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From npr wbz chicago. This is wait. Wait don't tell me the. Npr news quiz five four three two one. Now it's the new year's bill drop. I'm bill curtis and here's your host. Who personally provided the new born baby to play the new year. Peter say thank you bill. It is the first weekend of a new year and already. It's so much better than last year. For example. we don't have to worry anymore. About how terrible twenty twenty was going to be a feel like a great way to has been lifted from my calendar but the year passed wasn't all bad. We're going to spend the next hour proving it with some great segments and interviews from the past year. I up in. May we spoke to actor and singer christine borowski who starred in the mommy. A movie says well as the tv series. The good fights. The lockdown was just a few months old then so we asked her who she'd been stuck inside with. Doc is an interesting word. I'm blissfully with my But also stuck blissfully stuck with three little grandsons. My daughter and son-in-law this is like a grandma's dream isn't it to have your grandchildren with you and they're not allowed to leave. It's true i can. I can get my imprint on them and to convince them you know of of things like listening to block a before bed is the most wonderful thing you could possibly do or you know. Just you know planting seeds and today. We baked cake. I think i amy. I think i read once that you never had a television in your home. Is that right yes. We took the television set out when they were little. Because it became clear that that We couldn't monitor what they were watching. So we just I remember taking the television out physically. It was that small. And i and i put it in a barn across the road and covered it with a blank. Wait a minute. Your tv career started in the eighties right or so. Weren't your kids weren't even allowed to win tonight. Down i No they didn't watch me. No no i think didn't need to watch me I've played been dictated alcoholic divorce. Say so it's not some kids. Do christine this joel. I'm a gay person speaking to you. And as a young child. I did watch you on television in that show and i did idolize you from a very young age for that. So we'd like to say that. I think you robbed your children of something very special. Might not letting them watch. It informative age shaped college. Education does not make up for that. I wanted to be their mom. You know. I just want to be a wife and mom and not larger than life. I mean that's i wild. Because i also wanted you to be my mom of. You're speaking of your country house. We there's this rumor that even got to us and we don't know anything that your lake house is famous for. Its skinny dipping. is that true. Oh gosh this story will not die. It's not died so why let's just revive yet again. I ve very famous actors on my doc late at night Either skinny dipping. Or just you know. I have a nice fire pit that we have and we liked fires and sing under the stars and i've had very famous. I'm not going to be wait a minute. Greatest actors in the world. I can but i'm not going to. I'm not going to accused of nudity. So christine is this. Why is this. Is this a clue as to why you and meryl streep and audra mcdonald. Where all in bathrobes at the sondheim chevy thank you for bringing that up. Amy meryl streep was one of the people on my doc. I know she was fully clothed when she has visited. I will say that. Wait a minute we should just remind everybody that there was this wonderful online tribute to stephen sondheim last weekend and i think we can all agree. The highlight of really remarkable. Evening of performing. Was you along with meryl streep and audra mcdonald doing a trio version of the great the ladies who lunch from company and as amy pointed out. You all did it at home in your bathrobes sitting at the very desk where i recorded. My section of the music. And i could only record recorded late at night. When my little grandson's were sleeping but that requires some full out belting was about to say i just a little grandchild getting up and coming grandma would you stop belting. I'm trying to sleep well this is. I'm not kidding. This is what it sounded like. Let me try and do there is not to mow coasting drink to that. It's scripted that it's a rage. It's a primal alcoholic raged screen. That's what you have to produce so imagine me in front of my cell phones or not to wake up my lovely grandchildren. Who could have been traumatized. Hearing grandma had some sort of you know quarantine meltdown. That was literally gay. Make a wish christine. Now christine baranowski. It is a pleasure to talk to you. And since i'm a huge fan of the show. This is such a funny well. Let's see how you feel after this use star in the good fight so we've asked you here to play a game. We're calling the good sprite. That's right we're going to ask you three questions about the good sprite. That is seven up. Answer two of them correctly and you win our prize for one of our listeners. The voice of anyone. They may choose for their voicemail. Bill who is christine baranowski for jared ready of asheville north carolina. All right you ready to do this. A good right Yes i did warn you that it would be stupid. I'm so here we go. Here's your first question. Seven ups popularity is probably in part thanks to its original name. What was seven up first marketed as when it was introduced to the market way back. When was it a bib label. Lithium lemon lime soda be carbonated citrus. Vim restorer or see. Crack they all. Sound utterly ludicrous. Cracked crab always choice games in life. Go with crack but no the answer was lithium lemon lime soda. By biblical liquidated liberal liffey aided in that referred to its key ingredient. back them which is lithium. That's the same medicine they give to purple bipolar disorder. Good good good for you all right. You still tumor chances. Here's your next question. Seven up has many popular varieties like cherry seven up but not all. The new varieties made it a chocolate. Seven up be seven up with old bay seasoning for c. Seven up upside down instead of lemon lime flavor. It was lime lemon flavor. Oh yuppie sat didn't realize it would be this stupid to reform the you're gonna go see that's right. They tried selling seven upside down. Instead of lemon lime was lime lemon and who knows what the differences all right. Here's your last question You get this you win in the nineteen fifties seven up ad campaign recommended. That drinkers of the soda. Do what was it. A sign of quote loyalty oath to seven up rather than communist vodka bead dip cigarettes in it for that quote lemon lime tobacco flavor. We're seeing mix it with milk and give it to infants. What give me a again. I'll give you a sign of quote loyalty oath to seven up rather than communist vodka. Alcoa chat another vodka stinger another. This could be another vodka stinger. Noma fainting answer was was see. Mix it with milk and give it to infants variously. I know in the words of the ad campaign. Seven up is so pure so wholesome you can even give it to babies and feel good about bill. How did how did christine parents ski. Do on our quiz. Well technically christine uncut one right. But you've played it so well that we're gonna make you a winner in this game christie. Have another guy. I think we should give her a point just for the singing. Just the first thing christine. Thank you so much playing. It is so delightful to talk to you. Christine baranowski is an award-winning actor and performer. She is the star of the good fight streaming now on cbs. All access christine bransky. What an absolute joy to talk to you. Thank you so much. It was so much fun. Thank you for having me guys. Thank you so much. Thank you christine. Bye-bye here's a moment. We loved with our own pod of panelists tom. This week disneyworld announced that they had hired additional staff to help their maskless guests by doing what. Throw them out. No i'll give you hint. You know it's just using a little disney magic and a little photoshop. Oh my god. They're gonna photoshop mass on the exactly right so people think everybody. Disneyworld has mass on precisely right People don't have to be embarrassed about showing their right photos during the pandemic because they had masks digitally added to their faces in those photos. You by the end of rollercoasters. No i mean this is great. So if you didn't wear a mask on your disney visit don't worry disney is now photo shopping masks onto your picture so you can have it displayed at your funeral and convince people. It wasn't your fault. We'll probably gonna be easier to wear the mask you know. It's it's just not that hard now. I should say once the stories got around disney announced. They will no longer be digitally adding masks to photographs of their safe. You get sick at the park. Phil just cryogenically freeze you until there's enough vaccine to go around and finally we didn't want to start the year without a helpful public service pop song from bill. Curtis it's all about the man of mass. No trouble all out. The mass of the mass. No troubled you wear it then. They know sneezed coughed. Knows spray. A simple little way to keep the germs at bay. It's all about the mass about the man no trouble trouble when we come back going to extremes to manage an extreme situation and we're joined by a real life master of disguise at least i think we were. We'll be back in a minute with more. Wait wait don't tell me from. 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So we're doing our best to salvage the reputation of the past year by sharing some of the best moments from it all of which happened on our show rather than in the real world which let's face it needed work. We spent most of the year dealing with the pandemic and some people resorting to extreme measures as we discussed in this game of bluff the listener with peter. Gross jessi klein dueled sake. Sloan wait tell me. Hey camping from alabama kathy from where hoover alabama hoover alabama and. I can't say. I know alabama well but whereas hoover it's where it's supposed to be say a little north Four fifty nine runs right past all right the next time. I'm over fifty nine. I will absolutely look direction. Well welcome to the show kathy. You're going to play the game in which you have to tell truth from fiction bill. What is kathy's topic re open. Sesame is everywhere are reopening for five minutes until after close again. Our panelists though are going to tell you about a business that figured out a new way to be safe in the age of covid. Who's telling the truth you'll in the weight waiter of your choice in your voice mail. Ready to play. Oh yeah well then. Let's do it first. Let's hear from dual say sloan ms cathy. Hat your northeast. What mobile tuscaloosa birmingham. Well if you come up mobile pretty much stay straight. You'd be right there. I'm from georgia to alabama all the time. So that's why. I was like yeah you you go to gulf shores and stuff like that. Yes ma'am i go down a dolphin island. Oh how wonderful. Not family loves salfan allen and we just straight down Sixty five and the mobile and then right over there no your state highways. I am impressed. I'm from new york. I don't know any where that you guys were talking about. Don't you wish you did though. Didn't you didn't listen to them talk. I happened to mobile. that's beautiful. Oh that gamete got telling you telling now. So germ access partnered with oregon to create a spray mist sanitizing system for retail stores and restaurants that disinfects customers as walk in. Geremek's is the leader. Sanitizer in oregon is an expert at sprang unwanted. Pests are current unwanted pest is coded nineteen like the water mr in the produce section of a grocery store customers will be sprayed with the five antibacterial miss for twenty seconds the same amount of time. We should washing hands. Unfortunately there have been a few hiccups in this. Well-meaning plan while testing the new system at a cvs. Some customers complained of the miss ruining their clothes hair or makeup and left him dripping. Wet one customer was quoted as saying this is ridiculous. I came in for allergy medicine not indoor slip and slide but it did make my shopping trip faster though i was able to pick up some items as i slid through the aisles. Cvs spraying down their customers with disinfectant before they're allowed to come in making them somewhat slippery. Your next story of a safety solution comes from peter. Gross the dunkin donuts and clinton connecticut has been opened for drive thru service ever since the pandemic struck in march but when the state move to phase three of reopening this week the store was finally allowed to have customers. Come inside. We were really excited to see some of our regulars face to face against it store manager. Lisa kabul her franchises smaller than most dunkin's though and koba was worried about covert exposure in such a tight space so she asked for a little leeway from corporate and came up with a really intriguing idea. The six foot doughnuts which was introduced on monday is the perfect combination of edible food item and once in a century pandemic safety protocol. The six foot donut work. Well if you've ever been inside of an inner tube than you know what it's like not to just order but also wear six donut upon entering the store you given your choice of glazed chocolate vanilla or pink icing with sprinkles customers simply slip the six foot donut over their head until they're comfortably encased in the six foot in diameter forty five thousand calorie twenty five pound. Don't outfitted with suspenders to help. Keep it at waist level. You can either start eating your way out of the doughnut in the store or take it home with you and enjoy the equivalent of seven hundred and fifty donuts at your leisure so far. Cobo is thrilled with how it's working out. People have really been enjoying coming back into the store strapping on a doughnut and bouncing up against other customers like they're in bumper cars. The cdc is proclaimed the six foot doughnuts ninety eight percent effective at preventing transmission of coronavirus but one hundred percent effective at giving you a new malady called type two diabetes a six foot donut served at a dunkin donuts. The people put around their waste to make sure they keep safe distance from the other customers. Your last story of a protective measure comes from jesse klein speed with which the pandemic has changed. Every aspect of our lives has been stunning but at one pub in england. Changes are quite literally shocking. In an effort to enforce social distancing among a boozy crowd one. Tavern in cornwall has installed an electric fence inside his bar to keep a knee. Abbreviated clients at bay. Johnny mcfadden owner of the star in tried several different tactics before going with the fence. But apparently things like ropes floor stickers and the fear of covert itself where no man for customers consuming one pint too many so finally inspired by the electric fences commonly used to keep sheep together in his rural farming town. He plugged in and apparently the threat of electrichouston has worked fairly well. Says mcfadden quote people are like sheep she keep away people keep away. Some might be concerned that a bar owner whose installed a live electric fence and his establishment his opening himself up for many lawsuit but as mcfadden sees it quote as long as there's a warning sign on an electric fence and you are warned about it. It's totally legal mcfadden. Maybe no lawyer. But he's got a doctors concern for the health of his customers and cheers to that. All right kathy somewhere there is a business that is opening up with one of these concessions to safety in the age of covid. Is it from dual. Say a cvs. That started spraying down customers with disinfectant before they come in the door from peter grouse dunkin donuts selling special six foot that you actually put around your ways to make sure you keep distance or from jesse a pub in england that has installed an electric fence to make sure that nobody gets too close. Which of these is the real story. I'm really think that the story. That sounds plausible. Is the bar all right. Kathy your choice then. Is jesse story of the bar with the electric fence while we spoke to the innovator who came up with new safety precaution as long as there's a warning sign on electric fence. It's totally legal. And the fear factor. It works in that accent. It sounds true. That was johnny mcfadden landlord of the star in the bar the electric fence. Congratulations kathy you got it right year into point for jesse you've won our prize of of your choice in your voice mail. You did it related. I love it. thank you so much cathy. Thanks for playing and stay safe. So what are the most interesting people. We spoke to this year with somebody. We had never heard of before which was quite intentional. On her part jonah mendez worked in the cia for decades rising to become their first-ever master of disguise. Peter ask her if that was a real job title. People are amazed at that title. Yeah we had quite an effort underway in the field of disguise and and there's a very famous story just to sort of start right off with your level of expertise that you went in to the oval office with the first president bush disguised as somebody else and he couldn't tell yes. Yes it was worried. A full face mask can with hair. I looked great. You know he had been she cia. I remember that so he kind of knew where the where the level of expertise was. This mass guy was showing him was just notching it up about four levels. I mean it was. It was a huge leap in technology. And i told him that i was gonna showing the latest disguise stuff that we had. He's looking like where's your stuff. And i said i'm i'm wearing it but i'm going to take it off and show it to you and he said oh don't don't take it off. He got up and he came and he looked he walked around. He said okay. So i i did that. Tom cruise feel which should be called the shawn mendez fuel. Because i was looking ahead of tom cruise on and i'm holding this thing up in the air and the white house photographer took a picture of it. Wow so we have this moment captured in in all time. It took me ten years before they decided to send it to me. Really and they airbrushed the mask out of my hands. What what in my library you know in the wall where you put all your good enough. I've got a picture of myself sitting in front of the desk of the president of the united states with my finger in it. Looks like i'm lecturing him. So you got involved in the way back in the sixties right because you were dating somebody who are married to somebody who turned out to be in the cia. Is that right yeah. I left wichita. Kansas to go be in a friend's wedding in germany and i basically never went home right. I stayed at got a job at chase manhattan bank. I couldn't i. I've never worked in a bank. I didn't speak german. do math. What was a four thing. Oh and i didn't have a work permit and they hired me. I'm never turning down a wedding again if that's how it can turn out when they found out that you got a job in germany with no banking experience. Not speaking german completely unqualified. Was that when they realize you would be an excellent spy. Anything ever asked me that question so you got into the cia. Did they immediately send you out on spy. Work like to use maria's areas and the things that we all seem in the movies the secretary director of this office called ot s. It was the cue or this this before you've compared what you did to the cube ranch and the james bond movies. We made the the gear the equipment the toys that the case officers like the like the laser eyeglasses the turn into submarines that kind of thing if you if you brought us a good idea and it was feasible and you really needed it we would probably make you one but but but we we were a little different than the movies because q would always had the weapons off james lose them he would break them he would you know sorry i just imagined you're watching james bond movies and getting upset about what james bond was doing with his tools like damage james back in the case that's right i wanna know how are you allowed to tell us all this. This seems like the kind of information that we're only supposed to speculate about but never actually know these things happen. They must really know the npr audience threat. We've written enough books. Everything in those books is approved. What's your favorite disguise. You ever did that. You can tell us about well. It would be one that my husband did. I helped him with it before you go on. I should clarify for the audience that your husband assume you're talking about is tony mendez. No longer with us who was among many other things. The character played by ben affleck in the movie argo. That was him. That was your husband. He's the man who told ben affleck that he wasn't good looking enough to play him about time. Someone took ben affleck down. Please proceed with the story so tony was showing our office director. This new operational technique. We're gonna use it. Moscow tony's at the end of hall inability needed abused. And he's wearing a raincoat got agreed. Case where suit starts walking down the hall yet forty five steps and forty five seconds to cover this ground and in that forty five steps he turned from amena business suit with the briefcase to an old lady and a pink's thing with shawl gray hair pushing a grocery cart. Wait minute we get this lady out of here. She's a witch. she's a wig. I did. I did read. Were you said that you could make a man to a woman or woman to a man but something about the character of the cia agents. The men didn't wanna have to become women now. They didn't neither did. Us marines really. How often did you have to ask marine to become a woman now and then wade professional or just a private interest of yours. I wanna know if your child won the halloween contest. Every year always really. So are you at all serious and if so can you tell us about some of the disguises or costumes that you helped her child create. Oh i remember one from cats Where we can just do. We could do a great cat face. I remember one. That was knockin Attached to each other and then we discovered that no one could go to the bathroom all night because the whole patch and ago. Wait a minute you child and his friend he was a son were all pumpkins. Attached to each other's they'll walk around as a group. Actually that was tony me. You'd think to experience. Cia agents would realize that if they're attached by the stem difficulty we got into that stuff. Now it's fun well jonah. It is a pleasure to have you here but we haven't fact invited you here to play a game. We're calling disguise. Sure but how about those guys. We were thinking you're an expert in disguise. But what do you know about those guys meaning. Of course the mafia answer two to three questions correctly and win a prize for one of our listeners. The voice of their choice on their voicemail. Bill who is john mendez playing for jillian edwards of orlando florida. All right you ready to do this and all right. Here's the first question john. A gotti is the son of john. J gotti the famous mafia don but his friends and relatives realized that junior was not cut out for the family business when he said what a quote wait. You mean dad's not in the sanitation industry. Be quote let's make him an offer see if he refuses. And if so consider are other options for c. quote i love cracker barrel country fried steak much about the mafia. I'm going with see you're right. Turns out that the young mr guy phone lubbock cracker barrel when he was visiting his father in prison in illinois and his various family members said yes. No all right. That's one correct second question. Mafia guys are known of course for their colorful nicknames. Why was salvatore vitale. An underboss in the banana family new york known as good looking sal. Was it a before. He became a made man he modeled menswear and the jc penney catalog be. He wants foiled an attempt on his life by spotting his would be assassin behind him in a mirror where see because he insisted that his underlings call him. Good-looking sal no idea so guess you're gonna get a no. He was not a model before he became a made man. He just insisted that everybody call him. Good-looking sal. Apparently you didn't say no. To looking sal. All right last question if you get this win at all prosecutors believe that the dumbest mobsters ever with the two sides involved in two thousand eleven crooked deal in new york in which what happened a one side sold cocaine which was really crushed up sheet rock to the other gang for money which turned out to be counterfeit be one gang sold a building. They didn't own another gang which tried to tow it away or see. A gunfight broke out when to gangsters showed up at a party. Wearing exactly the same pinstriped. Suit also good again. You're to go with again you're right. That's what happened. How trying to sell the cocaine was co cain. They got money that wasn't really money. Twenty-three men ended up in jail. When all the dust the sheet rock dust settled. Well that explains one of my saturday nights a couple of weeks ago. Bill how to jonah. Do doing our quiz got out of three. That means she is a died. In the wool winner jonah mendez is the former chief of disguised for the a and the co author of the moscow rules. More information can be found at the master of disguise dot com jonah. Or whoever you may really be thank you so much for being on our is a pleasure to talk to you. This was as fun as i thought it would be very good. Thank you bye-bye when we come back actor who plays starring roles which you never see his face and a woman who travels to places. You've never been we'll be back in a minute with more. Wait wait don't tell me from. Npr support for this podcast and the following message come from the walton family foundation where opportunity takes root more information is available at walton family foundation dot org from npr and wbz chicago. This is wait. Wait don't tell me the npr news quiz. i'm bill curtis and here's your host. A man who believes twenty twenty. One is the aghia he starts wearing. Bow ties peter singled. Thank you bill so it really was a great year really at least in one hour weekly increments or to be strictly the accurate in certain parts of one our weekly increments usually when we got to talk to somebody. Cool for example. Doug jones is one of the most successful actors in hollywood. But you'd never recognize him. That's because he plays most of his roles buried under twenty pounds of latex. he's played monsters and creatures in movies. Like hell boy in the shape of water and alien crew member in the latest star trek series. So i asked him if he grew up. Dreaming of becoming the go-to guy for anything with claus fins. No actually i started as a mime back at ball state university in indiana and be six three one hundred and forty pounds and having a mind background. It's like oh the creature effects. People were just all over me. The minute i got to. La alright we skipped a bit. Why out of all things did you decide to become a mime. Who knowing chooses that do they just as you i. I assume people were just born into like the mind. Cast and the right choice and my dorm at i lived in it at ball state. I was a freshman in a senior is. Who ran the mime troupe. The trip was called mime over matter. Get it i got. And so he he saw how i talk with my hands and how lanky i was. He said you know he should come see one of our shows and think about auditioning for our troop and that's how the mind thing started with me. Wow and a drug dealer like get on the straight the fray the first the first fake elevator is free Were you that kind of mine. Were you out on the on the on the sidewalk doing like. Oh there's a wind. There's a wall that my first job out of college was working at kings island a theme park and in cincinnati ohio a cincinnati ohio. This kind of on the cusp of indiana kentucky. And so there's not a whole lot of people in that area that new of mine was So it's like i'll and look at the clown look at the clown why talking. I don't know who said i know. This is a very weird question to ask you. But can you think of like the weirdest thing you were asked to play. And i say this to somebody who's literally played the angel of death. I think a giant cockroach she bug thing. I did a movie. A horrible movie called bug-buster. I had a huge fight scene with randy quaid. I was a giant insect that was guarding my pile of eggs and he was coming to kill us So we had a big knock down drag out in a cave. And he came in there with weapons bolts. Didn't kill me either. Pulled out like a flame thrower i don't burn. And he pulled out a co two gun. I don't freeze so. He threw all of his weapons down said. Come on man you would meet mano a mano a. That's when it got weird. We're we have a knock down drag out choreographed fight around this cave bouncing off walls and rolling around on the ground and half. I got up from that. And i i asked my handler. I said can you go check on randy. I didn't see him get up after that. Fight a across the cave. I hear i hear dot buddy. Can you hear me randy quaid. Y- yeah he said do what you do on. It's great we can go again. I'm find you're doing great. The next voice. That i heard was a young. Pa production assistant going on. Can i get some ice over here. I can't stop the bleeding. Be remembered as as that young lanky fella who killed randy quaid as a bug as the bug in costume and in in the shape of water. You had a particular challenge because not only. Did you have to be other worldly and alien but you had to be attractive. Sexy yes so. How did you work that out. Doug well i will say this. These sculpted me a sexy ass body. Did i my skinny bones slip into this beautiful rubber muscle suit with a with a fine area. I beat it was. It was in fact. Every time. I step i stood up. Walked away from our set chairs. Where we're you know we're arrests between takes If i was in with octavia spencer. Sit there and watch me walk away and just say one thing what that's when you know. They sculpt didn't with a latex. lean out and go thank you. That was exactly right. Well doug jones. It is an absolute joy to talk to you as much fun as it has been to watch you do stuff which is really saying something. You're very kind. Thank you but we have asked you here to play a game that this time we're calling. Hey check out. The shape of this water. We discussed were the lead in the shape of water. So we thought we'd ask you about actual shaped water. That is ice and snow. Sculptures answer two to three questions correctly a winner prize for one of our listeners. The voice of their choice on their voicemail. Bill who is doug jones. Playing for lane owens of los angeles california all right you ready to do this no lane. I'm rooting for both of us here. All right here we go use your first question now. One of the most notorious ice sculptures ever seen was the one commissioned by dennis kozlowski the ceo who served eight years in prison for fraud and embezzlement because he spent company money on things like which these a an ice sculpture of himself which he kept in a three hundred thousand dollars. Clear glass freezer for display be. A full-scale is skeptical of michelangelo's david which dispensed cold water party guests through. Well his natural spigot or see a thousand tiny handmade obtrusive invidual bird species made for his evening cocktail with the The because that sounds more narcissistic. That's a very good idea. But what he really did. was he. commissioned the ice sculpture of michelangelo's david which dispensed which dispense vodka through his little. I have no idea what the question is. Endure photographs at this. But i don't know how guests what the head to do to the david to get it to dispense to leave you. Ask all right. Here's your next question. The uk's channel four came under some criticism for its creative use of an ice sculpture. Why a did not appreciate being represented by sculpture titled ice queen bee. After boris johnson refused to participate in a debate on climate change. They had a melting ice sculpture. Take his place or see to counter program theresa. may's speech in the bbc. They showed an ice sculptor of her for an hour with the caption. Which seems more human Can i go with a again. Because i do love Queen elizabeth and. I want to think of her as a nice clean. Either you can go with a again. I mean possible seems to be waiting. It seems to be to ask or it could be the answer. Be yes interesting. Though the melting ice sculpture of the planet did hold. Its own in many points of debate. All right last chance. If you get this you win it. A news reporter in california went viral when he knocked over the carving of the ice sculptor. He was interviewing on live. Tv at the state fair but there was another twist to the story. What was it a the reporter had faked the accident because he was bored of doing stupid human interest stories all the time be. He was carried away by rage when he realized the ice sculpture was of his ex or see. The ice sculptor was his childhood enemy and he had planned this vengeance for decades. Okay i'm gonna go with a one more time and this time it paid off done elaborate stories anymore. It worked now. He has his own news channel on youtube. Did bill how doug jones. During our quiz he loved as so much. Doug jones actor you can see him now as commander seru on star trek discovery season. Three streaming on cbs. All access now doug jones. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm wait wait. Don't tell me what a joy to talk to you. The joy has been mined. Thank you all so very much for having me. Bye bye support for this podcast and the following message come from the american jewish world service working together for more than thirty years to build a more just and equitable world. Learn more at age. Aws dot org. Finally there used to be a time when we would fantasize about traveling to other worlds or having superpowers these days. We just dream about being able to go outside. Kelly edwards is living the dream. She's an explorer scuba diver adventurer and host of mysterious islands on the travel channel. Peter esker if she had to give up travel during the pandemic. i actually have not. Because i'm also a pilot And so. I have not been stuck at home. Because i have capabilities of take myself right. Like to go with you to catalina. We'll take we'll take the plane we'll scuba dive. Near the arcade there come on actually learned. Ivan catalina. Because you're a diver to. I'm a diver as well. I am a bond girl. Laura croft 007 enrolling. So whatever you guys wanna do. Let's do it. How did you get interested in being basically an adventurer. Well i started taking road trips with my parents at a very very young age. And i when i started to look at the world in nat geo and travel channel on all this. I'm like oh. I should go to these places so there are a lot of us who just save up the money to get an economy class ticket. You decided you would actually learn to fly and fly yourself. Yes indeed and that came about. Because i saw one man in a small airplane landing at burbank airport between and south west and jet blue and i literally googled at the gate. One man. small aircraft in general aviation came up. I had no idea that you didn't have to be a military pilot to become a pilot. And so i came back and took a discovery flight from a groupon for one hundred bucks and got hooked and sick in the plane. Hooked and sit really because wait a minute. So the only time. I've ever flown myself in a small private plane general aviation. I got incredibly sick. And i said to myself well. That's the end of this for me. Never again and i've stuck to that but you the same thing happened to you and your reaction was like okay. Great when you've all cleaned up the vomit. I'm going to learn to fly. Let me tell you why. And i'm not crazy. Okay i just have to tell the truth. But i flew over my ex boyfriend's house and i snapped a picture from the air and i sent it to him and his reaction was priceless. He's like how did you get this picture. And where are you and i was like. Oh i just need to be able to do this whenever i feel like it. I thought you were going to say. I vomited out the window and then be. I love that you're pettiness. Drove you to learn how to fly an airplane girl. You're like a hashtag goals. I don't know if you were adventures. They've ever called upon survival skills. Do you have any survival skills. I do have my wilderness. First aid certification. I'm going go. Get my avalanche training in october. Beck in colorado. I've always ready for the apocalypse. I literally. I'm literally coming to move in with you coming to move in with you because you are lara croft. You really aren't you are in my avalanche training with stay. The hell away from avenue. I would worry about like being with you in the apocalypse. Because you'd be too good at it and it just be like lagging behind out of breath that i grabbed by that collar. We'd be out of there. I'll take whatever you went on. Anything goes wrong call kelly. She's going to load up the aircraft. She's going to have all the gear and we're going to survive. And i say that so. I'm like choose your friends riley. I'm one of those friends. Choose a i mean. It is humbling to know that you have all these skills for the apocalypse and in my case it'd be like well. Peter could moderate the discussion at the campfire. Tonight it's and mice killer. It'd be like i don't. I hope it doesn't come to this but probably i'm delicious. I'll hold my breath. I would i would say in the meeting of your new clan. Don't lead with that job. You're going around to find what everybody can contribute. Hi i'm josh delicious. Can you do the castaway thing tom. Hanks did and actually make a fire from like sticks if you needed to. I absolutely can. That's definitely one of the skills that you learn like. That's one oh one. Survival skills like fire is the most important. Come on peter. That's one on one. This is terrible josh. If you and i were maroon together. I wouldn't even be able to boil. You could use my reflection of my giant forehead to call down a plane. well kelly. It is an absolute delight to talk to you but we have actually asked you here today to play a game this time. We're calling welcome to staten island. So you've explored many exotic remote islands. But what do you know about pretty normal island right off the wild coast of eastern new jersey. Staten island answer two out of three questions about staten island. And you'll win our price for one of our listeners. The voice of anyone. They may choose from our show on their voicemail. Bill who is kelly edwards playing for lia. Ross love orlando florida. All right ready to go. Kelly ready freddy first question about staten island. One of the best reasons to visit. Staten island is no longer there every year. In the fall people used to rush to the island for the ritual annual construction of what a the world's longest urinal be the birdman huge wooden sculpture of a man flipping manhattan the bird or see giant bust of dolly parton and kenny rogers based on the myth that staten island is the island in the stream. Let's see 'cause you know lolly acquaintance and we're just gonna say yes you're going to. You're just gonna. Because i said dolly parton you're just gonna go. Yes dolly parton absolutely. I like i like that. Because you're right. She is the queen but the answer is the world's largest urine was a hundred feet long. It was built each year for the start of the new york city marathon but sadly no more now they with porta-pottys which are duller all right next question after months of receiving massive electricity bills in your mailbox. Staten island woman figured out the reason. Why a like all staten island residents. She left her christmas lights up until august be. The bills. were actually for the electricity pole. Outside her house or see con edison was paying tribute to the large italian population on. Staten island by tallying all bills in lire. I'm gonna go with. She left her christmas lights on two august. You see you can see it from the sky. I imagine you fly around. That's my house. No actually the answer. Sadly was be. The bills were for the electricity pole outside her house. They were actually addressed to poll as the woman said quote. You don't right to a if you're normal all right last question though. It's not often thought of as a fine dining destination. Visitors to staten island can enjoy food from which of these restaurants a the world's longest buffet built out of the previously mentioned world's longest journal be spin bon cinnabon slash cycling gym or c. n. o. Teke maria which only employs genuine italian grandmothers as cooks. Manigault go c. Your right in maria presumed is them coming out and ask you why you're not married yet. Oh man i got plenty of bill. How did kelly edwards quiz out of three now kelly. You'll be thinking about this on your next flight so we love having you here. That was a great roundabout answer was he was very positive. I think kelly. Edwards is an adventurer mountaineer. Piloting scuba diver. You can hear her. Every wednesday on her. New travel podcast. Let's go together kellyanne words. Thank you so much for being on our guys for having me so. That's it for our new year. Special whatever 2021 brings. We hope you'll spend at least part of it with us. We promise it won't get any worse at least during certain parts soup one our weekly increments wait wait. Don't tell me as a production of npr wbz chicago in association with urgent haircut. Productions doug berman benevolent overlord. Philip are limericks our web who is beth novi b. j. liederman composed our theme programs produced by jennifer mills miles boss and lillian king. Peter gwen is an auld acquaintance will never forget technical direction from lorna white. Our business and ops managers colin miller. A production manager is robert newhouse our senior producers in chile and the executive producer. Wait wait don't tell me. Is mike dan for you. Thanks to everybody you heard this week. All of our panelists all of our guests and of course bill kurtis and thanks to all of you for listening. Here's to a happy healthy and better new year. I'm peter segal and we'll be back with a new show next week. This is npr.

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