The Run Down Podcast Live: Iran, Bombing Detention Centers, Anti-Manspreading Chairs, and Area 51


<music> hello everybody and welcome come to Whiskey Tangos rundown live once again which is happening more and more frequently and for the first time we are actually doing this at twitch which is for some reason making the very very nervous so anyway we are doing this at twitch this time and we are probably going continue from here out doing it. It's which so that the people at the website bit shoot <hes> and Utah GonNa Change can join us in live streams in the future. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to let them know that we were doing this. They SORTA came up it just brilliant idea yesterday so anyway. Let's go ahead and get into this. We are going to be talking about all this crazy crap. That's going on with this. <hes> this navy destroyer that was taken by Iran. We are going to be talking about the armed man that was shot and killed for throwing again incendiary device at an ice attention on our we're GONNA talk about this lovely lady who decided to create a anti man spreading chair and yeah. We're going to talk about area fifty one because why not talk about area fifty one anyway. We're GONNA start all this crazy crap. That's going on with Iran. I'm sure by now you guys have seen all this craziness. <hes> that's going on with Iran. It started out. I've actually a two articles here are meant to open a third and did not get around to it because I got up here kind of late but it started out <hes> we have a drone that was shot down okay so <hes> trump says that the the U._S. Navy destroyed an Iranian drone defensive action and Iran said that it didn't happen and then shortly after that they went ahead and <hes> Iran says it's Revolutionary Guard seized foreign oil tanker in the state of Hamas so today we saw that they actually raise the Iranian flying on it and beyond aboard the ship. This is some scary times that we are entering because it appears that we are barreling headfirst into what could very possibly be yet another war. God help us and I know there's arguments on both sides. I personally am of the. I don't really WanNa see this happen segment I we we have been we have been at some sort of war for most of my life. I'm I'm going to be forty years old in six months. We have been at war for most of that time period or close to it anyway 'cause you're talking Iraq and Afghanistan started. You know pretty pretty close after nine eleven so I'm not really I'm not really jumping headfirst into this whole going to war with Iran thing. I'm not excited about it. I've seen several people who are excited about. It and I don't know why exactly you would be excited by war. That's not something that excites me sending troops over and you know having more of our young people come home missing limbs and with traumatic brain injuries and P._T._S._d.. And all that not really looking forward to that not really looking forward to it but unfortunately it does appear that that's where we are heading. There's more and more ships are getting sees by Iran in their <hes> getting more and more aggressive so far we haven't made any motions as though we are going to declare war or we're going to do anything of that nature but I am sure that unfortunately that is coming. I don't want to see get any more than anybody else but that is pretty much where we are so. Let's try to take a rundown. We will start with this. <hes> with this drone that got shot down and this one is actually from C._N._B._C. and they are saying Iran on Friday denied president trump's assertion assertion that the U._S. Navy has destroyed one of drones saying all of its unmanned planes were safe but there was no there was no sign of a major Gulf escalation despite fears both sides could blunder and war trump said Thursday the U._S.. Navy ship had destroyed Iranian drone in a defensive action shen escalating already high tensions in the oil-rich Gulf region ran dismissed the report all drones belonging to Iran and the Persian Gulf and the straight of Hamas returned safely to their bases after their missions identification and control okay so they're saying it didn't happen trump saying it did happen who knows I'm sure it'd probably did in fact happen so not long after that. We got this and this one is actually from N._p._R.. Iran says it's Revolutionary Guard seized east foreign oil tanker in the state of harm Os and as far as I remember it is a British anchor that was seized and that is Iran says it's Islamic Revolutionary Guard coordinator. He has seized foreign flag oil-tanker and the Persian Gulf alleging that the ship was smuggling one million liters of fuel reninstate news outlets report that the ship had accrue of twelve aboard the vessel was see south of south of Larry Larry Island in the state of Armas according to the state run I._R._N._A.. News Agency The island sits less than twenty miles off the Iranian midland south of the city of Bandar Abbas Iran's military as quoted by the by the semi-official far is news outlet said in a statement Thursday that attacker was on its way to deliver the smuggled fuel receive received from Iranian whatever that is to foreign ships and for in farther areas but it failed it failed thanks to the I.. R. G. C. Naval Forces vigilance so this is getting <hes> yeah. This is getting a little bit this. This is getting a little bit freaky and most of the ships I think what are we have to now. Is this the third ship now that was either Caesar attacked because remember you had that one that they went with they had all the images on them taking the bombs and stuff off of mm-hmm yeah so we've got all this happening and it really unfortunately does look like we're heading that way and it looks like it's going to include several countries. It's not like they're just picking a fight with us. They're picking a fight with our allies as well so oh. I don't know what's GonNa Happen here. Guys this could be <hes>. This could be pretty big. I just God I am so sick to a war I know I know a lot of other people are too. I know a lot of the people especially people who you're listening to. This podcast are sick to fricken death of wars. I mean guys come on. We've got people fighting in Afghanistan Iraq right now that either were not alive for don't remember nine eleven because they were too young and I mean seriously we're still fighting these wars and it's not like it's not like we send our troops over there to win. There's no there's no sending them over there to win. They send the troops over there. They they put rules of engagement in that are so strict and stringent that they pretty much can't win the war where we are media sit here and pick everything that they do to death and then we wonder why the wars are lasting for freaking ever. I mean I swear to God. It feels like we've been in rocket Afghanistan forever in our looking going into Iran another war that they're not gonNa let our guys win. Could we find another way of ending this. There's gotTa be another way of ending this. I've brought it up before and again as I said I didn't serve in the military <hes> I couldn't a not elected official but it seems to me that we have all the special forces and stuff like that. We've got the seals and and all this other the crap. Can't we get them together like cut the head off the snake or something I mean I don't know how viable that plan is but it seems to me like it would be better than going into a full out war. There's gotta be some other alternative than sending a bazillion alien of our young people over to die. Lose limbs be crippled for life whatever the case may be. I don't WanNa see anywhere mangled young people coming home. We've got more than enough from Iraq and Afghanistan. We don't need to send them over ran for the same thing it just it just seems counterproductive to me and I I don't see what the point is and all of this did start with the backing out of the Iran nuclear deal which I supported and I still support it but there's got to be a different way. There's gotta be a better way sending ground troops. There's gotta be a better way then bombing the hell out of everybody. The thing that I one of the things that I really kinda get caught up on especially with Iran. It is the people of Iran the people of Iran it. It's it's the same as the United States. The people of the United States are not our government and the people of Iran are not their government. The people of Iraq are not their government the people of Afghanistan our government Yada Yada Outta Yada but especially with Iran those people are not their government. You could actually go into Iran and talk to actual Iranians and tell them you're American and you'd get along with them just fine. It's their government. That's the problem problem and what I don't WanNa see. I don't want to see your ground war where those people end up being quote unquote collateral damage. I don't want to see that I don't WanNa see the Iranian people become collateral damage and I don't want any of our men and women being collateral damage either I mean enough is enough. I'm tired of war. I think a lot of other people are too especially anybody who's actually served. That's one of the reasons <hes> it's one of the things I like about Tulsi Gabbard Gabbert she is very she's antiwar micon like that. I'm I'm I like anti antiwar candidates. You know I I'm not going to vote for because there's a lot of other stuff that she's for that. I am really against but that's one of the things that is good about her so I don't know what's ahead and move on. Let's move on over here to Fox News for the armed. Man Shot killed after throwing incendiary devices at Washington Ice Detention Centre. Here's another buber head okay. Let's see what Fox News Essay police in Washington say state say an armed man was shot and killed early Saturday after trying to attack a local immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Center the Seattle Times reported that the unidentified defied man appeared outside of the northwest attention center in Tacoma with a with a rifle and through incendiary devices both facility in nearby propane tanks at one point sending a vehicle on fire officers responded to the incident around four A._M.. And cold out to the man before shots were fired. It was not clear how many shots were fired or whether the man fired a place police spokesman Loretta Cool said that the officers weren't wearing body cameras but the areas covered by surveillance cameras from the from the detentions that are the four officers involved were placed administrative. Leave it according burdensome departments policy. None of them were injured. I said in a statement that no employees were harmed nor involved in this tragic incident. The shooting took place hours after rally in front of the defense in front of the detention center to protest planned mass deportation Asian raids around the country the Tacoma facility which is run by the Department of Homeland Security holds migrant pending deportation proceedings the detention center has held as also held immigration seeking parents separated from their children under President Donald Trump's zero tolerance policy an effort message deterring illegal immigration okay so pretty much this guy went up there and with very little thought decided he was going to he was going to throw incendiary devices at an ice detention center because that'll teach them the reason. I say this was not well thought out is because who exactly did he think was GONNA pay the price for what he did. Let's say let's say his incendiary devices had really caused some severe damage. Let's say he was successful in causing severe damage. What do you think what happened? Who Do you think would've paid the biggest bryce the people that he was quote unquote defending would've paid the biggest price he would have ended up sending that building on fire and those people who were being held in the detention center the illegal aliens that he was trying to protect who were being and held in that detention center? They're the ones that would have died. He would've killed them might not have killed all of them but he would've killed a good swath of them because you think it would have been easy for them to get out of there. They're we're being held in detention. The whole point of the facility is to make it very difficult for them to get out so if he's throwing incendiary devices from outside guess what he's making it impossible for them to get out I mean was there any kind of thought process what was going through. This guy's head was he high. Was He drunk. I guess these are things we will probably never find out but he obviously did not think this out very well. He just sat there and decided by any means necessary and started throwing incendiary devices. Thankfully he didn't hurt anybody. He got himself killed but he didn't hurt anybody in the process. He said a truck on fire. Thankfully he didn't set the building on fire. You know I don't get it. It's SORTA it's the same kind of stupidity is the people that use the bomb abortion clinics. Why the hell you're going to do that? Who Do you think's going to die? The people that your quote unquote trying to protect are the ones that are going to die and that's exactly what would have happened over here with this. <hes> with this detention center he would have ended up killing the people who are being held in detention he would have ended up leaving a bunch of children children who were separated from their parents without any parents at all ever for the rest of their lives. I mean you know if you're going to be a terrorist at least thinking out a little bit. If you're trying to quote unquote protect somebody you should probably think it out about how exactly you're going to help them. You know if you wanted to go in there and you wanted to actually help those people and you wanted to save them. There are other ways of doing it. I'm not gonNA give anybody any ideas but there are ways of doing that that doesn't improve it that doesn't include slowly burning them to death or killing them by smoke inhalation. Because what do you think is better. Do you think being alive in detention center that you're eventually going to get out of is better than being slowly burned out. There choked it F- 'cause I think I'd rather stay in the detention center that I'm eventually going to get out of. That's just me maybe I'm crazy. Maybe there's something wrong with me. I don't know but that's <hes> that's where I'm at. I don't know I really this kind of thing is starting to escalate and these people think that what they're doing is the right thing they really do. It's this whole idea of thinking that you know you don't have to follow unjust laws and it's kind of along the lines of who gets to decide what is an unjust law. What is not an unjust law? That's pretty much where it stands <hes> pretty much you know a guy that decides that he wants to kill his wife because she cheated on. 'em thinks that it's unjust for him to not be allowed to do that. So it's kind of a it's kind of a big argument and that's the kind of thing that happens unthought out attacks on detention centers where I'll be honest with you. I mean for for the next person who's going to try to do this. I hope you're listening to this the next person that is planning on doing something this stupid. I want you to sit down. I think about this for a minute. Do you think that the guards and the officials and everybody else in there wouldn't have gotten out. Do you really think that do you think they wouldn't have gotten out. Do you think they would have died and all the illegal aliens would've loved because that's not how it worked. Okay all those quote unquote bad guys would have gotten out just fine and all the people that you quote unquote were protecting would have been the wants to die and there are so many ways they could've died. They could have burned to death. They could have died from smoke inhalation. They could have been trampled to death in the stampede of people trying to get out they could be crushed to death. There's so many horrible ways that that could have ended for for those people that you claim to be protecting those people you claim that you care about there are so many horrible ways that you could have killed them in the process of quote unquote protecting them. Have we think these things out a little bit most of the time you don't think out which is why you are where you are and you do what you do but maybe try to think these things out a little bit better because you could've killed all of those people in a horrible horrible manner one of several horrible horrible horrible manners boy. Aren't you an old loving person piece of crap okay. We're GONNA move on. WE'RE GONNA start getting into the ridiculousness. These last two articles are pretty much just ridiculousness and I I've got I'm going to have a chat session at the end of this bear with me anyway here we are at the Daily Mail and the world's longest <hes> headlines The end of man spreading university student fed up with men infringing on her Public Space Wins National National Design Award for creating chair restricts how they sit down okay. We're GONNA head today. I'm Jay Baer okay. Here's the there's like a little clip. I don't know if you guys can say and I want to click on on watching the whole video but those are the chairs and then there's the girl sitting in the girl chair the Guy Sitting in the Guy Chair okay yeah so here's what it looks like so pretty much what it is it's <hes> it takes a chair and turns around so that you <hes> the woman is spreading and the guy is crushing. His knots was pretty much what we're looking at here. Let me see if there's here's the image of <hes> the smuggled face in the in the world and these really hideous chairs. They got to be honest with you. The first thing that jumps out at me is that there is zero back support on that and I have a bad back so it it this makes my back hurt is looking at them but let's let's break these down a little bit here what is going on here. So what do we have with these these two chairs. You've got a triangle esque seat for both of them. They pretty much have the same seat. They're backwards both shares kind of their the opposite of each other okay so on the Ladies Chair Okay you've got the triangle hi angle is wider towards the front so that she can spread out her legs and and just be out in old her glory and there's a block that's placed there that is supposed to make it less appealing for a man to sit there. I'm not sure how because as you can say we're looking at these <hes> looking where these people are sitting in everything and <hes> I know some people are proud but I'm not sure there's a whole lot of people in the world. That are quite that proud anyway. Let's go back down here to design so let's take a look at the men's share so the men shares a little wider in the back and it's more narrow in the front and then there's east too little lips on the sides that are absolutely useless and you can sit in a man in here and it's supposed to crush his legs together so that he he can't quote unquote man spread of course completely overlooks the fact that he could just move his legs over the sides of those little pieces that are sticking up there and it would probably be you could put arm rests on the chair and it would probably be a little bit more effective active. 'cause I mean he really have to swing his legs over there to be you know he'd really have to be a jerk at that point because he'd have to swing his legs over Armas but armrest would probably be a little bit more effective than this little lip. That's on the side now. Of course my first reaction was I'm eagerly awaiting the chair that forces the ladies and the subway to hold their purses and all of their shopping bags on their laps and instead of all over the subway train but of course we're not allowed to talk about that because you know man spreading I I grew up taking trains and <hes> you know I was up in the New York New Jersey area we go into New York all the time and we used to have to go from from Jersey City over over into New York and we would take what they call the paths right so I was in the subway all the time and when I wasn't on the subway I was in the bus and half the time I was taking the bus to the subway so you know I was always in buses and entries all the time never in my life I ever even think about man's spreading there. There was never a point I mean I there were instances. Where I had to sit down? That's to a guy who you know had his legs spread out and all this other crap and I found that just kind of going up and you know gesturing I was going to sit in the seed or saying excuse may or just sitting down usually cost them to just adjust themselves and set a little bit more properly however I've also gone onto trains and buses and the the boss has been standing room only everybody standing there and there's always that one lady that's in that little to seat row who sitting there with Oliver shopping bags in her purse and everything on the seat next to her while there's eight people. People standing up in the middle of a boss or in the middle of the train and she sits air and razor bulker razor newspaper or now plays with their phone. Yes I predate smartphones. Get over it but you know at the time it was you know either reading a book reading a newspaper something along those lines and wouldn't almost never ninety nine percent of the time would not make any effort to move their stuff and if somebody did come over and say excuse me they either put up a fight absolutely refused or only move the couple of bags so that you had like three inches of seat so yes. I'm eagerly awaiting this young ladies chair that forces women to keep all their bags and purses and crap on on their laps instead of all of the subway as what I'm eagerly awaiting 'cause this is this is useless. Nobody's going to buy these things I I don't know what the purpose of these are. I don't know if she's planning on trying to sell them or what. The case may be. I I have no. I I have no idea I have absolutely no idea I do know however that this story has been so talked about online that this woman is going to have a terrible time public transportation because if she sits down on the seat at her legs are or not firmly smashed together she is going. She's going to take hell if her bags are not on her lap. She's GonNa Take Hell and that is pretty much weight goes and unfortunately if you're going to be that smug that's the way it should be look at that face. This lady has fifteen cats at home. I guarantee it. I don't be in Maine Anyway all right. We're just going to move on. I'm going to move on. I have no idea how long yeah I've been talking about this. I don't feel like I've been talking for very long but we're going to go over to deadline and this is facebook drifted area fifty. One storming may be countered with force says U._S.. Air Force and I'm sorry I love this image. This is from Independence Day or something. Oh Oh oh man I love it. I absolutely love it. I just I have been all over this started I cannot have I kinda. Blow it off when it's when it first broke I kinda just blow it off. I am I did not sign up to <hes> to join the storming of area fifty one because it's just <hes> <hes> there's video. I'll have to see if I can find it when I when I got actually posted this up but various places off see if I could find the link there is a youtube or who actually it's exploring with Josh and he went to area fifty one. It was a wild back it was it was some time ago. It was like a year or two ago I thank and they went to area fifty one. They didn't try to get in him and his crew. They did not try to get into area fifty one. They just kind of went up the front gate and it looks like absolutely nothing like there's there's nothing there that you can say and it's it looks like it's very minimally secured ordered and things like that but like you saying they're talking and like in the background you could see the little black S._U._v. just sort of pull up at stop and was watching them. I don't know what these people think. They're going to accomplish and here's let me start this off by saying I one hundred percent highly. Doubt this even going to happen. I'm thinking like ten nerds are gonNA show up and be standing out there going. Where is everybody I I can't what was I don't even want to read? This article is just dumb but was it. They're gonNA MARUTO run. Is that what it was. They're going to new rudo run onto area fifty one or some crap. I don't know all I know is that this is coming out with me. Gold the memes that have been coming Seattle out this or hysterical and that's pretty much the only thing we're going to get out of this. I there's nothing one area fifty one at this point there so much speculation about area fifty one if they're actually was anything on area fifty one. They moved it along time ago so i. I don't know what people think. They're gonNA find there. I don't know what they think. They got a spot. I just don't i. I just don't know <hes> but this is not going to happen there. What is it there's over a million people would have show that have signed up for it or something and there's like celebrities signing up for and all this other stuff? What I think is actually going to happen? 'cause I kind of went to the the opposite extreme there when I said like ten nerds are GonNa show up a wonder what's happening. I think what's actually going to happen. Is I think when people are GONNA show up. I I really do people are gonNA show. I don't think any of these people actually have an intention of storming area fifty one. There's a little town around area fifty one those completely <hes> it's completely alien themes aimed everything that's going on and I only know this because of youtube videos <hes> but there's alien museums and there's alien theme restaurants and there's there's just alien themed everything around this little town and I think what's probably gonNA end up happening. Is I think people are going to show show up and I think it's GonNa turn into giant party. The town probably I would imagine is prepping for it. I heard somewhere that they said that they were in fact prepping for this to happen and I think people are gonNA show up at its turn into a big party but I don't think anybody's actually GonNa try to storm area area fifty one. I think there's going to be a couple of people lineup. They're GONNA be all ready to do it and then realized that nobody was really serious about this crap. You know what I'm saying and I think what's going to end up happening is if anybody nerudo rods. People are so weird but if anybody actually knew who runs. I think it's just going through that that like main street of that town. That's the only thing I can possibly think is going to happen here. So people are interesting. I don't know how this got to the point that had got to cause these little weird <hes> like facebook events and weird facebook groups and everything pop up all the freaking time. I mean just all the time there was one not long. I don't even remember what it was about but they but they were doing. It's not long ago and it didn't get to this point. I don't know how this got to this point. I just I don't know maybe it's because it's mean gold that he got to this point I just I just don't even know but I think like Daddy trae Ho is going <hes> the people who who played the main characters and <hes> Oh my God I don't even remember the name of the Joe Mouldering scully the two people who played moulder and scully x-files. That's what it is. They said they were going. I think Chuck Norris has going. There's a whole bunch of people. Do you think these people are actually now. I've probably ended up eating by hat. This is probably GONNA end up thirty two like some enormous thing in the middle of this town. These celebrities are actually going to be there. It's other crap and I'm GonNa send you're going will them. I will not be there for anybody. WHO's wondering I will not be there? <hes> I can't afford travelled area fifty one let alone. I don't want to spend the money to do it because I don't WanNa spend the money to do it because I don't care I do. I believe that aliens are out there yeah I do. I believe it went there aliens out there do I believed they have them in area fifty one no I don't I know people even at all. I like. I said guys if they're actually was anything at any point in time at area fifty one it date there anymore seriously it ain't there anymore I think the best mean that I found about it and when I edit this I'll try to find the the main again and stick it in for the video so that you guys can watch after the fact they the funniest me my so about it was is <hes> to park and a biggie sitting there like looking at looking out in shock and it says Oh damn they failed because I think I think probably to pocket biggie and Elvis and Kurt cobain and all them are probably like hanging hanging out of area fifty one. That's probably what's actually happening so they're going to have to. They're going to have to defend them with their however on on a serious note if you do if you decided to be an idiot and you decided to actually try to storm area fifty one it is it is an air force base and they will show you so you might WanNa rethink that there's a whole lot of not thinking happening in some of these articles here and <hes> this is one of them. If you actually Salih try to storm area fifty one. They'll shoot you. They might shoot you with something really big. I'm thinking like pink messed so I would probably avoid trying to storm area fifty one on just to save your own life. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA die. Just say just save your own life anyway with all that being said I'm GONNA leave this image up so that we can stare at it but I wanted to go ahead and I wanNA talk about the <hes> I want to talk about the podcast and livestream and all that so as I said this is <hes> for those of you who aren't watching. This is the first hand that we're actually doing the livestream on twitch. I was doing live streams on youtube but I'm thinking I'm going to go ahead on. I'M GONNA switch over to twitch for the sole reason that most of my viewers are coming from <hes> the other sites other than Youtube. I not getting a whole lot of traction youtube. I don't get suggested I don't get recommended. I've got people in my subscriber driverless to say that they never get any notification that I've uploaded or that. I've gone live or any of that stuff some people do some people don't <hes> some people know what the schedule is Etcetera Etcetera <hes> but I'm gonNA switch over to twitch for the main the reason that I wanna make sure that the people who are viewing the podcast and other videos at bit shoot and Utah Gun Exchange has the option 'cause a lot of those people really don't WanNa use you too but all an eye one thousand percent understand Dan so I wanna make it so that I have some option of making sure that they can take part in this as well because it only seems fair. They're the ones who were giving me most of the views so I wanna make sure that they have the option to come over and and actually take part in livestream and things of that nature sure <hes> I didn't i. I was trying to figure out how exactly to let them know that we were doing this. I don't quite know how to do this. I'm thinking I have a newsletter that I very rarely send out anymore and what I think I might do as I might start asking people to sign up for that newsletter and then I will start notifying everybody that you know I'm doing stuff on twitch so that you with happening because unfortunately when you go to youtube I could actually leave a message for people. And I can let them know. Hey you know we're going live or I'm doing this or we're going to be over a twitch or et Cetera et Cetera but I can't do that at bit shoot in Utah on exchange so I don't know how else to do it other than asking people to sign up for a newsletter which most probably won't anyway but hey whatever <hes> so I want to actually discuss a few other things as far as the podcast and the videos and stuff like that we are getting ever closer to my going into law school which actually happens August sex so I'm trying to get. I'm I'm trying to all the things <hes> sort of set up and I'm thanking twitch would be easy because if worst comes to worse I can actually livestream on my phone which is going to end up being really weird livestream feed because you're going to see like a highway or something. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that but whatever the case May <hes> so. That's one of the other reasons that I was also switching over to twitch but I also WanNa talk about the content that's end the podcast and I know a lot of people come in and they they enjoy the news analysis and I enjoy the news analysis as well however here's the problem election year has begun. It is twenty nineteen. We Are Midway through twenty nine thousand nine. We're going into twenty twenty and the news is going to start start to get really freaking bizarre more and more on finding myself at the the main facebook page. That's not just for the PODCAST. You'll you'll know I post <hes> a lot of news a lot of news articles and stuff I find during during the day and I'm finding at the end of the week. I'm going to throw that stuff and trying to find stuff to discuss wake what happened last week. Last week. We had two articles that I talked about two things that we talked about and somehow the podcast ended up being over an hour long like an hour and ten ten minutes long but I only had two articles that we were talking about <hes> I'm finding that more and more I'm coming across articles that have either been so vastly talked about in the news that I really don't have anything to add to. It and I also think my viewers WanNa hear any more about it because they're already being beat to death with it and everything else. I've really just don't care about like there's so much other stuff that okay I could bring it up and I mention it and say hey this happened and I could do all that but I don't really have anything to say about it. You know what I'm saying <hes> so I'm trying to figure out what we're going to do with this because once election year wants the the whole election thing really starts to boil down a lot of the news I I've lived in US election year to know that this is what happens. A lot of the news is going to be about the candidates. A lot of the news is going to be really stupid garbage <hes> you're. You'RE GONNA start getting into really petty stuff. Were already starting to get into it <hes>. There's there's a lot of stuff. That's coming out now. That's really big news. That's just really petty and dumb and it's going to happen. It's GONNA be coming <music> out from both sides you're going to have you know really petty theft. The Republican side really petty stuff by the Democrats and none of that stuff is really worth talking about. You know it's one of those things where you kind of go through it and you laugh at it. If if you don't have your head up your but you're looking at that stuff in your just laughing about it. If you don't have your head you know if you do have your head up your but you're probably looking at it in thinking Oh my God is very but if you don't if you don't have your head up your but you kind of look at it and you're laughing and then you kind of just move on with your life so it's not really worthwhile for me to sit down and actually talk about it on the podcast so I'm trying to figure out what it is exactly. We're going to do now. Some of you know that this past week <hes> actually think it was yesterday I I put out a bonus episode on the podcast and I also put out a bonus video on all the video channels and I called it a stream of consciousness it kind of was and it kind of wasn't where I really just talked about a particular issue and it seems that I had people enjoyed that I don't I made a comment on Youtube that I had. I had a bunch of people subscribe to me after I did that that stream of consciousness thing and most of the screen names were in some way marijuana related and I promise to you. I was not smoking anything I don't I don't smoke. I don't smoke pot or anything like that. So I promise you I was not high what I was doing that but I don't know people thought that I was or there is there was one point and I was listening to it when I when I premiered the video on Youtube I was listening to it and I made this. I took him like a deep breath by did it was like whistling breath and then I spoke really really funny and I'm like Oh my God. It sounds like I took a hit. I promised you I was not taking a hit. I was just laying in bed and I was half asleep when I did that video anyway all all of a sudden. It seems people actually like that. <hes> it got it got several of us. I think I think I through some of my Noor subscribers off because it wasn't when I normally do as far as this the podcast I haven't been throwing out extra videos news <hes> lately. I used to do that all the time for those of you who have only joined us for the podcast my before I did the podcast I had the youtube channel and I used to talk about issues and things like that and I didn't do as much news analysis. I've kind have changed my format a little with now. I'm doing news analysis and I'm thinking about switching back and I'm only thinking about switching back because of what's going to happen in the coming months as far as election year. I don't WanNa talk about all the petty garbage that's coming out about all the candidates 'cause it's dumb. Nobody really wants to hear any of that stuff. I'M NOT GONNA have anything to add to it and real news is going to be really sparse so I'm trying to come up with an idea as far as do I wanNA continue. Can you trying to do news analysis. Do we want to discuss various issues. <hes> I would like to do like a Colin show or something like that but I don't have enough people that tune in what I'm actually doing the life <hes> the lie feats actually do a Colin show <hes> <hes> so I'm trying to figure out exactly what it is that I wanted to do with a podcast while we're waiting for all this craziness with the election year to disappear <hes> I'm Awesome GonNa let you guys know I do not handle election years well at all. I do not handle them. Well at all twenty sixteen. I spent at the beach because I was so burn out. I couldn't stand it anymore and I got in the car and I drove and I just went to the beach and I stayed there all week. I was there for election night and it was like it was like really early in the morning when I found out who had won the election because while Oh that garbage was going on T._v.. I was sitting out on a balcony watching the ocean with a glass of wine and I was not paying attention election results because I was so burned out that I was done. I was done and I haven't fully recovered. Unfortunately I was the same way in twenty twelve into in two two thousand eight and all those so do not handle election years really well so I have to come and I'm looking for some feedback from you guys. About what exactly is that you you would like to see happen with the podcast while all this nuttiness is going on. Do you want to suggest topics for me to discuss as far as issues. Do you want me to come up with my own and just discuss issues. Do you want need to analyze all of this craziness. That's coming out until I jump off my roof. The whatever we we can figure this stuff out. I mean if there is real news that's happening. I'm going to continue doing the news analysis because I actually enjoy this but I'm trying to figure out what else we can do for those days because I realized that last week when there was only two stories that were really worth talking about. I had a whole list of stuff that I had uploaded the facebook at absolutely none of it was worth talking about because I didn't have anything to add or it was just dumb <hes> or it was beat to death. That's the the other issue like I said I don't WanNa come on here and continue beating over the head with stuff the even beat over the head with all week because what's the point of tuning into the podcast. If you're just gonNA hear exactly the same crap that you've been hearing all week from everybody else you know what I'm saying. Nobody wants to deal that <hes> so I wanNA bring a little something different and I'm still trying to come up with stuff. <hes> like I said <hes> I'm going. I'm going to be starting <hes> law school on August and there's a possibility that I'm going to have to record the podcast and pieces instead of reporting wants wants like normally do live streaming a become more common. I don't know it's one of those things where I have to wait and see as I really don't know what to expect so have kind of weight and say but Geoghan and leave your suggestions. If you are watching the video or listening the podcast you will find unfortunately there's these links are not at twitch. If you're twitch right now you'll have to go over to one of the video channels where my website which is w Tango Foxtrot Dot Com you can get links to every bit of social media that I'm on and go over there and hit me up on that you could hit me up in the in the video comments you can email me you can send them to me on twitter using twitter a little bit more now <hes> you can hit me up at facebook. Whatever if you WANNA get in contact with me if you want to suggest asked topics to discuss if you have any ideas of where you would like to see the podcast going as far as handling the oncoming election year I I'm? I'M GONNA burn out. I'm GonNa tell you guys right now. Just see just you're aware because I know some of you are gonNA come up and go stick to the news analysis. You need to understand that the reason I'm doing this is because I know I'm going to burn out and if I burn out this is all GonNa stop abruptly because I'm not going to be able to anymore. <hes> it's hard enough already. I I have a tough time sitting down in front of the microphone and doing this because I very nervous at very anxious so I'm going to burn out during election year. It happens every single election year so let's let's kind of put our heads together here and give me some ideas and let me know like I said you can go down into the comments and you will find a length that will take you to every single piece of social media the my morning you can feel free to contact me at all those you can join us at the video channels which is youtube twitch now as well <hes> Utah Gone Exchange and bitch shoot and guys. I appreciate you hanging out with me and I will see you next time. Have a great week the.

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