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#B54 (basement membrane to basically)


Hello Werner's welcome to another episode of the dictionary podcast. I am so excited that you are here. We're going to have so much fun today. Let's talk about some words. The first word is basement membrane B. A. S. E. M. E. N. T. second word and the M. b. r. a. n. e. This is a noun from eighteen. Forty seven a thin membranous high still not sure member Oh membranous. I think that's how you say it a thin. Membranous layer of connective tissue that separates a layer of epithelial cells from the underlying. Lamia or lambda. Propia WHOA there are words. I don't know here a thin. Membranous layer of connective tissue that separates layer of epithelial cells from the underlying lemonade. Propia so you people who know your cells know this stuff now. We have Basenji B. A. S. E. N. J. I. It is a noun from nineteen thirty seven any of a breed of small curly tail dogs of African origin. That do not bark what they don't bark. Why don't they bark. Can THEY NOT BARK? Do they choose not to bark have the African people train them generation after generation to keep their mouth shut? I don't know how I feel about that. I mean at this point. They're probably used to it but I don't know I feel like dog. Should need to bark sometimes right granted. Some dogs bark too much. And that is frustrating Basenji so this is probably a modified of the Lingala word. M B W A will. There's multiple words okay. I word is M. Bwi Mugerwa. I don't know if that's how you pronounce it. Second Word is an A. And then the third word is Basenji. Lee Ann literally means dogs of the Bush. Land people that's cool. I didn't know about these dogs. I don't know about a lot of dogs. Actually all right next. We have base on balls. Three words from eighteen eighty four and advanced to first base awarded a baseball player. Who during a turn at bat takes four pitches that are balls so I hope you most of you know enough about baseball that if you are at bat and you get four balls you go to first base? So that is called a base on balls. Next is base pair it is hyphenated it is an intrinsic verb from nineteen seventy three to participate in formation of a base pair As in added nine base pairs with Thia mine and that's talking about DNA if you want to know more go look up DNA now. We have base pair again but there is no hyphen. It is it's just two words It is a noun from nineteen fifty six one of the pairs of nucleoside bases on complementary strands of nucleic acid. That consists of a pure on on one strand joined to a pie remedy. Pyro Medine on the other Strand by hydrogen bonds holding together the two strands much like the rungs of a ladder and that include added nine linked to Thi- mine or mine. Thi- mine in DNA or to yourself in China and Guam nine linked to cite assign in both DNA and RNA. Oh my God. That was a mouthful next. We have base path. It has two words Noun from nineteen forty five. The area between the basis of a baseball field used by a base runner next is base. Pay Two words now from nineteen twenty a rate or amount of pay for a standard work period job or position exclusive of additional payments or allowances next is base plate. One word now from eighteen. Seventy six a plate that serves as a base or support next is base runner. Two words Noun from eighteen sixty seven a baseball player of the team at Bat who is on base or is attempting to reach a BASS BASS. Running is a noun. Now we have the word bases B. SAS it is plural of the word base BSE or of the word basis. So it's a be a sis so it could be plural of basis or base. You GotTa look at your context people now we have the word Bash B. A. S. H. It is the I form. It's a verb from seventeen fifty and we are going to start with the transitive definitions one to strike violently. And just as a this is partly for myself that a a transitive. Verb is About the person or object that is doing the verb doing the action so one is to strike violently. Synonym is hit also to injure or damage by striking. Synonym is smash often used the word in? I N number two to attack physically or verbally. As in media bashing also is in celebrity bashing now we have the inch transitive verb definition and so the opposite obviously would be. This is the thing the verb is happening to the thing. Um and the synonym is crash. Bashar is a noun. The origin of this word is unknown by the way Now we have the second form of Bash. It is a noun from eighteen. O five one a forceful blow to a festive social gathering. Synonym is party. We're going to bash like it's nineteen ninety nine. She doesn't have the same ring. Number three is chiefly British Synonyms are try and attempt as in have a bash at it. Now we have a word. I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce. It is either probably but shaw or bash. Aw B. A. S. H. A. W. and it is a variation of the Word Pasha P. A. S. H. A. Now we have bashful. Hey quick fun fact Do you know the seven dwarfs the names of the seven dwarfs a lot of people have trouble with this but there's a trick and I haven't thought about this for a while. So let me see if I can remember while. They're seven of them Oh shoot you know this is not gonNA work. It's something like three of them are emotions and three of them are like actions or whatever and then one of them is something else. I can think I can name them. But we'll maybe I should just do that. Okay we've got duck and dopey and bashful and sleepy and grumpy and happy and one more did I say bashful. I think I did Well I always a felt akin to dopey okay. Bashful is an adjective. From fifteen forty eight one socially shy or timid synonym is diffident or self conscious number two resulting from or typical of a bashful nature as in a bashful smile. And I really WANNA think of the seventh one and I know a lot of your screaming at Rim at me right now doc. Doby DOC dopey grumpy happy days. Oh sneezy DA Okay number two resulting from or did I already read that one. Synonym is the word shy bashful LII is an adverb and bashfulness is a noun and this is the etymology obsolete bash. Which means to be a bash. Said Okay now we have the word basic it is the I form adjective from eighteen. Forty two one. A of relating to or forming the base or essence synonym is fundamental as in basic truths. I like basic truths. You could call them facts. A lot of people are not aware or don't really care about basic truths one be concerned with fundamental scientific principles not applied that is a a sort of a next section of the definition after a colon as in basic research number two constituting or serving as the basis or starting point as in a basic set of tools. I like this word. Three a of relating to containing or having the character of a chemical base three be having an alkaline reaction four containing relatively little silica as in basic rocks number five relating to made by used in or being a process of making steel done in a furnace lined with basic material and under basic slag as in a no. Another word is. Oh so this is interesting. All right. We'll get to that in a second Basis it t- basis city is a noun. So what I was going to say about why. That word is interesting because that the word that is at the top of the page that says what the last word of the pages but it is not the last word on the page. In fact it's not even one of the basic words. It is a another form of a basic word. We still have three words on this page. What are you doing to me dictionary? Come on okay basic now we have the second form of basic. It is a noun from nineteen twenty six one something that is basic Synonym is fundamental as in get back to basics number. Two Synonym is basic training. Now we have basic again but this is all caps be asic caps. It is a noun from nineteen sixty four. A simplified high level language for programming a computer and basic is an acronym that stands for beginners all purpose symbolic Instruction Code. All right last word for this episode is basically B. S. I. C. A. L. L. Y. I'm going to have to do a page flip. This is an adverb from nineteen zero three one a at a basic level colon in fundamental disposition or nature as in basically correct also is in basically. They are simple people. I'm I'm feeling a little bit more comfortable. To let out my burps. I apologize if somebody if some of you really really hate burps But you know it's gas in the body and it's got to be let out somehow and if I don't let it out I'm going to sound stupid so I'm just letting it out and I'm not editing it out so sorry deal with it but for the rest of you. I hope you get a little chuckle. Every time it happens one be for the most part as in they basically play zone defense number two in basic manner. Synonym is simply as in live. Basically all right. What is the word of the episode? there was nothing really. Well I'M GONNA pick Basenji as the word of the episode because I didn't know about these dogs and I WANNA learn more about them I also as a runner up would be just the word basic because I liked those first few definitions about basic truths. I mean that's an example not a definition but basic truths and fundamental scientific principles. And all that stuff. I like that. I appreciated that. I think we are getting away from the basics All right that is that's all the words. I'm going to read you from the dictionary I feel like I want to sason stuff but I can't remember what I was. GonNa say Tomorrow night I'm going to see they might be giants. I think I mentioned that before Actually the other time. I mentioned it was in the episode that aired tomorrow. Ooh That was a weird phrase But I still haven't Tomorrow hasn't happened yet. So it's but it has happened in your world just not mine currently right now but later it has so after the show. When I record I'll tell you how it was I think I'm GonNa go see anward tomorrow before the show. That is the new Pixar movie. I I think most of you love Pixar movies and stuff I know. Maybe I'm almost forty years old and I'm GonNa go by myself and I don't really care because they make great movies. They are definitely kid friendly and family movies but I also really like some kid. Friendly family movies I'm trusting that they are going to do a good job just like most of the rest of their movies I'm trying not to have high hopes But at the very least it looks like it's visually beautiful so that's cool and then coming out with another movie. I don't know if it's later this year or next year. All I've seen as the poster that's all I want to see and it's called soul and it's a picture of an African American man and like piano keys in this really artistic way and just from that I am so sold and the fact that it's Pixar. I am really really interested interested to see what this film is about. And what they're going to do with that That concept I feel like the opportunities to make something amazing are just endless and I'm I really hope. It doesn't disappoint but I don't really think they can With something like that Like jazz music just music in general and like what's this Guy Story? I don't know I'm super into that I've been super busy with work. The last four days so I haven't watched any like new shows or anything I barely even gotten enough sleep So that's where I'm going to end this episode. This has been dispensers dispensing. What's my name? This has been spencer dispensing information to your brains. I hope you have enjoyed this Please go do the stuff and the things and Be Nice and be happy in a love. You Guys K by.

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