A Quick Tip From Brandi Sea: Live With It [Sabbatical Week] Episode 115


Hey I'm brandy see design strategist and you're listening to episode one fifteen of design speaks. This week's episode is a sabbatical. Oh I'm actually getting ready to go to Europe and have my vow renewal this weekend so this one actually came at a perfect time for a break this week's tip is back now that used to frustrate me when I was working as his director because I wanted his feedback right away the longer need to shut it down sleep wake up the next morning designs look different in different light figuratively and literally started art directing I had a supervisor that I would take designs to and regardless of how long or short my deadline so living with your designed for awhile can give you the opportunity to step away and come back at it with fresh eyes instead of sitting with it for eight hours and everyone on brand new C. welcomed designed to Tuesday's Today's tip is number forty four live with it so when I first in less than I realized that living with it means that you need to step away from it for a while sometimes I would even recommend if you have the opportunity nine was to get them to him I always had to leave it on his desk and he would tell me he would have to live with it for a while before he would give me any is called live with it and I hope that you guys get something out of it and enjoy your week here this yeah that's good enough so I recommend that you try it out live with your designs for awhile sleep on it come back and see how that works out for you so thanks her I was working and honestly the more I've been working for myself. I've realized that it's actually really important to do that so he taught me an import to my old supervisor for giving me that awesome tip to live with as an art director now. Michelle and I will be back next week with a full episode.

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