Beefcake Brothers


Everybody welcome back to optimism vaccine. I'm steve and we've got two guests this week. I think this is the first time we've we've done the one guests many times never to guess but it's a very special episode and you know it's the kind of episode or i think you need to guess because it's really a double whammy if you will so joining us. I've got max the store which who you know from good news. Bad view. seattle jets podcasts. Name right when fuck it up. Maxine doing took you like three times me being on the show. Yeah it's it's the bad beers great cinema podcast and you can listen to that on your microsoft zun also joining us azoun. I take time. I think zun zun was good. It was a good value prop. Okay you didn't get the flashy apple stuff but it was cheaper and less prone to problems in my experience and people seem to like the audio fidelity so fuck zun haters. Even they david brown weren't they like just an ugly swamp brown. I didn't now the black and blue. Yeah adam my rose. He definitely had throughout college. He would carry around the swamp ass doodoo browns soon so i just swab s brown. It was swamp brown with like a translucent green overcoat. Oh yeah that's the style past the design phase like an oil slick puddle in a grocery store parking lot. I don't know much about my roots but that that's scans what about him. Yeah right i'd say so. He's he's a doodoo brown. Mp three player kinda guy by the way this is. This is clear being bottom. You know whereas. Claire to the max on Instagram and twitter and she's himba historian. Is that right. yes. I said. I also just kind of like era site the other people's podcast so i don't have to start my own. That's the that's the best way to do it. Because then you have no responsibility zero expectations and you just you just jump in and you could be that shining beacon of light and then you go away and everybody like we want more claire but you just you just of give them a little bread crumbs right over saturate the market. It's kind of like how you don't want to own your own boat. You want to have a friend with the boat exactly. Luckily i have a lot of you know. White dude friends that want to talk to the microphones. Yeah how many. How many white guys do you know in their thirties. And that's the number of podcasts. That you have the opportunity to guest on so exactly. That's gus good. What it works. The clare magic is israel. Shit because max. What is the number one downloaded. Episode of your podcast. Well most recently. It was the special of you. And claire and i and dave talking about cats green heavily and watched cats. Yeah that's good so if you want a really nuanced decision of which cat probably fox the most. It's therefore you you could check mascot. Also that somehow gets thrown in there so ejects with us too by the way hijack. How're you doing. Good be your seat. I apologize in france. I think this episode is my folk. This this is entirely your fault. Well i mean you could have brought this to our attention and then i got very very excited because various louis. There's only been a few things in the history about ms missing vaccine that i've got really excited about. I think the last time i was excited was when we heard that was going to be releasing the sinful dwarf on blu ray and noticed in full dwarf is but i need one and yeah that worked out great which by the way if you're into dwarfs that are sinful and also seeing an wiped bought holes on your screen sinful dwarf great for that so just silat with the i'm white about holes somehow of overlap yet but i think jack you just like you found was at the poster or or like the it was the poster for the barbarians. I know it's the funniest thing i've ever seen. So of course shared with you and then you found out. They had multiple films and interviews at spar control from there. Yeah because i got. I got really deep into barbarian brothers because when you see a poster with to just tan jack boys and it says the barbarian starring the barbarian. Brothers like okay. My interest has been peak. And then once you google and you start going down that rabbit hole. That's when things get really interesting. So if you guys will indulge me. I'm going to give you a little bit of barbarian brother lore here to kind of set. The stage is that cool. I wish you would have given this to me like friday afternoon. We'll you can. This is all available on youtube. I been trying to document it actually on twitter. Just good barbarian brother knowledge. So steve. Steve is it fair to say that these these big boys started in our small stage. That's all i now they did. They did indeed you know. They were born in connecticut but they spent a lot of time in rhode island. And i guess they were. They were little chubby children and they decided and they've worked this into all of their movies as well. They like to remind you that in their world you could you could either. I don't know get your ass kicked or get jacked. And they chose getting jacked and boy. Did they ever get jacked. They're fucking huge and so once. They got adequately jacked as teenagers. They actually opened their own gym and allegedly according to one of the barbarian brothers in an interview that i was listening to because this is how i spend my free time. They went to the gym at rhode island university and they stole all of the mirrors from the gym and then they hung them up in their own gym. The barbarian brother jim and that's how they got their start stealing very cool beautiful american story. That is the american dream. You're just too ridiculously jack. Dudes just walk in and start taking off the wall. Who's going to tell them. No certainly not me. Certainly not college jim people. Yeah exactly. yeah. If i'm getting paid minimum wage to a look after a gym. I don't like someone half the size of the barbarian brothers could come in. I'm going to take all the shit. And i'd be like all right fine. How many american businesses got their start pillaging institution of learning capitalism. It's it's the whole thing. Tastic this is. This is what our country was founded upon so they continue to get jacked and then they decided it's not enough to be just jacked. This was a period. Where arnold schwarzenegger kind of blew up. He had done pumping iron and the entire west coast. Bodybuilding scene was really exploding and on top of that arnold had started to transition into movies. And the arnold schwarzenegger thing is important here. Because i want you to remember. Arnold schwarzenegger limited english at first. Okay not great not great. Where does he get his start. Well he does hercules and new york and he discount it. Okay both both of these films other conan sequel to they require very little from him in terms of actual acting. Okay he's just a big physical presence because that's what he does best then later on. He sort of transitioned into more comedic roles and honestly arnold a funny guy like arnold comedy i will go to bat for now. This is significant because the barbarian brothers. They sort of took it. They they did a reverse. Arnold and you could call their career kind of reverse arnold as well in terms of the trajectory because they said wow. We're really funny and articulate and that's dubious claim But they they decided. Let's be we're funding. We're going to be in these action movies but we are funny guys. we're hilarious. And so they made their way to hollywood and they continue to work out at the gym. They were kind of just sort of like a gimmick. They got interviewed on the news all the time. They were called the lumberjack brothers because they didn't have a lot of workout clothes. They would always wear flannel when they would work out just full flannel outfits. Flannel just cheap in the eighties. Like i don't know if the economic recently flannel will be critical. No plan to full. I was thinking like a rhode island thing. I'm not sure it would make sense. That they are from the midwest that would you know. I like jack midwestern guys. Just go into the code of the gold gym and just lifting and flannel and suspenders. Define expectations from us at straight out of the gate. Incredible incredible men and they started atlanta about your tv spots. They would go on like local talk. Shows like it's wake up. La with suzy whatever and they would go on there and like rip phone books and lift up chairs and talk about being jack dudes and shit like that now. This was their way to parlay into film roles. So they got cut a minor roles in in dc cab which is like a mr t. movie from the early eighties but their first big role was a starring role in a little movie called the barbarians internationally renowned boys building. Peter and david how we feel in the power guys boys of bodybuilding and their internationally known they are not and we have yet internationally they were known as the like breaking the rules of bodybuilding. Whatever those would i'm confused. I don't know what that entails this. This was an international film. It was filmed in italy from the director of cannibal holocaust. So from the guy who brought you. I'm going to kill a tortoise and film. It comes lavar burien brothers. He's apologized for that. Since but i don't know if he ever apologize for this one doesn't seem likely i mean. I don't think there's anything to be. You know somebody here not like jack dudes or i mean. There's a lot of good stuff. Look just right out the gate. We'll get into the debate gritty. This filled doesn't like the story of this film. Doesn't make any sense delivery. The opening scene is describing how a king gave up his kingdom. Free secret jewel. That would protect people understood. That was more important than riches and now he's people just traveled land because they have the jewel that protects them and the roof. Racine is them getting just attacked a couple of guys in horses in getting the shit kicked out of them. All the jewel is earn. What you will do. And then the rest of the movies the finding julich in which didn't work in the first scene well. The jewel jewel is a treasure. Troll thing right and if it fits in your belly button then you get to be. The queen would fit in there. And she doesn't do she. She just gives someone else and tells him to jump off a horse wagon run pretty much jewel ultimate power. The the the the troop of people are pretty much like the world's first group of podcasters because they're just going around and doing whimsical shit and stuff and they're attacking chelsea equivalents of mad. Max dylan's with their garish costumes and high-speed dangerous chase scenes. But yeah it's i don't know of all the movies we're going to talk about today. This is one of the better ones in my opinion. But i'd like to think that the magic ruby is kind of like a chaos emerald from sonic and it's similar yeah slash source there. Who are the bad guys. Are like dr robotic. We gotta keep it away from them. Where does that put the dust master. Or what's what's his name. Mass master michael berryman of hills of fame. Yeah garrett master. Well what are we gonna call this character. Who runs a dirt. Mine we gotta call them the dirt master. It's it makes perfect sense. So we fares steve's to have low self esteem. the movie seems like he just doesn't know what he's doing he's really he. Just tortures the brothers. The brothers are kidnapped. We should clarify early in the movie. They're they're they're kidnapped and they're brought up until their burly men which happens dirt master overseas them and tortured them then when they break free he seems really pleased about it. So he's kind of like his own agent of chaos. Frankly i think it's just as he doesn't doesn't really enjoy job is not quite sure. What's going on. Yeah he's actually my second favorite character. My favorite character in this is is the peewee. Herman going to coachella guy. He's he's the head the trampoline ruby holders but he has this great line. All of his lines are good. What is it like aeros or something like that. But he's got this great line where he's the whole time so everything he says. It's very dramatic and the barbarian brothers show up to to this camp okay and originally when the when the belly button. Ruby was stolen. The barbarian brothers were just little babies and then they were raised into the muscular. Jimbo's that they are today. And when they return to the travelling camp coachella peewee. Herman he says this. Stay where you are fatty like again. These guys have like negative twelve percent body fat foot in gans. Scans that maybe just because no one else in the movies. Jack like these shoots are maybe they just don't understand because later on in the movie. A guy specifically challenges them to an arm wrestle so like which is like the what i'll just. I'll tell you what you can have this amazing deal but only if you beat me in an arm wrestling contest and it's like of all the people in the planet. Yeah i did. That's what you're gonna do. Maybe these guys just don't understand that kind of a musket like you get a certain point like he's just fat fuck clearly. I would challenge these guys around of high school quiz bowl personally but just shea sme- like don't think it would like i think that would work. Fine yeah i think like the villagers here really subscribe to like the bmi is really like time powell out the height weight scale which shows them. It's probably morbidly obese. That's true. Yeah so he may as well of challenge them. Just lift up something heavy several times after in the and this guy. He's a little moment of life where we're going to get weapons. We'll get weapons from this guy though. We have no money. Yeah i'm not going to give you the weapons unless you can beat me in an arm wrestling match as this. That's the plot of the whole movie. Like i say it opens with something that doesn't make a lot of sense they lose a ruby. That's about five protection. The rest of the movie is finding the ruby again and in the middle they have a sequence for the cleverly defeat a afo because he challenges them in the one arena in which they're good at any day that's the one thing he would decide. Do i mean this is like when i when i challenged max to like a peck popping contest. And i know. I'm going to lose but part of me thinks deep down that i'm the best but i know that's not the case so it's worth noting the challenge george eastman who is huge himself. Put not that you now steve. It's important that you have faith in yourself that even though you will lose against me that you still have you can win. That's true that's true. I just i got to believe in myself more. That's that's at the end of the day. That's what it comes down to lethal belief because they're not actors and yet we're talking about four films safe in this also kind of sets the template for what to expect from barbarian brothers film because i mentioned like they're kind of commitment to comedy and this really doubles down on that and the barbarian brothers specifically said like they set us up as just an action movie. And they're like well you know it was just good action movie. We're guys in the we ad libbed a bunch of comedy and they kept it in so the only reason that kept it in because the director is exactly enough film to do two takes and you guys just added a fucking joke in the middle of it. So we're going with it. I love the insisted that they made a call. Petite insisting on limping just an ingenious move on your first movie these guys are also like classic hembo mold too because we know like you could watch them and you just know like these guys are very passionate and they had a lot of confidence but they're not the smartest boys okay and there's a great interview with them and just to kind of set the scene. This was on the local news in los angeles talking about the barbarian brothers and they were driving around in a jeep with the top down. Just like yelling at people. And they're wearing white bathrobes and nothing else and they're driving. Play screaming at a cop are moves players like you should go see in the cops like okay and then they promptly drive up some stairs like giant stone stairs in front of like a courthouse or some shit people running away for the g. lazy rocky. So that's it and then it cuts to them and they're talking about their philosophy in life and the guy say this. I believe in the greek philosopher. Aristotle believe in an equal balance between body and mind. So i have to wait five hundred pounds for my body just the biggest brains on these boys. Just huge huge brains. Dan or my god. It's really beautiful. So what i want to know is maxine. Said this is one of your favorite barbaria brother. Movies what what puts it at the top. So i as i was saying i watched these in reverse order and i believe that. This is one of the most distinct of the of the four that i watched like. It's one of the ones. I'm going to remember mostly because I kinda like the The sorcery genre films are stories. Or whatever and i think the this movie does have some interesting costumes of the set design is kind of fun at some point. Like the villain. Qatar since his thrones on this giant powell quinn. That's held up by like fifteen slaves or just kind of like you know. Lift him up like always when he's there and it's i don't know it's it's interesting. It's it's it's where you get a lot of the hallmarks of the barbara brothers movies. Like there's always going to be a joke about the twins being mistaken for one another or surprise that there's two of them as well as ropes never being tied strong enough more them so in comparison with some of the other ones. There's some memorable things in this not accepted at their good that it's memorable but you know it's fun if you look at it as like an hour and a half fantasy romp that you could see. Yeah time in terms of like the quality of the film making to like the barbarians is probably the best looking. I would say like you said like the design is great. It's a good example of just all the archetypes of sword and sorcery films. I think the funniest thing is. I mean this is the bar. Burien starring the barbarian brothers and what sinks this movie. It's probably the brothers to be completely honest. And the reason is i firmly. Believe the barbarian brothers succeed when they are playing complete idiots who just happened to stumble into success but in some of these movies they play. I mean there's still complete idiots but misunderstood and it turns out they were great all along and i can't get that from them because they're fucking more odds and that's okay. You're not kidding anyone here like you can't though it is part of being a hembo. A giant dragon dog thing. It looks like falco comes out of the swamp and they kill it and shit. I'm like that's believable. But then when they're like ooh smarter than the average guy in cloth. I'm like absolutely not suspension of disbelief. Out the fucking window. There's there's nothing that suggests that they're like super smart. I mean the whole thing is destiny again in hand well authored. This film is at the start. They talk about healthy. The chosen people have two young boys and a girl from outside. And wouldn't you know those three people turn out to be he in the entire thing and it turns out one woman in the film outside. Who who's role isn't exactly already predetermined it turns out. She's actually the chosen one at the girl that they they talked about in the in the start 'em as evenly ru who honestly think this really well in this film because honestly she is an actress and so most film is the margarian brothers and her and she's just kind of like doing you know regular proper stealth to just appear. You know interesting on screen. Will these guys are just like rating like cattle. Just flex constantly. It's bowl they seem to do. It's it's such a bizarre. Did you save brand new like cattle. Does you were question. Serious question do you think. Dax saw this movie. And like a saturday afternoon like wait. I know what's going to be my shtick. that's it. that's that's i was thinking that like. This has to be a conscious decision by the barbarian brothers. Because obviously we're confused. Which one is peter. And which one is david. It gets a little bit easier in future movies because they just go by their first names presumably because like working as character names. They were getting confused. I'm just gonna say not that much easier. But you're you're not functional functional. Yeah not that much easier so the only difference is the guy who makes that noise. I think he makes that noise in all of the movies at some point so like. That's like the one that does that you baca. And the the one that doesn't and that's how you differentiate between your barbarian brothers right masher her and no one's lisa care. We're going to get into movies later where women are like you know. I don't care which one i fuck. Oh please double team me barbarian brothers. It gets really weird. Really quick. Young steve where we where we did it sword and sandal episode a couple of a couple of episodes back. And an you talk about how also like sword and sandals like the most dudes rock. Sean women women don't get in the way the guys in these And same here. Yeah the main woman like just new romantic attachment whatsoever in this movie and in most movies it. Just don't even try it but no it fits in this. One is a little bit we're later on. It's extra weird or the one where they do romance and they end up sharing The barbera it's all about dudes rochman you you never. You never let the woman. It's between you and this one because this is directed by sierra data who also did one of my favorite movies which is Live like a cop. Die like a man which would've seen this aid cop movies because it's too like catalog model beautiful men in wonderful like designer outfits and they're basically just to fascistic cops who murder everyone in the like share women and it's like the hobo were offic tension between the two of them in the move is like absolutely incredible movie or this documentary about actual pops. It's incredibly close. Joey really cuts deep on. It's just to like she's psycho pats. Who have the vestiges of being heterosexual. But i don't believe for a minute and it's weird that it is movie. He just caught suicide. No no one will want anything to do with these guys. They have time for it. They're too busy really lifting stuff now. I want to see that. That's that's an excess redoing doing fascist. Cops who wanna kiss each other. That's that's the next episode is it is a treasure trove of generally found kind delight. All say this is amazing. This is that we're really doing a public service here. Look at look. We're we're giving people all these wonderful. Things are opening doors and windows and opportunities for people to really expand their cinematic palate. The other thing. I wanted to. It was like what obviously the barbarian brothers their fashion icons and the to the sexiest man alive. Like when when. I think about our burien brothers. All i can think of is like them kind of tracking with madonna's trajectory around the same time like in terms of like what they symbolize. Where does on the on. The horny and fashionable scales. Where does the barbarian brothers movie. The barbarians lie because it feels a little bit too low for me for my taste. I think of the movie we watched. This is the least fashionable. I think that's just because they went full in lake on the set and beaming. Like i'm not complaining about seeing them shirtless for the entirety of a movie. Like i'm super into that but there's so much wonderful top notch fashion in some of the later movies at this i think is at the von list. Yeah exactly cost you. Budget here is basically spend baby oil. That's it keeping them glistening and just view nicely moist throughout the entire picture did appreciate all the butts. We see in the harem though. I was train them. Thong assuming they're all gonna barbarian burien but but then we saw lady button. I was like. I can fuck with us. See everybody. everybody's happy a lot a lot of bisexual energy just emanating from the barbarians. I think i'm the person person for you to have on the exactly exactly well after the success not colossal failure of the barbarians needed for razzies. So pumper i mean but the rosie's been wrong. They've always been wrong. The razzies urges. I'm amazed he's heard that these. Yeah that's also true either. The razzies are a barometer that points towards greatness. Personally that's how i see it. But after this they they decided you know truckdriver movies were good in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. They were real big. It was all the rage i mean. Cw mccall released. His hit song convoy and everybody was like. Yeah we want to listen to a song just talks into a radio. That's great so then. The barbarian brothers said. Why don't we make a movie with the guy who's going to go on to make national treasure and it's about trucks and it's called think big polly's invention in turn anything off. Unfortunately what it's turned on is the mom. Now holly's only vote is with in from this barbarian were always popular respected by their boss on definitely going places. Big fucking hated this movie. It's truck driver. Click i don't even know the fuck it is cross. This is the crossover between optimism vaccine and good news bad news because we did national treasure to a little over a year ago so i was surprised to see a familiar direct. Oriel name regards to these movies. But yeah i think big is not a good movie it does have a. It does have a nice supporting cast. Though you had the credits is like an incredible surprise. Me winslow tommy. Tiny lister and martin orlova assume he'll yeah richard All these people are like what the fuck is. This movie turns out. It's a disaster. Yeah it's very much nineties movie because it has that animated opening weekend at bernie's and also a hip hop seem like you would see in the barbarian brother. Yes max and. I'm so glad you mentioned that because you know all of us all those barbro heads out there as we call ourselves we. We often talk about the movies. The films the cinema of the barbarian brothers. But i don't feel like we spend enough time talking about their music which seems to have been lost to the sands of time. I can't find anything. But i was able to pull out a clip from a song that they recorded. I think it was around the same time as the release the barbarians or maybe between the barbarians and think big. But it's called. i'm a wild one. I don't know if you're familiar with that hot track but it's got this great line. Britain murky climbs the highest tree. The further he climbed more he see what have greater this. You're listening to the great barred over here. Either peter or paul. I'm not sure which one great music video too if you wanna look it up. It's just it's them. Like yelling into microphones and there's just like various jungle. Animals that have been brought in. That are just kind of like hanging on them. It's good shit. Mac when we get married the wedding song of course. Yeah i actually demand that that'd be a wedding song for someone. Anyone maybe a barbarian brothers themed wedding. I've just thrown out there. The costuming ovalles the costuming. Yeah so picture this picture this. Okay max is he's he's standing at the altar right and he's he's just loaded up in shoulder pads and he's wearing the little too scrawny to love you but through true absolutely rip rippling in pads okay. And he's wearing the suit from double trouble and then clare the music. It's okay. I'm a wild one starts playing. And then claire walks down the aisle and she's wearing an oakland raiders crop top and ripped jeans. If you're gonna say any other costume. I was just going to like exit. This podcast now. Like how dare you. Steve cup of not knowing beth. Back with a phillies. We're we're getting ahead of ourselves but the crop talk. Sweatshirt is a fashion classic. That's never going out that we get to that movie. Well this is kind of like a theme right like shirts cannot contain these guys. And i don't blame them because look at them like how can a shirt possibly fit them. It doesn't work. I don't even remember what they're wearing. Most i know one of them seems to be wearing this huge like open kind of open necked like robes almost. It's just it's on the poster to and it's like very flashdance. Yeah it's got a little bit flashdance or like like a white guy to sheiky but it just comes off as like a bedsheet. Like he was wearing like a ghost costume and he just pulled it down too hard now. He's just kind of like swimming in it. I don't know probably happened to him at least once in his life he pulled the pull the covers up over his head. Peter i cared like ripped had through the sheets. I yeah getting back to this movie. Okay is this is the worst one of them for me personally. And it's because this movie is feels like a sketch comedy film that just no funny people it is just. There's no reason for anything in this movie to happen and it just keeps happening over and over again for ninety minutes. Yeah i i struggled with just because i thought it was going to be it gears okay. It's a movie about trucking. Sorry go roll the fucking credits It kind of shifts between like what it's trying to do and what it's trying to make the story about bills like every ten minutes you know at first is like oh. They're helping this woman to the hospital is having a baby in this like completely off the rails insane opening where a woman's like squeezing a child out and they're barreling down this road in a big she get in their truck like i want to know what we find a pregnant woman on the side of the way our through in the back of an empty fucking big rig trailer to just roll around while they drive. I think in my head. It's just like david peter. Is that woman now dave. She's dilating and then they just start throwing fucking back. That's probably what did happen. I can't imagine a going down in any other way so but but then it kind of it. Introduces this like child. Who's being chased by the mob and then there's like a toxic waste element is school for genius children. She's invented this universal remote that can operate any electrical device. And now they're just selling those at best buy. Yeah that's it pretty much. This this one will except for this. One doesn't have any meaningful user interface. So it's extremely difficult to use. Which makes me question this girl's genius credentials. Frankly and she's trying to escape from. I think like the principal from sabrina. The teenage witch ramesses evil stool that steals. All these genius children's inventions. He's trying to sell them to the military so she she refines his out so she wants to escape. So she hitches a ride with the to truck man dry for what the rest of the film. It's it's just a series of them traveling with her to try to get to l. a. But they're also doing a trucking room. They also after like yeah he a shipment and it's like at any given point in any given see you kind of forget why any of this is happening because it really like very clearly doesn't matter there's no dramatic like i know it's a comedy like there's no like even the semblance of a plot just kind of guide. It just falls by the wayside edges ends up with just two big men shouting at each other. We're supposed to love the horse. Well another element here. Which i don't know if this is kind of conned by the producers of the director later into the movie. I noticed this what. I was reading the the summary on letterbox. Which pulls from the it's not imdb. I think it's which is the other. Imdb but the description that it pulls in is like too severely. Mentally handicapped brothers are tucked truckdrivers. Help a girl with a magic remote. Go to los angeles was just like what. What is that fucking said explicitly. Okay that sounds to me like it's worth mentioning the cult film but there this story for this film came from the gym Ski who are best known. For directing hundred movies about topless women in a single location and shopping and shopping. Mall which is like his one of his more lavish per tokens m. Yeah like a man who can make film over the weekend if you ask him nicely But somehow he's got story credit on this he didn't. I could absolutely imagine when or ski. Making a movie. About to mentally challenged men embarking on leggy forrest gump for truckers or. Something like. that's absolutely something he could have cooked up. I don't know he's he only gets story credit you so i don't know how much of naursky left in there but that plot summary sounds more like a or ski film than film itself. I just can't imagine like okay. Max imagined you are the produce producer at a big studio. Okay i'm jim. Monarchy made boob which seven and dial six six six evil. Which is actually. I think a movie that he made. I walk in. I go okay no script but hear me out. It's two truck drivers. There's a girl with the magic remote and they drive around and you're like what do you say so. Imagine me puffing on a giant cigar. I'm saying this. Does the girls remotes. Make their tits pop out. Of course. the owner north is the truck itself full of boobs. It's everywhere this boobs. As far as the eye could see your the check for a million dollars. And i saw a cornucopia overflowing with bosom. Yeah that's she's a check for a million dollars. Yeah there's a there's a scene where they open the back doors to the semi truck and then dislike piles and piles of boobs follow That's all you all the sounds. This sounds great from jim. Uenoski the man who did direct film colts scared taught us. None of that makes it into this. Who fish that all the time. I just you know. Like i see skeleton literal shildt teenager. They can't do that now. Would be odd becoming. That will be the italian director. Who came before in his podcast. They can't do that now. This is an american production. Now laws exactly. It's it's weird sex sexless movie about just two giant men at who are Here's the whole thing is they're trying to make the terrible truckers and they're trying to make payments on their truck at because they just wanna truckers in life that's all they want to be is truckers. But they suck their Being truckers They're still better being truckers at the end. They're still bad at being truckers. They fuck it up and then the genius despise the truck resume presumably. Just keep these infant like these infant men just trucking onward just fassulo film disney saw this. And they're like this is the guy we need to do cool runnings. We need him all right. This is important jordan. What like four years off the pace of over the top which this movie bakes look pretty cool. I was thinking the same thing. This movie's got big over the top energy. Yeah but double stallone double stallone like how many pay gradients down from self. Esther slowed are the barbarian. Even though there's two of the is double the mossel they're just billed as one. Oh so segue from this movie into the next movie. So the movie ends on a happy note The girl gets away from the mob. An arts selling the remote. Because she's a capitalist through and through and she acts the brothers on the truck and says rager breaker one nine or calling double trouble. Which is the next film in this category. It's real james bond kind of like the the barbarian brothers universe so they know where they're going which is terrifying 'cause it doesn't look like they notice the more planning. You assume went into each of these products for confusing. All of them becalm yeah. It's great to because once we transition which before we do that real quick clare. What's what's the sexy level. And what's the fashion level big. I think my favorite fashion moment might not even be from barbarian brother. It's from a holly at the end. Whether at her boyfriend's house and she has like the little the crop top. Like the jeans and i was very fashionable for nine hundred and ninety. I'm into this moments. High sexy value of one of them gets the girl Who is like the school counselor or whatever. She's also very attractive. So there's there's a decent amount of sexiness still not my favorite fashion moments in the series though. That's coming up next. That's right because there's there's continuity here because we go into the next movie and even though. The brothers have completely changed professions. They're still toxic waste and mob figures. I guess to deal with Which kind of carries over into the final barbarian brothers movies. So maybe all three of these exists in the same universe. We're going to have to ponder that one but varian brothers cinematic universe. The bbc the bbc. You as it's known now before. I play the trailer for double trouble. Normally what i do is i take the existing trailer and i cut it down to between twenty and thirty seconds. Whatever and that's the trailer. There is no double trouble trailer on youtube. That i could find could've spent hours just scouring the internet trying to find it. I'm sure it's out there somewhere. Especially when it's weird. Steve because the whole fucking movies on youtube yeah exactly and also the version. That's on youtube. Is like a decent looking rip. That was on encore or something so you would think like this has to exist but it doesn't so instead. I made my own thirty second trailer using the weightlifting scene double trouble. So if you guys will indulge me here. Is my trailer that i cut together owned to due to me okay. Submarines back to the gym like two or three times a little over the top. He's more than his loss of his relationship with his brother. And so beijing through the lifting of heavy objects but this. This comes on the heels of what i would describe as the greatest moment in cinematic history. Okay so to paint. Paint the scene here someone as a joke. I think it's to call the cop. Barbarian brother like detective barbara. Somebody works with wants to like basically like your pussy so he gives them a cat and so the barbarian brother detective barbaro. He puts the cat in a box. He takes it home and then just incredibly fucked up series of events. The camera remains stationary as we watch. Detective barberry remove the cat from the box takeout a plate from the sink. Put down go into the fridge where he has a jar of fucking baby food just pure white baby food. Why does he have baby food. We don't know he spoons the baby food onto the plate and then he takes a bag of cat litter dumps it in the sink and says do you got to go use the sink. Don't watch about this. i noticed. Transitions horny weightlifting. it's it's an incredible For the sink like do men of his salt is not need sinks. Is there like so transitional point where you don't need running water anymore kitchen at there's also no no falsehoods in the sink. I don't know how that works. And but the whole scene with the cat just cut. It's like the long goodbye. The robert altman film. You know we're gould Five with his cat in that movie which is one of the great movies. We're gonna that. Movie gives a very early arnold schwarzenegger Who is in a supporting role as bodybuilder just in the tobacco the heavy of one of the bad guy is he's not even credited in the movie i think it's such a small rural so Going on here and the best science honestly though is that ed. This movie is good and i don't understand. I'm glad i was sit down any day. I'll watch double trouble. And i was not expecting that going into this cat. Scene was instance them trying to make it to a tight ninety padding in this movie. Think eighty six minutes. Yeah it barely barely hits its mark. And there is there's tons of padding but it's the best kind of padding right because i'm not complaining about the padding padding. Yeah this is this is the amount of padding that max is going to need to fill out the giant barbarian brother suit on your wedding day. Okay we're talking that there's so many scenes where the barbarian brothers are just doing normal human shit but because they're just massive steak men. It looks ridiculous anytime they are running down the street. It's so fucking funny to me. I can't stop laughing at it. It's their scenarious for various is barbarian brothers forty eight hours just in case anyone's when like man at the barbarian brother sound cool but i really wish was like a matchup with like a nick. Nolte eddie murphy. Movie good news. You're covered that's what this is. The data at one barbro is a police officer who's uniform is basically exists. The aforementioned la raiders crop tops sweatshirt and jeans incredible and then his brother who is a professional jewel thief. His feast generally tend to be three professional bilfinger quotes by the way. What the fuck must call the cox myself. Then i spray pretty smiley threes on the wall. He's paying a cat because he's a cat burglar well work. Yeah that's it makes sense anyhow through a series they. They're obviously their divorce from each other. Because one is on the side of the law on the other isn't but through a series of events that don't actually make any sense if you think about them. They are jammed together. They're partnered together by the lapd to catch someone else for some reason Honestly i enjoy this movie. I don't think i could tell you why things happen. There's there's there's a guy who's worse than you will be barbro gonna catch him and that's the whole movie ennis's basically two guys who are like a cop criminal. We could be more different accent there to enjoy norm students with the same hair type of question for you max. Are you familiar with the director of this beautiful film Let's see here who is directed by john paragon other than he is the director of the next film of you're going watchings also John paragon did big adventure. Which is one of my. And he plays pee. Wee's playhouse he's giambi the fucking a genie head thing. Pee wee's playhouse. He's fucking giambi which is amazing. So the sever genie had a hi mecca. Hiney ho that's that is who is directing this now we there's a lot of echoes in the bar. Burien brother cinematic universe. The bbc and this is another one because echo is because it's a lot of screaming. It's a lot of screaming. Yeah but we go from in their in their first starring role to seeing coachella herman to actually getting a guy that was involved with herman. Also another question for max. Do you think david carradine the barbarian brothers money at this point or something like does he keep showing up possibly possibly is. It's very strange. He's doing the willie nelson for all year for some reason. That's literally what it is. It said that Goes to all to his mentor in prison at. It's like right out a fee for james congo's visit willie nelson but it. This case it's a joy normally meets latman talking to david carriage at one day on and probably took eight to nine percent of the vote. That sounds about right. That sounds like a aside from david. Carrying there's also a roddy mcdowell as the end of this movie who out acts everyone whenever he is onscreen This is super slow. It's like about almost an hour as a minute movie before you know what the actual plot or there's something about diamonds and then the subway goes under the diamond exchange is apparently a place and whenever sitting in there's yeah housing where they keep all the diamonds in los angeles. Free buildings one safe. That has the diamonds in them that they now know how to unlock. Peter has like the magic credit card unlocking key that he's stolen in early heist and something or other. But this movie does have one of the most interesting looking movie goons i've ever seen. Which is there's a doughy guy with a mustache at ponytail. Which it's there's something about like that weird combination of human thumb with a porno stash in a pullback ponytail. Yup this is made in the early ninety. S all the villains in this total c-grade villains just just totally elevated like the ginger guy. Who's supposed to be the one that we're all really intimidated by. That's fun we love him. Not offer intimidating. Yeah we we ever main bad guy who just murders. All joker. I mean really. Christopher nolan probably ripped off the dark noise. I think so yeah driver that kills the guy right yup. Okay so what i. I was like half paying attention. Because i was finishing up like up around the house and i had to do a triple take. Consider a second. I thought it was. Seth green and i was like chivalry. No let me. Let me rewind this timeline. Knesset's reading was busy being in a movie arcade by our previous subject. Albert pune time yup. Yup he was not available for this. Unfortunately it look just enough like him and the movie where i was very very very and i think that's a good analog for how not threatening this guy is like roundup the on set green to be very threatening person this guy. The main bad guy looks like him. Were shit. he's dangerous each just. Looks like he's cigar. Sal really doesn't read in a movie full of very large man. I don't know why they went with that. I don't know if you guys picked up on this too but one of the things that was really. I really just attach myself to is trying to figure out the audience for these movies because on one hand they seem like films and then on the other hand. They're hyper fucking violent. Simple this is great for twelve year old me because like this has guys getting blasted in the chest with shotguns but also it has like this is four rate at like the barbarians and double trouble or or race it. I think the other two are a big. I think it's pg thirteen. It's in that wheelhouse have like we'll say shit but not much is going to happen. And i think last movie is like pg. i think. i think it's firmly kid friendly. It might be thirteen though. I don't know. I don't know i think it's kid friendly but at the same time i'm just like there's some stuff in here it's like you need to have some conversations with your children if they watch barbarian brothers movie kids movie. Has the three subset dies issues. We're going to talk a lot about that. Yeah claire again. What are the sexy levels where the fashion level. So we find here. This one is almost by the raiders. Crap cop obviously we all knew that was coming also whichever one one of the barbarians. Where's the hell out of the suit. That's peter sir. I wrote down here. My notes david good guy. Top peter. Bad guy suit life. I feel like this scene where it's like. They're him bows and then. He dresses up in a suit and looks really nice. So that georgia the jungle. Putting on a suit could run jungle. Is the modern day barbarian brother. He's the loss barbarian brother in a lot of ways. He's the he's the ease with the spike dudley of the parker. Bros exactly exactly if i could have like. Jungle brendan fraser. What on a open raiders. Sweatshirt cropped up. I've might lose my mind you i would. I would legitimately someone photoshop that for clare. We need. That will be too much much for celluloid dan which is interesting. The projector listening has any photoshop skills. Wants to fill up my bank thing. We brennan your wearing in. Oakland raiders Crop of i will do something for you in return. I don't know what a quid pro quo photo shopper. Vinyl points of this on this movie. Okay so i. I think this is the best of the bunch at because one thing on like this movie is a couple of credible jokes in us at a few of the marine delivered by the barbarian brothers is like one scene where what won't see where one of the barbarian brooks. I can't tell them. Apart at the bad one comes out and ask them for directions. Those where did i go because he knows brother just went like that. Yeah that's a real joke. There's one actually. I think legitimately good joke in this movie like an actual genuine film joke when the bad guys too bad bad guys not just the bad barbarian guy. He's not really bad. He's just big Described the tiers of in. This is a wonderful film really but the bunda win. The really bad guys are breaking into the big diamond building. Anneli which definitely exists at they don white in and The police no. They're going to rob it but they don't know how so they don't realize they're going to like explode in from the bottom. Apparently for some reason the police side. We're going to stand outside the front door but we're not going to guard any other. Entry went to the building which gives you an idea of how well all those thing is so anyway they dynamite into the volt and obviously dyed 'cause shaking so like the explode the dynamite and it cuts to the dome police chief front holding coffee and his coffee shakes like in jurassic park and then he just like hands we think oh they've been tipped off and instead the guy the police chief hands to coffee off to a subordinate says. Give me some non. Decaf joke is handed shake and he mixes things up. you know. honestly their eight-year hollywood comedies. That are being released right now. Don't have a joke as well altered. Is that right. yes screenwriters. Buddies green writers watch double trouble started barbarian roads. You'll learn a thing to watch movie at any time. I still don't understand why a lot of things happening but this definitely i think the closest for me that the barbarian brothers get to be like a sensible film entity like the film understands that they are offered you ridiculous like this the first movie where they run around holding guns all the time. Guns are tiny in their hands and look like toys and they took work at all but the movie seized her role really. Like i don't know this movie rains in the visual ridiculousness of the barbarian brothers. I think and plays with in probably the most complete way for me so i you know this this movie. I think honesty for me the fillet and appreciate these guys are the choices to fill. I also like the weird joke where i mean. I don't know just a humorous moment. Where the bad brother was like. Maybe i should be after this. How much do you make an. It's like a joke about how cops don't get paid anything. Yeah it's just like twenty thousand you know we know what year. Oh shoot at you. Yeah i think it's great. It's yeah it's also you just occurred to me. That barbaric talk about how the barbarian brothers don't really have any credible romantic elements threat three of the four movies and in the fourth movie which will get to their romantic leaders. Just fucking weird comfortable in this one Jewel thief brother. Dull have kind of girlfriend like his acrobat girlfriend. Who's like i don't know. She's really inaccurate for like she's like he's holding her up in front of a fireplace. Big linda can stein of spain. He's holding up on her and she's doing and the standard dukes opposing and then she just disappears. She's got a movie fake. Who is she. I wish maybe they could make it spin off. There could have been like a double trouble. Like i feel like everyone in this movie should have a twin owner way to balance the whole thing out and i wish they'd maybe gone that far yet. I'm glad you asked movie. Yeah because we get to our next film which i believe. This is my personal favorite. But maybe because after watching all these row i had like barbarian brain and it just wanted me completely but boy oh boy. There's a lot of twins in this one. It's it's called twin sitters. The barbarian brothers that a super bull between your maybe. We are one fast with their fists when they come between the mob and the fed was really job on those goods offer. You a job like you to stay here after my nephews. It's to start of a whole new career the baby sitters. Please take note of that song because it's not sammy. Hagar citizens the barbarian brother singing. I don't i don't have the soundtrack which makes me sad like it should slap. Because i'm looking at it and we all like mostly the yeah. It's so cool. That's that's my holy grail. This point like. I need to find like the barbarian brothers various soundtracks and musical recordings. What i really want guys that run vinegar syndrome. I know you're listening right now. So please lean in. We need a box set. Okay i'm guessing you you can't get the rights to the bar is maybe you can't get the rights to think big but i know i know you can get the two movies directed by jambi. Okay so double trouble you get twin sitters. You package it with a cd that has all the music and then essays. I will write where the essays for you. It will be good. I promise you. Claire are you into right. One on The various crop tops of the barbarian brothers. Yeah that's literally. What is going to do so this is perfect. We have everything for you. It's all here for you. Max you and jack you can record a commentary. We're gonna do all the work vinegar syndrome. Please restore these. We'd watch these on youtube sad. That is for peter david okay. What about very little. God rest is solely just passed away. God damned. that's true we gotta we gotta tear would roll down his cheek if if he saw pristine blu ray presentation of double trouble or twin sitters. Now i follow one of the the archivists vinegar syndrome on letterbox. And i know for a fucking fact that he has logged twin sitters on his letterbox and he gave it three stars which means he liked it. So make this happen. Find those rights. Let's do it okay. Barbara nation were crying out for this the beefcake masses. We need it. Make it happen. That's my plate unical. But yeah this movie kicks ass and also. It's got a lot of weird connections to arnold schwarzenegger again because this is the same kid that play dominic in kindergarten cop. So that's pretty fucking cool. Look but now there's two of them. They both looked familiar. These are kind of twins to because they did the the mary kay nationally olsen thing where instead of playing twins as children they just played one role but they did half the work each which is fucking cool so the barbarian brothers themselves are very much like the olsen twins same intellect level. Same musical acumen probably better fashion sense at the end of the day. But i don't see a lot of difference. So here's my big question about this movie. Are they stealing italian valor. Millena playing falcone's in this movie. They eat a lot of pasta thousand restaurant. Italian restaurant aren't they italian idol. Fake they are. i don't know could be. Who's going to that for. I'm not gonna tell them they're not. They're huge look like who's going to say no to them. I mean if they're gonna steal talion so what are they going to do. What are they going to do about. Also you're going to get mad on the internet and that's what they're gonna do. That's what they're always jays mad on the internet. If you call anything carbonara new butthole rip down. You know what maybe initiative had some stolen gala. That's all i have to say. Yeah all the italians have ever done. Good for humanity is make jello films. There you go. That's the greatest contribution but no seriously the new york times wrote like they publish a recipe for like smokey carbonaro sauce. And then all of the talian twitter was just like. What are you doing other very very upset. About the whole. It's it's not carbonara. mommy didn't make it. You know it's it. Yeah every there's only one and we just have fun. The ultimate italian mom and it's hers. I just kept watching this. And you know the part in in goodfellas where he's making the pasta sauce or whatever and he's just talking about the sauce but also like sweating out cocaine and worried about the fed's coming. I was just thinking about that. But he's dumping dr pepper and the giant pasta sauce spot. Good i'd like. I've also kind of intrigued detriot. I'm going to be i've recipe for sloppy joes that uses dr pepper or diet coke and it is quite tasty so i'm a pot roast episode that episode. I hope next podcast. We're doing a separate. I wouldn't be surprised because at one point they make they make a bunch of italian food because they want to make arrests. They wanted to open a restaurant. They might make a bunch of italian food because they're great cooks and they ended up. they don't they. Don't get it 'cause guess what would you go to a bank and you force feed. Your food is collateral. Doesn't work incredibly enough. So they end up giving all the food almost and when it will one of the homeless people says. It's like the best lasagna. They've ever had a do wonder if creating might not be lenient in all of their cuisine. That little cake that a little texture risks or god. The salt shakers at the restaurant is gold with like pre workout meal. You're just like sweating. The rich not feed them. Yeah so was okay the layout of this movie. If you're listening you're like what what what should i expect from twin sitters sooner. It's a this is a kids easy. It has to be a kid's well anyone else has to. It's it's like a men and friendly movie. That's a strange family. Friendly oriented steve friendly movie. Yeah i don't know it's one of those movies said like i feel like your parents could endure and children might genuinely enjoy. And i'm with steve. I personally i'm more drawn to double trouble. But i think this is actually solid entertainment. I was gain amazed that this this is actually pretty fun movie. It's dommage shit though. Drive a monster truck come on. That's so good. How can you not love this. They literally drive a fucking. What else are the barbarian. Brothers going to drive. they can't drive anything else. It's true it is a great example of the cinematic principle known as chekhov's monster truck which introduce a monster truck in the first act enacted three will drive over some ours which does happen so this is back in one thousand nine hundred four so when american pickup truck design was still sensible as compared to twenty twenty one so they had to have something a little bit more fitting for the the barbara in brothers they have the most ostentatious monster muscle truck Cinema has ever seized dudes can open a restaurant but they run a fucking monster truck. I looked at the screen and saw that happening. Like wait there at the bank and ask collateral. They said it'd never car. Well they do but they're making payments payments. Yeah i mean. I if i was going to if i was going to do. Like a barbarian brothers reboot in two thousand twenty. One definitely would bring back the monster truck but is so yet. The one surviving barbarian brother. You get like a clone like like a hologram thing you know like they pack for the hologram. Max if we can hire west to get mac hologram for the wedding. So i can marry to maxes that. That would be great. So yeah we're going to get to do the hologram and then for the for the monster truck we got up. We gotta update it because for it's for a new generation so it's a tesla cyber truck on giant tires. Here's here's what. I want to see steve again person. I think we've we've sadly lost varian brother. We need to replace dense berkeley. America's crying it's weeping it needs to burien brothers. we need to have a reality. Talent television series on replacement barbarian just like journey did with their lead singer. Fucking america's next beefcake. I love it only way to do it. We need to have a national televised talent competition. Eibar varian on the cw. There you go a love it love it. You know tune in every week religiously to watch that show. Oh hell yeah. I would i just i love and it's but you basically have to set it up like rupaul's drag race but it's just beefcake idiot men and but it's the same thing it's like you of acting challenges singing challenges. You have to lift heavy things. It'd be great. You've schaus a certain number of syllables. You know over a disney. Fbi heard over a certain number of distance across the lake down something you know. Everything has to be big this. You mentioned rupaul's drag race. And i think this is a good point mentioned that m one of them in this wears what appears to be of fetish Outfit is i don't on looks either but it's not like a call and the rest of it is like weird leather stuff going on very confusing in children's movie particularly i don't know if anyone has any further insight into that fish. Max what animated you compare it to like address like joe. Joe's bizarre adventures characters. they are. She's just a flamboyantly dressed him bows like posing at each other and fighting so that fits in. It's great these these outfits are. This is incredible. I mean we talk about how good they're so good. You know like we talked about how fashion forward some of the things. The baron brothers were wearing but here they're on another level. Okay it's nineteen ninety four and we're gonna make twenty twenty four and the world has not caught up with what the bulgarian brothers are wearing in this film. Just beautiful stuff. This occurs from. Because i mean we make fun of like later later era steven seagal. It's like he clearly was so you know so lazy movies. He would wear his own clothes on sash. And it would just be like and what will result is in like around if you start watching seagal movies in the early two thousands. There's like scenes where they're doing like military briefings in everyone's in military fatigues and he's just wearing fucking like fringe like with like a snake on the back of the whatever. Five steven seagal Steven seagal doesn't want to change his clothes. And that's that's why that's happening. The barbarian brothers are also. I think pretty only making their own calls on the costume department. But they are bringing their a game. They're elevating every scene. There in there is nothing in this movie that you're looking at it going like oh they really phoned it in there now absolutely. Not there is no phone in existence which you could describe what they're wearing. You just have to watch this film. Sit back and basket at his name. This stinks aisles. Through which is the best part Like one of them is like crop tops in like a whole bunch of tied bandannas. And then there's the shirt and then when they're at the gym there's the ones yvette stripes to work out in so good so good to bring it up but did one of them have worked on like plastic surgery. One of the looks like he may be at a little bit dawn in this movie. I don't know which one i i'm not yet it's cheeks raisins. Yeah i don't look like a caveman enough. I need to be more caveman. S and my daily appearance anita from yup and boy did they deliver now before before we wrap this up like we didn't talk about this movie out. Basically matter i mean that's got assessing the fact twins exist. It is never heard a twins. Check this movie out. It does the barbarian brothers own parents in this movie. There's there's a whole bit where they're sitting at the dinner table and the moms just like wow. Can you believe twins of the dance. Yeah i know twenty twin twin and then it really is. They're obsessed with it. But i guess they babysit twins and then the lack bill twins. I've ever seen a baloney. peanut butter. Sounds sounds disgusting. Like the al. Rei that's true. That's the only thing they precede aunts. He described the plot of this So essentially there is again a polluter just like their walls in at think big toxic waste there's a polluter and he's trying to kill a guy who i guess is informing on him or something so at he's yeah Risk and the american government can't provide them with enough protection so they try and kill him and they try and kill him with three of the most inept hitmen who try and kill him in a park in in a public park wall towards shotguns. In the fucking terribly Their jobs with the barbarian brothers happened to be there and they rescue a bunch of children in the cross fire and so from this demand determines that the barbarian others are the best people protecting children so while he's going to testify this guy he has children who are twins. Twin boys writing them pretending to nephew those nephews. Yes so he's he's not going to let them go. So he hires barbarian. Brothers barbera burbs. Meanwhile right want to open a restaurant but they can't get money 'cause too busy funding all their cash will monster truck which i think we can all relate to the so. They're offer five thousand dollars to basically a day to to babysit the twins for a week to protect them. And they're like sure because they think it's just a regular babysitting gate but they don't realize these kids are possibly going to be targeted by the evil pollution. Goya and sure enough. That's what happens. We haven't even got into the fact that they have ought sexy tucher shows up to look they both love her equally and it's beautiful. It is in class and do the homework. No for the students in her class but they show name a more. Wholesome incestuous poly-amorous relationship onscreen. Can't it's beautiful it's perfect. It's great if you wanna if you wanna family friendly film about to fashionable beefcakes who both wanna fuck their kids that they're babysitting's teacher. This is great but they they don't even try and fucker their super league. A woman tries to fuck them. There's a maid who just like pops or titties out. And she's like ugh. Look at you by berry umbrellas. Yeah and they're like no. We're wholesome. They take the kids and the teacher to the carnival. They have a great time. Everybody wins like a bunch of stuffed animals and they kiss her on the cheek. That's it it is is wholly Such decision to make a movie and cast two beautiful women in nanan. Have the two men just both coat. Same woman i that is ball and she's into she's just like okay. I them not as a nerdy woman. It's you beefcakes for me at the same time. Yeah i would definitely do both of them. Were okay with it. You can double up on your carnival price. She enjoyed stuffed teddy bear. Change entire again in my life. You can carry the car. Never have to walk again. Apple towered while reading. Hemingway allowed election. Susie missing student then. Getting eiffel tower in my mouth will be busy next exactly threesome a threesome with the barbero brother. Save which is shouting at each other through. The whole thing could barbarian brother boston alone. That whole idea and cosmic acts like are you all so violently shot across the the wa- fury busy blasted into the drywall again. This content is in the most family oriented of all of the film's setting up the barbro muscle sandwich three. Which is again room. I don't have a writing credit. But i feel like barbarian. Brothers weighed in heavily on the creative thinking. Same opponent concerned. Read it. So y'all stereo you're right that's it. That's misery saw at the end of the movie. They do specify that they have to separate individual private dates. Her one one of them is tonight and one of them is tomorrow. Which like you're running a restaurant. You probably should taking nights off to go on dates right when you open. But i digress. Now that's okay all right and and the restaurant they open is great too because the number one thing that this movie teaches us is twins are fun okay so when they save. The children from the evil mobsters. Landry opened the restaurant. What's that laid by. George lazenby of james bon pain exactly. There's a bond tie in here. And then they opened a restaurant with staff by all twins and triplets just twins everywhere. It's great yeah. The finale of this film involves doing daring like it rescue ship and for some digital. We're gonna call in some favors some backup and their backup. It's like a bunch of other twins. They've cone food twins and early african guy. Twins ninety s african stereotype twins a an incredible feat of cinema. It's it's such an amazing doom. All of this to rescue twins. It's just such a just a lifting up the whole the whole concept of fraternity there are no women. Twins us women were triplets. I guess that's a sight gag though that's dismissive. Honestly they should give them more time. But for the whole rescuing thing just win guys just having a blast guys being doing and honestly it just like any good wholesome family film it ends with george lazenby getting shot. And then the boat that he's on explodes and he dies in his blown into a million pieces right so Classic classic film the explosions weirdly big explosion for this. This movie looks like it was shot for like nod a lot of money and then the last shot is like a huge explosion with stunt men jumping and i'm like Like that just looks like they still from another movie but only did did i. Maybe just did something really unsafe The special effects gone just like fought like budget amounts of explosives like twice as much. It's huge it's saying. Yeah yeah. I dunno maxwell. He's pretty sure that most of this movie looks like it was just shot at the executive producers house that i guess yeah i feel like most of the budget for this movie. Went to the costuming. The barbarian brothers not from their personal collection. But overall like it's it's entertaining. This is a good one. I think good chance of barbarian brothers used their movies to finance their dressing that we in that and thought about that. That's that's clever. Now as far as kids movies go. Like i don't have any plans on procreating but if i had a kid. This is the only movie i'd let them watch nothing else junior. It's barbara's or nothing hit the weights. Screen time only barbarian burien. Oh my god all right. Get we to wrap this up. We're about to hit our fashioned sex all my god. How can we miss that. This is the most like sexy movie i've ever seen. I am so sorry. Claire my mistake. Okay fashion level sexually level where we at with this one. I would say we're pretty close to being tied with the previous movie. I think it goes along with how much i enjoy the movies. This one and the other one remind my favorites With the number one fashions this one. The fringe leather jacket. And the onesie. Really bring it all together for me just seeing those muscles trapped in like a good to good look little less sexy just because there's all those kids there which i'm not super into. There's there's no suits with. also bummer. Soul gives like anonymous fashioned. Nine on the sexy. The post with ten ten with sounds good. That sounds good. My favorite fashion moment from all the movies was actually in this and when one of the barbarian brothers. He's wearing a hat. But it's more of like a wrap around his head like maya angelou and you know those you probably had one like eight years old but it's like a plastic bird. It has a piece of metal in the in the tip of its little bird beak and then you can balance it on the tip of your finger or on the edge of something and it looks like it should fall down but it doesn't just kinda balances and he's got one of those taped to his head rap. And i thought that's the best thing i've ever seen so really great stuff top. Oh yes i feel like. I didn't give that up. I love eddie. Sort of cheesy t thousands movie with our nineties movie with a with a makeover seen especially involving twins. I feel like a lot of the very kate. Nassar movies had those. Maybe that's my basis for how much i love them. I i love a makeover montage and this you know what if you like kindergarten cop twice the fund. This is the movie for you. If you like. George lazenby or james bond. Sure this is the movie for you if you love the mary kay nationally olsen detective films from the ninety s. You probably love this and if you love. Great music like mary kate. Nationally song about pizza the barbarian brothers deliver equally. Wonderful tune. so a lot of crossover here. If it doesn't interest lies so just throwing it out. There are guy so it's time to do put over. So let's start with max max. What are you putting over this week this week. I'm gonna put over to two albums listening to Pretty frequently since. I got a hold of them. The first is as the love continues by mugabe a recent album. They put out by the scottish post rock group. It's probably one of their best albums in the last ten to fifteen years it's a it's a banger. I've been listening to it on repeat. i've been cooking and stuff as well. I have also been listening to the new album from nick cave and warren ellis. It's called carnage. Which came out. I believe a week or so ago. Not the full bad seeds grouping because of the pandemic and shit but Lot lots of great. Lots of great songs by nick capable or analysis so like either of those groups. Check out all right. Sounds good clear what he put over this week and i feel kinda boring but nothing. I've been big worthy of over lately. Has been very recent but i also gonna plug albums and that is when i was at target. I found the like this tentative hits collection from boys to men on vinyl really pretty translucent vinyl also you know of then bump in a whole lot of boys to men in my bedroom pandemic so what can you do. But it's been taxi regardless. Just vibing on that motown philly end road once a so good. The hits keep coming jack. I'm guessing you're gonna put over the same thing right. Oh yeah all always. Yeah boys to men fame on. I'm gonna put over at very stick. Close the optimism vaccine brand which as we all know is basically sean along just franco. Just guys make an artsy movies. Fully naked ladies nets sometimes being hardcore porn. I'm going to add that list with claude beloit merlot. I dunno is french. However reno just attach words as your letters as you see fit. Just watch recently his last film. He died for young some reason but his last full knife under the throat from nineteen eighty six at really entertaining movie kind of like a little bit of a depalma void but basically it's your classic tale of a bunch of women who get naked lock getting killed by almost brushes up against the real world questions of male obsession violence where they kind of chickens out at the end of a really stylish kind of like really great looking movie which only recently In france and i think even if you want to buy it for france you can but if you look online you can you can find. Hd copies of ood stars Who was gonna fruit. Shown along on a francis great icons of pornography also good movies. There was never seem to overlap as much in america but in france on a work stuff out a little better soy By called below. It's it's really hits. It's pretty entertaining. Sleaziest shit might offend some people but that give it a go go while last week i think put over like an actual hardcore porn so this is a lot of questionable french content doesn't look i'm not gonna lie that the gay hardcore poor no. I watched earlier. This month is like one of the best films. I've seen in the last couple of months. It's really great as check. That one are or two check back on our our records for that one all right well since you guys put over some albums i think i'm gonna. I don't have any into over to stick in the music theme. I suppose a blank mass just put out a new album and it's really fucking good. It's called in for no. It's it's not their last album for twenty seventeen kind of and i think they had another one at twenty nine hundred but those are just sort of broke up the tracks into little five minute songs. This is just to like twenty minute mega songs. Essentially but it's great. It sounds like so far berry and brothers an album. It is it. Is you expect like a lot of little guys but you get to really big guys instead. Basically sounds yeah. Oh you're gonna love it you gotta love it. It sounds like like a john carpenter soundtrack inside of a cement mixer so absolutely wonderful. I'm fading myself. Corporate here steve. Oh my way. That max odd. This is matt. That's max listening to the new black mass album also. The meldons put out a new album. Which usually isn't a big deal. Because the melvin are constantly putting out a new album. The reason why this is kind of a big deal is because it's their original lineup. From like one thousand nine hundred eighty three. They finally got their drummer to take two weeks off from his corporate job and record a record looking at. It's fun because it's not the usual. Like kind of i dunno. Melvin have never been super serious but there's a real like heaviness and darkness to what they do and this is not that at all. The album opens up with. It's not a beach boys cover. We're going to call it a beach boys reimagining but it's i get around by the beach boys but they change the lyrics to i fuck around and it's great. It's good so listen to new. Melvin record listen new blank mass record. Everything's wonderful other than that Max what do you. What do you got to plug man. Plug shit yeah. Check out. good. Bruce bad views It's march when you're listening to this. So we're doing a whole bunch of kaija themed episode to lead up to god delivers kong. Which i'm sure is going to be entertaining. Maybe i don't know but look more to that. You could find us forever. Podcasts are found. Leaving misreading review were knowledgeable social media pages search. Dvd podcast or good bad us and all that jazz. We have a discord where we hang out and watch stupid shit and whatever. It's all a good time so it's a good time. I'm fully backing fully. Back in the podcast. Claire wood plug. Like i said i mostly guam on people's podcasts. So i listened to the episodes of podcasts at on so i can be pressured to come back onto demore things regardless if you like crafts like food earrings that i have now obsessively making because quarantine gives me anxiety brain. I haven't oetzi which is posted on my instagram inlet twitter. But it's exciting tweed. Let me know if you wanna make you something today amid a whole bunch oh wildberry pop tarts. Not really proud of them they ago. You what you want some chili coney dog earrings. She's got you so make that happen for you. Yeah that's good shit other than that. Hey if you listen to this podcast right. Now is a big favor. There's a couple of links in the description and the first thing you need to do you have not done it yet is click over to our. I tunes page. And when you're there you can give us a five star written review. Why would you do such a thing. That's a great question. Well one it takes like three seconds. What the fuck just do it to. It helps visibility so if we have written reviews particularly of the five star variety it helps people discover the podcasts and then more people listen and then everything gets better for everyone really. The second link will lead you to our patriot and it is a wonderful time to be a patron of optimism. Vaccine not only for the low price of three dollars. Can you get access to a huge backlog of content. There's new shit coming and in march. If you become an optimism vaccine subscriber. I'm gonna fucking mail you a movie. That's right that's it. Yeah so it doesn't matter what tier you choose. I'm gonna from my personal collection. I'm going to send you something. No you don't get to know what it is no you don't get to be like the it could be a dvd. It could be a blu. Ray could be a box set. It could be a vhs tape with home movies and may three years old. Run around my dick out that i call the cops on you. How about that really. The possibilities are endless. So throw us a couple of bucks wilson you some shit in the mail. That's fucking cool. If you want to go to a higher level you could be at the next level and hey you get a shout. You could be the next dust and you could be the next paula. You can have your name announced on the air. How does that sound max. Does that sound good to you. That sounds quite amazing. Even better mystery box of media and you still get the mystery box two or you could be a real boss ass motherfucker and you could go up to that highest level. Okay the little lord fanta roy level. Where you're just giving us that fat stack cash when you do that. You get to actually choose content. Okay you get to tell us what we do for a show anything you want. Gotta do it guy. It's great and you could. Even you can even specify people you want on the show. What am i favored. Pastimes is making sean glenis. Watch things that make him uncomfortable. You could share in that joy with me if you so choose to totally an option so can do it just to get in free shit in the mail. It's great become an optimism patriots. We love the free shit. Folks who knows what you'll get possibilities are endless other than that normally. We have jake's it last year but jake's not here so clear. I'm going to give you the last word today. So what's the last word now. I'm anxious curve very perfect. Don't wanna be side. You've got to be oppressive menu. Kids stay them bill. Gt wander golden bears on the through. The tallest can't be roseanne. Barr dr spring convictions. Standard top one. Go doctrine justic tomorrom. Don't forget me on this thing.

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