I think we are an iheartradio station. Someone's going to get offended. It's just the way the world works, and hopefully save everyone a little time or energy. Opinions that you hear. Are Those of the host and callers and other media, its management or advertisers? Monsters Mazar twenty as you got the best talk show in the morning anywhere in the country, the monsters mornings radio, one up or one broadcasting live on Iheartradio, and yes ready for the weekend I missed the song I was sitting here, talking to Ryan homes and I missed ready for the weekend. We might have to play it again, angels. It puts me in the damn good mood, but yeah ready for the weekend we got. A bunch of stuff happening today. It's a Friday so glad that you're here. You GotTa make sure you check us out on our youtube channel radio. Mom's on Youtube or facebook page real ray on facebook We got some special stuff going on today. Please be a part of it. We appreciate you guys being here I'm Russ rollins host the program with almost everybody today. We're GONNA. Do this until around eleven, o'clock producers Angel Boom. Angel Rivera. Got The king of Denmark Ryan Home Angelique Dancing Queen. You can text me now if you want to. Seven, seven, zero, three, one, seven, seven, zero, three one text me, and sometimes we texts you back. We'll use what you're texting. Sometimes on the air and I appreciate it. I got a lot of email yesterday. pulled at least three of them that I want talk to answer some. If you WANNA email the show, you like here in your particular problem, live on the air then A. A call email me, Russ at W. WT T KS DOT com. Sometimes we use them on the air. Appreciate you doing it, and and then if Texas service, or you can call us, and and we're taking a lot more phone calls these days with everything going on you can call us at four, zero, seven, nine, one, six, one, four, one. Yeah, man I hate when I misread ready for the weekend. That sets me off Friday. Right. Well down downplayed against now right now, but maybe a little bit later on, we can play it again, Angel, but yeah I would just do five hours of ready for the weekend. No No, no, no, no, we got! We got a good five hours ready to go locked and loaded. supposed to rain all weekend this weekend. Just so you know I'm sitting there. Waiting for really great rain yesterday. Just it was kind of a little bit. the here in Apopka. At least I didn't what I wanted. What what level of yeah it was pouring right after we outta here was at your place. Yeah, man, it was awesome I was a house to myself for the first time while so for a minute there was just me and the pets, and we were just staring out onto the lake, fondly and I've. got a lake. Labs is kind of sleepy and. Me and the dogs are we all hung out together and had a quiet moment. Hey, by the way, a Carlos business take care of today. That's why we we didn't introduce Carlos So you You gotTA, Lake, May, and you go in the lake now known as. A community. That's the lake with where the hang out Lake what's. Name it offer late. We've deemed it I don't know what the official name of that places believe. It's highway runoff highway runoff lake. To Lake right next to each other. It's cool to look at. I saw jet ski out there and I was like. Wow, that's a really big jet ski for that small of a lake. You're GonNa live the jet ski life. It doesn't matter the size of the leg. Pull them. I do for puddle. No big deal I've I've lived. Never lived on a lake lived on a pond, a retention pond. But. This is a return oversize retention pond, but I call it a lake, even retention pond, though water is calming, you know something about water is awesome, and that's why I'm glad. I got a pool. We hang up by the pool of course not this week, because the the rain and everything, but well, that's getting wet. will go in. It's raining. But rains the best time to cuddle up on the couch, watching TV. That's what that's what that's all about so so anyway have a good day yesterday. Oh Yeah, just a beautiful day of I'm still lockdown like I. Don't know I do all. The world's back right everybody. Think. There's people going to restaurants today. They're going to the gym and been going to bars for a while. Of course you've seen that people are protesting altogether. You know virus, not not dealing. I'd give it a shot to the Orlando protesters and. Parts of to see you guys do this. All you guys that are protesting. Everyone's wearing their there and everything, but if you're working in downtown, Orlando you have a business down in downtown Orlando for whatever reason you're not doing that, so it's interesting. Did, you watch the memorial service yesterday. Yes, that's what I was doing. Mainland. Yeah, I watched I watched a lot of that man that was moving man I. Tell You what? I'll tell you what black people don't have to put on a great funeral that's. Had some inspiration and has made you WANNA get up. I mean it was it was I thought very inspiring when they did the eight minutes and forty six seconds of silence that was pretty moving and the radio stations, and not just already station, but all the IHEART radio stations have decided to show solidarity unity to do something today because you know like. Everybody. A lot of people, a large majority of people, most people at the radio station WanNa do something to show unity and solidarity and most everybody wants to say. Hey, listen you know. We're with you kind of thing. And that's why we're talking about. The HASHTAG which dirty Jim came up with I thought was brilliant. I backed him one hundred percent, and it's what we're using today. It's Hashtag. We hear you because a lot of times. You can say I'm listening, but you're not really listening to know whether I really hear what you're saying is a big difference, and you know we hear you as far as thousands of people all over the country. Who are marching and peaceful protest? We hear you. We hear exactly what you're saying and today at eight, Forty, eight or forty, six, forty, eight, forty, six and April six today all IHEART stations here in central Florida are going to go silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds now. That's remembrance of George, Floyd of course and to show solidarity and unity with people who are who are marching in who are out there. Protesting and I think as Carlos said many times. You know the peaceful protesting the you know the marching the protests kind of a young man's game. You know younger people are out there doing it. You know I'll be honest with you. I don't want to get out there with the corona virus, the thing and and riot breaks out I. Don't want to be anywhere around. It but I do want to show unity I. Want to show that I. Support Them and one of the ways that we're doing today is we're going to go silent. All the other stations are GonNa go silent as well for eight minutes and forty six seconds, and if you could share I, put up. A. An announcement, a flyer some sort of a thing to explain what's going on and I. Put it on our website, not on the website yet put it everywhere else I put it on. INSTAGRAM twitter facebook all over it. You could share that with the HASHTAG. We hear you that would be awesome, so added on our page. I didn't do it on the real radio one I get permission, okay, but for monster one and for my own personal ones I put Hashtag. We hear you and Hashtag show me when you vote because I think I just like you know. Other people have said marching and protesting one thing, but you do have to. Be Involved as well I, believe, and whichever side you're on whatever show me when you vote. You know Hashtag. Show me when you vote Hashtag. We hear you I think. Are you know if you could share that? It'd be great to get that trending today. and if you are a person like me and you listen, I'm not getting out in that crowd and march for a bunch of. Of different reasons concerned about covert I don't want to get in the middle of a mess, but I do support what is going on. Do Support the folks who are out peaceful processing. Then one way you can help join us. Today is to share the Hashtag that people written know that. Hey, what you're doing. We hear you so Hashtag. We hear you and remember at today at. Eight forty six a M. we're going to go silent now. Here's my idea, Angel and you tell me what you'd say i. told him I was talking to the bigwigs. You I think you need to play. Like heartbeat, or maybe the sound of breathing, or maybe a tick tick, tick, tick yourself somethin', so people don't flip around the dial and they hear that we're off the air and we just didn't pay electric bill. You know what I mean like like fish silent people. Some people aren't GonNa get it. They're not going to know what's. Going on, and they're just GonNa flip the some other station. It's not participating. Yeah, no, that was brought up in I'm looking through everything that was sent out yesterday, and there's nothing of that nature to that. I can send email up the chain real quick and see if the that's cool if we do that well, no, no I I already all for us to do it here, see I, I already talked to Rick Evert about it and Rick Talk to Linda about it, and for whatever is, they decided not to do that so I know we wanna be uniform with ever. Main thing was something like that Not all stations are probably to want to do something like that so I think it's pretty a huge achievement to get everyone to agree to do the eight minutes and forty six seconds of just silence. Yeah, but I'm just afraid. That silence doesn't say anything. You know what I mean like. Everything you just said how move were watching them. Do the silence, but that's on television. So you know what's going on so on radio were audio, and I'm just afraid that it's going to fall on deaf ears now to use a bad pun, but people won't understand what we're trying to say. That's my only concern. Well, I mean look the best that we can do. In the best thing you can hope for is like Whoa. We've been instructed as we're going into that. You set it up expend to what's going on if you're in Orlando and you hit up any of the IHEART stations in Orlando. We're all GONNA be doing it at the same time if you're if you're nationally. Around yeah, you're going to, and that's the way we're going to do it, but but but do you understand what I'm saying or if? You. Like in the call, what call would have, you have made I get what you're saying. And that's like the metrics, the show business side of it, and that is something that you're. You're really good at something that I wouldn't have thought of I think that the silence is I think it. Like I think it hits I think. It's over powering. Deafening. Silence. Gesture was deafening because you could see the people standing there in silence, so the impact was was large on radio. People are GonNA think we just impair electric now. Angel brought up a point. I didn't think about because before. I was sort of with you on the heartbeat of the breathing, but now if people do flip around, they'll realize that I'll snap like this station. This station signed off. This is a thing. Then, go to some other stations and they're going to be playing music, so they'll stop there where they're playing music. They're not gonNA realize we were doing something to show unity. So that's my only concern. Be Music Station. They're going to go to. That's not an IHEART. There are even though I. Don't pay attention to other radio station. I've heard there are other radio stations. Rock. Hertel that there are other stations out there I. don't listen to him, but and I'm just afraid that it's not going to create impact that that we want to create some sort. Who would you think is GonNa? Miss this that you think you're wanting to reach with us. I believe there will be a lot of people who are not in tune with what's going on and. By March, but by and large, those are the same people were trying to get in general right. The people that don't don't know what's going on. I mean saying like I. This is doing. This is for the you do this and you do this as a corporate. We're doing this as a closer as a unified front that we're all in agreement on this right so most part. Are you know for lack of a better term? Ones? The ones that were that are into what we've been doing all week long. They're looking forward to this. This is like this is a moment of solidarity. We're not gonNA. Lose any listeners. We're not gonNA gain in listeners. Listeners the people that are that are in tune to this and are in tune to what's going on in the world. They're going to catch. What's going on, I. There's No way that you've gone this whole last couple of weeks and not know about this story. There's no way that you've gone. Agree with that I i. just say if you were the person in charge. Buck stops there with you. What would you? I would have decided to play some sort of audio sound to make it even a repetitive one to really make it really resonate and. That's what I would have done, but of course I talked to Lynda Bird. About it I talked to recovered about it. They decided not to. That's their business at center. That's fine, but I'm just. I, just hope that people aren't I wanNA. Watch the texting service when it happens. And how many people are going to say? Hey, you're out there. Hey, dead hair! Get and they're not gonNA to. The point, okay, and then we come back and explain it to them. That's I mean the same thing happens thinking about it this way. Same thing happens when one of our sister stations gets knocked off the air. They text us when we've got knocked off the air. They text them. You know what's so Jr's off. The air is like yeah. They're probably doing attached or whatever while let them know so in that way you know it's a brings, highlights appoint like I said. You're going to introduce it, and then afterwards. We're going to get to explain it so hopefully. In between those two things, we can convey that message well, just trying to make the most impact as possible to show the people that are peaceful protests, and the people that are very affected by this that we are on their side and. Unity Solidarity at eight eight, forty six. WE'RE GONNA go silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds, and remembrance of George Floyd and You know. We wanted to make sure that it was. It was something that most everyone agreed on, and I think this i. think this is Great. It's awesome we'll. We'll take your take. Your phone calls what you think about the the eight minutes and forty six seconds of Solidarity also anything else you want to chat about. We can take your calls for seven, nine, one, six, one, zero, four one. You're listening to the march the morning. Need to hear someone else's opinions before reconciling your own Internal News. We got your FAM- Alexa. Play Real, radio, one zero four point one on iheartradio. Wondering who radio? Broadcasting live on iheartradio. I'm wrong with Angel. And Ryan and Angelique all here on this beautiful Friday weekend starting supposed to be rainy weekends, it'll be prepared for that and You were talking about something that all the iheart stations are doing today, and that is to show solidarity and unity for. Eight forty six. A four eight minutes and forty six seconds. We're going to go silent. People that are texting. They thought at eight forty six. We're were GONNA. Go silent for a minute. No, no, we'll be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds, and and that's why I was thinking I would have more impact. Have some SORTA audio thing there, so people knew we were doing something and solidarity beds. Okay, WE'RE GONNA. Do Silence. They're gonNA. Do It on all the IHEART stations so be aware of that, and if you could share the little flier we'll be. What do you call this a flyer? What is? It's OK share the post that we have up on our facebook page and all of our social media you could share that with the Hashtag Hashtag. We hear you. or in? Those that you have in your hand I've actually ever seen one. Backside over to me. So I would have it here to talk about a piece of paper in front of forget about it and I. Ain't queer home. That's what I thought I'd like. Comes in all black. reversed. Ink Cartridge high did I know but I wanted to make sure I really. The right amount of I'm looking at. It's like physically wet I. Know I know I know know I thought about, but I'm like you know what I wanNA. Make sure you this around promotion, and if I don't have a dad. My Dad would like instead of sending me a picture. On the Internet he prints out on his like inkjet Printer full-sized photos that he took on his bad pam. Yeah, and then he mails them to me. Through the regular mail. Yeah Hey. I, did it. 'cause I WANNA. Make sure I wrote this properly and talked about it. Everyone knows what's going on at eight forty six when they hear silence on all the IHEART stations and it's just the IHEART stations. Other stations are participating so when you're flipping around, you hear silence, it's. It's not because we didn't pair electric bill because we. We're wanting to show unity with people who are peaceful protesting and and you know like you Wanna do everything like like if i. If I. Could you know if I wasn't worried about? The Cova did I didn't think. It was going to break out. I wouldn't mind being a part of of peaceful protest put too. Many factors go probably don't, but there are people that are out there. Thousands of people that are out there that are doing it and we do support them, and and this is one way to. Kinda showed that that we do so. That's what that. What that that's all about What else is going oh? Yeah? So now now because of my doctor's visit, my wife make him eat vegetables. That the state of like a nine year old. Argument I have with my nine year old age of Broccoli. Broccoli and Cheese on it now. Doing all this stuff, she casino. And it's it's. It's vegetables mashed up in different ways, you know. Hey Compete fat baby. This looks like rice, but really it's a cauliflower this. Say. This looks like some sort of sad. Green Salad chopped up a bunch of vegetables. But I must say since since I went to the doctor. I've already lost six pounds just eating vegetables wound. Six Pounds Day. I got a one my name. Is Volatile. All thinking of is that you wrexham toilet. Got Be like on its last leg. By My weight is volatile. It's a it's probably mostly water, weight or or look. Like you've done this a million times, I know this and everything, but I think if you wanted to stick. You're talking about lifestyle changes, and the rapid the rapidness which you lose and do this weight loss thing that's from a heart. It's probably. Probably maybe I'm wrong. Problems affecting me because I'm Christine I, get home yesterday. Advocate for you. Yes, she made she made us. She's like okay i. made a healthy chilly for you as well and I'm like Oh great now now. It's literally spilling over into my life, and now apparently on the health kick in the morning and in the evening. Yeah You took home every everything she made yesterday. One big swoop to outdo. Ryan's. Going be guilty eating in between the time that the show's over, and before he goes home all the food that's made for him in his truck. No, you want to hear something like weird fact. Okay, so mary-ellen made this chilly with corn bread, right and It's in the other room for most of the morning that free corn bread and it's. Good some break I had Sharon. Yesterday. I brought it home, and then I put it in my refrigerator and then i. pull it out last night. Eat It. The corn bread tastes exactly like the candles in Ross's house. That's how powerful the smell here it's into the corn bread, and then I'm. So. That, you, said her corn bread tastes like candy. No, it didn't when I eight in the morning because it sat like for four hours eight in your house. Tell lies. How I met my girlfriend and I said here taste this. Tell me the first word you think life and she goes candles. Yes. You're telling store I'm not and I'm going to get some weird version of cancer just being in here five days, we. s smelling cancer. That's my plan going back to angel, say Angel I would like to answer. I would like to rebuke what you say. Because you said Oh you gotTA. You GotTa Change Your Life. So that means I gotta learn to love vegetables and Hate Pizza and fried foods and hate hamburgers and hate all this I love. No never do as I say. And you know a hand up and everything is what I'm saying is that it's crazy this this is a key word, and it sounds insane to say this. What moderation I'd only know what? Do good like dude. You Bust your ass all week long and then you reward yourself on on a Friday night or a Saturday. Then you get back right back on it. You Work Buster ass all week long and the reward yourself. On a Friday and Saturday Burger here's good. You know what's not good pizza seven days a week for gentlemen your age. You know what's not good for gentleman your age. I'll throw that at me. Yeah, burgers every day. Just say a little moderation that's. What probably what would I lost was probably water. Wait. I know that so You know whatever so anyway I it was day yesterday, and she told me it's vegetable day you know weekend and whatever we're having a little snack eight o'clock as vegetable. Thing just so you know Ryan. Be Prepared. and. Now, it's all mainframes. Leak all into a food. I'M GONNA. Meet you on it. Saying Just Burger Greece or something like not not nothing disgusting, but just just to spite. You're just attain it again. Laughing me when I eat meat juice contain. I! They were live under a youtube channel radio MOSSER's on Youtube. Which I with you during the break? Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the mantra of the morning. Thank you for listening to the marches in the morning on radio. One, four point one, thank you for making the monsters. The number one morning show in town. We appreciate that and thank you for check out our website at monsters dot. Then there's a there is a post that we put up. If you could please share it okay if you've been a real radio listener for a long time listener if you could share it, it looks like this I'm showing it on our youtube channel and on our. Our facebook page If you could share that with the Hashtag Hashtag, we hear you that would be awesome and if you feel so inclined to put in Hashtag show me when you vote. That would be great, too. Because I think both things are important to be able to hear what people are saying, and then to do something about it by voting and no matter which side you want to vote on its. That's up to you, but you know at least participate in the process would be great. And and you know this is in solidarity and unity for the peaceful protest, and you know obviously Remember George Floyd and then eight forty six today for eight minutes and forty six seconds. We're going to go silent in solidarity and unity, and we're GONNA. Do It on all the other I heart stations as well so you know what's going on I'm wrestling along with Angel and Ryan and Angelique here. What now I know I know. That violence is not the way right. Violence is giving A. And you're preaching that and you're saying that and you and you WANNA. Make sure people. Don't do anything that's crazy and stupid, but man I gotTa tell you. If I'm being honest if I could beat the hell out of somebody just. Like one of those old John Wayne Punches right. Back in the day when you go. Rare back, and your punch him, and it just knocks them out, but they don't really get hurt. There's knocked out for a little bit. There is a post that shared I. Think Angel Casino I Know Ryan Seen It. We talked about this morning and this is a grown man. And he's a bike biker i. don't mean like a tough good bike i. don't mean like a tough guy I mean like he is a. Little Blue. Didn't speed bike with his helmet on and tight, tight pants and and bicyclists yeah. And and there are these two little girls, and they are passing out flyers in support of George Floyd, so I guess it's his neighborhood and he's riding his bike and he sees these are kids. I mean. The one girl looks like maybe nine kids. My Kids Age, yeah, nine eleven, nine and ten man who knows and they're, and they're putting these fliers up in support of black lives, matter and support of George Floyd and this guy and I don't know if you can put it up. Ryan, this guy on his bicycle right gets off his bicycle, and and rips the flyers out of the hands of these little girls, and if anyone deserves a good punch in the nose. And of course, violence is not good, so don't don't do what I say. I'm just saying it would really feel good to purchase guy in the nose. Playing playing before Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, I don't know he's got on YouTube. So you can see you saw this ain't. You! She is yeah. I haven't I had not seen that. Maryland and basically. These two young young girls and they're you know they're feeling. Author trying to be do what they can, and they're. Asia putting up these. Young kids are getting involved. Yeah, and this dude, and this is the part where this gets. Harry because this guy actually puts his hands. Yeah, on, someone, else's kid. Not His. It's not his right to do that. He puts his hands on that and that's where you know the father. If. You're done I know. I didn't think I think that was my daughter Brittany and some dude some goofball and A. Cyclist with his goofy helmet on and tight script, Japan's went over and touched my daughter and took a fly when she's trying to do a good thing, and so you know support unity to show. Hey, you know. We all need to love each other like she's doing something great and this dude is mad because these girls are putting up in his neighborhood and he. He Ritz it out of their hands. If you haven't seen the video, it made me so mad. This morning and I know violence is not the way I know you're not supposed to WANNA punch somebody, but sometimes that's hard to. It's hard to fight that feeling. You know what I'm saying. I can't the feeling anymore. Guys shared this I shared it. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Anywhere else entertain it. Is it is? It's crazy. If you haven't seen it, it will make you mad. Ryan agree or disagree, agree or disagree. I don't know what that meant. You or do you disagree with what I'm saying that man if it if it was okay to give old John Wayne Punch in the nose one that that. You. Could get away with it with this particular guy. He was wearing the appropriate headgear for him being a bicyclist. So you know so he hits the ground. It's not gonNA kill him. Yeah, you know he'll bounce right back up. Back up I've got a couple of hate to tell you. What okay, so I I I actually came across his post as it was. I posted last night by the original guy and. They're not like nine year old girls they're. They're above eighteen, but they're both less than one hundred pounds. Cruel is not. Well I know I just don't want I. Just want to get that correct. There's no way that one is over eighteen. Yeah, he the guy, the guy who posted it I I have is original post. He's doing. He's answering questions in the post. And he said it's me and my two friends. Yeah, they're not. They're not children, but they're they're. They're young man. They look like children and they're. Both two girls that are both five five feet tall, and under one hundred pounds, and then he takes his bike and he's trying to run down. The person who is who who's got the the camera I guess. The person has a camera drops a camera. Did okay. So you research the? Did they say what happened afterwards? Police are looking for them what they were doing. They were They were on a bike trail in an affluent neighborhood of Maryland and they were going through an area that probably wouldn't be as receptive to a black lives matter movement, which rich white neighbor and they're putting up. They were putting up. Flyers actually had a bunch of them. This guy complete is unknown. Moment, but the police are aware of it and are looking for him. Really Yeah, so, what are the CIA? He rips the Flyer out of the girls hang out. Is that I was GONNA ask you. What? What would the charge be? Yeah Yeah. It. It'd be bad I mean you can't put your hands. Anybody? Who's your daughter and he ran at? Ran Out the guy. Random down I, can only imagine that this guy was probably a smaller dude, and was young himself and this. This guy was like a a pretty rip bicyclist. What's? Probably. He's he's. He's kind growing. Visible muscles. He's showing no. Fat On. This is disparity there because he looks like he's towering over everybody. So people are saying. Oh, well, they're. They're ages changes everything. Does it really matter if? People guys, but if you're the size of an eight year old girl, okay, you're not an eight year old. Let's say she is eighteen. Like Ryan says and I don't believe that, but he says it's so whatever. It but it it fact base if that girl is the size of an eight year old girl, but she's eighteen. Does it matter no, Oh, I think that video has staged. Shut up! What now yeah, yeah, you could tell. It's not staged now. this is This is real youtube right now. Have the science disparity between the two people, and and again like what I've read their five, one five two. And so he's an imposing for a guy. It next compared to these little girls. Yes, yeah, for sure. For Sure Oh man, but I know you know. Violence is not the way you're not supposed to punch somebody in the face, but someone like that just. Don't put your hands on. Makes you makes you mad? Makes you really really this video. Piss me off and I watched it last night just just how? This is a guy who already has prompted life he. This guy probably hates women because. You have to. You have to be a certain kind of due to just attack random girls on a bike trail too angry about signs, and fully knowing that you're not gonNA get in trouble and you have imagined. The dude was kind of small in this situation. If it's more of a class thing trying to figure it out, okay, a class thing Ryan like okay I have an wealthy in my wealthy neighborhood I. Don't want these nasty flyers. Flyers I don't care if they're flyers for puppy. Dogs that are lost I don't care if they're flyers for George Floyd I don't want flyers around my neighborhood, so maybe that's what his thing is. Maybe it's not hey. I hate the 'cause. He doesn't like litter littering. In My neighborhood, I pay a lot of money to live. There are people that are like that I. Pay a lot of money live here. There will not be feuer's. Hood. Don't pay a lot of money to live on the homeowners. The homeowners visit and it's the clearly says in the bylines. There'll be no wires. says. I'm allowed to beat tiny ladies if they put up signs. Yeah, this isn't even his area like there's no way he owns this bike trail. This is a public bike trail. Well okay. I lived in an exclusive neighborhood for a little while over the springs, okay and people in the springs. Have you ever go on their little their little neighborhood chat thing on facebook. They people that live. There have all these These feelings about the rules of what you're allowed to do. Their and Song Clave Yeah. Yeah they get. Second. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. So the you know you're not supposed to put fliers up on the spring, so I could see some snooty white dude getting all like he doesn't care what the Flyer say my point is. You can't put fliers opera. I'M GONNA take him out and girls ain't I mean. Maybe that's his thought. Process I don't know yeah, and I'm not excusing I'm not saying this any better. They are older by the way like. It's still like tiny ladies that we've got their hands. Put on by dude who then tried to run over another guy with his stupid bicycle. See by the way seeing anybody aggressive in bicycle gear is hilarious if He does not look. No. You're in your Leotards, and you're super tight, and you've got your dumb nerdy bike helmet on. Yeah, no one's afraid of you. Man Made me so mad when I saw this morning. It's A. there. There are people you just don't understand yeah. I mean like you. You don't WanNa. Meet violence with violence necessarily I. Mean you might want to. You're not supposed to supposed to fight it The I'm in the sign of the Times are. What's going on right now? As we speak right because I, was in one video that was has been circulating, and it's just it's uncomfortable to watch, and then there's the other video that's circulating out of Buffalo where the Buffalo PD is. Going through a public area and there is an older gentleman there's there's no question about this old man walking through that they push him to the ground falls. Head on on the ground and instantly starts bleeding. And like who what that response to that particular that? What is that helping like? How is that helping? How is that contributing? How is your? De Escalating. There's a local story that I saw this morning and it was I right here. In Central Florida Hispanic girls pulled over police officer tells her to get out. She doesn't get out and so I mean I mean he's. He says you need to get out. I'm GonNa, pull you out. And then she saying no, and he breaks the glass pulls her out and it's like. He reached into her car to try to undo to try to open the car door as he does that. She starts rolling up the window. Then that's why he breaks the window then opens the car door and then pulls her out. I mean she's in the wrong, but I think officers a need to know how to deescalate things and not go right to you know especially now of all the time. Breaking last, you listened lot going on listless. de-escalate this and the proper way. Let's get her to get out without breaking the glass. You know there but I? Didn't have the tools to do it. You know what I'm saying. There's a couple of questionable things that are going locally with our law enforcement OPD. Curfews are eight o'clock. Why are you boxing people in and not letting people leave from downtown Orlando what's what's Raff? I've got a couple of friends that have been down. There I got a couple of friends who have been detained I've seen a couple of videos of downtown like if they're protesting and they're trying to leave. Why are you boxing them in? Why are you making it difficult to leave? Why are you making it difficult to leave or move around in downtown Orlando? If you have nothing to do with a protest, it's insanely difficult and I drove down to go to a place to eat. Eat and in order to get there. It was almost impossible and then to get back every single road. You can't drive down Orange Avenue every single road, and then you have your one way streets, and it's almost squadron. Why would you go downtown to eat? If you know that there are protests that are going on why businesses suffer, because there are protesters, I'll tell you right now. I didn't even think I didn't even think about. It I I was in craving chilly and I heard. The? Truth I heard there was awesome, chilly place a brand new place in downtown Orlando Cincinnati Chili it was porn rain when we left here yesterday, I, wanted to go get. Some Chili didn't think about. I just did not think ended up in downtown. Orlando could not. You can't move you thought is. Their protests going on downtown Orlando. I'm staying away from the protest. Really are near City Hall. So the thing is is that they're really welcome. Start somewhere they walk about a half a mile and going into. Downtown! And Look I support those people I know I think this is important is not just something that just happened in Orlando, it's crazy to watch it happening all over all over the country, and what is really really awesome as it's all races, all creeds colors. I I think that is great. That's why once again at eight forty six, where it'd be doing the it's in solidarity Remembrance of George Floyd for eight minutes and forty six seconds we will be silent here on real radio, one or four point one, and on all the other IHEART radio stations to show unity and solidarity, and that we we, we support those of you who are with the peaceful protests, obviously none of us support the you know anything to do with rioting or looting or stealing none of that stuff. Obviously, we think that's horrible, but but as far as solidarity want to do something to show people that are protesting for those of us. They can't and there's a lot of you the. The same I want to go out, but you know Cova. Nineteen is still a thing. I want to go out, but man I don't WanNa get caught up in a crazy right, so if you WANNA show support today, share our Hashtag and let's get that trending. It's Hashtag. We hear you and also hashtags show me when you vote I. Think both those are extremely important, and if you can show solidarity and unity with all of us, because I want the people that are the people that are protesting I want to know that we do hear what you're saying. We're not just I'm listening. Really listening, we actually hear what you're saying, and it's making an impact i. know for me ever. Since the first time I saw You know that officers. Knee on George Floyd's neck. It changed my opinion about things that I thought I was dead. Set with you know, and it made me look at things differently. You know. I normally didn't like talking about this kind of stuff. When I saw that I'm like you know what I think, I probably have a responsibility to talk about it for the people that say are my friends. You know you WanNa say these guys are your friends, but you don't want to help out in a situation like this, so it it it chain. It changed the way I looked at things and if we. Can Look at things differently. It might might help a little bit and I know there's some of you that are sick of hearing about this, but you know what this is history in the making man. These are historical times twenty twenty. We're going online. It's it's horrible, but this is one of the most historical years we've had in decades. You know with everything that's going on. So this is a this is part of it and we do appreciate your being here. We are GONNA. Do Trivia and goofy stuff. We'll do all that today, but we do want you to know that you know real radio and the monsters. Do Stand in solidarity and unity with The protesters, the peaceful protesters I think they are doing the right thing so there you go You feel okay today. Right homes. I Feel Great Russ I'm ready to just crushed this weekend as it goes and and yeah. I'm super proud IHEART. Can I be can be real with your second. Please don't cry like yesterday for the whole show to do whatever man I got, the motion of tiered got so much love and response from that like I. I must have had like fifty five. Just facebook messages people I've never talked to before. It was amazing, so thank you to everybody who sent me that love yesterday, but I am Brown iheart like there's a lot of these companies that do this fake version of. You know. Whatever activism and they'll change their twitter profile and they'll do that. Yeah, and people say like Oh. WE'LL IHEART two billion dollar company. What what are they doing besides that? They're letting US talk and they're letting us. Talk about this, not only letting us, but sending emails encouraging us to do this well, and you're right, and you know and we also May. We're talking about the meeting that we had the other day and everything. We also wanted to make sure that this was not disingenuous. This whatever we do is not some BS, and it's not like that it's it's real. And from the actual from the heart, no pun intended with Iheart, but you know what I'm saying that if It. Was You said the heart? And and I think it. I think it's perfect I think Hashtag. We hear you as perfect. Jimmy came up with that I think it's great. I came up with the show me when vote things some time ago and I. Stole it from you. And and I think that's really important I think if everybody. Had I. I don't think so looked it up anyway You would see the video which is a couple years older than a few weeks ago. I didn't see it. Ryan, show him the video on the break. Break his heart. That's what he's. Right. Look look at much is changed. Already. Let them just have them. I can tell you that I can see it anywhere. I thought that I made it up anyway once. That's all that's important. Have a rush, rollins twenty Tony when you vote, you know. Here all the people that are marching also vote then change can happen and a lot of times people will go, and they'll march, and then they don't. They don't follow up with the thing. That's the most important thing and that is voting. Whichever side you WanNa vote for it. Just everyone needs to participate. That's what that's about, but. Now all right. Yeah, you did Russ. Rallied shuttle. All right we'll do when we come back. A four, seven, nine, one, six, one, four, one or toll-free. It's one triple, eight, nine, seven, eight, one four one HASHTAG. We hear you HASHTAG. Show me when you vote. You're listening to the much the morning. Routine. All, The time. You need. We out here real radio one on one. Is. saw. Triple our segment at seven seven one actually. Brought to you by my whole builders network dot com, that's my whole network dot, com, hurricane, season ear, and a couple of weeks man you're GonNa have all kinds of golf ball sized hail hitting you. They already kind of half right so if you have a leak in your roof. You RUFA is going to take a beating. You can have my home builders network. Check it out for you. That's my home builder's Network Dot. com, my home builder's network. Dot Com. You can schedule your free roof inspection, and when it comes to you, make sure you someone that is awesome like Mike I would just use my. He's great. It's my home builder's Network Dot Com. That's my home builder's network Dot Com what's up guys. I'm rose rollins along with Angelique and Ryan homes now. Angel is going to tell you what prizes we have in the prize Pinata. Pinata, and by the way, if you win Trivia, you get a ninad commercial on real radio. One four point one number one morning show in town. You get to say whatever you want. You can promote your own business. You promote your favorite band. You can promote your favorite candidate for whatever you whatever you want. You got a minute. Say whatever you want. If you win, so that's pretty big prize and then What else do we have angel into today's price me on a brought to you by Centofanti. Moving and storage, a family owned and operated company whenever. Whenever the monsters need to move. We have sent family. Moving and storage family owned and operated go to the website sent moving dot, com, C., N., T., O., moving dot, com you putting information there. They'll get back with you and help you. Finalize that and have your move. If you're doing a business, move or residential move, they'll handle both of those that Santo Moving Dot com today's prize in the Price Been Yada is a twenty five dollar Dunkin E. Gift Card Dunkin will donate one dollar to Duncan. Join Childhood Foundation Covid. Nineteen Relief Fund for Every E. E Gift Card purchased at Dunkin Coffee Break Dot com up to one hundred thousand dollars, and those are the prizes and today's prize Pignon. Thank you Angel for seven, nine, one, six, one, four, one or toll-free. It's one triple, eight, nine, seven, eight one. Oh, four worn by the way I do. WanNa give a shout out to police officers her doing their job, their job bravely and doing a good job keeping the peace obviously They're not every police officer is a hot head. Not Every police officer is bad most of them, probably ninety seven percent. In December they are good so yeah, shout out to those guys as well who we have on who got angel I I. We've got CALLING FROM ORLANDO! How how you doing buddy? The morning. I am wonderful, we have a trivia question for you. If you get it right, you can promote whatever you want for a minute, and you also get a prize and if you don't get it, then you got three people that can help you if you need to be Angelique. It could be Ryan homes Mr Trivia man, or it could be angel. Are you ready sir? This common household item was invented on this day in America in eighteen, sixty, originally powered by running water, a turbine and belts. What is it? Eight hundred sixty, would you say? Of Your! Song. Now, terrible answer horrible. Guess. and. Turn your microphone on there brilliant one Who Do you want now? Who Do you want to help? You've got Ryan. You've got angel and you've got Angelique. Ryan now right Mr. Trivia Man Ryan homes. This common household item today was admitted on this day in eighteen sixty in America, okay, originally powered by running water, a turbine and belts. What item are we talking about? That is an old time. He vibrator Russ. That's the first one. Yeah. The stick it up to signal and really crank up the power on. That is incorrect Char-. Who Do we have on WHO's next angel? Up Next. We've got Jim. From Ocala Jim. How're you doing buddy? Hey pretty good. Actually I'm right across the street from your. Home Morning Russ over Spring State Park Oh, yeah. I'm in their front yard rest and. Outside. Is your mind because there's always a line to get in there, and it's a Friday is already already packed? We were in their last night there. We bring the broadcast last night. I love doing that. That's awesome. Buddy, all right cool well I got here's a trivia question. This common household item was invented on this day in eighteen, sixty, originally powered by running water, a turbine and belts. What item are we talking about? how a! Barbara spousal. Garbage disposal. Now that's that's not it. Who Do you want to help either Angelique rangeuil but garbage disposal angel fire Angel Rivera. Common household item everybody's got. It on this day, eighteen sixty in America I didn't know they were making America. originally powered by running water, turbine and belts. What did Ryan Say vibrator he said he with a comedy answer I wasn't freelance. I'm I can picture this happening Oh. Okay and your household good data. We everybody has them I would have to say yes. Everyone has at least one of these in their home. Yes. Do you like using it. I use it every day. Dan? Yeah! I was GONNA. Say dishwasher dishwasher. Guest. That's not it. Who Do we have next hour? We Got Rodney for cloud ready with at Saint Cloud. WHAT'S UP BUDDY? Morning as happy Friday. Happy Friday new to man have good weekend. This common household item was invented on this day in eighteen, sixty in America originally powered by running water turbines and belts household item I use it every day i. don't know about you guys but I do. What do you think it is? About a dishwasher. That's exactly what? Just said so. That's why I miss it I I was. I. Got The saint cloud. That's all right. Can help though she might be able to get it right for you. Angelique, I was thinking of a mixture but I don't see Russ using a mixture every day. and. Close. If. You get it right. Ronnie's a winter, I know the washing machine sounds good. A washer does sound really good washing machine. You think I use the washing machine every day. Stop asking Angelique. Takes not entire segment answer. Give me an answer you got. You got ten seconds. Eight! Compose myself because Ryan. Got This I said I love for sure a dish No He's not close. We got up next. Next we've got dominic from Code Dominic Meisters available now. If you don't get it, so you can ask anyone you want dominic here. Here's your question, buddy the. Is Common household item was invented on this day in America in eighteen, sixty, originally powered by water, a turbine and belts. What do you think it is? A, Ban! What kind of Fan Dominic. Oscillating fan a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is correct there you go, that is the answer. I use it every day right here I was gonNA kinda point up. I have a ceiling fan on right above me, congratulations, dominic, Dominic! What would you? Who would you like to promote? What would you like to promote for You got a minute commercial on real radio. All the third nares out there working all day every day through all these times, and all the cops and people working in the food industry. and. And my friend Scott. This is my friend Scott Wisconsin. Shutout this guy what does he do? He Takes Office for me all day I can't. God bless him. He just listened to you. That's GONNA, Dominic. Dominant dominates It's good all right, listen. We're GONNA. Put you on hold you win. The prize and yeah to answer was was ceiling, Fan and I mean. You'd have to say as I was writing. This like every house has ceiling paramount right in the state of Florida. Not House, but I know what you're saying. It's a lot. It's very prevalent. Yeah! Because it helps with the you help I. Mean Older houses because of their structures and everything, they can't put the ceiling fan of, but they'll have a countertop fan that kind of stuff. When I lived in a trailer, it didn't have a didn't have a fan. Well, okay, yeah I, said every Yeah Okay I mean check your privilege Russ like not everybody has ceiling fans right well. Actually. I didn't say everyone has a common household item. Is What it is and I use it every day because I. have a fan on above me as we're working here now. Do you ever go? Do you ever have a friend? Though like grown up? That didn't have AC in their house. Oh, I did not have a growing up until we were I. Think I was ten or eleven. Really Yeah, yeah, terrible sleep with a fan on me at night hot as hell it was it was. Back in the sixties and early seventies, not every house in Florida how to. A Yeah I used to stay on friend's house and they didn't have ACL. They had one as a unit was in their parents room. We had to sleep on the floor. Tile because the tile was cold. One hundred percent on a it was a really hot night. We got permission for MOM and dad to sleep on the floor. They're sleeping bags because they had a C- in their room. That was that. And then and and and we'd have ceiling fans until you took a while, but now have you ever put a ceiling fan up? No. Yes, I I know. Angelique has replaced the LIGHTBULB. She's more manly than. I. It's one of those things that really isn't that hard. You know it impresses some people but putting. Isn't that you could do it intimidating at first like when you first look at it and you're just like. Oh, my Gosh! Touch, the wires and I. What if I don't like, connect them correctly and the whole nine yards, or if falls, but now it's really cool the way that they have a lot of the things. You don't have to live the brake. Hold it or have someone else. Hold and try to do now. They have ways that it helps out a lot. Yeah, that's that's one of the weird things. When I'm like house hunting, go into the and there's the spot, but for the ceiling fan, but it's just like a plastic cover over it and I'm like I. Don't know how I'm GonNa do this, but. It's not that bad. Yeah, it's not bad. Super vaulted ceilings eighteen sixty. That's a long time ago. And they rigged it with with running water and. I guess back then. That was genius. That's cool. Though man I want one of those. I like those when I go to Home Depot I see those old time. He look in fans with the belts on it I'm like that's me about the old school fans. They will use the like the poems. That's a good porch style. If I'm on somebody's porch and they have those like you're rich. Hey, when we come back, take a guess. Okay. I'll let you I'll give you kind of think about it. What Song Do you think? This is A. Metal what what is eighties eighties hair metal hair. Hair band metal crew. So. What Herrmann okay, so what eighties hair metal has made the billboard top twenty once again. Don't don't don't don't shout it out yet. Way To we come back. I attack. You're listening to the the. Plant. Remind you that at. Eight forty six today all IHEART radio stations go silent to show unity and solidarity for those who are marching peaceful, protesting and to show solidarity in remembrance of George Floyd, so it's eight forty six. We're going to be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds. If you could share this post, that'd be great with the Hashtag Hashtag. We hear you because we want people that are protesting. That are peaceful protests and realize that we do hear. Hear what you say what you're saying. And and I think it's very important that if you're gonNA protest you need to. You need to vote as well Hashtag. Show me when you vote. So you could share those to those two hashtags that would be great and remember that today when you're listening to the radio station and you hear silent it's because it's where reason, okay, silence silence can really save yesterday if you watch the the the. Wasn't after the funeral. Memorial Service Right? Yeah, but if you watched it man when they stood there for eight minutes and forty six seconds, I was pretty powerful, and you know. The radio stations wanted to do something to show that that we do care we. We hear you know you listen to us all the time. We want you to know that we do here. You and that's what that's what that is about so ask the question before the break What Song you think that was a hit. In the eighties. It was a rock. Song of the eighties is now back on the charts. I probably should have save this for the ones and twos ones coming up in a little bit but I thought it was funny, headed one of my one of my topics. What do you think Let's go with the right homes you. You tried to blurt something out. What do you think is? Number eighteen on the billboard chart now a song from nineteen, eighty, four, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four I'm going with. We're not gonNA. Take it. We're not GONNA take not a bad guess around that time, so yeah, I guess that is not the correct answer, Angelique? Where do you think Eighties Metal Song? That's call that meddler rock. Hair metal, I guess. is now back on the charts. I think Ryan's guess was great. And there is not one that is coming to my head. Some GonNa, pass it on Angel Angel. You take the. Closer than an anonymity. You gotTA guess you can't and and what you did. You creatively said. Without saying I don't know and that we. Now Right. You're the one who said it all the time now. You won't say it at all. I sure but. I know but I would rather do ten pushups, but anyway take a guess. What metal song from the eighties you think could have a resurgence. Comes your head your head on your. Age over the Eighties Rob Song. Eighties rock song. You say I will remember what it Jobe Bon. Jovi's song any eighties. Eighties rock band. Let's start with that young. Rock band from the eighties any of them. There's a whole. Plethora Leopard Motley crue. Okay I mean I can bates. A song named one of those. For one thousand nine can't think of anything. Always. Bands have like twenty albums between. This is more fun than getting. Out of. Her mind. That, she tried to creatively pathway. Pass it onto you, Angel. That's how we do know. You got to take this back to you back. Trying think. Made a song about the activities that happened in the restroom, one band at a song about a condiment. One being? was talking about would they. Can't say okay, but there are other things that these days so many song. Of songs I know and he was one. We've given you now over two minutes of one. Amazing which I know is not during the eighties, but whatever cool amazing. AEROSMITH! Oh! Okay Angel I'm Bob Angel knows this from nineteen eighty four is now on the there you go. It's number eighteen on the billboard. Charts wreck rat with round and round. Because of the geiko AD. Have you seen it? Yes, and I think it's very. Around and round. I think it's a funny, commercial and Stephen. peercy boy new. Drugs in age haven't been good to him. I'm curious. Do we know who owns the rights to the song by? Sue The guy? Do the guys from rat owned the right or did they sell this long ago? And this and somebody else is reaping the rewards of this being in this commercial. I think that that's really Stephen Peercy. Brat singing it, but whoever wrote this commercial, or whoever wrote the song and whoever has the publishing rights to the song now because of those guys would sign, it would sign away their publishing and so. That's how a song like this ends up in a commercial and I'm curious if those guys are getting any rewards from that, this is the second time this is happened. Where a guy go. Commercial has made a song. Come back. Put it back on the charts. The other time was a final countdown. Remember they were doing account a. Europe yeah, this is the one where they say what we bought this house, but it's got a rat problem. Rat in the basement. In, the cellar, which is funny because their album is out of the cellar. But. Doing rounded. You've heard that's on before. Right Angelique. The second, said yes, around and ran one. I don't know if I've heard or not. No never run around I. Don't know Bush, there's gotTA temperature. But yeah. The show though how I don't know if it's volatile How how the rock chart is now angel that. in rock music that that song now is number eighteen on the billboard charts after all those years since machinating about is. Look, it's a testament to the music and lets you know that regardless of. That, how much we? Know How bad. People bagged on eight hair metal, and at some point it was the punchline to a lot of jokes, and and all of it deserves deservedly so because they got you know over-bloated and all this kind of things. But at the core of it, the music is good and like you can bring on like that presented in a commercial and kids. Today are like wait. What is that and Home on, and that's that's kind of cool, and and that's the only way that song ends up back in the on the billboard charts. Yeah you know what was the. I believe Stephen peercy either Stephen Pierce or someone else in the band was related to Milton Berle, and and in that in that. Video round around, video, Milton. Berle makes it makes. An appearance which at that time nineteen, eighty-four people, a lot of the people that Aid Sydney, the Milton Berle was but but he was in their original video, which which got a lot of attention, but poor all Stephen Peercy. He lives like he'd been on a diet for twenty years. Yeah, there's actually two versions of rat that exist. Yeah, there's. Bastards or something they've been fighting man. Yeah, that's what I was I was surprised that this even exists at all. Because they they've been fighting and the Bobby Blazer is the other guy in Renton. He actually owns half a rat and personally owns half a rat, so they tore separately as rap. It's really audited with those guys. At some point, they would have hoped that these guys would have been able to kind of come to some kind of reconciliation and four under that Mon and Kinda do with Motley crue did because it's really weird. People love rat that the band and it's really like there's some hardware there's I. Tell You a march of twenty, nine, thousand nine. There was two rats out why they're in this commercial now because the now after Federal Court rules that are can't be can't use the name rat anymore i. will tell you this when you're looking through all that all the. Old old audiotapes from our old shows back to go all the way back in one thousand nine hundred nine riot has them all now, and he's listening to a bunch of them. There is a if you find Stephen Pierce of rat. We did an interview with Stephen Pierce rat. He came into the show. He was really a Super Super Nice Guy, and he was very any brought. A Guitar player with the problem ended up being that he wanted to. He's house all do song. If you want me to like okay, that's awesome you know. And he sang, and his voice was not really doing great that day, and then everybody just ripped him up after he did us a favor and. He did around around and did another song, but his voice is really bad, and then at the end I forget how he found out, but I we had a texting service then. But somehow he found out that people were dogging him. I- all the caller caller. The callers were he sounds like crappy socks, and and he really got his feelings hurt. But. He was a super nice guy. If you find that that audiotape, that'd be cool. I haven't come across that one, but yesterday I came across you actually doing a phone interview with Gene Simmons a kiss Oh. Is that the one? Gene in Paul at Ace and Peter were going to the To the Chinese theater to get the star on the Hollywood walk of fame, we talked to them. They were in the Limo here that. Yeah, it's. It's funny to hear that because you're very. Show, just like let them have this one. That's the way it always. If anyone from cases on Jimmy was never interested. Yeah, and the other people on the show didn't care, but for me. It was a big deal. Marc Mero had gene simmons. Call in the Limo on the way to. Hear that yeah, well, you're going to have to pay the money to join monster rewind because there's no free rides on. Holidays. Those are my. You gave the tapes to me. They became my tape I. Didn't have them to you I. said you take them and put up the website, but I didn't say. Well websites aren't free Wrestlemania to join monster rewind. If you're going to get, you're GONNA. Make me pay listen to kiss interview that I. Did yes and I hate to tell you recipes right? Said here you go, Ryan, do it what you want backlash I have Mario Evidence. there. You're not going to let me listen to Jean Paul. Ason Peter Limousine on the way to the to get their star walking straight interview. Very excited very cool, and it's GONNA cost you a subscription. Feed him on three one. It's a small price to pay for what is a great moment. You'RE GONNA. Make me sign up to listen to my own all. Yeah Yeah. I, don't think I'm wrong on this I. I also know the Cook around here. I also. Know the woman that cooks your breakfast every single. turned. McMahon. To set up this website alone into into all the time that I spent. That the comes your way and. And I appreciate that, but never an agreement that I had to sign up a subscription fee to get food every morning. How long was the interview? It was a widely. Read our. You have for like two guys that talked to you for that were on their way to. Paul in gene. Gene Limo. Did he give the phone to ace and Peter or not know that? Yeah, they wouldn't Peter Talk. That was pretty funny and they're talking about that. was I guess the inception of the Demon. Dale Tour Berg they were talking about how they that was about to be a thing. Del Toro. You're not going to get to hear this unless you sign up. You're kidding. Give this limit. Our record it for me. I have to record. You don't understand with. These tapes I have to do them in real time. Don't have many how many! How many hours of tapes do you think we have? Altogether? It goes back to that was. That was nine, hundred, ninety, nine. Right, yeah I. Almost one I've found I. Think goes back to the ninety eight some around there. But Yeah I've got a big just used to see my living room right now. Just stacks and stacks of tape because I've been putting them in order of. Months and years I can go through them. All found the one I wanted to here. Yeah, well, you can hear it. You can absolutely here by going on three one dot com. If you make? You paid here my own damn. What he's doing. I, I, I don't know a lot about website building, so I don't know how to even make you a free account if I wanted to. Record it and I just WANNA. Hear that Oh. Yeah! I mean I think I have the file in my computer right now. I want. Is that. Is that fair? I think that he should probably do you a solid and let you listen to it since you've asked him for the last three months. Yeah, yeah, but here with Angel says now he's making me eat healthy and. That's that's just the recent turn of events, and that's should be negotiated later, but for the solid of all the great food that you've had up until this point. Maybe you throw him that little bone and then find another interview that He. That's I don T. Find You, don't let me have. GonNa. I'm GONNA I'm. GonNa. Get Your your pool, your pull truck and I'M A POPULAR POPULAR POOL! You'RE GONNA pop. You won't let me hear my own interview. Some of Popular Pool. Pop Your Pool truck whatever. That that's. That's pretty much that man. You don't mess on the guys pool. HOW DIFFERENT WHEN YOU'RE! All those when you hear that interview and you hear everybody's voices. How much different does it sound from one thousand, nine, hundred ninety? Two now. I tell you it's it's so different. Because it's. It's just it's so. Different competitive in a weird way, and everybody's like beating to get a joke out. Yeah, it's a lot more wild and fancy free and. These ones you're more of like a ringleader, just trying to keep everybody under control. That's what it was yeah and. And, and I had to actually say listen. I really wanted to do this interview. Everybody shut up and let me talk to Paul and Jean and s and Peter. Yes I. Mean I could play you a sample of it if you want. I. I mean I do here. Really off like a narcotics drug dealer now at this point. You're going to give them a little taste for free little taste. Totally this. Little tape just a little here. All right good. You don't have it. Eleven o'clock okay. Hotlines and hotline, Gene. Simmons is on. Is he on the line? I think he is I don't think so being so. Detroit rock city. Row. Data's and gentleman. This is a big deal for me all right? It's a very big deal as everybody knows, has been listening to this show for five years. one of my my favorite band of all time is kiss without a doubt. We started this show playing kiss every single day. This is the only show that can say. We've played kiss every single day five year five years. There's never been a day. We hadn't played a kiss on on the line with right now is the one and only Gene Simmons. You Doing Jean. That stand them to the brakes maybe. Come on man. Bro Put a lot of time and effort I have too late to new son of debris these many. Just. To audio compression and editing and a lot of stuff, plus load them up in real time, so by the way what I just said rings true now in two thousand and twenty ever since done this show, there has been a kiss on played every single day for. Every single show for twenty eight years. That is oh. I got to hear that. Dad Join Monster Dot Com. There's a subscription fee and you get all kinds of fun episodes and relive your life other than that. They're just a bunch of stinky mini disks that you had no use for you gave them when we come back. Angels going to bring you monsters sports. You're listening to the marshes the morning. No. GOING DOWN! Or do you get? Seven, six, one, four, one, eight, eight, eight, nine, seven, eight, one, zero, four, one real radio, one four point one. Reminding you that at eight. Forty six today. On Real Radio and all the other IHEART radio station at eight forty six IHEART Orlando's going to go silent. You'RE GONNA you're not gonNA hear anything for eight minutes and six seconds turning down the volume all the way down for eight minutes and forty six seconds, and remember of George, Floyd and a sign of solidarity and unity for those of you who are peaceful protesting. We do here, you Hashtag. We hear you okay, also Hashtag show me when you vote because you know just marching is not. Just, not enough you, whichever side you want to vote for. That's fine. Just participate Hashtag. We hear you HASHTAG. Show me when you vote and just so you know what's happening at eight forty six for eight minutes forty six seconds all I heard. It's going to go silent show, solidarity, and the show unity and It's our way of showing love so So that's what we're doing today. Just so you know. I'm Russ rollins along with Ryan homes and Angelique and now angel bring him or sports. Sports brought to you by monsters. Dot FM. Have that be things that you do to take your mind off of everything throughout the day go check it on the website that guys are keeping the podcasts at the date for trying and everything. That's going on right now. We're trying to find some things to bring levity to your day to. Lighten up and so let that be there. There's a really funny mean. Are about picture that's going down. I don't know why girls do this, but nowadays is popular for girls to stick out their tongue at the camera when they're taking a picture this girl is taking a picture with a big giant. Walrus like the dude is massive. He's used and I don't know they've trained this kid the Walrus to do this or whatever, but he he sticks his tongue out at the same time with the photograph. It's a really cute moment and I. It's it's funny. It just makes. MAKES ME GIGGLE! That'll be bogged going here. Momentarily on monsters DOT FM again. Just bring a little levity, just a moment of just to make you go go check that out right so check this out, and this is going up for auction, and again I'm with everything that's going on sports. Memorabilia sales are going through the roof and it's crazy to me. In twenty seventeen, a nineteen forty-eight bouwman baseball box. This is a popular baseball cars of that era and They had one thousand. Thousand nine unopened boxes sold for five hundred twenty, one thousand dollars right the guy who paid that amount of money for it is going to take one of the packs for him nineteen on open packs. He's GonNa. Take one for him, and now he's putting it back up for auction. It's eighteen unopened packs set has only forty eight cards, and they includes rookie rookie cards of staying mutual mutual, sorry, Beira and spawn, and they're gonNA speculating how how much money will go for it. It now F- It'll hit the five hundred twenty, one thousand dollar mark again or more than that, so that's going on over this weekend and we'll keep an eye on that and I'll give you update to that on Monday over the or overnight NFL players got together and put out one of the most powerful messages. It's a seventy-second video. I'M GONNA. Play for you momentarily, but the voices that you're going to hear our Tehran bath. You De'andre Hopkins Jarvis. Landry Patrick Peterson. Barclay Odell Beckham. Junior Patrick Mahomes. Shawn Watson these are all the guys some of the players that were involved in this public service announcement this commercial that went viral overnight, and this is what it sounded soundbites. Hold on one. That's not wanNA play for you. As George Floyd birdied. To. To listen to. What will it take? For one of us to be worried about police brutality, if I was tours I, if I was George. If I was Jewish fel I was. I was George Floyd. Jewish, Moon here Brianna I am. I am here. Tamir Rice. More. Walter Sky Michael Brad Lie Samuel. Hill fringe smart. Blue besides we serve. Ishin. So behalf the National Football League. This is what we the players would like to. Hey, state we. condemn. Systematic oppression of black people. National football wrong it and our players from peacefully protesting. Leave black lives matter black lives matter. Like lives. So, Now that's the message the players put. Together as a unified front, that's the message they put out there. YOU HEARD NOTCH TO? To tapper nick there you heard odds to you know black lives mattered. What's important and it's a direct kind of different stance or different approach to making that matches than what was put out by the League, so this is the players association, and then there's the league was earlier in the week. And that's why. I also think what Jimmy came up with dirty. Jim came up with the Hashtag we hear you I think it's important, too, because they are. Are you listening really and Yeah I? Also like happened drew brees drew brees. apologize straighten things out, and it looks like his teammates, except the apologetic or some other people said Oh. Yeah, you're only you're only accepting. You're only saying that now. Because people were coming down on you, but but I think people can learn. I think people can see I know. I see things differently now you know. I think it's possible for drew believed to see things differently now as well. I take not. Offensive not take. A It's hard for me to people to not give people the flexibility to be able to. Learn and change and adapt like you're saying with yourself. Ross, so so there are people that were getting at drew brees and getting that for all these things and was like at the end of it. Like. We have to have some room to afford forgiveness her. AFFORD OPENNESS OR AFFORD DIALOGUE, and you're going to try to cancel this dude out. Afford not just for for moment of not. Having introspection to know what to say at that moment, we gotta be flexible with this man. It's there's a lot more going on then you know just drew brees all of this and I. You know what I'm saying so, but to that point it was again Ernie from NBA NBA tonight He has some words that broadcast crew. Shaquille O'Neal Charles Barkley. All those guys. They were on television I thought because the NBA's coming back and before we get into that the He had some statements that he was talking about. In regards to the flag that were I thought were appropriate as well. Here's the situation. You can fly the flag at your house you can. Salute the flag. You can revere the flag. You can respect the flag and all of those are fine what you cannot do. Is Use the flag. As a blindfold. You can't. You can't use the flag as a blindfolded Nazi. The things you've seen with your very that, tell you what's keeping this country. Held back. Is this suspended operations when you see these things happen. You can't be blinded. By that. and. Yeah so that was Arnie from TNT broadcasting his words about that again. Those guys were on television last night. Because we are going to have the NBA, NBA officially back. The Board of Governors voted that in Orlando in Orlando, it's going to be twenty two teams in Orlando Thirteen from the West nine in the east eight regular season games per team The act play in a play starts July thirty first goes through October the twelfth and then and then they pretty much set out the the season or the the season for them even going next year. We're GONNA. GonNa have the lottery on August twenty. Fifth draft is gonNA. Be On October the fifteenth. Free Agency is going to be October the eighteenth. Then the twenty twenty one season starts December the first. So that's what's going to be really crazy. They're going to wrap up this season and the next right away We're talking about like a month or so a month and a half in between those so, and it's all happening here in Orlando and wide. WILL ESPN sports at the Walt Disney. WORLD RESORT COMPLEX HERE IN ORLANDO. Florida and that is monster sports very good. I I see. The kneeling thing is obviously getting a lot of attention are texting service at seven, seven, zero three. We could talk about that in an intelligent manner. If you recall, we'll come back I I. There are people saying you know? I served twenty two years for my flag in my country. I love you guys, but I will never know I. Don't think I don't think you have to I mean but don't condemn someone. I think I. Look at it differently now after seeing this after seeing. George Lord. Being killed in the street by someone Neilan on his neck. I understand now that that's exactly what they were trying the message they were trying to get. Protests in a way that was nonviolent. That's what the message was. So I'm not going to be mad at anyone or condemning anyone for trying to get that message across, but I don't think it means you have to kneel you know, and that's not what that means, and I'm sure as the NFL buyers up again this year. This is going to be a big a big issue and and I think it's GonNa look different this time you know what I'm absolutely and totally. Go, look different this time and I think most of us. Not There'll be a lot of us that will going to be more understanding of the message is trying to get across once again would remind you that here at real radio one or four point one and all the IHEART radio stations at eight, forty six are going to go silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds, and this is to show unity to show solidarity show. People who are protesting behind you a peaceful protesting, not the looters, the rioters, not the bad people, but obviously the people that are peaceful protesting. We're on your side, and also the site of police officers that are doing their job and keeping everybody safe during the protests as well. I don't think we're anti police officers. I'm definitely not. When we come back to handle, so don't go anywhere. You're listening to the march the morning. Duty Not to burn all house down. With. It is your duty to fortify your own house so that you may be a house of refuge in times of organization. Hey, if you could share our post, we have. It's IHEART radio and talk about Friday. Which is today June? The fifth which is today at eight. Forty six am IHEART, radio stations in Orlando will go silent for eight minutes and forty. Eight minutes and forty six seconds I remember it's of George Floyd. As a sign of solidarity immunity, you could share that with the Hashtag Hashtag we hear you I think actually listening and actually hearing are two different things. We actually hear what you're saying and I feel like. Maybe I, hear things different now after seeing what happened to George Floyd and then also. I'll be honest with you. They have seen what happened with the Jogger I think his is Aubrey I forget his first name, but. Aubrey the Jogger, and then also the the news yesterday, where after he shot after that male breeding a he looks like a mouth breathing. Moron I mean just old redneck. Nasty looking dude shoots him, and then says Ethin-. After? He shot him and the guy and the guy wasn't doing anything other than jogging. He had stopped into a house like a construction house looked around. Didn't do anything walked out, and this dude said He. Oh, I spell I had a feeling. He was the guy that was breaking into houses. We knew. Criminal. Of course he wasn't and this guy shot up and said F than in after he shot him, which is horrible and then the other story, the other story about the you know. The bird watcher got the guys in a park central park, and he's just watching birds, and the woman doesn't have her dog a big dog on a leash, and he's like a dog leash and she picks up the phone and you get you get to see the whole thing picks up the phone and says at African American. Man is attacking me and my. She lies to the police about all of. Of those things happening all in in that time just for me made me go. You know what God. Maybe things are worse than I think they are. Things are and then when I saw the side by side of Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee, and then that officer killing that guy in killing, George Floyd in the middle of the street, his knee, and they almost the same nee- picture I, and I'm watching everything that's going on with the you know the looting and the rioting. I'm like wow. I guess what Colin Kaepernick was doing was much much better than looting and rioting. It was uncomfortable. It didn't make me happy. I, don't I? Don't let you as an American. You don't don't disrespect country. That's not what the message was. The message was hey. There are black people that are other treated horribly. Every day there are there are there are American there? There were all supposed to be one so i. mean it made me look at it differently? I I used to really hate to see that and now I get it i. hear you now now now i. hear you so. That's why I thought when dirty Jim came with the Hashtag Hashtag. We hear you. I thought that was perfect. At you can share that and get that trending today. That would be awesome. Also I think what President Barack. Obama was saying at the beginning of the week about listen. Marching is one thing, but you gotta get politically involved as well so hashtag. Show me when you vote. I think is just as important as. Along with we hear you, show me when you vote is important too I. believe so but reminding you that a little bit later on in this hour at at eight forty six. We're going to be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds so that is going to happen. Four, thousand, nine, one, six, one, zero, four, one or toll-free. It's one triple, eight, nine, seven, eight one. Oh, four one Angel, here Angelique and Ryan homes. Did you guys have any I've been babbling on? Anyone got anything to add onto that or. A you have an opinion I. Ryan I can I. Can I just play my piece of audio of like what America represents to me? It's just real fast, but I think the quotes. Great this Daffy. Duck commander. Now this comes from the movie. American President, and I think that this has. Really Poignant, this is what I believe America's and someone. Posted, this quote in Texas and I completely forgot about it, but it's just. It's beautiful and poignant. America is an easy. America is advanced citizenship. You've got to want it bad because it's GONNA put up a fight. Is going to say you want free speech. Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil. WHO's standing center stage advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing the top of yours? You want to claim this land is the land of the free. Then the symbol of your country cannot just be a flag. The symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Now show me that defend that. Celebrate that in your classrooms that that's what I believe. America's like we have freedom of speech to protect unpopular speech. Yeah, it's not so. Everybody can say nice things these these acts, aren't they? They're protected because people don't like them. Because if you take away unpopular speech, then you're also limiting popular speech and protests through all of this. You feel American through all of this. You feel that freedom of speech is what's being attacked through all of this. This is the message that you think is. Being portrayed that were attacking the freedom to protest. That were attacking the freedom to that. Somehow freedom of speech is being squelched. I think freedom of speech and freedom of protest is being squashed. When you when you see what's happening to the protesters, these violent attacks on unarmed protesters I think that's a big problem. I think in enforcing a military to. He wants protesting difficult. Tenement square thing and it really affected. Today's. I'll be honest with you. I didn't I didn't know that many people died in tenement. Square I I had no idea so he's super affected by that. But because I, because I can see where it can go wrong if you look at other countries and stuff like this where it happens, and it goes wrong, this is that moment this is that typical attack tac of the tax that you're speaking of the perceived attack that you're speaking up. From the top. If you. If you WANNA get at at somebody, if you WANNA get at the person is attacking these freedoms. Then get your Republican president. Who is attacking these freedoms? He's the one you're talking about building the wall. He built his wall. He built his wall around the White House. You know what I'm saying. You get at that dude. Say That Dude's name and say hey, Mr President why are you attacking? Foreign Press in a public park in front of the White House. Why are you doing these things? It's cool to play the audio clip from a movie I. Get it, but also follow that up with you if you feel that your freedoms of speech are being attacked your freedom to protest. It's coming from the top the words when he you put out a letter, and he says hey. The protesters are terrorists. That's not accurate and we need. We need guys to speak up guys that look a lot like both you guys to stand up and say that's not what this does something what this is. One hundred percent agree with you I don't agree with what's happening at the top I think I think the greatest threat to our democracies happening at that top level job right now and in most unpresidential things are happening like that's the danger of democracy democracy. People like Oh. It's so fragile. It's the most fragile thing in the world because it can be ruined by one person, and that is why I tell you. This is a true story true story. That's why added in the show me when you vote thing to the Hashtag. On all of our, and I actually had it on the real radio one, and then I took it off because I'm like I didn't get permission to put that, and then I'm like, but for my personal one in for the monster when I can do it. Back and because I know you know it gets political or whatever but I I, but I do I. believe most of the people marching. I know which way they're gonNA, vote. On. There and I do say just to make everybody happy. I say Hey, whatever way you vote or but it's kind of which way you know who I like, and who I don't but I think I think you know now with with everybody coming together and marching and peace, peaceful protests, or whatever now you got back it up with boating and I wish we had better choices on both sides. I'm not a fan of the decide to be honest with you. Something you know something's got to change the editor? Exactly with what you're saying? Angel that makes Angel. Actually have been. Out of all of us haven't said as much. What are your thoughts about? This? haven't actually gotten one hundred percent your take on all this on which part of it? Well. There's. A ton of there is a time well. I, mean just A. A people getting involved that have never been involved before. See seeing that there. Are you know you have all races, creeds and colors marching together? Does that give you any that gives me hope I I mean look. It isn't easy to do any of these to effect. Change is not easy, and then like we we've had people get at. You guys are making this guy martyr. You're making him a martyr as like. We don't get to choose who affects change you don't. You. You know you get to a point where you're living your life. You're living your life. And then finally something jars you and strikes you and makes you want to act and makes you want to get out and March once it makes you want to. Lead the life that are living in the country that we've all had in our. Is Our in our hearts that we know we can do better. You know what I'm saying. So people getting you guys are making this guy martyr. He's not that good of a guy. It doesn't matter what kind of guy he was. Served served the way that he died so so publicly, and and seeing that over and over and look we as a society. That's the other part of this. We as a society, we're. Traumatic that were traumatic part of this for all of us as Americans like. We're going to carry this for a long long time you talk about post. Stress a traumatic syndrome for our frontline workers, and for our military for our regular citizens you know for black and white and Brown everybody. We're all GONNA. Go through this and we're not gonNA. Make an by nitpicking we. We've got to know that there is a better way to do this, and that's you know. That's the heaviness that I feel. That's heaviness that I feel in my heart. That's the happiness. I feel when I'm watching these things. But I'm hopeful I'm seeing the protest and I think it's a good thing and I believe it's a good thing. And I wanted to be better. You know yeah and I. I'm so naive but I. do feel hopeful to I to me. It looks like there's things that are changing and that you know. It seems like it's getting better I. We'll have some phone calls. If you'd like to call and give us your point of view, we'll take it remember at eight forty six today we're to be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds. That's the show solidarity. Unity with the people who are protesting and also with the family of George Floyd and not just George Foy, but. Everybody who's been. De Treated wrong. And there's a list. There's a long Ross here in central Florida. I mean think about it. It goes way way back I. mean it goes. You know for some of us about as far back as trayvon Martin before that, there was other events that happen here there. So this is something that's been building and building and building. You know we'll take your phone calls when we come back. You're listening to the masters the morning. By. The lower the volume on the voices in your head, Alexa play real radio one four point one on iheartradio. texting service blowing up, I've been text people back during the break. Sometimes we do that. I know a lot of people are checking us out on our youtube. Channel Radio, on Youtube Angelique talking to people there in on our facebook page, real radio on facebook and a ton of people call and your hot topic, the historical times and to to remind you coming up very soon at eight forty six. We're going to be silent. Silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds. If you see this post that we put out on all the Iheart you know that the real radio different instagram and facebook and twitter and everything please share it with the Hashtag. We hear you. I, it's a lit- people, peaceful protesters, not the rioters. Okay, those text me saying promoting the rioters, no the peaceful protest. We hear you hear what you're saying and I also think Hashtag. Vote is important too so Hashtag. We hear you. Hashtag you showed me when you vote and We'll be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds to show unity and solidarity with the remembering George Floyd, I did open up the phones. Let's see what people got to say. Listen. You don't have to agree with us by the way just so you know. These are your airwaves. It's ecstasy role. You know this. Is Your radio station your airwaves. The only thing that is mandatory is you're not allowed change station. That's that's a rule, just say. That C. C.'s ESA. WHO HAVE ON LINE UP, I got bill and He wanted to have some words with us. Sure Bill you're on real radio, one or four. Point one how you doing buddy. Good. That's one start by saying I'm the disabled that? offered. Turned out the motion, all right buddy. Thank you for your service both way. So people can decide what they want to do. Not what other people want them to say and do? You want to. Do it. That's what I fought for, and I think we. Better some metal. Forgotten that. And I appreciate you. Call it I think that when the when people do get upset by it. Was Bill I'm sorry it was a bill. Yeah. Bill Yeah Bill when people get upset by I. Believe Heart is in the right place. They feel like they're standing up for you. I feel They feel like they're standing up for someone. Who did you know fight for our country? And now you're disabled and they're like my don't disrespect bill for God's Sakes. I think that's where the Martin. It's it's not about that. I fought because my grandfather did a world war two. Michael didn't have Vietnam I. Just felt I could. It was I was compelled to write, but as I got older, and as I realized that, and this was before the whole cap thing not realized that look. Freedom isn't giving its. Aren't we fight? We fight for it every day whether it'd be here. In the United States for broad right billions and has military. We fight for it. I was a cop for seventeen years, too. But the bottom line is I've had people come up to me because they know how I am in a veteran community. How I support and they're like well. What do you think about him dealing, so? He had to write to do that and they got mad. Explain to explain something to you. He's kneeling for purpose. But the bottom line is is being disabled vet. If you want to add that into the mix, go ahead, but I'm telling you. I thought so he can do that. That's what this is all about. It's not about. Oh the American flag flying in the back of your trump do that because that's what you WANNA! Do you're allowed to do that? WanNa know why 'cause people bought for that. People died for that. People also died in wars, so people like Colin Kaepernick, and everybody else wants to nail and say. Hey, look what's going on is wrong. Takes, you see that no one's trying to change. The way people think they WANNA. Make it understood that. Hey, look I got a right to do this. Just like you had a right to do you WANNA do. Why are you trying to take my freedoms in my rights away from me and they're not trying to do that a bill. Where did you? Where did you serve out when you served? Serving Alaska I served at Fort. Leavenworth I was overseas for a few years. We sold over four Richardson in Alaska. Yeah! You're not talking a few times, yeah! When you when you serve how many how many black one of my best friends was! Yeah, let me tell you a little story. If I got time something basic training and the settlements talking to me and this is I was eighteen years old. And this other soldiers talking man he he goes. Hey, what do you think about? You know whites and blacks Mary and my my answered him was look loves love, and all is Bob. La I'm trying to make as quick. Realizing just a few be just a few days over. A friend of mine was sitting in the bag and we. We thought we were going to in their later on. He comes up to his name was shot. He goes. Hey, you're a good man. I said I. Don't know what you're talking about. And he goes I was hearing I heard what you said he goes. When you hear raw answers like that. It makes you feel like not every white person is against. Yeah, and isn't that resonated? You know I did but like I, said I didn't do it. Because I thought he was in a room I. Did it because I? Mean that's just the way it is. Yeah. Stop Man, and and I know people are listening, and they're gonNA. Get Mad, and you're GONNA call, ME, week and they're gonNA. Call me this look. You know if you can walk a day in my shoes and what I go through on a daily basis. And I could walk I'm not a disabled vet. They can't do anything I'm. A disabled veteran can do things. Well I'll tell you just say no bill I'm looking at. Some. People are saying you're a real. American hero, and they appreciate what you're saying. Amen build at the. I haven't had one negative person. Appreciates a bill. I appreciate you, too. I'm just I'm I'm just me? I don't want any of that I. Don't want any of that I want people to understand that I'm not the only soldier out there. That believes this. That's what I want. People saying I'm not any I did what I did. Because I, felt compelled to do it I don't need and I. Don't want to be on a platform. That's not why do things nobody? It's good. It's good to have someone. It's good to have someone like on the line of detail your story though I think it's important now when you saw what happened with the the police officer you know with his knee on the neck of of George Floyd as an officer form officer yourself. What was your thought? Thought, it was ridiculous. Yeah. It's it's that you understand you. Understand the outrage, right? Yeah absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, for Sure Bill I. I want to thank you for your call. Buddy, thank you for your service and I think that here. I think that might mean a lot to a lot of people to realize. Hey, you know what? A. Peaceful protest is okay, and here's an here's a you know. A soldier that is disabled and one hundred percent says listen. That's the reason I fought, so people can can peacefully protest. Thank you, Bill. I appreciate it buddy. By. Take Care Wow that was good. Yeah, that guy doesn't real motion there in his art in most of the people. I know that serve. kind feel the same way like when you were American. Values are complicated. Like, they they really are, and when you when you say, you're fighting for American values, it's an all encompassing, and some of the things are fighting for you might not necessarily like or agree with, but that's just part of it. Borough, seven, nine, hundred, six, one, four, one or toll-free, it's one triple, eight, nine, seven, eight, one, zero, four, one, not one person so far and usually texting services can get not one negative Text about bills, call which is. Refreshing. I'm starting to see a little bit of hope in this world. You know I, mean honestly I i. You know I'm Pollyanna. No and I always like. Try to see the glass half full instead of half empty, but but I think. Maybe we are getting a little closer to being a little bit better. Do we have on next? Up Next? We've got Dave calming on story that we were talking about earlier this morning. Dave from Orlando Hello Dave. Hey Guys, man I'm a I'm a US Navy Desert Storm Vet, and that's tough to follow bill because that was a that was a hell of a cough. Bill do you agree with I? Agree one hundred percent one hundred percent This this thing from yesterday's kind of troubling, because it could've been could've gone in such a different direction I mean I. Get it that police right now, there's heightened the awareness because of what's going on Dave. The stop that happened. That's that's apparently going viral. Since this morning. When we talked about the woman here in Orlando that was stopped, and then the stop escalated with a police, breaking her car window. That's what. And did he. So here's here's the deal, she she wasn't stopped i. mean she was sitting in a traffic lane with her has life on so in my opinion, I mean the cop could have walked up to her and asked her pay. No, is there something wrong? Is there a problem with your vehicle or are you okay? Versus you know demanding that? She get out of the car, but same time though I feel like society overtime has lost any sort of respect for for police authority. Isn't what what I think you know whenever you have a problem. It isn't always just one problem, so so I think racism is a problem in this country but I also think that the police force. They don't have the proper training a lot of times to be able to escalate deescalate things you know in a proper manner, and so take six months police officer. Next thing you know you're handling these situations, and and maybe you're not prepared to. To I'm not saying all police officers, but but I think that is part of the problem is. We don't have enough training for police officers. It's like Oh. Let's get this job. I can't get that job I'll become a police officer that that happens. You know We talked to a guy the other day that they put a gun in his hand twenty one years old at and after six months. He throw him out on the street. Probably Not Ready? Yeah I, heard that guy, but but it's the same time to you know had see him and he did tell her that she was being detained, and he even said they I'm I'm being I'm being nice with you. at the same time. Had She just got out of the car? I agree it could have been over in five minutes I agree, but then, but then on the other hand. She's Hispanic girl. What if she's totally afraid to death of any police officer pulling over and afraid to get out of the car? You know there's there's. There are a lot of. Dave. I think what we're talking about. And what you're talking about as well as that look, policing has to change policing a the way that the police interact with citizens has to change. This militaristic style of policing is all it's doing escalating escalating in a scenario. Look and it's easy to do what we're doing right now. We're watching the video and Iraq into it, and we're not in the moment, but hopefully we could use this as are. They could use as a training tool and maybe. You know it. A stop like this. Have them call a female officer over and have the female officer be the one that engages her at that moment. If she's not a considered a threat at ma saying there's there's a lot of other training things that are going to have to happen or that we ask citizens should happen with our law enforcement because at the end of the day they're there to protect and serve us the citizens. For the most part they do for those yeah, I would say. Hey. Dave thank you so much. I appreciate your call and thank you for your service. Okay, thanks, guys and you bill. And just to let you guys know. The the sheriff was on yesterday before they made this video public and he did say that. The sheriff's Office asks you to step out of your vehicle, whereas OPD asks you to remain in your vehicle, so they do have two different protocols as far as it goes for traffic stops, and how they handle this, so it's not necessarily someone just deciding to take you out of your car. Car It, does depend on which agency is pulling you over, so please know that as well. I want to remind you that. We're going to go to break here in a second when we come back at eight forty six. We're going to be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds. Hopefully that resonates with you. Hopefully it. It lets you know that you know. we here at iheartradio are in unity with. T. With and and you know we are remember George Floyd. Floyd I mean so many people who have been treated wrong and we, we Hashtag we hear you those of you who are part of peaceful protests. We want you to know that we hear what you're saying. It's not just the hey. Look at those people protesting where it's actually making sense and we hear what you're saying. If you could share this, you know. We put it on our social media. If you could share it with the Hashtag, we hear you and I think it's important Hashtag. Show me when your vote I think. I think just protesting is not enough I think you have to vote as well and and so when we come back. Eight forty six, we will be silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds along with all of our other brothers and sisters with the IHEART family. You're listening to the Macho the morning. Radio one four point one broadcasting live on Iheartradio also I went on. People. Post about going silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds or Seen the the Hashtag Hashtag. We hear you I think it's really important. I gotta get hats off to dirty Jim for coming up with that because it, it says exactly I think what? Needs to happen is we need to hear people that are protesting not as I'm listening. No, do you hear what I'm saying? I learned through a lot of of marriage counseling and I've been through a lot of it that you can say I'm listening is one thing, but do you hear me and hearing? What's going on is Is You know hopefully can be part of the solution to everything and and show me when you vote. Somebody just sends up an why you gotta bring voting into this. What's that gotta do with with? What's that gotta do with a protest Manno man? I think it's kind of go. They go hand in hand to me. It seems like it's a former president. Barack Obama even was saying. How listen you know peaceful? Protesting is one thing, but unless you get out and vote and show you know where you're at then then. Maybe you're doing it for nothing, so so show me when you vote I. Think is important. Hashtag We hear you important as well coming up in a couple minutes. All Radio Stations heart here in Central Florida We're going to go are going to go silent for eight minutes and forty six seconds now that's how long that that officer had his knee on the neck of George floored. So as you're listening to silence for you, know eight minutes and forty six seconds imagine that imagine how far into that you could change your mind. Go move my need to the back of his back or something. Because he said he can't breathe, I mean. In the other two officers by the way that Jeff. There were three other officers that were with. The the main one I don't even like saying their names because I don't WanNa, give them publicity the main guy that had his knee on his neck. The other two officers had just had just become police officers and one said Hey. Shouldn't you move your knee? And the other said this this might not be right because they're charged as well. Yeah, their own custody and imagined you know eight minutes and forty six seconds as you hear the silence and watched. Watched it yesterday and the memorial service. I mean you know at least a couple of minutes into it? You probably will have time to change your mind. You know and then five minutes into it. You really got time to change your mind and move your knee and when you get a six minutes into it. It's like Oh man. This is a long time and that's and that's what That's an uncomfortable position does just be in for that long it is. It is so so yeah, it's coming up in a couple of minutes like I. Say it's going to be you know it's not a moment of silence. It's eight minutes and forty six seconds assigned and and and I'm proud of real radio and plowed Lynda Bird, and the people here for making. And IHEART and our cluster for participating in doing this. You know I think. I think it's great and you know it does show solidarity with people who are peacefully protesting for those of you like Oh. You're supporting the rioters. No were not knowing Hussein. We support any anything violent. No one saying we support any LUDI. No one saying the support anything that you know that obviously is wrong, but to peacefully protest and say hey. There's a portion of our society that's been treated horrible and here's here's. Three really great examples of black people being treated horrible just in the last month or so, and there's a list that is that as you know so long, so the people that are just like i. don't see it. But, where there's no evidence of systemic racism is what killed him. Like what you don't you I think you don't know what those words mean. So. How people can be blind to. It is ridiculous because they have the same eyes and ears that I have. Maybe they don't WanNa see it. I don't know I. Don't get it either, but I will tell you this. There are things that I didn't get before I didn't understand. Colin Kaepernick getting down on one knee during the national anthem. I, didn't but. GotTa do better. y'All home. What do you have? It is time to beat up prosecutors. You don't like it the voting. To hold me or offices accountable season deputy cheese. You WanNA different. Undo the philosophy which old one. Morning Radio Point one broadcasting live on. iheartradio I'm rose rollins along with. Angel Angelique and Ryan Home All here today. And what a long eight minutes and forty six! This man for those in there were a couple people that. Didn't know what was going on, but but most of you I, think we. We gave you enough time and you know. What do you think that that's a long time that I think that was really cool that the company did that and and Preachy, sticking around through through that that eight minutes and forty six to my my computer thing went down, so we're not on Don't run your youtube right now, but we'll get back up. ADRI still there. Yes, sir, just making sure. All right Any Did you get any? Any calls any reaction to that Everyone the interactions. I was having with on social media and texting and whatnot. It's powerful There are people that bounced. Who All our stations and we're kind of experiencing through those through the you know through all the stations that were participating, and then like here since the building is empty, and since there's no one here and whatnot, you start thinking about things, and it gets like super, super, quiet and it it. Was It was it was. It was a powerful for me. Yeah Yeah, that was that's time. I mean that's all I kept thinking, and and that's the way it was yesterday to watching the watching that services. Man is a long time. There's a report that I guess like there were people a- as this officer had his knee on the neck of George Floyd one of the officers that he shouldn't turn them. Over is what one of the guys said and it shouldn't be. Move Your your knee a one of the. People that are in the crowd that were saying. Can you just take his pulse? doesn't look right. You know that's a long time for decision making you know what I mean. There were several times that people spoke up. That things could have taken a different turn and Obviously as we can see. They didn't and that ended up being the outcome to it. four, zero, seven, nine, hundred, six, one, zero, four, one or toll-free. It's one triple, eight, nine, seven, eight one. Oh, four one. We're having technical difficulties with our with our zoom thing but Do you know what tonight as a as a strawberry moon? What does that mean? Tonight's full moon is a strawberry moon as soon as a strawberry moon in the US, because native American tribes use it as as a signal, the start of gathering right strawberries, and it's GonNa look like the color of a strawberry tonight I. Don't know here's the thing they come up with all these different moons every year I never heard of before. The Harvest Moon. There's a blue moon what heard of the harvest moon and the Blue Moon there was. One there was one just recently the super moon and and but this. Woman there was. Something right. Line Wolf Moon was. The Blood Wolf Moon Wolf Blood, Moon, or something like that. That's bad ass. Moon Wolf, blood moon. A Woman Strawberry Moon asked I've never heard of that. I think he's right. That was the one they were talking about earlier in the year right? Yeah, yeah, it was like was. Orange Blood Wolf Moon and then the coolest moon of all moons, but until like this year I had not heard of all these different moon names. It was just the moon and then. That's it full moon, no moon moon again now it says here okay so tonight is the strawberry moon and. Eighteen, it's going to be There's going to be a bigger moon, okay, and more colorful, or all the moons ever This one is it says it's the biggest. How this is not the super. How can it be bigger and said it's the biggest one in the most colorful one, and it's going to have the Greek a path across the sky now and only man who could beat superman with strawberry men I guess. Stay up and watch the Super Moon. Tonight, so we get some strawberries, so you get some strawberry bones to look at the strawberry moon and you have. You lay down with your lady. Your strawberries spoon, but there. We go gentle strawberry. Say Nights to and also you know angel. This is This is one of your days. You know there's certain certain days. I would say would be Angel Day if it were if it were basketball day. I would say it'd be Angel Day If it were Oreo cookie day I would say. and. I got my Oriole Sax on. I've been wearing compression socks since all this went down. I got to wear socks upside. I got orioles. Socks on. I got to wear pants today. I'm wearing jeans today finally, ooh! Angel. GROWNUP again. Don't you hate where those compression socks I hate those things so like part of the Rehab aspect of it. Everything has been that and. calf is finally responding to. The treatment and everything and Star, and it's so funny like I. I gotTa. Take pictures it to you guys, but if you do my leg side by side, you're gonNA swear that with my right leg. Is Somebody else's leg? It doesn't look like my leg, so but finally The last couple of weeks have been really really good, and so I finally yesterday after Rehab. They're like look. You can do away with the compression. Socks go back to regular socks and stuff. I hate the compression. Passion. So you were saying no, no, no, so you can wear regular socks. I'm actually wearing. This is like the first time. Since their surgery were like I wore jeans to work I. Almost feel like an adult again because for the last. Whatever Week Sixteen weeks of it I've been I usually wear like workout, gear and whatnot and it just. Just I don't know I. Was Happy Today. I'm happy. With I did. Have a strawberry flavor. UPS are all. Saying though yeah, yeah, we got, we got derailed there. Yeah I was saying. It's it's for you. It's National Donut Day I. Don't know if you knew that right I gotta get. Valkyrie donuts out there. They do the Vegan style. Don't someone go out there and get some after the show. That's like your favorite place, right? That's one of my favorite places. DJ. DONUTS does awesome. It used to have spot right here on Leigh Road Dude. Dude I am connected know what are part of APA needs an awesome donut shops. We don't have that other unless you know of one there. You know what back in the day there used to be one next to my favorite Margarita place where it used to be right in there, and we would go there before school every morning and get these amazing handmade doughnuts. And you could. Would, make them in front of you six am. And it was lovely, and it was too good for Bob because they shut down and it was sad. We had Selma's cookie as best I think. Is upgrade slowly upgrading. At a time we need a donut shop out there. Yeah, that's how May. I don't know how angels not a diabetic. I'll be honest with you. Racin Bro. No, because he, he eats all those cookies now. He hands them out like. Got A drug dealer. With, US you, too. Because he's got to give them to everybody around. Angel three cookies. He's GonNa Bite your head off. You're only allowed to cookies. With everybody. In your way, we all we all got. We all got the email from mary-ellen about how we got to save your life because you're slowly killing yourself and all that so. A group effort to keep you alive us. I guess so. That's why we have specials over there today. You say vegetables with disdain I actually liked vegetables, and when I was doing Kito, she made something one of favorite things I. Forgot About Doing Kita. Their noodles made out as Caney, so they're called zoodles, and they are just amazing like I if I if I could have zoodles every day I get rid of Pasta, but there's such a pain to make because when I had them, it took forever to make yeah, because I didn't have the electric one that spins around and makes the noodle. I used to sit the my hand. Crank it out and I'm like. We don't want you having arthritis now I need them. Very important and Well anyway, so yeah it. Get A donut today so sure. Doughnut shops I. Remember when I was younger. There's one donut shop right there was. Only, Dunkin donuts and then the day that they opened a crispy cream. Winter Park and they had a I mean you had police officer in the middle of the street trying to direct traffic? All the way down to you know down to Lee. Road I mean people are dying to get in to the crispy cream and then other donut shop started going. This is kind of cool. What's the one that we go to a booth? Only universals? Open now right, yes, limit. The guy would be right. Mocks Stale. Don't sleep on them. They got good. So, Fox two Fox. Coffee is if that's what you're talking about. Ryan, the Fox okay so the one on Lee. Road that partnership with this place at of Grove. Think their digi donuts, and are the ones that made these really amazing like Boutique. Don't like it just actually ridiculous, but obviously with the downturn in the economy and everything they had to pull out of there I think unless they're back in there and then valkyries, another one and there's a couple Don't central off of Apopka or I'm sorry. Aloma Avenue and university that places awesome I. There's a ton of donut shops. We could just do this all day. Days dedicated to donor I. If you call I, guess if you call ubereats or whatever they'll deliver your donuts right. If you went to dozen donuts, they'll Brigham to. Come up with a donut though. They. Take one I feel like every time I order fries like an uber driver takes one of my friends because I know. If I was I would do the same thing. Absolutely and now with the pandemic happening, just literally deliver like anything like before. They were snooty about it like there's only certain restaurants at certain things now I can get full bottles of liquor delivered packs of cigarettes. What are the end of the world? Maybe let's and bakery is they make them so good. In their Vegan donuts, but you would not know at all. They are so. Yes. Just reminded me, you know. My wife likes watching a naked and afraid, so we're watching naked afraid when you go to bed and there was. Oh, there's if so. The premise right in the middle of nowhere in Columbia somewhere nowhere and they're gonNA live naked and and and. And there. Are Snakes up and this dude like he's pretty good shape. Dude and he's got this girl. She's attractive and everything as they meet each other naked. They're like okay well. Let's go find some things she goes. Oh, by the way I'm Vegan. He's like. And they show she turns back, and he rolls his eyes like what the Hell Week. How are you GonNa? Find you berries, and you're not gonNA. Find enough to survive. Of course you can't make it because. She's trying to eat leaves and she doesn't make it. Doesn't make it stupid. vegans begin as that Squirrel. GotTa eat meat, but she was. She was like Hindu but so. Keep naming. Nine. She was something like that. Afraid their souls will know that You know I'm eating them in, Buddhist, yeah Yeah. Yeah Whoo, okay. What makes the dog in the Dogan? makes. The Dog Game Vegans Dan. What makes the V? Using Derry if you don't use dairy so so vegetarian, don't eat meat. Vegans don't have dairy or any animal byproducts, so they don't use honey either. They don't like us eggs. They don't use milk honey. No, it's an. It's an animal byproducts. No matter what, but it's an animal. BE Basically, those deer hunting our. Look at it. Those people just seem like they're just trying to beat disagreeable. Just trying to be a pain in the ASS. Really proven point they're just trying to beat the. Difficult! Ave? A Garvey. Tequila that's. All right. You're listening to the mosh the morning. Dancing naked. A lot better with your best friends seriously so. Why would you encourage that? Real radio. One and radio. I spend all that money for for a green screen, and you just put a boring background. If it doesn't inflame that, some claims would be good. Yeah, fire explosions here. I'll tell you what play background I, play Andrew. Yeah. Doing that. That's Angelique and her her manure commercial. It didn't show angel the. I don't care. This one's awesome. This has a rapping white dude for no reason it. Angelique wrapping with. Allies Oh yeah the fertilizer rap. I'll keep that going. Oh, loop! It's on a this is really fertilizer rap de going. That's good perfect. Now I. Feel like I spend my money well. Dot Com. That's. Angel Dj. Hey Hey, guys and we just wants to get fertilized. Fertilize Angelie. Has Been Fertilized. Ones. You like your eggs, Radha fertilizers. We're going to play a game play game. To compete guys like. Everyone, likes compete right I'M GONNA? Keep track of keeping score a matter of fact. Let me read it down. I'm going to say. And the league angel, which spent almost the same. and then. Expel. Even tell people Angel Iq you're GonNa Q. U. E., and then he's just that okay. Okay all right here. We all right here. There's ten of these right, so we'll see who who gets the most and you gotTa. You gotTa rage well. Let's not raise your hand. What do you do? Shout your name your name. Name, okay Forbes just released this year's highest paid celebrities. We got the top ten. You gotta give me every celebrity so Whoever gets the most celebrities in the winner? Angel you'RE GONNA go with First Dwayne, the Rock Johnson. The Rock came in hold on Oh number ten angels board with one engine. Kylie Jenner she's number. One Kylie. Jenner is not a person around. By the way. Dwayne, the Rock Johnson last year made eighty seven point five million dollars, so angels Kevin Hart. Hold on I'm not one. Then then you got. Kylie Jenner made five hundred and ninety million dollars. WHO's next? Kevin Hart Bill Ryan. Kevin Hart No. Maybe. Do all that come in intially. Angelique who you go with Kiana. Worry Reeves. Now he make no money. No, he's on the top ten. Head congregate just Kanye West number two. We got two points for Angel Rivera. West made one hundred and seventy million dollars so Ryan Okay Right Okay Ryan. going. Beyond beyond say not in the top ten list is lying. Forbes list these are the. Highest paid celebrity Angel Hey. Get another shot at it. Yes, Angel! This is. The bron James Lebron James Number nine. You now have three. Angel Angel del Yes Angel Mino Messy. He is now pulling away MRIs number five hundred Brian. Right hold on angels next I heard Angels Name. Go ahead, Cristiano, Renaldo. Go you got another one. You know how five. Angels another one Roger Roger Federer. God. You were now pulling away with six. I didn't realize the athletes for author. Lebron James and then after that it's easy. Right Jet Beza. Jeff is not a celebrity. We know who he is, he doesn't. Get consigned bill, Gates. which. Thank Bill Gates. Bill Gates. He's not a celebrity. Okay well, he didn't make. He's not on the Forbes list. Reese Witherspoon No. Matter fact, no women are on except for Kylie Jenner number one. other than that everyone else is a is a dude. Okay you got six seven and eight place six. More people, ones and athlete one Brady Right Tom Brady. Tom Brady's hail. I will tell you. This is a soccer star. I've never heard of who made ninety five point five million dollars. Mar There you go neymar submarine. I thought he was a sub mariner. Thought. He was in the marble world swim underwater pay place. pointy plays where they spend the Spanish. counts. All right, so there are. Two people left on the Forbes. Highest paid celebrities, not athletes. One's black one's white one made ninety seven million dollars made ninety million dollars. Wow! I like them both. The Ryan Oprah No more females listen. There's only one female on the list. Gender. What I love to go to his movies. Yes Tyler Daria Tyler Perry on. Sporting angels. And there's one person left out by the way so Tyler Perry made ninety seven million dollars last year. Doing Great Tram. One person left I have sat in his chair. On Person Left and you sat in. Guys from this is not any of the guys from kiss. I went to new. York Angels Yes, Angel Howitzer Howard Star Yeah Howard Stern made ninety million dollars. And I make. Don't don't. Don't. Don't say. That I want to say it hurts my heart. Say Out Loud Oh Howard. Light Money Howard made more than Lebron. James and the rock is not. God bless him I say go. Do you the whole this? Have you take athletes because that's the thing that? Like once I realized that you were including athletes in their Do you guys consider them? The same par celebrity status is like the rest of these guys now. Athletes. Aren't when I. Element to them but. If, they're the same thing as Howard yet should be. It should be celebrities. Minors athletes, not necessarily because mind is businessman. You gotTA minus athletes especially. If you're talking about the soccer players, they are international. They're known internationally a different kind of fame. It's a totally different type of fame. I will call Mr Forbes and I'll say hey. Listen Mr Forums. Take take all the athletes out. We went about the celebrities because really got Kylie Jenner made. Five, hundred and ninety million dollars wow, Kanye west at of all. The musicians of the world made more money than all the musicians in the world. On one hundred seventy million dollars. And, then you got athlete athlete APP. Tyler Perry next what you WanNa hear that like the next ten. Giving all right so the next hand, see this kind I think more representative of what top ten would look like this this next ten so coming in at number twenty the Jonas. Brothers Okay, wow, sixty eight point five million at nineteen. Gordon Ramsay. Really seventy million dollars. How's he making money? t the all the TV shows and everything at Eighteen I. Would I guess all day and this guy wouldn't have been in my top twenty. Dr Phil Ryan. Reynolds seventy, one point five, million, deadpool, real at seventeen, Ariana Grande, seventy, two million I'll wow. Okay, that makes sense. steph curry comes in at sixteen seventy four point four million. I'm going to need help with this Guy James Patterson. Oh, yeah, he's a writer alright I e comes in a eighty million dollars or team, Elton John Eighty one million dollars. Bill Simmons Eighty, two point five. He's a writer. He's on behind the some of the websites and everything. You used to work for ESPN number twelve ellen degeneres at eighty, four million. He was going to be one of my guesses. Thirty four and then at eleven rush limbaugh eighty five million dollars. Tama Man Wow, that's crazy talk. You know I. I would have thought though I would have thought Tom Brady would be up there, but making forno he doesn't. He south selling like multivitamins. Asab you from getting Cova like. Thomas broke. His wife is doing like worth more than the crazy thing at this point? Right like he's doing just main multilevel marketing and he's going to show up in my house. Want me to buy barbecue supplies. That's what I feel like Tom Brady's. Who used there all the time, but not now is Robert Downey Junior. We used to be at least the top ten. You know with all the MARLINS. You haven't had any yeah he. He'll be all right. It's not how much money celebrity it's how much they made this year right? Yeah, yes. Also because so looking for Tom Brady this is who he surrounds him right at sixty two. It's lin-manuel. Miranda's comes in a forty point forty five point five at sixty four. The backstreet boys made forty five million dollars. Oh I thought story sixty four, and there's a three way tie at sixty four, so it's backstreet, Tom Brady and Phil. Collins all made forty five million dollars. Hey, they're showing bands. Kiss has to be in there because I know they've been. They've been Tori and they've been making I. Mean I'm. Just. Curious Metallica made forty point five million. Wow, see. Funny that the. Eagles made forty one point milk. So what are they love? The Band's together because you know. They have to split all that money up. It's not like you know India but. Given. The putting the band's together so site kisses right out of the top one. Oh, I'm sorry. Kiss comes in at ninety five, really much thirty six point five million dollars. That's it. For again, that's just for this past year. Heartbroken heartbroken! Yeah? He's a they are surrounded by. There's a tie at number. Ninety five kiss and DJ calendar made the same amount of money. But TJ Kalugin. Keep it all you know. Ninety one at thirty seven. Paul McCartney's like J., lo or a rider. Jaylo not hurt not. Trooper. True. Kevin? It was a west. You don't remember after yeah, as a west way back in the sixty one thing, it was funny, stupid but funny. After the military porno has recently. It's Friday all right. It is Friday. Background I've been eating. Last week when we did the week where I didn't go, get you a beer and you didn't say anything, so you're being stingy. No this this dude! I guess times are tough. Corona light and Bud light today, because my son was over, and he brought a bunch of Bud light. So which do you want will take Ryan's okay good. Fifty six with forty seven point five million. Hey Do they report that to Forbes a little know hey. This is this based off of like Web. Projections Oh based off what they can get from industry reports and stuff like that because they don't really know how much they make speculation, people don't like to and as. They Kylie Jenner exaggerated how much she made to kind of get herself up there as the the youngest billionaire and now they're saying that's not accurate. Because somehow they got held our tax returns and she claimed less. BTS comes in at forty-seven with fifty million dollars k pop band. Wow, Jay Z. came in at forty two with three point three wasn't savannah on this list somewhere. There is there is a top ten list was Savannah's a multimillionaire? Yes. WHAT TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Showing that Yeah Youtube celebrities van of bounds yeah. So. I WANT SOMEBODY WANNA fake list for millions of dollars. I would just. Need the millions of dollars, but I would just every bar I'm Adam, just like casually open the website. What? Ryan makes and I'm talking to my Ryan seacrest all right secret. You know. They're worried that he's working too hard. I saw that the other day I had to pay pulled it away and their word he's. He's working way too hard. They're concerned about him. Twenty eight on this list. Is. Tied at twenty eight. It's a rise making eighty million dollars Ryan Post Malone and J. K. Rowling. All made this amount of money last year. No Howard made so he. He made say. Let's say sixty one million your right there. He made sixty million. Wow, yeah. It works as that's off. J. K. Rowling pulled in sixteen year for doing nothing. She's your some books man. Favorite anything in a minute, but this year I wouldn't be surprised if that goes up. Because this is our ten year anniversary of opening up at universal, this was hugs. MEET OPENING UP June sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth, so I would not be surprised. No, I wouldn't be so. That's not the word I thought. You said Hog meat yeah. Meat Juice from knock me. Sorry I'm a child. Children here until the ten year anniversary, so I could see that like cells would be up ally and the whole nine yards. Managed to give the cut of stuff that happens there. Across her desk, so if movie theaters are opening this weekend. What movies are actually like? I mean I wouldn't want to be. First, weekend, and putting this movie in the in the Movie Theater Outbreak Three D.. Oh! I don't know man I. I'm not going with theater for for a while still years. If it in two weeks if we don't see a jump from the from the protesting and Kobe might think about it. Movies that are opening this week. I haven't seen or heard any of these. I one is called Judy and punch. One is surely. The other one is made in Bangladesh and the other one is Dreamland Kate Punch and judy was an old like a puppet. Act or something way back in the fifties or something. Is it like about them? Is that what it is hunting? Judy revisits classic cars from a fresh perspective. and. That's about as much as I got on that so it must be a kids thing Oh, it is puppeteers dude and a archaic. Inside nowhere near the sea puppeteers, Judy in ponds are trying to resurrect their marionette show. Riveting stuff here see I I know a little bit of stuff. Just really here good, it's really obscure stupid stuff. Punch and Judy. A. Joe! When we come back, it's time for the ones and Twos, a number, one and number two song and all the land, so we know it's awesome. We know what's called angels going to bring it to you. You're listening to the monitor the morning. Don't want to go so far as to say, this is what we're here for. But more seven, nine, one, six, one over one, eight, eight, eight, nine, seven, eight, one, four, one real radio, one four point one. I read some technical difficulties. Why. If, you're part of the Youtube. Channel you got your own personal show their role that we were doing our own little personal thing for the Youtube Channel for a little while, but. Angel what happens. Do it construction. Station and when I had heard was, as they were cutting some walls down and accidentally cut a a wire double wires. They probably shouldn't have hit and. Engineer guys got on them real quick. Can We troubleshoot? Contrary to proper believe that we didn't get fired in a break. Come off. We did Pare Electric Bill Electric pay bills paid. We just got a crew. Guys out there and you know it's a ton of A wires in Kent's not happy in y'all can't. He's usually pretty level killed. Yeah, you don't get upset. welcome back I'm rush rollins along with Angel and Angelique Now's when we do the King of Denmark Ryan homes. Silence is fine. Let's be real. The silence was a good, and let's just call that that was my bit. Wasn't been silent it was. Static camera and haven't heard on radio forever town. Hey, we'll. I had the three email to read you read one of these now. I got a thing. You do a thing. Okay, all right. We're back. I'll do these next week. Secondly. They sent me email. Thank you. RUSS WT CAST DOT COM. We had a bunch going on there I couldn't get to it. We'll do it next week, but thank you for the email. You can always email me what you got man. Now You. Take the music now dressed nuts and don't make things out of order. CRYING GET! Better I can get serious once every year and a half. That's my. That's my canal. Pleasure balls, but When you want. A love that you called everybody. You called me out yesterday because I was shaking while I was doing were shaking your sick leave. I go home in. I don't know tire news flat. That's not the right time for that just saying. But Now! When I get serious. Serious Serious I. Get to series I. Get real shaky. And that's fine. I'm okay with that. Man. Rest you gotta go to star that you've always liked right from Ba from back in the day. Reese Witherspoon. Oh, you mean like a girl, yeah! I mean. There's always there's always one person on TV. All have crush on right. Now they get summer. Knowles from from channel to. You, know her I. Don't know I've never met her at the. Same Circle She's gorgeous. It was reese witherspoon I think I have replaced. The summer knows we always have one person left reser angel it about you. My TV crush. Probably the most recent one probably would have been able. She's asked she's pretty. Angelique. Denzel Washington Tate Digs. Sexy chocolate. Comfortable. Okay Man, okay, so my person that I like back in the day was clueless zone Alicia Silverstone. Off Did you see that. Yeah. Man. I used to love Lisa. Silverstone I loved her back. Girl I loved her clueless. She was in the. Video for crazy as a little kid, I was all about at least a silverstone, and she has just gone down crazy path since then I believe at one point. She was feeding her son Baby Bird style out of her mouth. Still, on board, a little bit I've seen some terrible movies that she's done man. She's got so bad movies lately by, but now I don't think I can get on board with the latest news I'm hearing about Elisa's silverstone what she's doing now. Well. We've all been in quarantine involved in lockdown. We've all had to find things to do. But at least it's silverstone reveals while he's spending time in the coronavirus lockdown with her son, who by the way is named? BARABOO! Like. Name. But. Their bill is nine years old. And it's the son of Alicia Silverstone and nine years old. She goes out in a news report to the new. York Times says yeah, no me and my nine year old son. We take baths together. Conserve water. Water is a problem now. WHO. Do not take bath with nine year old tout Elisa's silly assuming that like in the buff I mean she probably wearing a swimsuit or something. Let's see. See went onto reveal. All says. Say. I'm still looking at computer screens and not sure for on the air, not air and I. said in the, but I'm looking forward to bear the week I. I don't know where this. Man, this kid is going to grow up to be the most weirdest serial killer we've ever had I'm sorry like a nine year old boy digging with his mom in the buff in love. I said that that makes it. That makes it different. Right because I hear you say nine year old in the data. That is wrong even. Even with a bathing suit. Yes, yes, and I also now the thought of somebody walking on you, Angel, you're nude and you immediately going. To that a high pitch. The mob can out. It's. Your proclamation is that that's wrong. I'm just done with Lisa, Silverstone's sorry girl. Now. You need a new crush. Time though, do you too many the? Being being a, you just wanted to time. Another personal injury because you had three. Power. We asked You for one crushing named fifteen guys. Up saying. Like, oh. Mom now even that. Saying Weird Things I do not like this and I don't know, but you're right. I gotta find a new one, so that's proclamation, and so shall right. You're listening to the morning. Show. We start whereas bad. Don't round Dope Brand Guy. My board kicking. A Lot. Lackey go. Like. Holler. Board. Bay. Wong. Of. Pantheon. Own. Atmosphere. Beer. Beer beer beer, beer, beer beer beer beer. Lineup Yeah Man What a day! What a week! What a week! What a day, but we've made it to be the week ago those your Beer Ryan. So. This is how we celebrate the week. Nowadays, everyone's got their beverages. There at Russell's home studio I got my be that I'm going to share with you guys and you absolutely. If you get a chance, have to go out and grab yourself this beer. I was brought to you by circle. K. and their beer cave. Find Your Favorite Beers. Your local circle k beer cave, and later on after this will take. Somebody's calling. You could possibly get a fifty dollars gift card. Fifty Dollars Gift Card that's. Four, zero, seven, nine, one, six, one, zero, four one, and we'll take a couple calls and the best one. We'll get fifty dollars circle K for the circle k. beer the week now. This is one of those beers that I've I've never had this beer or beer from this brewery. This is absolutely fascinating. The brewery is called Ouzo pinch craft brewery and they're out of Fort. Monroe Virginia so shat out the foreman. Virginia and Ouzo Pinch Craft Brewery. What I am Boutet? SIP on today it's called sugar sugar. A this is a copy cake imperial pastry stout coming in at nine point five percent. Sugar sugar copy. As a tasty start. It's a big boozy delight features hand ground copy from bad ass copy company Virginia Beach Staple, and it also has flavors of what we got is basically it's we vanilla. The imperial stout part of it Cinnamon Cranston Min pin a cello sugar and rummy Brown, so will practice up in here real quick. Nine point five. We're just GONNA slip a little bit of this one. That I'm having a delicious a blue light. You can't break yet. You gotta wait till he cheers. Nice I'm saying my beer. Is a by the end has booth as I. Get ready to take ourselves. We hold glasses in the air. And in the great words of Martin Luther King, junior commit yourself to the noble struggle for human rights. You'll make a great person of yourself a greater nation for your country and a final world to live in cheers, cheers! Now. Wow. You. Get goosebumps from that yeah. Shotgun that one. Oh, this is definitely a desert type of stout beer. Yeah it's a copy cake and pastry stout, nine point five sugar sugar. Sugar Sugar. Honey honey. That's impressive. That is absolutely oppressive again. You Save Them. I only got one care. Ob From A craft brewery at four Monroe Virginia. If you're familiar with them and their products, let them know that we love it here and the monsters and that's a beer of the week. Very, nice all right. We'll take phone calls in GONNA. Get Dollars to to circle K, thank you for doing this. We do appreciate all you've gotta be kidding me why phones don't work. Hall, pose, don't work. Well saw. There there. I can't bring them up on the board. To him on. What I'm just going to rattle off the names and you guys get to pick somebody. WHO's the first one that called the first person that called it? Don't hang up. They heard you didn't have the phone. And Brian. Hung Up, so that goes to these are the people that are online right now got matt. Tanya pick up the. Phone and talk to Matt. Say Man. What were you gonNA talk about. Yulia. Translate. What were you GonNa? Talk About Buddy. You can tell us see. The other end but Talking part for the microphone. No I saved I saved her because I put the point up to the microphone and completely messed up so matt. Matt Matt was GonNa talk about how awesome the monsters are, and how much. Say thanks. Winter Winter. Fifty dollars beer didn't. Win I looked. We can make it through you know. This is all not rocket. We can make. It. Tonight. It's what the Hell's angel listening to from ten til midnight right here radio one point. Do you have the theme tonight? Enjoy just There's GONNA be a couple teams I definitely. GonNa Lean on some tracks from run the jewels rather I'm dropping music in that fame, some public enemy and then. And also just like maybe something just to. Ease tensions. Kind of you know that's a good idea. That sounds good. And of course, after Fred's, which is tonight on Real Radio One zero four point one. And Angelique what you got going on this weekend. How did you know if you've got that commercial? You went last week. No, they film tomorrow zone. Fertilizer Commercial. New and that's out play that behind her. Out. Her singing! I I thought it was Debbie Gibson. I didn't know that was her. It was channeling my inner angel. My Dj Angel You got to here Angel gotta here. Can you play that on what the Hell? The Fertilizer Song. Fertilizer Song so otherwise follow me on Instagram Angelique Dancer, and then on top tick, Tock. Angelique the dancing queen all right. How about you? Ryan homes allemand? It makes me go to monster DOT COM to see. An rush you are signing up for monster. rewind right I. Want to hear that kiss interview, but I wanNA give it to me. You know I I'll tell you what I'll give you a special triple our price. Triple practice. MONSTER DOT COM and new episode goes up today as well there. You have it and you know everyone. Be Safe this weekend. If you go to protest baked peaceful peaceful protests, I think is awesome. We had the Hashtag today Hashtag. We hear you if you can share that I think. It's awesome. A The gym for coming up with it and I think that's pretty pretty cool. state. Junkie right after the Mazar. It's the Jim Colbert Sean three o'clock. We're back next Monday through our bang how to save. We can be good, alright right Ryan. Age Angelique and the leader, this mess of married men and Lady Russ whole lot of. Bryce we're in the Buffalo. Who? Thank you so much. Oh. We're GONNA get. Out of here go home. World. GotTa do. A, mother stop feeding fear anger everyday stopped. Making people feel so fearful. Give them. Real radio. One four point one.

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