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the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista s skinny. Today's show show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company. They're striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient and for people in the planet again. Special thank you to Baker Hughes. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode. I am so excited to be sitting here in Midland Texas with with our newly elected mayor of Midland former pastor of stonegate fellowship church business leader consultant and probably my favorite title host of the no neutral moments. PODCAST Patrick Peyton was good to be here. Thank you very much. Thank you so much neutral moments podcast. The podcast world. It's fun isn't incoming. Who's you talk to yourself? Others and people listen. I know how fun is that. Whoever thought you could actually do that for living? I love it. Well thank you so much. I'm so excited. Had It for you to share your story before we get started. I want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends family and colleagues listeners. From all over the world now. Even in France there's three listeners and freeze and of course right here in the Permian Basin. I really appreciate each and every one of you. I would also like you to go ahead and help I show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review in I tunes. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We are so appreciative of the reviews. We've received so far and for Apple Choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list a special thanks to Jim. Who recently left us a message? You've been on Lincoln so Jim Thank you for those kind words of course when you leave a message we will. I'll read it in the future broadcasts so thank you so much. All Right Patrick Peyton. Thank you for being home. Most people don't remember. When stonegate was a portable building across the St from a bell? Remember these days I drove by every day ended. See what you did and grow that church from that little portable. Walk us through to how you did all this where you are today. Well really. The story begins with people who invested in my life. You know years ago I had pastors and Friends I had particularly gentlemen in my life being raised by single mom most of the time that stepped into my life and taught me how to know the Lord and walk with the Lord and then they taught me how to believe in myself and go ahead and chase after some things that you thought might be impossible and so we were in the business world in my wife and I made a pretty fundamental decision to go ahead leave the business worldwide seminary and then this church in Midland called First Baptist Church which I'd never heard of a literally never heard of Midland Odessa. I was in Kentucky in Seminary Whole Series Of events of how gentlemen moved here to Midland who I was sort of an acquaintance with in in Oklahoma City called and said hey you wanna come start a church in Midland. Odessa didn't no anything about Friday. Night Lights literally. Nothing not even baby Jessica known. When I got here and saw the I went to a restaurant that had a news the newspaper hanging on the wall? Yeah Murray's Deli and I was like Oh okay that's one thing I remember so we came down here and first baptist. Church had had this idea of starting the church pretty much back in the eighties because of boom and bust. They decided it wasn't time which is funny when we moved here. Oil was nine dollars a barrel. The day I moved here my so the economy we had not gotten any better but they said let's go ahead and do it and so we gathered with a group of people and started over at Abell junior high and had the little portable building across off the street that we used and really what made it happen was obviously the blessing of the Lord. Amazing Group of core people who had bought into what we were trying to do. And we're willing to just try anything and I remember one time one service we took an army jeep and brought it up on the stage and we just tried anything to be creative and to communicate indicate going to be relevant and the next thing you know it went from about two hundred people today. I think it's got a membership of around twenty five thousand. Wow that's incredible. That is taking what is an idea and bring it for wish to making it happen. I know there are a lot of people along the way. But what do you think it was that made aide it so successful and that just brought in all these these these pictures to you because it was a fast growth. It seemed like I outsiders but I know it wasn't for for you that we're in a it was a long time right you know. I want to just preface all that by saying we certainly couldn't have done it if the Lord had blessed it and put his hand on us but I think we had decided we wanted to create an environment where people felt like they could just show up any way shape or form and remember. This is back in the day when that was not not very common. Churches now have a more relaxed feel more welcoming field but people weren't doing things like parking lot teams who were out there greeting people and coffee in the mornings. The this was all new back. Then this is twenty years ago so we just created a welcoming atmosphere one of the first messages I preached align the stage with with with luggage and I said so. Here's the point. Just bring your baggage and I love it and so that started happening. I think more than I even expected it to happen. And the the word being real is so overused but back then it wasn't overused and we thought okay. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA bring down the walls so to speak. Come on in and I think that just struck a nerve with people and people who had stayed here in the basin. We're looking for something fresh and looking for something new and we. It just began to see stories where people had given up on Church decided to come back and for some of those people who became a lifelong church for them others. It became something that they needed for a season and they went back to maybe a church. They'd grown up in. But I think we just found ourselves at a perfect season a perfect time to see this happen. And and also tell you this when I moved here recalled all the pastors kind of around town. Not all of them several to see if I could just learn about the basin in one pastor in particular golf course wrote his name was Ronnie White my neighbor he. He was my next door neighbor for many years until just incredible man Golfer to yes he came and met me and just really kind of took me under his arm and back then for those who've lived in Midland for more than twenty years. You'll remember back then. Golf Course Road had this big celebration. They would do once a year and they did it in the shop center in this particular years ninety nine. I mean we've just gotten started. And he called me and he said Hey we're GONNA have the shop center filled with people. There's going to be eight thousand people there. I want you to speak and so you know I thought wow that. Not only. Is that an honor. But how humbling is that. That a form of pastor of one of the largest churches in town says hey I want to just give you an opportunity to speak to the city even a different denomination and so people like that. WHO said I WANNA give you entree to the city? I've spoken golf course road and there was really just a sense in midland back then. Well the industry wasn't doing anything and and so you're thinking there's gotta be life somewhere. So I think that was attributable to the to the rapid growth. And then I'd be remiss if I didn't mention and I probably would still say we had and have the best music basic AB in Texas. These guys are amazing and people would come in and listen and think wow I mean you know it was a letdown to go from music to the message but guys like Tyler Dodds David mcreynolds and Craig King just developed this reputation for a worship ministry than we did live recordings. Wow it was. It was just just a should nominal ride and now the churches is thriving and we had a part of being a part of that huge part. And of course I have to mention your beautiful wife. Wife Cindy who's just incredible and I know that family is so important to you and to be able to raise your family through through these years and now the the kids are growing up right on grandkids. The grandkids three of them. Well third. It's a beautiful thing and that's not there yet but I've heard it is beautiful. I just WanNa say you know just that. I'm sure none of this could be done without the support of the family because I know that it takes it takes a village. And what a powerful. We'll just the story of stonegate and what you did there. So congratulations to you and to your family became an amazing. Cindy was from the day that I said. Hey you think we should just sell everything. Hang and go see what God will do. which is what we did back in ninety six for her to just be the kind of woman who said because we had a very successful business career and for her to have a bigger view of of life? And say let's do it and there was no will you're going to do this. You'RE GONNA have to do that in for anybody listening to thanks. Oh you just made her do it. No actually she's the one that said I think you can do this. And off we went and then when it was time to leave stonegate when we decided maybe our season has is winding down. You know it was my wife who said let's not be afraid. Let's press on and then when we came to this thing about running for mayor you know I was even a little bit doubtful. And she said no man. Let's go and so quite frankly. She's kind the power behind. It all. Awesome congratulations again on on becoming the mayor of Midland. I know you will officially take over in January and I wanNA talk about that in just a second second but first I wanted to engage on your no neutral moments podcast because that started about I wanna say in police crack me six months ago. Six months twenty twenty seven episodes ago. Okay who's counting but what I love. There's so many things I love about your podcast. I love this week's podcast on this slow church. Slow turn slower Journo your turn because it's so important during not only the holidays but just in life and this is something I struggle with with a talker for a living is the the rate of speech and you even got me to slow down in my car today. So thank you for that. But it's so important the topics topics that you're covering because now where before you were just reaching your stone Gamer. I feel like now you can reach a broader audience. And I really feel like you're connecting connecting on so many levels. Do you have a favorite topic. I know there's been what fear to giants to cultural kick bag. And what was the other paradigms do you you have a favorite topic you've covered so far. It's always paradigm just being challenged with the way I'm thinking in the way I'm seeing the world I think the older I get. I think thankfully I'm even even being confronted more with the how easy it is for my paradigm the way I see reality to harden so quickly and maybe that's even why the whole slow your turn down thing I am just finding especially if you're in the Permian Basin everything is going so fast and then a breakneck speed if you don't make yourself slowdown in Challenger conclusions on assumptions. You're GonNa miss something you're going to miss an idea more importantly you're gonNA miss the person I'm the kind of personality that's wired to drive in which means I'll probably walk by someone Probably Missa facial expression and and that's where the whole no neutral moments thing came from was literally going through life and being in an airport and someone coming up to me two or three days later saying hey I saw you in the airport. Thanks for smiling and I think I shared it in the very first episode that I was in I was in the airport in Las Vegas and which is not a happy place to be all. It's really not an I remember where I was standing in an just remember my real thought process but part of it was just be careful how you look right now and and I've been standing there for I don't know how long are sitting there waiting on a delayed flight in this lady comes up to me and she says I've been watching you from a distance and I just WanNa tell your facial expressions have been very kind to everything around you those creepy. I thought you've been staring at me for thirty minutes now right but the other thing was there's just not a moment you can. Disengage when you do decide to disengage. Then you'd better to decide what is where you're going to affect yourself and not other people around you and then I just think about the people whose lives affected me that I watched and realizing man this thing's meant to be be engaged and but then I needed a reminder with this last episode man you better it came from I told myself dude you better slow your turn down. And so like I said the podcast text slower Texaco and complete sentences. Think a little bit and now in this role as mayor as I'm drinking from a fire hose of what's going on. I'm the kind of person who will jump to a conclusion or idea pretty fast right or wrong. But I'm I'm having to just slow my listen down. Slow my listen down and I think I said at the podcast. You know you've got a problem when as you slow yourself down. You're uncomfortable all right so I know I've got a problem. See I feel the same way I told myself. Oh I need to pause more before. I think it's because I'm so excited right at about about everything life and and what's happening and kids and I feel like sometimes after listening to that. I need to stop and listen before for I respond because it's so easy to just keep going or to formulate the answer when the other person's talking like like you mentioned and I just thought Oh oh that hits home and then we also shared the the love of the new movie about Tom. Hanks about excuse me Mr Rogers by Tom. Hanks which I feel like top. Tom Is probably pretty similar to Mr Rogers but he spoke so slowly and I just thought he really did. He really thought about his words before he said them. And what a beautiful place that we would live in if people really thought we already delivering a beautiful place but even really thought more before they respond and what impact tactic can make. Someone told me long ago. The thing that irritates you the most about somebody else's probably something that's happening in your own life so when I watched that movie I was so irritated by I I thought could you speed this thing up. We could be out of here. It was a little slow. It was surf bettys lesson. I call myself going. Wow I mean if this is even remotely true about how wow this man operated it. Was You know even the phone conversation when he first made contact with the reporter and he said no the most important thing in my life right now is I'm I'm having a conversation with you man. I'm thinking about the next conversation. And most of our so it's just and then as you get older like ours are grown now wearing the grandkids. Now even slowing those conversations down with my kids and I just lasting say about it one of the the guy who called me the first time to come to midland. He's a very good friend of mine. A dear friend of mine. We are wired completely opposite but he's one of those people that has taught me over the years because when he listen to me and he's never been different than this. I found myself going. Are you GonNa talk faster than this. Because this conversation could go faster. But he's thinking about what he's GonNa say so it's a hard lesson and it's something I have to remind myself of a lot and then just to put a bow on it. Just remember that. There's probably not a chance to go to what I'm going to rose's or I'm going to go buy clothing here or wherever it is even just remembering someone across that counter. WHO's trying to help me insane? If I can slow down a minute to just mean it when I say have a good day and be kind to him in there. You've traveled a lot and I you know when I travel. I travel a lot now. And just those ladies and guys who are helping me at the ticket counter just to slow down and how you doing and and I know my flights delayed but you know we're cool here and then you find out they want WanNa help you because the guy in front of you was a complete jerk and so there's no place it's not applicable right truly can make a difference by slowing down slow at Balad food. Let's talk about something that happens in all of our lives. And it's what my husband and I was called the transitions transitions and a lot of people here. In Oil and gas Are Making some transitions. We are a fluctuating industry. What advice would you say to someone that is maybe either making a life transition? They just moved here. They're moving way. They're changing jobs to podcast. They're they're they're changing their life and transition or they're going from children in diapers to now now. The kids are out of the House men college so it's a tough topic well again. I'm thankful for a guy named Ron Fischman. Who has since passed away decades ago When I got my first real career break mazing story but I ended up being trained by him alone and people who've known me for a long time no that my absent Absent the Bible or seconds in the Bible. My Second Bible is the Book Seven Habits of highly effective people and most of your listeners and my listeners will say oh I read that book but as they say in the book to know something not do it is to not know it and I've worked that book over and over and over again and I just finished going through it again. Working in the workbooks books so the answer to that question is I have found. That transitions always work themselves out as long as you have worked yourself out in other words if you don't know who you are if if you don't know what your values are if you haven't delineated those values I carry in my briefcase a personal constitution. It has thirteen guiding principles in it. I've been working on on that since October. Twenty Seventh Nineteen Ninety. I can I carry in my briefcase. The original one that I started working on in once you begin this process of sort of if you think of the Word Constitution you know what guides us as a nation is we have written out these guiding principles and no matter what comes at us. We're guided by these principles. So I found that the people who have the hardest time with any transition are the people who have been defined by the situation. They're in rather than by the person they are in the situation. So if I come across someone who's just having a nervous breakdown that that's probably a little harsh with having a difficult time with a transition. The first thing I'm GONNA ask him when they say what do you think I should do. Is I'm going to say well. Who are you and you can also find that out with parents who become kids centric and so when all of a sudden you're empty nesters if your identity has been wrapped up in the kids then you're wrapped up in the wrong thing you need to? I know who you are and then help them become who they are. And then you don't change you mature but you're able to make a transition a little more easily and you find that once you become even more settled in the WHO that you are and the principles that guide you then you begin to see changes more is just another opportunity opportunity. And that's it goes back to when we decided to go pastor. I didn't have this. Bright light from the sky shine on me. We knew who we were. We knew it our governing principles or principles were and I had avid governing. Principle says be willing to risk more and so when we looked at it we just said. Wow Hi this is a risk it. The other priorities or values were important to us. And we're like okay. Let's get after it and who we were stayed the same the the profession we were in did not I mean the profession changed. And that's just been something we have followed and if the constitution has created a filter that every decision vision passes through in our lives and so when people come in. They're having a difficult. Time doesn't mean you don't pray about decisions think about decisions but transitions become less daunting. Because you just you're solid and who are so the transitions just another phase. That was just a title. Whatever that thing was right it was a season is a season was a season and and it's actually with parents love that who are who gets so kids centric? The problem with that is if you become kids centric they become Tom Parents centric than they can't even figure out who they are. And you know the best thing that can happen is in is the hardest thing that can happen is as your kids get older and they literally just make this break and you sit back as apparent go. Wow like they just took off. Well well that's what you're supposed to do and all that's the goal and but I'm afraid that too many people just think job centric kid centric than they become A hobby centric. But they still have not taken a look inside Tut not to become self centric but to become self identified and then once you become self identifying you can face anything I love that self identified centric. I love that. That's a good future topic. I just think it's something that we all face at some point. It's it's just it's a hard thing to navigate for for a Lotta people and make sense what you just said that if you know who you are. It doesn't matter what's going on in that next season. You're still who you are as long as you know I. I love watching so I'm a huge football fan college football fan. Oh it's Oklahoma Home Alcohol and I love listening to coaches and players who know their script when reporter start talking to them and I know that they're being taught at this but if you pay attention to them they're really boring interviews because coaches say the same thing we know who we are team. We're GONNA celebrate this victory for twenty four hours and then we're going to start working towards the next victory. We know our identities team we were not influenced by what people say outside of us. We don't pay attention to social media. We do what we do. In professional athletes athletes. Say as you and I are fully aware your sons who play golf you know. You're focused on the game and you're always focused on the next shot has been Hogan you should say the next shots most important shot and but if you know who you are and you play within yourself then matter what course you play on you know and once you become comfortable as who you are as a golfer you you then realize. It doesn't matter whether you put me at Pebble Beach or whether you put me at Hogan Golf course a know who I am. I know what I can do and I can play this game because I now know who I am awesome. You're making a big transition condition in January. I know that that you are taking the office but first of all before we get to the office I wonder what was the election process like because I know that was all new to you. Yeah what was that whole process like. Gosh actually really sweet. We you know we made a decision when we got into it and I approached. Morales said look look man. I'm not getting into this because I've got something with you. I literally getting in it because I believe I should give this a shot and so I don't even consider myself running against you in. This was a great opponent as well and I just made it clear to both of them. This has nothing to do with the two of you and I'm GonNa Campaign from my campaign. I'm probably lean and I don't even think I can't even think through the campaign if I said anything about either one of them about an issue but I just said we're GONNA to get into this and run it clean and these are the principles we're going to run on and we just wait amazing team and it was just. It was exhausting. You know it was a it was a hundred days friend of mine. said it's going to be the most incredible hundred days of your life but you're gonNA be exhausted and I'm competitive enough to think. Now you were weak. You know I'm not going to be exhausted. The day after the election we had an event two days later my wife and I got an appointment went to Grand Cayman and I think we slept for three days straight. I mean it was chest. I didn't realize how exhausted I was. But the highlight of it was the people we met and I think every politician says that even use the word politicians just said that but we did these things called listening tours where we went all over all four corners of Midland and just met at a Coffee House met Martinez Bakery Minute for places and just said come. Kamal is talk. That was incredible. I just some of the Times. I just sat at a table and one by one people wanted to talk about an issue or I just talked to a whole room and just had a conversation -sation and it was there as well where the message was reinforced. Most of us think we know what's going on until we have a conversation than we realize. Maybe we don't know all the details and it just became. It was invigorating for me to to get into people's stories and that's another growth thing because when we started the church I'm thirty one and full of drive and there's probably if I go back a good third of that my career where I I didn't get to know people. I was being driven to build this thing. And now at fifty to a realized slow down and get in the story and that has been really cool is to slow down and getting the story and that's been the highlight of the campaign and even past the campaign just to get to know new people to have their or stories be told and to learn history of how we got here and and man just a you know even people who told me they loved the campaign trail I thought oh well that's the most host exhausting thing you're starting at seven in the morning you get done at ten at night and you're gonNA grind it out you're gonNA record a podcast right but it was. It was really cool. Well I think what you he said was so true about. Everyone has a story and I think that's what's so amazing about what you know. What those little the tours that that you really could see the inside inside of the hearts of the people that you are now going to be supporting daily basis? So what is your vision. Now that you know everybody and their hearts and their stories well my first vision is. I gotTa make sure my company stays viable. Because it's not a fulltime job. Great Point Seventy five dollars a month salary but right right now. It's I have discovered that you can campaign thinking you know what you're going to go do and then you get inside the people say okay. We want to let you take a run of us. Then you start talking to people who work for the city you start talking to the county and you realize man. We are in a really critical time. And we've got to figure out not just what's what's going on but where are weak as all of us who've lived here for a while even when we drive around now we just you get a sense. It's just so pressured. It's so intense and over the decades because our industry has brought us to this place. We have booms and bus. That are so extreme that we don't we're afraid prayed to long-term dream and long-term plan and so this process is beginning of looking at our long-term and as I said when I announced it in July ten on July Tenth I said we've got to have a paradigm shift in the way we think because we have inherited a wave thinking that says midland doesn't deserve to be as great as metroplex midland doesn't deserve to be one of the most important cities in the state of Texas and the nation so before you can start making those changes you got to believe that you're worth making those changes that we believe. Our school system should be the best in the state if not the nation that we believe our roads and our sewers should be great that we believe are park should be great. We have to change our expectation nation. 'CAUSE none of us we keep going back to this Gulf thing because we love golf we do. None of us go to other cities to to play golf and say you know it's probably going to be a decent course and that's all I expect we go to these places in these public courses and I'm not making my vision golf. I'm just saying to people we go to Dallas. We go the Frisco we got to go to. Phoenix could always places everywhere and we expect the city to be grand and great meet our needs. It's almost like we don't expect midland to be that an Endo Desa and we've got to change what we expect about ourselves that we can be a destination we can lead if we can lead the world in what we do below the ground we ought to be leading leading the world and what we do above the ground. I couldn't agree more I love living and Melissa tries to it it is. It's a great place to raise a family and the people are amazing. And I like what. So you're saying we just have to we. We all have to believe in. Speak it and for it to happen. I get so mad when I go to Phoenix and I'm like we live in the same kind of place we live in a desert to. Why is there Scottsdale? But we aren't even our own version of Scottsdale. I know you can't see camelback mountain in the distance. Who cared but the reality is once once we start believing about ourselves what we believe about our industry we can start changing some things? Will you mentioned education though. I have to just ask as you know there whereas a part of the election that had a bond to five hundred sixty nine million dollar bond on created some division within our community why the community was divided. It's really about the kids right. Everybody wants what's best for the kids. How do you mend those emotions and move forward? Well that's a great question because it's been on my mind. How do we men men this how to and we're not even to the end of it? Today they're opening ballot boxes and we don't even know how this is GonNa end but but I think one of the problems I saw. Aw when opposition arose over the bond was we as midlanders did not do a good job of respecting each other through the process. It's I don't even say it's an evil of social media but we I think we got a little bit aggressive in the way we even tried to to talk about this issue and and I even made a statement at a political rally where I told everybody I was being asked in this forum. This there was a couple of people there and they said. Do you support the school Bonn and I said I absolutely do and I said but I'm just telling you as a crowd there was probably. I don't know two hundred fifty three hundred people there said I'm telling you as a crowd whoever's doing this stuff online and whoever's I throwing bombs at each other quick calling people's integrity into play into play unless just debate the issue so I think we went a little bit angry I and there's there's legitimate disagreements I totally get it but there is a way to do this that I don't think we showed our best side in this process so now hopefully really as we move forward win or lose we can all just take a good hard look at each other and say look okay if it wins by eleven votes or loses by eleven votes. It's still a matter in how we relate together and let's let's circle back and make sure we keep addressing two situations which is academic outcomes as well as our buildings that need to be redone as well L.. I mean our kids are have gone to these schools. My kids grew up in the schools. And all that needs to be fixed. If we're going to be the kind of city we need the Bay so I hope the temperature goes down a little bit and we can look at each other and okay wait. Let's deal with the problem and not the people and so if we can kind of get down that road a little bit because because we're gonNA keep having hard conversations we gotta keep building more roads and we gotta keep doing things with our healthcare and it's going to cost us money and were fairly conservative environment. Yes all right. We're GONNA switch gears just a little bit. Have some personal questions for you. You have a favorite book or podcast. So the podcast question. How do you not answer that and say that? You're my favorite. I'm Ah okay besides your podcast. What's your favorite Pug Tim Ferriss okay. Is My by far favorite. PODCAST it's one of my favorite books. Tools the titans that he wrote. It's massive but it's I really enjoy Tim. Ferriss guests that he has. He deconstructs world-class performers. And it's really really a I just love it. It's a good podcast. So add it to my life. I listened to him and I listened to Andy Stanley and so as a pastor. Sometimes it's hard to find someone who you feel like pastors. You and Andy Stanley's the one I picked and so and the reason why is I was at an event the John Maxwell Sewell Event a couple of years ago where I'm speaking and Andy was speaking and John was speaking in house backstage. Sometimes you have these big personality people and you wonder what what are they really like. And so I get backstage and John. Maxwell's the nicest guy most real. He actually called me. Remind me to tell you this story I. I'd love to hear John. Maxwell call is is crazy. So I'm meet Andy Stanley backstage and he just engages me. Tell me about your shirt going on your leaving your church. I mean it's just amazing conversation and you could tell sincere and you know because I'm like I'm bothering you dude. You get sitting on stage fright totally cool and so however we got there. I listened to him that podcast first and then I could go on and on about books so that's a whole new subject. I don't mean tell you the John Maxwell House. The great thing podcast weaned goes long going on so two thousand thousand the year. Two thousand stonegate is going to build. Its first building and so we hire this consulting firm from John Maxwell back then he had a capital campaign firm. They don't have anymore so we get higher. We're one of one of their earliest customers and never met John through that but anyway because of that. I got invited to an event in Lanta where I met with John and about six other pastors from around the country is an amazing forty five minutes and you know whatever I had to pay for. It still still names. So I got to know his secretary his personal assistant and just through emails and different things because the secretary's husbands convoluted the secretaries husband was our consultant. Okay and so anyways. I'd met John a few times. We've had conversations be because of the generosity of Colin Sewell when he's had events and I've been a part of those so anyways I've finished this job I retire from stonegate prop up a company start consulting and traveling and I thought you know I would. I'd love to hear how John Transition from pasture to a career. So I write the secretary and I said so and so I know he's probably not going to call me or email me but I would be willing to pay my own way to spend just thirty minutes in Atlanta with John if you could schedule an appointment on care when it is well. I'm I'm driving home one day and I I know most people are like this is not just me when I get a call on my phone if there's no name attached to it and that's why we have voice so I'm just driving in my truck. I'm pulling into my a house literally. I can see it right now pulling into the driveway. And the call comes it ends and then boom voicemail POPs up Mike okay so I hit it and goes visit John Maxwell. I'm just sitting here. Thought I'd give you call. I'm freaking out on. What are you talking about so I hit the call button knock you know? And he answers answers to me is like Patrick how you doing. I'm freaking out like you really called and tell me about what you're doing and we just had this forty I five minute conversation. About how much are you charging when you go speak. And he needed chart. I was like wow this is happening I mean I know some people are like. Oh you're really that crazy about John Maxwell you would make to pick up the phone and call any gosh. It was super cool. That was one of those Mr Rogers Rogers moment. I almost didn't take your call. I didn't take your so. He's he became again. The real deal you know that is a great story. Thank you so much that I have a few more questions. I know we're running out of time but I want to know what is the most important lesson you've learned in life so far I know we I feel like I learned something new every bag. Wow the most. You should've told me this game. I know that's a big one of the most important lesson I've learned. Never give up on people and it's not just a second chance or a third chance. Don't quit him. People quit me when I was a teenager and it may take time. Forgiveness may take time reconciliation may take time understanding may take time but don't quit people and now they get one don't quote them that's again one. What are you looking forward to next in like my next role or next next in life it can be anything so our key? I always ask people what their dreams are. I used to do that was seniors in high school and always ask him when I first met him. What your dream so I have this dream list? I keep in my computer. In one of Mr Race the Baja one thousand ooh race motorcycles. And so I'd love to raise the trophy truck in the one thousand and past that my dreams have changed a lot literally with the onset of grandkids. Kids do over the years. Don't they you know somebody told me. The only thing he gets day for the rest of your life is go. See your grandkids all your vacations. I mean like all right fine cool I mean that's it. It's I become that boring individual. I'm like I don't think that's boring if I can go see my grandkids and hang out with them and you hear them yell at me. My GRANDPA names boomer. So you know just to hear them say boomer you know it's just for them to fall asleep on your chest when they're that little and then for them to go watch their little baseball games. It's the best that's wonderful. What do you want your legacy to be my legacy it? I would love for my legacy to be. Don't let your past define your future and if you can dream it at least give it a shot and don't be afraid to fail. Oh good I feel like you're you're living legacy you're doing all those things now giving it a shot finally. Is there anything coming into this interview that you thought. I hope the listeners know this about me you know. Sometimes you kinda think you know. What are they gonNA ask me? Is there anything we haven't talked about that. You really it is on your heart that you want to share you know. Probably not probably nothing except we talked about earlier you and I share this same attitude were very driven and and I hope that people will realize when they're listening to me or they're listening to my podcast or whatever is that sometimes are driven. This comes from the fact that we know we personally have to get better and don't give up on us and give us a chance. It's and and just because I didn't say hi that time that means trying to ignore you and let's make sure we're giving each other a real serious chance and to know that we're all gonna mess us up. I'm GONNA mess up. You're going to mess up. We're GONNA screw something up but at least you know has theodore. Roosevelt said. It's not the critic matters. Is The guy in the ring. WHO's fighting the battle and we're just figuring handed out I feel like at fifty two just starting and I'm excited about what could be ahead and realizing that every day's an amazing gift an amazing gift left and don't be afraid to dream? Don't be afraid to write these things down and take the end of the year to slow down and maybe get along with journal and look at what you did this past last year and say you know how much was really worth at John Maxwell Tommy that he sits down at the end of every year and goes through calendar and says what did I do. Do I repeat that. Do I do that again. He's Times was really really precious. And I guess the last thing just came into my because I just shared this with young dad before I came over here. Ride your kids notes. Random letters you know. We used to do that. uh-huh life and I did that as they were young. And especially you DADS to your daughters you know. Ride your baby girls letters and I used to write with dry race marker on my daughter's mirror in her bathroom room because I needed words being spoken to her. Like you are beautiful. Don't listen to people who don't listen to these negative things and and I'd write her letters when she was in college. Not type of mud writer letters and when she was living in the sorority house her sorority sisters would say as a letter. Come from Your Dad. Because she'd read them to the girls and write these letters just to your sons and ride them to your husband and wife in Iraq. I keep journals where I write. My Wife will notes in the Journal so she sees these things and these are things that will outlive you. You know uh-huh love that. Thank you so much I appreciate you sharing everything you're definitely living your legacy and you are helping. All of us become what we are. Designed uncalled and gifted to be. I love that and so thank you so much I feel like I learned from you every time I speak to you or hero podcast and so hopefully our listeners. Today did the same because that was. That was great. Thank you so you Patrick. It's time now to announce today's community. MVP and the community. MVP is the young women's Leadership Academy and this is part of the midland ISD School district. It is a choice for these students focusing on college preparatory academics Leadership Development through community service and health and wellness. I'M GONNA break down to the Y. W. L. A.. So the Y. W.. La opened this fall and serves grades. Six and seven for your one and eventually will expand band to sixth through twelfth grade the Y. W. L. A. is a partnership between mist and the Dallas based young women's preparatory network. This unique partnership allow all students to engage in a rigorous academic program and participate in field trips with a college bound emphasis enrichment classes and extended years summer summer learning projects that enhance the college preparatory curriculum science math engineering and technology stem receive special emphasis in this program. AM So what's so important about this. I WanNa let everyone know the applications for grade. Six seventh and eighth or opening January twenty first of twenty twenty Jennifer. Cyber Weber is just amazing in her staff as well. These teachers are incredible. What they're doing with the young ladies and we encourage you to go find more information on Midland? Isd Dot Dot net again a special thanks to Baker Hughes or sponsor of Permian perspective. Of course the amazing Patrick Pate. Who shared so many words of wisdom with us today and that that concludes our episode of Permian Perspective? The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. So remember my life Matas dream big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey Guys Alex here with the events on December we'll be having to og N.. Happy Hours to kick off twenty twenty one will. We'll be in January in Houston. We have not announced a date yet. But we'll get back with you guys soon on that and we will be having our first happy hour in Pittsburgh in February twenty twenty also with the date coming soon so stay tuned on those upcoming events include the bells of Houston a masquerade unmasking. UNMASKING THE STIGMA OF PTSD. This will take place on December fifth in Houston the Latin America oil and gas summit is December fifth and six in Uruguay Uruguay the API Energy Houston chapter. General Meeting will be held on December eleventh. Two Thousand Nineteen in Huston. The wildcatters ball is taking place on February seventh twenty twenty in Houston and lastly the IP A leaders industry luncheon will be held on December Eleventh Avenue in Houston. That's all events for this month guys. Be sure to tune in at the beginning of January to see what's happening Ben tune in in next week for another episode of premium perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org G. N. dot com.

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