New Office/Studio Plans NaPodPoMo 2019 MDW330


Mike Dell's world number three three zero four November third twenty nineteen and. It's the third day of NEPAD Homo Homo or national podcast posting month. Some people say that under that Hat Mike. Del has a chip in his head. Unfortunately it's a Dorito reto as usual. Thanks mark for that to comment anyway. So yeah it's Day three Sunday November third and made a little adjustment. Here on the microphone just to see if doesn't sound as cut off as it did on yesterday a show I turned off what's known in the industry is the big bottom. I think I have a deep voice. In this microphones deep enough. I don't need to add. Add to it. Electrically whole goal of me recording podcasts generally is to make it sound as close to uh you and I having a conversation across the table or on the couch or something and not have that big big big radio sound I you know. I don't mind it sounding decent. You know in a little bit of a professional sound is fine but you know the goal is always to you know make natural as possible and so hopefully I'm accomplishing that. Hopefully you're not hearing too much of the the heater going going in the background again. It's a nice cool day here in traverse city down here in the swampy basement. I did ED Make my mind up that This spring I am going to move my office yet again. I know we talked about that. I moved upstairs stairs for a little while we remodeled the basement and moved back down. Here problem is down here the flooding problem and it's because Lake Michigan's Lake AAC level is up at record highs right now which brought our water table up to record highs and goes in cycles but This is definitely a hi cycle. So you know what I just leave it as is going to work this basement up again. After the the water level goes down not a not a lot of damage or anything. It's just Swampy it's It's not healthy and so what I'm going to do. It was built a box in the garage. Not really a box gonNA take little over one quarter of the garage half of one stall tool still be about one hundred square feet same as my office here in the basement and I'm GonNa make that in into an office in the garage and it'll have air and it will have its own heat. Goes cutting off a little bit again. I don't know maybe this maybe this Noise Gates just a little too tight enough to figure out how to adjust that here on the Road Castro but anyway this isn't a podcast about podcasting so anyway my office. This is gonNA move Probably start working on it this winter I can you know do some do the framing at least and maybe you don't put insulation relation in and Do the outer Shell. And I'm going to do the outer shell. Though SB board nothing nothing fancy and all that stuff stuff that doesn't require adhesives drying paint and all that stuff and maybe even get some wiring done. It all depends on what the you know what the weather's like all at once. I get the basic box done. I can actually put in a heater and do some some of the Interior as well You know can't really mud drywall. Or painter or anything like that but should bill to slowly but surely over the winter build did this thing get it all done so that in the spring I'll be able to move out there and you know as a bonus we'll have a little bit quieter a place to do podcasting. Oh have A dog free area too so the dogs can stay in house or in the yard and won't hear them as much wjr and it'll just be a nicer situation. Yeah the commutes can be a little longer. Okay I'll have to walk out the back door down the sidewalk walking into the garage door. And then I'm GONNA put an exterior door in the in the office wall there. It's got a nice window. Oh overlooking the neighbors not that. It's a great view but at least it'll be a little natural light. I'll build a soundproof. It more and be a little more secure as far as in a way from the rest of the House and all that the only disadvantage is. It's not right in the house so we'll have to actually go outside and even in the winter you know so we'll be bad but that's the plan sometime over the winter. I'll I'll be build on the box. I'm not you know a carpenter by any stretch so I'm GonNa have to employ them assistance in at least two designing being in how to drive a nail all that you know cut aboard whatever you know. That's that's not the hard part and he knows I I. Of course DRYWALL and I'll probably panel the ceiling. I'm guessing just because it's easier but I'd like to drywall. So I can actually paint you know make it look like a regular office on the inside. Insulate it quite well. I figure one of those Eden pure electrics Heaters will will suffice. I run one down here because there is a furnace down here obviously but heat rises so It stays quite cool down here if they don't run a little heat. Just get one of those window. Box Air conditioners and I'll probably cut it through the wall though instead of taking up the window at it or I'll put in just another window just for the air conditioning. We'll see it's But that might require a little more structure Kaz putting in a standard window in that garage might be a little interesting so it might not fit an air conditioner properly. So we'll see but that's the plan as it stands right now so might Dole's world studio will move about Y- EH thirty yards south of here so instead of being a five hundred yards from Lake Michigan will be five hundred and thirty yards yards from Lake Michigan and about eight feet higher elevations. So that'll keep me out of the water table we hope. Of course if it

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