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the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today show sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes. Brand has an energy technology company. They strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode. I'm just so thankful that you were spending this time with us here at Permian Perspective and I hope that you're doing well. I do want to let everyone know that today's episode is a recording of Virtual Roundtable that I was honored to recently host and at the day of recording. Oil was much less. But so I wanted to let you know what oils trading at. Today's at twenty seven seventy seven West Texas is opening up. Restaurants are open twenty five percent capacity retail stores are open for curbside service. Here in the Permian. And there's a little buzz in West Texas. I have to say people are going back to work. It is nice to see some of you are able to return to your office. The other thing that many are doing is putting in social distancing protocol and wearing masks and so I just want to thank all of you for what a great job you're doing I know we're all doing our best. I just want to give you a virtual high five and say great job on doing your best through this pandemic as we all say we are all in this together and I've never heard her words and ensure fashion than what West Texas is showing right now during this challenging time so with that said I want to welcome you to this virtual roundtable it was honored to host it for on. Daca and thanks for listening. Have a great day. Welcome to part two virtual roundtable brought to you by on Daca and sponsored by the Iowa so glad that you could be with us here today. Discussing these are happening. The oil and gas in the air That you can utilize your business won't start off gentlemen by welcoming you back for TV. Have with as Jim cliche in James With N. B. I we have summer BOSCA's with intros strategic solutions. We have done just that with on Daca and Derek Clark With Pinnacle Contracts Gentlemen. Thanks for being with us today. Thank you progress. Schmil much today as a reporting oil is trading in one thousand. Nine hundred. Sixty eight league recounts today that four away which is down fifty seven from last week shocking began five hundred eighty two from last year a gentleman. I think what we all WanNa know is. Where do you think is heading it and also you share? Maybe two three tips that you had Dan in your business sales wise. That could maybe help all of us since we are all in this together gin getaway. We want to hear these well earlier this morning. That crystal ball out at out Milan added got it said guesses. Good Ma so wouldn't told me so. I really believe we have to look in a couple of factors this in the election. Year old enough to remember is about the gassing Election years are always down. You always without exception to bow them. Sixteen we get beaten up by energy companies to lower outrage mediums. You still operating those same rights now here to win twenty four years later. Wiz PANDEMIC THAT. We're face in like nothing we've ever seen with that. Donald Trump in the White House who was a friend of the energy business. But he's always send me and you know Joe Biden Ryan against the all very critical things but at the end of the day. Trump has worked with India p negotiated an opportunity for us to sell all about access to any. That's a lindvall that shield Saudi Arabia Faris and Russia but had stabilized it forces world prices up because India is the fastest growing civilized nations in the world. They are going to sing. Pass China those loose. Saying that I see are optimistic. That India will maybe fifteen years the middle lower middle-class country where everyone had automobiles everyone had motorbikes? Everyone Electric moderate omen sewage. It always in the only abortion. Asian has now and aging rapidly billed as fast as China. It so you know that will bring up. Global demand lead global demand global demand not only for diesel and gasoline global demand for chemicals for plastics for resins polymers. All things that oil she bought up now we also need to natural gas exports we government that will support the building of Ellen g systems so we have that now. Will we have that in a few chummy. Posted either for approved already so though the very things and I see light at the end of the tunnel but we've navigated they sayings before will do it again. I-i-in necessarily agree with said especially when you look at how strong gas mystery is. Just you know a backbone being research area you know in times like this. We've Seen Innovation Develop Processes Ping streamlined. Tell like everything's on the table at this point in in our elected officials MC tough job. It's not easy plot the railroad commission especially chairman. Christians done a great job being a leader answering hard questions. Socratic is thing. It's just not looking at what our options are at. What do we need says? Because at Texas is partly S. Were a global leader. Energy-sector folks are turning to us for inches and so the silver lining up down charm or economic abrupt. Stop like this is a forces us to take a breath and intimate right slowdown angst. You one thing I've always said is the best and brightest minds in this industry worked for our companies small companies like Derek in mind or large companies like the Exxon World everybody is looking at ways to get us out of this thing and so I think we trust ship to do they wanna do but organically out of the industry. I think we will find answers. And so when the was. What do you do to kind of bolster cells? What do you do to improve? Processes will Jews vokes in it. Why don't do direct sales? You know putting people in the same room. I think like both like John. Ikea Too busy of attention. Now all of a chance to explore how these technologies can streamline save money cut costs through processes. You know you look at ways to be so the last piece of advice out. Is You know at this moment. Focused on what? You're really good at right. Now is not the time to be. I do everything. I'm glad to help with everything and do what I can. Go beyond the service Mike Lines but I try to focus on what? I'm really good at that for me. It's raining people together. Tearing Information Keeping folks educated so that so that we eliminate some of the advantage comes along with insurgency but I I do believe that we should especially condition just And we'll find a way out of this number Anki sandwich fish with their tails. Say it just to kind of piggyback silver and said You know what I'm seeing a lot of oil and gas on him out in same time there's not anybody old world right everybody. It's it's a tough market no matter what your Mrs Bud. Oil and gas. I think what I've seen it's always out of Stanley. Kinda drooping community base out here on the Permian and I think now more so received back from a lot of people. I think it's interesting to see. Every communities are all team over been. I think that's going to be the keep going forward as everybody seems to understand. We all are in the same fight and we all need to help each other through this fight or none of his shooting. Make out and as far as you know your second part of that question you know how to increase themselves or anything like that. I wish there was a magic answer. Had be a lot better but I think silver drive. I think network news is she. I spend a lot of time. Prospecting of most of my sails. Paul should be. Autrey warm leads through my network and I think that's what will help you ultimately relationships and I know silver work together with another organization basing sociation finers. That's big part of what that Organization for about everything but a big part of it is the network decided that in been able to put people in same room in my town. As long as I'm trying to help other people give business somehow comes back around with me and other people in the bubbling media. So if you're not working on your network I think that's the first thing you'd be doing is building your network reaching out a late. Dan and even more so building Personal Branford cell phone lines ended and building content but people want to have dialogue with not just putting up with cheesy flyer on there. Like I've done a million times myself but you know China create engagement with people. Actually you know. Put something out that people want to respond back to in through that. And we're looking at you to liberty company Organically Trudeau sales for yourself. But yet I got a lot to learn that. She's got what I consider the last couple of months. Great advice dolls. It really is about that communication in communication during these times when he can't have lunch together or they will now you can today Texas but we're before UH couple months meeting like this insane connected sending that tests that constant contact email at Chia customers. Just just check on you know. I think that's a check on if there is anything that you can do. It doesn't always have to be about putting that sale right in front of the at that moment that contacted. It's just checking seeing headed so personally shoot. John What about you? What do you think where we having this guy? Some unique clearly things are are not great now and I think he's unserved one out of his ears so that seat as you had a herniated and plus one necessary which is the smaller guys arm more old as they just don't have resources it's not decided who relates the quality of thing that they're building she's in a lot of our founders. Were terrified is. They're clearly long if you're doing restaurant reservations online and on the restaurants either visually gene in the short-term. Let's actually think we're somewhere in front of us is awesome in one of the biggest opportunities. I think our life now. One of my life and it was at the lock had just started really release. It told me like it's more doksan remote learning tools at numerous more remember university levels of the previous use. Mac that makes this win something. What was interesting was not but it happened why it wasn't happening before because they had they had budgets. Tenure professors were blocking Bush functional. Basically as you said Yeah. That's great advice. You might which Micra cycles relate some of the Bible in other industries like well. Yes since rack rate. But I'd rather die of their because that's just what you might suddenly visor open as listen. Neither loosening national. They can not to do so. I think there's opportunity for new ideas new Beijing and hopefully the family is open to getting some second resulting valley's really's lawyered up figures to transform each down that I don't really look at his arrogance. Confidence is that night. Want y'all to be confident in the technology because I know I'm not so when I taught think about Silicon Valley and think about just the technology companies in general. Just thank you because I know my communication brain doesn't work that way. I can talk to people they want but I need the avenue to get there and you all have those amazing Abbas because of your intelligence and your experience so thank you for that. I really appreciate you mention that the gentleman I know running out of time in this segment it goes faster than a virtual roundtable. Quick that before relieve. I wanted to ask silver because I know all of us have worked forces. I know we have team members that much to ask says employers are asking questions to know what is the number one question. You're getting asked for solutions using could help. Everybody awesome the one thing that folks are asking for sprout. Now I will tell you know the pleasure of working with or for Solutions Alamo. In helping them with some other rural work in San Antonio Assistance overwhelmed. But certainly there's been a lot of data coming in as a male folks condition to help people that need help. And so the one thing that would freeze patients but out of this need or so many networking opportunities with the Small Business Association which e Commerce. With the governor's office people go online and find out more opportunities next week. There's a whole process on spur. Small businesses on out to apply for loans not just the federal coming in but existing loans. How do I implement those opportunities to In so think people are coming to us. Or Create a workforce of scary. But there's a lot of Out there to help is just when everybody desk at the same time. It's tough to that. You know office more people to work for them. They're doing the best. They can and trying to capitalize on areas. Where he's got critical mass? You know it's tough now but I think you know. Very slowly Recruitment in owes to me you know just a little patient and maintain the Brazilians which might be a positive outcome. You the rest of you with your teams in their questions and their concerns because then as a business centre or as a business leader and sure they are coming to you with. What are we gonNA have a job to needs from our different perceptions Tom mckean exactly where we are. That we know the is only no decisions on the spur of reversing. But we're in this together. No one hundred percents where with operational redo its is involves a different situation. Please insert single all our place so he very flexible when their own one does year. Like perched by awesome Hospice who needed and it's really to glass records entries upset. Probably I said definitely also meet Valley people connected with life and productive Mass Bay to up date and some lesser players. Were too so does can do to help. Team sweaters students other things and those loaded darry magic that just to touch base on what John was saying. Start at the same thing. We're very transparent. We sat down with. Our team explained our concerns and their concerns. We had a good talk on everything. Oddly enough I think it builds a little working broderie between us and lay understood. We were going to do everything we can. Keep the hours coming in. And everybody makes paychecks ago families but not me just a touch on that transparency and. I think for our team kind of builds a little bit more you know some rotary with Venice. 'cause we're we basically all decided we are going to ride this out. We are GONNA fight reason. We've all had to make sacrifices around ways Fortunate better teams that way. So that south Oddly positive light coming out stronger on the other hand on that. You didn't get your thoughts on malet go too long on them but uh Lonely sometime that top from Jayme Wood fiber people depending on their lives so transparently. Whichever couple times me that's correct you have to be transparent bagels. And whether they're eighteen year veteran are eighteen weeks with the company team days. They all worried because when this first started I was going to happen with a rule news. What was so. I was continuously sending letter out trying to see. Many people obviously could ahead changing flying around the country to each office that got knocked out and in transplanted. Everyone worked winning best. We can made sacrifices and more comments twenty two one on the sacrifices that we may versus negative conflicts and that was really heartfelt to me by the employee base of India. I didn't want to do is but who forced the great part. Most people realize that Decide on management side whenever on meeting. Everybody knows it's not ideal for anybody right With the police understand sacrifices are UNFORTUN- and visit? You had time for me. They got one like a thirty second comment on someone said palm of them a couple of other industry. It's my love in the healthshare drug rehabilitation in the state as a investing am also involved in aviation and I will tell you that the oil and gas industry is one of the rare industries at all pulled together and help each other. Make the I can assure you the healthcare business China to find out when they can chop off in. Get your super to your client base in aviation. It's cutthroat anything on earth and I've been years ago business electric impasse on and as his Ever been involved so this gas industry is brilliant compilation of really good at the end of the day active great way to end this segment because it truly is that what. I have noticed here in West Texas being year over twenty one years is that I don't care who you want. You're always trying to help send someone always trying to help you and if you call someone or you show up at their door and say I need health. They're not going to turn the way they're going to help you out so gentlemen. Thank you so much for sharing. I thought that was wonderful. Great Conversation we wanted to thank everyone who is watching at home or at your office watching this virtual roundtable sponsored by MB. We're going to wrap things up in this but we're gonNA hear the conversation on one more. Let's go part three. Does that sound gentlemen three okay. We will do that. We're going to wrap this Megyn CLICHE to sober. Bosca's John Joseph Kandar Clark or being with us today sharing their experience ensuring their knowledge with us. We hope you'll join us for our next virtual roundtable where we will talk about. What can be done on a national level and however all GonNa get through this roller coaster ride of the oil and gas industry together in the payment in that heard negative people refer to it as the perfect storm or the double whammy we are going to talk about that on our next virtual roundtable much for joining us and you get a great. I really enjoyed that and thanks again. Gentlemen that was fun to hear. Different perspectives and how they are dealing with the pandemic. I've posted links in the show notes to part one and two of our virtual roundtable. If you would like to listen if you WANNA watch us you can go to those links and part three will be out in the next week or two. So it's time now to announce today's community MVP and today's community. Mvp is an absolutely wonderful mental health source here in West Texas Centers for families and children and this caught my attention on social media. Recently centers is proud to provide two free sessions to healthcare workers and first responders who were fighting Ovid nineteen. I am not surprised by generosity. Centers does so many wonderful things here in our community and we thank you centers. We thank you healthcare workers and we thank you first responders for all you do. You are the true heroes during this difficult time. So that concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. A special thank you to Baker Hughes for sponsoring our show Baker Hughes you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand and as an energy technology company they are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Okay remember my life. Matas is always dream big believe and never give up these words or so true not only today but tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. That's right. We are all in this together. So DREAM BIG BELIEVER. Never give up. Thanks again for joining us for Permian perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here with the events on deck so do current circumstances of course we are not able to have any in person events so I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on but we have been hosting some virtual events so obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars live happy hours et Cetera. During this time since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events we would like to keep you guys updated via facebook Lincoln twitter so be sure to keep checking on that. And we'll keep you guys posted on anything. We're offering. It has been free to offer you guys value during this time that we're all at home so please continue checking in and joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person events and hope you're staying safe and sound tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot obgyn dot com.

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