Bobby And His Girlfriend Throw Amy A Birthday Party! + Dr. William Schaffner Answers Coronavirus Questions + Jordan Davis Talks About Flying Back From the UK


Site GRASP BOBBY BONES. Your ACM CNN breath. Bobby repeats of the year baby with the following program. Where prerecorded transmitting. They're welcome to Thursday's show more studio. We have no lunchbox who still sick. We have no Morgan number two still in quarantine. But we're here for you. We got some callers. WanNa talk though. Let's first go to Alex in North Carolina. Who's on the phone? Hey Alex how are you doing pretty good? What would you like to say you know? Well I WANNA stadium morning You know with all this stuff going crazy and whatnot Just a member like the military I have friends and family stuff. They're all deployed and stuff and we don't have all these fights than cancel people aren't being replaced so just if you know if you know military family reach out and see if they need the extra help and the extra helping hands or anything because their loved ones might not be coming home anytime soon. That's interesting they can't replace so they can't come. Back stinks. Well I appreciate you sharing that you know yesterday. We had someone talking about being a truck driver and some things we don't think about and you know I mentioned. I only know what been around and jobs. I've done. Which is like. I've worked in the service industry as a waiter and busboy and dishwasher. I've worked in retail at hobby lobby. I worked at a marina. And I've done this and so I can relate to these experiences like I know. Waiters going through but military. I haven't done that Your husband did that but hasn't been in a while. Something like this has happened. Yeah no but I mean I can. I know what it's like to be towards the end of your deployment and know that you're to come home even when you're maybe a month owl or whatever and for a family to know that your loved one is coming home and then to have. That drastically changed with unknown. You know an unknown home date. That's gotta be really hard and then yes. It's a valid point to check on the people back home that might need something You know because you depend on that person coming back home and when it changes. Gosh Yeah thank you for bringing that to our attention pay. Alex appreciate the budget. Sorry later why don't we see what's happening in business three of us in here? Why don't we see what's happening in our segment call? What's the hats? Hey what's I'll go first. I'm getting a lot of questions going. Hey how's it going since you've been confined in quarantine for the most part with your girlfriend for the last but two weeks now so we've been together every day for two weeks in the house and it's actually going pretty great and I don't know what else to say a more so than it's just going gray die you know? She doesn't need to be at my side the whole time nor do I need to be at hers she goes. She's still doing to back to school. She about to graduate with a Master's her graduation for was coming. Up In may been cancelled. She can still finish school. They're doing online social studies. She does software sales. She'll do some work still since you can work from home. I'll go and do podcasts. When I get home he comes over. Play Video Games. Sometimes she'll come up and realize what's going should come up. Watch basketball roasted both. Because we're not very good at basketball. And then she leaves and it's going pretty good though I mean I would say it's going really good is a long future ahead of the Corinthian. I was just thinking. What if you decide you're going to Corinthian with someone and you don't like home because she lives in California right now? She has the last year so it's not like she needed to go home. They were getting a final goal. She'll get an airplane and nobody wants to do that. And she only has a little a few clothing options because she did brought a suitcase when she was coming over once and so it wasn't a big suitcase so she has taken over some George in the back of the closet. She still has her causes that I got. I got a little rock for close. It's going good. Do you guys have any questions because I feel like listeners? Wanted to know how it's going. It's going good anything. I love it for you. I think this is great. I think she's she came into your life at just the perfect time so you don't have to go through this alone. We were talking about how I have been a couple of weeks later. We don't earlier later right in the sweet spot on like hey. Why don't we just quarantine this together? I feel better about it. I don't want you alone. Not even about that. But I'd been finalized but I'm just saying as your friend. I don't want that. I made a joke to Eddie. Maybe you're too. I was like Oh you guys finally get to my Christmas bills. Like where things aren't open you're alone. There are almost no cars on the road traffic. But it's like that kind of thing but that's what my Christmas was like every year dramas off and I'm like well. I wonder what's open? I get some stuff for the next few days. Like welcome to Bobby. Christmas Danville great now now from Christmas. But that's it. That's it's going great. Actually it's going really great in where I'm GONNA get down. We're not tired of each other yet. We better not be. We've got a couple more months of this. I think that y'all are healthy with it anyway. You've been intentional of having your own space in your own time. Even if you are quarantined to the house you're still having your own time and I think that's GonNa be Kita surviving this dog. Yeah and all can be a real hit. Sometimes and she loves the dog and that's a big part of it because it's me her on the dog. So that's what's up with me a amy. So what's the deal with pandemic? Because I know my husband recommended it to you and for whatever reason when he mentioned it to me. So it's a Netflix. Show and he wants to do. I thought it was a movie. No it's a series on Netflix. Yeah so I turn it on. I'm all pumped up to like workout. Watch this movie. Be Like a good distraction and I get. I can't even get through episode one halfway through my workout. I switched it to Jane the Virgin because I I think maybe I need. That's what I need to know and I guess I'll check in with my husband too. I didn't know if you started it but does it get. Does it pickup anymore? Does it get started? Endemic how to prevent an outbreak season won the audience scores. Sixty nine percent. Yeah bobby loves IT SO YEAH. It came out. It has nothing to do with this current virus situation so it let it. It is was interesting to see how there are people. There were people already what I did see in the first episode people that work on viruses all the time and they know that inevitably something like this is coming and the in episode one. They were speaking specifically about viruses from animals. And how it's just like it's only a matter of time until one comes that they just don't handle him but they are working actively to try to be as proactive as possible. And I was like thank you to these people that I didn't know that we're working hard to prevent unknown viruses. That don't even exist yet. The Juno or did you read the Washington. Post story about the before inauguration. Now for the current ministrations inauguration trump's inauguration. They put them through okay. They put them through a lot of scenarios. Yeah getting them ready and the virus one happened and they were like this is only going to happen and that even like a substantial percentage of that staff that was even in it was like not even working there anymore. 'cause have all been fired. Oh I mean four years ago. We wouldn't have thought this was going to happen disappointed. This movie is that there are scientists and people working on it because they know it's going to be said in the article that there were like it's going to happen at some point. They willing noticed right. Well that's why I if you're into that then I guess check out pandemic because you learned that in the first episode that yeah that that's literally what people have dedicated their life to and you're like oh so this has been a real thing for a long time. Okay sometimes you better not knowing. Yeah I know now we. Hey what's ADS Eddie? Hi I'm really gonNA open up here so don't judge me but my wife's been out of town with kids for a few days and she pointed out that I hadn't really done laundry for twenty years really like I am going to tell you this I do. He's already spending himself. We haven't even gotten you're right. I do the dishes. I clean the house. I even clean bathrooms sometimes. I loved vacuum the carpet. Sweep the floors all that but I do not do laundry. And she's like this is so funny you're GonNa be at home alone for the first time in Twenty Years GonNa do your own laundry. His I hated Vina what. They don't bury the headline headlines. You've done a twenty period. That's pretty crazy and she said that. Yeah vacuuming you've been married for. Its Invective fifteen years but we dated six years before and she's like I remember specifically when we were dating. She would do my laundry she would come to my house. Grab all my clothes and do the laundry courese guys. It's not that bad. I did it the other day because you do correctly though yeah everything. Colder top t-shirt my wife's rally around. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Good luck. We're all GONNA have to learn and do things that we haven't done before. Kaelin was like hey I was Target again some seeds to grow planet to grow our own food. Oh My Gosh. Bobby your your backyard already has the garden veggies but you have a garden spot. That's amazing bones. It's back there but yeah she wasn't sure I get some seeds kidding seeds. Come on you. How what's that. Here's the bobby bones. Show podcast highlight segment of the day. Yesterday was amy's birthday and I felt bad. You can have any party at all so I was like come to the House. And so we ordered from her favorite restaurants. I drove across town. Got It you know. And they say you can't get the corona from food like even if a person does put into food you still can't get it doesn't transfer in food so and picked it up like just you couldn't at the restaurant but you're gonNA grab ordered online when they grabbed it. I know that I felt so bad because the restaurant is right by my house. And then I got. Bobby's house and he wasn't there because he was out picking up the food and I was like this is so I could have picked it up because on your birthday. You shouldn't have to pick up your food in practicality. Okay just yeah. It was not practical but that was very thoughtful. I mean could it. I should have picked a restaurant where you know my middle name for close to Your House. The William and Caitlin made cupcakes. Yes she did and they were so good. She made Red Velvet cupcakes. Ramey a good amount of the day yesterday making. I don't think it was just like mixture together. It was like the sprinkles recipe which she adapted to make gluten free and then she did pioneer woman's cream cheese icing like she put all the stops like I was like well. This is a keeper just now getting to that. She's GonNa keep her. I mean cupcakes sealed the deal. So we'd cupcakes. The Amy brought over some game where you put headphones on and it blocks out. You're hearing you have to guess what the other person says. It's called hearing things in case you want to get a game for the house on your own Corentin so we did that game for a little bit but couple of hours bad. You can have a big birthday party but it was okay now. It was perfect. I mean given the circumstances like it was great. I left there with my heartful and just felt really good. I mean obviously my kids being on spring break and gone and kind of corn team down in Texas and their own little world like I was like. Oh we did have a plan for birthday so I kind of thought. Well I'll just sit at home because that's the same thing to do and then when you invited me over I was like okay and I was special. So thank you. It definitely helps a lot and and we didn't break the quarantine rules now right now right so we're always together right. There were no more than ten people. They're just us but it was. It was Nice. Must Amen see my dog in a while? And he's gotten pretty big my gosh. When he walked out of it was like who is this little monster getting chills comes out there like it's so heavy. Yeah something's wrong with them though. We can't quite identify it. Or maybe the medicine he's on because he had some G- like growth on the side of his face. They didn't know if something bid him or if there was some food got lodged into his jaw but they gave him some antibiotics and he just has been like biting random. Things overly aggressive or like furniture ripping stuff up. He's been peeing randomly. Never does any of this so something is not right today. I may have said the wrong day but today goes back to the vet and they're like okay. You come and you sit in the car and you give us a dog and then we'll bring it back to you because they don't want anyone close to them or in their in their place. I don't know what the deal is with the dog in this. He's just been re in a first. I was irritated at him because he's being so bad but now something's wrong with him. Yeah I think we can tell really four times yesterday on the carpet. He P Zero Times on the carpet in weeks when he saw me. He peed his body's. Not right yeah. He can't control some stuff so doing that but it was fun time well. I'm glad that you had because I had fun there. We finished fell the third episode of the Pharmacist last night. After you laugh. Okay we have one more to go. I'm liking it would Kaelin. I'll do a review after it's over. I'm liking it. They're just about to bring the doctrine who didn't even know the thing you know so. I'm watching that on Netflix. Over the weekend. We'RE GONNA WATCH. A couple movies chills. Watch Oklahoma can we know why something made in our lifetime? You might dislike it from the movie and the State Obviously Bobby Bowl show. Let's go to our producer. Raymundo Raimondo. What you out over there president. Donald Trump signed a corona virus relief package guaranteeing ten days paid leave and free testing for Americans who are impacted by the virus. More news to congressman tested positive for the corona virus one from four to one from Utah. They're the first infected house members. Several other colleagues had doused self quarantined. And lastly the New York City mayor announced. He's almost ready to call a shelter in place. After the number of confirmed cases in the Big Apple doubled in twenty four hours on the bobby bones. Show now Davis a journalist. Nobody probably like you got a lot of free time at home. Don't really know to do with it right. You know. I kinda thought at first that this wouldn't be a problem. We've been so busy but I'm like three or four days in. I'm getting a little stir crazy Jordan Davis on with us. I'm GONNA play clip so they can catch up with Jordan era singles. You up from Jordan Davis stupid and here is take it from me. T shirt vote went number one and right. Now he's got a top five. Here is slow dance in a parking lot. We've caught up on Jordan's musical prowess I'll let me ask about your daughter because you've got A. She's four months old so I guess that's something at home right. Yeah man it has been really cool to get spent a lot of time with her I mean it's been. It's been a while man that adjustment. What's I mean you know? I don't want to say this is obviously a terrible thing. That's going around but the definitely the shining light of it is getting to spend more time with her now. I was reading a story that you flew to the UK for that festival it's called CDC which country to country. So what happened. You're flying out and then what happens. We why we lift Nash Left Nashville at eight. Am got to the UK at eleven thirty. Their time checked into the hotel get laid down at midnight and And then my phone started blowing up about the ban and like every you know. Put the ban up. Uk people can't travel back then. I stayed up until about two thirty figuring out what was going on. And in the meantime I had some people from my team booked me a flight so I went turn right back around. Got On a flight at seventy and right back back home. Spend a half nine hotel room. Didn't even sleep. Ramada Inn Right outside of Heathrow in London is fantastic. Spent about four hours there. I'll get a couple of questions about that. What first of all. What Your Band Dude. They all get in. And were they can is situated. They have to leave to the worst part about that is they flew on a nice life so they that happened while they were in the air When they landed they didn't even clear cut on so for like three hours. They were like just aliens on earth had no they weren't they weren't in the UK they wanted to say and then when we showed back up to the airport they came through. Customs turned around and get right back on a plane. Flew right back just going down the road and going back home but except to landed. What was the airport like? Was It nutty trying to get back in? It was pretty wild That morning I guess came back like Friday morning. It was pretty crazy over there. We got there three hours before Because we had a ton of gear to pack but Are Too low. But we didn't. We didn't GET TARGETED ABOUT FORTY MINUTES. Before security line was about an hour You know backcheck was about an hour so it was pretty wild but then like getting back in. I felt like getting back into the states. Was they were going to be like checking us down like they told us like. Take Tylenol just in case you had a fever like to bring because they might put you in corn like a fourteen day corn tea and which all of us were fine but But Yeah we've got back to the states and like everything was super smooth. Yeah here if you just go into an airport and you say you they'll let you go through quicker. WanNa hear Jordan. Davis is on with us. I know you're doing these songs online. You posted songs. Do instagram lives. I'd like to make a request because he said request cover songs. I'd like to request that. You do the raging idiots. Wash your hands and I. It was a number one kid song for four days. You know I think people need a Jordan Davis cover of wash your hands by the raging idiots. The WE'RE WE'RE GONNA. We're doing tonight that's it. I'm doing nice all right. And then rape posted up there. Hey listen congratulations on everything. You know who knows what's going to happen with anything at this point but really cool to see your success. You know always thought you're a coal dude and now it's nice to see actually killing and Jordan will see you soon dude present Bobby Graham. Join Davis if you're new to this show will then you don't know that? I am a die-hard Arkansas Guy. Loved the razorbacks and so before the SEC basketball tournament was cancelled. I was having lunch with the Athletic Director in University of Arkansas and again wingrove who played quarterback from the Abrasive Arkansas and is now in charge raise money for like the razorback foundation and so it was like some people. I know what it what. That'd be like t shirt or a pin or something but he got everybody Jerseys Arkansas Baseball Jerseys with their names on the back of him and so it was pretty legit awesome and so he's been wearing his. Yeah I've been wearing around. I went to the grocery store the other day and I don't know. I kind of feel like a poser. A little bit because every time I walked by someone there. There's an Arkansas fan or something. Going Tae Woo pig and I go woo pig and and then they wanna talk more like crazy right. You know man the basketball team and I start walking away because I don't want to get caught in this whole situation of like I don't know what I'm talking about. One guy even goes. Hey Man. There aren't very much of us here from Arkansas. Where are you from? GotTA GO RONA. Just say mountain by. Just take my life out there hundred Arkansas Seinfeld when the guy takes Kramer's life that you know the episode where he starts Living Creek Kramer cells in his life. I don't remember though. Well that's what you can do. You can just be or you're gonNA say say the. This reminds me of like when I wear a ban like vintage ban. T. Shirt and if you feel like a poser because people like Oh man I love that ban. What's your favorite song in Your Life Ronald all? I love sticks as well. She's like he's takes on a few of them just to keep up these like they're serious that's all we have. I know like I'm from a released small town in a really small state so we don't have any pro teams. We just have the razorbacks and so be do be proud. This can be your step into being fan. We'll pig yes. Muslims killing it this year. Well that's over. We were right my girlfriend though is a diehard sooner fan and so she's show Oklahoma people will come up and she'll boomer industry boomer sooner and I'm like wow this randomly walking down. We were a few weeks ago to movie before that. They all started the clothes and she's walking. She has a like. Oh you like emblem shirt and some guy goes points baby-boomer step in those a fight that you go sooner. You guys need to relax a little bit Well we're probably I will I. Will I love me and that that Jerseys legitimately like batting practice jerseys anyway? Thanks to them elitist Nashville Hollywood Morgan number two thirty second Brad. Paisley's free grocery store. The store is doing something pretty awesome for elderly people in Nashville or mobilizing a group of volunteers to deliver groceries. One week's groceries to Elderly people that should not be out shopping on their own in these times. Basically dropping off with they need Following protocols to make sure that we're doing this right that's pretty cool. Thomas Rhett shares a cool moment that he had with his daughter will agree. We were playing some shows and I just got done doing soundcheck and Willa gets out of the car and she was like that I am so proud of you and I was just like first of all. How do you know how to say that second of all just melted me? So it's been really awesome to share some of these moments with my kids the way that I gotTa sure. Somebody's moments with my dad is well. It kind of feels like it's coming full circle in a way and Lauren. Elaine posted a video of her singing her song getting good with her dad playing the guitar for her. No thinking was out there so the off all right. It's bobby filling in for Morgan Number. Two and that's a skinny. It's time for the good news. Fan Jay Powell. She's an honor student at the University of Nevada in Reno and she's been reading a lot of stories about how elderly people and sick people aren't getting groceries because of the corona virus so she decided to start a new little organization to go out and get orders from these people and then do free online shopping delivery so she would go pick up the stuff at the grocery store. Deliver it to these people and for free. I mean it was no charge. I guess a lot of grocery stores. I try to do it the other day. It's about a three week. Wait to get groceries if you want to deliver deliver them all right. Yes three weeks. Three weeks it'd be able to deliver them so these people can do it the same day and they're doing it for them and the word spread into so there's also people in Connecticut Long Island Sacramento has gotten the war and they're like we WANNA do a here. We are a cool there. You go what would you like to say? Oh Man I think that's amazing. I saw one like I got a email chain from Nashville. Like I don't know what it was boosted g mail accounts someone created where you could email that g mail account and they would try to deliver your groceries but you had to be a certain age older Kayla target yesterday saw there was an older lady who was like so. She just got her number. I was like Fenian anything. I'll go to target for you. Love that so same concepts there you go all right. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good show over the Eddie. Who's filling in for lunchbox? Police notice that there was some suspicious activity with a possible stolen credit card at Disneyworld so they went and located. The Guy wants the guy spot of the cops though he said. Oh what do I do with his debit card? He tried to eat it so he consumed about half of it. Police get them. They find half the credit card and then they find some cocaine on him so now he gets arrested. Not only does he have possession of cocaine. He also has the half eaten credit card which probably has to be was surgically removed or wait till it comes out. I don't know about surgically removed but when you were young if he got caught cheating you're just hold each paper because they can't prove that you cheated. They have no cheat sheet. It's like amy. You Watch these murderers shows if you can't find the body it's hard. There's no body. It's really hard to convince the money so he was trying trying. Yeah but the COPS got there too quick so they found the credit card. What a tough thing to eat though he also had like ten other credit cards too. So He's been doing for a while. He was at Disney Disney man. Blind some jewelry so mickey mouse Minnie mouse stuff. Oh he wasn't the family. I think you take some time off from crime. Take his family on all right. All right. That's your boneheads story of the day time play elder versus millennial the elder is in studio. That's Eddie's forty years old that's right. Yeah it's the oldest on the show there the millennial doing her millennial thing was out of the bar with a lot of people and so to me So she is doing the show from her house. She's on the phone right now. Is Morgan number? Two Hi Morgan gone. Good so you're not going to look things up. We have your your your promise right yes. Totally one hundred percent will not look anything up. She committed Hara totally am one hundred percent. I trust her. You do okay And you got three questions I are you ready come on. This is a name millennials to describe a person who is unhappy when little things. Don't go their way. They are described as a can. I speak to your manager type of person. Ooh The first thing that came to my mind was sour. And by the look at your face it may not be sour. But that's my guess incorrect. Morgan I believe that would be a Karen Karen means and care. And it's like imagine someone named Karen. Let me speak to your manager Eddie. Question number two come on Zach Ephron Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale starred together in what? Tv movie high school musical that any. What's the name of Alexis? Bordellos character on Gilmore Girls. Oh My Gosh. I watched Gilmore Girls. You do which is elect. What Alexis Bledel I think? That's the daughter Lauren Graham. She's the mom what you're watching girls. I started watching a couple of months ago me myself. What's what's wrong with. That popped up Netflix. Instead of watching it One of them's Laura Lie. And the other one is. Oh my gosh. Five seconds scarlet Amber answer I want to go to law relies. Morgan can still to I'm sorry I know this. Rory Roy Dang it all tied up one to one as we go to Morgan number two questions. Here we go is. They're all about Eddie's generation X. absolutely what kind of animal was free. Willie Morgan. What kind of animal was free? Willy Awale NYSC correct here. The deans right now. Okay right here on the phone correct. What city does the show Seinfeld? Take place in man never watched this show I'M GONNA I'M GONNA GO PHILADELPHIA INCORRECT. Goodness now do we`ll. I guessed also ahead and New York New York. That's right New York City now to to to last one someone win with this one. Finish the movie quote who you GonNa call blank who you GONNA call ghostbusters. This winter player saw there. Were the other Morgan questions anymore. Getting an answer as if you want. What is Hillary Duff sister's name? Oh you don't know this. These are these are the millennial questions That's Haley Duffy. Ailey oh yeah yeah yeah. This website paired you up with a random user for video chats. Ooh Oh I know the name I I lost it light. It was awesome. You just hit a button at Machu. But then everybody started putting their winters on connect and it'd be like Wehner Wehner all fun and Games Let's see Gibbs Spencer and Freddie or characters from what Nickelodeon show Sam and cat. I carly thing. She had questions. And then funded incarcerator. What movie is Sid? The sloth from Ice Age all hid the sly Gosh Bad. Today listen urine. It's not even. She's not here but she one from the deficit. She went from our house setting on her phone so she could be looking stuff. I guess there's no you promise you promise and gave one hundred percent. Sure that's true and I trust the mortgage. Thank you. You are the winner. Congratulations and there. You have it Another round of elder versus millennial own show all of us right now is Dr William Shatner. Md from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He is an infectious disease. Expert Dr Schaffner. Thank you for taking time with us. Good morning good to be with you. Does everyone want to talk to you now? Almost I mean you're like the bell the ball whenever it comes note. This is what you are an expert in. I just I imagine your phone is blowing up well kind of a yes. It's a busy time trying to get out the good information. All about social distancing and how we have to stay away from each other so that the virus doesn't get from me to you or from you to me okay. So let's just start with the questions. I love this guy out. Our children a symptomatic. A lot of children seem to be able to get this infection and not become ill. But we're beginning to think that they may be contagious and they can transmit the infection. How frequent this is is still under study and everything is still under. Study a bit right because it's such a new virus. Yeah absolutely right. I say that whenever I answer any question was there anything that you studied or have studied through the years that is similar to this. Where you're going well. This is kind of the same but well but not really will yes Win Zico. I hit we had to learn all about that and back in two thousand nine. We had an influenza pandemic so called swine flu and that one was paradoxical because it affected children more than older people so whenever there's a new infection that comes along we all have to figure out exactly who the infection is attacking specifically by the way. Dr Shafter is past president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and has served on the Executive Board for the Infectious Diseases. Society of America. Do you guys ever have like a getaway like all of you all the infectious diseases experts. Actually there's an annual meeting all these infectious disease. Docs are together. We all know each other. We're all friendly But we avoid shaking hands. There's a lot of elbow bumps that goes on. And then people reach into their purses or their jacket pockets and outcomes the hand sanitizer so it looks like a hand sanitizer conventions and that's been happening before this. You guys have been kind of living by that for a while for ages right. We'll wearing surgical type rubber gloves while out. If I'm out doing simple that help. I don't think it'll help. Because then these gloves become like your hands and they can become contaminated you know win in the medical setting when we use gloves as soon as we take them off we go to the sink and wash our hands so a lot of so hand hygiene is really the answer. Don't worry with the gloves. Just wash your hands a lot or use those hand hygiene products. You're talking about hands. I have a bunch of sanitizer. Obviously if I get to either wash my hands or sanitize which do I do Flip a coin whichever one is more convenient don't obsess about those distinctions just would frequently and thoroughly make sure you get the thumbs and the back of your hands too. If you're feeling sick at this stage when do we call the doctor? That is probably one of the most frequently asked questions if you have fever and a cough. That's the key to call and I emphasize calling your doctor or other. Health care provider. Don't just walk into the waiting room and give whatever you have to everybody else. Who's sitting there if you think that you're infected and you self quarantine or maybe even if you are what is the the distance the the length until normal life again until you can go out like what happens then It's very difficult because if you're self quarantining you don't know whether you have influenza or some other. Spiro Tori facts infection so I think the general rule is unless you've been diagnosed with co vid. Once you get completely better you can go out. Make sure your temperatures down wait for another day or so and then I think you're okay to get back into the world. You know they have. But but when I entered the world in the present time I mean six feet from everybody. Yeah which leads to my next question. Six feet social distancing. So why is it important to not be in a group of more than ten people? You know. It's simple numbers? We know that disinfection is transmitted through close. Contact Trite within six feet. I breathed out the virus. And if you're close in you breathe in and you may get some of my virus along with the air that you breathe in so we WANNA keep separated. The more people we contact the more likely it is. We'll find someone who's got coded so the notion is stay away from groups because there are a lot of people there and the chances are greater than that someone will be there who's got covert and could give it to you. Is it possible because I keep hearing these stories about if it gets warmer? There's a chance that the virus dies. I hear you. I hear you making noise. Tell me your thoughts on this. So we know that covert is a respirable virus and so is flu and flu and other Winter Spira Tori viruses. Get better that is they kind of go away. Once the temperature gets warm now. Has This new virus read The Textbook? And does it no? It's supposed to do that. Well we don't know that yet so perhaps this virus will act that way and kind of go away during our spring and summer. But maybe it didn't read. The text doesn't know what's going to do that and it's going to continue. It's one of those things where I have to say. We'll wait and see. That's the thing with this because it hasn't existed. We're waiting and seeing a lot of this stuff on the listeners. Reaching out asking you know. Should they go and get things like thereby annual mammogram or dental cleaning the heart? Doctor appointment things like that. The question is how essential is that visits the regular tooth cleaning. I would put that off if it's a routine visit like the mammogram unless of course it's a mammogram on indication. If someone's felt a lump or something like that then I would put the routine. Nonessential visits off for a while. But you have to see the doctor for something specific then of course go ahead. Dr William Shatner MD from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. An infectious disease expert is on with us. Now Eddie what would you like to ask him? Yeah Hey doc. I have a question about soap. You know I've I've seen a lot of grocery stores are out of anti-bacterial soap or just soap in general does it matter. What kind of soap? The you wash your hands with. Do you need a specific type dish? Soap right is that work everything works. Don't worry about the kind of so this virus will be picked up and killed by just any kind of soap or any household disinfectant. If you're being careful and disinfecting some of the surfaces in your house use any household disinfectant. It will work. I don't have a spleen docked. What Yeah good question. I had surgery. They removed my spleen. When I was a kid I didn't even think about this. What's up with that? The fact that you've had your spleen out does make you more susceptible to certain bacterial infections but not necessarily to covet. Thank goodness I'm free to run around and be do whatever I want. Dr Tell him no worries no ducts. Doctors no no no would go to a restaurant Dr Shattner if To pick up people making yes. I would still do that you know. The restaurants are spreading their tables farther apart. They're taking fewer reservations just so that people can be more distant and certainly pick up and delivery works. And if you're going out with one other couple to the restaurant I think that's still okay. We're not yet in a total lockdown circumstance. But don't hang out at a bar. They're closed anyway but don't hang out in large groups for any extended period of time. Avoid those groups. Well we very much appreciate you talking to us and we got listeners. All over the country. That are very appreciative of your time as well. I know you've got a lot to do So thank you so much for your time and hope you have a great day today. And you're out changing the world. Thank you all right. Bye Bye. Bye Dr William Schaffner MD. He graduated from Yale. Nineteen fifty seven. He attended the University of Freiburg. Germany as a fulbright scholar Cornell in sixty two I just keep going but he is the disease control guy. Wow He then commissioned it's it's on and on it's all the CD stuff he like you said he was President of the Infectious Disease Club. Yeah I was so helpful. Yeah it was. I liked having him on when I first got the email though that we had a phone call with him. I didn't read the whole thing. I just thought Oh. Cool William Shatner is GonNa be on the show today. Shafter just didn't I didn't like yeah. I just glanced at the email. Sounds like makes more sense respiratory or respiratory knows more than using. He's pile of stories so netflix. Just put out something. And it's pretty awesome net flicks party dot com is where you can sign up and basically you can sync up with anyone in the world and you can watch the same thing at the same time and chat about it while you're watching. Oh that's interesting. I thought you were just GONNA BUILD IT I. I saw the headline. We'll be able to see what they're watching it'll pop up on my screen for no you watch at the same time. Yeah it's you can watch and then talk about it in a sidebar chats. That's pretty cool. This is great for couple. So they don't net flicks cheat on each other. Yeah obvious again. The isolated because of the corona virus obviously before corona. But it is coming at a really convenient time Maybe they're older. That are only because of corona point. So Apple has patented system to stop people from snooping on your iphone by blurring the screen when it detects the gaze of on eyeballs. So if someone's looking at your phone and your phone is if they're in view of your phone and their eyeballs don't match up what's been approved it's going to blur the screen which leads me to this question. When I hear you say that I go hm face recognition looking at our face or is oh because if it's changing because of eyeball understanding then it must not be unlocking. It's because of our face and our eyeballs like fingerprints or they all different interesting. I think they are right. I don't know so I go. Ooh Okay so I have a list of discontinued snags from like the eighties and nineties. That are back if you're wanting them. So first of all cheese balls they were discontinued in two thousand and five. But they're back just in time for the pandemic. Yeah Dunker REUSS did Eggo CEREAL JAR Rela Britain about like my waffle cereal. Go My Eggo waffles in the same melody of Goma awful here like oh my go- French toast crimes. Hula Goma Go. Oh yeah let go of my. Yeah I know. I don't know whatever mother circus animal cookies which are my favorite from from childhood. They're amazing they disappeared in two thousand and eight but had up there back also or owes another popular cereal. I don't remember this done Yeah you love owes like the regular GEOS. But then they made like Orios Orioles Oreos and then quaker dinosaur eggs. I remember that film but I think most Oprah's discontinued because they don't want it so why bring it back? Cheese balls was the first thing I mentioned and remember. We have in the pile nuts longer or somewhere. Maybe Morgan Number twos food world. There's like now cheese bald powder you can just buy the powder. I used to eat the big cheese balls as a kid. Your hand would just be orange. Yeah they're selling that the orange stuff on your hand you go. I'm amy that's my file was amy's Kyle of stores. It's time for the good news This girl Kylie. She got her wedding dress. She picked it up from like the dry cleaner the Taylor or something and had it in her car and went to meet friends for dinner in Walsh's at dinner. Her car got stolen so car gone wedding dress gone. So she's freaking out. The news finds out about it. They run a story on the local news station and to women after they watch the news they spotted the SUV and they called the police and then they were able to go and get the car. So she is thankful to D and Natalie who were watching the news and then saw the car and called it in because now she has her car back and her dress back. All right there you go. That's what's all about. That was telling me something. Good translating the puck over to amy with the morning. Corny morning corny. Did you hear the joke about the roof? Never Mind it's over your head. That was morning Gordon. You don't like these anymore for the bass pro shops and CABELA's studio on music row is bobby bones show. We're GONNA play name that secret celebrity on the phone right now is crystal in Iowa Crystal. How are you this morning? I'm good good morning studios morning. What's been happening today Just on my way to work. And how's it drive is. Are there less cars out since people are staying home? Yes absolutely. It's actually tonight. I was driving to pick up food. Framing birthday yesterday and was five. Pm and it is usually jam Packard. Man and I was Flying through nothing. That's like four cars weird right. I was like Dang this is nice but then I feel bad for thinking. It was nice. I know when I was leaving. Come to your house. Normally that's high traffic time and I thought oh I better mapquest and see how or Google get on my space. I math it to see how long it's GonNa take you on. Aol whatever. I was like Google maps on my phone but it was seventeen minutes door to door which is not would never be possible at five thirty PM. Ever probably take forty five minutes. Was it after you finish watching? Clearest explains it all on Nickelodeon crystal. We're GONNA name that secret celebrity. I will play you a celebrity after guess. What celebrities voice? You're hearing so far. The guests have been Mel Gibson. Eddie Murphy and Willie Nelson and all. Those guesses have been wrong. Okay here's the clip. In time after being perched atop their mothers feed for thousand paces like a child learning to dance on her mother's shoes the chick takes his first steps along. Okay so you you hear that celebrity. Can you name that secret celebrity? I'm pretty sure it's Harrison Ford. It is not Harrison. Ford it is not okay okay. Well moving on. Would you like to shout out to anybody crystal while you're on the phone? Yeah I WANNA say Happy Birthday Amy. My birthday yesterday is that he's a Saturday Yay birthday. Thank you for your birthday. My family actually surprised me with a very nice dinner at home and a couple of desserts and some very prevalent. So it's nice and quiet. So how about this? Why don't I don't know what your what your morning is? But why don't you stay on the phone? Let's give her a shot another game and maybe she can win some crap in the back. We've got a bunch of like cool prizes back there that we have never given away but you can win it. We call it crap in the back. Would you like to play another game coming up in a second absolutely right? Let's Labor on. She didn't get that right because she guest Harrison Ford Right. I wrote it down. Are we just because we're in a studio are are headphone sounding? Different us because it sounds like I know exactly who that person is. I listen I know who it is because I made the game up but I still felt like even if I did it no I would know whose voice that was. I could be wrong but I feel like that voice is so distinct and then I keep thinking every caller is gonNa nail it and don't am is it. Do you guys feel the same way? No I mean I think I know who it is. Yeah I mean I know you know who it is because we have told you. Would you know who it is so it's so obvious okay? All right well we'll give it another shot tomorrow for sure I just there are a few things in life that I get extremely frustrated out. And maybe this is my fault. Maybe I picked a bad clip. Should I switch the MIC to you? Don't think so. Can you name CL- not the same person but a different clip to like? Switch it up just an understand okay story about how they're trying to pass legislation that will not allow people who had been hoarding food to bring all the food back after corona goes away for two reasons one because they wanNA stop that in the future and to they go well. You're corona beyond the bag. Maybe on the food on the on the The character of the food okay so mostly though because people went berserk and they have forty-seven-year-old toilet paper and they're like well we want you to bring that back live with the now so you have all the food on your plate you put it. They're not eat it or you're gonNa sit there and tell us all of that toilet paper. I WanNa see you wipe with every square. But they should say just. Put a camera on and be like all right. Let's go don't stop wipe until it's all gone but I saw that was happening Or they're trying to push that through. There are probably things that they get pushed through a little more important right this second but I do like the idea of that The story I was talking about was drake. He is self isolating because he was partying with Kevin durant before Kevin Durant got corona virus. God's plan it was God's Plan I get round I and in that up And then Idris Elba the actor. Who HAS IT thinks. He got it from Justin Trudeau's wife who is a Canadian prime minister. Oh but again. It's not like an S. T. D. where someone probably knew they had. It didn't tell people don't even know they have it right right. I was listening to Dr Algae. Talk yesterday about. It can live in you for two three four days before. There's ever a symptom but it's living in you and there's also transferable it's also contagious before you even though you have it so it's chilling in and on you and it's contagious but you don't know you got it so it's not your fault you gotTa make that call like. Hey I got it in. I gotta let everybody know that I had recently been around that I have it. It almost feels like they call. It would say when if you get an SDS everybody. I never made no of course not so saw that this big brother cast in Germany. They had been kept from knowing. Their Corona virus was a thing it began on February six. Today's March nineteen. So you're looking at all of pretty time where this has become a massive story. They've been locked in the house. They had no idea how the virus had spread across Europe in Spain. Italy and full lockdown. You know we're doing we're doing here. We're in the early stages of that but last night. The housemates were given an update. Live on Air Force. Talk about a ratings bonanza. I would've tuned into that. I don't even know German proud clavell and that'd be your good. So was my German by the way you got one word. I said crowd Sauerkraut l. But they said This is what's been happening. The resident physician goes in. They sat behind the glass screen to give them the news. They said hey would like to inform you as to why we're here and while we're behind a glass screen. The camera panned around the seating area. Of course the housemates fell into a stunned silence and he went all the way into Cova. Nineteen and what it is and why it's hurting a lot of people. If I were that cast I'd be like just leave. Isn't here exactly two things? The virus isn't in here to they're going to be so famous when it's over because that whole Germany Europe we've been. We've never talked about Germany. Big Brother on this show ever GonNa be so known. Because that's all people are gonNA be watching so the people are going to do it anyway. We're GONNA talk to their families which they don't normally do so though. Let them get on the phone. If any of them want to leave I think they can. Well yeah but I do. Well I guess if someone was sick need to go take care of them but other than that right thing to do live strange like every country music artist Every artist is at the same time. I pulled out my instagram last night. And it was like nine people. Nine are sitting in their their bathroom with a guitar going. I'll take a request to give me a request like we should spread these out a little bit so we can watch schedule them like like a festival. There's time like Friday night and here eleven times you can watch artists coordinate. Instagram live festival crystal is on again. crystal. Are you ready to play this game yesterday? Was your birthday. So let's see if we can get you a prize. Okay good okay now you are you still sitting in your car. Did you go into work? I'm still on my way to work. Right get a drink here. We're going to do for our prize for the crap in the back right. What's up for grabs in the crap in the back today? Yeah we're doing the brothers Osborne Vinyl signed Yup. Yup there's also kit more CD nice and signed now. Oh cool and then George Strait t-shirt. Oh ooh vintage. Are you sure it's vintage? It might have a lot of tour dates when he did the sixty number ones tour. I don't know a few years ago. It's like it's from two thousand thirteen or fourteen regardless it's in the bag all right your chance to win at crystal here we go. We're going to give. Amy had tried to review this. What I just the pressure since today. March nineteenth is the first day of spring. Amy have to answer questions about famous. Firsts you have sixty seconds to get all ten questions right if you get all tend to caller wins the prize. If you don't answer say pass we'll come back to the time starts when I read the first question. Ready to go for the crab in the back on. Amy You can do this. Raimondo clock ready. Yes who was the first president of the United States Washington? Who was the first man on the moon? Neil Armstrong correct. What metal do you get for first place in the Olympics gold correct? What's the name of my first book bare bones correct? Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and the Erhard correct? Who is the first lady of the United States a past? What is the first color on the American flag? The first stripe. Oh my Gosh Grad correct. Who's the first face on Mount Rushmore? George Washington correct. Who were the first people to fly a plane? The Wright brothers correct in the marvel movies who's known as the first avenger cats in America. Correct back to the question. You've missed the first lady of the United States come on Crystal Happy Birthday. You're the big winner here colleen. So they just got better be honest yes absolutely. She did miss the secret celebrity but she nailed this. That's good yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah we aim is. I'm like sweating. We were wondering with trust me. I was too like I literally all I could think of was like I was like trump while I mean obviously I knew trump. I didn't know if I need to just say the last name you need me to. Obviously well I would have taken Malania you when you said that because I was saying it and you're like waiting waiting waiting you are correct. What was that question? What what's the name lady? The name of the first lady I I kept thinking Martha Washington wait. No first lady warmer firstly. Yeah she's the very first first lady basically the current and man good job. You're going to work or all the folks at your work at work. Yeah okay well right now. Yes tell them always say hello and thank you for listening and stay on hold it. We'll get some prizes for your birthday brothers. Osborne signed vinyl actually pretty cool. Thank you so much. You're welcome have a good day bye. Thanks your pledge. It's time for the good news on the janitorial staff at to Vermont. Schools is being recognized for going well above and beyond their typical call of duty. The schools Alan Brooke School and Williston. Central School were closed when a staffer came down with cold like symptoms after staying at a hotel where cases of the corona virus had been confirmed. The janitors cleaned sanitized and fully and completely disinfected the entire buildings to protect the students from this parents wanted to acknowledge and thank them for their efforts because they didn't have to clean like they did. It's fast as they did so they set up a fundraising campaign. The raised over six thousand dollars for the janitorial staff. That's awesome that went through and just crushed it when they didn't need to didn't have to as well as they did. That's awesome. It's it's cool for the janitor the janitorial hardware for me to say the janitorial staff to do that but also super bowl appearance to acknowledge that even though that was their job the fact that they did it so wonderfully they should according to be rewarded for it. That was great. There you go. That's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something. Good transmitting concerning Alaska. Tom Hanks is doing not great. But still okay the sixty three year old Oscar winner and his wife. Rita Wilson remained in isolation in an Australian residents after being. Let go the hospital. They have the corona his sister. Says I've communicated on my brother. He's not great but he's still okay. That's Tom Hanks to talking about where he was like. Body aches is still. Don't feel great but it'll be alright but also how uncomfortable to be not in your own house when you're sick the didn't you. You want to be in a hotel room or on vacation and be sick. You know. Yeah I kind of feel bad for Ceylan right now because she lives in California and has for the past year or so but she has a home and they started shutting things down in Los Angeles two three weeks ago and so with that being said she's like I need to get out of here so she came and stayed with me now. We've been together for two weeks or so but she doesn't have all reclosed Oliver. You know so. I feel bad for her in a way to because it's not although I think she would rather be with me. I hope by yourself. I think that for her. That's Kinda stinky that you can't have all your stuff when it's the most comfortable time anyway. So again there are worse things or people that are having jobs now very true but the good news every single country music artist in history at times. Doing it livestream. So you can watch that home. You always have that now. It's like everyone's like we're doing a live concert. Seventy four people have done it like it's cool for a second. Now the next move is to somehow hook your instruments into aboard. That goes into the Stream. Because I can't listen to me. People playing in their bathroom anymore but people just singing at their phone. It's not the best quality. Yeah like you WANNA get pumped up now making good Quality Mike. How we did it on facebook. Live right where we had good quality stuff. Yeah you can basically get like an adapter played into your phone. Dear Artists Music Call Mike D. Dearest artists have country music. It was novel for a second when everyone was doing their their live streams. But now let's up at a level where it's actually sounds good is was cute for a second but now it's like let's let's up it and let's get a little bored and that's how we can really enjoy the music but I tell you some of them you know when you just think like that. There's no effect on your voice right and it really just shows you how good some of them are at singing. Yeah wow they're getting also shows you some of them and all that good to watch and your wow like Lou. Combs you go. Wow we've had. We've had a lot to sing in studio so we can look like crap guys can really well right there. But then some of them. You're like Oh you WANNA those boards wouldn't talking about listen. We're all just trying to get by man by coming from the bass pro shops and Cabela's studio music grow the body. Don't show keep from going crazy during this corona virus. It's just making sure you'd limit your time. Reading about the corona virus. There is a limit to or the you know. There's a a level of being knowledgeable and then being crazed by it and I sometimes walk that line where I just watch it all the time for like eighteen hours. I got into a podcast yesterday where I was listening about how this virus actually happened right. This is one of the rare viruses that goes animal-to-human. So what's happened over? Time is occasionally there will be a virus that will go animal to human and then inside the human it dies. It's not mutated enough to go human-to-human after it goes animal-to-human so basically it lives in an animal. This is what happened. With this virus it lived in an animal and from that animal. It had mutated enough to go to a human and at somehow taken a hold and then was easily transferable human-to-human rare but it does happen that happened with HIV as well It was animal to human the human to human so with this. That's what happened was it was the almost perfect ingredient of animal human mutation human-to-human spreads like crazy. So I'm listening to this podcast and I call it corona virus and I'm listening to these doctors talk about the different viruses that have done that. But a Lotta Times though. I am ready when it goes animal-to-human it doesn't it's not ready to human-to-human like oddly. He gets it and then get sick or dies. And that's there's no transfer so I'm listening. All doctors talk about it and a lot of the doctors. Don't call at Corona virus. They call it Kobe. Nineteen is. I've heard him say it so many times. Walk on how yesterday so I was talking to Caitlyn about it. I'm like yeah and covert nineteen. He's like okay. Dr Fallacy relaxed with the Kobe. Nineteen we call it. Corona virus like normal people here So but yeah I but my point is I start to get crazy. Because that's all I do. I consume myself a talking to folks and coming up in the next thirty minutes or so Dr Schaffner will be on who is one of the leaders worldwide in infectious diseases. And so we'll have that and I just WanNa get on and talk to doctors and people who have been dealing with us from the beginning. Which by the way the beginnings only in the last year and Dr William Shatner will be on his resume is is not in a wonderful way that I felt like we'll be able to talk to him about normal questions. We have living at every day. So my go. I'm going to end on this part of it. Watch the news be knowledgeable but then get the crap out of their invention netflix. Show or something Because you will turn into me and we don't want that trust. Us enough nuttiness. Can YOU PUT Dr Shepherded resume up there for me. I want to let listeners know what's coming up balanced the covert and the mindless corona. Because we start calling Kogo people start to roast. You know husband called we'll but he is military by the disturbing Lemus. Yeah we call it corona that you know even with gloves and we'll tell you what we'll we'll talk to Dr Schaffner coming up in a bit about gloves Kellyanne Nashville is on the phone. Right now who is called us? You're on the show. Kelly appreciate you calling the show. What's going on? Hey guys how are you this morning really good? What would you like to say this line? I thank you for keeping some normalcy and such weird times between the Tornado. And now this you guys have been on the air. So you've been consistent. We can wake of. Can listen to you and it's great appreciate that and even as of today you can watch us on the live cameras. You know they're up. You were in the studio. I was talking to one of my friends who works over at satellite and she was like. Yeah we're out of the studios like they're just like everybody else and you know for as long as we can. We're going to be here eventually. They're going to have US check out to or still going to be on the air but I will. At some point be broadcast from house. I was talking to Elvis Duran this morning. You know he was on the show yesterday but I was talking to him because I know it's uncomfortable for someone who comes into a studio everyday. Worked with same microphones same. It's like if you're working on a machine work you have. A different machine. Feels weird so I hit them up and let them know that his mic sounds good. Quality sounds good. He said they're having some glitches. But what else do you expect when you have a bunch of people from different houses But we're going to be going through that at some point I would rather it be later and try to hang in as long as we can but there you have actually going to shut us out except for like Raimondo. Probably going to live up here on the radio station. Yeah all quarantined myself. Here I got fridges and stuff like that. I can work out in the studio. It's GONNA work out perfectly for my life style. Remember when you used to live here though? That's what I'm it was something I did just I wanted to do years ago. We on the bottom floor of this building. There's not a lot down here except our studios wreck our little offices and so- Raymundo. For how many months did you live on the radio station I would say it was a month probably how I met my fiance very soon. After I was homeless Raymond was living at the radio station. And not telling anyone and why was he homeless? He was in between my lease ended with lunch box. And I think he was going to charge me an extra amount because I was breaking the leasers until I'm just moving out moving on. I'm not going to do another month. With you overcharge. Ray just a landlord had nowhere to go so ray was homeless. Yes so then. That's when I had to. I stayed here for maybe three four weeks. Nothing crazy and he would like sleep under the radio counters. Get Mail here here. That's wrong with you. let's see Kelly from Saint Louis. Maybe you're talking about something other than I thought about that. When did she say Kelly from Saint Louis as maybe try talking about something other than the corona virus and we do a lot to know what the most the thing most people want to hear about right now is not just a technical part of it but normal people talk about how the corona viruses affecting their lives? And what you can do about it little life hacks also I hate to call this but fun facts like the animal thing. I just told you not Super Fun but it's like Oh wow. I didn't know that really. That's what it was like when we get the doctor on a bit. We're not gonNA go so tell us about the chemical makeup of the. We're going to say what about gloves? Eddie has a question about dish soap on your hands so and also if you look and see what people are googling. The most wanted this right. I've always us. We wouldn't talk after we're talking about like friends are talking about it like listen. I mean I feel like we've got a good balance Dr William Shatner will be on. He is a professor in infectious diseases. He is an infectious disease expert. He was on a scroll down for Mike. He was on some crazy board that he was the President Areas The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases President and has served on the Executive Board for the Infectious Disease Society of America. This dude knows what's try them all out to all the diseases. Hey Terrible You know we tried last week to greet people. I try bowing. You try waving and folks waving literally they'd be right in front of me so we're trying to figure out ways not shake hands whereas seems pretty natural. I was reading this article. It says hey. Here are some ways instead of hugging or shaking hands the head salute the Cadet A. How's it going? I liked that one. Okay which I feel like that. That belongs in a certain place that we're not that's military. We don't do that ahead salute. It's respectful shoulder arms and exposure poems. Okay oh exposure palms like this. I don't know backwards Anna Passover that one okay good. I agree the long distance. Double Kiss where it's like. Don't stop that. That's like real housewives if someone does that to me. I'm like you probably drink cavern aid all day flash a big smile with the peace sign. Okay I feel like that's like Coachella and stagecoach picture instagram picture girl. The royal wave with an exaggeration. That's weird like because you're coming up to people right. I don't think the handshake will ever be gone. But I don't think it'll ever be the same I ever had. You're right I think we're probably GONNA lose about twenty five percent effectiveness a handshaking so we gotta figure. I listen to but I've been doing DABS for a long time. I don't really touch in hands before this. But even they say well even with proper hand washing their making. Sure you get the backs of your hands. Something we don't think about that can still has a home in lick. The back of my hand is my fun thing. There was a whole story to about TV. Medical Dramas love. The doctor. Shows are giving their masks to hospitals to help fight corona virus because they have a lot because they need to be in production like yeah. Wow wear them onset Yeah onset in in the warehouse. Am I saw Elon? Musk tweeting with the guy from five thirty eight yesterday. And he's like hey won't make ventilators. Tesla does space and Tesla does cars will make ventilators. That's not super hard to make but it's a bit time consuming. Tell us who needs them right now and so. I saw that tweet exchange. It's not a new story that have in front of me but I was watching. That and a lot of people are trying to get best. They can but that was interesting. That is This woman in Saint Louis who told me stopped until they still expect from us. You gotta gotTa let it go. Whatever you're talking about all day long is what we're trying to talk about in the morning right. We can't you're you're talking about this with your friend correct us do play the top thirty countdown on the morning. Joe Yeah I just feel like it's like you be completely tone deaf to not address it every now and then we should talk about those spring. Breakers they did a new store yesterday where they went to kids who are on spring break right now and the beaches are packed. There are going to have to shut down the beaches eventually but the governor say another beaches and it's like people are just melted together close. They missed that so the spring breakers like we're not going to stop partying here by Corona Corona Day. I'm not GonNa let us stop me from partying. I've been waiting. We've been waiting for Miami's break for a while about two months. How disturbed playing two three months? We're having a good time. Whatever happens happens with the bars being closed. No we'll find alternative. Fortunately it does suck messing up with my spring break. Serious serious is more serious things. They're like hunger and poverty and we need to address the weird thing about the argument a lot. It's like well. This many people have died on this. So but this is you've had lesser many people so we shouldn't were if you use that analogy. Only the thing that kills the most people period would matter meaning. You could go well. Heart disease doesn't kill people as whatever so we're worried about it. I'm not sure what the big killer is but your car you know. Cancer doesn't cause car wrecks worried about cancer so unused someone to go. Only one hundred and sixty people have died in the past month and a half year but the we should worry about you. Know people that eat sodium or people that have the real flu or you can go and focus on all these different things. And if you're using that and the only thing we should focus on is the top thing not worry about the other thing can you go like streaming at Ted talk to these spring breakers not? There's nothing they can do not listen. They're not fixable like last called mud's is dated like spring break rules Cronin drew quoted. Some White Clausen gave out the beach and just live live. You know maybe six weeks wrong with you people seriously God. That's just so idiot. Kids and other kids. Well yes most idiots and most kids are idiots right. Yeah idiot kids. That don't know any better. You just wish maybe. Their parents would have slapped earlier when they were growing up. Yeah no spring break Do anything about it. My Body brought me here. I didn't even know has come as woke up and it was spring break and it was like parties. I did and I'll get I'll adjust krona back bars close. We're going to make our own bars. Crony will be there when I get back. So why would I not worry about it right here? I'll do me in bars are closed really bad respect you. I respect it. Okay what was it Will Smith Joke. That he feels responsible for a lot of the misinformation about corona virus. Because the movie I am legend. Did you ever see that? Yeah by the way I love that movie. But you know that's something that gets spread around in that movie and everybody's dying disappearing and you know he's going. Hey you're gonNA see false facts and it's a lot of people just pulling out INFO from this movie and I am legend two thousand eight and so. He plays overall gist who survived a manmade plague that turns humans into zombies as part of the preparation for the role. Smith said he met with the Centers of Disease Control in the same group of people that are doing this pandemic now and a lot of that stuff coming from the movie dog in the movies. One what I remember off the star and then they Don't worry bad things. That was more Olympic Song. They would sing in the bathtub and sing that song special back in the good old days when the Real Anna size about it you know. What are you into we? Now Find Out. What a husband do they put on all right? What's the disease tonight? Never going to survive tonight. You're me you come out tonight baby. Or what what do we get to? That never really came out pulls out his little Spanish guitar tonight. Is the Spanish flu back when it was just fantasy fiction? George Are Martin. Who wrote game of Thrones? Yeah is using this time to finish. Game of thrones. Oh yeah ever finished. Nettie not. The show wants to show no but only because people love it. Does this. You know I love that show. I. I'm like you. I just feel like there's been too many episodes already that I'm not catching. Hey all like happy about whatsoever you want. Someone started the books by your excitement. Do started the book one book and his Reading Challenge. And now all the sudden. He's Mark Twain. Anything around here. Nope clearly listen. He put on. Scrubs husband comes out with girls I could Dr Clairol Room to bowl show on with us right now from her house. Quarantined is Morgan number. Two Morgan people want to listen to the show today. What will they be listening for? Are you helped? Amy celebrate her birthday with Dave social distance. We had a three person birthday party. You can hear about that on the podcast. What else in University of Arkansas gave the show Kersey? Yeah the Athletic Program May Jerseys for the show and named Eddie had a run in with someone as he was wearing one fans and it was a little awkward all right what else streaming service having watched parties. So you can have with your friends here practicing. And specifically we're talking about the netflixing. Yeah from the pile yeah. It's a pretty cool thing checked out on the pile. Is it weird to listen to the show every every morning and not be in? Studio Morgan or no. Yeah Super Weird. I feel like I'm missing things I you know. I'm getting into full experience right now. And what is that? What's the full listener. What can we do better at? Yeah how would you rate this more talk from you guys? I think People WanNa hear what's happening with you guys more than they do about anything else so just the more you guys talk about your lives better off in. How do you feel about the talk? Music Ratio podcast is not GonNa hear that the music but like when we're doing the radio show live. Do you feel like we should talk more play more music. She's got gobbled up my corona cutting on go ahead. I think you should talk more because I listen to the livestream and watch the livestream so getting that experience and there's a lot of silence sometimes because we're on commercials or few Dick the definitely more talking listening on the Internet not on the radio okay. Another experience 'cause you probably have to go sit in her car. True that's true. I mean if you're home you're listening on iheartradio APP or online and then like to keep people have radios in their house. I don't know I don't know. I don't know Morgan Morgan number. Two we're going to need you to go sit in your car and experienced this like for real for clothes hanger right we stick in the Cana coke. Hey Ray thank you Morgan. Thank you sorry. I was looking to rate A. We'll hit that Clinton year ago and most going on today. I have a therapy appointment. Which I think is good for me right now need to process and stuff and then trying to figure out the Internet at my house like I have no Wifi so that that's my goal. I have entered a funeral right now so I drive a few hours up into Kentucky and go to funeral someone that works with us but a super close and then somebody would go up. Go to that and drive back and my dog has a vet checkup. Which at the end of the afternoon which I think I can get back for if not I'll have caitlyn take him to the vet that tomorrow. Kelsey Ballerini on the show. Be sure to check that out other than that. Hope you have a great Thursday. We'll see on Friday by everybody site and Grass Bobby Bones your ACM. Win An grabbed. Bobby bonds repeats of the Year Babe.

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