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It's baritone date, Thurston host of spit. I heart radio newest podcast, twenty three and me where we explore how understanding your DNA changes, how we think about ourselves and the world around us. We've got the why cleft John. We have so much more in common than you could even imagine you put two kids together. They're going to want to play. They're gonna wanna have a good time. They gonna wanna fall in. Love have opinions. This is every kid listen to the full episode of spit with twenty three and me in the iheartradio app four wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey, everybody welcome to movie crush it's many crush in time with me and Mr.. No Brown is I Mr. Noah Brown here too many crush with you? Chuck man. It's hot in here. I hate the studio. Should we take off all our clothes. That's that's a reference to nineties hip hop song. That's a reference to coitus. Yes. All right. Now we're gonna. Start off this week. We're gonna get right into it with a little surprise for you. I know one of the running jokes on the show is movies that you haven't seen that I'm flabbergasted by and people are starting to joke about that on the mini mini crush movie rush, waited. They think it's kind of like uncultured rube now it's just funny because people are like Chuck always saying what you haven't seen that. So here we go with a special little game called Knowles holes. Wow. So no, what I did was put together list of twenty films from the sixty seventies eighties and nineties, and from a variety of John rouse, but all considered classics and you need to respond whether or not you have seen this movie or not. Should we? We should we allow listeners to place bats, sure. Everyone. Just how do we do this. How many we talking here twenty twenty movies. Okay, so if my ratio falls, what's the over under? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I here's what I tried to do. I tried to just go across onerous so it wasn't like, you know. Tried to be fair about it. Yeah, I not stump you necessarily. So I think I, I'm going to say I'm going to do better than fifty percents. Okay. All right. But we'll see. All right. I'm gonna highlight the ones in green that you've seen number one fast times at ridgemont high. Sure. Okay. Yeah, that's the one with Phoebe Cates. Right. Of course. That's what you're remember. Yeah, coming out of the pool. All right to that car song. Yeah, we liked that movie. Okay. Great. Yeah. All right. Number two. No, unforgiven, of course the great Clint Eastwood western. I've seen that one. I, you know, I remember that actually came out on my birthday the year that came out. I was quite young, but I do remember it came on August eighth. And you saw? No, I did neither. Not see until years later. Oh, but you did see it read did came out, you know, and the during the Halcion blockbuster days. All right. Well, no, so far I'm very impressed to for to me to buddy number three when Harry met Sally. No. Oh. I have seen the famous orgasm scene, though on clips doesn't count. Okay. Knowles holes when Harry met Sally. Yep. There are a lot of shock people at right now. I haven't seen them number four. Is it any good when Harry met Sally? Yeah. No, the probably the best romantic comedy of time. Gotcha. Genuinely funny, wonderfully scripted, acted and directed. Classically fill that hole Chuck. It's very good. I had to actually watch that recently for what I thought was going to be a movie, crush appearance from Nikki Glaser. She was coming through town and she was all set. We are all set and then she had to cancel and I felt terrible and chief l. terrible, but we're gonna get her in here again. Sweet. I think goodwill hunting, yes course. Okay. How about them apples? Yeah. All right. You don't have to prove it. Roger Williams. Maybe should have to prove as the janitor. No, as the other way around. All right. You have no professor and Matt, Damon is the janitor? Yes. Is like the secret math genius. Okay. All right. Yeah, the usual suspects course. No, you are jamming. I think it's absurd. This notion that I haven't seen movies. Well, I think you're you're proving that in our king record. Okay, American Beauty. Yes. Okay. That's another one I saw a million times. I love that when Alan Ball, we're going to change the name of this from those holes. Do know, gets offended. Now keep it coming one flew over the cuckoo's nest. Yes. All right. He rips out the water found at the end. Throws it through the window, boiler alert, say anything? Yeah. I think that's one of those ones. I probably seen in bits and pieces on TV over the years. Kind of like Christmas story doesn't count. Okay. Deliverance, deliverance, sweet, like a pig. Great. I had a great interview with the guy that just Bernal's about how he like wanted to do his own stunt when he goes over that waterfall or like almost fucking died like because they were gonna time it, you know? Yeah. Yeah. So you know, you just can't down and then I'll just, I'll want throw myself this plucking waterfall and I'm gonna go down and I'm gonna go here and I'm gonna go left them. I'm gonna bounce off of this and then I'm an end up right there and it's gonna look amazing because they were going to do it with a dummy. And the director was at looks like a dummy. Bur l. fuck it. I'll do it. I'm crazy bastard. He apparently got caught in the suction. He went down so quickly, and then the suction kind of shoots out hit like tore his clothes off. Wow. And he ended up like broken and beaten and like make it, and they're like, who's that weird looking naked old man over there, and it was Burt Reynolds because he, you know, he'd just been thrashed crazy. And then when they look back at the footage ago, still looks like dummy. Really. That was the story. Moving on. All right. Number ten animal house. Now I haven't seen that one. Right? It's it's a pretty big hole. All right. Saturday Night Fever, no boy, we're on a roll. Have the soundtrack though vinyl, though the original Mad Max movie. The road warrior now now haven't seen it. It's three in a row. Number thirteen. Dr Strangelove course. Okay. A huge favourite. That's another one I could watch repeatedly number fourteen the graduate. Yeah, MRs Robinson you trying to seduce me. Okay. Number fifteen. The great escape now. Okay. Do you know what the movie? I don't World War Two escape from a prison camp. Moving starring pretty funny sister. It actually does funny parts, but boy, starring. James garner in in Steve McQueen and. A whole host of dudes. I'm blanking. Great movie. No nineteen. Eighty s some kind of wonderful. No. Wait. Wait. Is that the one non thinking of something wild, that's different. That is different. That's different. Some kind of wonderful red. Okay. Number seventeen. Footloose orig-. Nope. All right. One about the town where dancing is illegal. That's right. Kevin, bacon. Knoll number eighteen coming to America. Yes, in them. Okay. The McDougals right McDougal's that's the McDonald's restaurant. They were. The Scottish kills a love that your takeaway McDougal Dougals number nineteen, an American werewolf in London guessing that you're scoring. Well here reporting it out in and finally, all number twenty Amadeus. Nope. All right, everyone. Let's tallied up here one two, three, four, five six, seven eight, nine movies. You have not seen. You have officially seen over fifty percent. Hey, nice. All eleven of those. That's good. That was fun. That was fun Knowles. We might do that again. I gotta fill them holes. Yeah, maybe maybe what we can do is take some submissions, some listener submissions for Knowles holes. I think those that was a pretty fair smattering. A good sm- could smattering. Hey, movie Crushers. If you're thinking about saving money this summer, why not start by paying less interest on your credit card balances? 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All right. We're gonna move it over to social studies. Social. Weeks ago I asked about your favorite documentaries and you responded in kind with lots of great recommendations. I'm leaving this one up because we have like over three hundred documentary wreck's over there on the movie crush page, not movie, Crushers everyone and we're just gonna. Take down some of these Theresa tomorrow says the human planet from BBC and planet earth also from the BBC. Those are great Barrington Nate naturebox, Stephen Roche, dear Zachary, ooh, boy completely destroyed me. He says, emotionally, aside from that was masterfully shot at its base yesterday. We talked about dear Zachary on the show before that. That's a tough one Taylor, Ashley. I've not heard of this, but she says the toys that made us on net flicks, which I believe is a series. It's fun. She said is really good one about like Hello kitty and San Rio surprise and all that stuff is one about he man and and a lot of the cartoons that were. Like made specifically to market action figures. And there's one about Star Wars toys, which I think you'd probably dig Chuck. Yeah, because you're old. Getting back at me because of your holes. Yes. She said it's just a very kind of light. Fun nostalgic thing is kind of welcome. I enjoy. It was li- enjoyed it very much. It's good stuff. Benjamin Johnston, grizzly man, and encounters at the end of the world. I don't think I've seen that one, but it's grizzly man. John Millsaps says, HBO's going clear boy, Howdy. You kidding? I took a photo to when I was in l. a. of the Scientology productions over there in Los feeless race to live at Scientology central the celebrity centres over there. One of the main buildings production departments over there l. Ron Hubbard way on string of what is it Gilman street. Now that's in San Francisco. What's the street where the big Scientology center near the upright citizens brigade theater? Yeah, that's well, that's the Scientology center that right across the street from UC. That's where I'm thinking of that Franklin. Yeah, exactly. I love that area place called the bourgeois pig over there that I like really cool little record. Store and like most right there. I wanna say it's called counterpoint. I think yet, and there's a restaurant right next to be called birds pretty good a lot. Great part of town. Dan Maynard says it might get loud. That's the documentary, Jimmy page, Jack white edge. Did you ever see that? It seemed a little masturbated. Well, I enjoyed it, but what I wanted was more of the three of them together and they had all those, they tackled each one of them individually, and then finally brought them all together at the end. And that was the best part. And I was like, man, that should have been the documentary right there. Those very interesting. And I did love like just the reverence for Jimmy page from both of both just were like, okay. Yeah, epic, legendary guy. Yeah. Tony clued, Vic, great name dog town zebras agreed much much better than the lords of dog town movie that they made the fictional film doctorate in zebras, right? Yeah. Dog towns e boys the dog board writing guys. Well, kinds of just early skateboarding maverick site who were like fourteen, which is crazy. Joshua hall says, I know that voice. It's about voice actors. I think I've seen parts of that. Actually, Vanessa Cashman exit through the gift shop. Of course. Great banks, doc, did you see that banks news he like has self-destructed his own painting at seven power, man, that guy. I think everyone was kinda like, I think there was a percentage of people that were like what an ass and then the other ninety nine percent of the people were like, oh, that's great. Yeah, but the funny thing is apparently it makes the painting even more valuable. Well, yeah, of course because it's like now it's it's still there and it's been Bank Syed? Yeah. For those of you don't know Bank. He. Has a very lovely a picture of a girl holding a heart balloon that he had framed and this sort of big fat frame. That kind of looked strange. Yeah. Turns out that the the frame had a shredder in the bottom of it. No one knew this when it went to auction sold for like one point two or one point, four million somehow he activated, it must have been bluetooth or something. There's a video he put on his is, oh, shows how he did it shows him making the frame. Oh, okay. And then it shows like footage like clearly covert footage from inside the auction, so either him or wanted to plant? Yeah, triggered it remotely and the painting passes down through the bottom of the frame and and shreds conic. It is funny that though after I saw that and like the picture is still in there, it's not shredded and all just flew out. So it's hanging partially shredded down below the frame. And as soon as I saw that, I was like, well, that's going to be worth even more now than of course. That's the case. Go banks ago. Exit through the gift shop is such a smart move because I'm not even convinced that it's fully documentary. I think there's parts of it that are like manipulated and kind of like, I don't know the whole Mr. brainwash thing. I don't know if you haven't seen it. That's a fabulous film. Yeah, it is. That is like his whole, his whole jam. Punking the world. Lorraine Aykroyd says bowling for Columbine for stuck memory saw in cinemas so powerful and emotional, especially watching it in cinema that was like, when you know he think what you will about Michael Moore, like he certainly brought documentaries back to the forefront in terms of like being bencher and like, you know, like playing in theaters liters, very ill, Michelle lamb being crumb immediately came to mind, but OJ made in America also close second. Yeah, there's a great crumb. One of my favorite documentaries about the great artists are Danny garland says hero dreams of sushi of course, and som- SO m m about the Somalias wants a mall as dania. Both of those are both. Great. I always see that one popping up on the Netflix som-. It's good. I mean, especially if you're into wine, it's the must see, very, very intense that master Somalia's a test that you have to take very intense. Jamie Barney says brother's keeper from nineteen Ninety-two not a well known duck, but it took place about thirty miles for me. Yeah, totally myself brother's keeper. If you're into true crime, dig back into that. Everyone. That's a really, really good one. Very tragic, Tammy. Mitchell says spellbound best of all time. I love that one about the spelling bee. Yes. Wonderful, really sweet, very, very good movie. And these are so great documentaries. Does it get any better? Yes. William Anga says, I love this film has not yet been rated in king of Kong. He had those were both great king Ofcom was cool, and there was a development in that one recently where the the, the horrible Billy Mitchell is like kind of the big bully, Kong guy, Donkey Kong that is arcade champion in that movie. He got stripped of his title because he had been cheater reading. He was using emulator as opposed to actually playing on the gull and the console the the cabinet version, and you can actually mess with the frame rate on the emulator version. So it's like slower or something. There's there's a way he was doing it where he was Duke in the stats, a jackass, Duke. The stats never heard that we're. No, you haven't heard Duke in the stats? No, man, we gotta. We gotta take that wide. I don't know. I just make the, that'd be pretty cool. Surely, surely Duke in the stats you type in that shouldn't now? No. Travis share me says under the giant. HBO agreed. Just saw that great, great documentary. And then finally will finish with two more Joey. It's chew. King stats. I like Dookie stats better. I've never heard of either one. Yeah, I ju- king really bizarre. Jimmy Mallory. Old friend says, who is documentary on the Dana Carvey show to funny to fail, highlights the doom show and everything in the atmosphere was just right for it to not work out real shame really. Interesting. I haven't haven't heard of that sounds really good though because of heard about that show and you know, I had some legends on it, Colbert in smuggle and Steve Carell amazing at the check that out. Jimmy. Thanks for the wreck. Juke. The stats is a physically from the wire, the show the why really is what they talk about when they're trying to clear murders or whatever they're trying to like, you know, kind of make the murder rate seem lower than it is they call it ju ping the statute, the sense wondering, but I still prefer duping the stats. Interesting. It's Barrington Thurston host of spit. I heart radio newest podcast, twenty three and me that explores how understanding your DNA changes, how we think about ourselves and the world around us. John legend joined us to discuss how are we all related. We're not a nine point, five percent, the same. That point, five percent is an area. We have been eager to explore those small differences inspired a lot of -scriminate. I feel like we're becoming more connected. I feel like we're learning more about how much we have in common listened to the full episode of spit with twenty three and me. Now in the iheartradio app will wherever you listen to podcasts. All right on that note, we're gonna finish with stream this. That's right. What have been watching lately stream it speaking of the wire have been watching the deuce. Have you seen the deuce? I have heard that it's pretty good on HBO. It is the new show, I guess, from creator of the wire, David, Simon, and I think he had some some help on this in. This wasn't a one hundred percent David, Simon production? Yeah, he's working with another gentleman named George Pellicano sauce and Davidson. Simon brought us the wire in tra- may in the deuce is the story of sort of the early days of the sex trade industry in New York City in Times Square in the early nineteen seventies and it stars will stars of a bunch of great people, of course, because David, Simon, it's got a huge, huge cast, but James Franco's in it. Maggie Gyllenhaal is wonderful. Margarita, I dunno, you pronounce your name Livia. She's really great. I've seen her and some other stuff, adventure land. She was in that. That's good. Emily. Mead, Dominic fish back a lot. A lot of great people in this Gary car? Lawrence killer junior who believe he was in the wire to Chris Bauer, really, really good stuff, huge casts, and because it's David, Simon, it's got a wire esque feel in that it. There are a lot of different storylines interweaving. And I feel like in the pilot, maybe even in the first couple of episodes is just introducing story after story after story. And then you know, again, because it is a Simon production that they're all sorta gonna. We've their tendrils through each other. It's greedy, it's realistic is helical and about porn, right? Sort of, yeah. Like you know, their sex workers, so that's going on, but also very early going in this series. It's it sort of transforms from like street level sex workers to them getting into pornograph- porn, acting like through the early days of. Pornography and how that is like a better alternative for them. Then turning tricks, you know, in Times Square just good stuff though. Like there's no. Like there's no judgments cast on these people, I think, which is good way to play this. James Franko place twin brothers. That's awesome. It's Franko. It's always the dream job though, too. Right? I think so too. Like show that you've got the chops. Yeah, and he's pretty good in it, and I was, I was on Frank, burn out and obviously he had his his moment called out in. He seems to have weathered it. Okay. Because I don't hear a lot of people complaining about him. It's an interesting that he decided to be in this show too, and this shows getting some love, but it's also coming out at a time that I think it's tough for removing about sex workers in the seventies starring James Franco, you know, I think that might be hurting it. I wonder because it's not it hasn't blown out season. Two just came out though, and it's very expensive show. Yeah, and they already committed to a season three and apparently it's one-two-three in done like they have it, and I think they, they're jumping ahead. I think season two is haven't gotten into that yet, but I think that goes into the eighties and I think they may be going into the nineties for season three. So it's almost like a boogie nights kind of thing. Age of film and pornography. And then in the eighty s when it's like all VHS and right video and the production value. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Good show though. I like it. I mean, it's you kinda wanna take a bath after you watch episodes. It's not like heartwarming and fun, but it's good stuff, gritty, gritty TV. So I recommended everyone the deuce on HBO if you don't have HBO just oh, I'll post my HBO log in. Never one can just watch it. I'm just kidding. I want to that. All right. That's it for this week knowl-. This was a bit of a shorter when we're gonna get into comet card and in suing episodes. But for today, that is all we have here on many crush and we look forward to you joining us next Monday. Over three hundred twenty five years ago, the community of Salem, Massachusetts was rocked by something that few ever thought possible. It's been called an outbreak a wave of hysteria or the perfect storm at the confluence of seemingly unrelated ideas, events, and beliefs, whatever we try to call it though we always seem to miss the Mark. What bothers me so much so many people say how ignorant people were back. Then that's historian Emerson, Baker professor of American history at Salem state university. How could they possibly believe in witches in that they were, I remember in sixteen ninety two, which is were real. Everybody believed in them university ministers, doctors of theology, governors pope's, which is our real, the Salem, witch trials are equal parts universally known and barely understood by most people. That's why this series exists new episodes. This twelve part series air every Wednesday, learn more and find links to subscribe over at history on obscured dot com.

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