Songfacts Podcast: Author Ken McNab on The Last Days of The Beatles


saw. Pitches. And welcome to another episode of the Song Facts Podcast I am your host Cory o'flanagan and this podcast is proudly part of the Pantheon podcast network. If you're like me and are a massive fan of all things, the bales than we have such a great show for you today where would Mr Ken mcnabb who is the author of the book and in the end which details in a month by month manner the year nineteen, sixty, nine for this amazing band we focus mainly on the songs throughout this time, but there was so much going. On behind the scenes as well, that is impossible not to discuss whether it's the turbulence of the business dealings and their new manager Allen Klein to the rising star of George Harrison as a songwriting forest with the global zigzagged of John and Yoko Peace Movement we touch on at all. So stay tuned for a wonderfully articulate Ken mcnabb and be sure to buy his book and in the end. For even more on this often discussed time in vetoes lower here we have can magnum. Okay, can mcnabb. How. Are you today? You have good coach. Thank you very much for having me. Thanks for coming on song facts and I guess before I'm so excited. I could I've I've I've I'm someone who's probably a little bit older but I'm still obsessed with the Beatles and I've never really gotten to talk to a an expert like you. So I'm really excited about it and I guess question number one as a fan and just I've I've always just read musical biographies. I can't imagine if I had them all how many would be on my bookshelf but I've gone through so many and I just love him. So the fact that I got to read your book over the last couple of weeks has been amazing. But I'm always amazed at the details that go into it. Some kind of just interested in the how do you go about your research in an organization of a book like this? What was it like this? You had to become a in how to combine the qualities of A. Detective with an archaeologist innocence because token about events new. Half a century ago. So. I mean like you said, like you said so I'm in a room here which is surrounded by books about the Beatles. The most Retina boot bind in history. A. When you come to project you have to ask yourself to salient question, cody, which is s does the world need another another Beatles. And the. So of some fantastic jake. Some blow books and great pieces of walk I guy to evaluate. Taken very seriously the seediest skull us and these binds seemed to attract that level of scholarship from people so I pushed it with the view. First of all with it being ninety, six eight when I did it for the up vessels book was the Wind McCook new book as John Lewis. Would always looking for diversity. moments, you can attach something to so I took the view. Look at nineteen, sixty, nine through the prism old half a century. And perhaps using not. So not ideal of being a local detective and piece together all the elements from nineteen, sixty nine. And almost diety form Codeine obergefell diagnosed. With then people can people can then definitely de. Video sections the of more appealing to. So I thought if you could stitch together a nominative. Month by month non-active looking events happen in specific months. Then by during that, then you're compiling this. Through the entire year and by doing so you hopefully producing some kind of cohesive whole end of. You're such. I always say I Quixote Yoho by different get lost in translation. To an appeal to you. I just I've always thought that the Beatles the music is the music, but the story of the binders is really compelling essential for people. If you if you're a good story, then the beat told really the uninvited and not an aspect for being just a fantastic story on it so. I completely agree and I think that it's for me anyway for some reason, nineteen sixty nine seemed to be the year that for whatever reason I knew the least about and I'm curious did you find that? That was that you uncovered some things that you were like you didn't know going into it as someone who's studied the Beatles allowed. The idea of the idea of a sensuous at not to try and uncover some mystical revelation but to try a to try and peel by the layoffs. And you? Don't you to do this with any credibility. Court was to try and speak to people who ended binds ORB at that same either professionally of passionately because the problem with a bind like the Beatles is stories, become legends and legends become mets nine job to try dive down into the weeds died down into the the tangled roots of the owner Katya ends trying set three fight from fiction notably do that with the speech people. So what for me it was interesting was to be able to speak to people who were witnesses to history. Again. They've taken events because the problem is. There's been so much mythology attached to the bind. Nobody's it's only natural understanding of Paul, McCartney and Ringo. Starr can't remember key points of the past and what chance to see. Historians House executive. Approached it with a view to speak to people I spoke to testified people Ed, for example, men who? Would ended in Twickenham studios foaming alleged be Ed Don. Rushton. Medical Guide who stayed with joining Yoku through much of nineteen sixty nine. Yeah. A guy who is involved with the the get piece of John's so and when I spoke to these guys, why did find cody was they even after all taken even for a guy who you've laid everything that you can still cheese oh, fantastic stories. Yeah. I took the view the these stories when to. Than perhaps. Show. Because of the Mnuchin me they might be interesting for the people who who, who, unaware of absolutely. Yeah. So that was the challenge. goal in Saints Chine but something new to the table as not some mystical new revelation. You know I mean even even today you hear things like the secret recordings were gonNA continue after nineteen, sixty, eight I don't believe. Thanking. Will maybe come onto the Pizza Jackson, the be. Challenge and not was a goal I think. biolog- a monster tool of. Yes occupied here? Yeah. I I don't I. Don't know if there's another book that I've read. That's been this month to month linear. And I kind of want to jump into that. So it's opens in London obviously just cold London in January and The kind of. Right. Away goes into that the recording. Let it be in the obvious infamous rooftop concert on three Seville road. And What are some details that our listeners might not know that kind of took place behind the scenes that day without giving away the key takeaways from that he might get if you read the book. Yet. Important thing was just the the the. Assembled. avengers assemble the Beatles assembled and. January second ninety-six today to begin what on what would eventually become led to be that tape was cold. Get back at unofficial important here to apply some context to depleted I, think that's important. Thing here is context. Because they had not long finish the grilling stations for the way album when she's ever been able knew it is a double album and it took five months to call the way album. Remember how many songs over until maybe twenty sewn. And the really draining expedience. Here they wear west and two months later back in the studio in the context is this. Event Diagram Cody if you imagine Van Dyke on if we can go back to when described as. You can imagine van dig-. On. With the Beatles in the middle of. John Lennon Paul McCartney Joe China's Rangel stop in the middle and shooting off in various directions of these diagrams. Diagrams can consist of a issues business issues. Pass no issues and simply maturity issues. But the coin cakes is by the time they arrived bite in the studio. I should save Paul McCartney's behest. They were professionally a passing away exhausted liberal judge drained. Copy foam account is he is relentless Workaho Hallway. He has an incredible work ethic. UNQ- arrive by mister domain. Music. Spoke to him. WHO PLAYS WITH? said. McCartney's tooting. Should you a bind in eighteen nineties and he told me music just poor? Help, he has almost like cups. So you know he would arrive with nine, hundred, sixty, nine yielded highest some great songs. Under the Beltway for example to be sticking. Woman Wayne. Lewis kicking island. Two of us. But the other three of suffering from capable only attainable leverage because the religious the restocked point where. The other things happening in the latest being toys, not necessarily for George George and Ringo we'll certainly for joining George the number one priority, but he'll you how. Sergeant Major McCarthy throwing them into late winning team. Because he thinks it's important to. Keep the bind going to maintain. Productivity and but it was difficult another three point because there's a say a dreadful lethargy had begun to ten for all sorts of reasons. There's I mean there's all these everybody's not going to be on the same plane creatively all the time. So of McCartney's doing that I mean who can expect to be able to keep up with that and you know they were obviously under a lot of pressure from the label I forget exactly what they're deal was, but they had to produce a certain amount of music every year so. Might not be challenging for Paul to do that. But then you're also going to have these egos coming in and that's a lot what you talk about in the book of. You know I wanNA have this song on and I think one of the interesting things that I noticed is the precursor to kind of what became the Abbey Road Suite was these combination of songs which they kind of started with. majorly with a day in the life, but then they really got into. With. I gotta feeling. I think that that was a McCartney and Lennon they just said, let's just mush these together to very distinctly different parts without specific does on Tuesday, songs been fused together and they. The. Day is obviously out good example and an as a great station. When in Macau is ability to bring to different parts of a song and a Nissim together to provide to produce a credible. You mentioned the Abbey road sweet enjoys Martin had long time been urging them to consider moving in a more symphonic deduction. Yeah. you know this is the you know heavy wrote you. Know you've got fleetwood Mike storms the WHO. Zeppelin of taking off your medic I. Think you've got the Butterfield butterfield buying. I am butterfly at all these groups on the in a much heavier focus and the Beatles could easily compete with them without any problem and essentially. An ambulance we actually. lately, and it works really well but you know such was the Such A. Between joining poll out PD, for many other reasons that you know it's difficult for them to be on the same page. Even musically I mean one point for be rude, which is course a great album and the last love letter to but went point just to illustrate who. Who Float thanks when when point wanted all his songs to be on one side of the album? McCartney songs could be on the other Kosheh bats just impractical I mean. Say the beetle democracy by ain't. GonNa walk at all. So, we get a common sense Eventua- came through. You know I have the the the mainly in the form that we all knew in love and bridges show should the difficulties? tehmina mainly is a is a top ustry of again a whole load of songs that had been landing for quail actually some of them, some of with Bipasha. India. Sixty eight mean Mr Mustard. And a saint, Louis fragments even knows an argument for saying the throwaways. Somehow thanks to them. Incredible musical genius. They were able to piece to go of this jigsaw. into. What is an incredible piece of what it really is? I think it's probably my favorite whatever it is fifteen sixteen minutes of music that they've put together back to back at one of the things that you mentioned the book is that. Lennon McCartney are. And I think this is a quote fair teen around in their bottom drawers for decent material. And I'm wondering what do you attribute for being the main reason for this? I think in Saint Paul McCartney always had material. As I said, you know he's he's got to be one of the most prolific song rates of stole possessions of all team. beyond beyond reasonable argument. Jordan was struggling I. Think clearly. An just a personal opinion because it's no secret that he hide ahead problem mid nineteen, sixty, nine I think that it did stay me his leading creativity to a dignity explain why? And also affected his behavior and. I always think of join PD cody is like being volcano trump denise. Because you've never Kuwait sure what John Lennon you're going to get. Results of these. Was More than doubling ahead when you know I mean Don Is a valuable nomadic can ACTA. WHO Don't know actually the eight in the old nick sequence for two thousand, hundred, one, a space and he was a famous maim outaced. So if you look at two thousand, one, a space over the ape with the club will by dying astonished. No. Amazing really. And he and he would tell me stories about and. Candid. About the difficulties the and hide with heading and the reason they may be staying creativity and a saints was because if you take weight come together or even if you look at some of the songs on me on the mainly, let it I don't think the fantastic. Come, together as one of the most popular and enduring bittel tracks of old team. got. Just. If you look at the lakes. Visible we've been to. One. What the hell he's talking about. I mean, you know in nineteen, sixty, seven not can of that kind of Happy Gopal. Did was restricted like holy script. But by nineteen nineteen, Sixty sixty-nine flow has weathered the vein and people were looking for something a bit more what. Shall we say? Eb, nor can hear people in the bike goes eight. Wow. Don't tell me. He's criticizing John Lennon associated. No I love join you think he was beating hot of the Beatles I. Really. And without him the. Bind. But if you look at some of these, what from eighteen, sixty nine. And, if you take up song I, want you she's so heavy, I think there's only fifteen one. Who? After. Designed does not mean necessarily that he was literally Bite Rob two point. The flip side of the argument is. going. He said everything you've wanted to say endless safety once. So what's your problem may is being extremely debate in what was an extremely votto. So what's your problem? If he says in theft eighteen months and he says thirteen months Joan cage doesn't use anyone could. So you know. I I. Mean I feel like you can easily argue that either way you can look at that and be like, yeah he just kind of slacked off had a good riff and decided to just put some words to his came up with thirteen or He got this really great message of love across thirteen words. That's pretty incredible to so just to the Lens that you look at it through the absolutely two ways of looking at another good example, Sun King, which is very spa slit Clinton that does not mean does not mean that he he run out of ideas. Or just plain simple fact as you say, he said all in the ones that he wanted to use. So so you know. Can. Stay tuned for more song packs podcast right after this. Back. I'm glad you brought up come together because when I was putting together the outline for this conversation I went to the song tax website where they've got they've got like truthful things that have been proven better actual song facts but then underneath they let. Know fans just go off and just put in their interpretations and if you go and read the thread for come together, it's it's pretty incredible at some of the people have to say about that. I want to jump over now into the what's going on with George during this time because in the book you write about George was writing some of his most notable stuff which I think is is pretty clear but was being treated as a sort of younger brother by Lennon and McCartney and I'm just wondering can you expand on that a little bit for us? Yeah absolutely. My I. Think Nineteen Sixty was an extremely pedia enjoy Johnson's. A. Jones was adopt costs coming up in the end stage real in nineteen, sixty nine. On the album especially he had, he had Mike at town weeps. Sweet Which I still think is the one beetle try cody which I think even though gets better with age really think it's not good. Became I hear I just late love even more but George had always been treated by joining poll as an economy class beautiful simply because he wasn't. Any wars. In their league is a songwriter. Joining poll where the heck fight today, you know they were the the the beetle building in a sense. George Beginnings maybe one of two soames album if he was lucky being won't change Johnson producing some really strong. By the dame, Nineteen sixty-nine comes up he has something may maybe up to them to songs and he's bottom jaw. He knows some of them are very good but it's very, very difficult to fame space on a Beatles album for three principal later. Yeah. But as ever been annoys. Georgia's contributions to. Are Simply Standing Yup? Wilno. Here comes the sun and something which many people we don. Actually maybe the actual in the album. Yeah. Something say yesterday I think. Is the most. Is the second most covered Beatles, talkable, Jane. which for the fiscal orientated was the hottest Houston eight. Sure. Is there any truth to the quote I've heard this in the past and I'm wondering if you know of this quote, I think it was Sinatra that said something along the lines of well, that's the Best Lennon McCartney song that's ever been written and it was like the most like. Best compliment that George Harrison could got being called a Lennon McCartney song in that time. is absolutely giant kit and so soon after used to always introduce song you know A. Great Song by when McCarthy. And of course, George would be setting quietly seething undecided lanes. Any dead code the greatest love Song of the last fifty years. defined by thank obsolete But You know if it's a great piece for George. Corey about Georgia's tape. Because he was coming on as a musician. He also had the respect of other musicians notably bill. Who with whom he had green affinity and a great friendship, and also, of course, edit KLOPP's if you take. If you take. If you stood away wrote music's most famous Manezh Twat. With. Exactly. If you compare that to one side. So you know he has has. Is Morale was extremely good. He was very good place on he didn't. He was overweight the least committed to the bind the Molin point because he knew the in a new, it was also exploring. Of Indian mysticism no, he's life was taking a definite bothell sense but my I do have asleep CD of boom in nineteen? Sixty. A. vis-a-vis opioid. Because I feel that. Will be would I could live with Mike slopes overhaul of quoting. That's kind of clear. You kind of touched on that a couple of times in the book. Yes. I try not to get too observational politics too much. But by my my point is Hind Lennon McCartney been able to cops of egos just slightly and Concetta went up to the songs George, hide the eventually ended up on all things must pass which I still think is probably one of the top three solo albums Otane the. Than I think it would have been saying as the greatest records ever even a song all must pass. Course is when you look at the weddings digs all over the place. To other Beatles Jas Antilles. Cutting. Sands. Of. Fulfillment. And so perhaps later, McCartney, when looked the weddings for thanks most price. Absolutely said I think we will pass and it's a shame because you know the great songs as a couple of other ones for. Tokes. Winded, I'll lose your friendship. Completely pull and ended up on these solo. These great songs and all things must pockets. The Beatles is actually dead. What come on in the Chicago anybody WHO's have the dishes on Youtube? Dreadful. Weather today at a thirty unfortunately punctuated all sanctions on most of the sessions for to be. Ashamed because does say George been given a bit more room and I'll be rude than you I think it would have been okay and it's interesting to know more than context quoting that if you look at spotify and if you have to ask somebody what is the most popular Beatles track on spotify the might come up with hey, jude the let be you. She loves you the most popular spotify s fight here comes the sun which courses jokes hunted. And what an amazing thing to write such a? Just stand alone happy optimistic song in the time that they were in a kind of shows what you were touching on before of him getting out of the chaos because didn't he went and spent some time in upstate New York with the band and Dylan. Kinda saw like wow this is like very free way of making music I'd like to be a part of that and I think he went he was in San Francisco in the summer of sixty seven for a little bit too. So he kinda saw some of that flower power stuff. He's got. So he's got all these ideas going on in his head. It's like. Going to work for him was terrible going home to London in like working with the Beatles was just like this is just stressful. These guys are at each other's throats. I'm not getting the respect that I feel like I should get in it's just really interesting dynamic editing. Yeah absolutely I mean when he when he when he arrived by in London to begin what can lead to be a nine, January nineteen, sixty, he hides his you speak spent some time with the bond with Dylan, and he loves the collaborative approach to making music which is. Very flea you know very much could minded as himself. He arrived back in London. Within two days. He described. Back in the winter of discontent didn't know George, schick speeding, but then you go. Every school day. And did see that he said distributor is. Back, in the winter of discontent on within within ten days of being back in not situation Jordan walked away from the Beatles either dreadful. Everybody thinks they had rightful row with with Paul McCartney over. In history who foam is a famous notorious scene with you know the arguing over Guitar Thanks. George walked into bind because he had with. Snow can make he had over join an again by speaking to people who live have the. Able to apply some Betty Betty. An unusual relationship with John Lennon it'll. Look talked to join join was all done what more wealth ice but Benicio Sixty Georges go in mind he's all of them is going to be you know these guys had been together for so long cody and had been mushroom growing and say they'll be to walkers and by the time it comes to nineteen sixty nine you know yourself you know you don't always hanging the guy, some highschool your lives have begun to veto for different today, Kim Siri troops but on the other could be interested in the horizon. And George. I. Think you said in the Beatles Anthology you know he said if A. If this isn't for me. If you I'm going. He left under frantic discussions I mean lending make some ability sarcastic a will get edit can. Eric, Clapton's GonNa join the Beatles Yeah. I shows you a conversations to try and encourage joint to compared George to come back into the fold but. George was you know he had seen her other groups at what? Later? The nine hundred, sixty nine that's interesting because he actually went to with Delaney and Bonnie which come from nine same function head of the by way of approaching music. and He loved it because you say the beach bubble as much more democratic process an a much at the bottom line is much more fun. Any kind of cherry picked up my sweet lord out of that too. Didn't he? Yes. Yes I'm wondering now because you do a great job of intertwining everything going on musically. The business side of things and we're a songs podcast organ stay on the music here for the most part but I really really am curious of your opinion. Do you think that Ellen Kline. Who became the manager or was it some other role? It was the manager, right? Yeah so he becomes the manager he becomes like in charge of other business affairs at it's three versus one with Paul sitting out on that but is it his is he is he the main reason for the demise? Of Vinegar Question I tried very hard not to apportion blame is the most famous. Questioning wrote music estimate. Who Split her split up the Beatles. And I've been Bene- careful not to apportion blame. You know Yoko. Easy target. Neighbor Kosher. Primarily because. Women. I believe for the sake the she she was specifically Allen claimed again, just apply some belief contexts was the manager of the rolling stones at type. Of bishen voice to. Invested, Comas Gate the Beatles. On. Ever since Brian will ever it stayed had died a ninety seven of nineteen, sixty, seven, the beach. Businesses were And they had. They had fun company Apple Costea jobs a lot of money. On. An apple as kind of what they described as a waste of colby as A. Loss of show. Biz artists to get a fuss wrong on the lineup. But. With apple was begun to lose so much money even allowing for the endings that by the time of Johnny sex eight La Sixty, nine, Nimbus aging so much money there was a serious. Concerned. The Beatles could go bite wrote. Yeah. John Widened famously gave an interview which he said he'd be the last fifty. Which is not James. No No chickenfeed. The financials were going south. So they needed somebody to come in and run the business and these guys. We have here a bass, Guitar Rhythm Guitar Lead Guitarist, and a drummer. They are musicians coating, your nope businessman exactly the the idea of playing businessman. But those are terrible naive attached to not because they are not skilled in running corporate entities. So they needed somebody to come in and run a business empire and Alan claimed when you have when he had Lennon's coot than he setting in as a coach since office in a New York. Rubbing behind with Glee because at that point, he says one what. Gotcha yeah. Thanks. He thinks that has opening to be able to go to end and make a sales pitch to the Beatles old photos of. That he's the guy who can saw. The tangled Arcadia in finances. So he comes to London and he makes his pitch. And our clay as Betty what in a Blue Cola can a guy? You know he wasn't that much older than the? Admit it made it made a world money for other and a Medical Sam. Cook. So kind handsome Kenneth. Pedigree in endings ought to solo but also very rough around the edges going into you know kind of talk into these what it sounded like in the book anyway was these really posh London business elites. Yeah. It means very abrasive character you know known since your video incongruous guy, you know. What you guys. Tuchel neck sweat yes. Actually he actually smoked pap- I mean he could have come from a different. Yeah. When he made these sales pitch to land. You know they have a lot. They had the will of shaved. Into severe notable booth orphans can both lost their mothers very young. They had a low of a bike roads oddities. When it was an easy mocks guys like Klay above a hustler. Joined swiftly went over by claims, but I don't you with your weight. And of course, joining been so impressed because. Clean Dementia which was you money. No told Glennon that he would make Lich even more money than closest Atlanta. You. Know. I was won over by. By claims of Bliss of sales pitch. So he's landed then goes to Georgia. Rangel. and. You know. This guy. He's the guy for me I think he can sort of finances I generally speaking because join voice defined to lead to the bind George Angle cannot tended to fall. By company is a completely different situation because. Paul McCartney l'Ouest. Our NKWAIN from the start. He was a cook I everything every every fiber of these body told not to trust our coin. So at a business sense over sudden one corner. of Mr Lennon Mr Hodson and Mr Stop and then the other corner you have missed copy a nail diametrically opposed to each other over the appointment of our Queen is the Beatles manager. Copy proposed annot And they'll tend to voice he favored his. Name his future in laws which was lead. Join Smith. Come from you know who have their own the entertainment lawyers in New York very successful. With an astounding pedigree in show business in entertainment on he he favored then coming on board to try sort the Beatles finances, and of course, the Eastman's could not have been more different from coin. You know because they've leak Park Avenue Privilege, you know the An AAs video contagious on. You couldn't have been more different than the Profanity Laden Mr Clayton? You know whereas the dead things To the manor born fashion. So these these diametrically attainable dichotomy had said between them in a business sense and of course, it seeps into the music seeps into the personal life. But if a hot too hot to apportion, blame the I view our coin quiz as the Demon King of the Beatles Story. Because he was the one who pay slated McCartney into into. Opposing enough and and he didn't really come good in his promises because you know. In a business sense, the most control was on salt publishing catalog northern songs they lost to city consulting would have been up for sale in the summer of sixty nine. They also lost the opportunity to to buy names always another company attached to blind abstain. which could could have made them a lot of money Clayton guilty of false promises Bush never came to fruition. In the book a love of course, in effect in the Book Cudi. If you look at events hop into Johnny Sixty nine why phones voice the sometimes as the consequences of those events would not become clear until maybe four, five, six months turned mullane. And the involvement of our Klay on his ability to deliver these promises and piloted on the day. The Jordan. Actually a waste, the bind. Game of hunter joy all the evidence points to that, and it's more than just landed. Say don't the other unseen forces played come onto the board later in the year but they all day link to happen alien the A notch. Wife's important to draw threats from one month to the next. Throwing of BEACHELL PEBBLE INTO PU and Emanate from. It really is I mean. That's kind of the as someone who had like A. A decent history of the Beatles I've read another Beatles. Biography that wasn't as like I think one of the things that you can do because you're focused on the specific time is so detailed with it but you know I've read other ones. So I had an idea. So something like that would happen where I read something from February and I'm like, Oh, I wonder if that comes back to us with NYC October November something like that and sure enough it would one of the things that I think is really apparent because if you're a fan, you're going to read it fast but then there's just so much going on this. This is just a year full of action and it's just like They're in the boardroom having these major arguments. The next day, they're all in the studio writing an amazing song. The next week. There of getting married and they've got they've got weddings going on there traveling all over the mostly. Europe. But you know all over the place and it's just like these guys were so busy and obviously I think that that's wrapped up really well in a song like the belt of John and Yoko. Chance. ALMA. So let's veer off in that direction a little bit and talk a little bit about. What was going on outside of the scenes with John and Yoko their marriage they're in their peaceful protests that they were really trying to. You know they were using their. Public Image to do a lot of good. Yeah. Absolutely. You know ninety sixty nine was the year will join landed and Yoko Ono became probably the most famous celebrities in the world. Not. Not, so much for 'em the music because joins. Political Activism. Because obviously year of give peace a chance. And it was the year will join. Innocence became a pied paper piece for the youth culture. On a very important part to play. I, mean you mentioned about joining Yoko you. is going on a business sense. COMES, back to the music at an an an in the case of joining about joining Yoko Joylin ahead of incredible ability to compartmentalize these emotions. Before he. Had A terrible argument optical over business and yet the next day he comes out say at post hosts and say. I need to call right now? Yeah. George wasn't there. He was the country Rengo was the country really the bombing of joining. York. Who is just the two of them I watch really whale. So that example of yet again for all of his opening. A business sense that they will still be able to come together the PUN intended. To try and walk something musically. But but John Wayne is poetic of joining you'll used. Of Cain to use the celebrity. A note to form some protests? Thirteen head in a sense. and. It was a pivotal year because you know, ninety sixty, nine, eight Soviet tanks rolled into the Vicha you had. I in Beckley in America certainly potus. On, of course, the the public disquiet over the Vietnam War was Louis and apex and America was a terrible critical in terms of use culture and I. and. Young people protesting no just over Vietnam separate. So Bisley and John Wayne was able to use a celebrity to is as a major. A major influence trying to persuade walks politicians perhaps says, no, the we a signal pots. And it's interesting me. He's famous for the which most people think just crazy you know. When I go to bed for the week F- epecial and when frostbitten happened seven days after the wedding Gibraltar in mob sixty. Of course, the place invaded to come and see them spending. We can bed, and of course, facebook or Nigel who'd wait and I. Thought, they were going to see some kind of copulation taking place as that's going to happen. But. Apple be joining. You want climbed. Gordon, the message of peace on every newspaper in the United States newspapers for you know the most effective method of communication. And of course, repeated the take in Montreal in June July nineteen, sixty eight but you know and Medicare especially sexist into and univer. Think they were. Treated as a couple of eccentrics and you would eccentric as an awful God performance office. America there were treated much more seriously. As threat right. Yeah. The celebrity was given. A much more. Effective platforms saints. I it's interesting to note the in November and one of the great peace protests of Vietnam. Has something half a million people singing GIF piece of chimes say use. A very effective demonstration one mind's ability. Happy I shouldn't have started to sing it. Nevertheless it a very powerful moment. because. You know people in television digging, American magazines of seeing images of children. New running during the streets naked covered the napalm bombs. Yes. No, no kicks no good and here is John Lennon in a song trying to be a CVs advocate for peace at the end of the Vietnam War and as I say half a million and may even million admiral for told my head. Say Deflate host for Richard Nixon's. You'll hunting donen sade. Unfortunately for joining you know he's poetic to. A guarantee him in Richard Nixon's black book man of course, a terrible issues during the lane with regard to immigration. I think John Lennon typically in nineteen sixty eight as a political activist. Gotcha he had audiences awakes of Pietro in Canada. Young. gung-ho quotation and all of a sudden a begun to Kate Landon seriously. He wasn't just a crazy crazy Mokpo in a much more than. A and also he was injured for politicians. To jump people you know and and it was important and I think he's poetic away I was team. was unusual part of these. These career. Viciously. So much but an eight, sixty nine when you talk to break. Even political activism. Heritage define the time to do all these things exact yet at the same time produced to pretty good albums. Just so much going on I mean you could be exhausted just taking pro you really can and the fact that is battling a you know a drug addiction and all that kind of stuff to he's got behind the scenes that you touch on the book. He's got legal battles, not only within the band, but then with Yoko and trying to like get her divorce all settled. And I mean just the the mental capacity able to do with all that is incredible to me and just you know the simple message of just give it a chance. Have we ever? We've always given war a chance trying to give peace a chance. What if we just tried as raising a question? It's it's really phenomenal and it you kind of touched on this a little bit. With the whole the ballot of John Yoko and how that was just Paul and John. This kind of happens a few times throughout this year where it's Two of them, three of them but not all of them are there together I think there's another I can't remember which song it was, but there's a time when Hall and George and and. Ringo. But they are just you know not all of them were always there which kind of. Now that we have hindsight shows us like, yeah this was kind of starting to go in this direction. And they're all being really creative and productive without each other and I'm just kinda wondering did you have any ideas before writing that kind of change throughout your research of ood there was a sign that I haven't really seen before of this was this was coming to an end. Yeah I think he was just A. Gradual view is Asian as I said when when she began to look under the oldest story and Shane Short late under the stones and I think it was just a gradual piecing together of all the evidence to. The second did I didn't understand that. Hopping and then hosted the top and it was you is just a question of trying to understand the coin takes and the not. An the situation of the teams. And you new. You'll don't they all play together on the same tracks all. Of Advice Majority of teams. I mean join. Always play or At the Charleston. Yes, tells you something about the relationship between the middle. I again, it's open to interpretation. And it's not always very difficult to ascertain the truth behind these things even guys like Lewis in. The door of Beatles historians and it's really really difficult. In. The longer tamed is on the more difficult to become to try and establish. Some can velocity attached to the whole thing you know. So I think this almost on last show. Because PIP WOAH NOT, Thomas. Signal went misleading. So to try and get some of. These witnesses to history? No food to wait is difficult I spoke to. John Lennon had account trash and Scotland of all places in nineteen, Sixty, eight, hundred amazing part of that book because I'd just been up to that part of the country. So. Yeah. Exactly. So you know yourself is very rude always said. nope. No Cosmopolitan shape or form and I won't more than noise days undeb. Able to speak to Dr who attended join annual Lebron Hospital for a week on an agnostic, and again, it was just an example of speaking to people who were there. I get stories, the recollections, and helped to humanize the the bind in some shape or form you know. One of the things I real I was played. If. You look at the cover of Bobby? And I go to Milwaukee. image. On that are three guys down to the bottom left wedding way overdose and they were painters and decorators who just happened to be what can be rude juice day. And One of the phone and he'd never spoken about the find the. Ms almost like a grateful to bomb. Could you know for these guys crashed into the picture and the photographer? McClellan Waving. Statewide Guys police the show and then diffused to go and try to donate to negate one of the guy told me great stories of sitting in the absolute county token to the Regular guys. Yeah and all that Kinda thing nothing was was interesting for me. You know. And I do get image an SEM. Frozen in rural. Cody and it's like the. War. Poem. Age Shallow really them and I look at nights. I remember the actual. That's great and that's another thing that that you kind of go into that humanize because another aspect of that trip up to Scotland for Lenin was the. While he's in there, you know McCartney tries to call him I. Don't think that he talked to a nurse. He didn't get through the nurse was like. In disbelief that Paul McCartney called and she was talking to him but he was like, hey i. just wanted to check on John and she just passes the message on to him and and despite everything that was going on they were they were brothers they wanted to just let each other know that they cared. So you just hit the ceiling. What is I mean, these are the days of no Internet They didn't even have a foreign beside the bed. So you know you have to go through the hospital switchboard and you would ask for that condition report as I. Do not as a young journalist. The beginning the bare minimum information but there's no for the I. Think it does speak to the fight the. Even for older vine and the discord taking place in the background joining poll still loved each other and I truly believe up. I think they had the most complicated complex has. Polity and passed. By. The Beatles there's a whole although although joining poll. Of the key elements, you have four sides of the same square. and. If you take one of them away, even if it's wrinkle I'm a great defender Ringo Starr. Drumming Sensational absolute bone joined boy esque I would suggest. If you take one of them ways that doesn't walk and the Old News. And and I think. Absolutely abondoned brothers I. Think there was something. I always loved the story of the Beatles say the behind. A youngster West had discovered the music then walked into the studio and how these guys have this constellation formed to leave a musical big buying in a sense and I was looking at a love, the story and the asked why nineteen sixty nine can drew. Because just so much going on but I do think that they would abide the brothers. I. Think they genuinely loved each other. Complicated loves only families can understand and I think that I find that the Beatles. Reason people a year and I. Still, talking about buying the lot fifty years after the Louis must have something going for them. I. Think. I think finds, of Light Tub ended the same way the begun, which is Ford guys four French really loved each other and Ringo says. You got your through when you watch A. One fortunately fake and the way. Yeah. Well, the book is called ended in the end, the authors Ken mcnabb, and we we touched on a lot during this conversation. But if you if you enjoyed this, please go get the book it is like I. said I read it so fast I just enjoyed enjoyed it so much. So thank you for right in it. Thank you for research in it and thank you for coming on the show Ken. Or. My pleasure. Thank you for your questions and and for being. So Cambridge Marxist absolutely some people make being farmer. Cusak. Thank you had. had a really loved how he asked himself. If the world really needs another Beatles book before we started writing it but I can tell you that it did I really really loved the way that Ken constructed this book and I learned a lot. 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