Rob Corddry


Yeah we probably talk about the movie back to the future too often on the show i would say it comes up a lot and i think one the reasons i love it so much is because like a lot of people. I fascinated by the idea of time travel. If you could go back if you could change the past if you could change the future where would you go. What would you do. Go back before i would go back. You would. yeah. I have one particular regret. I think i would go back to your own life. You wouldn't go yeah before your life. Is that nurses nurse that. Because that's what i i'm concerned mostly about my own life. I hate to say out sounds. Yeah when you frame it. That way. I mean i'm interested in other things other moments in history. Of course i'd like. If i as long as i settle this one thing square that away and and Don't have to have regrets about it. Then i think i would like to go back to other periods. Where would you go back I would go before. I was born but i really yet. But what what am i. New year's resolutions this year was to be more present so Sorry i'm talking about. I'm going to reject the premise. Okay well that's right. i don't wanna go. That's very machine so you must be excited for this present moment of show. Sure to could be a dream life. Good you're listening to life is short presently. I'm your host justin long injury sweet. Do with always. Is my brother christian. Currently in present house embracing the president's going for you pretty good. You know the time travel thing. I definitely wouldn't want to go into the future at all. You don't have to not wanted to go into the future of you had access to a timeshare because it's scary and i wouldn't. I both wouldn't wanna know. I know what especially the way it might be happening in a bad way. But then on the flip side. If it's if i go into the future it's really good then. I'm going to be jealous. That i don't that i won't get to let the system that yeah i'm so l. in either if it's good or bad i don't wanna see it right presumably if you were there and you're witnessing that means you could exist in it now if you have a time machine. I'm assuming you can't just go to the future and live in the future. I'm assuming it's like sephora. Visiting situation. And past i wouldn't wanna go back to previous simon my life because i feel like that would only exacerbate any regret. I hadn't if i wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway. It might be kind of depressing. Oh the west and again. I wouldn't want y'all wanna do is go way back way. Way way back in the rose born but he but then the downside to that is potentially dangerous. And i might get you know. yeah. I mean in any brighter in history. So i don't want to go the time especially with our lineage. I don't think we were like we weren't like Roman guard that worked from that kind of stuck and we weren't from a wealthy line. I don't think so. It's not like we would go back and be protected. But here's the thing we survived and our line however much we to look down on it from privilege. We survived line. It must have been a pretty good line. We must have had something that made us survive as a as family. Yeah certainly biologically. We had a something was healthy enough to keep going. We have two grandmothers who are one hundred. Three hundred four hundred three. I feel like we're sneaky people. You know we've we've sleep by. Yeah we gotta like we just like weasel out of team. That is not good Well why are we talking about time. Travel presently were about to hear from being present. It doesn't just mean keep using presence in some form in your remains to you. Then that's okay. That's not what resolution was about. Now i wanna be more present to a good one. Because the reason that i'm into this moment in my past is like you know it's because i have a somebody i want to change and that's not good. That's not a way to live that. Because i can't change it can't change to know what you want to change. Well i'll tell you later anyway. I aren't you more dying to know who the guest this. Yeah you it is. Yeah he is the star of a movie and a sequel of a movie called hot tub. Time machine craig. Robinson and hot tub time machine to adams gun. No close warm your walmart greg very warm clark duke clerk duke what i say clark got some clark. No our guest is rob Yes the great. That one of my favorite pals grub gorge from back in the day. How long has it been That i've known him fifteen years. A long time you met doing movie i call. It was originally called patriot. Bill we talked a little this. We've talked about this show more than we've talked about it to more people than deathly more people have seen it then. Who have seen it. Maybe i bet it's actually inspired some people to see it. I wonder it's actually not that bad of a movie. It's just a horribly titled movie. Yeah it's got now. It's taking chances if you'd like to take a chance and see no no taking chance taking checking chance yes i chose that name over some other contenders The plot unfolds characters. Do things wonder what's next events happen things in the present characters interact. that's good. That was a good one anyway. Rob is so fun doing that with him. And our frontier who. We definitely mentioned a lot but We just had such a blast shooting down in south carolina and and front of the show. Manual shriek yes shrieks and hope hopefully future guest as well. Nick offerman yes. There's an offerman out to him to to do it. Do you hear what i said. Yeah sony you rolled your house like why can't believe you came like what the viral anyway rob boston zone. Say the balderdash. I one of our faults he is ever had. I mean he is. Who's baldwin that unlike short. I mean he's so bald that i it's hard for me to imagine him not being bald. That's how long he's been bald in my experience. And i think in his i think the way he's even when he was talking about he's one of those guys that can like he doesn't seem at all right well. Conscious looks like one of those guys who started balding in the ninth grade as like the day after they started puberty It started going. Who mentioned that. They went through joel. Mchale he'd bought an early. But like i feel like rob was probably bald. I knew a few ball kids in college like bald. Hang it's But anyway he's obviously lot more than that's really neither here nor there. No no but it's now here because we're in the present that's right so Presently let's get listening to that. Was my resolutions was come up with better ways to say oh literally let's let's let's So so so. Lay your ears on this. You're trying to come up new catch for. Yeah introduced the so. Let me toss rob cordray Ear bomb on your right now. yeah. 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God where is a great episode of curb as i already that site that ever even the mediocre ones are great. But what were you. Were you directed that way. Were you instructed to play just super positive guy per positive that's all that's an addition was and it's the worst because you probably have gotten these before like they say don't try to be funny. He just so happened. That jeff garland was coming in right as i was waiting to go in It was like they told you not to be funny right. Yeah yeah don't don't be funny justice. And so i went in and i both really didn't try to. I didn't do a fucking funny thing. That whole audition. And larry was laughing his ass off while i don't know what like just the reality of what we were doing because it's absurd. It's yeah it's an absurd situation and it's it's enough. It's enough that your especially that character that like a sex offender. Yeah i like that. it's not specified. What kind of sex offender he is. Yes the cornucopia of sex offenders in the asthma possible. And you've played them all you've run. You know what. I'll keep doing it. People play the best friend so people you know they the leading man Happy in my drawer and you find different shades within the sex offender rainbow. That's the thing. Yeah in the shade of affects. Yeah i remember it but it's funny with that episode. It didn't really matter. It doesn't really matter. It's just the Positive greatest guy. Yeah you're golfing golfing to. It's so that such good advice. I wonder if they tell everyone that are or if was specific to this character is the kind of thing where you don't want to lean on it or leaning. I've heard that they tell print that they tell everybody that. Yeah but then you write. Has an actress like especially somebody who's known for being funny. It's like we'll how am i going to stand out. How am i going to one of the things i did in the would string. I was like we just did the scene where i come up to him. He comes up to me in the parking lot. Because i have golf clubs or something and i said what's your chance here and mimed a club and i was like your stance and i just got behind him. He was trying we and that made him last like not funny in the context. It's like have i heard he. He breaks all the time in which must feel so good. I must feel like oh. It's like you know making him laugh. And making jon stewart. Laugh the biggest rush ever. So yeah knowing. They're both easy laps. Like i'm not like still doesn't and then but my fear is that my instinct would be to. Because i wanted to approve so badly. I would just try to do too. I would just keep gotta keep going. Yeah i do too much too much but you don't. I mean that's what you're really good at censoring. You're you really at story you. You really get actress. You understand story. How did you understand. How did you come to understand that. how'd you. how'd you get so good at improvising. How did you come to that place. Improvising see that improvising was something that like. I don't know how good i was. Compared to a lot of people. I came up with look at. Ub at b. yeah. Like i'm nowhere near rob. Hubel era are paul scheer or ryan husky or any of the guys that i had like i was. I was the only actor in the bunch like behind that i went to school for for acting and And you know so. I learned to make choices in scenes with my body like rather than saying things. Yeah and stuff like that. But the time i learned if you work at making your scene partner look good worry about yourself make your partner look good and you will look good by default. That's so funny. Rub i i was just talking to vince. Vince vaughn on the show and he. He said he enjoys setting people up as much as he. He likes taking the ball. I totally believe that. And he's also a one who is really satisfying to make laugh. Oh god yeah. He's not an easy laugh. He's now no but he has like a kind of childish latte. He's a yes when he goes into the high register. Also just cut i on. Yeah it's joyful it's up. Yeah when i learned that. I was like no great the pressures. There's there's less pressure on me. I make my scene partner. Look good. Because i've always taught to like an in a scene you know to. You always have to get a goal using the people in the scene and And so that that that came naturally to me. And i also find it bleeds into life for me like yeah i always try and remember. This is higher. Because i'm still at heart on a narcissist. We all her. I want to remind myself to like do for others like rather than than doing for myself on the same regard i'm not always successful Yeah so as you see be a natural fit for you in that sense Having come from that acting world did you take to it right away or was it something that you did kind of as a hobby as a side thing in it what you waited for an acting job. No i took to it right away. I took it right away. And i was just starting to commercials. I think at the time like maybe yet. Just starting to do commercials select still temping and like right one foot out of the temping or restaurant world and this is new york in new york. Yeah i took to it right away. I was really good. in level. one and level two and then level three is why. Now you're committed man like you're on a team. You're europe forming every single night. And you're in your hat then. I was just terrible this late nineties rub like a ninety seven ninety eight okay. And that's around the time i think I knew nate williamstown. Had you had been at williamstown as well right. Yep i went. And i did a ton of ecstasy there and meet you. Yeah i yeah there you go by for some reason. I thought you would nate. Had done true west. Or maybe we're going to do true whereas time machine. Yeah that's a funny thing to do instead of drew s because at also like by agents at the time. When i he said i was like. I'm going to tell me agent doing theater. And he's gonna freak out. I'm gonna do this. He said that's cool. We love it. We love it when theater because it's really easy to get out of. That's i can't judge your agent. They would all say that sure enough time she turned out to be a great in his like. Now it's lasted and it's going to be like a. It's a comedy it's a classic it's called. It's a cult hit. Yeah so ended up being like a smart decision and the thing with true west. You can kind of do it. You can't do hot tub time machine again but you can do nows now. Yeah exactly try and get hot. Tub time machine made today that we do or the stage version. Now that you could based on the play. It was based on drama. The mo- airplay got shot that in new orleans right The first one. We shot in vancouver on st pink. Yeah yup And it was that thing you you read the script you think she'll be a lark. This'll be was that a surprise that ended up being a. Yeah yeah i so i got you know. This is back in the day when you use to get Scripts in the mail or delivered to you at night. I am bear and instead of just the email too. And i was a movie in new york with sam. Actually oh and it was called Winning he's in the winning season. Yeah thank rides. I was shooting the winning season. And i saw one of them was named just on the binder hot tub time machine and i was like a and i said i was like sarah. I find our next project together. Elvis know and he laughed. And then i opened it up on the title page. It said Hot tub time machine based on the incredibly true story. That's and i was like. Oh all wait a minute realistically different. They might get it. Yeah yeah yeah. That's funny he. I forgot in that winning season. Yeah i can't back in mentioned that so it was. It was shortly before that that i had met you but just to go back a little bit in the lateness of the late nineties. Your your dipping your toes into two smaller acting jobs What brought you do you see. What did you hear about it from a friend did just yeah. I thought it was really hot in new york. They didn't have their own theater. They were they were Teaching and performing out of a a five story walkup in a dance studio. Oh wow they didn't have a place and chelsea then no. This was in chelsea. But it wasn't yet they didn't have it yet and it was. I think it was called Studio arts doesn't matter. Bob but i heard that it was. I was in a sketch grew. I was in to sketch groups at the time. I heard that it was andy. Richter sketch group aired. They were great. It was andy richter scheduling. I was like. I love andy richter and i went to see them and and i saw ask cat and original. Ucb jon glaser. Yeah adam mckay l. Wow oh my god. He's the one reason. He's the reason that i owe his he was. I've never seen anybody improvised that. Oh really oh my god. Yeah i i mean. I knew he was good. I knew he was quick on his feet at just from doing little parts in his movie he would throw. He'd throw things out there like that. But i didn't know he was such a provided. No the yeah. I mean as a performer. I don't know about acting wise but like you know he. But as a as a improv performer. The style he was like ian roberts. I don't know if you know yeah. I know it calms machine. How because smells can improvise. He'd never has a bad seat that razi and I saw that. And andy. Richter just happened to be there at that show performing weird Add so then. I was just like i was fucking in. You know they were i. I'd never seen anything. Like what what they were doing. Making connections you know. That's what i loved about it. I love connections and yeah and and even though you had a background in sketch in some you loved. This was also like a way to do that without the formality without the writing part Rewriting feet then. It also like informed my writing a lot like his writing was a lot like it like you know you still every scene that they teach you gotta find a game and the game is that thing that stands out that you can keep playing and building upon and and when you you find it you relax and then you just play it and you add to heighten it and writing is the same way at least writing a sketch you know. I brought that to children's hospital to so every seen as sort of pushing the story along but there's a separate thing happening in that scene that is funny and that's sort of the game that yeah children's hospital does have a. It's like a hybrid structure of a. There's a sketch element in there on. The first season was basically nonsense. It was almost all sketches. Oh really yeah well. Where did that idea come. Was that borne out of ucla. Was that a totally separate thing. Now i was I just moved to. La had left the daily show to do this. It was at fox. Schick succumb called the winter. You almost shit calm. It was well. They call it the winner stupid day and you could already hear the critics like yeah the winner more like it's like calling like calling in sick on the back nine but yeah just not getting it and the whole story was about me. It was seth macfarlane's first live action. Now oh and So i thought oh short. Thank yeah moved to la with my two month old baby. Fuck ya well yeah. That's that's a safe bet. I think so. yeah then. The writers strike happens and there was no work. And i was here with a two month old and a rental and unhappy like popping percocet left and right just to get a little bit happy. I decided to spend my days learning how to be productive. Isn't it like all day with the kid. Isn't it like a two month old isn't it. Yes yeah i mean that. That was a lot of to. Here's a baby savoy. I mean nap time when you have a baby. Our mutual frontier described to recently. Because he knows two children but as the he loves you we have so much fun. We'll we'll get to but what you said when you when you have downtime. It's like did you find this that you get overwhelmed with the time with the amount of time and then it's like what do i do i'll watch. Tv for a little bit and then it's like there's so many things now. I have an hour now. It's like yeah yup. Oh it still happens. I've got a fourteen year old and a twelve year old that basically take care of themselves and headed like i still yesterday for the first time since march. They were all out of the house. And i had the house to myself Like walking through rooms. I was like do i think i need a screen door open now. Close it would i. I'll do this order a pizza. Hey oh how scary movie and basically just watching trailers for scary movies. Yeah it was a totally evening at never ends with. You're filling your day's learning you productive. Meaning like i was spending eight hours a day being productive learning about productivity at right while and and i did learn about productivity. I learned a lot. There's a lot of like This was before all the to do apps you know and everything and there is this one system that a guy named merlin mann had sort of made his own and It's called get things done. Gt d and he had like he sorta hipped it up and it was really cool. And it's all about just getting everything out of your head and on paper somewhere in or in a on your computer in an inbox like out of your head. So that's 'cause and make to make room for ideas and so. I learned that i read the book. I listened to everything i could about. It watched everything. I could got everything out of my head and my daughter pulled a tendon or was like it's called a nursemaid's elbow some kids get it She she comes out of the attendant comes out of its out of place. She can't bend. It's incredibly painful. And she can't bend her arm oak. That happened I took a children's hospital which is the least funny place. An it's like chris. Sach adams scared parents all over the yeah. It was like a tv show like this gurney comes rolling through the double doors with doctors over the sunni in chaos and an air flight pilot behind them a life light pilot rather and the only thing i noticed when i noticed was everything like gurney was smaller and like everything. The iv bag was smaller. And and i was like this is the worst place in the entire world. Yeah and the only you see a comedy in that. Hey on the way home I remember it was. I was on larchmont. Now is on la lucerne street. And you're driving near the house. And i and i was like. Hey this is just sound like a stupid idea to my wife like all the all the sexual politics of grey's anatomy but in a children's hospital and so that was that was never gonna work. What does she was right now. You're fucking pity of getting a job going to law school. Your gross stopped taking her cassette. What but you were undeterred. What did was she into was like your wife is i i i know a bit. I've met she's very do you. You must rely on. That must be a good sounding board. Oh yeah yeah super funny you know yes like. And she's gotten funnier over the years. Well she's exposed yes one of the greats. Yes but like so yeah. She's so funny. And and you get your friends to do it. Basically you write this thing now and it was like this and this became the mo of the show forever. It's like. I'm just going to surround myself with people that i love the most in the world. That are funny. We mentioned rob hugo. He comes up a lot on the show. People don le monde. He's yet. One like you said one of the funniest brian hassan. Yeah i just talked mall in the other day ackerman. Oh yes yes show like. I don't think people think of her. Maybe as a really funny person but she is. he's hilarious. Yeah really yeah So i just have been collecting all these people over the years and and my manager was like you know you should talk to david way about the sounds like his sort of brand of comedy and absurd his played very straight. I mean that's the way it works. Yeah yes yes yes. Yes yes and did david get it right away. Did you send them something to read. yeah absolutely. Yeah and i love it. I love that he loved it. You know yeah. I bet talk about a stamp of approval and it's still very special to him. You know i mean he. It's yet it's still very involved. Well we don't do it anymore but but he's not involved at all so he doesn't have. I guess i guess he has zero. Kiss me too. i have. I guess you're still. You're still not doing it either. Ninety w any involvement of if you want to get involved. I love to get involved with any of your listeners. Wanna get involved. Is it so anyone could just kind of get involved. Now i guess the properties just sitting me you don't own the rights to children's hospital. I dunno contracts. Do in the year ahead is going to bring some changes as most years. Do but this one is gonna be a little bit different and if you're looking to get the new year off on the right foot. Maybe you want to change your wardrobe. Maybe you want to start with something simple. Maybe you want to unload some of your past. Yeah you wanna do that marie. Kondo thing and simplify or jewelry or watches arts or even home decor any sort of luxury item. You want to unload you want to downsize in life. The real real is the most trusted source for authenticated luxury. Consignment you can sell. 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Everybody's been writing. I know there's going to be like a flood. Yeah i know it's already happening. I guess like that trash saw trailer for is like michael bay movie about kofi about covid. It's it's about the pandemic a and like there's just too soon. I couldn't believe but it's all well kind of like you could tell there's money in it and back now. He just ran the numbers. He was like what people talking about right. Now let's cove it. What is it. What is this cove. Nineteen thing yeah. It's it's always a bad disease all right. Well it's movie about that. Because people are chattanooga disasters. I mean look the the number of their Speaking of movies that people love and lecture fire hits We talk about my brother. And i love to talk about the movie. We did which when we did it. It's patriot was called patriot. Hey ville i can't remember what the new wedding now. What was yours why you can't remember because it's maybe the most generic title forgetting it's very forgettable. It's just It's called taking chances. Oh oh rubs register up just so terrible at least put z. Enchanted you know taking chances. Yeah yes it up. A little bit exclamation point. Yeah yeah it christian said it as well because like things happen you know making decisions. People do things and they have consequences. I'm sort but at that time. That was such a fun time. It was a yeah. That was great scott. And and i remember when i heard you were going to do it I was just such a fan of yours. That was just a great time but we Do miss that. You miss like I i do. I miss going to small town. I probably would never have gone to. Yea yeah like finding the good restaurant food restaurant air like getting wasted with everybody in the cast or in the holiday inn. I'm imagining you with craig. Robinson in those hot tub time machine will get in new orleans. I mean you said the first ones vancouver but like You guys in new orleans. I spent a day with gregg new orleans on a job. And he's the mayor of new orleans. Yes yes it's like a marriage. He sits like a king. This is so my wife. And i my wife was visiting me and craig was just texted me like me here. And he address we went to the street was dead. I was like what what the heck is this where we are and we're like maybe we should leave because it was like five minutes late then a door opens and it's huge guy walks out of the door and you guys here for greg and follow me. We followed in this winding hallway all the way. I'm rooms just nothing until roof into this gorgeous room with a couch. This long purple couch in a bar and in the middle of the purple couch was craig robinson with his towel over his shoulder. Yes girls okay. okay yeah. I've go i'm going to I just brought up his our text threat that we have in dumb. He is my second favorite people who like Keep passing on the show. It but in a friendly way to let jeff goldblum is amazing. I have some really funny text from him where he says he wants to do. But he can't. I'm reading craig's that are really his craig will stay. Basically like yeah. I think i can do that. Yeah who kind of floated out. And then i follow up. And he's like now like yeah I love him i. He's just one of the most honest in until it comes to booking him. Oh yeah yeah well. Yeah he's just like why do people keep you hanging like. They don't wanna see mike assholes. I not only thing only power we have in this business businesses. The power of no. I have just told people like. I don't have the bands and do not have. I'm so sorry. Yeah the spring or whatever. Are you able to do that are you. Good at Yeah go sometimes depends on my mood. But like yeah i can i can do i've i've i'm not at it. I am a in a lot of guilt Yeah but i have been saying. I've been lately. I find myself agreeing to things And i know in the back of my mind that a half hour before the thing. I'm not gonna wanna do it. I i very little foresight But i so. I i know obviously the pandemic during this time. It's one of the positives of this. It's yeah people don't have a lot of excuses right now. that's the thing. Yeah so thanks for doing this. Yes this podcast. Called no excuses right. Yeah that's really. What are you doing whether we should start recording Every time at stupid. Where did you go to college in boston. Mass umass amherst away an hearst in india. Neko maybe i'm getting confused. He went to he went to What was it called. Colby sawyer in new hampshire Yeah he went to a northeastern and in boston. And that's what he didn't like the size of it heat so we went to a small school where he could dominate the theater. A harvard well which he did really good actor actor. Yeah were you guys. Were you close growing up where you now. You must have not up. I mean. I grew up in boston and search. All my friends were like a. You've got a stat. You got a stat. Toughening up your little brother right now. You're gonna happen. I would be toughening him up. Whatever that means not understanding what the goal was like why. I had to toughen him up. Just at my friends were like this is the understand. It protocol so claw. I toughened him up. I mean by ignoring him and other stuff he tortured him and all ago she didn't but then we reached the point. And i think oh i thought you. I thought that was a lack. I was not doing a lack. I was not a lack. That was no kidding. I was proof of. Yeah for the purposes of 'cause i always forget your from s is because you don't have but did you grow up in a in a tough eager suburb. We're i grew up in in the suburbs. I mean i wouldn't say it was like a tough neighborhood but you know all of the kids. I went to school with. They were like one generation out of south like their parents had made good and got out. You know these kids. My friends would go parents. Yeah they'd go back. Go back to southey for thanksgiving or whatever and get the ship beaten out of them because they didn't live in southie and then they would come back with a chip on their shoulder so there was a lot of that. I think something like that. Some some some aspect of that. I remember going to front. You're i know i'm gonna get to you. Were both eagle scouts Half and my brothers night. we loved boy scouts. We it was a really big part of our lives in And i remember going. I didn't know you were. I didn't know you're in well. I don't like to bring it up because it's a big regret of my my brother. My little brother. Who's who might the show and my older brother both have their eagle scout. But i dropped out right around the time. I was thirteen so i was really gung. Do you have the phrase joe scout. Yes yeah yeah yeah come. I was meaning for the few of you who don't know what that means Kind of it's like a really in a really gung ho eager eagle scout who gets all the badges badge. Yes yeah yes. I got all the ones i would like extracurriculars. Basically the kid in boy scouts who's like teacher. You forgot to give us home dave. Yeah we got a couple of those. But but at the second i discovered curls gene obviously i was lucky in that like are like summer camps and stuff girls. Were there own families used to come and families of the scouts would run a campsite. Daughters would come their sister. This scout sisters would common. I mean my first girl. I two girlfriends where at where sisters of my friends and boy scout. Yeah oh yeah. While the biggest crush i had was the sister of the one kid in our Trump who was cool. We have one cool kid. Oh it's martin. He was cycling like a jock and like kinda quiet and brooding and his sister was in my class. I was in love with her and they only come on route. We went to yoggu. Kd you remember. Yamaguchi was a big camp in rhode island. There were kids from the boston area. That i remember being in pawtucket and i still remember pasco. Rhode island is where just it may have been mostly like northern rhode island like southern new. Just miss you. But i remember the kids from that region being extra. I remember accents. Yeah and being like extra tough and being extra intimidated. They were intense. Like hey gimme those sneakers. I them out. I'm just going to try them on. Is totally you. Yeah intimidating and just have to like scary. Yeah i i. So it's i don't i think of you as kind of the opposite of that type of person so it's It's amazing you grew up like well you know i was. I worked in a restaurant in new york and one of the bus boys who had done time for for doing coke told me i told them. I always have nightmares about going to prison. And he and he said oh. You do great. He had spent like five years in prison. Ha he told me. I'd do great. I was like why would i do present. They could use going to say like you know herself and he said because you're funny now if your nightmares about prisons and said that's interesting i like how like because that's how i got along. I got along with everybody. You have a set group of friends. But i got along and Yeah you remind me a lot of my have yeah. I'm sure you've met him john. Togo togo jonathan togo. I think you might meet him on patriot. Ville or what is taking taking share by the heart is doing the students and things People people relating to one another. Yeah yeah tell but you togo has that were. I think that was a big part of his survival in that. He grew up in a similar environment. His dad in fact was in determined walpole. And he's from rockland mass and i every time he meets anyone from tier Who's from harvard mass. Every time you meet somebody like that He'll say to them. He doesn't drink anymore but one night he goes He said to cure. Yeah you get key gets it. He's from mass he gets it funk and so whenever we i think about massachusetts from there i always think about toby going. He gets the i quit. My brother writes these questions and the egos from massachusetts. He gets as yeah. Do you find out when you yeah. They gets it young. Find that in. La when you meet people from mass you start kind of relented differently. Oh i'm so excited. When i meet somebody from the acids we on shooting the unicorn right now oh and there's like Yet to crew members that are from massachusetts from the especially when it's a crew member. Oh so it's your great. I just like yeah. Oh yeah oh you know you know the events you know. Sally celebrated luck and selling dude. Let me tell you the story about this out. and then i'll bidding all over them as i. This is the second third season of unicorn. Saka second Well it should be the third really second of many second of man. I think it's gonna be sixty minutes of You know you've been they'd be picked up for eight. I'm sure of it. You can count on it. Well love sound bite. So i think we're going to definitely go with that one looking for buzzfeed and that's a single camera. Show bikila watkins who come goggin. What a cast dogan's you know right rockwall. Every couple years has a guy that he falls in love with yes and once. I'm sure he's done it to you. Gotta meet your Long yeah for a while. It was waiting was shooting a hot tub to get like he and bip. Where like you got to meet walton. Oh my god these together. According to walton like so that you be and they were writer they were right right. Yeah that's the thing he he loves bring people together but then it's like well you know. Let let us figure it out. We'll we might. You might like each other and they just kind of step back and don't call us. Get their kids. Yeah they look at each other. Proudly you always think you were going to. Your path was going to be. You do great impressions on now just realizing again I focus basically on classical shit. And call i was i was going to be. I was shake. I was going to be shakespeare in the park. Oh nine but i learned that like. I didn't know how to the one thing i didn't learn in college was how to addition so i i was basically doing shitty shakespeare off off broadway and it was costing me money to do and i and i was. I was learning how to audition by just going out on every Even if it didn't like looking for a female black lesbian Hand you know disabled Woman to play an actor. I was like. Yeah yeah. I don't care about getting it i just want to practice Wow and agent at the time were no because No i didn't. I didn't have an agent until i got the daily show. Oh wow he's backstage calls. How backstage for everyone was a magazine. Where you just yet. They had all these. Yeah i i think. The unions had to allow a certain amount of auditions slots for anyone and people representation. And that they were usually like kind a long shot. And i my understanding is that they often didn't take those actors is seriously By i don't know. I mean i i got a lot of like i said shitty. Yes should he. Step to keep me busy and keep a practice acting. And but then i. I often for a sketch group and i it and i was like oh and something made me like do it. Have there been other things that you flirted with doing a classical plays. I've always wanted to do the only. I don't really care about doing the state stage work but you must have at some point. I like it. I like it but but also but i've got to pay the bills. Oh yeah that steady job. And i've got to do that so to that. Come for your parents. Were your parents very practical stuff like that. They're like actor. You want to be actor but both now now they didn't give a shit they didn't even say don't ask me for money and not there. Were actually my dad. Was very practical. He was. I wanted to be an artist. When i was really young and he was like well. You can be a commercial artist. Let me show you this. And he showed me a flyer like a circular from the newspaper back when they used to draw the bicycle sewing. And yeah you know at at bradley's sears. Did did he really yeah. he's wrong. A commercial artists commercial artists as in. I didn't know that hurry articles. Yeah he would draw for like advertisements instead of far out while. That's what my dad was like trying to take my particular passionate at that time and make it practical right. You know interest They were brought up. And i was sort of brought up in this world where it wasn't a real thing that yeah art world like. Yeah do that. Yeah leave and go and pursue that. Yeah it was odd. It was an odd thing for me to choose to me as well. It wasn't a profession. I mean it's extinct. They're movie stars and did it obvious. No you can't do that these other. These people were born. Movie starts yes or theater stars and they just were doing that. Their whole life is home. Yeah i was born of high have south weymouth's and yeah so i'd never. I never really thought it was a real thing. At what point did it become. I mean you mentioned so. You're waiting tables and you're pursuing it. You're actively pursuing. You're going on all these crazy. Auditions that point. Are you thinking what. What's the plan. Is it to become a stage. Actor is it to become To make a living doing it was just to make a living. It was just like mike. I think i my my idea of what my understanding of what Successes changed over the years. And then changing. It's still always changing like and never back in college. I remember telling this this is so embarrassing. It's crazy. I remember telling rates is a woman a really good friend of mine that like she was like. What do you wanna do. I was like. I don't know but i know i'm going to be famous and now i i said that now i remember saying that. It's so gross. I saw that you admitted that saying that not with any aspirations to faint a how later like i didn't i don't give a shit. I didn't give a shit about it. But i do like that was to end so because i think i think subconsciously i knew i was going to be an actor. Yeah and i i was. I was aggressively confident about. Its right will. You must have been because you are good. I imagine you were good And you have to be a degree of confidence when you're right and in college you don't have that fuck button and sensor and your head going right now that's something that you should just think to yourself for not say that you're going to be you know and certainly don't say amos right really not say like an ominous potentially creepy wigs. It could gonna be famous for murdering something like this. I said it like this. I'm gonna be famous. I is that ominous but it's still weird. Okay it's still murderer jason's all right. I'm not sure. I can't tell i can't tell from here missing. It's really funny. I gotta wonder mentioned being on the receiving end of that. Somebody saying that. I know i know. I remember her name was. She's super smart and she went like this like knowing knowingly like not like it's not that you're definitely not going to be famous because like that was that was if it was fucking aggressive. That was yeah. I like you. So i'm going to let it go but like you're going to look back at that and listen. This is breaking news. I'm never admitted that this is great. Anyway you know. I i suppose i don't remember myself well enough at the time but i do remember fetish izing Being an actor in wanting it for the photo of the wrong reasons. And i was. I remember being into like that vanity fair cover where all the young new guys on the new after they would put osteo rick and like i remember thinking like oh how cool are they. You know that they're like i was. I was aware of the next thing and yet it's funny. I might same thing. My perception of success is really dramatic. Switch changes it changes. Did this like year. Long tour for the national shakespeare company which sounds a lot more impressive than it is. My brother did that. No i know i know. It's not heat company of shakespeare. Yes it does sound impressive. But it's you play like high high schools instead of doing laundry the whole time soon. You know that my older brother. That's insane. I make your brother my little brother. My older brother now a teacher but yeah he did. I know it. yeah So yeah i did that. And i was sitting on stage once and there was a time. We were all unstaged. The whole time and applying. Different arts I was just sitting down getting fed. You know imaginary greats That happened be dating on the tour or love. Of course and of course and and i was like looking out at the lights and everything and it was like i made it. I did it. I made it and i had. I had made us just by the way i learned so much that night. If you could keep doing that like what is your. What is your version of. I've made it you know and like now. I'm feeding my family. You know we just had to fix something in my backyard that because it was broken do that. And if my family's happy right. And and i'm and i've got a job and go to practically i two five then i'd meet it i i. I bet i bet that's totally was helping. My brother older brother moves something three year old and a one year old. And i was and three year old love when i read to him and it is more flattering to me. When he's like. I choose you to read me. The bad times are over my mother. Who's a great reader over. So he sits on my lap and he keeps. He is desperate to keep reading then. Another one in for metering and it is i myself having to hold back Like you just keep from weeping. I almost started weeping right now. The best you made. You may be a dream sweetheart to do Mid-upper meet again. I'm about to go into acting job. And i've been like jonesing tattoo do so miss acting and i'm now wondering well. Why is it going to be as fulfilling as it was. Is it going to same kind of fulfilling i. Yeah how what do you mean like you know what it is. It's going back to the hotel room and finding the robs and the years and like. I don't think we can do that anymore. I just don't know if i'll get the same kind of kick from it. Yeah it it's. I've been i've been doing i. I've done to shows since this thing started and it's been a very it makes the whole thing i just. We were three weeks into the unicorn. And i just started enjoying myself and i love this show. I love yeah. I love it and it's just been it's been not Not fun it's what is it that what's the first thing that prevents to fund is. Is it the missing your family. I know i can. Invade heard i'm at paramount and i'm talking about oh like right. Yeah no that'll i'll be back at six but It's really so it's a personal thing. I i hate wardrobe. I hate putting a mike on my it sets of fire in my brain that like all the mike is starting to travel over my knee. I could feel as i'm walking shaking me out of the scene. And i'm like oh this. This will eliminate ninety five maybe ninety eight percent of the listening. Whoever's listening but what what is your preference whenever they're like. The like mild-mannered sound goes like What do you want the mike pack. Daniel left ankle inside left ankle. Yeah yeah oh. I go right. Eglington said yeah yeah But it's still but so it took three weeks but then when you settle back in is it like it. Just playing around with friends now is. Is that the level that you you've reached the we just had a great episode this week and and i had to was in two scenes that like felt like the old days felt like wow this is i felt felt like we really made this in something else and they let you improvise. No yeah yeah screwed. But there's such good writers. That i don't i don't need to. It's just at the end you know we'll we'll let the best yes. Yeah oh and then we also you know we can make it your own if it doesn't quite fit into your mouth like apache. Espn yeah like. I'll change a couple of words. But i liked the way they right so i. I don't know how you felt about it. I that's my favorite place to improvise from when it's good when it's already good you've already got a good thing and you can. Maybe you can. You can add to it on the thing we did. I remember feeling the pressure of having to and i wonder if you felt having to kind of do more you know having to kind of like make some of us Oh my god. Yeah the god yes. I remember and i remember feeling like that. You and nick offerman as well. We yeah yes was nick offerman. How are we are. Are we allowed to improvise. I can now all. That's thinking about it too much. I started yeah. Yeah and Really wanting to be able to like re you know rise to yours and knicks. Oh god i felt very With with improvising. Oh 'cause i done only a few movies before that that's crazy. Rabbi that was. I felt that about you journ. I really like oh my god. He's the master. He's oh my god. That's no no no no. I've never felt like the master so that it was. Wow daily show even was be. Because that's what i think is daily show is all that daily show is pure negative. When you do those field pieces. Sure yeah yeah. But it was also very Structured improv like you know we would cut. And then i would with the producer to whisper to me and i'd be like okay. You know or or would come up with something but so you're sitting there for four hours and you're just going to ask the questions man along we talk about the apple commercials to we talk about. You may be doing. Oh those yeah we never. I don't think of because. I didn't know this at the time when we did. Who told you i don't know. Turn remember whether it was filled director. Oh i know fail may have been filled that that so people wondering what we're talking about you were going to do it. I was osman's part. Yeah yeah and I don't remember why i didn't find out i was doing it or trying to your i. I don't know. I don't remember like i think i don't know i don't remember i. Well i just didn't do it. Oh it was also. Because i was because i was plagued the pc. Yes yes i seem. That's what i heard. Yes that's that that that's funny was funny rob because the i must have told you this the first i must have told you this because the first the way they presented that job to me was i mean we were both there again. I was like oh. I don't do commercials know now. Of course i'd be like to lease connive akashi but it looks like i'm doing these movies and these time different time but they told me that the way they lead with. Okay i mean you were one like part of this like the thing they presented as being like this is kind of this could be a cool thing cordray's doing and i thought oh i said i was doing it. Yeah almost never doing yeah. That's funny that's fun. I was a fan of yours like okay. I'm listening if you got a but yeah this is such a tactic like the if i'm talking about it by lawyer talking about it with them. They're like all right. He's doing it as far as working. Seven rope court. I did play a steve. Martin play in san diego and I'm so glad i did it. But he had written the play and there were like the writer will be Work shopping the plane will be working on it every day. They were really specific about the writer. Being there and i thought to be around to be in a room shed martin is like done so i signed up for this thing. He the direct basically tells us all like st. Because i was like oh well i'll just ask steve when he comes and he's like oh yeah he's not he oh might pop in like once he didn't. He came to one performance. I and so on the first night we all went out some night. We were all out and Donald phase on in the show and My friends and we were all one by one. We kind of admitted that like that was a big reason why we all did it. Oh you guys think steve is gonna be my age told me that if we were also rachel to have done it but yeah ryan. Well you know. I'm terms of this. You know the the apple commercial. I'm i saw them. You know and the nice kept seeing them and kept seeing them and they were accused commercials. You know you know. Part of me of course was off. I also realized they would not have been what they were with me. 'cause much men hodgman brought an energy to it that like i would never even get close to ned so i don't know if they would've been as good with me in them. I think they got the right guy for show. Well i i. I'm a huge fan of both of yours. And and you know it's hard for me to talk about 'cause know i to one of us right now mere hosman go show we. Are you breaking up here. Because i'm getting a weird sound. We're on a boat. We're on a boss and there's got to throw one of us off. Chuck fucker mary okay. What is your most commonly used emoji. Would you say your go to use it more than any others amount of big emoji guy. But i have news. Ironically used the the west like a beaver swimming upside down. oh there is daughter. Oh yeah it's a new one offer the upset. I don't know what it's supposed to mean by that like. Hey that whatever this is like chew on the answer okay. If you could be a professional athlete what you play. You guys are big basketball baseball. I would pay Baseball would be a pitcher. I would be the best. I'd be the fucking best. No okay all right well question. I the the socks right for sure. That's fucking sucks. No yes i'm not getting traded. If i like mookie. Backs affected betsy. Purse that's going to be bets. Curse mac my words mac. What's words. what is the. What's the best what it was the most common when people try boston. What are they. What do they lean too far into. What is the ours are they stressed the are allow ours. But they you know there's a subtlety gets. They'll add bus people at the end. Like i'm gonna go get a pizza or go with lindor ya. Yeah so it's also like this. At t i like that kind of irish t. It's better. it's like yes it's almost ro- some words are rolled. The t rolled a little bit bitter Does a really good renders in. The town is really good. Yeah oh yeah. Yeah but like like robin williams and In a good will hunting not great. He doesn't really attempt which is crazy. Because i mean i i remember thinking he's not really going for it yet. It's all over the place. It's it's a really hard accent. It is right now. People need the had they kind of push that the adding. Yeah and they'll get all mixed up with new york and long island you know. Yeah gotta think. That's the only time i've ever said anything. Less than glowing about robin williams knows. I love him was joy it yet. If you could have dinner with What was your favorite movie of all time. Rub or one that you really excited to to show your kids. You know arthur o. R. dudley moore. Yeah yeah my wife bought me that movie once for my birthday because she likes to watch me watch it. Oh that's one of the. Most romantic things have set. It's it's the bag great. We watched it recently. I watched it all. Well that's when you know you love somebody when you really excited to see them enjoy something. Yeah great yeah. That's cool if you have one snack food for the rest of your life. What would be your go-to your stone. You just tear as i smoke some jays. I've been. I've been james dooby i'll do. What would i snack food. I like our cream and onion ruffles. Oh yeah yeah yeah exactly what it is. Yeah okay Oh yes if You to live somewhere else. where would it be. I don't know man. Probably yeah i like. I don't know why sonoma's comes into my head else. it's weird. I've only been there once. Missile loved it. I loved it. I i like anywhere whether it's like big big trees big victories. Also lincou that whole Anywhere north of here on the west like the somewhere around there. Who is your did with three people dead or alive we've never met. I don't like on dinner okay. Our a branch. Oh that's not that's different people people alive or dead yes never man. Oh man. I'd like to just pick their to absorb them a little bit and socialize. Stephen king i heard have met him but it was. I blew it A vince i talked vincent. I said that he's one. That was one of his datta here really. Yeah yeah. Yeah george orwell. Stephen king and kubrick stephen king david lynch and david mitchell the guy wrote cloudless. Oh wow Yeah okay That's a helton daily meant to david's davidson davidson steven. That's how i could have been any yet david a night. I don't even know their work when you love names. Do you have other siblings. Rob is it. Just you and nate. We have a sister named laura. Uh okay she's performed out to chivvy not known She's in she works in higher education in massachusetts. Then i'm not interested if you Who's your favorite muppet. Did you have a favorite mother groner growing up or whatever or as an adult favorite one. It's the guy who's the guy that plays piano. Ralph ralph did the muppet movie. And i got cut. I got cut. Oh wow and. I was walked back and it was all these itself as theater environment and i walked backstage. I look out and they're supposed to come back on but wait a beat to come back on on. Roth goes like this. Rav is leaning around his screen staring at you know that's really like he's waiting for me and i went home where my god. These are real. It's a humid. Yeah yeah brand. Yeah i like i. Also i sort of like brought out with them to hung around all he gets the puppeteers like to get dirty l. Yes yes. I did a brief offered and they were like just but like inappropriately. Oh yeah yeah so sick of being like you know safe if you could be reincarnated as a non human animal. What would you pick an animal that you you'd wanna be. Oh wow while you think. I would say what been sponsoring You know. I don't think i asked him that. I think we're in too much of a hurry. And i was trying to get to. I think i skipped that one. I'm think big cat the l. Yes this would be a good cat. I think i think i would be big. Oh yeah yeah. Because i'm so. I'm already like very live. Yeah you haven't like your life but you also have some mass to you. Have some mass. I must yeah you must sinewy it. Would you rather be called unattractive run funny unattractive. Oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah i call myself unattractive every yet so funny. Yeah for its yeah. I don't care about that. Which which golden girl do you most identify with dorothy. Blanche rose fear the man. Listen you got the golden girls. I don't care it's my wife. Loves the golden girls. I bought her for her birthday. I heard about. They have a floor plan of their apartment house watts. Like she's that into own my god. She would start randomly when the kids relent little randomly. When we're eating go. Thank you for being a fran So i think i would be a mod what's her. Oh dorothy blanche custody. You're the closest you get to like. Who looking at the camera. And yes as you would love the show. It's a brilliant Old ladies yes sassanian. Smart dogs dogs Dogs or cats. You prefer cats get yes you kind of already. Beatles or the rolling stones beadle. Do you have a song that like You're you're you're if you could play any of them. Yeah well the the second side of abbey road. Oh slumbers cat yet. Boy carry them. Majesty and also her majesty like i would say Yeah back sorta chunk. Yeah second side yeah. It's it's the thing. I test my new record. Players are record record needles Off the question by the way. It's yes it's interesting. Some people mullen for example was like oh stones. Of course you and i would have guessed marlins. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i like the stones. I understand it but it's blues and it's all blue people with some sort of rock background who i think. Perform themselves are. Yeah yeah yeah well. I man selfish t could keep you on for another hour and a half. I know i have a a series of questions. Asked him all traits okay. They're not finding their like. Sat route south is like can't we all want is gonna wanna listen. Well what i was going to say. I'd like to but i have a limited amount on my offers. Oh there's a in the in the catcher and what did you what did just because the gatt in just missing that one way or the the story because then on the flits the gatt gatt translates so i gotta go. Because it's the. I you said on the free well only shosh. No you get it. You're from mass. Get it yes brought it back. Yes land rotted bed. That's why a year one of the great didn't know podcast till yesterday buddy. You're the best. I you're the bank you for doing this. I love you. I'm glad you asked me to do this Thank you the really great catching up. All right man thanks So that happened. So that's your impression. He kind of does yeah. He kind of does yeah. I know too much. Maybe oh i guess. I've morning i often have him on my brain but We were talking about time machine time machines. That's a fun part of that movies. Like they don't really care about the inner they kind of make a joke about the technicalities funny story of how he talked about getting the script for it and he was like. Oh god fuck my career you know. He's got the strength. This is the worst enemy Read it. And i felt he was like the the sub title to it was like based on the true story. Ever like yeah. He's very funny. isn't he funny very dry. And he's like mastered sarcasm. You know. Larry easy sarcasm sarcastic tone. I feel like he could teach if there if that were a class taught at the do should be sarcasm. Professor yes yeah and when when you enter his class. He's like oh. I'm so excited to teach you that. Curb story is a that An interesting that they tell people not to try to be funny. I know it makes sense. It makes perfect sense. Just my own taste like the ones that i can see trying to be funny. It's not nearly as now and lately. The last good rule of thumb for comedy comedy. Don't try to be funny. Yeah trust the material to the situation is funny. I don't know if it's easy to do it. Easy for some people. But i'm sure it's hard to do it really well because the media really good actor you really. Do you just have to commit just about like this is like this is geared into like a pretentious actor. Just you just come to the material but it really is all. That's all it. Is you think about your favorite performances. And i'm thinking about a lot of rob's where he's like he also gets away with a lot of he does ridiculous things in movies like he says ridiculous. Things children's hospital is absurd. An absurd premise. For show yes but he commits to that. But he's a good example of that like if you commit you can get away with the. I feel like that. Show the premise of that show could only come from his brain like a combination of like that some really really dark material but but making it funny and delivering it in a natural dry way. Yeah just joking around with it. Brought me back to that shooting that movie together in south carolina. Did you guys go out a lot during this. Yeah we did. He wasn't on it for that long he he had a family so he was going back and did he came in for a little bit but like yeah and with offerman and emmanuel cheer and we mostly it was mostly the two of us but robins around for some remember going to a A chain restaurants that catered to families and They had an owl mascot. Okay i know. You're talking about yeah. They're not a sponsor yet of the show but who knows who knows god. I went to one of those restaurants in connecticut. When i was fifteen years old. You feel really not with our parents would get out of here. I never told you that. Now yeah you went to owners up. Yeah you did. Yeah it was. I was going to an appointment even though there was one here. It's been like weather's field or something state. I was going to i. This backed off. Field sounds But it's not a pretentious player. Who's with just a die fan. Their wings that divide. But i remember i was fourteen. I fourteen fifteen and they were driving me. That age really. Whiteman and i fell asleep in the car. And i woke up to my to our dads saying okay. We're here at ati. And i swear and i like open. My eyes blurry is and i. And i looked out the car window and we were in the parking lot of a hooter was not your there. It was just the three of us. Go ahead because how would forget and to cap it off. It was on holy thursday. Why yeah what did moms say okay. And pows like they've got great wing someone so we wear and then i was so uncomfortable. Because you know it's not a place you want to be with your parents. no no. it's not a place. I mean really place i ever wanna be. I know because. I feel uncomfortable. I do feel people. Assume a pervert. Well that and also like then i feel of whatever we sound like two apologetic you know guys. But like i always do. Feel bad for the psych they. They're you know if they're working. I don't know it's like a lot of fun at those places. I shouldn't feel bad. Necessarily i accused me too. And i do feel bad me to buy definitely i should. But they showed games there. They've got the beer and like you'd to sell me. And i think there's a lot of ways. Yeah great out again. They're not but you never know. Based on this conversation be cancer and maybe if they were to be a sponsor we would be less shy about talking about our. Yeah for sure the good times. We've add their shirt. If if we were to get a gift certificate go there. Let's say. I think we would sing a different tune. Yeah even if it was like a free basket wings with every swam. Pretty good food there. Eighty the poplar. Yes those are good. Yeah man you ask for the vaccine. Us david wayne was still involved children's hospital and he told you that the show was not tv anymore. And and you sh- artfully got out of it and you self deprecating about it but it was a really funny moment. I i it off air for a couple years. I didn't know that. I thought we were just talking them. All in about a former We were talking about how she had been on it. Yeah well i mean that's that's the difficulty with streaming not to defend. I hate that. I just became one of those people candidate that i'm wrong. I'm wrong about it. Obviously our research department. That was to blame. that's true. Oh it was written it was written. I'll read it all burgundy that but i you know there's all the streaming things i it's hard to remember because things just seem on right now like portland. He's been off the air for three years. I think but as far as i'm concerned it's like you turn on netflix. It's right there. That's true yet. You knew that they weren't still making new episodes when you talk fred i did. I watch i though. It's a tough comparison because it it must've right away. He must have known if he thought about it. Long enough. will he definitely knew you weren't a huge fan of show. That's for sure. You like all those people. I'd like the people and whenever i've seen i really enjoy it. It's fun. it was on forever unfairly. He doesn't need me to be now. But it would have been respectful if you done research Speaking of research both what you both have to not have seen enjoyed every time. It's his brother. Nate is an eagle scout. As as he. yeah and You brought that up and you weren't an eagle scout. But that's okay you made a really far and you kept referring to me as your little brother in throughout the interview and I think it's time to retire. That i don't think you can call me that anymore. Little brother yeah. I think once you're once we're adults which we have younger while first of all i'm not much bigger than you from one thing and also i'm in my late thirty i guess so. Didn't he call nate his little brother. I don't think so baby. I is rather act form. Baby brother baby brother makes more sense to me a weird way because yeah because everyone knows. I'm not a baby. So that's obvious. If you call me your baby brother your little brother. it's it's misleading in conway. I just thought day titas. Somebody's baby brother. And then it'd be funny if you had an older brother who is like shrimp he would. That's a movie chats twins. Yeah yeah yeah. Is that the whole joke in twins. That just looked so different. No they're also also very different right he. He's very noble corrupt. He's like yeah. He's like a drifter he's At didn't go into you. I'm like yeah. He's like the kind of crash schwarzenegger's the good one. He's yeah that's a really good movie. I wanna watch it now. it's amazing though. They haven't remade. That doesn't seem like a movie that they would have the rock. Kevin hart would remade. Yeah exactly yeah. I know i bet it was in development or something they never or an or they just couldn't get the rights that name or something and it turned into another wait. What were you so okay. I'll retire little brother I really liked his favorite emoji. Do you remember to us You know. I don't a beaver. Swimming upside down. Oh yes an otter. It's pretty funny. Yeah hopefully they can find that when they put the little picture of Yeah Let's read a letter. That's how that's see quick my mind and now it's going to be funny in prince to see that yeah podcasting smart. Yeah letter. i didn't know they had the those beavers. This is a letter from this letter from maya becker. I've been seeing a lot of interesting Spellings for were names. That i thought i could spell a i wa maya maya subject. Would you rather screenings justin christian. I wrote your wild back. About being a new. Shorty catching up on past episodes. I'm a few episodes in on the corn. Once thought i'd share some. Would you rather for a couple years on facebook. I asked a weekly. Would you rather questioned my friends. And these were the most hotly debated oh cool. That's great now. So she has a lot of calls cull through a lot of episode. No no but i would. You rather with the french had a week. Ma would you rather also yes. She'll have she'll have a lot to go through before she gets this. She's so lucky. Oh wow wuss. You'll be able to digit. Would you rather give up eating eating all vegetables or fruit or give up all fruit for vegetables. Oh i think we've parameters tomato is a vegetable. We've talked about this and so's avocado but tomatoes shouldn't be of mentioned both for the sake of play by the fruit salad method and not scientific classification. Okay gotcha my your nation. Just schoolmarm response was taking me Give up eating vegetables. That's i would give up fruit. I really like fruit a lot. But i rely more on batch vegetables. frayn's live. I have a smoothie every morning. And that means i wouldn't have been able to have. That vegetables are healthier than fruit. I think right just because there's much sugar in them. Also the fact that she's including tomatoes in there as a vegetable that helps. Yeah 'cause yeah. I like to tomato based. Oh yeah you mean catch up and avocado and you get avocados. Yeah i suppose hair well with pun on meals set opponent no wasn't a punt unintended. Still in pairs well with food like meals but the fruit. Yeah i'd be giving up would be affect my desert life. Yeah although desert life though. Although i gotta say and i'd rather skimp on the desert if i had exactly and you wanna live longer exactly like life. There are other aspects of life. You'd rather saver exactly like vegetables. I do like a lot. And i love fruit like fruit. Candy fruit deserts. It's it'd be talked back but through to use but that's just me you give up those. It would fruit. You wanna give up a skittle. I think i dig really of fringe in my mind. I'd have to give up skittles. Oh wow well you know. I've been one of my. Resolutions is to Indulge as much in thc And so i do want to. But i i enjoy weed and so i want to find a healthier way of Snacking and last night. I got to say i. I tore into a honey. Crisp apple not sponsor and god was good. It was really satisfying rarely. You know. I definitely vegetables for me. Is that yeah no. There's another one there two more if you only to you like these right. Are you excited next one. I liked the first one. If you only have to choose one and give up the other two permanently. Would you choose to keep books music or tv movies theater wherever books in both unusually other. Yeah it looks if you had to choose one and give up the other two. Oh no i'm sorry. Give up the other two permanently so you choose one of these. Tv movies theater altogether. I think so. It's books music or tv. Movies theater predators. You can't sink to yourself. There's no music and movies whoa can't tell stories etc Wow where. I don't get that. How stories why not. Why wouldn't you but that's not necessarily theater or movies. That's that's not unique to that. Can you read the beginning again. Affiliate you might have if you only had to choose one and give up the other two permanent say okay. So the three of them are. What are the threes at three one books to music three tv movies theater. Okay and i can only keep one of those Language yeah but here's the thing if you can't. Ev and movie is that and a lot of theater music components. I know I would keep shit. You listen to a book on tape. Shes probably not. she says. you can't tell store. That one's confusing media can't tell stories that's so you can't have any sort of or at torrey entertainment. You know i i. I wanna say books. Because i think it's the most important of those pro- well rounded life. But i i think i would pick music to of all. Those things i probably. Music is probably the smallest component of probably because. Yeah but i don't. But i'm i'm thinking aspirational the books would be. I know i wish i could say To important part of my life but unfortunately they should be. I give up music. That's a tough one. My would you rather give up the need for sleep or the need to eat the need for sleep or the need to eat primers if you choose to give up sleep. You can't sleep recreationally and same goes for food if you choose food. You don't get to eating coach like if if they weren't the essential not deaf. I i would give up sleep me too. Yeah and that more done. Yeah and if you don't need to become great l. and you could still be like diddy you can still like checkout for awhile and like close your eyes and lie down and remove yourself. Whatever situation presumably wouldn't be frustrating to not be able to say he's not able to. Oh that's easy. If you need to run yeah easy fact. That be cool. Thanks for the law. That is back to my. Thanks for the laughs. Especially when you to debate the merits of bringing your brother your dates i. He's calling out there named or yeah i. They didn't listen to it wasn't about him is about you. L. a. right now. He was mentioned in it. I think he was well. Hopefully he's not listening to this. I was crying laughing so hard. Thanks my my becker. Psi making another batch of cannabis caramel soon holler. If you want some. I walked out. Oh she say hala she said holler thank you. Yeah and thanks for hollering at us. I wish that part of my how. That's a cool. If you said that casually it would be really funny sounding. Thanks for how let me try and our add Say you're leaving and you're gonna. You're gonna trader joe's on and you want say let me know you need any okay Okay i'm i'm heading out trader joe's holler at me if you need anything that's bad. It's all terrible. You hit the our way to holler. Holler ratna what you did it. Let me try going. you're leaving. i'm just going to the store. Where i'm gonna trader joe's. Oh okay yeah well holiday meeting holler holler. If you need anything you go hala. I'm trying to be catty. I i know you're doing that thing. Where like certain actors we know they do fake scratches. Oh that's one of my favorite interviews up your casual fake. I love a good fake scratch. Everyone beyond the lookout for that. When you see an actor talking about something that they don't really care about they'll scratch their face in fake fix rat or or pull on their version of the back of their head out move. of course. yeah yeah. It's appear casual. It's such a great move as agreement but once you are aware of it you like are dialed into it. You see it all the time fake fake touches and stuff of right now. We'll anyway thank you for your letter though. Yeah really good. Those were good. Which would you rather this. Were and thanks for the offer for the cardinals. And i liked. It helps to have some pram. Yeah i was thoughtful. Uh-huh pretty well thought out making to enjoy fruit while i can. You know go have a nice piece fruit will you. This is not come through. I know but part of the things with would you start you. Imagine it you imagine a appreciate them more. That's true now anyway. We appreciate all you guys listening. If you wanna ride myself. I say with two thousand twenty one year. If you guys want to write in our email addresses life is short at wondrous dot com and thank you to the wonderful more than just a funny baldwin. He's a sweetman to very very intelligent. Yeah really funny perseus. thanks rob. Thanks for being on and So fun to catch up with him and thanks to all of you for listening to our our ketchup and thanks to christian. My brother my younger brother young not. I thought it was not supposed to say that you don't little yeah younger brother god and thanks to all of you. Little people or people or anything in between we might have little people listeners and pick people that we like them all. I could be a dream life. Good you you've been listening to life is short. I'm your host. Life is short is hosted by me justin long. It's co hosted by the younger brother. Christian link also produced by in monaco meghan. Monaco senior producer is shel. Me lands audio. Engineer is sergio in rica's and on this one we got to producers here. They are marsha. Louis and or non lopez four wandering a but the thing about carrie underwood that she she. I think i don't know if that could happen again. I don't know if like somebody with her talent and her charm the farm girl. I could be just discovered. Because i feel like there's so many different avenues now on which in which to be discovered it takes something like that. She might have been the last because she's exceptional like she's like a fine on. The country lay blessed. Yeah those right before social media. Boom right after kelly clarkson p. it had been legitimised. A little bit by kelly clarkson and and then this like she had this shoes beautiful she was. she's amazing. i never realized how great what is such a big fan. I always dip it like she's really. I don't think. I wonder if that's going to be discovered. They won't find someone like that again.

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