions to the team and they're gonNA come on throughout the week but this kind of has your <hes> blueprint on it. You know you've been doing a lot of the hiring yeah <hes> we've definitely had some changes in the last two months <hes> dating back to April actually <hes> when we first hired a day doyle <hes> Dave with somebody I had been targeting <hes> to join the staff and plate last year <hes> I wanted to bring him over. I wanted to steal him away from our chief competitor fighting not gonNA lie about that but I mean Dave was the guy that I had <hes> interacted with a lot here in L._A.. L._A. Guy P._M.. At media media events and U._F._C. Lunch and that we talked and stuff and he expressed interest and I just felt like he was really good guy to bring on on board <hes> a veteran leadership he joined us a senior editor technically but if you've been paying attention into heaven may junkie <hes> you'll see Dave Dave byline a lot more because he's been writing <hes> pretty well for us <hes> putting some their work out there yeah like yeah I mean he's been renting some really good collins. He had a call him on Greg Ed Hardy <hes> <hes> from <hes> post fight this week <hes> he had a post to be soups to nine column on <hes> for him at all that was really good. <hes> Dave Dave. You've been following him a name for you know any sort of time. You know you know toil in addition before my main fighting yeah even before him it may fighting. I remember his work at Yahoo so yeah. He's definitely a no g put his time into the sport and he definitely knows had David David one of those guys that helped push him into the mainstream by by getting Yahoo onboard to you know to give time in the space so definitely with a good thing <hes> now also have overseas presents. I I wanted to go in order. Your next higher I believe officially was Simon head who has <hes> been covering the sport for a long time and you know he's eight hours ahead was there. was that a strategic higher in that regard. Did you WANNA presence on the opposite side of the Ponto. Yeah that was <hes> that was definitely part of it. <hes> it was it was nice to have somebody you know on a different time zone like that that would we have presence nearly twenty four hours. You know we don't really have I twenty four hours but there's a small gatward. Maybe nobody's on but <hes> that was the big thing but really the big thing Simon. Though was <hes> you know so I'm in has contributed to anime junkie prior to join staff you know <music> over the course of the last few years sparingly here and they're covering events <hes> and so I'd read an edited enough of Simon's work in the last couple years that I was impressed with his writing overall and his ability to tell a story and <hes> it was a no brainer you know we finally had the opportunity to make some more moves. <hes> obviously these moves kind of where reactionary to <hes> the athletic <hes> taken away a couple of our writers Ben Ben Folks and Fernando practice so when that opportunity arose it was really a no brainer Ray Simon on board and he's been awesome <hes> ever since he joins really doing good work for us up another thing I noticed was and it's probably me getting older but we added some youth to the team as well. <hes> Nolan King followed time and had not not not too many days or weeks after but I you know we've had a little bit of a conversationally he just. How did you tell the audience highly appeared on your radar? I guess he was just popping on twitter for you. Nolan appeared on my radar. <hes> definitely a lot more so this year started paying attention to Nolan <hes> <hes> he just seemed like a guy who was really plugged in every now and then you're seeing these breaking news and it's at anime underscore kings who the hell is Emma may kings guy you know that the twitter handle that really stands out and so so <hes> yeah I mean you start to notice no one's breaking this fight this by you know here and they're kind of bubbling up the surface <hes> with his breaking news ability and I had I was able to see some of his writing <hes> over at flow combat and I know he had barely started with B._J._p.. Dot Com <hes> before we hired him but he he was his juggling multiple Gig and so he got on my radar just as a guy who you know started to just I guess said he worked his way up. Just by grinding away over the last few years when I interviewed and when I got to know him more <hes> I just greater respect them just knowing that he really just grinded his way <hes> to build his own following really not having any sort like professional allegiance just freelancing here and there for some of these <hes> other sites apology with another one of them that he's working for and you know he and I just really hit it off when we spoke and <hes> that was a really good good call one of the great things about Nolan's he's really plugged in <hes> with some of these younger fighters on the regional scene and I really think that's the kind of thing that is gonNA prove <hes> to be a really good thing as those fighters become the next generation Asian of quote unquote name. He's really established some really good relationship on the regional. Our guest is the managing editor of ever made Junkie. He's also known as our boss. His name is Simon Simona. We're going through the new roster additions to the enemy Junkie Radio Team and one thing guys that Simon has over Dana White. Dana White wants to go to Africa but they Simon beat them to it. We have a presence in Africa Fair Hanoun. We added her few weeks. After Nolan King talk about that higher yeah a lot not the same person as they are definitely cut from the same cloth and she also was another one who just caught on my radar by all of a sudden who's who's this new name name. That's breaking this story and you know she's breaking this story and this by booking and so when you see that <hes> it just really starts to jump out at you and yeah I mean again another just hustler you know really just respect respected her hustle <hes> built the following on instagram and on twitter as a reporter you know really has built some relationships with them key managers and some key fighters <hes> in the business. I mean if you've been paying attention attention to her work on anime junkie you know she's spoken. We got stories already from interviews Kobe Covington Abekawa and you know <hes> some other big names <hes> already in the sport that <hes> I had had had to find out what she was all about and again just like Nolan. I spoke with her. It was very clear that you know she was ready to take the next step <hes> and that's why brought her on board. We'll be talking to them. Individually throughout the week <hes> goes just on the silent. Yes seven just wanted to ask like whenever in Notre Dame football right when the players are leaving the tunnel they hit this little signs as play like a champion for this new crop of of writers and and you know people on the website videography offers. Here's what would you say is like our mantra. What would they be slapping as they're walking out? What's your vision? <hes> I mean. I don't know if I have a mantra per se. Maybe it's something like <hes> you know <hes>. I don't know what the what the mantra would be but I mean maybe it'd be something like you know. Serve the audience or something I mean you know we're what that's honestly at the end of the day like we're we're trying to serve our readers you know and serve our audience are loyal audience. I mean you WanNa pull the new audience as well but you know we know that are gonNA make junkie. We have a really good core audience that that comes to us and expect a certain level of coverage a certain amount of coverage <hes> you know that that's going to cater to <hes> you know junkie and I realized that and I take that very seriously you know you know. We're trying to pull a new audience but we're never gonNA forget who we are at our core so maybe it's something like remember remember who we are. You know remember we are that that <hes> that that can go with several ways mantra in the studio is purple and it says let's go. Let's get crazy all right that Simon thanks for hanging out with. With us <hes> we really appreciate it. We're up against the clock so <hes> hopefully we can do this a little bit more often but but thanks for your time today on a Monday okay all right. We'll see that's our managing editor Simon Samano on twitter at South S Jason WanNa we'll be right back books <music> good you still here. The boys were just getting warmed up now. The real show begins take it away boys and at six six Chapel Hill North Carolina Michael Lorna you want it to do Scottie Pippen at six seven I can't do that. I can't remember what he went to college was walking on at Arkansas wasn't a central or something yeah just walking on as a ballboys self-serve here has the top ended up being top fifty greatest N._B._A.. Player I'll give them playing the same same team crazy yeah all right folks underrated guy the game that was <hes> Simon J. Simona hope I got that right on twitter meaning. I know I got it right. I just hope got out there in the first hour. If you want to give them a follow following he he's our managing editor here at m e junkie and we should have spent a little bit more tiles just telling the guys that the first hour flew Laurie especially off a card like that. It's just it's nonstop yeah so we're going to start off here with our next guest former heavyweight champion. This guy has fought the last nineteen years at the highest level twenty eight wins is on his resume seventeen by K._o.. He and Ben Rothwell had one hell of a pace for fifteen minutes this past Saturday in San Antonio Texas Andrei however Andrea Gear guests. He came away with the win. What's up Andrea Lonski? How're you doing welcome back to enemy junkie radio? Thank you for having me. I'm doing great has just wasn't always Mike and <hes> if had to have a loss of beer so I'm good all all right nice to hear that man you deserve it because that was one hell of a fight they you and Ben gave us on Saturday night too. Big Men like that moving around. It was really really good. Pace guys tested each other's will each other's heart. You were the one that came away with the the <hes> the w congratulations that might have been one of your top five wins of all time Andrea maybe even higher <hes> totally give you my on my players know by doesn't feel really good macos my right hand my niece or oh. I'm head to the I'm a little bit and bring yeah and you know hearing you doing some of the post fight media hearing that at one point you almost wanted to just quit but instead you didn't power through like wow because we didn't observe that I I know there was times I've been hurt you saying what you were hurting him but I couldn't tell to what depth you guys were testing each other's will and fortitude but <hes> that that was really really cool to hear you know and also give a shout out to your to your son as well <hes> the whole thing man. You weren't the only one that had two years in his eyes. When I was watching that man I was connected with you because you know we've covered you for such a long time and you go through all these peaks and valley's these ups and downs and this is definitely a big big up and be honest as you? I watch inserted around probably because of my oldest son for sure <hes> what what I couldn't believe was that you well. You actually may have updated us now. What I couldn't believe was that you wanted to fight so soon afterwards because you even really really seem like you were drained physically just physically mentally drained at the post fight media? Now you're telling us that there might be a break or so so maybe that'll just give you the stuff that you that you probably need it anyway but <hes> I just I think it's really really amazing to see a forty year old four times in two thousand eighteen twice already in two thousand nineteen and it just keep wanting it more and more did it go back to being a fun sport for you to participate in whereas I know at one point you weren't having as much one hundred percent I mentioned before I wanNA reputation. I'm like endorsing first. The great coaches wait him <hes> Great Facility Jim American top Jim whereas a lot of heavyweights and there's most infamy my wife to what to do with my passion with my life. Your Support Mississippi killed me and <HES> and <hes> like I said if you when <hes> I wanna fly into your like four five years maybe more we'll see we'll see well the way you fought on Saturday night. I don't I don't think they would have a problem booking. You my man because that was really really huge win or a really really tough heavyweight and last one for me and then I'll turn it over to the guys here. I got goes and Dan with me as well. <hes> all right one and ask you. What about that coach Paulino? That doesn't give you much praise did he finally say some nice words you Andrea after this last performance <hes> of course he's <hes>. He's if she I told me congratulations comrades I'm very happy combet but just to have a lot of work the nicest to me semi ground. You're welcome guy. I think a couple of exhaustion and we'll talk Pollino when you come back to the gym. Come on guy looking like liberty relational yeah. We're GONNA come back to the gym like I guess in two weeks and they're gonNA stop every over and <hes> when I was about of course from Russia so <hes> guys okay my coach cater to see amount. I'm on a bench McKEN so maybe one day he'll be a little bit more happy but the fact that she got praised from Steve Marco who's one of the most intense wrestlers ever <hes> collegiate and on the U._S. level that that's that's pretty that's pretty cool to hear that that <hes> he was giving you some props. I'm sure you've worked hard with him and I'm sure he works guys hard when it comes to the wrestling percent years and I'm headed that they survive when Ben Shoot on me and and Steve from them and Mike Brown's where at the so but listen at l._S._U.. Like touch my my legs you'll miss took me dollars so let's put my listen. I'm going to have all other work under our guest here on May Junkie Radio. He's coming off a big win over big Ben Rothwell this past Saturday in San Antonio Texas all right goes for Andrea Lonski Andrea of all the adjustments assessments and all the changes that you've made throughout your career. Can you point to maybe one that you felt like was the most significant change or adjustment you've ever made for your career. I don't know Zim win. Since I still like fire my eyes and I want to go and then Brady to go but be honest I was really scared when when reflected around and I felt that bell and that's a fuck not again like judges. I just wanted to decide if I was kind of scared you know it's like fucking Napa little bit but Mike started screaming water. Everyone's like still but Mike says I'm not sure about sort. What looks like you want to but I it was kind of scared to be honest sincere so I just I just know that they have to proof like alive? I need to train even more than like when a train like ten years to just just just forget about the reason forget about everybody just do so much stuff you and Ben Rothwell kind of have a long history of you know cage time fighting each other throughout history. Did you have a chance to talk to Ben after the fight and can you share what you guys talked about if he did the U._S.. I came to his dress won't be honest with your worst so tired. I was so exhausted but I it same time was some and I just honest. I just came to his room. I asked one of his cornerman. Can I see when I just want to say exposed to fly out. They will not Shuki skin six discount them like into the discount. If he said sounds Kinda see I remember I just told him thank you for a fight and it was great but caboodle remember what they said before the Fido all my coaches and I I can sure if you want I told you did for sure but the honest I would sure Willamette came out in that and those just a second around you know but when and like five runs like in the served around that was like drought stuff looking for what the fuck wh-whereas blowing how long like I will I was exhausted and I stopped in mind that myself <hes> Edmund myself with my my son told me I guess it gave you some. Some Blouse. Summit knows some shopping just just seems the served up on the studio. Let me turn it over to our fight analysts. Dan Tom Dan. What did you have four Andrea Lonski? Hey Andrei just kind of a fun one for me. It was looking through your instagram here and I saw Batman Looking Desert Eagle. Is that really your gun that custom that custom gun Yup. It's <hes> Jamie Amy and my budget formally present for my son for he's those coming up in two weeks yep. Oh wow that's awesome birthday present. I Love Jealous the support of Second Amendment you know I'm ray the fuck. I love gums baths no I I. I like what I'm seeing too. I I like pistols and as well as art and that's a that's a nice combination of both so I definitely had to ask you about that. D- do you collect you. Don't have to tell us all your secrets Andre All your arsenault but <hes> does Andrea Alaska have a little bit of an arsenal himself. Don't worry about but I'm going to see who were train <hes> yeah on the list for John Week three in a couple of about police about dogs so export good Reference Race Nice Andre. I don't if you saw but another forty year old man had an impressive fight in calm the world of combat four pack. You know when you same night as you yeah in Kids C._B._S.. I'm so happy for Millennium that's and they actually I read a little article spas that fight them a real like what set his opponent so see some. I Mo supporting since you said I don't uh I don't care about Jerry my losses if somebody they're gonNA beat me. I'm GonNa hit then a hill a lot of plant them so just it was very nice and so he had an incredible pace he had an incredible pace on Saturday. Just right after you know talk about an hour to fight shows that the forty is is just a number forty s thirty on it. I was GONNA say you're working really hard on the strength conditioning and the cardio. Are you working with Phil drew or who are you working with because like I said <hes>. I don't think I've seen that much him yeah. I work work but the honest is you might get was excellent in in in Florida but I when when I came to Texas I just couldn't believe based for some reason. You know just like I decided fuck. I have to like you've ever has just suck on their out. We'll see what's going to drown them. They kind of like my my thoughts event through you. Annoying just still drought. I don't know why but in in Texas I like several Brazil's time. Wow Wow sorry to hear that well. We wouldn't have been able to notice so tell us one more time. You said he'd think he might have broken your hand and what is everything he also right or is there any break my fans. I said like I'M GONNA buy. I mentioned like it's GonNa Flash on break my fans whatever ones that just going I wanna despite because you know like was adopting the last <hes> if you fight some the and <hes> that I just like I said I will so scared when <hes> Saddam plus finishing up to flock again we're going to itself is going after the judges and the I will get it while you're healthy yeah. I'm I at least a couple of boozers the when they came back home I some fucking being star Brian my little while like when I hear the net one that can back when she woke up. I took you like my handsome around some day. He's he kind of like like like Thatch my friends my blues always i. It's just like crying against guys. Come on don't do this to me and no good cup of losers anyway any to somewhere. I need to check my right hand but I I'm sure it's not it's as say same problem over time but no I'm. I'm ready to go. I need a couple of weeks for four four to rest for sure but <hes> up to someone when I ask <hes> back my <hes> the last day nine on meet Miekel Sham and <hes> I went on that's next flight as soon as possible well Andrei you've done a lot in your career but one thing you haven't done this fight in New York. I think you should fight November second at that. Pay Per view <hes> that they're having a New York. That'd be a great. Actually I asked my my my my coaches bucks a month guy just a little down a little bit. You know just ooh I wanted to P._G.. And they WANNA fight the two more times than just here so oh all right all right well whatever it is. We'll be watching. Thank you always giving us time here on M._M._A.. Junkie radio enjoy the victory with your friends your family your team and hopefully we can talk to you and soon right. Thank you very much for him as usual Gut Bliss Uber Families and <hes> thank you very much all right thank you under folks volume on twitter one of the best ever do it in the heavyweight division and Andrea Orlovsky just like his name at Andrea Lobski on twitter. Let them know you heard them on the enemy junkie radio show with that the goes Dan. Tom Remain at enemy Junkie George. It's always wanted to talk to Andrea Right now. He's cool cat EH especially since we've gotten to know him see when you watch them on T._v.. You're like ooh. That's a serious fellow right there. He's not playing around. No jokes and folks couldn't be any couldn't be the opposite anymore opposite than that when you actually with them in person off at the break this force field but then once once he gets going smile and he's joking practical joker. He's really really cool yeah. He loves practical jokes for sure <hes> all right folks look we got a few more guests is coming so let's get this break out of the way you're listening to Junkie Radio on fire Nation Channel and fifty six stay costs will be back. We'll be talking to Ray bork also winner at U._C.. San Antonio I'd like to make these chance to apologize. Nobody Rah in in your face and totally unapologetic. This is Sirius X._M.. Fire nation you can now you into all of your favorite shows on devices equipped with Amazon Alexa. Just they Alexa listen to Sirius X._M.. Fire Nation Okay and they're metals are covered with participation awards. They have boxes of gold stars that they purchase themselves. They are the legends and Demand Your respect here are George goes all right. Our next guest got a win at U._C.. San Antonio he defeated Gabriel Sylvia decision taking his record to twelve and four this is second fight in two thousand nineteen and there's one of our favorites bites out of the previously flyway division now he's up in the battle of division. It's Ray Board. What's up rate? Welcome oh come back to enemy junkie radio. How you doing good man good? How are you doing good good? Welcome back. It's great having you on your on with George goes and Dan <hes> so ray congrats on your win are thought that was just tremendous. Mendes you and your family been through a lot. The fact that you were able to <hes> go out there. Do Your work provide for your family and then connect with your family the same way you were connecting with the arena and everyone watching at home. It was a think of beauty my man we got to see your lovely wife and then she was holding up the baby bro. It was awesome yeah man it was. It was definitely something that I I don't know if I'll be able to ever experience again. You know I could win a U._F._C.. Well title and I don't think I'm never going to be able to experience that feeling again. You know I really feel like <hes> the speech that I gave at the end. <hes> you know my family. Being there my son being there was <hes> <hes> a very very long time coming about a years worth of years worth of thinking <hes> you know it's something I've been really wanting to to to to do and say for the last year you know and it's very unfortunate into that. <hes> my last by didn't go the way that I thought it was supposed to go but at the same time I <hes> it was even more special for my son to be there the very first win of his life right and I just wanted to tell you you know you probably see thoughts and prayers and we're with you and positives and all that but I'm telling you man even though enemy fans and sometimes I mean media get shit on. There's a lot of really really good people out there. That really really haven't been kind of on this journey with you. You know everything having to do with your son. I Lotta people have thought about you hear it in conversations other media members or would listeners a lot a lot of people really really hope for you for the best for you and your baby and your entire family so again the fact that you opened all that up to us on Saturday night a lot of people like were connecting with you you. You know what I mean. Yeah you know it's that's another thing that's fantastic. You know I have a pretty pretty special posted. I'M GONNA post in the next couple of days. <hes> about all the support <hes> that has led up to this by you know it's that's something that can really be replaced. You know money. Nothing can replace the the love in the spirit that we've got from everybody in M._M._a.. Community you know and it it. It's really been a blessing and we you know ought to have everybody behind us through. It is amazing yeah. No doubt so now that you've you've won and you've you've been able to can we say I guess overcome everything. You and your family have gone through initially initially <hes>. Do you feel like you're focused as much as before. Your baby was born and went through everything he did. You think you have the same level focus or even more like tell us for your ad still because I don't want to disrespect respect your previous opponent but I felt like you don't want to get anything away from his win. I just felt like you weren't there. You know what I mean so that I guess that's what I'm getting at. Where where do you feel like you're at right now? You know I that's actually really good point. You know I really quite wasn't I wasn't quite there for the the Casey Kenny fight you know I had so much going on and and so much pressure and I and I didn't I didn't make way and I just wasn't I wasn't in it the same way my my mind wasn't in it and and <hes> you know nothing just just previously based off of like everything I've gone through and you know after that by I I had an eye opener man like it's like I have an opportunity that people only dream about. I have an opportunity that people the only read about you know and I need to make the most of it like I am. I one you know though the Willy Wonka golden ticket in my career. You know I'm at the top of the he ben. What kind of a person I'd be if I just let it go after five for years you know from people? That was nothing for people to say they've been in the A._F._C. for five years and a lot of people say they do that and everything that I love to do support my family you know keep a roof over my family Ted all that is impossible without me going out and winning fights so I really kick myself in the ass man and I I <hes> moving forward after that fight I- I cleaned everything up you know I cleaned up all my bad habits with my eating and always Boyne off training. That was a big thing too is I wasn't training as much as what I I had before you know when I was young hungry and on the climb I was in the gym every day and I went back to that. I stopped thinking of training has an obligation and more as a privilege in it showed it really did show I mean it took US forty five minutes two to one thirty five this time around and I really kind things up and even now I continue to kind things up. It wasn't like okay great. I got my I gotTa Win. You know got ahead and you know that go you know let's fall off the wagon to get non man. I'm already back to eating clean. You know if it wasn't for a source doors I am if it wasn't for that dude almost knocking my tooth out spending elbow. I'd already be back in the Jimmy now so my mindset is the best ever been in my entire career right now and a lot of the has to do with my son in my family and there's no hurry you're twenty twenty five. That's still really really relatively young. You're very experienced twenty five year old <hes> and then this division is kind of in holding pattern at the top you got the champion news out till two thousand nine or excuse me two thousand twenty and then Dan few other guys trying to figure out jockeying who might be next Sterling Yawn. Whatever so I would just say if you feel like you have kind of had a rebirth? That's awesome and you know stay busy. Stay Hungry A- and stay disciplined. I think discipline is really really going to be key for you. It sounds like yeah you know. That's the biggest thing is <hes> staying in the gym. Stain disciplined and you know it's almost cool to kind of be back at the back of the pack. You know I <hes> after rework work my way up and it's relaxing you know I just worry about training and taking fights and that's it you know and and that's all I'm focused on getting better you know I that's one thing that I don't ever realize it's because I've been in the sport for so long. I forget that had I'm only twenty five years old and you know ten look look look at how old he was when he fought D._J.. The first time lost to him by the second time beat them all these dudes. They're all doing all this stuff at a you know in their prime and sometimes I think too damn I didn't get it done against D._J.. You know where does that. Put me in that. I had like sometimes remember to myself like hey not only my you know feed my language bad motherfucker but I'm young shit dude. I'm twenty five and not even even close to my full potential and you know I think sometimes people forget that no doubt we're talking to Ray Bork here. Our guests on the enemy junkie radio show is coming off a win this past Saturday over Gabriel Silva in San Antonio Texas. We're going to go <hes>. We'll start off with Dan Tom on this one Dan. What do you have four report? Hey you know you're talking about revamping kind of training and and <hes> you know mindset and all that as looking at your instagram and it looks like you on the recently. And <hes> I gotta ask you if somebody who came up through catch wrestling and I I recently started finally trying to get Negi more consistently myself. <hes> you mentioned a bit of the frustrations on your post but obviously you know it was in a positive light as far as taking the how's that been it's been great. You know I <hes> it was definitely mental thing for me to do the key thing you know I I always knocked it because I grew up as a a grappler in anime grappler but it was all about not being egotistical on opening my mind more and and being more open-minded to getting better no matter what that almost feeling like. I'm too good to do things so I stopped on key and it was frustrating. I hated it honestly but but what made me love it is that it reminded me of when I first started training when I first started training and May when I was a kid the very first thing I go in there. I didn't even really wrestle grapple the do the dude who ran the gym. Just put me through the ringer like workout after work out punch after punch that nobody would have doing and I I was thirteen years old. Damn near almost cried because of how hard it was and I don't know why I went back but I went back the next day and I went back to day after that and I kept going back until I it was so hard for some reason I loved it created a town then that's what it was. You know it was so frustrating hard that I loved it. I felt like I was brand new again. I you know it was a big step for me mentally to put my ego aside and say you know what I'm going to try something new after on a geese and I've continued to that you know I I told my coach <hes> hop file freight does that after this fight. I'M GONNA put back on the GIG. 'cause we took the GEOF <hes> for the for the last four weeks to camp just to kind of you know make sure we're sharp on everything bad ED E. Habits but I'm going to pursue to to get my black belt. You know that's one thing I want to say I have is I'm going to try and be vigilant you up. That's awesome but for now. I bet you just that really anomaly white belt on the Matt. This is your white belt but you're you're. You're still probably killing it. I imagine right right yeah yeah yeah. It's pretty funny because I stay out more white bell you know in my uniform but I was just as well exactly I guess it's real good talking about the goals as far as and I totally agree with that you know I gave him more. Traditional Martial Arts not unfamiliar with just had a different identity within more for striking and grappling was more kinda wrestling based but I speaking of those goals on the more you know back to your your profession. Obviously we talking about the fun side of it but the professional side of it. Do you have any goals as far as any names <hes>. Is it a weight class as far as a company ability in the way class last. Where is it <hes> the past title whichever's quicker? What is how? How do you prioritize your path forward in your head on? You know I <hes> I have some requests far. Add the way down fighting APP but at the same time I'm <hes> I'm <hes> I'm just looking to just move forward with whoever they give me man. I really don't care you know I fought the best of the best to flyway division <hes>. I'm not scared to fight the best <unk> division but if they feel like I need to rebuild myself bantamweight to see how I'm going to do against a different tear fighters and cool you know if <hes> my request get fulfilled then we'll we'll see how that goes all right right board. We still got a couple more for you. This time they're coming from goes goes for Re more ray Bork sees me as Max. You See Raya now. All of these things that you've corrected all these new things that you've tried. I'm I'm sure at some point somebody has pointed you in that direction like everybody else in life has. Did you have that moment where somebody said you see I told you so and if so who did you have to answer to Ray Board <hes> I never really had anybody like trying to tell me like I told you so. <hes> you know I've had some people tell me I need to keep up with my diet a lot. You know specifically we my wife for the last year's needs to tell you. Stop eating like fatty and <hes> so yeah you know I I you know she in her head was told you so. I mean you know but I you know I. It wasn't necessarily too many. I told you so honestly as crazy we did. It might sound the guy the person who probably with me back into shape mentally was <hes> my striking coach Knicker so and reason being is <hes>. He told me <hes> as I was trying to make way for my last fight against Casey can't because we me Nickerson fought <hes> and two thousand fourteen and shortly after we two weeks later after we fought I got a call to by devotees in the A._F._C. and you know so many down the road almost crazy to think that made him a working together. You know he's my striking coach and when I come case Canny <hes>. He told me he goes you know what ray there's a lot of people who feel the same way and <hes> I would kill someone to be struggling to to to cut way in your shoes he he told me out kill someone to be trying to cut wait in the U._f._C. and after that I took that home with me after the fight and I realized you know next my good friend now I realize man there's so many deserving people here in this world that probably should could be in the A._F._C. probably are skilled enough to be in the. I'm here and I'm screwing up my opportunity. So if anybody Kinda like gave me that realization it was knicker so would you say he hit the bulls eye with <hes> his advice. I I think though man I think that's one thing I really had forgotten one thing. I really in it. Can It really I didn't really understand which was how cool of an opportunity I have because as a kid I was like Oh you know I want to be a U._F._C. fighter. That's my dream Yada Yada but when they actually have been it all happened so fast that it was so easy to take for granted and you know I I took it for granted pretty pretty bad the last two years after leaving my gym fit you know I started to get a little bit more freedom. I started to make a little bit more money started to WanNa go out and do fun stuff instead and no I think I think next probably giving me the best advice than in the last few years you know ray we know your emotions prefight and post fight when I did want to get some clarification on was what were your emotions right before. The decision was being read like what was going through your mind. I and how bad was that. <hes> you know what man my emotions were insane because I felt like we won the FI. I felt good about the fight the Casey Kenny fight. I was so tired I was so adrenaline Da da. I didn't remember a lot of the case Kenny and I remember being so exhausted any case Kenny fight because of my adrenaline dumb and I didn't feel good about it and so I was kind of like all out of it almost and even though my coaches like Oh yeah we won that fight. We WanNA fight even then I was Kinda like Oh you know I don't know I'm Kinda out of it but but I was just exhausted an Adrenalin dumb and but this I felt fantastic after the fight I felt good during the I felt like I was on a good pace for for the fighter had a good mentality during the fight but and then for split-second decision was made I remember to myself well. You know what we thought. We won the last one too so decisions. Get Shit at me man ever since I made my use to debut even if I've WANNA fight super decisively decision scare the shit I mean because you never know what's going to happen. So honestly you know I had a lot of anxiety right before they read the name. Although we knew we won the fight I still had a lot I get anxiety and comes to decisions man well. Luckily you didn't get the shaft and later on probably all went out and you covered the TAB. Maybe yeah yeah you know so it was it was it was on our side this time where you're not catching on men and thrown on a bunch of <hes> archery puns that you you're not catching them you might catch on. I was trying to do a little bit of studying on the archery terms so through Bullseye Shaft Tab and but you didn't catch any of them I'm not going to I think those went straight over my ahead because I love following you on Instagram and watching you I know that's your world in your competitive and everything you do and <hes> so I just want you. Kinda shared that with us when you came to our studio so it's always I've always styles pretty cool pretty fascinating. I don't WanNa call it a hobby. If that's not what you're calling it a sport or whatever but I think it's pretty cool that you're involved in the so probably always you know it's <hes> it's definitely my hobby you know it's kind of how I <hes> get away from all the mandates that fighting bring you know when I just me like hey so much going on to put my breakside either. Get my bow out or jump on my mountain bike and go crews amounts you know how old is baby anthony now. He is a year and three months so he's he's <hes> he's a little tank man. It's amazing how far he's come and not only as far as you come. He's another reason why I'm continuing to pursue the way I am in my career and the reason why I'm considering to pursue the bell is he blue all the expectations out of the water kids with his condition. A lot of times can't sit up on their own until they're two years old and he's just turned a year. You're a year old and worry about a month away from him. Walking so it's amazing how just blown all these expectations out of the water and he he really is my hero of course man. He's he's a board. You know that is GonNa be in daddy's footsteps so listen cement. Thank you so much for your time on the show. It's always great to have you here and say hello to your family one last thing you have a couple of same phobias like I do Scorpions and tornadoes did did that tornado ever hit you when you're on that plane or something like that or that was a few months ago a few weeks ago. Oh man that was just that it was actually just a tornado warning but I react the same way I did as a kid. When I was a kid and I lived in New Mexico? <hes> I hadn't lived there very long and my my family my mom and them did and there was a tornado warning so I was packing my bags all casually getting ready to leave and they're sitting there having dinner and I'm like what are you doing and they're like we're eating now. Mike how you could you acid in the car the tornado warning get the dogs. Get Your Shit. Let's go and they're like raise data warning. It's a warning so like I might have you know just things like that getting natural disasters for some reason no it was just a warning and it never touched down <hes>. Will you freaking everyone out on the plane. Now I kept my cool. I cry and what about Scorpions Europe been bit. One don't buy one is that while you have the phobia or hell no bryant never been close to a Scorpion but just a look. They look like the devils insect. Tell me about it. I'm going to be around yeah. I could be around rattlesnakes. Eh Bien Helmer mind you win a little overboard with the lion part. I've been hunting since I was a kid. I've seen a couple of lines of close my day doing lion all right the way man bears in Lyons. They'll mind their business. As long as they're not hungry. I think they have fears as well. <hes> snakes the Scorpions what I'm scared of is this that I'm walking and step on one that I didn't see not necessarily like if I see him from a distance okay about-face go the other way but <hes> I can't be chased down by Scorpion the worst case scenario and the country's yeah. That's why I'll calcium and a freak me out a little bit but I'm going the other way and I'm good if I ran into a bear dog. That's my pants right there. That's the misconception about bears a bear. You can Kinda yell at it. You know maybe flow you're on a couple of left. Hook that it and it gave out not on my left hook all right. Thanks for the time a man take care right all right thank you we'll see solid cat man ray board twelve and four now overall no pressure. He's GonNa work is way up that one hundred thirty five pound ladder. I'm telling you even though he lost a D._J.. I thought he still had one of the better performances against D._J.. And I thought that was something then he could build off because remember seven year difference in age so I thought even though there patting me not cross again <hes> D._J.. Obviously it was just great and I felt like Ray. Could maybe work his way to their but two thousand eighteen was a tough year for the board family and now yeah seems to be back all right. We're GONNA take our last break. You're listening to enemy junkie radio on fire Nation Channel Six when we come back. We'll be talking to the headliner at P._F.. L. Chris Wade stay close. We'll be back you can catch up on all things Sirius X._M.. Fight Nation on demand on the series X._M.. APP in both iphone and android carrying a feature to make their show more enjoyable. It's called the mute button here. Those two numb nuts gorgeous. George goes two thousand nineteen thirty six N._F._l.. Radio Training Camp Tour kicks off this Thursday live from Denver Broncos training camp get unprecedented access to the top players and coaches plus an in depth breakdown of the roster heading into two thousand nine hundred series accent minute radio channels. Are they going to have top access to top players when we're going to visit the Denver broncos little confused by that all right great. We're going to reshuffle the deck a little bit. I think we still left something on the table in regards to Leon Edwards so right now is a good time for the daily debate. Garcia seeming recanted allegri on a duck season product season duck season season whether food that's really great spelling case great gabbling always bet on black. I like red black reading black black dummy or even social media Instagram snapchat Instagram snapchat the biggest stories giant floor junkie radio's all right fellas the daily debate question is which fight makes the most sense for Leon Edwards after a big win at U._C.. San Antonio or Hey Mazal Comorros Mon- tyron Woodley or other. Please fill in the blink. If you go with other goes or hey mazowe all they set it up for us. They put it up on a team. Here's the thing three-piece Minnesota Yeah. If Mazda all takes us by I understand why maybe it doesn't make too much sense for him to take it but you're not guaranteed. What's waiting for you at the end and he's not getting any younger so I would go in there? He's already up on them. One nothing right shut off. Okay might as well for how about you Dan hard not to go with or hey moss for. I mean the PROMOS already there. It's perfect for Leon. Edwards is supposed to start power but I'm not sure we can get Mazda to the to the bargaining table as easily especially with the hot hand he has now so I'm actually going to go through an underrated one out there. I WANNA go other and I'm going to rep one of our colleagues. What I saw him? Tweet no-one King at Emi underscore kings suggested a danny trail oriole from desktop Don Voice Drummer Santiago Poland's Anita Hill that'd be kind of fun matched with a quieter streaks and it's it's bound to make a contender clear contender for sure. Those guys are up there Yep <hes> you know what I thought. Tyron Woodley made the most sense because when they said most sense it just seemed like Moslo dolls pop in too much for him not to fight who's one right well that left a few other fights along the way. Look I know Kobe Covington and Robbie lawler have something to do in two three weeks but I don't have the luxury of knowing that result. I got to answer this question right now and I thought maybe him and Woodley made some sense look wouldn't if you WANNA shot at Boozman or the winner I should say boozman and whoever then you gotta get through Leon and Leon you pass one test and R._D._A.. You gotta pass this next test so I just thought that's what made sense remember. I said this prefight Leon needed to do something special. He did dominate R._D._A.. He had a great call out. I Orient Weasel and all that other stuff but so much more or comes out of the finish guys and <hes> that that just didn't happen so anyway. I thought the great thing about this daily debate Dan. Tom came up with it. Shot off to Dan. Tom Was the fans helped us answer this question three monkeys given our our opinion or whatever but we got almost eighteen hundred votes and look at what the fans want they want or hey muzzle. They're saying it makes sense why it's not because Oh my God one guy's writing an eight five win streak and the other guy just had the electrifying knee no makes sense because they got into it backstage in London and they wanna see that settled. You know what I mean so looks like Mas what all took a big chunk <hes>. Can I say who number to us to sure red tide and Woodley Harney Muslim Fifty Woodley at thirty eight Boozman at three other actually came up with a nine percent so yeah look at A. R. K. I. N._T._p.. Please make it easier for us next time Andrew Park and he puts up a give of him snoozing I'd go. I think that's a little bit far. You don't just come out of an R._D._A.. Fight looking spectacular ocular underscore love lady says give give them until I don't know there's a few other news coup seventy five. Y says give them aspirin so there's some contribution there under <hes> other anyway there you have it folks. I daily debate brought to you by the radio team all right so under the giant. I just got word from Chris wait. He's ready to go if you can call him back. Please all right sounds good cool. Thank you all right full. WE'RE GONNA finish up with Chris Wade Yeah. He's going to be headlining. Its by we anyway. We usually Kinda. Keep it short but what I don't like is Kobe. COVINGTON and Tyron Woodley seem like they just teed it up perfectly. All the was assigned things on dotted line. We'd have finally some sort of conclusion to that. I don't want to go through that again with Mas at all and Edwards yeah I agree. I agree man <hes> how about the fact that that welterweight L. to wait has literally endless options with all the talent that they have eaten right now. Lightweight has the title fight said Tony Ferguson can't kit clear answer conor McGregor like the the you have sieges. Kinda just is at their at his beck and call in. I don't know I mean luckily cowboy. Engaging was said that helps things out all right. Our last guest of the day name is Chris. Wade persuades going to be headlining P._F.. L. Two thousand nineteen week five out at the ocean casino resort in Atlantic City New Jersey he faces Augment Aliyev in the main event but so Chris. How're you doing now much my man? Thanks for joining us here on the enemy Junkie Radio Show Chris. What were the biggest things that you learned in last year? We haven't gotten a chance to talk to you this year. But what did you learn the most in last year's season about myself or you mean about yeah. You're so it just how to handle this type of scheduled this type of a format you know quick turnarounds twice in one night all that yeah they're they are quick turnaround. <hes> I kinda say that I think wrestling my my whole life helped me to deal with these quick turnarounds and to deal with how the season Kinda kicks off and then roles so every time I'm starting to <hes> either get worn Danette camp or dealing with the you know the Nixon bruises that come camp <hes> I always try to think back on the days where you're wrestling and making wait could be true three times a week and then it doesn't seem so bad to make wait once every six or seven weeks and to fight once every two seven seven weeks makes it seem almost like like nothing so <hes> whenever you know things are getting tough and camp that's better my head goes to but in in what I learned about myself is that I I think I bite fight better. When I do get a rhythm with this where you are competing every six weeks or every eight weeks as opposed to sometimes you get these one off bouts six months apart and months part art? If there's an injury or something you could be offered year the ring rosters. It's crazy so I need to be able to get into rhythm on those that kind of fighter though this season and <hes> you know the way it's Ormat it almost ways to my strength. I tend to get stronger as it goes on. I think you bring my off. What do you think you bring to the table that he hasn't seen he's been over at fighting eggs global which is a big Russian organization and you both got your first win but still is there's something emceeing who he's fought that you feel? He hasn't seen when he faces you yeah absolutely I think that <hes> he has on I've we've done a lot of <hes> tape watching on him and you know we try to look at. Some of the higher level is gone again brand down <hes> guys that have been in the U._F._C. and <hes> I think one of the things I bring to the table it just being unpredictable and being able to be explosive <hes> at any given time and the athleticism I think he likes to play guys kind of fight in the park that they saw him around they stay in that in that <hes> striking range constantly and maybe not the strongest wrestlers so I think style while I think you know he's athletic sets traps. He spends a lot but he doesn't really WANNA guys do the same yeah so he's going to have a lot of figuring out you had the benefit of fighting at home in the first round of fights. This one's about two hours away. <hes> is the Chris Wade Fan club or they're going to be rolling deep down to <hes> Atlantic City New Jersey. Oh Yeah <hes> well. This is the home away from all depend where tunnel old along our guys came up because illegal in your forever so when really fly me getting out of amateur which occurred do there. You had to eat even complete level so the whole I turn my my sight premier or more was all done in Atlantic and you come back. Finally I'm like really comment that I haven't been down here and competed in years so Syndey U._S._C. so I'm really fighting Danny kind of it back in that vibe where player you're down at the casino everybody down there already. Get ready to go get ready to support you going to be a good time. You just said the Magic Word Casino our studios in a casino except we're here in Vegas would probably be seeing you in a couple months so let me ask you this. We only got fifteen seconds. It's gotTa be a quick one Chris Wade. What's the prediction for Thursday night? How does this get done in the main event the mission there you go what round take him down? Let's go I why not ooh Nice. I love it. Thanks for calling us back my mind. We got to cut it a little bit short. We weren't able to get you on the first go around but it was great that we got to catch up with you. We really look forward to your fight on E._S._P._N.. Two Nine P._M.. Eastern.

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