Remodeling Tips for Large or Small Projects


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You WanNa stay put but you know that your house is older and doesn't have the amenities cities that are required to be able to move around comfortably so before you hire somebody to do the work. <hes> you really need to take a good look at the rooms you want to modify the hallways to narrow is the bathroom from inaccessible. Does the kitchen need to have different appliances to make it easier for you to cook you definitely want to be able to improve the accessibility which would mean what he in wider doorways lowering electrical <unk> outlet so they can be reached for a wheelchair or even installing an elevator to reach in upper level or a chair lift to get upstairs depending on how the stairway is configured you wanna be able to improve the safety of the walkways walkways on and the bathrooms and the bedrooms and important another important consideration is to improve the outdoor and indoor lighting a lot of times. Your eyesight is failing as you get older and just beefing up the lighting is a big help. WanNa make sure that the lighting on the outside of the House is well lit for at the walkways and that your house numbers well let so that if you need an ambulance they can find you easily l. e. with the let will the House never well lit and you WANNA incorporate universal design as much as possible in what is universal design. Well just means that it's easy for everyone to us. <music> regardless of the age things used our sturdy and reliable and everyone can live comfortably and a certified aging in place specialists can help in this capacity as well and <hes>. I'll discuss this a little bit more later in the program but once you make a list of the things that you feel are important to improve than it's time to design the project and obtain financing and get the work completed within your budget and and it's interesting when I talked to people because I'm a certified aging in place specialists and I go into people's homes to talk to them about improving the safety and things like that and if you're not familiar with what's out there you know that you can have an easier Weiss living where you are and so a certified aging in place specialists or designer who specializes in creating aging in place safe environments is very helpful because they hey keep up with what's out there and so they can recommend the right kind of lighting or the right kind of door polls and things like that that you you may not know about because you don't or you're not traveling in that arena. So where where do you start. Should you hire an architect. Should you get a design build firm. You need a general contractor. What's the difference so let me just mentioned that a little bit? What's the difference between these a design build? I basically a general contractor who has a designer in an architect or an engineer in house. Everything's under one roof. An architect is an independent firm working for you as the client. The basic difference between the two do is an architect will prepare plans and get the necessary permits for construction but once the permit is he in is in Hamden the owner hires the contractor to build project for for them so if you're doing a major redesign knocking out wall or structural issues or opening up from first floor second Florida in make vaulted ceilings that sort of thing and if you're concerned about the aesthetics of final within an architect is definitely the way to go advantage to design build team is that all the services are under one roof and the builder helps you manage the crossed so you don't go over your budget but thanks can usually go smoother since the same company in other words the design build firm and same company that did to design is also doing the construction so they don't have is not as much back and forth between an architect and design build firm. They'll either hire in architecture. Prepare the drawings or sometimes they'll have our architect in-house so for these projects. The architect provides just enough design to get permits while giving the contractor actor the most flexibility and doing the work <hes> in the case of design bill the owner would need to hire a neutral third party to be there advocate since it's highly likely the owner probably doesn't have the experience of the time to oversee oversee. Everything and you want to make sure that things are done correctly but if you don't know what is correct than you can't really make an opinion but if you use an architect chew prepare the drawings than the architect and act as. Your advocate during the process getting the bids and doing a construction but you need to be sure you find out because they are an architect will charge you separate see usually a percentage of the total job value to oversee the N._B._A.. Your advocate in that separate from their design services so you WanNa make sure you understand what services they're providing and how much it's GonNa cost thing about architects is they're trained in design and Engineering and project project management and they really have vision to see your home improved to a much greater level than other people in the field and the architect can on manage the project he can obtain the bids for you. He can choose contractor in subcontractor controls Hayman's overseas the work in for that you should expect the pain additional five to ten percent of the projects cost because they can visualize complicated design ideas. I just remembered an architect will have the initials a after their name and not just signifies it their member of the American Institute of Architects which is the world trade groups for architects but remember that the licensing requirements vary from state to state so you really need to check your state's Department of Occupational Professional Licensing to be sure the architect is in good standing. He ended but architects. If you have a big project or a big vision that you want to have implemented an architect is really good because you can send the project out for several bids whereas designed bill firm is that it keep everything in house to control the price so how'd you choose an architect well American Institute of Architects or the A as it's known maintains a master list of all its chapters on its website which is W._w._w.. Dot A. I. A. Dot O._R._G.. Many chapters have areas where architects display photos of their projects. You can also ask for referrals from friends coworkers. Maybe someone has used an architect that he really liked the job that they did. You WanNa find out though the architects good sits for you <hes> so you WANNA check out the website you WanNa look photos of their projects and your meet them at their office. <hes> as your narrowing down your choices as you want to get the top two or three eighty four. Would you want to develop a record with them for Jeremy Working with them for quite a while on this project and we WanNa make sure you can get along with them and architects will have several all different builders that they work with and so you WanNa ask what do you think about that builder or those builders in particular and how will change orders be handled and ask them for references of clients for whom they've done a similar alert project and then be sure you speak with those past clients to ask them and what issues came up that were difficult during the project and delight the wage the problem was resolved. You need to find out what they architects. Fee Structure Structure is and what their costs are for what they do for you and of course make sure that they're insured most of them will have a copy of their insurance included in their portfolio or in the proposal that they give you for the work that you want done and of course you WanNa meet the team. That's going to be working with you on the project so meeting them before the work begins is a good thing. He's people are going to be showing up at your house early in the morning and staying throughout the day and making noise and things like that so they need to be able to tell you give you feel from what to expect along the way and there's GonNa be a project manager whether it's the architect humor herself or a project manager assigned anymore meet that person so you have a good report orbit fat person in particular because that person is going to be communicating with you as to well. We have to turn the electricity offered today for a few hours <hes> be sure and get whatever you need done before that happens or the plumbing is going to be offer a few hours <hes> vaccinated thing they wanna tell you what the noise level is going to be a noisy day today as their demolishing walls or whatever and what termer they're going to get there is it's seven thirty in the morning. What time are they gonNA? Shut down for the day and what do you have to do. Are you going to be able to stay in the house while the work's going on and if so how will you set up like a mini kitchen elsewhere if you're going to have their kitchen gutted rebuilt things like like that are important to think about as you're hiring somebody and somebody who's been through it. Many times is should be able to give you some sense of a little bit of what to expect never a perfect situation but they need to protect the rest of the house from dust. We need to be able to let you know well. Today is going to be a noisy day. 'cause we're demolishing <hes> today. Your new cabinets are being delivered. We need a place the put them things like that said that you you can be prepared and it may be in some cases that you need to stay in a hotel for a few days while works going on just because it's too crazy in the house to be able to stay there. So what can you expect from design build firm well L. pretty much similar communication skills as an architect in an architect some who is hiring the builder but it designed build firm can handle most residential remodeling projects. They won't be quite as some Tom Visionary but they will get the job done because that's what they do. Their capabilities are more limited to a cost saving design rather than the vision than an architect has and owner has has a budget for so if you're on a restricted budget definitely look at the design build firms and interview several just as she wouldn't architect to see what what kinds of projects they've done. Are that are similar to what you want. Do you want a family room added onto the kitchen. Do you need to have a bathroom expanded to make it accessible. <hes> do you need a curb. <unk> shower installed those kinds of things are going to be helpful to look at their projects that they've done <hes> the designer and the contractor former team to work on your behalf to complete the project and the initial set of plans that you'll see after you have an initial meeting with them. We'll be used to prepare more detail drowns to present with bid for the project so they're gonNa take your wishes and what you hope to achieve in the project. They're going to go back and they're going to also make recommendations did you think. About doing this while you're thinking about doing all this work you need to include this this and that's where a certified aging in place specialist really comes in handy for knowing what kinds of things you may need down the road. You may not need them now but you WanNa plan them in a while. You're doing this project and they'll prepare more detailed drawings after they get on your needs assessed and they will prepare a bid for the project and of course again you want to make sure that they're insured against negligence or malpractice in that they conform to your state requirements for licensing. That's obvious so since you're doing a project most likely that will allow you to aging place <hes> you WANNA be sure as I said to hire a contract who has the contractor who has at least one person on staff or and bring in a certified aging in place that was on this is a designation within by the remodelers cancel Astle the National Association of homebuilders and you can check the age the website in age without or for names contractors in your state who have that certification and it's a good place to start because that's those contracts is that's what they do. They build <hes> ramps or access to homes. They put in elevators. They do all that kind of thing to create a universal design component in the house. There is one thing to just as cautionary the caution regarding design build. You'RE GONNA need to choose from what they have in house. An architect has can have whatever kind of lighting you want maybe avangard. It may be traditional design build in order to keep the cost down and keep you within your budget. They're gonNA have standard lighting that you can choose from and they're going. I'll give you a budget and they'll say well you have ten thousand dollars to choose lighting before your project and these are the choices that you have and you choose from within those examples to for for example. If you're doing the cabinets in the kitchen they'll say well. These are the cabinets that we prefer and here's your budget for the cabinets and you can pick you can pick the outside of the cabinet. You can pick the handles from your budget budget and if you want certain lighting in the bathroom or even in the kitchen there's really no opportunity to send the drawings out for a bid the design build firmness completely in charge and they're going to <hes> band as little little little time on the design and more time on the building construction because they've got to get the job done so if you have special design considerations you're gonNA WANNA check on that to make sure that you're using using the right person for the job of the Right Company for the job <hes> if you hire an architect in the architect can represent your interest in saying that the plans are carried out in it to obtain competing bids from several contractors so there's the things to think about you. Don't just say oh well. Let's remodel kitchen well. It's maybe you only need to use a general contractor in so if your project is smaller scale such as you just going to update of African you don't have to do any Jack Hammering to create a new when you don't have to expand it move pilots or anything like that. It's just a matter of making improvements to the kitchen and a general contractor specializing in those areas that may do the job just fine in Beazley's expensive there there are contractors who specializing kitchen and bath remodeling and they can do the job for less if there's no structural work involved but again you WANNA verify their insurance and ask for referrals from them as well and sometimes people you WanNa have a basement refinished that has access to the outside so they wanna bring in apparent and has a space for them where it's more private so if you're finishing a basement area it really depends on the amount of work required but if you're gonNA put in a little kitchen at area that's going to increase the cost as well and if you're going to have separate bedroom in a separate sitting room and then it needs a bathroom so be prepared to you can spend thirty thirty to fifty thousand as base price and go up from there depending on what you're having done because if there's already rough in for plumbing in place for a bath and that keeps the cost lower than having to Jackhammer through the Florida lay the pipe and connect to the main sewer line so it really depends on what you're having done which is why it's good to talk to more than one contractor so once you choose the company that you want to work with then they'll prepare a detailed contract track showing the total cost of the project and when they're gonNa Start and how long it's GonNa take for them to complete the project and then they're going to schedule payments in other words they're gonNA be referred to as perhaps drawdowns if it's a big project from a large project than there's going to be certain points where they'll be able to get more money based on the amount of work that they've completed in other words save hung drywall so we get more money than they do the next phase and they get more money to cover that they don't just get the whole some upfront in order to get a big chunk on at the beginning you put a down payment or deposit own it to get the work started into get them reserved but it should specify define the contract specified. WHO's GonNa get the permits from the county who the city where you are and who's going to arrange for the inspections because this has to be done to code and you're GONNA WANNA find out how a change order is handled and a change order occurs when something is changed during the process in other words you came up with the original plans but you want to make a change to honor of the door knobs or maybe something of the lighting isn't quite what you wanted to change that aten switch to something else or cabinets aren't deliverable within construction timeframe? <hes> those kinds of things is constitutes a change order and on new appliances for example <hes> you you want check the warranties for them as well as how long warranty is in effect and whether you should purchase an extended warranty so for example if you have a brand new refrigerator install how will usually the manufacturer will warrant it for the first year but you may WanNa get an extended warranty for sometimes two three four five years stood that if something happens you just pay on a small. All the for visit from the contractor and then they'll come in such when the warranty and it's it's GonNa Insurance policy in their different policies out there for the warranties and as you want an extended warranty t it may be a good idea though what is lost. I WanNa find out what the workmanship warranty is on the Labor. The company that you hire needs to be able to come back is an issue issue arises after the work's done. I mean if you find out that something isn't working properly or maybe they're. They installed a new bathroom. Sink in the Pike leadings from the Faucet Faucet down to the drain has a little leak. Maybe they didn't feel it up tight enough. Those kinds of things that you discover after you start using it then they should be able to warrant what what they'll do and come back and six for you. So what are the some the bigger mistakes that owners make were remodeling well. I've found that <hes> the biggest most costly mistakes of usually arise from them trying to do it themselves. A lot of people think oh you know it's such a small thing understand. Save the money not GonNa do it myself well. What are some of the biggest do it yourself? Flops now <hes> one of the top ones is they try to install flooring themselves whether the carpet or hardwood floor. Maybe you're pulling up old carpet and you WANNA put in hardwoods to make it safer to walk on or boy that can get into problems because you have to make sure the floor is level using the road candidate he said or Florida the flooring on. Maybe you're installing carpet where you need can get so really quick trying to install the carpet and keep it some buckling Info Senate exterior painting as another area where people just don't know how to prepare the surface on the exterior in how to lean it first and apply and I did a podcast on painting with <hes> Williams professional painting awhile back you can listen to that podcast on where we talk about preparing in the kinds of paints to us on various projects and depending on what it is that you need to do Outta go about William <hes> one of the things that surprises me on the D._I._Y.. List and people think they can do their own electrical wiring well. I had a condominium once where the gentleman who owned it decided he was going to do his own electrical wiring and he wanted me to sell because he was moving out of the country and I noticed right away that there were issues with the electrical wiring so I called in electrician had him come in and I'll never forget. He took one one look at it. He said this is not the way I wanted to start my Monday and he spent the better part of the day undoing and fixing the problems. It's a wonder you can burn the condo down. Sit on fire so don't do your own electrical wary. It's you can electrocute yourself plus. You don't know the code. I don't understand why people think that they can do it themselves. <hes> lay tile is another problem where <hes> used the wrong adhesive or you didn't order enough tiles or you don't apply the right sealant. You're going to add to the cost because the time it takes to undo cement that holds the adhesive that holds the tiles down that all has to be ripped out the floor floor has to be level than the new you have to reorder new tile and then you gotta wait for it to come in <hes>. It's just not worth at <hes> hiring. The right person for the job makes all the difference in the finish look so don't be a do-it-yourselfer offer on those issues but then you say well. How do I finance the project well? I'm going to have a loan officer. Join me on a future podcast. We're going to talk about the different ways to finance and pull money the out of your home's equity to be able to do a project and there's different ways to finance depending on the size in the scope of the project you can obtain what we call a home equity line of credit which is he locked H.. E. Joseph Short and that takes out against your home's current value. Most people have a lot of equity built up and they can borrow up to seventy five eighty percent of that value and then that gives you money to be able to do the project. Maybe take a trip up on the side of payoffs in debt. You can also take out a construction to perm loan. We call it <hes> it basically <hes> means the loan is extended to you based on the drawings that either the architecture design lined build firm that you hire prepares for you. <hes> those drawings are sent to the lender and they appraiser for the lender determines the value of the property before the work begins and then the value after the work is completed so once the work circus finished permanent loan is then put in place in the value is then the new appraised value of your home and there are drawdowns during project meaning that money is released at certain points in the process of the contractor gets paid as the work progresses and then the entire project is reevaluated aren't the completion of the Work Sam. If it's a small job though sometimes your credit card can just be enough to take care of the costs <hes> once you have your proposal in place in no the cost ost then finding the money is not difficult but you do need to plan ahead because if you are doing for example a home equity line of credit it's not from this done overnight. It takes two weeks because they have to come in and appraise the value of your home to determine Turner how much money the loan will be four but if you have more questions in one or no more <hes> email me at move or improved with Debbie at and don't forget tune in a net of the next time for a ED my interview with a loan officer who's going to talk to us in more detail about getting financing for these projects and told maybe now because this week only there's a new red hot deal every single day Jay plus up to fifty percent off store-wide. That's up to fifty percent off your favorite old. Navy styles also get ten dollars off your next purchase. 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