Steelers Preview: Predicting the Steelers 1st round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft


Pittsburgh Steeler fans. What is going on? This is Jeff Harbin editor of behind his steel curtain dot com. With Dax to back episodes of the Steelers pre. Yes. The three of us were here last night talking about the NFL schedule released. We went over in great depth. The pittsburgh. Steelers two dozen nineteen slate of games if you wanna listen to that check out that show that was unusual as well as on all of our audio platforms. But here we are again, Thursday night regular time regular place live on YouTube. That's Brian Davis. Dave Scofield, Brian. How are you this evening? You know, I see you two people more than I see my own kids, and you aren't as pretty as them. I'm just going to say that right now. Well, I know your kids that's not necessarily a bad thing. They would've had GRE did I am bright eyed and bushy tailed that's a shoutout to Lance Williams. Too cliche killer that was the right way to say it the cliche killer. Yes. He is. He does two things. Very well. He kills cliches, and he butchers names. He's he called Martavis Bryant Martavis Bryant for his entire tenure in Pittsburgh. Even though I have corrected him every single time. Anyways. Look, let's get rid off to the dad those that have been following the show have been should know say should lease that term loosely. The we are giving away two tickets to the upcoming Steelers draft party Saturday the twenty seventh that is the final day of the NFL draft. There's rounds four through seven will actually be announced at the party. We are giving them away for free. And if you're just now hearing this here's what you have to do you have to backtrack all the way back to last. Night show. The Steelers preview with the schedule you have to go back to the standard is a standard on Sunday. And then you have to go back to last week Steelers preview to get all of the previous questions because you have to do two things. What were one you have to subscribe to our YouTube channel number two? You have to get all of the questions. Correct. And you're gonna Email Mr. Scofield here the answers, so you can go you can send them on one Email someone actually sent me an Email asking me that. And I said, that's fine. So here's the Email address before we get you the fourth and final question. His Email is Steeler. S? T L are again S T L are super fan dad at g meal dot com. Again, that's S. T L are superfan. Dad at g mail dot com. That's all one word. There's no underscores. There's nothing else. No periods Steeler superfan. Dad? This is the fourth and final question. We will pick the winner for the contest. This Saturday at midnight. He will pick the winter. I'm not picking the winner to date as picking the winner. And Dave is also going to provide us the question. So Dave the fourth and final question. I know it's going to be a doozy. Why don't you? Go ahead. Take over and let the listeners know what the final trivia question is. All right listeners. It's all been leading to this. I do want to remind you that when you send in the Email. You will get a reply if you do not get the reply there was something wrong with the Email. It didn't send properly if you have to go on the website. Look me up. My Email should be there. Under my profile to make sure you got it. Right. It'll be in in the description of all of these podcasts. So if you don't get a reply than it hasn't come through. So here's the final question. It kind of goes piggybacks a little bit with the question we had last night since two thousand when Kevin Colbert took over as the GM of the Steelers they have made one hundred and fifty two draft picks out of all of those picks. How many of those players have not or did not play a single regular season game for the Steelers? How? Many players have zero games for the Steelers drafted in the cutting kobylt era that includes players that only played on the practice squad. That includes players that were even drafted recently and just haven't actually registered as a game. This includes players that were cut, and we're never with the team players that could have been traded or signed somewhere else in played a bunch. But never played for the Steelers. Whoever gets the exact number, right? Will be entered into the drawing if no one gets it. Exactly. Right. We will go with the closest answer prices. Right. Rules closes Doug over just who's closest. All right today. You have it folks. That's your fourth and final question. That's a tough one. It's a busy. That is a doozy. I think if you go back, I mean desert some some questions were easier than others. I thought the first one was rather simple going back to the West Virginia university. Go back and listen to that. If you have to still check that we'll give away to tickets for free, folks, if you can make it awesome Topi get all the questions, right? And all I just hope that whoever doesn't have going take some photos, send him to myself or Dave I love to put him out on social media's I k- here. The people that we we sent to the sealers draft party be pretty cool as as you represent behind the steel curtain dot com in all of our podcast, which we take a lot of pride in. So if you didn't know 'cause I did see you have to subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you're listening on audio form, go to YouTube, search BT SE Steelers radio, and you can find it there. So all right. Let's get to some news. There's really not a lot of news. The Steelers started their phase one of their off-season. Workout program. What this means is that the players conditioning coaches. That's really it. There's no other coaches that are permitted to be there during phase one. They are allowed to have footballs and throw the ball around. But there's no pads no hitting nothing like that. But there were some media availability, especially for the Steelers official website in the Steelers talk to one Danja in rothlisburger, and he said all the right things. But Brian Brian Davis. I know that you've you've read the comments, and you probably read the article that I wrote for the website, Ben said all the right seventy think he was also saying a little bit more than just what's on the surface. Oh, yeah. You know to me that was a big screw Utah couple people. And it the reason I think that is just he's going back to ten years ago with the band of brothers, which I always liked when he did that. But he it means a whole lot more to him right now. Just saying, hey, look, we are not selfish players. We are here. We are not the selfish player that you think that we all are you could group us in with two malcontents. Don't do it because we are here for each other. We wanna be here where celebrating each other. And we're going to do it without them. And we're going to do it. Right. And we're going to go a lot farther than you think. We don't need them. We're here for you. And we're here for us. Yeah. Nothing more. That's about. I mean, I thought it was some strong words and a wasn't. It was kind of like what Mike Tomlin says he says everything while saying nothing, and I felt that was true. Dave, you agree with that? Or you disagree? No. I agree with that. He I liked the whole way of he says everything must say nothing. That's that's a great way to put it. But every little thing that Ben says right now is going to be scrutinized is he taking a shot at regardless of what he's saying. That's why it was so wise that he didn't speak for so long. It didn't say anything about all of this. Because no matter. What he said it was going to be taken the worst possible way. I'm happy with what he did. I'm happy with the whole idea of this is us forget anybody else. Who's on the outside except for those guys that will be coming along in a week now, which we can't wait for they'll be brought in and welcomed, which is really exciting. But this is great just keep it keep everything in house. Br United a team. That's when you're going to get your best football people. Do not understand how much team means to this game. It's so important. You can have the all the talent in the world people keep talking about the Steelers squandering their talent. It doesn't matter. If you have talent if you don't have team this is a team game. You've got to have the team let's build that team right now. And I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong, I don't feel like rothlisburger spin it phase one of off season workouts very much in the past seasons. I don't remember. For him being there. They had a very large veteran contingent at this workout, we're talking pounds. He was there a lot. I think goes a whole offense of line Villanueva. They were they were there. And they were making a strong statement by being there. I think and here's my last question before we move on to both you Brian. We'll start with you. If you were giving Ben Rothlisberger advice. You ever see a time where you say, you know, what let's sit down with someone of your choice. Maybe it Sal paolantonio. Maybe it's Chris Berman, and you can share your side of the story. Do you ever have him do that? Or did you just say, no, stay, quiet. There's no use. Let's move on. No. Because it's going to be. It's been done bell. Did it browned in it? He doesn't need to do it because he's a different guy. He doesn't have to have that one on one. He just has to lead. And he started leading again, he's always been a leader. But he's been doing stuff without saying it to be a leader right off the bat when Dante Moncrieff get signed. What does he do? He calls him up says we're gonna we can get together in the off season welcomes aboard you're going to be needed here. And that is something that's huge. It doesn't have to go through a puff piece that everybody could just rip apart. All he has to do is be the team leader that he is. And just get every buddy together and say, you know, what we've been pointed at we've been had our leadership question, we have everyone thinks we're going to go six and ten and we're going to be dead without those guys were banding together. And we're showing them, and that's all he has to do. Jeff. Dave. I completely agree. We do not want to deal with one of those interviews because they never go. Right. They never go. Well, and no matter what you say, you could just go out and say puppies are cute and half. The people are going to be furious about what you say. Because it doesn't matter. I seem to remember a couple years ago about three years ago in an interview some people are upset with coach Tom when when someone brought up the notion of the patriots in the playoffs. Hey, we're only dealing about this week for weak people. Like, oh, well, you know, that's out there. Then the next season. He's in an interview they mentioned the patriots. And he's talking about, you know, of course, with them coming up later on which they never got to and people roasted him for that. You're not happy. If he does say, you're not happy doesn't say it. So it doesn't matter. Those those sit down things they don't they they they never come out. You never come out on top. There's never a winner. There's never a loser. Because everything's always just going to be over critiqued and half. The people are going to like it and half. Art. So it's really not worth the time. I agree hundred percent. So let's go ahead and switch gears. It really wasn't a lot of news this week. Everything was about the schedule. We talked about that at length again, you can go back and check out an entire podcast that we did in lieu of the burning question. My my normal show about we predicted. You all predicted eleven and five I've believed in I predicted twelve and four if you want to hear the details on did you not pick eleven and five you pick thirteen in three. You didn't even have up on your own. Well, thirteen and three I like it. And you know, who will you know, who agrees with me is actually skip Bayless. So that you know, that's gonna come to fruition now. Oh, yes. Because all Mehlis. Mehlis senate. Yes. So if you wanna hear that go ahead and listen to that on your own time. But let's go into the stack eek segment this week. I don't know what we're going to get Brian Dave is been in his lab cooking up something, and we're just talking about the NFL draft. So I'm assuming they still draft questions. So go where we're real quick just like the schedule leak yesterday. One of Dave's question leaked, and I'm gonna spoil it right here. It's a draft question. How much we did more Brian smoke undrafted? So I it's already been leaked. I looked it up. So I'm gonna exclude myself, so Jeff you could guess who was who was the guy. Was it Lambie Tunsil? What was? Yeah. You must've done somebody so wrong for them to hold onto that photo. And then release the day in the NFL. It was. That wasn't current. That was like from a to. Yeah. It was released I two hours before the draft or maybe or Randy Gregory who you're going to the NFL combine and they're going to test you and you fail your drug test. Come on. I I don't get same. That was a good lead question, by the way. Dave, I'm sure you have certain more drug induced questions fire. There's away. I got some questions. I'll be honest with you. I was really laboring on the questions for the contest. So these we'll see how we do. You're going to get a repeat category. Again. We've got let's see Bri one speaks. Jeff gets the start this week of your of your three your three categories are roundabout hodgepodge or last week's it. Can you take me higher? Let's go with Hodge podge. Okay. Would you like run over my creed? Phase. Would you back? Then would you like a or b take the take the odds projects because just in order to find enough questions? These were just two random questions I couldn't come up with a category for so I don't know if this one is more difficult or not. But here's a okay when it comes to Steelers draft. What is the furthest back? You can go. In other words, the most distance back. You can go of a Steelers draft that has more than one player still on the roster that was drafted in that year. So what year would it be going backwards where you have multiple players still on the team? I'm sure Brian is of so I let me let me clarify to go chronologically in terms of year in terms of NFL draft. How far back can I go where I can think of multiple players that are still on the Steelers roster. Exactly. Okay. I'm still confused. None other words like for example in two thousand eighteen draft. There are multiple players that the Steelers drafted that are still on the team. How far back can you go where there's more than one player on the team any example, Illinois, and I get the two thousand four. Yeah. If max Starks was still on the team, you could say oh four is as far back as I go. Yes. But he's not. So so what are we got there? Jeff. Give him some jeopardy music. So we don't have a big while thousand fourteen. Because you still count Shays years on the team. Whether or not you count shave here too. Then that's my answer. I don't know Brian fourteen. Yeah. That's not. You are correct. Really? You are correct. I got fourteen because whether or not shades here was still counted, which I would count him. Yeah. There's still two more stuff on it. And Daniel shade tree mccullers seventh-round. Right. Was he six or seven? He was late. This. This is aged recently because it would have been two thousand ten but we made a trade to Oakland, then it would have been two thousand eleven but we also we just traded Gilbert. So therefore that bumps at all the way to two thousand fourteen so. Doesn't fourteen. It was a that was a great guest. Chef you deductive reason. So here we go Brian you get question be, which probably is the more difficult questions. You're you're you're welcome. Okay. Last season Tyrrell Edmonds played in every game appeared in every game. So he's appeared in every game as a Steeler since he's been drafted who's the only other player on the roster that has appeared in every game since they were drafted other than Terrell Edmonds. And here's your hint, Brian. It's not from last year's drafts. I am just going to throw out a guest, and this is probably wrong. He's probably been hurt in one of those games. But David decastro. He was hurt. His rookie. David decastro, Mr. buttons, Ricky or any team is two games last year. BJ finish starting been Greg king. Jeff, do you have. Jeffer- steel trying to think here since they were. They've appeared in every game. This was a good question. Wasn't. It was a good question. I'm trying to run through all the players on the roster and who hasn't been her. It wasn't from last year's draft. Because Edmonds was the only one from last year's draft that appeared never game, right? Team and TJ wad Vesey game last year. That would have been my guess with TJ Watson. I know that's wrong. So what's the answer? You answer would be one. Artie burns. Your special teams. He he's he he's played in every game. He's played in every game really is credited for being in. He said. At least one snap on any form and game. Because that's what with. That's what they go by. That's not a trick question. When they go by NFL snacks. Okay. When they go by NFL stats, whether or not you're credited with a game played that's a big deal whenever it comes to contract issues and retirement all kinds of things like that whether or not you're credited with being played in a game or not already burns is the only other player on the Steelers that has played in every game since he was drafted. How many scoops of Gatorade powder? Do. They put in that wasn't wasn't it. Yes. Come on. He hasn't been hurt a couple. Gimme your category there. Bryan, you want roundabouts or can you take me higher than Merrill, hud's podcast anymore them? When sucked. Let's get. I I went hire. You what can you take me hired you want a or b? Give me a if upper one I wanna hey, well, this is just like last week. I'm gonna give you three players at the same position. Tell me which one was drafted high higher. In two thousand this is offense lineman specifically offensive tackles two thousand four max Starks. Two thousand eleven Marcus Gilbert or two thousand twelve Mike Adams. Okay. They were well Nicki all second round. Yeah. There's those are second. Well, Starks was. Stark's wasn't a second. Rounders Coakley was second rounder. So it would eliminate Starks right away that wrong we've into Jeff we we've got what's that? Instead, if you get it wrong, basically giving it to Jeff then. Yeah. So I'm gonna get this who's Mike Adams, and who was Mike Adams in two thousand twelve or Marcus Gilbert in two thousand eleven okay. Well, it's it's without a doubt. Because where they drafted. It's Mike Adams that would be correct. Very good. Mike Adams was taken with the fifty six pick which was the second round. Gilbert was sixty thirds. It was way different yet. They run a Super Bowl runners-up. Exactly, exactly. That's what you needed to know in order to do it. And that starts was in the third round. Because a lot of times people forget that starts was the third around. So here we go. Jeff question be you are going with wide receivers which one was drafted higher two thousand two Antwan Randle El two thousand eight to Lima Swede or two thousand thirteen Markus Wheaton. Linux sweet. You just pulled that out of nowhere. Did you? That is correct. As a second round pick. I remember uh so was rained. Well, really that. That then that was lucky guess, I knew that. We'd was the second rounder. And when we was the third rounder, right man, you're I'm you Brian. God bless America. Experts say exercising my gums. Okay. Here's here's roundabout a Jeff air be. A? Okay. Since two thousand both of these are going to be for since since two thousand what is the only round round one two three four five six seven that. The Steelers did not draft the wide receiver. What? Seven rounds since Kevin Colbert, what's the only do? They did not draft the wide receiver. Since two thousand. Senate ryan's. I can see Brian already process of eliminate. Hi, my answer, the seventh seventh Brian for the steel. You're muted cheese amateur. Give me a sign. Twenty nine at night in the fourth round. You're going with the fourth round. It would be the fifth round. It would be the fifth round. Because I have let's see I had it written. I had it down here. Exactly who it was in the fourth round. I'm trying to remember. But. There was there was a fourth round pick. That was. Yeah, I can tell you who it was. Vip Sohn Fred Gibson from. Try Martavis Bryant. Okay. Yeah. Martavis, but Fred Gibson was awesome round. Fred Gibson us from Georgia tall guy. Yup. Before he was a well. All right. So broad and you put get Brian since like, we all get they put together. Yeah. Very similar question. What's the only round since two thousand where the Steelers did not draft a running back? Since two thousand. So you're thinking of well, I know there was a seventh round because it's barren batch. Of course, there was a first rounder. Of course, there was a third rounder. James connor. Second around or gosh. I mean, I'm sure there was a second rounder in there. Wow. That's I mean, Jay, Jalen, Samuels counts. And he was a fifth rounder. I you know, I'm going to go six. Jeff steel, I think it's second. I think he's in. I'm sure there's a second. I don't think there was I'm gonna say. Is in the second. Round. Name anymore. Yeah. And in the sixth round that was the tough one. It was it was Jonathan Dwyer was in the sixth round. So that was a tough one. That was Brian from Jonathan Dwyer from tech, very good. So all right. Let's let's let's give Jeff chance here to start off with the bonus question for the three points. Here's your two categories. Do you want kicking it old school or kicking it old school? Frigging question. One thing kicking it old school or kicking it old school? We don't have game show game show. Allen scouts on this day. The first one whatever the hell, okay. Here you go. I love this for you. Okay. This is since the merger Jaffrey your cloak. Get the question who was the highest drafted punter in Steelers history. I'm thinking Daniel sepulveda's, but I'm sure that's wrong. But that's my answer. That is a great guests. He was the second highest Brian. Do we have a steel? Yeah. Let's go. Let's go Craig colquitt that would be two more points for Brian with the steel that was tried colquitt was actually in the third round. She was nineteen seventy eight the year of my birth. But that was I was negative five. So what are you? So. Okay. So Tennessee, oh, I had that. And I don't remember. This is my question weeks ago that you guys kept skipping so go Brian this for the win for the win. This is the kicking it old school. Who was the oldest first round pick at the time. They were drafted in a Kevin Colbert era by the Steelers of all the Steelers first round picks who was the oldest at the time. They were drafted. Good gravy. Good question. 'cause you know how much the Steelers like underclassmen. Yeah. This has been tipped before another question. No. Because there's there's still multiple people that you could be. So this is kicking. So has nothing. His old school. Yes. How old was? I I'm just I'm just throw out there. Kendall stimulants. Jeff. Can we get a steal island against bud depre- because I know he was a senior. Okay. I understand why you guys went with who you went with those were both seniors. But there was one senior who actually had a had a medical redshirt probably. Jarvis. And so therefore they were already twenty four years old when they were drafted and that would be one big snack. Casey hint. He was the oldest. I have taken a long time. He was twenty four twenty four when he was drafted. So that's I mean, that's kinda forgo that because guess what this the last time. We'll do this next week. We'll be doing draft stuff. And this is the last time at the draft questions, you might change up the format in the future. But you guys are both geeks of the week. Hi, everybody. I'm Neil Patel editor in chief of the verge. And this is the verge cast. I guess is the flagship podcast is the verge every week. We cover the latest in tech news reviews. We took a critical look at what is going on now. And next in the world of tech show hosted by me, our executive editor bone, not your friend and Paul Miller. It just feels like there's something wrong with all computers, though. Don't you think that sometimes we do that on Fridays and on Tuesdays interview episode, I've been talking to all kinds of influential people in around the world attack. We've talked to Microsoft founder Bill Gates about his philanthropic efforts. 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We're going to be talking about who distillers tech, and that's going to be just going to drive home everything. So it will be a different show. It'll be a lot more like last night show with the Steelers scheduled release where we're just talking about the news it happened. And what we think about it and stuff like that. So let's get right into or NFL draft talk. And that was the the headline I guess you'd say of the article or the show on YouTube is predicting the Steelers first round draft pick. And there's a lot that goes into this now, Dave Scofield being the genius. He is thought that it would be cool for us to develop a five player big board. And we can talk about our five player big boards. See who would be worth trading up for as well as who maybe is not probably going to be there that they might not try to four. We'll see our our big words are the same if they're different or maybe. If they're incomplete I dunno. So Brian you can go ahead and go first with your dad. What Dave you're the? You're the Boy Genius with this idea of how do you wanna do this? You wanna just do like everyone say their first you as do all five. What are you just everyone give out there? I that. Hey, if this guy was there, this is what the Steelers should do not only if he's there. This is someone that's so on the top of your board that you'd even be willing to trade up for so we can go I will go see because that's important whose everyone's number one. The one person that if you can get him is going to be the top of your board. All right day. Brian go ahead. Well, I mean, I think this one's a no brainer. Devon white. Junior LSU Jeff did. Oh, and that is also the same for me. He is the one who I if they're trading up the higher. They trade. It's going to be for him in my opinion item, sell the farm. Yes. That's so that's pretty much our consensus number one on the board. And I bet you anything we probably pretty much agree on number two as well. What do you got Brian? We don't know you guys are. I'm going to shock a lot of people here. Florida state Brian burns outside linebacker. Really interesting. He's on my board. But he's on board too. Yeah. I I think that. This is fairly new for me. But I'm thinking that this guy is the perfect three four linebacker for them. And he's had an shoulders above the last few oil LB's, including TJ, I think this guy could be a a rarity made All-Pro. And I mean, not that you really desire that position with. I mean, I I've sure what love to see what a minute. What's that? We can talk about that position in a minute. Yeah. I mean, I'd love to see what what the comments section is saying right now. But I just I really think that he could be transcend transcendent player. So I'm going with burns. Jan. I steps with the other Devon and said Devin Bush, I did get a chance to study him a little bit more. I just think that the Steelers need is there, and I would still be willing to trade up for him. Not as high as white. I would trade into the top ten whereas I I would trade it into the top five for for white, but Bush at he's at he's he says so athletic and he's three down guy. And I think that he would fit the scheme. Very well. So that's who I have on my second on my big board as do I. And that's also because this is my cut off point of the board of where I'm really willing to actually trade up unless there's a massive run on all the players on my board. Because of course, we have people that aren't on our on our board. Like, for example. I I'm not I'm knocked off people like like Bosa. He's not going to be there twenty nine. Yeah. Quarterbacks and stuff like that. This whites are big word, so two of us have white and and and Brian went with burns. So now, it's probably where we're really start to differ. Yes. So for the third what do you got there? Brian. This is where I go Bush, okay? I love me. I love me. I really think that this guy is I mean, you could go deep with this guy. I'm sorry. I'm really. Okay. Fine. All right. That's okay professionalism. Let's try that I'm gonna go a little bit different. I'm going to bring in the cornerback position. And I'm gonna say Byron Murphy cornerback from Washington. A lot of people will think greedy Williams, a lot of people are going to say maybe Baker from Georgia. I like Byron Murphy, I think that he's a guy that is able to step in and play right away. He can play multiple positions multiple styles. He has good ball skills can tackle. I think he's probably the most well rounded quarterback he might not be the most physically gifted. But this we're gonna talk about this little bit later with are either were, but I I like him. So I have him third on my board believe it or not David value. Here's where I go off from what people might think. And I'm kind of going along the same lines with Brian. I'm gonna tell you right now. This is my Super Bowl, prediction, Steeler fans, or your jerseys. This is who I think the Steelers take if they stay where they are. I think he could fall to them. Although some people thinks he might not I'm going with one Clemson feral outside linebacker. Lampson? Wow. You go back and look they sent everybody to clemson's pro day. Okay. It was it was Tomlin. It was Colbert. It was Butler. It was of south ski. There was who else? Did they have their some other defensive guys? But people think oh, we're going to go corner. If we'd have don't get one of the inside linebackers. I don't think so I think you need someone who can get lots of playing time in your one doesn't have to start but can get lots of playing time. I think outside linebacker is a bigger position for them to draft high than what people realize because even though he doesn't have to start week one. You're going to get a great rotation going on with Duprey and watt pre going into the fifth year option if you if you get the next guy, then you know, that you can just kind of cut ties with depre- after the season. And then you're set I think this is a great position for the Steelers to take high. Because that way they can they can don't have to worry about someone being buried on the depth chart, but yet they don't have to have them necessarily start right away. And I think this guy's a great fit for them at six four to sixty four. Okay. Now if they do take an edge. I mean, good good Lord. How many how many I I'm picks they gonna spend on the physician before he gets on the sticks. But anyways, let's go we on four right now. Dave. Yes. We would be going for our fourth on the board. So Brian you want to kick us off air in. I'm going to get a little crazy here. Not too grazie. But it's a TJ Hopkinson. He already looks good and black and gold. He's worn it this guy to me. This guy is so gronk like his his stock is rising like crazy. I don't know if you necessarily trade up to get him. But if he's there twenty and the other guys aren't this? This is the guy you want because they're talking about you're talking about getting a wide receiver. But you're gonna get a lot of production out of a guy. Like this. You pair him with McDonald? This this guy easily could get you six eight touchdowns the first year. Okay. I I'm not gonna complain. I he's well, I have I'm gonna go with what Brian said with burns as my number four. I think he is extremely talented. Extremely versatile streaming athletic that kind of describes steals wanna go on defense. So that's why the Florida state linebacker burns. David Obey your number four. I actually burns there's well. Because once again, I know some people have chatter disagreeing. But I you never know. The Steelers have been very hush hush about outside linebacker. That's why I think that's that's what it could go. If the other stuff doesn't fall into place for them. So this this is the next one I have even most people have higher on their board than feral. I just think that the Steelers like feral better. But they would also take burns if he was there as well. Okay. Last one Brian. Let's get greedy. I'm gonna go with two Brian to talk about. Tight in Isla TJ. I think he'd be a great addition to the team tight end position of need. What else is there to say? What about you? Dave. I have the same pick that I it's it's Hopkinson from Iowa. I don't think he's going to last that long. I think he will go before the Steelers pick. But I don't I have him down from the other guys because I don't think you need to trade up to get him. I and then 'cause notice I didn't have any corners online. I had all the other stuff. I would go corner after that. But if you look at that with all the names that we've mentioned. There at least one of them should be around there when the Steelers twos at twenty if they choose to take the pick. They're not trade back. Call me crazy. But is anyone else feel that when the event actually happens, they're not gonna draft anyone that we just says, you know, I saw mock draft, and I don't know this guy. I know he's a junior. But it was like a cornerback at Kentucky. And I'm like who is this. I've never heard of the guy this is a mock draft from a couple days ago a corner from Kentucky they had going number one. And I looked the date was not, April Fools. It was in April first. So I I mean, we we did the same thing last year with Terrell admins. I mean, no one I mean, he picked up some steam maybe about Wednesday draft week last year. But no one the only Edmonds that was on their mind was Tremaine. Inside linebacker. They knew they weren't going to get them. But I mean that that was just. I hope not. I mean, this is there are so many options for them at number twenty. I think they are going to get a good player at number twenty. And and really not be disappointed. I will throw this out out here though. I would not be surprised if the guys that they want aren't there that if they don't trade down? I could see trading down as a possibility for this team. Well, let's talk actual scenarios. Let's talk about how if you were to. Put the first round into your mind. You're thinking about how things go players that are going to be gone players. That are available where do you see this going and Humait be a prospect that you say, you know, what I can really see them taking this guide take with you. You mean at twenty or just to move around that they're staying at twenty for this scenario? I I liked it. I mean think the Steelers haven't picked as high as twenty how many years have been since they've picked that high. I should've looked that up beforehand. But. Yeah. And then she was fifteen was it do pre like seventeen. I think you're right. He didn't were twenty. And no one expected him to be there. He was not on the Steelers radar of who they thought that. He was going to be drafting that year. I thought they were gonna have someone else. And I remember watching on TV and turned to my wife, of course, didn't know anything about I was talking about. But you know, it was listening because that was the polite thing to do and say, and I think they gotta take pre. But. I never expected to be there. Things are going to happen that we just don't expect. There's going to be a run on a position. I'm hoping that the run on the position is one that doesn't affect the Steelers. Wouldn't it be great? If there was a run on quarterbacks. They're often is or run on offense lineman. That would be great for the Steelers. So, you know, for I was going to mention that Dave for me, the key to this draft is I would say the giants at number six because if the giants get things started with Haskins, you might start seeing a number ten Denver getting involved and number eleven Cincinnati getting involved with quarterbacks and those those two teams Denver in Cincinnati are teams that could go ahead and take white and Bush. They could take it inside linebacker. I've I've seen them in that mix. So the lower that the the lower the lower the Devon white goes. Is we're gonna push Bush down. So you could you could conceivably see Bush go about I'd say about eight picks after Devon white. But no more. That's a good question. Brian, do you think the Steelers have really put much consideration into white and are focused more on if they could get Bush and the think they're going to wait to see about making any move until white has gone because that's going to give them a better indication where Bush would go like there's no reason to try to try to sit back and say, let's not even worry about it. And we'll wait for we'll wait for Devon white to come off the board. And then we know because we know he's gonna come off before Devin Bush, wouldn't it Chuck everyone of Devon Bush goes off I, but the fact that there's two linebackers it almost wait until saying all right as long as they're both there. There's no reason for us to start jumping up and making all these calls. But as soon as gone, we might wanna think about moving up. Well, here's the thing. If you're. If you're ten and Devon white. Is there you're picking up the phone think about it this way? And I was I I've known the story I actually stayed home for this draft. I had a migraine in high school and in nineteen eighty seven, and I didn't go to school, and I stayed home. And I watched the draft. Oh, yeah. The traps on so I turned it on. And there was no way that they were gonna get Rod Woodson. In fact, I think I mentioned this last week. Tony Dungy told Chuck Noll told scouting department. Don't even waste your time. Looking at Woodson. He's not gonna be there. Then crazy things happened. The cardinals at number seven went. Went Kelly Stouffer, then Mike Junkin went to the went to the Browns. And then all of a sudden, here's the golden goose just like waiting there, and they had them. So if you get a guy like like, white, the starts tumbling towards about number ten that's when you pick up the phone and say, hey, this is what we're offering. We have a number. We have an extra number three. We could give you a five. We what do you want at that point? What do you want first to get white, and I could see that happening? So that's when you start. To me. I guess the one thing that scares me the most about potential scenarios in this draft is let's say they don't trade up to get either. Devon. And let's say that even some quarterbacks are gone, and it a tight end like TJ has from Iowa gone. I just find myself asking my thinking who would they go to? I would trade I would trade out of the first round. And that's exactly what I would do because I don't wanna see them. I would rather get if someone's able to give them a second second round pick, and maybe another third to get back into twenty that would be an or even another fourth say, we'll give your second round pick. And we'll give you a fourth because there's so much good talent in the second round this year. I feel but I just don't want them to just reach. You know, I don't want them to reach on an already burns or reach on a Terrell Edmunds. I want I just don't see that back end talented Davey disagree. I actually do disagree with this one. I think there's no reason to trade down this year more than any because they already have a ton of picks. You're not going to draft. Ten guys are all going to stick. Do you really need to pick up an extra picker to trade? I understand, but to then trade around with later if you trade back it's going to be to make other move. To to to come back and get more. I don't I don't need all the picks that we have at the end we if we use those picks to package together to get up and do other things that would be great. If you need to train on. I be honest with you like I said, I have five guys here that I would really that. I like, and that's also taking about another five to ten that are people that are going to be gone off my board because I don't I think they're going to be gone before the Steelers pick, and they're not even at a position that they would need like quarterback like they don't need another. I first offense Wyman just wrote those off and I didn't even list corners. So I'm thinking that they're seven or eight good players that they could take at twenty that. You've got to be thinking there's got to be one of them left. If not two or three, you know what I'm with Jeff here. And I'll tell you why. If you say you could get a top five pick in the second round and a top five. Pick in the third round. You get somebody that up that high that wants to move into number twenty. And so now you've got an extra second round pick, which you're picking early and then a another pick where already picking number four in the third round. But maybe you have another one right there in that mix. You get a two and three for your number one at twenty man, I'm jumping on that. Because you're getting talent. I completely understand what you guys are saying because you're right. I don't want to repeat specifically Artie burns you could. And I would even say Terrell Edmonds. I think that they took players that they could traded down and still gotten where they traded down. First of all you've got to have a team that wants to train up. I think they'll be there. But the Steelers I honestly, I don't think they move. I think they make the picket twenty I would love to see a move up and take I don't think they're going to move. I think I think they're just going to make their moves at other places in the draft. And they're just gonna and they're gonna take the best player on the board at twenty. I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But that's just that's just what I think right now. All right. Predation time, Dave the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the thousand nine thousand nine hundred draft will select. Clelland feral. All right, Brian. The first overall pick the Pittsburgh Steelers. Take. I'm out on. I know Byron Murphy. Stay. That's who I was gonna say Byron Murphy guy picked ESP nation editors mock draft. I'll stick with my pick there, and I'm sure I'll be wrong of watch. You know, you think back to last year you had players like some of the safeties read was one of them, and everyone he was there, and they didn't take him. So. All right question. One question with the picks that we just made. Are there other people that you know, of right now that would make you more happy if the Steelers got them instead? Again, you don't even have to say who they would be like I made my pick. But I would. But if I'm like, oh, I don't care if I'm right? I'd much rather them. See Devon and get one of the Devon's than be right about my picture. Yeah. So no, I want Devin Bush. That's that's the guy that I'm dreaming about. I'm just don't think we're going to get him. Right. Yes. Jeff. I saw this. I'm dreaming about push. So. This guy won. I think he would be perfect of I think he can he could possibly slip. But I just don't envision it. I just don't want to go just back to Jeff's point. I don't want. No a Fant at twenty. I mean, you can get him. You could trade down to twenty seven and get them. You know what I mean? I don't want the Andre Baker. You know, you can get him later in the first. I think those guys are reaches. I don't want to reach twenty. I want someone that is a legitimate number twenty pick. Okay. I agree. And I think out of all the guys that we listed in our top five. If any of them are available twenty I think those are legitimate twenty picks, right? All right. It's the next week. But the Steelers previews on again, we will actually be talking about the Steelers for Trump pick or maybe the pick that never happened. Maybe they trade. It'll be exciting than the less. I love the first round the NFL draft. I love the entire NFL draft. But especially one day to those are the players that you're expecting to have an immediate impact in some way, shape or form. And so it's always fun to see how that unfolds, but for those that have been longtime listeners this show. This is the point of the show where we go into our either-or segment where we ask ourselves. It can be football related. It can be Steelers related. It could be anything where we're just asking ourselves. You have to pick between one of the other. I'm gonna go first because mine is actually football related. I decided that let's keep it with the Steelers. Let's keep with football in this is kind of a chicken and egg question in its if you had to choose between one or the other and that is a dominating pass rush or a blanketing secondary. What would you which would you pick? Because if you're giving your picking one, you're not gonna have the best of the other. Okay. So if you're taking take the secondary, we gonna have good pass rush. So if you had to pick pass rush or secondary. What are you taking Dave will go first? I say give me the pass rush. Because. This seems more like the Steelers have been lately anyway. But the reason I say that is less time the corner or the quarterback has because someone's rushing them as well can help cover up for not as good of a blanketing secondary. One's going to build to the other. So you're right. It is called cause-effect. But I'll say if if you can get to the quarterback faster than everybody else than it. It's going to cover up for having a week or secondary. Let me Brian. You know, what I've I'm going to echo, Dave. I figure that you mask a secondary with dominant pass rush. And I I mean, I love the days of quiver and quake a love the days of Harrison on one side. And you know, guys like guy like Joey porter on the other side. I mean talking about quivering quake green and Kirkland. I'm not Kirkland green and Lloyd guys like that. And today's National Football League. You can't even touch a receiver defensive back. It's not like that. When Mel blunt was mauling people and was able to get away with it. And so, yeah, I think we all would probably say pass rushes where that was my were for this week when I because this football related what about you? Dave. What's your either for this week? Okay. I'm gonna take a little bit of liberty. I try to come up with with the good choices. And I realize I'm gonna leave this one open ended. I'm gonna let you choose for yourself. Didn't really want to go into this that much didn't even really wanna mention it. But we started late tonight. Because today is my birthday. And if we were not doing this podcast if the three of us decided to go out and celebrate and we're going to head out to a Curio key establishments. My question. What's your solo song? And what your group song? Oh. Go ahead, Brian your radio. So at both my wedding's I had I had carry kid my wedding and nothing stretches out a wedding. And makes it even more fun than karaoke. By the way. That's a great idea. I wish that it was awesome. So I had my own suit jacket. I had my own tuxedo jacket for my the wedding. That stock the one one here in Maryland. So I also ended up in a in a cast because of my karaoke performance. I I tore some tore some muscles and my foot because I was ironically the song I was doing and the song. I always do. I is from nineteen eighty two hurts so good John. All right. So what's your? Got to go up and do. I don't know mine. I. Go ahead Jeff with Greg. Give me my cell is on first down a lot of people that know me now, I'm a huge parrot head like I love Jimmy Buffett. But you want a song it's gonna get crowding gauged. My cell assault would actually be in Bryan. You've gotta tell me who the original artists is I like Jack Johnson's version the better, and that is the PINA colada song if you like being collide, his everyone loves that song everyone sing that song in their head when they hear it. So you would say that's on who's saying it Rupert Holmes. There you go. It was the very last number one song of the nineteen seventies. There you go. Radically. It also hit number one in nineteen eighty for the first time because it got knocked out came back in the next week. So that's so hit number one in both decades between the PINA colada song or or then my group song, I'm torn between two. Friends in low places. Oh, classic or journey. Don't stop leave it. You know what? I mean. I would I would agree with all of those. I've got one that one that I've figured out. But I love him. I love all your picks. I want to go to a karaoke bar and not just karaoke bar at one of my many bachelor parties that have had in my life. I was in Vegas and not just even better than karaoke is a piano bar. PNO bars. Aw, that's heaven. I'm gonna go with centerfold. So I'm going back to nineteen eighty two for both of these choice. 'cause you need help you need to be able to breathe the non non non non and is at the end. So you need help with that. But then it's a really cool song to go ahead and get the whole gang, but I'm really loving your friends in low places here. Hey, dave. All right for the solo song. I'm gonna have you guys rolling. I'm gonna have you guys. Rick rolan. We are never going to give you up. We're never gonna let you. All right. So that's. Not only that what we've gone -cation. I've almost had where my where my daughter who's ten wants to come and sing that with me. Just to seeing the course with me. I. Okay. Two years ago. April of two thousand seventeen I was in England, and I went to the Royal Albert Hall and I saw Rick Ashley performed that song. And it was he he was an English God over there. And it was just absolutely amazing to watch this. But it was the day in the middle of the concert. I got a text from this man in the middle of this concert telling me that Dan Rooney passed away. Yeah. And so I I will never forget the the the exhilaration of Rick Ashley, and then just the the fears coming true with DM are the bear of bad news. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to. Song? Okay. We got to be right for that one. 'cause we're going to need hands. And touching hands. Touching me. Keira? I love you over saying. Dogs one of my one of my daughters. We named her Caroline. And so when she was in utero. I mean, we everyone's name. That's all she hates. That's all. I mean despises that song. And if I just wanna get her go get her fired up. I'll just say sweet Caroline. And then one of other kids will go bump bump stopping that song. I hate that song. So I'll sing it with you guys. But my daughter will hate it. So my daughter has a karaoke machine. It's actually sitting right over here. Next to me that we can. With YouTube and everything they have on there. Now, we can get anything we want. Now when we have the BT SE picnic. This summer will definitely be cracking open the karaoke machine. There we go. All right. Brian finished it out. Okay. Not that this would ever happen. But save one of you guys were anybody at the SE wrote an article that really route up the comments section. This everybody off. Perhaps we never gonna happen. But say it does in you got to choose somebody from the two thousand nineteen Steelers to walk you to the car from the game. Who would it be? Would it be big Al hundred Villanueva? Or would you go with stuff onto it? Hm? So they're they're security. They're they're your protection. Yeah. I mean to me those guys I mean, I might be missing somebody. But to me those guys are like the pit ame- of toughness. I'll go first, and it's to me it's villain away. Because not only does he have the size advantage onto it. But he also has the army ranger background until I'm sure there are some superior fighting skills involved there. He could probably handle himself just fine, especially if it's just because of commenters trying to kill me. So that's what I'd go. Dave. I would also go with big Al because I don't know that too. It's bigger than me. So. No hours definitely taller than me. So I don't think anyone would be messing with you about us. You know, I met to it. I got my picture taken next to it. And he was sitting down, and he still was huge to me. He still looked. I was leaning and he was still taller than me sitting down. And he's deceiving. Very big. But his arms are like tree trunks. And I I was just looking at him going. That's this incredible. This man is just like a statue. And I would I don't think anybody would mess with either one of them. So you're safe with either pick, but I'm gonna go with number ninety one. Good questions guys. I gotta be honest our best either wars hadn't a while. So we had a little bit everything a little bit of music little bit football. Couple football questions are very good. So if you're listening to this live, or maybe you're just tuning into our YouTube show. It you missed the question for the giveaway. You gotta go all the way back to the beginning. We did it right off the start. So it's not gonna be tough to find the Email address that would be in the description that Email address will also be in the article behind the occurred dot com makes you follow us on you to be TSE Steelers radio as well. As all our audio platforms. Wherever you find your your podcast. And lastly makes you check it out behind the curtain dot com. As we get ready for the NFL draft. Things are really gonna kick up and there's going to be exciting. And that's the place to be so guys two nights in a row. I appreciate your dedication birthday Daphne birthday. David. Thanks, guys. He is a twenty one years old today. So congratulations. You look a day over twenty one. But he wouldn't let us that's true kept on reminding via text message. So anyways, thank you for your time. We'll see you next week when we unveil the Steelers first round pick. That's exciting. We'll see you next week on Steelers preview. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kurt Nye name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown full. Keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh. Batman the hell of being drafted a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay alleged with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one. Down forecast. It's not voltron unless it is damn.

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