Officers Not Charged, Tiger Woods Hospitalized & Mail Trucks Makeover- Wednesday, February 24th, 2021


Today is wednesday february. Twenty fourth will explain a grand juries decision not to charge officers involved in a controversial and deadly police interaction. And what to know about the rollover crash the tiger woods in the hospital plus more vaccines on the way what new data shows about college enrollment and how the. us is going high tech welcome. Welcome to the newsworthy. All the day's news around ten minutes fast fair fund and on the go. I'm erica mandy. Thanks so much for being here. You're ready. let's do the for the first time. Lawmakers questioned officials who were in charge of security today of the capital riot and for the most part they all pointed fingers all four of the former and current officials who testified before senators. This week agreed on two main points. One federal intelligence authorities didn't give strong enough warnings that an attack was being planned and to the pentagon was slow to provide national guard. Backup on that second point. The former capital police chief said defense officials dragged their feet for hours. Even after law enforcement officials begged for more help. Now senators are asking some pentagon officials to share their side of the story and testify at the next hearing. The pentagon has said before that it takes time to get troops together and when they offered more help earlier they were turned down as far as what else might have gone. Wrong ahead of the riott. The former capital police chief stevenson said his did get a report from the fbi the night before the riot warning about extremist groups preparing for war but sun said the report never made it up the chain of command to him and two other former security officials. The house and senate sergeant and arms also said they never saw it eventually. Five people died in the riot including a capital police officer. It was the deadliest attack on congress in two hundred years. The three top security officials resigned shortly after and now the former capital police chief says he regrets that decision. He also wants the fbi to start collecting more data on extremists. Here in the us in fact today the house is set to hear from domestic terrorism experts and expect the next senate hearing on capitol security to happen as soon as next week. A grand jury has made the call officers in rochester. New york will not face criminal charges for controversial incident. That left a black man dead. Hundreds of protesters gathered in rochester last night to show their frustration with the decision. This all dates back to about a year ago in march twenty twenty daniel. Prude's brother had called police because prude was apparently having some kind of psychotic episode when police got there. Prude was naked in the street. They handcuffed him and put a so-called spit hood over his head. The hoods are used to stop people from spitting on officers especially during pandemic but these hoods have also been criticized for making it hard to breathe police body camera. Video shows prude naked with the mesh hood over his head. He's seen asking for the officer's gun and then one officer pressing prude's face into the pavement for two minutes. Eventually he stops moving who died in the hospital a week later. His death was ruled. A homicide from suffocation fast forward to this week. New york's attorney general made it clear she was hoping for a different outcome and felt this was another unjustified killing. She says she and her office presented the strongest case possible to the grand jury but that they were not able to convince the jury. That officers committed a crime. The police officers lawyers argued their clients. Were strictly following their training that night and it seems the grand jury agreed in response. The prude family lawyer said the system failed daniel prude and specifically his brother is heartbroken. The officers are still suspended. And they'll stay only during the rest of an internal investigation. The justice department is also reviewing the case. Tiger woods was in a bad car crash but he said to be recovering. The golf superstar crashed his suv in a los angeles suburb yesterday. The car was so mangled firefighters had to pry open the windshield. Depaul woods out. Fortunately he was conscious and able to communicate with first responders but sources tell. Espn the crash crushed woods legs so we ended up with injuries. Like a compound leg fracture and a shattered ankle. He had to have surgery right away at this point. It's not clear what caused the crash. There were not any other vehicles involved and authorities say it doesn't seem like woods was impaired by alcohol or drugs. We also don't know how fast he was going but the good news is. He was wearing a seatbelt. The investigation is still going on and by the way was just coming off a recent back procedure so he was already taking a break from golf but he had planned to return later this year. After this crash though it's not clear yet when or if he'll be playing again covid nineteen vaccine makers say they're getting ready to send way more doses out to americans who are still waiting to get their shots. We're talking about twice as many doses as those companies are sending now so far about seventy five million doses have been shipped out but with pfizer and madonna executives. Tell congress there now expecting that number to jump to about two hundred and twenty million doses by the end of next month and that's not even counting third cove in nineteen vaccine. That could be on the way in the us as well. The fda is expected to authorize johnson and johnson single-dose vaccine very soon and that company says it should have enough for twenty million people by the end of march looking ahead to summer pfizer journal and johnson and johnson expect to have more than enough to vaccinate. Every american adult at this point about fourteen percent of americans have gotten at least one shot. Experts like dr anthony. Fauci have said the. Us will need to vaccinate seventy to eighty percent of the population for. We can really get back to normal. More news is coming up. But first thanks to our sponsor rockies have you heard about rockies yet. They have comfy chic shoes stylish bags in all sizes and washable masks. I've gotten two pairs of shoes from raf and it's just the beginning. Because now that have experienced the style and range of options the reliable comfort with no break in period required ever and rossi's greek customer service like free shipping and free returns on eligible items. 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So what's behind this well. Research from the federal bank of saint louis found students are opting to skip college because classes have largely gone and to put it frankly they just don't think virtual classes are worth the money. This shift is still pretty unique though. Usually enrollment goes up during a recession. When jobs are harder to come by many people may think diploma will give them more of an edge in the job market. But that's not happening this time around. So there is one bright spot for colleges graduate student. Enrollment is up more than three and a half percent analysts. Say that's likely because graduate programs are less about an on campus experience and they're usually focused more on independent research. America's largest protestant denomination is making a statement against lgbtq friendly churches. The southern baptist convention decided to expel one church in georgia and another in kentucky officially cutting ties with them for accepting homosexuality saying it goes against what their religion stands for. But the pastor of the georgia church says he does not regret being inclusive. He says it's the right thing to do. The new york times reports. Southern baptists have been increasingly divided in recent years over a range of cultural and political issues. The one leader said at their meeting the divisions mirror the differences in views. Nationwide news will be returning to facebook in australia. Remember in a controversial new facebook all news articles on its platform last week to push back against a proposed law in that country. The law would make big tech companies like google and facebook. Hey news outlets for their content. Nielsen data shows australia. News outlet saw a drop in users during facebook's news band so it seems the social network got its message across even though plenty of people were not happy about it either way spoke and the australian government have now made a deal. Both sides agreed to some changes in the proposed law. Essentially the law might not apply to facebook as long as the social network can make enough deals with publishers on its own so at the end of the day facebook is still supposed to pay for news content just on its own terms the keep in mind. This may inspire other countries to take similar action. Canada has already said it's planning to propose similar loss and countries like germany. France and finland have considered it as well the. Us postal service is getting a high tech makeover. It just unveiled its plans for a new generation of mail trucks and this is a big deal since the current ones are nearly thirty years old. Got a lot of money to run and maintain. The new trucks will look pretty familiar. Gobi white and have that trademark boxy shape with the usps logo on the side. But there are some key differences for starters. Some of them will be electric and they'll be bigger so they can hold more packages also have air conditioning. And new tech like cameras and systems help. Avoid crashes the first of the new trucks will roll out in twenty twenty three and in all the usps hopes to have between fifty thousand one hundred sixty five thousand new trucks over the next decade. And that's it for the main news today but now it's time for work wednesday when we break down one interesting career or work related news story every wednesday but first this episode is made possible. Thanks to ritual. Ritual is not your typical multivitamin. It's clean vegan. Friendly formula is made with key nutrients including vitamin d. Three to help fill gaps in the diet and informs. Your body can actually use. No shady extras allowed. 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Delivery are booming right now for example on the job site indeed dot com there about twenty six percent more job openings for construction jobs now than there was a year ago and warehouse and delivery jobs are doing well too as more people buy online before the pandemic it reports say americans did about forty percent of their shopping online but a new survey found. Now it's more like sixty percent. In fact the wall street journal points out some blue collar. Companies are having a hard time finding enough workers to keep up with demand. Millions of people are actually not looking for work right now because they have more childcare responsibilities during the pandemic or they're worried about getting covid nineteen on the job but the communists expect demand for construction and ecommerce jobs to keep growing even after the pandemic although possibly at a slower pace they also say the service industry could get a boost soon as retail and restaurant jobs. Come back all right. Thank you so much for listening. Today you can read more about any of the new stories mentioned in the episode notes on newsworthy dot com. We'll catch you up on more news now tomorrow until then have a great day.

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