Coronavirus news, updates, hotspots and information for 04-12-2020 COVID-19 AM Alert


this is corona virus. Four one one. The latest Cova Nineteen Info and hot spots for Sunday April. Twelve Twenty Twenty Wyoming Disaster Declaration has been approved making this the first time in history that every state and territory in the US is under a disaster declaration with over twenty thousand coping nineteen related fatalities. The US has passed Italy for most deaths more than three hundred inmates and two hundred employees at Chicago's Cook County. Jail have tested positive for the virus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Five Hundred Fifty. Hip tested positive. The Kansas Supreme Court upheld the governor's ban on gatherings of ten or more people this will affect religious gatherings in the State. South Korea will test all travelers from the US for Corona virus upon arrival in the country British. Prime Minister Boris. Johnson has been released from the hospital. Russia and Japan confirmed their largest number of New Delhi cases. Venezuela will extend the national state of alarm for thirty days. Saudi Arabia has indefinitely extended. The nationwide curfew. Singapore's mandating the use of face masks. Well in public Spain will begin to loosen some of the most aggressive restrictions on residents movements this week from a nearly empty Saint Peter's basilica the pope celebrated Easter mass stating. This is not the time for indifference because the whole world is suffering and needs to be united in facing the pandemic the locations of hot spots and US and country diagnoses in a moment hot spots in the US displaying faster rates of growth as of April eleventh. According to The New York Times Rhode Island Guam South Dakota Randolph. County Georgia Louisa County Iowa Globally Bellarusse and Bangladesh have a faster rate of growth. There have been five hundred. Thirty thousand six confirmed cases of Cova nineteen in the United States and twenty thousand six hundred eight deaths known active locations with thirty five hundred or more cases. New York one hundred eighty thousand four hundred fifty eight New Jersey fifty eight thousand one hundred fifty one Michigan Twenty three thousand eight Hundred Fifty Three Massachusetts twenty two thousand eight Hundred Sixty California twenty two thousand four hundred twenty one Pennsylvania. Twenty one thousand seven Hundred Seventy Four Louisiana Twenty Thousand Fourteen Illinois Nineteen Thousand. One Hundred Eighty Florida eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy eight Texas Fourteen Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty seven Georgia twelve thousand two hundred sixty one connecticut eleven thousand five hundred ten Washington. Ten Thousand Two hundred twenty four Maryland. Seventy six ninety four Indiana seventy four three five Colorado Sixty eight ninety three Ohio sixty to fifty Virginia fifty seventy seven Tennessee forty nine eighty three North Carolina forty-three ten Missouri Forty Twenty four countries with four thousand or more cases Spain. One hundred sixty six thousand nineteen Italy one hundred fifty two thousand two hundred seventy one France. One hundred thirty thousand seven hundred thirty. Germany one hundred twenty five thousand four hundred fifty to China. Eighty three thousand one hundred thirty four United Kingdom seventy nine thousand eight hundred eighty five Iran. Seventy one thousand six hundred eighty six. Turkey fifty two thousand one hundred sixty seven Belgium twenty nine thousand six hundred forty seven Netherlands. Twenty five thousand seven hundred forty six Switzerland Twenty Five Thousand Three Hundred Canada twenty three thousand three hundred sixteen Brazil. Twenty thousand nine hundred eighty four Portugal. Sixteen thousand five hundred eighty five Russia. Fifteen thousand seven hundred Seventy Austria. Thirteen thousand nine hundred forty five. Israel. Ten Thousand Eight hundred seventy eight South Korea ten thousand five hundred twelve Sweden ten thousand four hundred eighty three Ireland eighty nine twenty eight India eighty five. Oh four Ecuador seventy to fifty seven chalet sixty nine twenty seven Peru sixty eight forty eight Japan sixty seven forty eight Norway sixty four fifty nine Denmark sixty three sixty nine Poland sixty three fifty six Australia. Sixty three fifteen Romania sixty three hundred Czech Republic fifty nine five Pakistan fifty one seventy Malaysia. Forty six eighty three Philippines forty-six forty-eight Saudi Arabia forty four sixty to Indonesia forty-two forty-one Mexico forty two nineteen no first cases reported in the last twenty four hours for the latest updates subscribe for free to corona virus. Four one one on your podcast APP or esque or Smart Speaker to play the corona virus. Four one one podcast.

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