Caught Offside: The new Newcastle


The off side J. Detainees yes portal upside in Westchester Portman in Brooklyn Andrews. Gun Ling Jay. Jay what's up brother? Oh Am I glad to hear? Your Voice Andrew. I just spent an hour and a half in the presence of Brendan Rodgers so the Oxford Union. Which is the debating society at Oxford University? They have you know interesting guests from many different spheres comedy politics. If I'd Conan O'Brien on they've had Steve Bannon on Dave had all sorts of different people from varying shades of life and they had tremendous character and they posted it. Obviously it was. Don't a few months ago before the current pandemic and it was terrible. It was just awful but I I was just looking for Anne Nugget from it to take into the podcast. I got nothing so I'm just I'm just happy to hear Your Voice. Unexcited about this podcast. We got a lot going on so ninety minutes that you'll never have back and now into ninety minutes that our listeners will never have back should just be glorious. We have a lot though that we are going to discuss We kinda like dipped our toe in the water of the Newcastle takeover situation. Last week. Today we're going to dive in full cannonball. Kristen handed who we've had on before to talk about Newcastle Matters. He's a football writer for longtime Newcastle supporter. We're going to talk with him. This is our first foray. Jj since we've started this new technology into having guests on. I can't wait for everything to go wrong. And this podcast probably never see the light of day. People are so loving. Are Low tech efforts These these past few weeks also. Some people need to start listening. I posted that it was Kaz birthday. He turned thirty today on a bunch of people like to Pete. Well I say a bunch of people to people who I got angry at. It's only two people amongst thousands but two of them go. Oh you should talk about what went wrong at Real Madrid. We need to podcast a goal at sad you kick saying what a low tech operation this is like. It's not as two tin cans like on a on a line of string like this is actually a pretty impressive technology. If you ask me that neither of us are in studio and yet we're still able to record and post a podcast. I think some of the technology a little short to be honest. Yeah I mean when we can have the better Russian opera each week right bringing us into Belorussian football. That's amazing we've got a big mail bag. You sent me the questions ahead of time and there are some that I really like. There's another one that I wanted to add. But we'll get to that red cards and man of the match make their triumphant return. I Love My red card Although some of the steam was taken away from it by Tony Cascarino. I'll explain why when we get to that towns on the podcast But let's start the show. Jay Now there was actually before even get into our initial topics. There were two things that I wanted to mention straight out of the gate the first one being props to NBC S. N. Over the weekends they've been showing some EPL classics and like it's been the kind of stuff that like. I'd gone through and I've seen that a game is on and I'm like okay. I'll fold laundry while while I put this on his kind of background noise and I know all the results I remember these games like the back of my hand and yet like whatever I'm doing I stopped and I'm sucked back in. And this past weekend. They had on what our favorite John Champion Games the Manchester United Leicester City game with the incredible king. Power roar that we used to just have a drop of the roar from Jamie Vardi scored in Leicester City's comeback over man united. And then. I couldn't believe this but after that was the famous Liverpool Crystal Palace match the The three three and my stunned amazement so I watched the whole thing and then I go on twitter afterwards and you basically live tweeting it from the show account. I gotta say I admire you for doing it and if I were a Liverpool fan that is one of those games that I I raise the tape. I Never Watch again. I try to delete it from my memory. I can't believe you sat through it again. Remember Andrew that was the early days of our podcast in two thousand fifteen and I think. One of the best early podcast. We did because a lot of them were questionable but the best early podcast we did was when I told you about my watching my viewing experience of that game. Do you remember no while I'll give you the quick story a buyer and Bay Ridge which has since closed and I'm on my own I. I'm going to order lunch and I'm going to watch the Game I've accepted. We're not winning the league because we just lost on the Sunday against the way you said that last week I don't believe you. I believe that is a defense mechanism that you employ but the news not sided sided. It was not decided but it required Man City to slip up and I didn't slip up and I was right. There wasn't one but anyway so I'm in this bar and I'm watching this game and there was a friendly chap who. I didn't know at the time who turned out to be our friend. Tom Fits at the end of the bar. And I'm just eating my chips or whatever I'm doing and the whole game happens and right at the end Louis. Wars is so desolate so absolutely devastated by what's happened. He pulls his Jersey over his head and he starts crying and Stephen. Jared comes to console him and blocks away the camera and behind me. I hear this guy he goes in all I can. Here's the voice man ups Juarez. So I hear it the first time and I'm like just ignore just ignore. You're a bigger person your your early thirties. Jj Now mid thirties. Jj Don't react. Then he says it again as the camera and by the way NBC skysports. Whoever was covering that game had defeat. They didn't talk. They cut the commentary. There was no blathering from. The studio was no are low white. There was nothing. The camera jaw followed Girardin Suarez and and being the images as they were own filtered and I hear the voice again man up Suarez and I'm like okay cheeses. If he says this one more time on unsworn still crying and he's walking off. Jared is guiding him. He can't see his Jersey's over his head he's done he's emotionally spent and I hear it again man ups Juarez and I turn around. I said we you ever shut up. Willia- I said if you expended the energy that this guy has the absolute emotional moment. He's in right nine. What are you talking about? Why don't you shut up now? That's never ways in any bar to do anything like that and afterwards I did apologize. I said I'm sorry for freaking out at you. Just just get all got to me. And he goes no no no. It's fine it's fine fine but Yeah that was the incident. Yeah it's funny to going back and watching. That game I know is a different time. Players are younger. Players aren't yet who they are now but like I'm watching it and you just see you. You almost forget like Oh yeah. That's right. Where he sterling. Oh Yeah Trifu Patino Suarez. Sturridge like actually being a great goal you look at that. Liverpool team and your and you know Gerard still at the end of his prime. You're Kinda like boy. I do wonder if they kind of let one get away that maybe they they were good enough to have got all my God. They absolutely did. But then you look at the defendant. You look a Mama Taco you look at Martin scarf and you look at Mineola. And you're thinking Howard these bozos top league that's the other side to it. Yeah game but Andrew. That game was a stroll for sixty minutes. I come on this podcast. I can't do this. I'm just wondering if people WANNA tweet US during the week. What is 'cause I'm saying that that's the game almost more than any other for JJ that? I can't believe like to me. That's won't you delete? I'd like to hear from other people. The teams that they support the game that they just refuse to ever watch again obviously for me any USA fan say the Trinidad game like that was instant. Delete on your dvr. I'm trying to think. From Spurs some of Tottenham Arsenal Games. The what was it. The five to Tottenham were up to Nilo against Arsenal storm back and scored five straight. That one was about to lead the battle at the bridge towards the end of the fifteen sixty absolute absolute delete no question so I'd be curious. Seo Soccer Pod people tell us your team and the game that you could absolutely never watch again One other thing too. I just want to right out of the gate quickly not going to dwell on it but I do want to thank everybody. I could not believe the reaction I got from people from what I talked about last week. About kind of the struggle is a harsh word. Because I love my kids and they've been so great during this but just having multiple young children during this quarantine. I talked about how it's been difficult and I I don't know I wasn't even really expecting a ton off of it and Jayjay. It's it's probably more reaction that I have personally gotten to anything I've said since we've been doing this podcast people who wanted to just event and until you have a child until you have a child you do not understand it really is the ultimate version of that but there were there. Were clearly a lot of people that that resonated with who I think needed to just hear that they're not alone in this and so but and by the way you then responding to me the way all of you guys did give me that same feeling of okay good. It's not just me like so. Thank you to all of you. I can't even go through name by name but like tons of reaction was really really nice and just everybody hanging there. We will get through it. That's all I'm going to say about it. Okay all right here. We go along those lines in this corona virus world that we are living in. Jj I would say I'm scrolling through various stories. Yesterday thing okay. What ARE WE GONNA? Kinda talk about that sort of like the struggle each week even though we then find a way to effortlessly dude sixty minutes ninety minutes. But I'm sure through again and I was like okay. They're just like as long as there's not another negative Tottenham story then like the podcast will be fine and then right straight away. Steering me in the face is another negative tottenham story that surgery and Mussa Soco half had been forced to apologize for training together this on the heels of US talking. What was the last week or two weeks ago? About Joe's in radio hope holding an open training session in the middle of a public park This this and that of course on the heels of Daniel Levy stopping at Tottenham stopping to pay certain staff members although they have since changed their mind on that and said it was the wrong decision. But whatever your initial choice was the wrong one. It's just a candidate. It feels like this whole season has been one misstep after another like this is just. When is this going to end and with with the story in particular it's frustrating to me? Not from a Tottenham standpoint but from a human being stamp. Why because you've got people right now? In America in England Spain Italy wherever you've got people of far less means in far smaller homes. In far worse circumstances who are following the rules but like these guys orientates a soco like they're making crazy money still even with whatever pay-cut they do wind up taking. They're making crazy money they live in mansions and it's like they're the ones who can't follow the rules but like everybody else who's struggling to get by like there. Were all doing it. But you guys can't that from a human standpoint it drives me nuts. It's absolutely crazy Here in Ireland are here in Ireland in Ireland. I read a report today. That Saint Patrick's athletic have laid off and there are primarily team in in our daily off all their staff. Older playing staff groundstaff. Everybody just to keep the club going and you see the sacrifices they've made on all you're asking for these. Two boys is to stay in but Andrew I I hate to do this. Tottenham have being sold in act in terms of PR and the way they've managed like you said this entire season but particularly the last month to six weeks that me and you are leaving out stories about them. How did we not mention this one which was broken by Matt Law in the Telegraph? Just a few weeks back. Daniel Levy has given consideration to put in to putting Tottenham Hotspur ground staff who have not been furloughed to work at his private herefordshire days. During the corona virus crisis taught them insist that chairman Levy would pay? Any staffer uses privately himself rather than work through their spurs salary as the club to keep employees in work. I mean. Do you know how that sounds. That sounds like Dickensian. I will take some workers from the MU. I'm they show is right. What is this? It's incredible Tottenham cannot get out of their own way and we're still forgetting stories. I just remembered the other one when this before. This had really begun when it was when Corona virus was starting to become a thing. But we weren't quite sure yet. Just how serious remember the video the daily Alley posted in an airport that he had to apologize for? I mean it's what are they doing? Can somebody take control here and tell these guys to just start behaving properly? Who who is leading this group media relations and PR companies in years to come wolf. Study this as an example of how not to act in a pandemic like it's incredible now me and you have consistently said this that often in preseason what do we see trips away so so midseason trips away if you're out of the danger zone for players summertime danger zone for players a lot of players because of the cost of the Dan and quiet lives that they've led you know they've never really been in society. They have never really learned from mistakes. Especially the modern footer. It seems you've often said this. I've often said this. You can't leave them to their own devices. Are you're just going to end up with these incidents. You're right now. Look I do want to say. It's not entirely fair to paint every member of the team. Would this brush I follow. All these guys Tottenham players on twitter and the Tottenham official account and there's also been a lot of good stuff that they've done I know Harry Kane and Jordan Henderson were both instrumental in all the captains coming together to donate money So like but I don't know they. These stories about them in particular seem to be finding their way into the mainstream with a with a frequency. That is a little too great for my or I would think any Tottenham fans liking so and sadly enough. I will have one more one more story. That doesn't exactly paint them in the most negative light. So we we've taught them find as a co host and we are hemorrhaging Tottenham listeners. Right now let's move on Let's move on so this is now getting to the moment. I think that a lot of us have in one way or another been expecting slash dreading the Dutch air. Dvd's announced yesterday on on Tuesday that the league will likely not continue after. The government extended a ban on major events in the Netherlands until September. First now so it's not done quite yet but it's it's likely that the league will not continue and the season we'll just simply end as is with by the way a tie right now at the top of the table in that lead. I saw that news and it made me start to wonder like I have said throughout that to me. The only option is the one where the season is abandoned. The the only option that I don't approve of is the one where the season is just suddenly abandoned I wonder if other leagues have been waiting for the first domino to fall like if there are other leagues that are just didn't want to be the first one to do this and had been waiting for somebody else to open the floodgates and now potentially the Dutch League has and I wonder if we will start to see other leagues making the same decision. Because they're not willing to necessarily compromise future seasons in. I I hear what you're saying Andrew But am I decided I'd go onto some Dutch news websites today and out. Is there any particular reason why the devil may just have to not continue and I went to an EU dot Annella? Which is one of the leading online Dutch websites on. Its there appears to be a key. Difference in Dutch law so playing matches without an audience does not seem to be an option before the first is September raids This article on annual dot. Nfl because unlike in Germany for example those Jews matches they count as events. So it's not in Germany. It appears to be the case that they're looking to play without crowds and they will be able to find a legal way forward to do that in Holland. Even the gathering of players is an event. So that's the problem there straightaway and it actually makes sense. And it's something that I was on kicker today on the Germans have they recalibrated their expectations to the DFL was still fighting for an amicable amicable solution with the media. Partners of the League on the plan payment of the outstanding television money to thirty six professional clubs in early May according to kick a research disown has not yet agreed to pay the fourth and final installment for the season. It is unlikely that the League will start again on. May Ninth. The Prime Minister's Armand Lash et on Marcus Odor. Spoke in favor of this appointment on Monday. Evening thus declaring the top top priority soda however restricted on. Shoes did that. His green light was tied to an okay by the Robert Koch Institute and Federal Minister of Health Chen Span. The article goes on to say it's more likely to be the end of May the German football will reconvene but it all depends on what the health minister on the health? Experts are saying and the likelihood is Andrew that two teams true squads with all that entails will still be really problematic to bring together as bodies of people. Yeah I mean look. It's probably a larger group of people than what we give credit for like. Let's say so. How many people bare minimum do you think it would take for a game to be played bare minimum right if you talk about the teams the staff and whatever television personnel are on hand bare minimum? You think we're talking. I mean if it's doing to adults including one hundred but including stewards Andrew including groundstaff including essential people. It's going to be two hundred okay. So then that isn't event because weddings of one hundred. Fifty or two hundred people are being canceled. You know so like even though it looks like it's not because you're going to have fifty thousand seats empty if there is still two hundred people there that's like that is every bit. The event that other events are that have been forced to be canceled. So I guess that's the main reason that the dodge of of moved in this way they recognized the gathering of two teams and two staff until crews or whatever is going to be there as an event and so they're just. They're looking like they're going to have to can't yeah and then additional news today that By the way I should have said before that I Accident Alkmaar. That are right now tied on points atop table. I xe ahead on goal difference so like now. I haven't seen the details as of yet as to if the tape if if I actually actually be crowned champions because of that or if it's going to be just a total abandonment as if the season never happened I don't think either I don't think so either. And because like I said it's not official yet but that president will be interesting as well to see what they decide in terms of how that's going to be handled and then additional news today that you wafers hope is for domestic leagues to be completed by July thirty first and then the month of would essentially be devoted solely to completing the European competitions of the Champions League and the rope elite I'll say this on paper. That sounds Nice. It also sounds very optimistic to me. Extremely Optimistic Andrew. And I think if you're listening to the experts as I know you are because I know you listen to the daily from the New York Times and there was a rather how shall we put it somber knowles on Mondays daily if people listen to it where they had the New York Times epidemic and pandemic experts Been writing about pandemics for years and years on it. I I mean again it. It even ties into what we said last week in the excuse me. Sports illustrated article. I'm not so sure we're going to see sports in the way we think we are as soon as people are. Projecting are hoping for so obviously different countries are going to have different guidelines different expectations but for whatever whatever prominence you place in voice like Bob. Costas I mean. I've heard him say multiple times this week. That at least here in the United States his belief that we will not have team sports in the year. Twenty twenty which is just depressing to hear on top of all the other depressing news. That is out there right now. That is just such a kick to the Groin as somebody. Who who's we make a living out of this and we love sports. It's you know it's more than just a hobby for us. It's kind of become like our livelihood so it's such a sad thought to think that this year is going to go by And really the only champion. That's going to be crowned will have been super bowl champion and everything else will just sort of recede into the attic of history I do like the idea. I think it is kind of a cool thought to have domestic leagues done. And then just have this like European competition just all thrown at you all at once. I think like it'll kind of if it does work out. It could add. Sort of like a hyper level to what is already a a pretty intense competition so I think that will be fun to see. The Games just played on top of one another. I think Andrew Whatever guys sports comeback. It's going to be hyper real to all of us. It's going to take. It's going to hit our senses in a way that nothing has before and You know most of the tweets. I see from people now who are resigned to a long term absence much longer than six weeks which we've experienced so far seven weeks They're talking about how it's going to take his toe. It's going to feel how real it's GonNa be the House sports back. Yeah One thing I wanted to ask you about so obviously whatever these events are when they do come back. I think it's everybody's expectation. Come back and empty stadiums. Yes just like. I think we've all accepted. When would you when we'd like you? Jj feel comfortable. Going to a sporting event again. I don't know Andrew I would say I mean again I am totally and solely listening to Listen to what the experts are saying but conscious of how this thing is communicable. I feel like January or February. I mean it's an arbitrary time to put put on but with the way it's being projected in the necessarily mean that you have to give me a date I just mean like when let's say when we have the algae goes on television and says it's my belief that it's okay for crowds to resume attending sporting events. Would that in itself be enough for you to say okay? I'm good now or would you even take your own buffer for the next six months after that a year Ivan ought to respect for for the imminent doctor? It will be vaccine. Okay you know because I think you will not go to a sporting event until you've had a vaccine for this until there is one. Yeah now I believe I believe. I've had covert nineteen and I still don't know and no one can clarify for me one hundred percent whether or not I have antibodies And that I am immune permanently. I don't even know that. So I I'm I'm scared to be around anybody right now and that's just a that's just the head space. I'm in yeah you're not alone and I think that you are in the majority of people in terms of not wanting to attend a crowded big event until there's a vaccine. I really think that that's like curious. What gains will look like if the go ahead is given by governments by sports governing bodies whoever for crowds to resume attending sporting events? I really do wonder what those crowds will look like. If we're talking half full a quarter full. I don't know that's who the hell knows. I don't know about anything I don't know all I know is Andrew. I'm glad I didn't drop one hundred dollars on deaf tones tickets for July. Why was that a deaf tones? Were coming to New York. They rarely play on the east coast. What they weren't GonNa Refund your tickets. I don't know I've heard a lot of people I'm not speaking about. The deaf tones are their management or anything. But I've heard a lot of unconscionable I presume they would well not if even if not a refund. I'm sure they would. They reschedule their tour. And then you would have tickets to the next New York show right. I mean I can't believe they would just take your money if that's if that's the bandit you're supporting. I. I don't want you listening to their music anymore and I'll take your take your advice on music their stor. I take that as an unbelievable compliment. As we wait for handed you will be joining us any second now to talk about Newcastle. Jj catch people up to speed. If anybody didn't listen to that last week it looks like Newcastle is now in the final phases of a takeover which is kind of been headed up by Amanda Stapley. Who has been at the forefront of this really for a number of years now since Mike Ashley I put the team up for sale She is sort of acting almost as a front woman for a Saudi. Arabian consortium which is essentially the the face of which is the crown prince right. It's the and the consortium funds are the public investment of Saudi Arabia. This is a a state run state-sanctioned Project. Yes and it looks now like we're heading into the final phases here where it seems like what has been conjecture over the better part of the last two and a half years or so. It looks like this is actually now going to happen But it's not without some protests from fairly prominent organizations. Amnesty International has protested. This and believes that it should not go through because of Saudi Arabian human rights violations. And then be in sport. The television network has protested this end. They've made it clear in their protests that it's not necessarily because of the reasons that Amnesty International are protesting. I think they want to make sure they wanna make clear that like they're not jumping onto a cause that is not necessarily their own. No because because it's it's an issue I mean again it's A. It's an issue of that region being played out now in in the media at the moment In in England which is incredible. Yeah because being sport is essentially saying that Saudi Arabia has been pirating their EP L. Feeds to play that country in fact being sport has the rights and Saudi Arabia has been giving it to a different t organization Ambien sport is contending. That it's doing so illegally also I Abu Dhabi and the potential owners of the United Saudi. Saudi Arabians are politically tied in that region and they would not be on good terms with the Qatari on sports there exists. It's a mess. I'll tell you who I'm worried about. Andy Gray and Richard Keys. I don't want them getting tied up. Well tell you what. Let's go now to Kristen Hedge Back on the show has been on with us before football rider Newcastle supporter. And he's here to shed a little bit more light on what is going on with this club right now. Kristen what's Are you? I'M NOT BAD. Thanks. How are you we're hanging in? How is this all been for you? Are you healthy are you? Generally of sound mind. Yeah you know I think. A pandemic is a wonderful time to bone up on Middle Eastern politics and and how that plays out in the realm of professional football. So it's it's I've had all the time in the world to learn about this which is wonderful. Yeah now Kristin you haven't yet Ghana's fire as to have the Kingdom of Saudi flag put onto your Avatar on twitter like other Newcastle United Fans I. I'm curious it's probably good. Starting point you I did. Not I knew from the northeast. They did not realize that you were a Geordie. I realize you're Newcastle United. Finding probably when you were working in England for the Guardian and all those vacations it good not for people to know that. But as we sit here right. Now how conflicted are you? How how is the Newcastle United Fan? And Kristen Feeling Oh I think more conflicted than ever It's impossible not to be his as I look through the Lens of Support A. I've wanted Mike actually going from the full close for years but the consequence of that happening is this replacement. That just doesn't sit well with me. A CON icon. Be Aware of the situation in the Middle East read. I've read about the Saudi Arabian regime. And then say yes. This is completely fine. It's it's not for me to be concerned about. I think I just couldn't wrestle that with my own principles and I feel like I stand for as a person. Kristen Sorry Andrew. Just a good across you. Just open that esther. Because I don't want to paint all new Catholic fans with the same brush and twitter's of broader of broader society all the time. At least I hope not do you know is there. A groundswell are are a co-ed a coming together of opposition amongst Newcastle fans to this. I think it's it's a sliding scale I think is perhaps a good way to put it because you right. Football fans as as a group are not this margin a slob have one identity one idea in the same way. I think you can say that about the media that the people covering this do not have the same opinion about the entire situation. It's degrees of gray and I think for the majority. Yeah the this is something that doesn't sit well with them but I also think there's a slightly nihilistic tone to it in terms of what we couldn't do anything when Mike Ashely owns this club. We couldn't get him out. We call really control a great deal of what's about to happen anyway so yet we could protest. We could do whatever you feel is is valid response to the situation. But would it change anything? Would it all just spe- facade a show of of trying to to reflect something that maybe we don't actually even feel that passionate about as a support of? Yeah. I'm kind of curious for Newcastle. Supporter is for whatever happiness that do and supporters are feeling that based around the idea of. Oh my God. We're about to become the next Manchester City. We've won the lottery or is it just more out of this pure hatred that the supporters and the fan base of developed towards this current owner. I don't even think it's grandiose is wanting to be the next month. I think the the people are Gung Ho behind this a gun. Ho behind because for over a decade. They've wanted to feel like football club consistently looks for the best option. I know what's the mediocre option? It's a lot of striving towards the middle at best and I think for the end. It's very difficult because there are political elements to this not just in the Middle East but I think back at home as well in terms of when I look at this through the lens of a supporter and talk to people back home and things. I don't agree with this to be very clear. I'm not a fine if it doesn't sit right with me. I also look at people back home. Who have been told that this group will come in. They will potentially invest heavily in the football club. the League to an ambitious point where we sold them with soup. Bobby Robson Lights Bobby Robson. And then also they'll invest in the local economy that invested in the city which to be honest the current branch of them haven't done to a great deal for a long time. So there are absolutely socioeconomic factors tied to this that make it so intoxicating principle is to the point where yet a lot of them. Don't want to stand up and say this is a disgrace. Is I think we all agree? The point that I'm GonNa Steal the lesser rather that honesty. Put out that's that's very much in and out. It's a concern but I think where those people come from who who are not as passionate about that aspect of this football club. Newcastle is not the first horse through the gate here. There's been a number of them now for me personally. That doesn't my principles. Don't change facing what everyone else does. It's through hell. I reflect on it so I think that's what makes it so complicated it is. It's a lot of people looking to give this bowl of responsibility to person. Did support as or who. I haven't seen a ton of criticism from Mike Ashley personally. And he's the one that signed off on this and he's the one that signed often having said I'll sell it to the right person in the calmness now to me. I don't know if that's the right person selling it depends what he's criteria for that as I wanted to ask you. Christie mentioned the Amnesty International the letter from them There was a protest right before you came on Jay talking a little bit about being sports And they're protest. This happening as well is there. Are We essentially at a point now where this is happening no matter what or is there any concern for those? Who are a part of this? Deal that Amnesty International Sport that these protests could actually hold this thing up from happening. Yeah you don't WanNa be the guy who says it's definitely gonNA happen. Then it falls on this thing is with the with the aspect from what I read. This is not a lawyer who has watched. A lot of people's court is for this to be an issue. It would have to involve a conviction which I don't believe the Saudi Arabian who has had as yet the French court said yet. We can agree that the lights were being used for after that. We're taught release signed off anything else. If the conviction that would be a bit different. I think The very fine line and I think you even saw that in the English So just tonight. As everything was dropping tomorrow that the primarily solve intimate through briefing journalists such they were a little bit queasy about this potential deal but they also can't necessarily block it because it could sprout up a massive legal by the Saudi Arabians. All Mike Ashley says you know. This isn't fair now. That in itself is a giant kind of one sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter that that is another situation that solve impacting. This and why I think if I was to put my own reputation I think it will go through firstly kristen Before we look forward to what what the new new castle Super Newcastle will look like. Can we reflect? Who'S BEEN SUPER NEW CASH? And now that you're in Brooklyn new free safe to say that there's no there's not money under the fans around there are actually maybe there is because the recent documentary but before we look at that can we reflected a bit on. Mike Ashley's ownership because I was reading a piece. Today and it it kind of took me aback. He's been out the KKOB thirteen years now. how would you characterize those thirteen years if I think there's a piece in the athletic that really went in depth on this and yet at the same time it produced this little microcosm that's perfect. Which is if it took too much of. Mike's time and he felt like it wasn't going to make him money. He wasn't interested in the football club dot so dereliction that absent landlord is a pretty decent microcosm for years because yet he's bought Joe Linson. He spent a lot the year they went down in two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen but that feast has always come after a pre significant famine with him. It's always been a counterbalance to what you hadn't done the previous season. I think for him. It's someone that made a very. Bold decision didn't negotiate with John Hall when it came to buy in the club and then really regretted it from the moment started at Infinitum as long as he was at the club. And it's just never was meant to own a football club. I think it's as simple as that. He's he's a fascinating figure to me in this Mike Ashley because he is a supporter of the club. What happens to him now? Can he no longer show his face in that stadium? I you know it's funny. The idea of him as a supporter. I've heard so many different stories about he's a Tottenham findings at Chelsea Finds Casa. I don't even know if he likes football much personally. It's not something I've ever discussed with him for obvious reasons but I just think he will won't rid of this. How his sport shops in the city centre impacted? There's one on North Street. Which is the main street. Dot will be an interesting case. Study to just how much disdain. That was for him. Because there was talk of boycotts for the shops in protesting the shops and all that kind of stuff which I think happens a varying degrees with a lasting impact. That'll probably give you a great metric on on. How much disdain has really built for him over these years? Kristin you may not be able to answer this. But it's it's a theory. I've been thinking about shortly. His motivation to celebrate now is exactly as you said the retail. The high street shops have been his. He does not know when this will end and getting rid of Newcastle. Now is a prime time for him. Oh absolutely I I. When the story of studly came back again I have to be honest. I had no inside knowledge but I was very skeptical and said as more than I don't think this is going to happen. I said the only way I think it will happen. As if they tumbled down the divisions or they lose significant value now the corona virus is something that people could have predicted to the scale. It is now but it's absolutely impacted the High Street and you can see that in the way that he's desperately tried to keep those stores open because they deemed essential in his eyes because they sell exercise equipment. Now the there's there's a shade of that to me that really gives you a window into just how greedy he is. I think is a businessman. House of mindlessly driven. He is towards profit but at the same time it also shows us a little bit concerned about the situation that he's in the fact that a lot of businesses are struggling because he is very rooted in the High Street and he said that's a full that I can't go and compete because my money is like wallpaper. It's not liquid cash that could you throw it plans? So if that's true if I take him on face value for that then he's definitely struggling at the minute and a three hundred pound cash injection right now no questions asked no over stagnated payments just as he sits there right now and then. That's that he's GonNa get. I think even if you do it in twelve eighteen months I think a lot of people were off by that price to be very honest with you. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up because I wanted to ask about that. None of us. Sitting here are economists. But the Premier League is the richest league in the world. New Castle whatever struggles. They've gone through in this current generation. They are still in their own way. A brand I mean. They are a renowned brand around the world. That people are familiar with I saw that price. And I thought that's it that I'm wondering if Newcastle fans felt the same way. No I don't I don't think they date and I think your your rationale for how you came to. That conclusion is absolutely fair. I think what they would say's go look at our training ground. It looks a lot like a social club a dive bar if you will for for our American friends. The stadium needs upgrading. The the infrastructure support has not been there this. This club has not really been run after premier league level. You've seen the likes of holders Field Bulma Southampton Swansea all get ahead of them in terms of infrastructure and what surrounds the actual on field action at a pre concerning right and Lee Charnley the the managing director who will potentially leave if they go through said that wants no player had turn you down because they didn't like the look of the training ground and again it's sort of a little? That's not really the point that the point is that you're supposed to give these guys at the best platform to succeed and so the sort of specter if you will is my Kashi Legacy and why. This price was so difficult to reach. Is that you've probably seen crowd chambers. You may even seen it on the Sunday until I die documentary. Newcastle used paddling pools device for longtime quite literally like a very sort of amateur soccer club clubhouse type scenario and you thought this is primarily football team. That's a French. International stood in the paddling pool. A very surreal Dickensian almost best times worse times when they finish fifth on starts the infrastructure. Supporting that same. Let's be fair though. Sunderland didn't even use their crow chamber. It was It was what's his name. Martin van that Chief Executive a final one for me at Kristen on on just on a new castle right now because we're obviously waiting to see what happens and you put your head in the block and said this. Will this go ahead? The focus on like the premier league's responsibility. And Steve Cochran is Newcastle fine. And he's also the Amnesty International Head of economic and social justice. Needed very interesting thread today. I'm one of the tweets that he he put was was this and it kind of pushes. Back on on the premier league's responsibility but the lack of premier league a human rights policy. It's fit improper person. Test is weak and the fact that TV disputes are more likely to be a barrier says a lot the primarily could do a lot worse than banning sovereign wealth funds from. Owning football clubs. Shortly this this is something that the Premier League should adopt an could solve a lot of problems. Absolutely an antipathy fan. I can almost say Franz Football League screaming the same thing because the EFL text is a similar tissue paper type scenario. Where there's been instances where you haven't shown proof of phones before going ahead with these things essentially from his. I understand the primarily. Wants just a business plan essentially. How are you going to spend this money? How you support the team. It's not really a deep dive in the character of the person it's very superficial in that regard and that is a major problem the difficulty you have now as I alluded to before is that you have let people in potentially that have breached any of the rules that you may look to implement. And so then how do you it? Because they'll say what you allow this personal you allow. And it's that's the trouble that you've got right now I think. And that's where again I think the primarily In this quest to be the greatest league in the world in inverted commas itself run away with its own energy in its own fuel to the point where it's very much accepting of money. It's not too concerned with WHO is attached to it Kristen last one from me. Jj referenced before The new new castle already. I mean this deal's not officially already. We've seen names thrown around of who could be replacing. Steve Bruce while he is still currently manager is is Michio Pocchettino right now. Connor considered to be the supporters. Joyce Wata question I mean. Yeah if you'd asked me not in January I I would have happened. In the interim I think any of the full that had been reported as interested. They would take to be honest. I think they were very much in love with Rafa. Benitez more he offered if he came back. There would be a lovely sentiment attached to that. I believe has been mentioned poetry Tino. This is where it's so easy to run away with ambitious. Unfit get everything is surrounding it and it. I think that's the frustration Funds. Which whether you think is justified annoys. Your decision is. They can't really enjoyed because they can hear the so but this isn't right. This isn't right and it's it's a fair way to look at it. Portrayed Tina would would be amazing. I think in terms of Revitalizing the first team. But Yeah I don't think he's. Harsh suggested Steve. Bruce will not out twenty kristen quickly before you go. Can you give Andrew? Who is just? I mean I know he's got two kids and he's a job producing from home. The biggest sports show in New York City but he doesn't really have that much going on. Give him a reason to get stuck into Sunderland till I die only for the Josh module and will Greek situation alone. Yes yeah that doesn't matter what you think of anything. Absolutely Rights Sell Your Star striker for one point five million and then spent three times. That on will greg op zoom off majestic and spend months telling every find. That will listen. It was the manages choice when he's on the documentary saying don't pay a penny more than what you pay just now not paying any more. I look you can't put a price on will griggs theme song all right. It's three million four hundred stuff. Hey Kristen with on the last thing on the topic of Newcastle's potential manner don't ask the Andre Edwin for his opinion because I saw he was on. Espn NFC. I think it was yesterday or two days ago. And he was like a rapid fire and answer segment and they asked him. Who's the best manager has ever played for and his answer was urine? Clinton and I wonder how how the Rafa Benitez Supporters Out. There would feel to know that the Andre Eb prefers Clinton to Benitez Holes is fickle preferences. I pick any manager that gives me. What was it half an hour in World Cups World Cup quarter-final? I'm going to take that definitely. That was his big moment. Well Hey Kristen. We're glad you're safe good to see you talk to you. I'm sure once this all becomes official. If if that is in fact the case in new castle news continues to to roll out. I'm sure we'll speak again soon. Take likewise thanks guys cheers. Kristen what a gentleman. Yeah well I feel bad too. Because he's he's only just moved to Brooklyn Right. Yeah and so like you know when you when you moved to New York City. You probably have some idea of where it is. You're going that this is you know for whatever for whatever truth you believe to be about. New York City. It's an amazing place and they're at war. There's very few places in the world that are quite like it. He's come here. It's just this this horrible time. Where you're you're literally not allowed to leave your apartment like it's just. I can't think of a worst first impression. Meanwhile he's probably paying dislike a huge rent to be able to do nothing. It's just like I'm in the city's history six weeks ago I was planning to take Kristen To my social club My my soccer clubs social clubs. That's been there since like nineteen ways. We're going to have a few beers. We're GONNA talk soccer not happening. Forget about it. It's all over. That's God there you just have to keep telling yourself there will be better days ahead. There will be better days ahead. It will not always be like this. No nobody knows when but man oh man that was fascinating though. This this mental. Like I don't want to sit here and Judge Newcastle fans who are happy in this moment. Because it's very easy for me to say that from this position but like they have their lifelong fans like they're not going to suddenly stop supporting this club. What did I say on this podcast? Just a few weeks ago. When we talked about Liverpool that a supporter should not define himself or herself based on that clubs ownership. So like I I know it smells bad. I'm sure there's elements of it. That they that they hate but what are they. What are they GONNA do? Stop supporting this team. That they've devoted emotion and money and time Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew. Nobody is asking them to do that. What people are asking them to do was to not abuse journalists who were reporting the truth. Like they've been doing. You can. Just look at Mega. Delaney's timeline ridiculous. We're asking them to think if you purport to love this club so much then you understand that. This club is a vital part of your community. And you wanted to do well then you should care. You should care about who is the guardian of that club. What their morals and ethics are. And what are they up to? And you talk about this me and you talk about bad ownership. We've seen it in American sports or poor ownership right and it might be someone. Who is the head of a chemical company are? It might be the head of someone who's Hedge Fund owner and we can go into the morality of those two professions and corporate entities. Where they are but you know there are degrees of the game. This is a autocratic. I know like for example. This is not a tough that this is not a tough. It's will not. It's not it's not a it's a tough situation Andrew. But it's tough to to ask people onto expect people to be thoughtful about. That's not all of course you're right about that. I would never. I would never dispute that but I just sit here and think like as a kid who grew up in Philadelphia who has just devoted my life to supporting the Philadelphia Eagles. I travel around the country watching them play like honestly people who know three things about me know that like I. I work for ESPN. I have a kid. I have two kids and I'm an eagles fan like if they were sold suddenly to a regime like this like I couldn't stop rooting for them. It's just it's too much a part of who I am. It's not why I got into sports in the first place. It's a fun part of my life. I don't know I feel bad for Newcastle fans that know deep down inside this is not right but they love soccer and they love their club and they love these players and they look forward to Saturdays and Sundays. I feel bad for them. That they're kind of like now thrust into having to make this decision. Yeah it's weird though when you see established slopes Manchester United and the protests over the glazer ownership and that those protests were ongoing including the formation of a break with football club during the good times before things went bad before I left. And you compare that to the way matches your city fans act about their their ownership and now the way. Newcastle fans are are acting about their perspective ownership. I Dunno like Look Amanda Stiffly. I learned this from from Kennedy's podcast. Immodesty was was the head are the different person of the of a group from the Middle East Detroit by Liverpool in two thousand and six. I remember it and that was in the middle of the Gillett and Hicks Disaster Right. I read about that and let me tell you that twenty something year old at the time was all over the idea of money coming through because guess what a lot of it's ignorance. I didn't know enough about these regimes about these countries. But now that I do. I can't turn away. You can't turn away. It's just hard. It's a tough. It's a tough situation and I'm a thoughtful person all right and I like to try to see things from all points of view mailbag before now before we even get to the mail bag There was one question you sent me the questions beforehand but there was one that was not in there that I actually wanted to mention because I thought it was interesting. I don't what was that that sent this to us. I saw it on twitter. I don't know if this this may even originally come from the men in Blazers twitter account. Don't be like that. But they the the last dance the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls documentary premiered over the weekend and it was it was phenomenal. And somebody pose the question because the second episode focused a lot on Scottie. Pippen who is the Soccer Scottie? Pippen and I think I thought of an answer that that I feel and I already know. I'm going to get crushed for this but I think I I have a thought on who I would say. Okay go ahead. Andres any ESTA that was under appreciated undervalued and under no. No no one is saying that he was under appreciated. I thought I approach the question more under appreciated by the hierarchy and Jerry Crow of but no no no. I approached that question. Not from like boy. This is captain literal man moment for you. If I've ever seen one it's not about how much money the guy was making. I approached it from who was just like the ultimate superstar sidekick and I feel like forever. Now he made any estimate truly beloved. But it's always going to be defined as Leo Messi generation at Barcelona right but I think Javy Hernandez would come into that even more than him in there too but I'm just saying like I was thinking messy messy team. I think it's an all time. Great job he's an all time great in their own right. Like pippen was named one of the top fifty. Nba players of all time a superstar. But it's always Jordan's era. I always think about everyone. I know there was the shearer. Sas But shearer dominated that conversation. I I always thought that Sutton you know. He was kind of the lesser of the two leading lights for Blackburn that year. I mean there's others other examples I think in oil Quinn. Kevin Phillips Sunderland Like Quinn. Was the setup guy for a lot of. Phillips's goals when he broke records at the stadium. And like I was thinking along those lines but those are strike partnership I also think Rio Ferdinand. We talked so much about Hariri. Ferdinand was this Rolls Royce. Centreback pneumonia village was the guy who was. I mean enough and even that vintage WANNA player of the year I don't viewed him as a at anyone sidekick I guess maybe I'm struggling to really think of people who were as undervalued by their clubs. Are you know in terms of Scottie? Pippen I've really enjoyed that documentary. By the way I loved it really to in. If they had released all ten parts on Sunday night I would have stayed up until four am I was that. Was that in on it. I stayed up till two. Am reading a David rocks pieces for vulture which analyzed both episodes straight afterwards? I go into it and you know me. I'm not a big basketball guy. Axial Soccer pod caught offside pod gene dot com caught offside. Espn on the INSTAGRAM. Follow us on all those sites and then send us your questions. Please keep them short. This we're looking for us to talk last week. About grant walls firing from sport from sports illustrated. And I thought maybe Andrew. You've seen the broad span of his career at sports illustrated. Maybe you can talk a little bit about what he meant. Yeah for soccer in the US. Well I actually. I almost feel bad that we haven't brought this up yet. I mean he came in studio with us for like an hour and a half Texted me today. Did he really. Yeah so look. I don't think I'm overstating to say that. He's he's probably the premier soccer journalists in this country and has been for some time where obviously fans of his the way this played out was was ugly and it has been for some time since the. Maven Corporation came in and took over operations at sports illustrated You know the more you read about it. Just just the worse. It feels in terms of how that places being run and I feel a little bit uncomfortable saying that because I'm not there and I can't tell you what day to day operations are like and I and I only really hearing one side of it but it just doesn't doesn't sound like a great place to be right now. I was reading something from Ben. Strauss of the Washington Post who right before grant wall got fired was had written an article about the dysfunction. That was going on at that place. And essentially you know. Employees were being paid late. And so Ben Droughts reached out to I forget the name James. Heckman is it. Who's heading up? Maven and basically said that there's concerns from your people and he said all that silly were were one hundred and fifty million dollar operation. Things are great and then a few days later they commenced their their pay cuts For employees and sort of releasing employees from their contracts. So like it just doesn't sound like morale is high over there and with respect specifically to grant wall ultimately how I feel about it. Is I feel bad about what happened to him that his name was dragged through the mud by this company because I do believe he's for my dealings with him he's a good guy and he's a tremendous reporter ultimately he'll be fine like he so entrenched in the soccer community and in the soccer world. That if that place was so dysfunctional to be this is going to be a blessing in disguise for him because he could work almost anywhere he wants. Yeah I think so. It appeared from his social media that this was heading in a in a bad direction. And he was unhappy with the ownership at sports illustrated. I just think that sports illustrated is such an iconic. Brian and such a great one delivered. Every you know every month and they're just I just love reading them and I would hit. I the thought that they've lost such such a good voice for us. Soccer in the publication. And I don't think he's replaceable. Because of his contacts and breadth of knowledge. Here's an interesting one Andrew. Another one for you. I was out at the weekend. This is me and I was biking your own mail to the mail bag segment. No no no no no no no no how dare you could across me so I was out cycling and I noticed a mural of George best on the wall of a cafe restaurant in Brooklyn Heights with a quote underneath it. I spent a lot of money on booze birds and fast cars the rest. I just squandered and it had the you know had George Best Data Barth Etcetera and it was a strange thing to see randomly in Brooklyn Heights. I posted the picture of it and I got this response. From what Toluca is there? Anything in America that even comes remotely close to his story and I thought there must be and then I thought I best ask Andrew this so a couple names come to mind. Obviously no analogy. Here is going to be a perfect analogy. You can poke holes in any of them but in terms of incredible talent meteoric rise but demons that may have undermined potentially truly glorious career more glorious even than whatever wound up being two names. Come to mind for me to quickest DOC. Gooden would be why. That's rich former pitcher for the mets and the Yankees Incredible beginning to his career. Rookie of the year looked like was GONNA take baseball by storm and Wallace still having a good career for sure Drugs Drug Addiction. Just completely undermined whatever player. He was going to become to the point. Jj I don't know if you've ever heard him tell the story. But the mets won the world series in nineteen eighty six. He missed the parade because he was basically in the midst of a drug bitch He and team couldn't find him in. He was in some kind of crack house in Queens. Yeah watched it on TV. Yeah and I've had the chance to meet him actually a couple times and he's such a sweet man and you feel bad speaking with them just knowing that these are still demons unfortunately battles to this day so that would be one another one. Maybe not quite to that extent but my personal hero. Alan Iverson is one that I sometimes thank God The there are stories about him that have almost become legendary of you know out until five. Am Six am and then playing in a playoff game and scoring thirty. Five points Hungover I mean like is. He just never was quite willing to fully detached himself. It seemed from that lifestyle while still being able to maintain what wound up being a hall of fame career. He's in the hall of fame and he's he's a legend but the way his career all kind of fell off a cliff like you. Look at Vince Carter. Who still playing Iverson. Almost the same age until out. Iverson's been out of lead long enough. He's already in the hall of fame because he was never willing to really change and changed his way of life and so you just wonder how many great years of him. He sabotaged with some of that lifestyle. So those are I would think of. Those are brilliant examples and also one key thing that they all have was that as young players based. Iverson. Who's the other one? You mentioned. Doc Doc gooden. As early in their careers they were transformative players in their sport. They were just outstanding. Those are good examples. I'm glad I went to you on this on this one. I'm going to take although I want your input because you have weird body syndrome Emmanuel Brianna. You guys may have already discussed this in a previous pod and I might have missed it. How old is too old to wear a football chartres in a public setting for context manual is forty two? And either before you answer this question there. Are you know we? We all speak English but there are moments where the English language barrier between US rears. Its head when he says football shirt does he mean what I would refer to as a Jersey or does he literally just like a t shirt. V FOOTBALL SHIRT REPLICA JERSEY. I Don T shirts T. Shirts are fine. I think here's my view in it. I think wearing the old are. The retro shirts is always timeless and is absolutely fine. No there's a little something about a paunchy forty year old dude in the brand new short of a team that looks a little bit off. And that's probably more to do with the modern shirts unforgiving fit shall we say but honestly? I don't think you should set an age limit on this. I think it's absolutely fine. But know that if you were going to wear like the really tight huma are the really type I suppose. Arsenals Jerseys under Puma were voted tigers. They got if you wear a sharp like that and you're not quite in shape and you're a little bit older. It looks a little bit different. I haven't bought a Jersey in a long time. I don't know if there was a particular age where I came to that conclusion. I think part of it is I feel a little bit weird wearing jerseys of guys who are now way younger than me. I don't know why that's like a thing in my head that I just feel kind of weird about But Yeah I don't know all for like t shirts sweatshirts but I haven't bought a Jersey in a long time from any sport. Yeah I'm still fairly regular buyer of jerseys but now I like kind of more Vincent here at your child. You're you're stuck in a phase of arrested development. It's it's sad to watch you putter around like this. Not I'm quite happy and that's absolutely true. So I guess. I'm winning Lukas. Meyer. What are the odds? That Zach Stephan goes back to city on is the nailed second-string player. Willie actually get time to play. Well I've a bit of insight on this so he was injured act. Fortuna Dusseldorf has not played since December with the Potala problem and then along came the corona virus on. I don't actually know where that trade stands was. That trade ever officially confirmed because the report was Stephan was going back to city and Claudio. Bravo was going to NYC AFC so during NYC ABC's Media for the for MLS. I actually asked Shawn Johnson the NYC dot. I asked him straight up about that report. And he wasn't phased or surprise didn't look like he was fronting he said really. I hadn't heard about that at all so I'm wondering if this was ever happening. I don't know you you would have you have more insight on that than I do. In terms of whether or not steph and we'll actually play what's does go to Man City. I mean beyond like League cops. It's hard for me to see it. I Edison is young in his own. Right Edison is twenty six right now and Stephan is twenty five so like Ed. When his Edison's Prime GonNa be over where Stephon would even get a chance? I don't other than injury to Edison. I don't I don't see it and Stephan does not seem to be as comfortable with the ball this feat as we've seen always been putting precarious positions by the US national team But he doesn't look as good with the ball at its fate Certainly as as Anderson does who's one of the best in the world when it comes to that yeah I I don't know Andrea. This is an interesting question he sent today. What's your favorite goal? You've ever seen scored in real time either live or on TV. It could be your favorite because the circumstance of the game in which the goal was scored are just because the goal was so impressive. I'd love to know your answer. Stay safe and healthy and keep the pods coming each week. Thank you Andrea. Can I give my answers? I of course. And they're both against teams. I supported so I went with the impressive impressive angle. He said they could be just because they're impressive. I would dare for Gareth. Bale's goal in the Champions League final in Kiev. I don't need to say anything more about that. I also was there for George Hadji of Barcelona Real Madrid Gal Tassara. Usa Ninety four the Maradona of the Carpathians. He hit a free kick. Andrew at Lansdowne road in Dolman from thirty five yards in a World Cup qualifier. That was just breathtaking. I will pull stop on the twitter but he just absolutely steps up thirty five yards. I'm with my dad. My Dad says he's not going to trade from here do you think he's GonNa try from here and the next thing. He just rattled it into the roof of the net. Thirty five yards. Unbelievable I also had the bail bicycle kick on my list here. I mean look in terms of what they see on. Tv Like my answer for this. He says circumstances matter. So the Landon Donovan. Goal is pretty much always going to be fine answer to that question. I don't think I've ever felt that way after any other goal other than actually you know what Lucas Morris Winning goal against Iraq. I would put into the category. You know for me personally again. Like the Delhi Alley for Crystal Palace. Goal oh I had the bail bicycle kick and I'll tell you another one. Let's bring back for a SEC. Watching was not there but watching slots on first game for the Galaxy Against L. AFC. He comes on and scores from nearly midfield. It's like is this real is an actual fingers. It's like a movie that we're watching it was. It was and then the way that game ended with him scoring the winner. It was just surreal watching that performance. Yeah no absolute and I gotTA say watchings Latin for in that game. He looked like tired. Uninterested own interested on the sideline and then he comes into the game and blasts of volley like you said from halfway incredible finally Andrew. Paul Burke sent us two questions. But I'm going to answer one. So he just started watching the original fee fulfilling for the World Cups Nineteen fifty four to twenty eight eighteen and they they are actually really funny for just some of the cultural references from the air that they were made in like. I actually own that. Dvd box set a mine. I bought a while ago so close up through two thousand six. I believe right because the ninety nine hundred sixty one is really really kind of funny because the music is so from the eighties but yes so he has a couple of questions here to issues jumped out at him. I'm going to deal with the first one. Why is gold goalkeeping so largely but not quite uniformly atrocious until somewhere in the one thousand nine hundred ninety four timeframe where too many punches perhaps not not coincidentally innumerable soft goals in bad rebounds? Maybe it was because many of them were wearing. Tam's for some reason which is a a hash. Yeah look for the same reasons that defending in the past often look brutally bad technique and goalkeeping as in Oakfield players has moved on immeasurably from then. The game has moved on and not only that like certain technology issues like the ways of the ball when wet field. The boots everything has moved on. Look at the changing goalkeeping since the back pass rule was abolished Innovation Technique and coaching of all evolving goalkeeping. To say it was atrocious. Open to the nine hundred. Ninety s acts crazy to me. In that time period you had never sought though Pat Jennings Gordon Banks Brilliant goalkeeper not to remember back in the day live lashing. Things get better in areas of sport overtime. It's just evolution and by the way just on that point before we finish. I've been watching back all games. Andrew that I thought were amazing at the time and a lot of them. Don't hold up no because of just how fast the game is right now. Compared to how slow it was back then so you know time moves on fitness technology. It's evolution baby. Yeah this is true of a lot sports not just soccer like you go back and watch them like football games from the sixties and you're like this even the same sport that have that. I'm watching now the APPS absolutely and you've got to factor in those when you're when you're you know don't criticize. The old games enjoyed them for what they were Let's see let's do this now. Red Card and no no no. We're not doing this right now. We're doing this. It's very quick. Better Russian football league update the better ocean. Football League. Update is brought to you by. Jj Bhakti Barsov drew with torpedo on Saturday. Look at their first. Defeat of the season SLUPSK remain talk with. Vito and torpedo in a congested table. They're all joint top. Game of the weekend is on Saturday. Andrew ten o'clock back they take a trip to fourth place. No row which are D- Red card. I'M GONNA go first here if you don't mind. This is kind of my wait. What story of the Week And it's not so much a direct red card is simply a story that makes me very uncomfortable. And you've known me for quite some time you would say that. I'm typically you've known me typically to be somebody who doesn't love confrontation even though there's probably listen to this podcast disagree but like in in life on you of a temper which you are never ever aggressive Manoa Monschau and you rarely rarely like get angry with someone in a confrontational setting and just like uncomfortable. Situations make me like exponentially more uncomfortable. Just watching them so you can only imagine. Jj How? I felt after reading this headline Tottenham approached Michio Pacino over potential corona virus pay-cut boy. How did that phone call go now? Here's what I'm going to say. I wrote all this and formulated this opinion before even reading anything else about this on the Internet and I did see that Tony Cascarino has this same opinion of what I'm about to say so it took a little bit of the wind out of my sails. I thought I was coming up with a original idea. Well what what's wrong with agreeing with Tony Goal? So anyway that's what they call them in France. Tony go now. You obviously remember that Pocchettino who has been asked to take. This Cup was fired along with all of his assistance by the club. Last November As is the case when one is fired. You still collect your money. Pacino's do what I read Eight point five million pounds Tottenham of course are in talks with their players and current staff over pay cuts and now as we know. They are also in contact with former staff. So let me just get this straight like Chino. You get this call. You fired me and now you're asking me to do a huge favor for you. I want to know how it was decided. Who had to make that phone call like please tell me it was levy. This could not have been some intern that they like through this because they were all too afraid to have to make that call. If you're potch what's the move here because like it's Kinda putting him like every part of every fiber of his being is gonNA WANNA say no shove it but like he'll also potentially look bad in this moment if he's refusing to take a pay cut on that kind of money when a lot of people out there struggling so and this is the Tony Cascarino bit there is a way for Michio Pocchettino to have his cake and eat it. Too you tell Tottenham to shove it and then you take the full eight and a half million and you donate a million two million three four however much million to the corona virus relief efforts. So you still collect your money and you still come out looking good in this situation. What a what a thing to do the the Stu- The stones on Danya Levy to ask the guy that he fired to take a pay cut right now. Can you imagine that phone call? It's going to go to one or two ways the first way that is going to go. Hello Joe it's Daniel Levy here Murchio. Could you take a pay cut? I won't take you fired me. Okay is it possible you could mow my lawn tomorrow on my estate and half the I just. I wish I do hope that the recording of that phone call comes out one day. I don't even know maybe casino received it. Well I don. I haven't even read anything yet about it about how he's what he's going to do. But just the thought of being a guy as the phone is ringing just like what he was thinking. I'm going to have to do this now. What are you have cardis following on from something last week? That was Kinda breaking and we didn't really do with it so last week we had briefly discussed the dissolution of the US Soccer Development Academy and Jeff. Carlisle then tweeted. Mls has made its move with a statement from MLS major league soccer today announced it will launch a new elite youth competition platform which will provide year round high-level for MLS Club Academy teams a non MLS Academy teams that previously participated in the US Soccer Development Academy the new platform will provide league competition against domestic and international teams and MLS is evaluating expanding participation to include clubs beyond the former development academy. Major League. Soccer's deeply committed to developing world class players through an elite competitive pathway from our academy teams through the professional game said Todd Dermot Durban. Mls Executive Vice President and competition player relations as we look ahead to the twenty six fee for World Cup here in the US. Canada and Mexico now more than ever. It is incumbent on us to establish a competition that sets a new standard for elite youths. Play an allows athletes to develop their full potential. The new platform will include league season matches on both regional and national tournaments with international teams at no the athletic preempted this development with some great reporting from Poulton Torino and stamp on Sam Steph. Scale the broad strokes that piece from April fourteenth are that MLS Development Academy said complained that the standard of competition was not high enough in the pre existing development academy league in February representatives of. Us soccer tried to emphasize to as how important they were to the Boys Development Academy. This was clearly to no avail at now the DA's despite ended. We're not sure although the statement says that it will look to include non MLS development academies in this new system. We're not sure how that will work. But just the overall look of this Andrew. Mls is forging ahead with its youth plans in US soccer. Which is the governing. Body of the game did not come out with a statement. Did Not come out with a plan to replace the previous Development Academy. That just doesn't sit right to me. I have gone ahead with this. They obviously clearly thought this through. They'd obviously clearly told U S Soccer Federation that they were going ahead with this. And it's as if you soccer to react to the MLS plan Us Soccer Statement on the dissolution of the Development Academy stated that it was financial reasons derived from the pandemic that had forced the shutdown of the program. But really it seems as if behind the scenes MLS had been preparing for life without them. It just I don't know it doesn't sit right with me. It doesn't look great. Considering the Guardians of the game are supposed to be the US Soccer Federation and as much as MLS say that they want to include non mls academies in this new dispensation. I mean really. They're going to look after their own. I'm pretty sure I'm not sure about all of this. Andrew it's more of an update rather than a red card man-of-the-match the ready for Mine I guess. Jj went with these stay and play. Cup made me very nostalgic watching some of this Or It's ran a fief twenty tournament comprised of twenty different players from European clubs playing as their teams Some of the notable names at pretty big names in this trend Alexander Arnold Venecia's Zhao Felix Ashraf Akini Sergio dust of Imax. Who got absolutely rocked in the round of sixteen in the end though it was Mohammed Jeremy from FC Copenhagen who beat Yes for Carlstrom of Swedish side drew gardens to one on a golden goal. I saw the goal was very dramatic. Dirani went wild. It was a beautiful scene by the way these guys had to be pretty legit to play as like a Danish team Swedish team and get to the final. When you've got you know playing as Real Madrid and Trent plan as Liverpool like good for them The tournament was run by sports. They donated a million dollars to the Global Giddings Corona Virus Relief Fund I'll tell you this I was watching some of it and all I can say is my God. Do I miss playing video game? I myself though like I'm going to get back into it again. Remember we used to do on this podcast. We used to talk about like when was coming out and we would go through like rankings of like what different players were graded and things like that. I just I miss it. I WANNA keep I wanNA play again. I just like I just don't have time. It's a time issue for me and I know if I start playing it that other things will suffer in my life because you said I am a big man child. I think what I'm going honestly with the whole. Stay at home play home. Whatever thing I can't watch people playing because I want to play myself I can't do it. I didn't think I could either and then like I've kind of been watching like I was watching a bit of the NBA Two K. stuff out watching play cup I haven't seen much of the. Mlb The show. I haven't really watched much of that but I've seen some clips on twitter. That seems Kinda cool like. I think you know what. I'll watch a little this. I'm about to download championship manager. Zero one zero. I'm about to pick a team for caught off site. So if people want to suggest change that I take from the lower leagues right to the primarily and we can update each week. Let's do it but I might put that out on twitter to everybody. So Andrew a man of the match comes from our very own city in New York a combination of supporters supporters clubs rather of European teams in the city intruding Leicester City Role Not Eintracht Frankfurt. Ac Milan sent Powell River Played Fiorentina to name a few and Organiz by a man called. Giovanni Bertolucci has raised thirty eight thousand three hundred thirty eight dollars for NYC health and hospitals. That's the largest public health care. System in the nation serving more than one million New Yorkers annual annually in more than seventy on more than seventy patient care locations across the five boroughs their mission is to care for all regardless of ability to pay our immigration status. You can find the Gulf on me link over on twitter. At New York Faucet Foxes have at the Leicester City Supporters Club. They had all over their time line. What an incredible gesture. I mean. Thirty eight thousand in a matter of weeks from just ordinary people on a grass roots movement. That's that's great man. Completely set up on twitter and incredible gesture we both made a contribution which of course led to a curb style dilemma for me because the option is there to be anonymous but I needed people to know that I contributed again. That's okay though like you don't need to be. I almost feel like it's it's wrong to even put anonymous there. Although maybe you know what anonymous though could make sense for somebody who superwealthy. That isn't donating very much because because then it looks bad so you know what okay although maybe that are more reason to not have anonymous there. 'cause you're Kinda then like quietly pressuring people to give more. Someone tweeted this two weeks ago. Name are made an incredible gesture of money to aid the corona virus battle and the daily mail put up anonymous donor revealed to be Neymar. All could think of was Larry. David Neymar is now. Larry David by the way before we get out Andrew. Jj's unpopular opinion poll results. We have the main for this week's popular opinion poll results. This week's wages unpopular opinion was the shootouts. The thirty five yard run up versus the keeper says it was a pretty good idea. You had three options in the poll. Good idea bad idea. Are I like regular pens? While the good idea swayed and held the day fifty seven point. Five percent of people liked the idea. Fourteen point six did not like the idea. On a whopping twenty eight percent said they like the said that they like regular penalty. Wait a minute now. We what you did here was so slimy so weasley so underhanded like the fact that you thought you were going to get away with this so you're going to sit here right now and with a straight face claim that you won the pole you took the same thing and split it into two options to split the vote saying it's a bad idea and saying I like regular penalties. It's the same thing. They're all anti your bad opinion. Like how dare you think that you won? You won the day with fifty seven percent of the votes. Stop that the other. Two things are both anti Andrew Andrew. I didn't set up the system. The founding fathers the founding father set up the system on I took the popular vote and I took the Electoral College fifty seven point. Five percent of people agree with me. I'm sorry I saw. I saw the poll and I just looked at it for like five minutes and I was like wait. What am I missing here? That he's put like the same option twice on there. He's trying to pad his own results. He there's no level that you won't sink to to try to shine a light on your supposed genius Andrew. You'll have to wait until next week for a further instalment of own up your Tom. Good my next. One is flaming hot. No poll no poll is going to do this justice I look forward to it and also the time machine will return next week to really. Yeah we don't going it okay. You just love to to crap on everything I do. I haven't said a word and I've been an incredible in such a good sport with Dr in that time machine all around the world. If you've been a good sport with a lot of flights of fancy including keeping everyone up to date with the league that no one can even watch. Yeah Well Hey. This was fun man. I enjoy these every single week. Our thanks to Kristen. That was that was really interesting stuff on this new castle. Takeover will continue obviously to watch that monitor that and kind of continue to get the pulse on how Newcastle fans are feeling about that because it it really is not to go back off on a tangent is running the show here but like they in particular are an interesting test case with me. Just because like I don't know there's something about Newcastle. That just feels they feel so like indigenous to what English football is and like that club just feels so like kind of old school to me and I don't know the thought of this new money coming in. It's just like a weird. It's just like I don't know it doesn't doesn't jive in my head Mysticim. It's the same as man's as what happened. Monsignor of me years to accept it. The DOC. Huge money warps on distorts football. And we were at a were crossing the Rubicon now if Newcastle get bolt. But hey this is good stuff man to you. I say. Jackie later on boy via offsides soccer podcast.

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