How Carson Crimeni died while his friends watched


There are a lot of little tragedies surrounding the death of fourteen year old carson. It's one of those horrors that leave so many people wondering what if what if just one little thing was different. Would he still be alive but the real tragedy has no what about it at all and that's the reason. His story has shocked country. Let's turn to british. Columbia has a community in that province is in shock after the apparent overdose death of a fourteen thirteen year old boy mascot is right now seeking the public's help after shocking video and pictures of his final moments were posted online. This image shows a young man. Dan pointing tune ambulance with the caption. Carson almost died laugh out loud. It was reportedly taken as a teen was being rushed to hospital where he was pronounced. Announced debt you dia great further is and philp. Nobody called for help. We know that at least just a dozen people and probably hundreds of people watched carson while he was dying and did nothing. It's one thing to ask yourself after a crime. How could someone do that to another person. It's another level of awful to wonder how could so many people watch that happen to a kid without doing what happens to a community where one child is dead and everyone knows the ten other kids watched it happen but nobody's certain who those kids are. How the hell do you navigate that. While you're waiting to see what the police do next <music> i'm jordan. He's rawlings and this is the big story. Nancy mcdonald is a reporter for the globe and mail who spent time in the community where carson lived nancy hi ed. I'm going to get you to walk me through how carson died and what happened here but i just tell me who was he. What kind of a kid hit was carson. Carson had just finished greedy gene. He just turned fourteen month before he died. He was boy who loves to cook. He loved animals loved making people laugh. He <hes> he's never lot of friends and <hes> fallon alan translated have said he he wanted to make friends and fit in vulnerable chip here a._d._h._d. Attention deficit is it naipaul activity disorder in that could make him a target. The certain things carson couldn't control in class trouble sitting still. He talked too much he was he moved around. He made noise when other kids were quiet and i think kids age had trouble understanding why he was acting that way and so he got teased lot me bellied what happened to him on august seven august seventh was <hes> it was a summer day. It was a nice warm sunny day. At some point that day he met with a group of about ten or eleven. An older kids started hanging out with them at some point that afternoon. It looks like late afternoon or early evening from the videos. It's alleged. He was given a substantial amount of m._d. Ama riches a party drug known in my time is ecstasy today known as molly only the group at that point was at the skate park in walnut grove which is a small community vote forty five minutes to now outside vancouver and this is where curson lived to high school <hes> pretty soon videos and photos of him started showing up on social media snatch up in scrums specially and these videos appear to make fun of carson and so the group hoops starts tonight at the skate park in at some point. It looks like they move next door to the high school in the grounds behind high school. Who were these kids he was with. Did he know them. Do we know who they are now. We're still working to confirm that. Two witnesses say there was about ten or eleven of them. The younger ones look to be in the age range of fifteen sixteen seventeen. There were at least two older kids who were not miners who were probably eighteen or nineteen. The one who might have been sold is twenty. It's not clear how well carson new them. I'll have to leave at that. Dude anybody else know where he was or who he was hanging out with the last time i contact person had with his dad was four twenty two <unk> afternoon. He told his dad he was off. The movie with france his daddy earned accent was a fan that cursing totally because he knew hanging out with kids at the skate park so erin who's curson harrison st i knew he was out there <hes> and starting at about six thirty when carson was supposed to be trying to get a hold of him and he couldn't he couldn't he call the curson cellphone eleven time tonight just rang through so there was still battery was just reading through carson naveh the voice message system setup in starting on a boat to eat for five or nine he started to panic and started driving looking form a bit later on he called curses grandpa and who lives closer to the school and his grandma was on foot looking for them and at the time that this is happening. That's when these videos are showing up on social media. What's it like to watch those videos. What do you see because you described them in your piece jason. They sound awful. Yes so what do you see when you watch the video so in them. Cursing made fun of <hes>. One of the videos is called twelve-year-old tweaking on molly in that one carson is this is one of the it looks like it's one of the earliest videos shocked from the night in that one. He's he's <hes> he's sweating sweating through this gray hoodie he's ordering. He's kind of moving around and there's a group of older kids surrounding him similar laughing at him <hes>. There's another one where he's asked his name and he can't dan. Give the answer and you know. He says his name's peter something like that. The kids start laughing at that point. He's he's red-faced. He's he's really hot looking his. You know his his hairs all wet from sweat. He looks really scared. Not one and you know what really stands six hundred baby to me. The other question is what's it like to watch them. It's <hes> it's like watching a snuff video. Do you know he's going to die. You know these last hours on earth there haunting. I can't get them over my mind. <hes> i wanted to describe that story. What was carson. Why i forced myself to watch is family. I haven't seen him. They can't bring themselves to watch the hand. I i hope that reduce what happened. When those videos went up on social media i mean gene. Surely people saw them realized there. Was something really badly wrong. That's the thing nothing happened. Reten kids who saw who are with him who saw what was going on and and didn't call police intro intervene countless countless people who saw those videos online now <hes> we ran a story today. The good news is one person person did do something out about eight o'clock that night. <hes> this person had seen the videos from police to tell them that to this kid was endanger that he takes a large of them d._n._a. And he needed help. It's amazing that so many people could could be there and so many people could have watched it and one person makes a phone call yeah how was he eventually found by who he was found just before ten o'clock that night by a lone person of matric patterson we spoke to mitchell we spoke to his mum and both he and his men were okay with his name being used in the mitchell story being told media so mitchell's mitchell's fifteen. He's also a student walnut grove secondary school and he lives near the community center. He was on his way on the attack on curfew and the first thing he saw was compare shoes and then he saw carson at that point he said carson was on his back and he sort of leaned up against a fence that surrounds the soccer field and at that point he you said carson was shaking really really violently and he was. He was really cold so he's still alive. She's is breathing at that point but his breath was coming in ragged in strange patterns <hes> it for twenty seconds mitchell said he'd stopped breathing and mitchell was with a friend and he in the franco police and just as police arrived so to carson's grandma darrell darrell actually followed the police flashing lights as you remember darryl said looking person on sunday and when the police arrived so thera followed him in and he walked mind the police car and he could see a police trying to put on outsized oxygen in house gone onto his grandparent's mouth and he panicked called a son and told him he found him eating. He was still breathing but he kept saying it's bad. It looks really bad. It's bad did he make it to the hospital. Doctors have told carson stan grant but that he probably it didn't they think probably he died on field when carson's data <unk> hospital you ran into the e._r. They were trying to revive carson kept begging them to try. Keep going keep going but they said again. At that point tim he had no pulse he wasn't breathing and they probably did you came into this community after it had happened and tried to sort of piece together what was going on there immediately vietnam after carson past the next morning what happened in that community. There are <hes> all kinds of rumors flying around. There's a lot of anger in their sleep a sense of how could this have happened here. I grew up in manitoba outside the city and high schools and community nations that did not look like this is beautiful brand is school beautiful community center groundskeeper manicured grounds announce surrounded by this beautiful forest with tall red cedars ravine. It looks idyllic and i think that's probably why parents out there. They moved there because the schools have great reputations. There's lots for the kids to <hes> yes. There's this overwhelming sense of how could this attack and how to it's not cold. Parents parents are police healthy. No one of intervening here so it's a community very much searching for answers rate and does the community have any idea and i mean some of them obviously must of who the teens were there. Were around him <hes> that were there when he was overdosing because if i was a a relatively small community like that you know you think that that would get out pretty quickly. Yeah there are names that are being circulated circulated and there is concern from police that this could lead to retaliation and and violence and in carson's since family of spoke out <unk> spoken often. They're asking people to stay calm asking people to leave this in the hands of police. Not you know not to try to do anything. Facing police are saying the same thing you know. They're saying that interested do anything. This is just going to lead to more young people getting into trouble. What are the police doing <hes> specifically and what kind of charges could result. There's big investigation going on right now. They've said they've got ten. Officers involved old in the investigation. They said apy dedicated tip line of their staffing around the clock last time i spoke with them. They said they'd received two hundred fifteen tips. They've taken something like fifty to sixty witness statements at this point so they've taken this very seriously in terms of the fire wet charges people involved be facing obviously not a lawyer but there is a criminal lawyer here in vancouver who has seen some of the videos as well and what she has said is range of charges. One of them could be something like criminal negligence because there's sir. We've got a duty in canada. Men's among is at risk to to intervene and this is a young kid who's in distress and needed someone to intervene for the person or persons who supplied the drugs she says could be trafficking offenses and potentially they're more serious charges but as a family of said proven mrs going to be very very difficult when you talk to parents around the community. What kind of factors do they blame aim for this happening because there's been a lot of discussion <hes> after this tragedy about drug use among teens but also among about social media in particular taylor and whether or not this was a catalyst right yeah so a lot of parents and even carson carson's findlay say the same thing to to you know his italian said she worries that in this world of social media the <hes> young people who are viewing so much their screens are losing in touch with a are becoming disconnected from reality to them. Maybe what their seat looks like. <hes> looks like video where she said to me was that this was real. This was really really happening and no one thought to turn the computer often call nine one one and then there's another school of thought that this is <hes> this is just a twist on unusual story bullies targeting the young kid so i think probably both both things are playing this story. How how do people in the community. Who are you know my ager or your age or older who grew up in a world like until i was almost thirty nobody really we had a smartphone. How do you understand how something like. This can happen when you you weren't a teenager in that world. That's a question but it's when we're gonna have to understand because we're raising kids now rolled unite jordan the last generation to grow up with her feet in both worlds. What life was like before. Everyone had a smartphone. We knew we find ways. Meditate ourselves was nokia <unk> snapchat but we also know what this looks looks like so i think his parents were gonna have to really figure out what our kids are facing when they grow up in a world where you know starting from voltage ten everyone has a phone and other other social lives are centered around phone and their interactions are happening on that foil. What is the skate park. Where carson was filmed. What's that like now. It's become a memorial. It's the last time i was there. Which is now three three days ago. <hes> there were no no one was using the skate park as escape park. It's surrounded flowers. Their messages to carson spree painted on the jumps. Parents are bringing their kids. Their parents are bringing flowers <unk> reading really young kids telling the kids exactly what happened happened and what could have been done and how important it is to stick up for your friends in to call parent or police when you see something. That's really worrying. I mean there is a pretty heavy police presence at the skate park community center and as a result a lot of teens who normally hang there have scattered scattered so i ended up running into some young people in the trails in the forest around the community center in talking to them. They're what's the feeling doing among the young people. I think there's a sense of the building that something like this was going to happen that this is going to be a wake up call. Oh it was building. That's that i guess that drug use was happening and the people using drugs that they don't quite understand potency strength these things when i was growing up you know people were drinking. People people were drinking too much and sometimes we're ospel and people were smoking pot but the real pilates. I don't really remember people taking party. Drugs drugs <hes> and there's a sense that this is happening. It's happening younger and younger authorities. Parents don't really understand that it's happening and and <hes> you know mitchell. The young person i mentioned earlier who found carson said the us counting sixteen people he knew who died from drug overdose this list six people died of drug overdose yeah. How has the community adapted in the wake of this and and i know you just you had to walk in while they were still trying to figure out how and why and you know there's kind of a couple of ways that the community can go after this is that they can come together or they can can dissolve into to rumors and blame. I wonder if it's still too early. I mean when last how sarah was still rumors fingerpointing and also shocked and in a sense of <hes> was search for answers in the sense of what can we do. How can we've got support kids. One thing i heard from one person and amazon's really smart is that we go ways to teaching kids about racial differences. Those things really have to start teaching kids. The neurological differences in what it's like to have a different brain and casinos surfing's carson couldn't control about itself and it made him vulnerable maiden target <unk>. Maybe kids understood why why was driving around class asu why he was talking when teachers and told him to maybe they were building the federation supersonic understood why behaving out what happens ends next here i guess everybody is waiting for the results of the investigation yeah so the next thing that happens his carson's in burien next week it's a aaron. His father opened the funeral to the public's who anyone who wants to go to go. He says it's happening at a church in langley on august twenty nine th at one p._m. Probably before the end of the month his family will get the results of the toxicology exam that will give them a sense of exactly what was in the system and how much the investigation is ongoing. Canvassing people are very much interested in the results of that housing teams division sure. Thanks very much for talking to us today. Nancy nancy mcdonald is with the global mail in vancouver. That was the big story. 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