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Baseball tonight, the PODCAST, these the baseball tonight podcast for Wednesday September nine, two, thousand, twenty, producing from his home studio in the foothills of Connecticut Taylor Schwenk on Buster only working for my home studio in New York. Well, today's a big day in Baseball Roberto. Clementi Day. Today, he'll be honored players who were born in Puerto Rico are going to be allowed to wear Clementi's number twenty one that with permission from Major League. Baseball other players will be able to wear a number twenty, one decal Pittsburgh pirates. Of course, Roberto Clementes team All of those players will also be wearing number twenty one on Tuesday in Saint. Louis you gotTa Emelina Puerto Rico wore number twenty one because the cardinals are not playing today in that double header. The twins won the first game. Cardinals won the second Game Nelson Cruz of the twin slamming three homers during the course the double header it was a nineteen pichit bat for Matt leaders give a listen to this. Again. I believe this is the longest and bad I've seen. Him Play, center. With the catch on nine, t sits battle ends Liaoning Dick Bremmer with that call on the twins television network the phillies playing the red sox rookie came through for. Philadelphia. To and again, the pitch from Barnes swinging ally drive to left. Basit one run scored Didi coming around third. He's way to the plate and the throw is time Alec Baldwin has won. A two run single the walk off here on the bottom of the Sabbath the phillies down to their final strike and boom strikes for the polls. The six, five, the final, the Phillies, win it, and walk off I. Got France King Ninety four wip in Arizona Gavin locks had a really big day and you know the trajectory of his season he came into the year lot of Hoopla about him. Then after the summer camp, he was initially left off the dodgers roster. He's now worked his way back and his talent is manifesting. In for a big innings. A high fly ball to right field calhoun going back on it. With a second home rather than. A skyscraper being three run shot against Lopez and they've broken it open in the tenth. Joe Davison Orel Hershiser on the dodgers television network. The dodgers coming back from an early deficit after Walker bueller lasted less than three innings. Brian Cashman the general manager of the Yankees address the players yesterday and he spoke to reporters afterward and he talked about how the fans deserve better baseball his message to the players talk cheap and all that matters is the performance will after that conversation took place this is what happened in the game. The. To to to Davis. And he gives it a ride to teeth left field. I battle this season and he just. I was Dan Schulman on the Blue Jays television networks. So yesterday, the Jays win the Yankees lose incredibly the Jays with a three game lead over the Yankees for second place in the American League East, the Orioles one and the Tigers wants to the Yankees, lead over Baltimore for the number eight playoff spot is now just down to a half game. Tell you gotta be feeling good about that your os right in it? Oh my gosh. I. Watched the mets game last night I was going bananas we got four Games against gangs this weekend looks Stores Oh it is so on and I jacked and the Yankees. Now, just a game Detroit who would have imagined that we'd be in this situation at the start of all, this will be talking about that with David Schoenfield coming up six Sanchez of the Marlins man does he look awesome? Is it'll be a two to pitch coming from sixto and he went around strikeout number one, four, six does Sanchez tonight, hell dial it up triple digits here six pitches into the ballgame it's overpowering a hitter, right? It's going to raise it at the top of the Zona Kuni goes around. So that strikeout number twenty on the year in this is fourth starts. With now, six more strikeouts yeah pretty impressive. He didn't just drag out a hitter. He struck a the Kuni junior one, hundred miles per hour at the top of the zone, and by the end of the night here are six of Sanchez's numbers for the year twenty, five innings in four starts a one point eight Oh era, a twenty five strikeouts to walks twenty five strikeouts in two walks for a pitcher four starts into his career I'M GONNA ask Paul Bikinis about how rare that is Max freed the best and most stable force and the braves tation went on the disabled list with back spasms his viola dropped precipitously in his last start. Before we continue, we need to talk about our friends at marathon oil. 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Welcome to the show maybe you're in the show with TV show and. David Schoenfield covers baseball for ESPN and Dave on this the Roberto Clementi Day I feel like that. It's important to remind people that he was a lot more than a great humanitarian and he is know baseball's humanitarian award is named for him. Of course, his life ended when he was making A. Flight to give relief to people who had just been devastated by an earthquake but I almost feel like now as time goes on people sometimes forget just how incredible credible, what kind of incredible player was and what kind of an athlete I don't know about you. But they're just some guys that when you watch the move and running throw, you're like, wow, that guy's an athlete like Jack flair cardinals now Fernanda tease junior clementi was like that for me when I was a kid. Yeah no doubt. He's one of those guys use a little before my time that you wish you could have seen play, right? Yeah. There's a few videos out there not a whole lot because there's not many from that era that we still have an existence. But yeah, obviously what a player three seventeen career batting average in a very difficult era again in the sixties with the big mouth for batting titles. Of course, he finished with three thousand hits on the Diet and like you mentioned yesterday. Without a doubt I. Think you know the greatest defensive right fielder of all time. And then nineteen seventy-one World Series He pa-. He was killed on December thirty first nineteen, seventy to the nineteen seventy one world series was a grand stage, Roberto, Clementi. He had four fourteen had an L. P. S. over twelve hundred. He was firing the ball all over the place in game seven of the world series. The pirates won that game behind Steve Blast. Tudo. One was Clementi who gave the pirates a lead with a home run off Mike Mike give a listen. That is fit well. Commentary. Pirates lead one nothing. Breaking. Point at twelve hip. One short now tying bobby pins all time. World Series Record. Thirteen hits in a seven game world series. Triple a homer yesterday and a home run today like his wing now look at him. tee-off. One hundred eighty pound body whipping around that's when he pulled the left center. Get the been the right yeah. So then the nine hundred seventy world series Brooks Robinson was playing third base for the Baltimore Oriels and it feels like that they're about one hundred and fifty highlights of him making defensive plays from that world series and it's the same thing with Clementi from seventy one like if you just Google Roberto Clementi and throw about three or four throws come up from that world series of one of those actually involved to play that with with Merv Redmond who I got to know and many years later when he was a hitting coach with the San, Diego padres and what happened on that. Play was it was a fly ball was at second base. There's a fly ball toward the right field line and CLEMENTI's racing from right center field over toward the right field line to catch and Moore was really fast and committee catches it, and then does basically a two hundred and seventy degree. WORL- and fires off his back foot from that spot to third base and merv barely beat it and we had about eight years later he said he couldn't believe it was that close he was just amazed by how committee was able to use his body and set himself up that way, and of course, make those incredible throws. It's true here. One thing people say it's too hard to measure defense. A lot of that doesn't show up in this stat. Oh, for guys agreed, our players don't run out of well, they tried to run on. Clemente but look at some of these assist totals buster. To Nineteen Fifty Eight, twenty, seven, nine, hundred, sixty, one, nineteen, you know I mean just you know seventeen and so on. So yeah, they knew he had the best arm ever. They tried to run on him and he still threw them out all the time in. The defensive staff from that era we kind of estimate what they are but Clemente's the charts better than each row Suzuki. I don't even know who else. I would put in that alkaline has married good stats of course as well but clemente defensively. Fifty years ago since he's played and nobody had matches them, he played in two world series I in nineteen sixty, then nineteen seventy-one fourteen world series games. You got a hit in every single world series game he played in six though Sanchez made his four start for the Marlins last night and wow David. He just jumps out at you when you watch him pitch and the numbers so far twenty-five innings to walks twenty five strikeouts, the Marlins have themselves as. Yeah. He was part of that JT mutual trail. I believe, right? You know he was a top prospect battled some injuries here and there while with the phillies that's one reason I think they were willing to part with them. But Yeah, man last night he hit one hundred a couple times he and Jacob degrom only starting pitchers to reach one hundred with their heater this year. But the thing that impresses me to walks in twenty five innings if this kid is gonNA throw strikes with that stuff he absolutely as as potential. So what you read on the National League as now that we got word from the braves yesterday Max freed going on the injured list at the moment the braves two and a half games ahead of the phillies three and a half ahead of the marlins five and a half ahead of the mets, I don't rule out any of those teams. Know, what we know how much Atlanta rotation has struggled outside of freed. So now without him man at rotation is still a mess. What cowl right last night with another. Bad Start is yeras over over eight. You know he's supposed to be a top prospect hasn't delivered the Phillies I. Don't know how they're doing it with that bullpen. They're in it and the MARLINS somehow. They pitch pretty well, if Sanchez is the real deal of the rest of that rotation solid, they have a shot mets live ground to make up I keep expecting him to win six in a row. But as we saw yesterday, they just can't. Rob's not on the hill that rotations amass mass can hit. Haven't hit with runners on base. So I think it's braves, phillies, Marlins I. Think all three of those teams are going to be battling down to that final weekend well in while all the teams in the National League Eastern Nash League central are in perfect at best because of this format for two thousand and twenty two teams in each of those divisions are assured of being in the postseason because sunlight past years, where was the first place teams in each division, and then you just take the best records to round out the wild card berths. The first and second place teams are GonNa be in the playoffs. Do you prefer this system or do you like the other? So he mentioned this to me, this is a possibility if the Yankees and the orioles both end up with a better record than the Astros. The Astros make because they finished second in the West Man. Can you imagine how ticked off Yankee fans will be that happens? I think he almost had to do it because you had to factor in the potential. Unevenness of the divisions in with all the Games being within your division or the corresponding geographic division it's Kinda hard to group the League's together. But yeah, we'RE GONNA, end up with the possibility of a team finishing with a better record and missing the playoffs. You mentioned the Yankees yesterday Brian Cashman was moved to go to Buffalo. He actually had been there watching his team as it was in crisis and hold a team meeting and basically try to assure the players maybe nudged them a little bit. Maybe put a little pressure on them. Maybe to telling them that he supports them fully but then they won out lost another game and incredibly. Their lead over the orioles for the eight spot in the National League is a half game. They have a one game lead over the Tigers only to over the team that's near dear to your heart the mariners. And I I did sportscenter yesterday and they asked me on a scale of one to ten. How much in trouble are the Yankees and I said seven and a half and trending badly because you know and I know the way baseball is it's not like. We're the Yankees. Could suddenly turn on a light necessarily run away from other teams. They have played all of these other teams into this race. You know you know the mariners they have legitimate shot the Tigers have a legitimate shot. You know as we come down the stretch in the enke's control that they have lost control of their own destiny with the way they performed. Remarkable. Watching the game last night they just left runners on base. You Know Look David Call, set it on the Yankees broadcasts. You know they're a five hundred team. This is who they are. This is no fluke. It's no accident. Yes. The injuries bla-bla-bla, but go through that roster and guys have not performed. They are a five hundred team. Do they have more talent than the orioles with the mayor's? Yes. Of course they do but they haven't played up to it. It's wide open. They had big series this weekend with with Baltimore. They still have what seven gained with Toronto and they finished with the Marlins so. Is Not going to be easy. I know our playoff odds still give him eighty three percent chance the orioles only Levin Point Eight and that's based on the talent level. That's guarantee it's wide open well, and you're right. That's based on track record for guys like Gary Sanchez like Labor. Torres Gleyber Torres hasn't had any impact this year he's not playing that well, he's not playing well, defensively is now playing offensively and Gary. Sanchez, I was texting with much evaluators yesterday about him like they're confused right the they don't understand. They couldn't imagine a couple of years ago. You'd have a situation that he would look this bad at the plate. One hundred and fourteen plate appearances and think about these numbers He has a total of five singles, one double and seven home runs in one hundred and fourteen plate appearances Pete that hundred fourteen plate appearances, five singles, one double seven home runs and forty eight strikeouts, and we saw this in the postseason last year and even the postseason the year before that where once he gets into a funk of any kind, it's like the pitcher can stand out there and yell to him. Hey. I'm going to throw a slider Lohan away, and for whatever reason, he's just not able to make an adjustment. This is the problem I have with the modern approach to hit it and Gary Sanchez perfectly sums this up luck is rookie eerie hit two, ninety, nine as a sophomore to seventy eight with thirty three home runs. He was not just a slugger he was a really good hitter since then one, eighty, six to thirty, two, one, twenty, five, it's home runner nothing isn't hit enough home runs to make up for all the nothing especially this year either he needs a total revamp of his entire game 'cause he has talent we've seen it he shouldn't be this bad I'm sure some of its mental, but it's also just the modern approach to. inning willing to live with the strikeouts to try to hit a home run and I think some players are negative negatively impact to buy this style of play and Sanchez is is case number one boy so much swing and miss, and again in you know in the toughest games of the year when you need your best players to step up, he has struggled in the postseason You know we saw that in the first couple years cody bellinger with the dodgers, and then as time has gone on, it seems like he's beginning to make adjustments. But that's you know my question about Gary Sanchez as we go forward and it's interesting because. I really feel like that while we've talked about how this winter's free agent market is going to be really bad for a lot of players because of the volume of free agents, all the non tenders it's like and I'm going to write about this some in this Sunday's column. It's like if you look off on the horizon like all the. A weather formation that's gathering perfectly for jt Real Muto beside. He is going to be the most prominent free agent this fall, and he's already got the Philadelphia phillies invested in them. They absolutely love them. They love him as a player. They love him as a as a teammate as a catcher. He's got bryce Harper in a basically advocating for him to be recite. so He's already got one big market team. Coming after them, then you have the New, York mets with new ownership, Steve Khan, richest owner in baseball he can outbid anybody for any player. He wants the mets need a catch your long-term. So that's to potential teams and I just the last couple of days in watching. Gary Sanchez struggle it occurred to me like you know what I wonder if the Yankees. Watch and see how Gary Sanchez struggled defensively last year to the point that they made a lot of adjustments with his defense and how he sets up. If they might say, we don't know about Gary, Sanchez, we don't have confidence necessarily in on the other hand jt. Real. Muto that guy's athleticism is so phenomenal while you know be thirty years old for catcher might sound older. He just looks like somebody who could play and be successful players for years to come. So it does feel like you have at least two teams maybe more than that jumping in on the bidding on him no I agree and this May. Be a little unfair you know and certainly if George Steinbrenner was still rattling the team, there's no doubt. He would make Sanchez the scapegoat for this season right I'm not gonna say that's going to happen with the current ownership. Eh, the current front office, but it does feel like a change of scenery might be needed for everyone involved here. You know like you said, he's never going to be a gold glove candidate behind the plate. anyways. Real Muto is just going to be true to a player more reliable. You know the kind of guy he want handling the pitching staff you know his Sanchez GonNa take the blame. For some of the struggles of the pitching staff it's hard to kind of get those reports this year. But that certainly has been the case in the past and I'm with you. If the Yankees look I know they got all that money and Garrett call they're gonNA have to maybe coney up for Aaron Judge Down the road but jt rail who is absolutely perfect fit for them yeah and I wonder you know big picture is the Yankees look at the players they want to invest in if Aaron judge is injuries begin to begin to factor in where they feel like you know what don't know. If we want to you know throw it on two hundred million dollars is something in that range, for Aaron, as much as they love his at bats and they love power and his star power is that something somebody who want to invest in or would you rather spinoff and you know find pitcher to invest in or someone like rail? Muto it's GonNa be really interesting off season for the Yankees especially, if they don't make the postseason and there's a a large internal assessment based on just the sixty game season before you go give me a handicap, the American league central you think's GonNa win that three team race. I guess we always default to pitchy right so I'll go with. Cleveland that rotation just so stellar. The twins I think they're gonNA. Finish third they just haven't been bashing the ball like they did last year other than Nelson Cruz I think to a man everybody's having a worse were season the white sox they're right at their them in Cleveland plus fifty to render differential. But when in doubt the fall to starting pitching in that's Cleveland, totally agree with you all right sir, I appreciate it. Very good. This is one of the moments remembered from a Berta commence career. This is right after the pirates won the nineteen seventy, one world series Clementi was named the MVP and legendary broadcaster Bob Prince spoke with him and you'll hear Clementi as they talk, ask his parents for his blessing in Spanish give a lesson. Life? People are. I. I. Told my mother is probably. ME I. saw. Before, we move on we need to talk about our friends at draft kinks. 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I runarounds Cincinnati, by two hundred points by you. On This is Hembo. Knows in Hembo is Paul Katie's researcher ESPN is also a haunt you on the show get up. He tells us he's the head Honcho and you've got to be in studio today. Hammo, tell us that story. Today was a big deal over here. So since I don't know what it was like the second week of March like everyone else I have been working from home working remotely and look when you sign up to work at ESPN. It is your dream the apart of a live studio experience as I've had the opportunity to do for so long it is not your dream. To Be Texting, e-mailing famous people from your mother in law's couch, and that's what I had been doing before. So going back in the studio today being a part of it feels dynamic again obviously, it's it's a little subdued in different here everyone's keeping their distance and wearing the masks and all that. But it felt like a little slice a normal and I think all. Of US at a time like now can really appreciate that well, between signing autographs for all this people who've been missing you you did answer one of my email this morning about the performance of Sixto Sanchez of the Marlins in his first four starts in the big leagues remarkable stuff twenty, five innings just five runs allowed a one point eight Oh, you're a twenty five. strikeouts in two walks, and of course, I saw that I'm like man that never happens and I emailed you about that. What did you find out? Well, that happens more often than we thought a handful of times in the last handful of years including Masahiro Tanaka, Brendan McKay, and Elias Back, and said, you know it's really not all that rare. But Buster, it's not really the the. Numbers that jump out to me as it relates to six though Sanchez, it's the stuff I mean, you watch this stuff when this guy is totally electric I mean like built for the touching Ninjas twitter feed and as a as a phillies fan. Obviously, he was a mega prospect for us. He seems to have become the crown jewel of that organization in slowly but surely the. Moments a really building something that fastball changeup Nick that he has is completely vile, and if he can develop a a legitimate third pitch sits compliment often that change up and play plus I. Think we're looking at a front end type star the question I have as it relates the Sanchez's future is how durable not the biggest guy in the world, but it stuff is. Electric I've heard people use the the name, six inches and Pedro Martinez in the same breath. So I was just talking to David Schoenfield field about how all the stars and moons are all lining for JT Real Muto in free agency. The course the phillies want to retain him the mets have new ownership, and then just watching Gary Sanchez in recent days and how much. He's struggling wondering you what another big market team, the Yankees who knows maybe they get involved in that into this point. That's all speculation on a scale of one to ten Philadelphia Phillies. Fan Bitterness. How bitter would you be? It'd be Sixto Sanchez dominating for the MARLINS. The big piece and jt winds up signing with some other teams besides the Phillies Oh, twenty, five something like that. That's it would irk me to no end as well. It should because phillies fans for a year have been talked told radio and sank. Let's lock this guy up. We have the best catcher in baseball while. Possibly let them go. Of course if if we can retain them, it's has the money. We know they have more money than practically any team in baseball and look I've never been one who has this sort of sellers remorse after one of your prospects becomes a study elsewhere. So long as you got what you signed up for it and affiliates have gotten what they signed up for but if they sort of any sort of financial pressures or allow themselves to get up or even don't make a real pushier for the end of the season when they have rights to him and no one else does. Most of you will be enraged speaking of the Yankees they've been struggling. What do you make of that? Well. There are two areas in particular that stand out to me about their last twenty games in which they're five and fifteen buster number. One is that there lineup lacks LANC lanky eight nine hitters or batting one, fifty five with a league low OPN during that stretch for context eight, nine hitters in the National League at a to ten last year that was was before the d. h. rule is wanted to affect they have automatic outs the bottom of their line of. Their pitchers can't swing the game buster to the back end in innings five and six during those twenty games. So that's forty innings total. The Yankees have allow twenty four extra-base eleven of which are home runs and fifty one runs. We know the back of the bullpen is is terrific even despite some of the injuries that they've suffered but if you can't swing the game in that direction and you're not getting any light from your starters. Good do either of them do that's a major problem area for this team right now, it's really exposing this club in a way that's causing them games, and these are now really meaningful games. Last thing that I'll say plus they built a team during much for their ballpark to deal the homer Owen nine that she when they when they haven't homered, they won a game yet and which they have not hit a home run. That's a real concern when you can't manufacture runs and you don't have the kind of lengthen your lineup that you anticipated one of the teams ahead of them in the American league standings, the Tampa Bay rays who have this incredibly versatile roster. What he got there again. So they're twenty, two, eight since August eight it makes them the best team in baseball over the last calendar month or two things they've done really well over that span. The first is extinguished fires in the bullpen they're only seven forty, six inherited runners have scored against the raise during that time that is by far the best rate in baseball, and secondly there lineup chases opposing stars, Tampa, eight forty, five ps against starting pitchers during that time. That's the fourth best baseball further he's please forty three games this season forty, three games these forty, two unique lineup. There are plug and play. They have no unselfish on that team the fact that they've. Given catch US pulled out a different lineup in all one one day this season only one duplicate lineup is is a remarkable. It really speaks to the versatility they've built down there. And lastly, today Roberto Clemente will be honored I'll all around baseball we've heard from him a lot and heard about them a lot today in the podcast. Would he got on Roberto Clementi? Well Clinton is to Latin America Jackie Robinson into the black community as as as best I can tell as a player buster his throwing arm is what most stood out to me the all time record for rightfielder instantaneously with thinking garbage can at the third base as practice targets for throwing out baserunners as a humanitarian. Of course, he staged these baseball clinics for low income children in Puerto Rico, and visited patients in Pittsburgh's Children's hospital during the season, and of course, he ultimately died doing that humanitarian. Work, committee was inducted into the hall of fame by special election, of course, in Nineteen, seventy three and is the only player enshrined posthumously before he would have turned forty years old. All right Hembo. Good to talk with. You welcome back to studio. Now go home and don't come back for another week. That's right. That's what they're telling me over here later boys. Leisure tweets. Already Buster bleacher tweets for Wednesday I up Andrew desalvo at salve ocean in for teams that fall short of expectations. For example, the Yankees I hope he includes in parentheses is it possible? Their manager GM could lose their jobs based on the team's poor performance or will owners give them a pass due to this season's circumstances and we've talked a lot about high. In Bloom but what about elsewhere around the League Yeah Anaheim Bloom save his job is safe I. think more what I was mentioning with him is it feels like that. You know in a year when there were a lot of expectations for the, red sox at could SORTA go about his work and no one noticed but the red sox have struggled so much. that. I. Feel like that. You know what? Maybe the clock starts to tick this year I can't imagine did either Brian Cashman or Aaron Boone would be in trouble You know they're very highly regarded within the Yankees Organization. You know one name that's brought up a lot in baseball circles is at a billy apple, the general manager of the Angels He's in. The last year of his deal the angels you know had hoped even in the sixty game season to perform well but again, they've lacked starting pitching Shohei Ohtani had the injury that he had. You know what we'll see what happens with belly but I know folks with other teams are wondering about whether or not he's going to keep his job moving forward. Next up, we have buffets the back guy. slayer. At will wheels. PhD. That's a good little run there he writes in favorite Lou Brock story white met him at a function but didn't know who he was because her only frame of baseball reference was the two thousand fourteen Indians she asked Brock I hear that used to steal bases but were you as good as Michael Born to which he replied all most what a great story and it absolutely falls right in line with the stories I've heard about Lou Brock and how nice he was as a person that he he would deferred to that excited fan fired up about Michael Born. Very. Cool. Last one for today. Andy Peterson. At m. a Peterson writes in hello buster Taylor. The L. Central has taken the goat Rodeo title from the NFL West Three teams below five hundred, the cardinals outbreak, and yet they're listed in the playoff to spot cubs with the lowest win percentage of all division leaders is that one the Goat Rodeo division for you at the moment buster I could be I would say this the national. League East is also in that category especially, as we get news about Max, reads injury like the one stable part of the braves rotation. Now he's out to and you know the the phillies have been playing a lot better. I don't think we could completely rule out the mets. The marlins was sixto throwing so well that that's going to be an interesting divisions. Well, yeah. But the national league central is a great candidate for that. A lot of fun coming down the stretch here. Thanks for writing and everyone has bleacher tweet on twitter and please subscribe to rate and review this podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. That's it for today. My thanks to Dave to Hembo and Taylor thanks for listening everybody stay safe and remember hate inequality based on race is something we need to fight against every day, and in that vein, listen to the last interview that Roberto Clementi did this is from October of Nineteen seventy-two, the broadcaster named Sam Nobre this is Roberto Clementi. People like Joe Namath and Muhammad. Ali. For example, who could easily be categorized with you Roberto in the greatness as an athlete have no inhibitions at all about allowing the public to come into their private like maybe they do secretly but certainly, they don't disguise it. How do you feel about athletes like name finale for example, who whose exploits The whole world knows about. Say That It's a little different model with Ali because I have admire this man because I don't Mi- I might not go with the idea that he has. I think everybody think different. I Don I. Don't know what all the idea he has as a as a professional athlete. I admire him a lot because. he's a fillion person. most of the. Going public on the fact that he put in public. He doing hisself a promotion for his fight with his job. And I admire him for that name as A. Nation make him I on the. Is they tried to they making my playboy and over boy which. This is something that had to grow in the in the personal also. And I don't say one thing the other because they do their job does their business but to me I can be like that I I gotta rest. I had to rest on much as I can. And I think that. The little different story because. I've been the liability minority group I Puerto Rico, I'm black. And I have between the wall. So. Anything I. DO I I re recruited them because I'm black. I'm sick. I would reflect on me because I am Puerto Rican. But with this might tell you that to me. I always respect everybody on socks to God when I grew up. I was raised I was I was raised. By my father and then there were told me to hate anyone or they never told me to this leg will because the racial we never talk about that the mother of parks I I started listening to this talk when I can state. So to me. I would say that. This. Is something that I love everybody on the. And I have to be very good for what I do because ym so I. Give you a somber I was in New York one time by furnace on furniture under the people my was was going to have a baby. And we'll we used to around on the people they meet us out the door and they said they, what do you want? To see showroom I, see some furnish you. On this world, let's wait for a little bit and we want to send somebody to. Lord to see what we have. So. They said that they have one floor furniture. And so they to. To Rio Rio place where I they they. They shot the funding wasn't the showroom wasn't the furnished now they were showing up upstairs. And I said, we will see these phony two downstairs that wasn't the showroom and they said, well, you have enough money to buy that. I say how it you know that I don't have enough money a world, but that's very offensive. I said I would like to see it because I have the right to see as a human being supported by for you. So finally, they show it to us. And I remember I use hustle money a we went to Europe I me my my my wallet. I have five thousand dollars in my wallet. We said to do the whole amount money instead using this one combined. So they want to know who I was married or the top and. They find who I was. So they said, we seven stores seven, seven, seven floors four finish we wanNA short to you and. You know you will with was like a more for Rican. Railway. Just got mad I said look. Your Business to sell to anybody. I don't care if I'm Marie Cowan US or whatever you wanNA call me but. You see this was really give me mad because I have Puerto Rican you different from the other people. I have the same money that you are asking for but I have a different treatment with right now giving my wife different treatment I myself and my friend Puerto Rican I don't WanNa do anything about it. I don't want to buy your financials I walk out. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're playing fantasy baseball toe, forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN DOT com slash podcast. Center. Baseball tonight, the PODCAST.

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