LADS#78 - Greg Orlandini of the Philly Soccer Show


Oh. No, no. Thing of this guy's America soccer podcast or labs. Podcast name is it more cannot join us today. He's having some car down in North Carolina, but I am honored graciously honored to be interesting KYW NewsRadio, Greg Orlandini over pronouncing right. Of the Phillies soccer show so. Great. How're you doing. Great. Glad to be on. Yeah. So tell me, how did you get into soccer football you a soccer football guy? Well, we use it to turn pretty change on the show. But yeah, I was, I played in high school. I was like to make sure I get this across. I played very badly. I was not a good soccer player, but always love the sport. Grew up back in the day. Kennett back in the battle days. I like to call where you couldn't really see too much on TV. There used to be a show on the old sports channel where they would do like a weekly, our round up of the of the English first division, I guess Basil's Morphing Premier League and I would watch that and that was like my soccer fix for a while as kind of the only soccer gone to there was a World Cup. There'd be national team game on, but and as the sport grew in the access to the sport, more partly grew in this country became more involved with. You know, I grew, it's become an arsenal fan. In your good company. I'm no fan of the show. Great. Yeah, I usually I'm usually outnumbered, but this girl with. You know growth an arsenal fan and in the twenty ten, we'll Cup. I wanted to do a podcast here at the station. It was kind of catching around for why should do. And it's like, well, I love soccer will cups happening. So let me start World Cup podcast and can keep going. And it just kind of morph into what the show is now, which is really soccer show with what we cover unless we do cover national team stuff. And you know when the independence was here recovered women's soccer hope to do, nor that it's kinda something we gotten away from by doing joy, covering women's game. So the show's been going since twenty eight nine years now and is more than volved in the kind of where where I'm at. All right. Awesome. So wet. When you guys usually deficits, we posted generally we tape on Wednesday, so generally mid week, but with the Cup soaking up happening, we record this evening which is Monday as bending on you're listening. So is union are in the Cup final Houston on Wednesday night. So we wanted to get get a show out before that to kind of for you. Talk about it talking about the the really great run the unions on now leeann buying like we're not big MLS guys for, you know, not not big brag, but we did get to go cover the New York City see game that you guys on the two one. We were there for the Spock. So not not trying to be say, were journalists or anything, but that was really cool. We got to go see, it'll Jimmy Curtin Goto the, we'll go in the locker room afterwards. So this is where we're having you on because me Barner kind of MLS idiots. And you know, sometimes you like to to it. I'm like I say we say the best about it, but what molest why getting molested like why our listeners are watching more? Unless it's it's, our domestic league is is is perfect now, and I've been on here and I criticized her aspects of. But it's improves leaps and bounds. You have the attendances going up to paalea plays going up. You have teams like the union that are investing in the academy, some people criticised for that. That's that they've kinda hit behind academy so they wouldn't spend big on bigger players, but you're starting to see these homegrown local guys coming through and making good guy like Austin trustee, who, you know he's defender, but he's a very exciting player and he's, you know, local thrown through. You have Mark McKenzie's defender whose has had quite a good season as awesome. But you know, I think he has Virk really high season really high ceiling anti Hannah guys working through. I'm being Union Pacific here. So it's particularly, you know, these local guys, they're, they're coming up and it's, you know, I don't know how much you guys have watched the have watch. I'm less, but I think the polity. Overall has really improved with with the advent of Atlanta, the atmosphere they bring and the players they brought in resources. They've used bring the spires in. You get goes on Pacific, northwest, that's, you know, when Portland, Seattle and Vancouver those kind of play others always great atmosphere. And there's a lot on the line cause those bragging rights go back a generation, his all those. There's like roots that soccer took roots in that region of the country in Canada back in NFL days. And those names have perpetuated kind of through US in the lower leagues. Now they're in the top league and you still have that that kind of foundation of rivalry there. So that's exciting. And you know you have now you teams in LA that are kind of vying for that city in and when you have a situation like that where you have kind of the big stars going through the galaxy. But you have l. f. c. where they. Where they have the kind of big star ownership where Magic Johnson vol Ferrell's involves. So how Bradley Bradley. Who's coach. I very coach. He's back role than I'm less. I think there's a lot good going on with the league, and I think there's a lot kind of happening. You have. Some bad situation if the situation going on with Columbus, which is incredibly complicated. We had actually reporter on few a couple of months ago about, you know, if you're listening on how to go screw situation, they moved us, they may. They may not the ownership group. There's very, he's, he's, he's done something amazing. He's annoyed two cities at once. It's pretty incredible if you get into the story of kinda what the problem is having getting floss, how and then getting them to Austin, there's there's a lot going on there. So that's that's not great. And I don't. I as a rule, don't like the teams move. No matter what league it is sport it is. So it's so that's something I don't like see happening, especially in Columbus been, you know, a Cup winning team won the Cup in the past. That's one of the original, you know, one of the legacy team in the league and they had the first soccer specific stadium in MLS and all those things. So you hate to Tennessee that happen. So there's things that aren't perfect and just. Salary structure and how financially the league operates can be confusing. I'll be generous. It can be very confusing. Opaque is another word you might wanna use, but. This just kind of those things. But overall, I think it's opportunity. It's still relatively expensive tickets. Go see live if you're gonna Philly area. It was called the PPO park talent. Energy stadium is a great stadium game day experiences, really cool. I've been to tons of games in the press box and in the in the stadium, and it's a good game. They experienced good atmosphere. It's a good place. The bay. Big fan of it just because I love the bridge to come into a very, I grew up. I grew up in Delco myself. So like for me, like it's just awesome to see that like happening in that area specially Chester, which is like, you know, they're really trying to get that better. You know, on the up and up, but also go back to your point about the Atlanta United. I mean, they're selling out bigger games in the falcons eighty thousand every every game which is booming, United. And I don't really know much about the Columbus through always the hashtag saved the crew. I know it's bad. I know definitely not good right. Right. You know, they've, they've struggled but they're smaller markets or is gray. You get the feeling I, it's unthinking exact parallel, but kinda, you know what happened with the Sonics through Oklahoma. It's like it's something that week to once they wanna get into the market to they may be nudging along a little bit. It seems like, and it's, it's not. I'm not an expert on the situation is, you know there's people out there if you punt around with Twitter that are, but it's it's, it's not a great thing. It's not something I'm happy about it. Some of the covered vows molest. I'd rather see Columbus stay where they are for reasons I got into, but. Yeah, that's one of the kind of not great things about him less right now. All right. Well, I have a couple moving into the questions. So my question is, are the Philadelphia union off the hot seat with their mascot because flyers just released their mascot today. And I gotta say, I'm issues the unions over the flyers. So Richard, what's your? What's your comment on that? I was big a flyers fan as they come. I mean, they are a big hockey fan, absolute love, love my flyers. I've no idea why they did with what that is, why it is. Mascots are what they are. I think the union got maybe a little too much flak for, you know, it's it's. It's something for the kids. It was something that they did to engage the younger fans, which is great, which is something we all again in all sports e call for you. Wanna kind of get that next generation of fans going and engaged and get them into the stadium, and then you sell the game them. But if for for team like a flyers has been around for fifty years, it's, you know, has like you say, history, they have. I don't know why all of a sudden they felt the need for this war, which is fine. But to. To be what it is and mildly terrifying. I'm not sure what the thinking was there. I was like, this is something that was in like that David Bowie labyrinth movie like creepy little like, I don't know that and then they gave the Philadelphia, you new one so much like I was in that camp. Now, like note, I love soda mass new vase because I'm a big flyers guy, big hockey guys, well, and Jesus. I think there's a lot of, I don't know, but I'm looking at it so sort of union, not on the hussy. So we want to Wednesday's game the US open Cup against the Houston item out. Just for our listeners. US open Cup is like a FA Cup comparison with. That. Comparison. It's it's, you know, it's copied still this American believe it's always American soccer competition. It's been around since early twentieth century and it's similar core. Matt's knockout and and it's similar that you can have the small small teams up to, you know, all the teams. I remember think Eric Wynalda. He was coaching the team in. I think it was. He Macau -fornia that team in earlier in an early rounds of years ago when he was coaching so so you, you can get upset like that. It's pretty much much like defec- operative Premier Li pretty much owns the competition. You know. You know, in the later rounds, I'm pretty much a handle. I think ninety nineteen ninety nine when he team won, but yet is a similar situation and similarly it, it gets you into an international competition, which is the cocky cap Champions League, which is central and north Central America and you. So you have opportunity and you could play teams like she say, could playing surprising and and Costa Rica, things like that. So open that door for you. If you win. Okay, that's that's awesome. It I guess we've been Philadelphian have been doing well, we're in the bind also. I guess we, yeah, if you really well, you near the finals, they played wellness competitions. This is beta competition that they've taken seriously and and that's a good in. The pan thing is you didn't know have much of a playoff history of. They've been in the playoff flight. The playoffs twice haven't won a playoff game. So in there have been seasoned. They've been in the finals twice before where he was open Cup was their season pay much in lost both finals in past to really get Seattle at home Seattle team. That was like there were really stacked team at the time when they were like on the really Iran and to a Kansas City team that was probably slightly better. But once gigs and you know how that can go and the union losing that Posada's at home. But this is a different union team where they really have a head. Team right now, they're solidifying playoff blaze there in the fifth, fifth place, they could move up the fourth which again, a, which we give them a home playoff game. So it's not like all the eggs in the basket at the open Cup. So they're different team than they weren't as other finals in more confidence? Yeah, it just seems like they visited riding this wave of momentum like just around like at the stadium watching that New York City. I've seen team that like I've always assumed that were like this way better than us because they spent so much money on like that via OJ and stuff like that to see like is great atmosphere in the seem really feeling like really cohesive. Is that like I feel like especially in the Michio there's some really good chemistry. I don't know. I think a lot of things are coming right at the at the same time like they brought in a Dutch Cal check player who's really. Kinda needed time you need a lot of time to kind of is the league is playing China. It was kind of difficult to getting out of the at a China to to hear the whole transfer that will transfer situation stuff. So he didn't have a training camp. So he missed the first game than it took him a few, like maybe three four weeks legs on. But once he said that he he's become one of the best providers on the best playmakers in the league ali-ba toys playing the best soccer since he's come to Philadelphia. He's been the hard nose leader box the box workers that you wanted him. The be that's really working and harassment duty in home is a great character fund gotta Fanta root for follow, but is is such a good presence in that midfield had to change his game woah bit last year where they didn't really have a natural playmaker he kinda was and he played a lot of long balls out of the back and. Create it like they this year, he's changed much more short game in his passing. Once he did that, it's just made those three guys work and it works really well, so that that midfield at midfield three is big part of why they're playing. So. Okay. Well, my next question is with there's only what four games left in the regular season. Columbus, Minnesota red-nosed. Your city f c me at the table right now. Use with being one point off Columbus. UCS hopping into that four spot or do you think we're just gonna be comfortable like six point the head of Montreal. I think that can. It's just, this is such a great run but such a rough spot because all these games are coming thick and fast. They all have so much meaning busy need these points and you ever. We have a Cup final in the middle of that. I mean, they pull off to mazing results and they went on the road, got a last-minute at the death win against Seattle, which I don't think anybody it at three points, Seattle, and then put out a pretty much obey squad against Kansas City against city being the top team in the west, beat him at home, which nobody. Myself included and was even in the cars. Yeah, so that's great. But also you just have all these games coming and add mentioned it just in in the the podcast recorded the only dark cloud over the steam right now for me anyway, is they just have a death like they don't. They brought in J Simpson who hadn't who hadn't played since April hadn't started since last year, put him in at fort. He got old amazing again, something I want to predict it, but that's kinda the situation where they're like. They don't have like they don't have a like for Mike substitute for Barak Dutch gal in the middle to be that playmaker they have guys, you kind of patchwork in, but don't really have similar game. So you know, that's the cloud kind of under they're, they're like a suspension or bad injury way. Things could kind of fall apart. I think they have enough distance. Against teams beneath them that they can probably be a pow team. But if they, you know, they have to stay healthy and they have to kind of keep this woman. I'm going to slide up to that next spot and this, you know. You know, you have a Cup, final Wednesday, and you'd have a really important role game and Columbus, which could kinda set the set the table for you as apply AUSSIE. Yeah, you think like Columbus, all of this, like save the crew stuff like that. They're going to be like all anti up like they like, all right. Like this might be our last time playing here. They've been, they played well issue have a really good coach, Gregg, Berhalter, chimp Furton in Gregor close skies. There's not a lot familiarity with these these teams. I think I think they've fed off of that and I think they've they, you know, they play with chip on our show a little bit and and they're good, solid teams. I don't. I don't want to take away from that. So going to Columbus map easy. I'm not saying union, there's there's going to their battering ram. They could go in the conference and get it done. It's going to be a hard game. And is it a winnable game his they've played. They've been the best on the road for years. They've picked up six wins on a road which is amazing. This even the last plan came the playoff year. I think they only had one or two wins on the road in the regular season. But you know, I think you go in and Jit a result in Columbus. Even if you kinda bunker in and you're tired, fish, you're going to have that led down having emotional. Letdown one way or the other from the cupcake physical games Farnell you get up for that one moment. And so if they wrestle with that a little bit and walk out of Columbus point, that's fine. You know. You know, we will be great. I, it's just it's scheduled so weird. It's like if all these tuck games, right in a row, you know. Yeah. I mean, when you go out being row dogs against a team that's like high flying. You know, what's your prediction for anything about the USA dine about? What are your predictions for Wednesday? I think unlike the other two funnels union go into this as the better team Nali better team talent wise, but the better team in the inform team. I think they win. I honestly, I'm predicting a win. I think down there. I think I'm gonna say it's a two month. It's fine prediction. That's phase out. Okay. As limbless journalists. I gotta keep some questions. All right. So who's the most electrifying player to watch on the union right now? Right now. Puppy co. He is an exciting player. He has world class speed. He just have to kind of come back to see some stuff on YouTube or on west dot com. He has incredible speed is a very good one on one player. He kind of makes what the union does work as union. If you'll get them tactically. They're very bright side heavy where album Toya's played a lot on a right in his career. He addressed that way. Same thing barged Dutch. Cal, he's right for guys that dress and you have a really good rightback and he Rosemary. So they tend to bunch up a bit on that side where you haven't got like fossil PICO on the left. He thrives, kind of being on an island he wants to take is on. He wants us his speed to get past. People get into the box and and create plus he's, he could talk a little bit and he could work with the midfield. He's his speed is, you know, like I said, it's electrifying. He, you know, he got the game winning goal against Seattle, which was at the death and just really exciting play where he, he pounced on mistake from us that fries via the goalkeeper and not magnum to get the winner. He only thing he, he needs his own Amore finishing aids to sort out what he does when it gets in the final third, less problem. This year was last year where he would get it into the box and just, you know, shoot when he should have pass pass when he should Sheu here his decision making wanna McClair. But I think a little ways ago yet if he can do that, he puts together he could be as good as anybody in this league. Okay. Well, I mean, this is actually the most of Alexis year because soccer soccer, it's on. I'm going to watch it. You know what I mean? So I'm going to with the playoffs approaching, are you for against the play offs? Are you as as the top leagues in Europe? There's a point system the most at the end? Yeah. So here it's like I'm looking at the table top acre me conference, right. Hops Otis, stop six. Okay. So a team like Montreal was at forty could squeak in Atlanta who's only twenty three points ahead will be the first of all they're gonna give is like a first round. Bye vantage. Right. So are you for or against the play offs, or would you prefer something like that goes down in Europe. Then for the playoffs. I think. And this is like the bait we've had forever on the show and other shows and feel over the place, but MOS is a cyclic, but it's also a North American league. So you have to make, I think concessions to that to to the North American sports fan and give them something that's familiar. And I think the playoff is familiar in the game at the end. The cob is a familiar concept to like the North American sports fan, and I'm okay with it. I mean, there's a lot of talk about. Br bringing promotion relegation to American some form. And I'm thriller animal in this debate where I'm a bit agnostic. I'm like, if I woke up tomorrow. And there was pro real and I'm Elisa, I'm like, okay, is happening. That's what I don't know what format takes. I don't know how it would work. I don't know how you sell it to these owners that bought into this league for substantial amount of money, and you turn around and say, oh, next year you might be in US l. say, and that TV money's probably not. Gonna come anymore. And good luck. I don't know how you sell that to to to an owner saying Lanta or somebody like that. So I think the format, the way I'm less does again, not perfect. I think probably twelve teams might be a little too many into the playoffs. Six meet side. I think it might water down a little bit, but I think tens probably number eight in probably be better. But I think just overall the idea of having and I'm cinemas on. Okay. Well, I mean, the NFL is copying off us all these draws. They've been having so seriously. I mean, I think NFL is trying to be more soccer than soccer trying to be NFL the same amount of draws in in the NFL there was in the Premier League last week. Thanks. So that's crazy. All right. And then the most dangerous team lookout for. I'm guessing Atlanta, just looking at the Koito. Are they like going into the playoffs who who should A-Team the most attractive. Land. I mean, places colder. Now there I couldn't even imagine what the what they're going to be like in the playoffs and they just, you know, they have that one, two punch top or they can just score ton Ecoles on and. Alanthea's you know, they're kind of prohibitive favorite. I think too. To get it done this year. Yeah, you're rebels are top NYC kind of slipping back a little bit in these in the west Kansas City. A big Peter Vermes fan. He always, you know, these very fish and it gets tough on. So you know, they're not always emotion, joy team to watch, but there are team that can they go in the hammer out results. They know how to win, and they've known how the win for a long time, but one on Opie cops. And so, yeah, I think the two teams at the top are now and they're, they're both really. Yeah. I mean, go back to your point about land or like Portland playing. There's Goma's planets like Dortmund. It's like the fireworks and the is so crowded. I mean, it's like, I don't mean to give us this. This is my word of the day, electric. Portland's fun. I'd really want to get that stadium is at such a, it's an older stadium, and it's it's kind of like I was like, reform plays where it's like just older, tight stadium where everything's on topic. Can you know where we're Lanta has the big, beautiful Stadio art plays and we're just great to which brings its own thing. But something about that seem Portland on TV interesting that you know that Bandbox they're playing and like the fans, and they're always on edge and always, you know, just bring the atmosphere. It's yeah, it's it's, you know, you have to be this now some molest the people, but you have places where you had good fan experiences, which is part of what is attractive about soccer wear. You know, the fan isn't a fan. The fan can be a participant fan could be, you know, it's expensive almost expected to be a participant, where with the singing in the chance and the t. file and things like that. Yeah, I just got done interview with the head of Liverpool f c, Philadelphia, he? Well, he said like doco me the president. You know, trying to be humble is this British guy, real nice guy that like, you know, for American soccer fans, those asking the hardest thing to get them into. He's like, I don't know something like ten games and then come talk to me a few matches and to see how like amazing atmosphere can be. All right. Well, this is a good MLS stuff. They're onto US men's national teams as an arsenal fan isn't Arthur winger the number one pick. Right? I think so. For a long time. I love the. Yet. Sure. Now who are are there possible candidates how I remember the Mexico coach and heard that in the World Cup when they might be on. I think it's going to be an lost guy and if know, kind of put my finger, it's a wind where I think it's blowing, I think, just everything I've kind of served. And I think it's going to be a great halter. I don't want me. Don't take me to the Bank, but he seems to be the guy that's in the frame. I think he's. He's got a lot of connections, he's played overseas. He's worked overseas. He's a good coach, smart guy, younger guy, Ernie Stewart, now's the GM and you know. You not, you say, have followed eating that closely and kind of how Ernie operates counting being the sporting director here for the union and Ernie's very much as a man. He's going to do things the way he wants to do. He's going to pick the coach when he is ready, which can be frustrating. You've had the interim coach hanging on Saragan for as long as you've had just almost year, which is insane for guy. You know, you're not gonna hire. Ernie's going to be pathetically. He's going to do it the way he wants. And I think it's going to be an American coach. And if I guess again, I think it's going to be boggled Berhalter guy. We talked about coaching Columbus. All right, first reported, but I. Yeah, I just want to put that in a lock. Absolutely. First reported from lads podcasts. Maybe onto the young talent. I mean, Christian pulisic McKinnon he had a great champions gave you as well. It seems like a lot of the young American talent is heading over to the boondocks Ligo. And which is awesome thoughts on the youth in like, you know, I feel like America really took a hit with US soccer would not being in the recent World Cup. What are your thoughts about going forward with this new young youth coming up with, you know, the Dempsey's gone Donovan's gone? Probably I don't. I doubt like, oh, Bradley's going to be playing in the next World Cup. I don't know. But I mean, and murdered him and his. I think he's just dead so. But your thoughts about the future of US. Soccer? I'm pretty. I'm pretty much ready to make a clean break from the older generation. The retired Bradley's getting off their Josie. Jozies Josie. I'm, he might pop in again. I'm ready to move forward and I hear a lot of say, well, you bring such and such player veteran. He could teach these guys and you know, when they go down hunters for qualifier, he's going to be such as such player. He's going to be the guy that kind of shepherds. The young. I'm not. I don't really buy that, especially kind of what happened with the last generation where they had. You know, a lot of people remanded assizes twenty four team World Cup. I don't. I thought it was kind of a middling thing. I thought the Belgian game where everybody was like so excited about Tim. How're breaking the the saves record while how'd you get into that position where you force them how to make homeless as is. You know, I'm ready to climb to move away from that generation. Not not that the spirit under some great players there and they did have some good achievements, but not qualifying for twenty teen. And for not having that big of a showing and twenty fourteen I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to, you know, kind of liver die with these younger guys. I mean, it's, you know, it's. You know, it's gonna be Christian, pulisic steam. I mean, that's the reality of it. And you have like Jimmy, where to you, bless some wants to fight for spy PS, Jay, and I hope he doesn't. And it's exciting that you know young guy that that you know has kind of impatient and wants to fight for fight for spot and one in the biggest and best teams in the world. And that's great. And I think I think it's gonna pay off all to my form. You have guys like Josh charge and you have to really solid defense kind of there. We had Jeff Clarke Carlisle along. We're talking about of similar things offer me as peon who comes national team spectacularly, and he said he thinks the defense is there the new defenses arrived and and I, it's kinda ready to happen and I'm just ready for the new generation to before is solid. You saw kind of England. England took a chance in the World Cup in really broke from a lot of the lot of the older. Players and a lot of those guys on. And south gate was I'm, this is my team going younger, go some Dame's that aren't the marquee names, but this is the best team. I think I could put it put together and this is the best team. I think I could go four with in in this Cup, and I think US is there. I think it's time to say, you know, we have the break from what we did these in the new guys. This generation es are the guys are gonna push us forward. Sorry, I just was getting just two Stars Stripes excited. Okay. I'm back. I'm back but go back to England. I mean, they couldn't figure out a play. Frankly, part is zero the midfield because they're like, you can't flame at the same time. It must love that you have like the daily alleys rash. The dyers. It's so exciting to see that you in the back of your just compared it to. 'cause I was all about it coming home during the world up, like I don't have Merican this is coming home. Maybe it's that just excites me so much Christian. I think just in the past couple of guys just heard twenty scored on his birthday. He saved Dorman from points the other day or got points the other day in the last minute draw. I mean, I think he's on the right track to become the greatest American soccer player, and I'm not obviously crazy for saying that, right. No, he's got that. Extra something that you see great players have where they can just. Move outside of kind of their training and move outside of, you know. Kind of that they have that extra something where they can make. That moment of magic where they can make it touch and get into an open player, or they can find space and just have this weird on the orthodox touch and get it to goal. And he just you see that and you'll see flashes. You sit consistently. He see, you know, he, he just has great instincts, and he has the creativity that you don't teach that comes from just, you know, young guy being with the ball and, hey, what's this? Do? What can I do? What can I do with the ball here? What kind of doing this situation where you see the great players have that, and he does. I mean, he has that that extra that little bit of extra and and you know, he's young and he's in a good situation tournament. I think you talked about the young players going to punish league as much Premier League. I am. I think the Bundesliga is such a good spot to learn for these players visits not as much the pressure of, you know, wait a media. Lately, because you know, we're going to go down to the championship, and that's the worst thing that could happen. So I'm alone in my team with a bunch of veterans, and we're gonna play on Cobol. So we so we don't get relegated. You have more, you know, more teams. Technically, I more teams that are vital constructed cly. You have more variety where you can learn a lot more. I think in in Bundesliga and I think it's a good place for that frustration and pleasant. But for these younger guys that are heading over there. Yeah. When he said Premier League team going down with American Jeff, Cameron like us. Of course. Yes. Yeah. My thing is I would love to see Christmas beyond Liverpool, but star. Like that front three, you know, there's no room for him right now. Maybe in the future. You know what I mean? This is so exciting to see. I mean, the biggest thing about Christian I'm most is appointed is eating at WorldCom experience, but he's in so much so much starting time at doormen. And like you said, way who I've his dad is the legend. And now the like probably like the price president. And he he played a couple of weeks ago played in like as old timers game result in play like seventy minutes. I don't think I could play seventy mississau- carrying out these. I I'm like twenty four. I don't think I all right. Moving on. I don't let them out the US wins national team. We have the French twenty nine World Cup correct. What our nation's national team is on the other side of the spectrum of the US man's where they're like the man's acquitted of Germany were there just favorite win it every year is at the same feeling going into this one. I think you always have to say they're, they're -mongst teams. I mean, you always have Japan who's very good Norway's very good, and it's different and I enjoyed wins game. I'm not an expert. My co-host says, make sure Betty of is know files away his game in game a lot better than I do. But. Situation US in are the. The rest world has caught up with him a little bit, and he's saying better national teams than when they wanted ninety nine and all that. But I think you know what our competition go into the US women's national team is should be amongst the want top one, two or three to win that opposition and trying to talk about. We're talking about kind of generations with men this. This could be last roll the dice for some some players. I mean, Harry Lloyd in a local player whom everybody around here loves in the world, world's great player, but you know, she's getting to that age where, you know this could be her last Rosso. Couple of the players outs for Ganz, getting up there and things like make PL. So you want to probably should be high towards the future, but I think twenty nineteen. I think he any competition of women are in. You got to think they're gonna. They're gonna get. Yeah, I always love people say like, oh, well, the women win. So give them the money. So I I'm kind of in that, you know. You know. It's funny. I think you will. Philosophically two at the two teams, and and I complain about this way the men play. And you talk again about there's more competition, whatever. But when they play teams that are kind of minnows or lower teams, I always say they don't have that mentality. Where are you? Gonna lineup bulldozer because we're better than you. You're Costa Rica very good team and all that. But you're USA and we're this good. We're just gonna roll up and we're going to get it done. They're always there's always something with the US game where they do something they play to cagey. They wanna be maybe two perfect. They don't wind up and be better. You've ever see that with a women's team women's team. They have a killer instinct. They wind up against another team if they think they're better than them. They line up and they roll drop like eight goals. I love it. Wanna know Rolla team and I wish the men and you know. Are you about competition, things like that? That's fine. But I wish the man in similar situations had them tally where they're gonna lineup and they're gonna Raleigh, and they just always have that mentality. Yeah, me not just like the whole notion is that they're spoiled tattooed babies. These prima donnas on the US emotional team, and it's like, do you like you gotta? They're almost like Pittsburgh Steelers. They played down to the competition. Like that bothers the heck out of me because there's some like when they go up against one hundred wars, Costa Rica shot Joe Campbell. You know, like. I was. I think you're closed. Criticize the criticism you had of his players. I'm not Klinsmann fan and he, he a lot of the, the blood is on his hands for what happened to the national team in the last year. But I, I think that was a lot of the criticism. He lied on his own players. They weren't. They didn't have that edge and he needed guys ahead Morvern age out there how you get that debate here and he wanted more guys on the Champions League. He more guys your, that's fine. And it's, you know. And you're seeing that kind of with his next generation, but. And I think that's part of the reason why I don't. I wanna make that break from that previous generation was there was a little bit of that mentality, and I think you need more hungrier guys. I think like a guy like TIMMY where who's out there? He's, you know, he's had a force. He's going to force his way in the PS g. and he's gonna try to at least you have a guy with that mentality, and that's great. And we have a guy with Christian pulisic Smith out who did for themselves into the starting live and is getting Champions League playing time. So you have that mentality where you could with just kinda pass generations in town. Again, I don't want to those guys great players. They did some great things, but I think towards the end, I think always can see kind of what was going on. Yeah. I mean, there's over hype. I mean, like everyone was like, we almost be Portugal. It's like, okay, guys, relax, but. All right. Great. Well, this has been a loss fun. I feel like the last guy now. So this is good. I'm definitely going to be watching the game on Wednesday. Are you going to be at the game? I won't Houston fortunately, but I'll be watching. I thought it was that never mind. All right. I have one more question I this process as an EP l. question, what do you think Emory is an arsenal fan? I liking him. I think he's brought some some change. That's Benita. I think his energy. The first two games were tough because you have to the best teams in the league. Setting Chelsea, and you're trying to get. Style play across the your players, and then you have to go play those teams. And it's tough to kind of do that. I think he said everything's got to settle down. I think he's a smart guy. I think he's again be brings an energy brings different perspectives. It's tough. You saw with Manchester United. It's tough when you replace a guy that's been at a team for over twenty years. It's one trophies that is so ingrained. I mean, you're an arch thing. We know. I mean, arson Vangere knew what was being sold in his session stance. He knew what was going on with catering. He knew every tiny aspects of arsenal and you take that away. It's difficult. It's difficult for the guy that's replacing. It's difficult for the players there. It's a difficult situation so for him to kinda right to ship. And I think they're three or four wins on the bounce now and look good in precise. I think that across I have concerns about the defense. I think it's a fundamental issue. I don't know these guys know how to defend that well yet, and that's concerning for me. But and it's. Also considering in the bait about Peter check where they're trying to do this work, the ball from bag play, get check, the play, the ball as feet. It's not his game, but he's still making saves. He's still playing very well doing the number one job. We will keep these new which is, you know, make saves and kick the ball at an. He's still doing that, but he's not quite yet integrated into this hole in worked often back. You know, take the ball, he's got to get the ball to the to the back four and I work for. I mean those those things are gonna take time, but I'm excited. I think he's going to do very good job. Yeah, definitely. After since two, nil, our victory against Everton to know on check was the best player of the game. And it's just so crazy to think like how far he's come in that I keep getting at the club per almost three years now that's like. Obviously being at Chelsea in play this from the back of Jesse radio or any other. And stuffing, he's, you know, you're asking a guy, deep in the thirties, played a certain way for very long time feels okay. You gotta be a sweeper keeper now. And that's a tough thing. I ask a guy if an NBA players like now it's all about threes now. Talking about and also could find everything except his pockets. All right, Greg, this is a lot of fun. Thank you so much. You can find on KYW NewsRadio the Philly soccer show in you guys on Twitter and stuff, and. At those soccer pod at full soccer posits Twitter account and on issues and the. Thanks a lot me. This has been a lot of fun. I act talk soccer all day all night. Greg, Cleese live. Thank you so much night. All right. You too. Some.

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