Thirst Aid Kit: TAK Takes Sundance


The all right. Wow Wow look you coming thanks for coming. It's very cold. So thank you for coming outside. And that's the function of Sundance. But it's it's bloody cold. I don't know how you do it. How do people live here? Maybe the money helps. That's right Nicole how you doing I am Oh good just talking about it's cold. I'm a little hot right now but you know I think I'll call down a little bit but I'm good. How are you? I'm sweating like a pig farm but I'm also so I'm happy to be here. That's partly what this is. I'm kind of nervous. It's my first time at Sundance. Nicole Sundowns is this anyone else thank you. You don't want to push it but I was applause. Is anyone else hip for the first time. Oh good oh good. We're going to be crowded together. Uh We're all moving. Don't worry about it it's going to be beautiful okay. We are very excited to be here. I am I didn't want me and I'm Nicole Perkins and we we are I say kid time ahead of us and we're going to get the show on the road and Nicole but before we do that we do want to give a special shout out to our sponsor this evening sound effects. We have been having such a great time here at Sundance and we wanted to give you a little message from our sponsor dropbox. You've probably used dropbox at some point while working on a project or maybe just a share our store files but did you know that dropbox is also a great tool for collaboration at work. For All kinds of of teams this year dropbox honoring the crews of makeup artists grips production designers and so many others that worked tirelessly to make great films. Possible you can learn more about how your team can use dropbox to bring great ideas to live at dropbox dot com slash film. So if you're unfamiliar with their steak Kit. We usually kick things off with a little segment. We like to call redacted okay. That's when one of US tells a little story three key. Words are bleeped out so that you can add your own intrigue to the story right if you've held the show before you know that we normally use very generic FCC FCC beep today though. I'm going to be the BEEP. I'M GONNA be a human beep and it's going to sound something like this hold on. Are you ready for the beat. Okay so instead of the little that we normally have in place you're going to hear live and direct people. I'm an old bicycle. So this is Nicole is going to do us. Illiterate acted about one of our guests today. Mr Daniel Day Kim Daniel puts the in my hand. Oh it's heavy I say he replies. I thought you liked thick. Oh so you can take your time and slowly. Oh I do fill in the blanks. You know you can make it as chase or as dirty as you like I love redacted. It's the silliest thing we do every single week all right okay. So our first guest is a man so strikingly beautiful he can stop actual traffic. He's seen it. You've seen it. We've seen him as Jiuquan on Lost Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii five o Brandon Choi and always be my baby be and soon. We'll see him as Dr Michael Own Asuka in blast beat which premieres this weekend here at Sundance. Everyone let's welcome Daniel on your day. Kim In that sound effect is impressive. Thank you so much. I really thought that was one of those horns. I went to university to study that well done. Uh well thank you well again. Welcome thank you so much for joining us here. Yeah so you're here. This weekend to showcase is blast. Beat which were already able to see and it was a privilege to get to see that film. You're seeing it. I haven't seen it yet. None of our cats excellent excellent special events. Why don't you get on level? We've seen it. Yeah right when you tell me what it's about that's what we're going to ask you about. We've seen it. We know it's about two brothers. Can you expand a little bit about what the story is and how it came to you. Assure the story centers around Two brothers and a family. Originally from Columbia they immigrate to the United States They the two kids are teenagers. Who Love heavy metal and They enroll enrolling high school. Life seems to be going pretty well and then they find out that their immigration attorney is a fraud so they are in the country illegally. so it is a story about family. It's a story about immigrants at the story about the issue of immigration It's a story about love. I I play a professor at a local university who befriends One of the teenagers who happens to be a heavy metal loving science prodigy who wants to become a NASA scientist so a plays on a lot of preconceptions preconceived notions we have about immigrants and and and not only that but people who love heavy metal. Because you see these dudes and they have really long hair. And you think there's no way that these are brainiacs the brainiacs that they are but they're other students and I play someone who happily gets to help one of them yet and so obviously you're acting in the film but you also serve as executive producer. What was it about blast? Beat that made you feel like you had to be a part of this project. I'm an immigrant I was born in. I was born in Korea and I came over to the states when I was young and I remember To try and assimilate and become American. And I'm very proud of being American arrogant but this story was specifically about Colombians. In this case. But it's a universal story anyone who has the experience of feeling like an outsider or like they don't belong long and are trying to make a home for themselves thousands of miles away from everything that they know so I could relate to that and I really loved the fact that it's very personal story. The writer and director was working on it for many many years started as a short film so the passion for the story story to get made was was really impressive and You know I've been around a minute so you know I've I've I've done jobs for different reasons but you know one of the reasons that that I've stayed in. This business is to be able to choose the kinds of jobs that I want to do. And I WANNA be proud of this the work that I do and this the job. I'm definitely proud of beautiful film. You should be proud of it now. If you notice what you'll walk on music was shall We dance from the king and I. I didn't notice what things were pointing that out. Happy to so you start in the king and I at Lincoln Center Theater back in two thousand sixteen and that was your Broadway debut and we actually have a clip from the show all my okay. So this is your life was was three at Music Chaffee Goo three one-two-three night and meet with all the John's when the last two star has left the sky shall we again. Showed you roll long long understanding that. This kind of thing Charlie dots. I don't know what you go while while you were watching that clip. I got a lot of things I just wanted wants to be clear. Did y'all see Daniels amazing posture. As he was dancing because he was moving around the stage. I do not blush easily. I will tell you it's like it's like ninety degrees in obviously in blast. Beat because you're a professor you're addressed you know really is where we're going to get away absolutely. Yeah with the Nice Crisp white shirts and ties. Sometimes you're in a lab coat and and that's that's very hot. I just want you like that. Look noted noted that keep that in mind. Don't ever forget it. I just want that'd be cool. I'm so sorry to make you blush but I'm not sometimes sports have to come out and the thing is. I watched that clip and I was like I should take up musical goal theater. I should do that so thank you for that yet but for many people lost was the first time that they were introduced to you and I wonder on lost. You were a part of a group of survivors from a plane wreck your character kind of the same outfit throughout the that's for sure there. It is a season's worth of outfit and we weren't really given the Opportunities Unity's to lust after Jin same way that we were given to look at Sawyer in a lot. He's a good looking dude. No no shade to ashes to him but also I can get a mirror like it's not as though he had the monopoly on hold this. I'm just saying I want when I was allergic to shirts. ETEs but as your career has gone on notice that you've kind of leaned into being you know someone that we all want to keep looking at and having on our screen so you kind of been growing into thirst was that accidental accidental. I I ah I will tell you that it's not on purpose but on the TV show throws working on after loss to I five. Oh you know we're in Hawaii and so the weather's is beautiful. There's going to be swimsuit. Shot Surfing shots. And so naturally shirtless shots. Did you feel self conscious about this. Of course unless like ten million people watching you without a shirt on you know and that was the most subtle flex ten million people just ten million a casual ten billion watching me without my shed. Its its bite it. Yeah well anyway so yeah no. It's a little nerve racking and even if even even if you think you're not vain about it there's always someone to tell you you look great and you're not even thinking about it and as soon as someone says something you're you automatically start thinking about it so then the makeup department will slowly ask you. Do you want any like shading Giannini contouring. I was like I didn't think I needed and even you you know so. It's a whole thing but you can't take it too seriously. Do you feel more confident now. In your body or in your appearance now that you have to be kind of Komo exposed in your career. I think I just feel more confident because I'm older I just ignition. Yeah Yeah shout out to all the older people in the know it's true. I think there's a wisdom that comes with Age and there's a kind of a comfort your own skin and I definitely feel those things Then you know with any luck I'll be able to continue doing in what I do for a while. And and hopefully gain a little more wisdom along the way what a diplomatic wiser answer so we saw we went to see always be my. Maybe we invited out by Netflix. Go Watch it on the big screen. which is how you should watch old movies but whereas dance yeah bill all right but we saw maybe speaking of being confident and feeling more a wider wardrobe and either put you in a bunch of suits? Maybe the on the red carpet. Even when you're home you kind of like put together and one of my favorite looks in the whole movie is when they put you in that buff colored Adidas tracksuit the one remember that trucks is a couple of people remember. Yeah 'cause they did. And the thing is brandon. The character you played. I say this with the ultimate respect is a bit of Dick. He's like this high-powered new age California self-obsessed kind of self centered and awful. But I just wanted to say I understood why Sasha was gonNA marry him anyway. We have a clip from that clip. Hey what do you think about this for the flowers for the wedding all do for black flowers what I did for fish sauce ice cream. Good I just want to be a boring ride. Oh you know let's spice it up. We'll talk to you about something sure what's up. I've been thinking about this a lot and if it's cool with you I'd like to postpone the wedding. It's not that I don't want to get married. I do. It's just it's just. This opportunity has come up for me to go to India with Josie Andres the chef from bizarre. Exactly he's opening up a new restaurant there and he knows about my two years in the saffron fields of Kashmir with Alice waters. See you want me to go to San Francisco alone. That's the beauty of it. We'll both be in new surroundings. We'd be part together before before entering into a lifelong commitment. I just I just want this to be right so that when we do get married he'll be best husband he can beat so in that sense. It's it's really for the both of us. Are you serious. What the hell's happening right now? My Wife said finally a role where you're yourself. My favorite thing is how he pronounces Schmear Schmidt. I always I saw him as one of those guys that would take pains to pronounce words in different languages exactly as the natives would pronounce the you. You know he's. He's quite a douchebag account. was that for you being able to flex some of your comedic skills because we don't really get to see that much of VR comedy. I was so great. You're you're absolutely right. I for whatever reason. I didn't playing serious roles for a lot of my career but I love comedy and you know especially working with people like Ali Wong and Randall Park. Who are so incredibly generous? Yeah and on a project like that I could believe in it was a pleasure to play such a Dick but you are also moving behind the camera. More youth directed an episode of Hawaii. Five O an episode. You're also an EP. The on the good doctor. And obviously you're an executive producer for blacks beat and your production company. Three is doing a lot. Are there any projects that you can tell us us about right now. Well Yeah I mean. We've we've been around for a number of years and we have a couple of projects that we just sold last week. So thank you sundance exclusive. That's right I don't want to say too much about them at the moment. But they're very much in the vein of the good doctor where we're you know there's this This theory that they're only seven stories in the world. But you know. I think that my company is trying to do is to tell them from a different perspective and one. We haven't I heard from before the good doctor center out centers around a young surgeon who is living with autism and the central question is can someone with autism be ineffective surgeon and a good friend and And this season were exploring his dating life so the projects that we're working on Also also kind of reflect a lot of similar themes excellent I look forward to seeing them. Elliott this serious the so serious we co we run. The whole gamut. Next is going to be a question on Syria. I'm kidding earlier this month on your instagram which you should to check out Daniel instagram. You should do that You posted a fight it with you on your brother when you were kids. And it's a photo of your brother dressed as Batman and you address as Superman and the caption was you said as for me Superman always and it just reminded me first of all Steve Girl saying I am beyond say they always from the office. Why not but is Ken? Slash Superman Superhero that. You would want to be all. Has An suggestion is out there. Are you interested in even a little bit in playing for example Amadeus Show Aka Hulk. ooh You know your your comic books. I was a big. I was needlessly a comic book. NERD too long. Wow I know. Luckily I discovered the Internet so I I my gaze it I loved. I haven't told anyone else. I my dad is a doctor and he was a retired doctor and he. I have bumps and bruises throughout my life because I was pretty active kid. The first time we ever had to do surgery on me was when I got up on a window sill in our apartment and as I jumped off and as I jumped off yelled superman and literally fell flat on my face on the Hardwood Floor gashed open my Chin and thankfully my dad brought out his surgery bag and stitched me up without any anaesthetic right then and there and I still have the scar. But that's how much I love. Superman Amadeus show. Oh is I can totally relate to because who doesn't have a hulk inside of them who used to be. We're all used to be in a different color so green in a no. Thanks a hey I love it. I love it so much to show. You heard if us when the time comes an EP on on the film George Come on. Let's do it together. It takes a village joke. But I'M GONNA be on sale. You will like how the hell did she get here. I'm going to bring out the video of this kind. The evidence just saying on that note I just WanNa say thank you so much for joining us this evening my pleasure. It's good to be here so much. Everybody we want to make sure audience make sure you catch blast beat when it is on a wider release and in the meantime you can find Daniel On twitter and Instagram at Daniel Day Kim. Thank you all right given up Daniel all right before we bring on next guest we have another word from US bonuses dropbox you probably use dropbox at some point while working on a project maybe just to share and store files but did you know that dropbox is also a great tool for collaboration at work for all types of teams take filmmaking for example the ultimate sports team when we see a a great film like so many of the ones here at Sundance we tend to give most of the credit to the actors and directors but it takes a team to make it behind every film. There's an army of coordinators maters technicians and designers from all around the world. And they have to stay on the same page as they work together. Behind the scenes this year drop boxes honoring the crews of makeup artists grips production designers and so many others that worked tirelessly to make our films possible. You can learn so much more about how your team can use dropbox to bring Ideas to life at dropbox dot com slash filled. Let's give it one more time for Daniel Day Kim once again for our sponsor dropbox all right. It is time to bring our second guess and we are really spoiling. You with a SMORGASBORD. Thirsty guests. Goodness you may know second. Guess from his leading man looks I showcase on. HBO Insecure. But he's also been in all your face. The Vampire Diaries House how to get away with murder. The flash the list goes on and on his new movie. Miss June team opened literally yesterday. Here at Sundance please please give him a warm. Welcome Kendrick Sampson. Everybody gets such good hug but I did it wrong Repo Bambi. She's like a really dope turns letting axe activist and she translating coalition. She runs that and she always says you have to hug heart which is so interesting because here we drive on the right side of the road. We do everything with like being right. Handed is celebrated and all this stuff but we always go to the left when we hug. It's such an interesting. I think thing you automatically go to the left. It seems so trivial. But I'm trying to I'm trying to break it. Well challenge accepted. We you will hug. Hawk Hawk hard. What how are you doing? Besides trying to get into the habit of hugging heart to heart. How are you today Dan? I'm Craig I'm listen. I'm tired I am tired. You're twenty just thinking about twenty twenty it's tiring Now but I'm also going straight from here hitting the campaign trail going to Iowa after that I'm going to New York and then I'm going to London and I'm going to Vancouver over then I'm going to New Orleans so you are booked. So is this your first time here at Sundance no came last year with A film called Bedlam One of my really good buddies Patrisse cullors who was co founder of black lives matter was one of the subjects of the film and it covered the intersection of mental health. And incarceration and how our mental health is is criminalized and oppressed. And so I was here more as a surrogate last year for that film in this year is the first year. I've had a been a film here. Right yes and that film is Miss. June teeth And we've heard really good things about it already. Can you tell us a little bit about it. Please if follows turquoise who is a former Miss June teens than if you don't know what June eighteenth is it's the celebration Didn't June nineteenth Of the win the last slaves were informed that they were free to three years after the emancipation proclamation it was they were the last slaves were in Galveston which this is right outside of where I grew up in Houston and so it is our answer to be completely frank. I grew up thinking independence. His Day was bullshit right. I was like what is this is not our freedom. So so it's a big big deal culturally in Texas as well as pageants which is a whole `nother thing in Texas. A A tank is is one of those pageants in it. Follows Turquoise who was a former Miss June eighteenth thin and has been through life and is not up to the expectations that she thought she was going to live up to or her parents or her mom or or society in general and it explores her imperfections in her Her struggle to raise her daughter her relationship with her her husband. And and just navigating through life which we don't get to see a lot of black people just being nuanced characters. They're either super perfect. Like a hidden figure or you know they did the first to do something to finally earn their their right to have their story told or they're like super demonized and criminalizing evil. And so we. We don't get a lot of those beautiful nuanced portrayal. So Nicole Bahari doesn't amazing job and Alexis it was literally her first audition And she did and she came in like the day that she found out and she was like. Are you an actor. Are you an insecure right there. Yeah like literally. She didn't like that she didn't have time to process anything. And she she she jumps right in the the next day. She had a fittings. We all sat down got to know each other bonded really quickly And then and then the next day she started shooting so it's pretty she back to that and when you see she's incredible. Can you tell us about your character specifically Ronnie is her father and he is A like a lot of the guys. I know that I grew up with and when I read it A lot of things ought to be frank. Editing happens in in in the films. Is you know if y'all filmmakers I already know what the Hell I'm about to say certain certain things don't end up in the film and there were there. Were some beautiful things when I read it. brawny was like people that I know and like people in my family that I grew up with breath. It beautiful nuanced portrayal of this country hood dude. Who who we all know? Well we No you know and and I fell in love with him. I was just like this guy's story needs to be told the guy that has a daughter that he's trying really hard but he keeps messing up and but he gets right back up and he tries to find his hustle mentality. He's gotTa make this money and he's gotta the do right by his daughter and this girl in his wife and and down and you know he he's. He's just again a new onset portrayal of of a young black men with all of the other things that black people have to deal with white supremacy patriarchy and capitalism and all all that kind of stuff and and navigating through that and trying to find how to best service with his past and everything service his daughter and his relationship and and really trying to win back. You know his his wife. Wow give it up a Michigan teens. Enough off since so I'M GONNA take. That deeply felt incredibly well delivered just thoughtful onto. I'm I'm going to make it. Well I'm going to trivialize just a little bit of it. Because you mentioned the subject matter is about pageant and we know Texas we know pageants agents. I have a question and we like to throw this question out to some of our guests when they come out so take a deep breath and just ask the question Kendrick. When when did you? I know that you were pretty. That's a really good question I don't know like I grew up like Super Super Super Chris Gaming and and only older people would call me cute. I hated cute. Cute was like belittling. I was like I'm GonNa don't like like to I would say sometimes I would be like no I'm handsome like but everybody else my age would make fun of me. You know and even a little bit older. I had big glasses since I was maybe six. I had big ears. I had a big head and big big T and it was disproportionate to the rest of my body. Thank God it I mean it was the same size has a little kid and so I you know I did not grow up thinking man. I look good. Didn't happen but you know as I got older and to be honest when I started started getting if if getting when I would get the girl that I wanted you know I was like. Oh maybe I got something you know. 'cause I really the my first girlfriend in high school I had to. I had to go to the teacher and be like you think she'll tutor me because I was doing really bad in Algebra and she did she was like yeah. I'll I'll I'll do that. And then we just. It wasn't ever confident enough to like ask her out or anything. We just had conversations until we were like. I think we're like boyfriend and girlfriend. And and we you know we explored that as high schoolers do but but yeah I honestly you know even even now I have this like mentality that I have to keep in. I grew up black and like the only color and a lot of my classes so I was always trying to over achieving over achieve and so when it started when the complement started coming when I started when I my my voice blindly dropped and you know and I found out what contacts were in. You know what's crazy. They actually make us think that we don't look good with glasses is is all you know what I'm saying but it's just like society's expectations just burn yard and I'm like okay. Fine let me get these contacts. Let me get let me stick my finger. I You know and and it wasn't until I started navigating in highschool more so high school go maybe after Highschool People's attraction to me outside of because I was also thinking it was belittling because a lot of time it would come in When I said I wanted to act and people would be like Whoa? You should model and I'll be like first of all as I said I wanted to be. Actor signify You trying to say I shouldn't act. I would do a whole monologue that I worked so hard on. I'm not good at memorizing anything. I am not good. You think actors. You wouldn't let me tell you. I used to have to write every line down ten times ten times in order to memorize it because I was not good at it and so when I had to work way harder than everybody else in class in order to to do well and and when I got up there and performed I was taking it seriously and when I was done and somebody was like. Have you ever thought about modeling. I was like so i. Yeah I'm still navigating that but I you know every time I'm like I appreciate it. I'm even to this day. My buddies like please don't when people compliment me. I'm like Shit what do I say. You gotta get out of that. You GotTa get out of that just embrace it like say thank you. This is just not how adults I'm like But that's you want you hungry. So do you think that being are looking the way that you look. I don't want to keep calling you pretty eighty but do you think that that has Hindered your career in any way that people are just like. Oh He's too good looking for for this particular kind of role. Yeah for sure I mean like obviously I'm considered for certain roles that other people wouldn't be because of look but at the same time when I go in there A lot of time. Not only because of the way I look but also because. I'm you know multi-ethnic you know In in the when they want somebody to be black they want somebody to be black. You know and even I'll I'll be honest even in this role channing. Wasn't sure that I could pull this off. She did but most people know what my family looks like. Most people don't know who my family is in my experience with my family. And if I'm not good at anything thing else I'm pretty good at impressions and so she did she. She just didn't think because based on what I've done before and my looks and she was just like you can't be gritty enough And and I had to convincingly you know in that took a lot so there's there there were a lot of. I have not booked a role that in a one hundred percent sure. I have not booked a role that was written for me like like the description. Was this this what you see right now in. My first role on Greek was written for a skinny white. I read head dude. Yeah actually the only one I will say I did one episode of CSI where I was supposed to be mini Gary Dourdan and On that one was I was like I hope I got this one. But yeah but over and over again I played a British Scherzer on showtime and then the really convince them the same thing with how to get away and like there were there were her. Haven't ever been written in my description so it's finding a place for someone who looks like me because you know you know they think black people look one certain way And then also again. I'm not complaining about this at all. So don't make but they're like oh he's too good looking for this or whatever I'm like okay. It's really just the fact of acting. You know you mentioned some of those television roles and obviously you're in a film here. Do you want to do more work on a film. And what are some of your dream roles. I drink projects. Oh Yeah I wanted to do. A film is my I love like I in in I didn't ever dream. TV would be where it is right now. Like the quality the the it's transformed in the past. I've moved to La Thirteen in years ago. And when I moved to La. I mean a lot of things were different. It sounds like so much further away than it was but we were still using black and white headshots like Hollywood was was pretty far behind you know and and MTV was not thought of it like it is now now it's much of it is on par with them Independent film or or or even higher quality than some of the films right super that cuge special effects. Like game of thrones and such so I've I've fallen fallen in love with TV. Because of the stories in the quality of the story is being told but film was always especially independent. Film was always my first love so I want to continue to do that. In my right dream roles are the ones that I've developed myself and want to produce. I'm working on producing in. I WanNa just I just nuanced you want black characters like not innocent. And I'm tired of US China. We have to be so innocent or perfect not not evil level or nuanced black roles. That's what I WANNA play. Those are my dreams. And I've I've I've developed so so you you've mentioned totalling between film and TV. I want to talk about the small screen for a minute. Let's talk about Nathan from insecure and people are loving with the thing is the thing the thing is I love Nathan. Oh Yeah I know. It's a problem but like I felt so so much for him while also wanting to smack him upside the head. And that's good. That's very good to the in writing thinking to myself like if I see him in the street it's on sites like he's so I was annoyed however however there is one perfect thing that Nathan did with Isa who's the day-long Romantic la date. I don't know how many of you have seen before sunset. It's before sunrise. I grow up loving those films and all the While I was thinking world black people in this kind of life and then Stella Maggie Director of that episode food. Plus you plus Isa. You made my first black before sunrise. It's the first of all thank. You just read the lines. My Mark Mark. You did more than the motorcycle. Have you ever actually been yourself on a day-long L. A. or any other like dates or is that just for the movies. I know I know I have not no I I don't I have had soup. I've had fun adventures But to be completely honest this is very controversial to a lot of people. But I don't date. I just don't have tire what Tom I don't and more so I don't want to put that energy towards that going through trial trial and error and everything while. I'm trying to work to liberate people. I'm like I don't have the time to take the responsibility to commit to someone right now or I'm not going to give that time right now. I'm trying to build an organization called build power. I'm on this campaign trail for twenty twenty. I'm building up my career in good outlet I have had really dope adventures ventures that were similar to to Isa in Nathan Running around and his was really funny before you go there. I didn't have to work too. Hard to relate in that. That was the first time I even no like. I said I had to convince them that I was right for the role that row seemed like it was written for me. They didn't have me and mine. They had a completely different look at mine really from what I understand but they but uh I got in there and I was like I had these conversations. I've done this when I came to L. A. I'm moved south. La and I met. Actually that was probably the last kind of I met a girl who like was showing me you know L. A. and and I had very similar experiences where I was just like. Oh this is dope but Texas has better barbecue. Yanno woah barbecue is is that kind of thing I was like I really had these conversations I was like. What is the valley that kind of thing Lamar Park like? What is this an so entire black area we have like McGregor and in? I'm trying to think of like wealthy black areas it's not like the expansive Ansett ladera Heights Baldwin Hills to Lammert. You know I was just like this is incredible but at the same time making fun of it. Because I'm like this ain't in Houston when you go to the hood and Houston U-turn Street and you're like I need to get the puck about in La. You're like these streets are clean. These are nice. August palm tree takes care of his palm trees. How often do you think about socks to be not that March but I did find myself thinking about them a lot recently because we were going into into the wilds of Utah Right for Sunday's was very cold there? It was freezing cold. And that's why I was super grateful that in my suitcase. I had BUMBA socks through. Tell me more. They are Leila's comfortable socks. I have ever worn like be most comfortable. They made like super soft natural. Cotton and every pay comes with arch support which. I didn't even know I needed but it turns out you need vote. They had a seamless toe. So you take that weird thing where your toes feel different to the rest of your foot and a cushioned foot bed which is super comfy but again not big. It really is a miracle of socks WCHS Bombos what feet daydream about. I never thought about it like that but I agree. Yes my feet of very very happy. You know the the best thing about them loose but every purchase you make some Bomba's they will donate a pair to someone in need that's buyer Bomba at Bomba's dot com slash thirst today and get twenty percent off your first purchase. That's the M B S Dot Com slash thirst for twenty percent off blombos dot com slash. Thirst okay but I'm not GonNa let you off the hook. I WANNA ask though. Why are you? Are you know building the nation. Don't you sometimes just want to come back home and be like baby. Can you just give me a glass of ice water. Don't don't you want somebody there. But I don't have the I don't I also have to take the responsibility ability to be like you need some ice water. What I'm saying I need? I have to take that responsibility to be like. Hey what do you need and how can I provide it and right now I gotTa uh-huh fair that you already know you're not trying to likely anybody on but going back to that day go through trial and error to you find that this. This is true which is even worse stocks. You know and I've got to be that trial and error for somebody else. which is is hard to you know our L. depressed about but to go back to that day long day between Nathan and Isa it kind of the whole situation between them kind of went sideways ways? you know he kinda he kinda. He actually ghosted In a ruined the whole vibe that they had going on and then he resurfaced in Asia was able both to confront him about that. And we've got a little clip. Look I didn't mean to take off like that you didn't deserve. I was in my because I went back to Houston for stealing with a lot of shit. And you know not explaining but sometimes I just glide really down and and Kinda negative and I just can't talk to people sometimes and I. I didn't put you through. There are those to me and let the La Aches. You're in a bad mood. I fucked up as I just wanted to think. Oh Nathan must've all ISA was wrong. It's more than about right. It was more than a bad move so she was a little shady anymore clues because it gives beings You know on and now Hari. No no no we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA bring it up a little bit for you. So so based on that whole arc in the show. We've devised a little game that you can play with us here today. It's a variation of apologize for the the People who don't like this word variation on the game that we know commonly as Faulk Mary kill but instead of that. It's going to be okay. So we're I'm going to ask cool Based on options we're going to provide. We're going to ask you. who would you like to eat tacos and kiss on the mouth with? Who would you like to go on a day-long date with and who would you ghost so we've got some cards here so you can select? Yeah okay well before you do that before I br bring down the mood after this I agree with Ya. I think Isa was was wrong on that regard of like him just being in a bad mood because he was obviously trying to communicate something that you know. He was dealing with mentally not. And you know he might not know what that is and or whatever but at the same time you know will. She does have to protect herself and she had something that she doesn't understand either. And you know that is something that we don't get to talk about in the black community. The era oppressed communities really indigenous communities and and Like the next communities. You don't get to express those things very much And understand them and work through them and learn how to do that in assess in those situations like okay. We'll let me handle this delicately but also also stand my ground nut and she was coming from a place of Hut will say is there were lots of really wonderful compensations after the fact this episode with people kind of having having like really good compensation so at least there was an upside to it. I did appreciate just having it out there though. Jeff Okay so killing tacos on the mouse. ghosting and daylight and. Yeah all day date and all in all day. Okay okay. So we're going to do a little throwback with the first category that we're calling the apple CIDER vinegar aunties okay. You know them when you see them. So Oh this I just WanNa be clear. We're talking about the characters and not the actors who are trained them. Okay so first. We have already blurred buddy bronx from a different world. Then we have Saint Clair James from living single and Lynn searcy from girlfriends. Who who are you kissing on a mouth ain't Tacos with this and in intact uh-huh I would say I appreciate the level of consideration? Oh you bring me back I think Freddie. Yeah okay make sense. Freddie's Mark Kissing on the amount than eating tacos and Shit All Day All Day Day Aka Mary in this scenario I think Sinclair okay. I see okay boasting Lynn absolutely a good text but all right next category. This time we are delving into your demography. Going coming along with a selection of fictional characters played by a female because does over the years. So we're GONNA call this category leading ladies and your options. Are Nicole Bahari Sorry Aka detective. It's just the characters actor. Detective Abby meals a fictional Oh lady it's not Easter. ABCD from insecure and Asia. Me King Aka Michaela for murder. Oh Jeez I yeah so these are for anybody who doesn't know. These are all women that I've played the love interest for them right. So okay so kissing on a math and you say all day all day day would be easier is fun as Hale in general. She's just a dope dope dope dope person tacos and kissing on the mouth. Okay so what is the. What is the character? It's Michaela Pratt's on murder how to get away with murder. Detective Abby meals from sleepy hollow. Oh okay so I'm doing the kissing tacos mouth and tacos with doing that with detective Mills Mill Ghost and Michaela be getting into some shit some deb girl on some phone so when I get at that all right okay. So our final category. These are fictional women we love but who can be a little difficult okay and we have have Olivia Pope from scandal. Was You said there. There were there You know people we love but it can be complicated so these are complicated women. Okay okay so a Livia Pope from scandal. Mary Jane Paul from being married Jiang and Molly Carter from insecure Um I'm goes to molly. Yeah no we know goes to Molly Love Yvonne that Molly Homey I. I am doing an all day date with Jen. Married Tame Mayor jean-paul and then a Livia Pope Wean tacos and kissing on the mouth. Very sorry I don't know if it's a movie and then you can move on because you know she's going to begin a two tacos and leave out of there become a scandal again. Thank you so much for The way that you've made so much you took such consideration with these choices are very serious about that. We appreciate it. It's not just the game Thank he's so much joining us. Thank you for talking to us. Thank you for having wonderful complex thoughts about working. Oh Man I like it. It's a good voter. Is Your next project and you all conceivable that when it comes out wider released in the meantime you can follow Kendrick twitter at Kendrick thirty eight and also an instagram. Please please give it up but Kendrick Johnson. Ah I don't know if you know we just did a heart to heart. So that's the call that growth its growth and I am not a hugger but you know some. Sometimes I make exceptions. We have had such a wonderful time with you all today. Thank you for coming coming out. Did y'all have a good time. Thank you thank you thank you. We want to give a huge things obviously to filmmaker lodge here in Park City for having us and being so accommodating. Thank you also to amazing guests. We have Mr Daniel Day Kim and we also had missed a Kendrick Sampson. Please don't forget to support. Let me the movies blast beats and Michigan team and please follow them on social media as well thank you to slates aids and of course a big thank you to drop off the sponsors of the show please enjoy your goody bags that were on your chairs. Please don't forget to subscribe that. Thus they get whatever you get your costs and as always want to make the people who helped to make this show possible especially face Smith who without without we could not be here today thank you say. That's that kid is produced by show Vincent on US and Co Perkins. You could follow the show on twitter at I. They'd get. We are on Tumbler at first aid. Kit Phone Calls Tom. Bloods combs and you can always email us at first aid kits at slate dot com. Thank you so much much for coming out again and remember stay thirsty.

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