O'Reilly on Newsmax TV: Judge Kavanaugh's Monday night interview; The Hypocrisy of George Stephanopoulos


Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly, and this is the talking points memo. Perhaps you saw judge Cavin on TV last night. I watched it and I was very sad, very sad, no matter whether you believe judge Cavin or not the anguish on his face, even more than his wife was palpable. You could see and the suffering that he has gone through the last couple of weeks. Not only because charges of misconduct were directed toward him, but because his daughters look up to him and he has to every day. Now explain this situation toll as human being and many of us are human beings. But some of us have left the building got a feel for judge Cavanaugh at least I do now. Now in the interview, because I'm a professional interviewer, I would've done it differently because the judge was well rehearsed in the sense that he was going to say he was not guilty. Do anything a hundred times you're gonna repeated over and over and over. Again. The interview has to know that before here she sets out and the way to keep that as a minimum. And surely the judge has the right to say he didn't do anything wrong, surely, but you as very, very simple, not yes or no, but almost yes or no questions you stair step. All right. Let me giving Zamel. Judge think back to when you're seventeen years old. What kind of parties did you go to what happened? It does parts. Did you ever see drinking there? You stair step. All right. Until you get into the meat of what judge Kavanagh's facing, he then lays out a narrative. What mar the mccown did was asked the bigger questions. I where the judge had his rehearsed answer down. Now, the reason that the judges advisers told him not to speculate about the accuser or people behind the accuse was because if the judge said anything about Dr ward or the other woman or Dianne Feinstein, anything at all that would have become the story for the media and the judge's proclamations of innocence would have receded. So the judge was disciplined. But I wanted third. Thirty times where he said he was innocent and you could see that MS McCallum was becoming a little frustrated. Okay. Now the judge, as I said in the message of the day, I'm Bill O'Reilly dot com, which I hope you re did himself some good because he came off as a human being and he wasn't flip. He wasn't. He was indignant, but not indignant like I would be. He wasn't lashing. He was brokenhearted, and he did mention his daughters and his wife, of course. So all in all, it helped write the TV of you help them. And now Thursday, he supposed to go and testify in front of the judiciary committee, which will be pretty much the same thing judging have very much. Now the accuser Dr Ford, Christine. Ford is suppose to testify as well. Thursday are heard, Rush. Limbaugh say, he doesn't think that minutes Ford will show up or maybe that's too strong might not show up. I've been thinking that to the judiciary committee on the Republican side is hired a female attorney to do the questioning because the committee is all men and they don't wanna be in kills on of asking a so called victim. Hard questions. Save hired, a woman lawyer to quiz Dr. Fort at gives Ford's lawyers out that. She may not come, and that's what Mr. Limbaugh say, will it be backlash against this whole thing? I think there might be if judge Cavanaugh is confirmed as big if the vote would take place next week. The whole thing goes back for me, an American citizen to Dianne Feinstein, holding back Christine Ford's allegations for a month, held amac timed it. So it would throw the confirmation hearings of judge Cavin, auntie camps. I used to respect. I an Feinstein. I do not me longer held them back for political reasons. No doubt about it. Finally, George Stephanopoulos is the biggest hypocrite a media today. Mr. seven was an ardent defender Bill Clinton. And worked in that machine. And now he's holier than thou on ABC news that all women should be believed. George stephanopoulos. Redefines hypocrisy. And that is the memo. I Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax also every night we do the no spin news on Bill O'Reilly dot com. You will like that. We'll see you soon.

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