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The w. Inside here with Keith Walker hollow. Coming up on today's program Europe, marks the seventy fifth anniversary of d day we speak with World War Two veterans on the Normandy, beaches, if I didn't tell the stories about my man that no, they couldn't do it. And I felt it my responsibility to talk to people about the war, and what they did also coming up, there are Kohl's trek prime minister to step down amid fraud allegations. Plus, Trump in Europe, some of the largest ever demonstrations against a foreign leader. Right here. You call it your antagonizing conflict. Right. You're making the problem worse. So why don't you take it here on his right? How? How did you don't need to somewhere else? Stories and more coming up on inside Europe. Europe has been marking the seventy fifth anniversary of the d day landings that turns the tide of World War Two with a dwindling number of veterans who lived through d day now in their nineties, and beyond this week's ceremonies on the Normandy beaches with world leaders is likely the last major commemoration, they will attend Jake sagana room mess with one of the last surviving veterans and spoke with locals in the region who remember the allied invasion. On Omaha beach, Normandy alone piece of concrete juts out of the sand. It's known as raise rock named after the former US army medic Ray Lambert at ninety eight years old. Ray, Lambert is a star on Omaha beach, people wanna shake the veterans hand people like Eric Morrow from DUI, Maryland. One veteran to another thanks very much for your service and everything. Did you heard welcome last year, the town above the beach Colville, sir mare, which is home to the American cemetery? Put a plaque on the rock with Lambert's name and the names of his fellow medics who landed here on June sixth, nineteen forty four Lambert and his men used the concrete mound to shield wounded soldiers from German gunfire seventy five years ago, during the onslaught of the D landings can come and see my men. I know that they're being remembered those guys are my age today. So they have many of them gone. Of course, the name to here permanently now will ever be. And it makes me feel good Lambert grew up in rural Alabama, he and his brother Bill signed up for the army in nineteen forty. They went through two landings before d day North Africa nineteen forty two and Sicily. The following year Ray Lambert. Was wounded in both assaults and awarded the silver star for bravery, then the brothers faced the Omaha beach bloodbath. Together, we can hear the machine gun bullets on the ramp like HALE. And so we knew when route went down that we would be seeing on bullets would come in kill some guy when I went off that boat got something with through my right elbow, shattered the oboe. And so I went underwater get away from the sheen gun bullets. Ray made it to the beach, but he was even more exposed to German gunfire as he tried to treat wounded comrades, and it was nothing for them. Nothing to get them behind the offer any protection. So I was looking around and I happened to see this rock, and I told my men that we'd have to try to get those guys behind this rock. Ray was wounded again this time in the. The leg and later woke up next to his brother and a military hospital even though they lived through three invasions together, Ray says he and his brother Bill didn't talk about the war much when it was over. I realized that if I didn't tell stories about my man that no, they couldn't do it. And I felt my responsibility and obligation to them to try to talk to people until people about the war, and what they did Bill Lambert died in two thousand ten and Ray says this will be his last trip to Normandy. But before he goes home to North Carolina. He wants to have one more glass of Calva dose, the region signature apple brandy. Sadly, the cure kill me. Sure. Which one? Zecha the number of locals here. Who remember the day landings are dwindling to up the coast behind Juno beach, Marguerite, and Remmy, Casteel, served glasses of Calva dose at their home and settled on their mayor de deep Marguerite was seventeen when the allies landed she'd lived under German occupation for four years, pluck. It'll you done CD nob- when explosions in the distance woke her up her father told her to go back to bed, but around three in the morning, she says the noise became unbearable my father told us, we had to go the invasion had begun. If you toss, she got a mo- cozy family to cover in a trench. They dug then in a stable with neighbors today at ninety two castle, still gets choked up, when she talks about what she saw at Juno beach just after combat ended. Won't side. You'll be cadet connect Duff. We stopped at the wall. She says there were Canadians. There were bodies lined up, there was one he, he didn't have a face anymore. You cannot forget that since that day Casio says she doesn't like going to the beaches, even though she lives just steps away. Jake sagana road d- w Normandy. And I'm Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany. This is inside Europe. Many world leaders marched the day. Uninvite Serie in Normandy, and also in Portsmouth England, including US, President Trump as part of his five day visit to Europe, some of the largest ever demonstrations against a foreign leader took place at the so-called carnival over distance in central London. Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets to show that condemnation of Trump's policies among the protesters was Patrick Christie's current affairs reporter at love sports radio based in London. Hello, Patrick, Hal out, how good things, how's the protests? What was the vibe then like, and I was quite shocked as he brought he said the word tens of thousands of people there, and it was a smorgasbord of different demographics. All of them United in their hatred of Donald Trump. I thought that may be that would be more of a kind of welcoming atmosphere. We're all on the same boat here, but a really really wasn't. There was a serious undertone of aggression, how much love was in the crowd. Trump -solutely known though is even a bloke who spent twenty five thousand dollars of his own money flying over a giant robot of Donald Trump sat on the toilet with his pants on his ankles, tweeting, and not said things like no collusion. Over and over again though, is definitely. No love for Trump yesterday. What does anything else happened there? Well, yeah, well, let's say there was no love for Trump. Now yesterday, there were at least maybe three or four people, I suppose, who did love him actually, because they were walking through with make America great again. Hats now I thought that they were joking. Right. So I thought this was this was lucky. I an ironic fashion statement. So I told one of them over just so do you actually support from? So they said, yes, they do. And then this is the thing that really got me, which is how quickly the crowd set upon them. Now, the blow the I was speaking to his hat was ripped off. He was pushed around in a woman hits him. There was another gentleman as well. Let's say it was probably in his early sixties. He was walking through this crowd. I'm was milkshake which has become the fashion. Now in England, whatever anyone is. Of the right on the political spectrum. They got milkshake pulled over there had now I found this ironic from group of people who are holding banners up saying about inclusivity and tolerance. And all these nice virtues that they say that Trump opposes. Well, you know they were opposing that impart yesterday. And I think there is a worrying sense, not just in London, but in Britain now, actually that wherever you go if you don't necessarily subscribe to the, the correct form of politics, kind of centre-left form of politics, actually, you are banned from having those views, and you should be ostracized from society under get into any spirited debates. With anybody there when you were there. Yeah. Well, I mentioned before about the Chaffee, walk pass with his make America great again. Hat now the crowd exception to me interviewing him because they thought I was giving him a platform. I would like to point out, I interviewed numerous unsee, Trump protesters. Well, we have a short clip of what happened that. Interviewing this man right here. You call your tugging conflict, right? You're making the problem worse. So why don't you take your microphone if you wanna take eat it here, only make America great how to him somewhere else? No Trump supporter here today's. But his aggressive towards me as you have. And I wouldn't what? Wouldn't what? That's a fair. And that's probably a fair question. Yes. So they backed down quite quickly when confronted reason, but look that is the vibe that particular place. I it was a very nasty undetermined to it was the same protests that the leader of the opposition labor party. Jeremy Corbyn was speaking out. It was Jeremy Corbyn actually took to the stage about five minutes later up just over my shoulder. What I was doing night's interview now he gave very very good speech, you know, whether or not you agree with his politics is one thing. He's very good Arata, and it was a fantastic speech, but he was very passionate about the, the any future trade deal with regards to the US Brisard should not include any elements of our national health service, which is, of course, free at the point of view as things currently stand. They were adamant that shouldn't be allowed to happen that really form the centerpiece over. He also made reference, of course, to the, Donald Trump has had a bit of a check it history, shall we say, when it comes whose treatment of women and ethnic minorities. So I say to viz. As arrive this week. Thank on, please about a world that is one apiece. And this is one of recognizing the values of all papal is a world that defeats racism defeats misogyny, defeats the religious hatreds that are being filled by the far right in politics in Britain in Europe and the United States, the leader of the opposition labor party, Jeremy Corbyn, then Patrick, he requested a private meeting with the president. This all the little bit embarrassing jessa as he's known over here. Yes, it was he was giving it quite large about the fact that he turned down a meeting with President Trump. President Trump to standing next to what is going to be much longer. Our Prime Minister Theresa may saying that he in fact had turned down Corbin now I think myself and promptly probably most people at Ashim that may be Donald Trump wasn't quite telling the truth turns out today that he was. Actually Jeremy Corbyn did ask for a private meeting with which you imagine just under mine, his credibility little bit in that respect. But he probably just wanted to sound him out the merits of shifting his ideology towards the hard left and Trump turns them down. I don't know Jeremy Corbyn. Never met him never spoke to him. He wanted to meet today or tomorrow, and I decided that I would not do that. I think that he is from where I come from somewhat of a negative force. I think that people should look to do things correctly as opposed to criticize. I really don't like critics as much as I like and respect people that get things done. So I decided not to meet. So that's put him in his place. Yes. I think actually the centerpiece of this gone slightly under reported in this country is the distinction between the two when it comes to Israel Palestine, Donald Trump unashamedly premise, row, Jeremy Corbyn unashamedly pro Palestine, a massive area of policy. No going to the no gonna find any agreement on, I think, dies, probably will underpins. I'm each. We'll hatred. Christie's, thank you very much for your time. And thanks for your going along on. Braving braving, everything out the protests, docu, very much having me. I'm coming next coals for the Czech prime minister to step down amid allegations that he fraudulently obtained e you subsidies on Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany. You're listening to inside Europe. Pryke saw another huge demonstration against the Czech prime Minister Andrei. Bob ish this week? The latest in a series of mass protests, calling on him and his newly appointed Justice minister to resign they're angry at that. Mr. Bob ish, who is the country's second richest man, fraudulently obtained a you subsidies and pointed to a leaked European Commission report, claiming he's in a conflict of interest, Andrey Bobby rejects. All the allegations and says the report represents an attack on check sovereignty. Rob Cameron was among the crowds and sent this report. Is, is said, this was the biggest protests since the nine hundred thousand nine full of communism difficult. Diversify police have yet to challenge their claims that it was attended by one hundred twenty thousand people certainly Wenceslas square was packed from top to bottom. The crowd cheered and booed, as organized as read out their demands the resignation of unday Bob ish mired in allegations of e u subsidy fraud almost since becoming prime minister in two thousand seventeen and the woman who was recently appointed Justice minister, mightier Benesch awhile demonstrators worry, she's been installed to frustrate the ongoing fraud prosecution against him while the protests have been given new impetus by leaked European Commission reports claiming that his huge Agrofert conglomerates, which receives E U subsidies represents a conflict of interest. Here's a sample of their anger. Because our. Time minister is an action violation of our law. He was apart of the resume in some part, and I simply cannot be with, that he says everything he does his business or the EU funds. He's on various businesses. It's all legal. It is not legal says is very much revisit disagreed with the culture of Mr Bush here, his public appearances and his scorn, this the people with their disagreement how ex against and I hope that's if so many people can gather together here that means something to the public are to other people who are in charge Andrei, Bobby rejects all of those, and the Gatien's check police have recommended to prosecutors that he stands trial for fraudulently obtaining, two million euros in EU subsidies, a decade ago. For his luxury Stork's nest farm resort and conference center. He says the criminal prosecution is a witch hunt, and he's breached. Neither check nor EU law. But there's a new problem for the Slovak born prime minister on Friday, the check media published a leaked draft of an internal European Commission audit, which determined that his Agrofert business empire should not have had access to E funds in recent years, because Mr Bush had a clear conflict of interest, the commission appears to have rejected his defense that Agra I was placed in two trusts before he became Prime Minister, Mr Bush says the audit is both the founder and the sole beneficiary of those trusts and the Czech Republic should pay back the money responding to the reports in Parliament, Mr Bush could barely contain his contempt. Then out the Cuban the, this audit is very problematic. I consider it as an attack on the Czech Republic. As an attack on the interests of the Czech Republic, as an attempt to destabilise the Czech Republic. European officials showing contempt for check laws Brussels is telling the Czech Republic how to interpret its own laws, and I'm going to ask at the next European Council meeting. What is going on here? Forget idea zip them. Toyota. This week's protests. Not good news for under a bridge. They do not at least not yet represents an imminent political threat. He said he won't resign, even if he's formerly charged with fraud and the president says he went sack him his junior coalition partners. The social Democrats are so terrified of electoral oblivion, they won't bring down the government and the commission report is a leaked draft. It hasn't even been translated into check yet. And they will be months of legal back and forth before anything happens. This could be a long hot summer under Bob ish. But it will take more than demonstration's to end his political career rub Cameron d-w. You're listening to inside Europe. This summer, many restaurants in Cyprus will tempt tourists with unique breakfasts made from locally produced food. It's part of an initiative to promote Gus stroke tourism on the island. For the first time, Nathan Morley has been to see what's on. Forget the full English breakfast with sausage bacon beans eggs, all continental croissants today. I'm talking into my first ever separate breakfast. Just like thousands of tourists. We'll be doing this year on the island, and it looks like there's a lot to choose from local favorites range from grilled halloo me, which is a traditional squeaky white sip cheese. This also dried tomatoes, not some plenty of lives and the roller unusual, delicious pork dish, which has a surprising recipe as George demand, new, the president of the chefs association explains our smoke, which is a Polk loins mock glowing, it's very unique with red wine. Bright it wine with marvel marvel. It's. Kind of grape, which is only incite proof. Unusual breakfast choice and this display here what, what else is on offer. We have Kara zero. We have our unique Hanmi. We have our, I'm not Ichi his, which is with no salt, even in our fields. You can get greens special live from November to April, which is unbelievable on taste, delicious. This feast demonstrates the new Sonny perspec- I initiative now. The idea is to serve up modern creative cuisine, which is inspired by tradition. And of course, the famed Mediterranean, diet for Savvas patios, who's the deputy minister of tourism, such schemes are an essential part of a wider effort to diversify tourism here, and it's quite a departure from the old seeing sand promotions. We respect the son in see product a lot. It's what got us here. Here. We want to consolidate on that. But at the same time, we want to show the world. What other fantastic things Cyprus has and to do that in order to extend your season in all spread the wealth from tourism, certainly, you need to focus on special forms of tourism and gastronomic. Tourism is one of them. And yeah, this is why a concept like this is important for us going forward. It's here in the city of Larnaca on the eastern coast with its long golden beaches that a pilot program for the breakfast scheme was I tried out those taking part over the last few years were urge to be creative, and deliver a different experience, George demand. Yo says there's been no complaints so far. I let cuisine. It's well, come for everybody. Germans, they love it. They love it. But that cannot say that the even the Igli show of the French all the other European countries Russians. They love it. I believe that. It's welcome for countries. Sultan, courage is up lifting for everybody involved in this project and just out there across the Mediterranean. Neighboring Greece has been famed for its food for many years. Let's have as patio says, there are some key differences between the Greek and the separate cuisines the spices. Here we, we have been a trade route of spices for thousands and thousands of years, so many cultures so many religions passed from here. So there is a significant influence on separate cuisine from the lands around us, whether we were talking about the back then the Middle East as well even the north African region. So that's a huge advantage that we, we want to be using the scheme in full swing. It's hoped that travelers here will spot a new logo outside some restaurants which is designed to flag. Up the addition of these traditional breakfasts. So what did the man behind the project have the his breakfast this morning? So he's roasted almonds. Berries? Raw sesame, paste, otherwise known as tahini. Together with some Rawhani or corrupt syrup. Mixed together. It is nutritious. It keeps you full until, at least the afternoon. And it's completely unprocessed so that's the secret breakfast. And that sounds absolutely delicious. Nathan more the Deutsche Avella Cyprus. Yeah. Kind of does sign delicious. If you like to contact the show, we would love to hear from you. Here's our Email address Europe asked d w dot com. We also podcast, the show you can download that on your favorite podcast provider. This is inside Europe. And I'm Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany. This is inside Europe. And I'm Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany in the next half hour climate change. Protesters threatened to use drones to close Heathrow airport. Non-violent action is our offer strategy and this involves disruptive actions and actions, which are potentially arrestable also former colonize nations, and indigenous people finally represented, the world's most prestigious art show. It includes video interviews with artists from South Africa to Argentina, all grappling with the effects of trauma, and violence and the role of art in preventing atrocities, and eventually healing. Megan Williams is at the Venice. Art, Biennale a plus, would you stay in a hotel run? By drug addicts. We sent John Lawrenson to give us a try. It is very quiet, but that's a good thing, right? The stuff off taking them methadone that ten th beer. Whatever managing their Dixon's, as best they can with job an income away back to a proper life. These stories and more coming up on inside Europe. From Bonn, Germany. You're listening to incite era. Leaks documents from extinction. Rebellion shows possible plans to shut die in London Heathrow airport using drone technology. That's if the UK government does not roll back plans for airport expansion. The climate protest group has always prided itself on being a nonviolent peaceful movement. Unless I'm always in London. I met up with some of the protesters, and that's what I experienced many people are now questioning whether proposals such as this mice change that perception, Jack foster has this report. And we have got to. Promotional video for extinction rebellion which launch just a year ago, pushing for nonviolent demonstrations to highlight what they call a climate emergency and a massive extinction of humanity's own making the movements philosophy and sense of urgency has to some extent been personified by activists like sixteen year old Swedish schoolgirl. Greeter Thunberg, who gave a passionate address to EU leaders back in April is falling apart. Our leaders need to start acting accordingly because at the moment of the are not, if our house was falling apart leaders, wouldn't go on like you do today, you would change almost every part of your behavior as you do in an emergency birth hurled extinction rebellion promotes nonviolent and peaceful form of demonstration some of its methods here in the United Kingdom, have raised eyebrows. For example, large sections of central London were bloat for days as protesters occupied various landmarks during April this year, resulting in. Over a thousand arrests. Whilst huge numbers of arrests might sound like a protest gone wrong. One of extinction, rebellions central tactics is actually purposefully seeking arrests. Not actually that important as the going to prison, which is Scott coutry resonance, as you might say, that's one of extinction, rebellions founders Roger Hallam arguably, it's most prominent face. He was speaking in Vancouver to the UK's garden newspaper about recruiting arrestable activists. So it goes like this go into town hall ACS Cobham is effectively over. We're all gonna die. We're all gonna die vocalise Asian. I sent people agree to go. Get rested. Ten twenty percent of people to prison. The idea behind this strategy is to overwhelm the system in a way that traditional methods Khandu the emailing writing letters going on the day. Day mart. It's no good need about four hundred people to go to prison. Maybe two thousand people to go rested. Of course, in the context of road closures or demonstrators occupying landmarks. It's been possible up until now to the scribe extinction, rebellions approach as non violent, but a leaked consultation documents shared between group members last week has ramped up concerns about public safety considerably it emerged that plans had been floated to shutdown London's Heathrow airport using drone technology, if the UK government did council plans for airport expansion, the government's robust response threatened maximum life prison sentences for anyone using drones who might endanger public safety at Heathrow, extinction, rebellions, UK press, office said they weren't giving interviews on the issue at the moment, but the pains to point that plans to shut down Heathrow airport using drones where nothing more than a suggestion by individual members of the organization. I'm by no means set. Stone. I did. However, manage to speak with one of extinction. Rebellion Scotland's spokespeople? Nieve McNulty, and I asked her, whether she felt some of the groups, tied takes might be undermining support for its aims, I think is a tricky one. I think OC non-violent action is a core par offer strategy and this involves like a low of different things. A core part foot being sort of doing disruptive actions, and also actions, which are potentially arrestable on a personal level. I'm saying this I feel really lost and scared powerless in the face of like something that's like such a big web of a system, and when writing letters and when voting and all these things don't seem to be making a difference like when you go out and get arrested. It's not for like the fame is no, for the sort of, like, oh, this is really cool. Like it's Qena horrible sitting in a, so I'm sure the most people even trying to would understand the logic of that approach. However. Is one thing to a truck or booking a road. But it's quite another thing to fly. Drones into is one of the busiest passenger ports in the world. Do you think that crosses the line from civil disobedience into something else? Yeah, I think you know, flying drones around an airport is a different line. And something that makes me uncomfortable in a way I'm not really sure if it's targeting the infrastructure or of his targeting individual, flyers. And I think there would be more constructive ways of sorrow targeting such fossil based industry such an industry based on light such mass consumption and safer ways to do as well. And I do worry that it might damage the calls a little bit. Leave McNulty from extinction rebellion Scotland Heathrow airport is the world's second busiest airport, and the large scale drone strike would likely cause major disruption perhaps most concerning Volvo from the perspective of climate change is this action could potentially place extinction of valiant in the same bracket, as his logic state, who threatened Joan attacks following the shutdown of London's Gatwick airport last year. A science from. Shift in its public image, though. Some of its would undoubtedly face the prospect of some serious prison sentences, but given its approach so far, and the position of people like Roger Hallam that may prove very little in the way of Tarrant, John, Foster d-w, and I'm Keith Walker. You're listening to inside Europe, the most prestigious art show in the world. The Venice art Biennale a fifty eighth edition is underway on the Venice lagoon. It runs until November tub artists from around the world are displaying their latest creations with dozens of countries represented and this year and includes former colonized nations and indigenous people who've been routinely overlooked, by the art world and the being alley. Megan Williams reports from Venice. I understand that you love this land out here. But the school children have the bullets school. That's a man known only as boss, a tall caribou, skin clad, Representative of the Canadian government, who's traveled with a translator to an Arctic hunting settlement. He they're tries to convince an Inuit elder and his family to leave their land and relocate where the government wants them. The scene is from the feature film one day in the life of no up Iago took by the celebrated innuendo artists collective e Suma. It's a reenactment of negotiation between Piazza took and the Canadian bureaucrat in nineteen sixty one mistranslations and misunderstandings abound with tragic consequences. The exhibit is the first time in you at artists have shown at Canada's national pavilion, and is part of a wave of indigenous artists. Both in official pavilions and here in protest. At this year's Venice, Biennale, Candice Hopkins from car, cross to guess, first nation in Yukon. Is one of the Canadian exhibits co curator do see people who are responding to the charge of the government to move into a settlement to change your way of life. And you see them explaining why this doesn't work because the homeland is not just your homeland, it is the source of language. It's a source of culture. It's a source of your Konami. It's the source of your medicines source of your food. If you take all of that away, and you move people into a settlement, they don't have any of that anymore. So you've lost not only your home, but you're very, you're very being this first show at the Biennale is resonating powerfully with other northern indigenous people here, Frederick, puffed is an artist who's part of the Saami people who live spread out across the northern parts of Norway Sweden Finland. And Russia kind of. Of seeing things is in value menu. I think it's hard for the majority to, to think about that. Not having anything done from your point of view. So it's, it's hugely important. We've been active in art for as long as there's been some there has been Saami art, but the western world hasn't really wanted to recognize what we do is art says, Lisa revolucion Bogue, who is also Asami, she's from Norway. And like puffed here in Venice is part of the office of contemporary art, Norway that's promoting Saami artists, and what they call an enu it summer school for artists storytellers and moviemakers during the Biennale today. I think for a lot of the, the big som-, eat names in the art world is basically that there s hell because there is so much unjustice in their home communities, and they're using their art, you sort of Canalis this anger and try to put the. World focus on what is happening like indigenous activists Pietra, the Eddie who is part of the Finnish exhibit this year. She stands on a bench outside the Finnish pavilion with other indigenous people from different parts of the world. They hold signs that read, moratorium decolonized Saami area. Declare that this bench that I'm standing on is my moratorium for performances called moratorium office and it encourages the public to declare moratoriums to express themselves freely. She uses hers to speak out against a Finnish government policy encouraging tourists to visit Saami territory where she says a fake version of, who they are is soul inland do nothing about what I'm about to say. Opinion quite literally. It is complete. That's my opinion. And so we have arrived at this historic day. Chris you as the first aboriginal, president of the People's Republic of Australia, down the lagoon in a small park outside the national pavilion area. Australian indigenous artists and activists Richard bell has set up an art protest of his own with video installations inside a tent signs in front say, aboriginal embassy and white invaders, you're living on stolen land. It's to the first ever tent embassy in nineteen seventy two in Australia's capital, Canberra. Move Russian discussing. The effects of this have impacts on communities on our lives means. How neoliberalism and late capitalism, impact the art world and depict great works of art as the product of alone genius, as opposed to a reflection of a whole culture? The tent is to invite anyone who wants especially other indigenous people to come and discuss the connections between community, freedom, art, and colonialism. He has another installation out on the lagoon, that Australia's official pick of artists, John Denton. Appreciate it. Model of this type of rep that in China and put it on on a budget on selling up the lagoon. Oh, he loved it. He could not stop smiling laughing. He was so happy. Well, bell has a sense of humor with his approach other pavilions that explore the role of art, and cultural, oppression or more somber, the residential school story is about children being taken from their families, and the never return in a small exhibit on the second floor of a palace further afield, from the main exhibitions videos and artwork are on show that explore the role of art in everything from genocide to force removal of children to residential schools in Canada, the US and Scandinavia. The exhibit is called artisan, the atrocity prevention pavilion. It includes video interviews with artists from South Africa to Argentina, all grappling with the effects of trauma, and violence and the role of art in preventing atrocities, and eventually healing. I'm really only doing it for the purpose of healing. For myself and for. Megan Williams, DWI radio Venice. Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany. This is inside Europe. German police are investigating the mitre of vowed at Luca who is a prominent politician. And member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian. Democrats police say the sixty five year old was shot in the head a close range and no weapon was found DWI political correspondent Thomas barrow has been following the story. Hello. Thomas. Yeah, we'll come back to inside Europe tells more, I guess about the politician. First of all. Was not necessarily well known nationally, but he wasn't important figure locally and regionally in the state of Hesse. That's where your Frankfurt is located on the city of concert close to where he where he used to live. And he was a regional politician. He was described as president of district council, and that an office that has around one thousand two hundred employees and basically, everyone who was interviewed after his, his death described him as someone who was. Well, live was a good boss. People in Hesse said, they weren't a sort of collective shock because vita Luker, who was as you say, a member of the CD you was someone well, dived, but there's another side of the story, Keith, because in two thousand fifteen during the meeting in hasn't he said something along the lines that people who don't share certain values for examples helping people. In need a welcome to leave the country that wasn't reference to the migration crisis. The arrival of so many refugees in Germany, two thousand fifteen and that prompted a very big reaction from the far right scene. In Germany, he was involved in helping the refugees come into Germany. Correct insane though. Exactly his one of was his sort of key statement, and one that has been repeated since and one that generated a reaction from the fire. I'd seen received two threats from far right groups aside, even published his personal address. There were even reports afterwards that he had been threatened by the vice of that's a movement here in Germany. There is described as radical and violent police are still not sure whether these cases that were talking about these threats have any relation to the actual deck of vita, look, but this is something that has been particularly stressed now as a result of his death, because even on social media. After his death FireEye groups and fire. I people have been commenting on his debt, some even showing saying that it's positive thing, his Devon, this has generated a knot of reactions from Joe and predictions. In fact, German president Funk's Steinmeyer said that he founded cynical tasteless, and Boeing -able that people are commenting positively on social media about the fact that he was killed okay? Now that we know who the politician was, what are the police saying about the will Bechtel scene, where it happened. I mean, other even sure that was a murder exploring, all avenues, Keith factor that they have not found the weapon of the no weapon was found in crime scene has led them to say that it was probably not a suicide. But they are exploring all abilities, including whether these issues from two thousand fifteen could be related. But again, as far as information that we know they still have been able to find any evidence that these events from two thousand fifteen directly related. To this. They have a commission that I was formed by twenty people investigating this case reports said has been increased fifty and they're asking people for help when it comes to photos, or whether they have any information about who might have been around the place. Where vita looked was killed one of the spokes people of the state criminal police describe this as the most important criminal case in has eaten yards. So what started out as something that was local or even regional has turned into something of national importance as I said earlier, even German president, the time, I had something to say about the case in particular about those hate comments that have been appearing social media afterwards on this social media. It's, it's becoming a huge issue. People are being shut down on social media. They're kind so being just Dimona ties. You know, who's going to do something about what's happening in social media? Well, this has increased. Debate here in Germany, not a new debate, but it has renewed a debate about what to do with these kinds of hate speech and hate Commons on online, Germany has in fact, a local next DIGI trying to limit in a way hate speech or nine. There are certain views, I say that it hasn't been very successful others who say that it is a step in the right direction. But in this particular case, there is a renewed debate in Germany, as to how authorities and social media platforms deal with these kind of comments that was one reaction in fun, photography mine inside newspaper from us. From Facebook spokesperson said the Facebook, for example, clear rules, what is permitted and what is not on the social media platform, Monday will review Kalman's, and if they find that those comments against their rules, they will eliminate them. There are those who say that, that the no circumstance is enough under this should be more athletes, both from and from the social media platforms to deal with these instances. We'll more. Question for your Thomas. I read in the Bild newspaper that investigators are saying that the scene of the killing was some high changed or manipulated. Have you read the I also read that that report? Yes. Obviously authorities are a bit sue wary when it comes to punish a lot of information about about this case, because it's only at the beginning of the investigations there, I'm facto reports that you that you mentioned that have been the money relations in the in the crime scene. But for now, what thirties have said is that the still investigating all abilities, and that's a at least from what they know it doesn't seem that it was a suicide and they're looking into all these different issues that we've been discussing chine identify who was behind it. And why vital was killed. Okay. Well, we will watch this with interest, Thomas Spiro, DWI's political correspondent on the line from Berlin Thomas. Thank you very much for your time always vision. Keith coming in just a moment. That report, I promise. About the hotel in Denmark run by drug addicts. This is inside Europe. I'm Keith Wilbur in Bonn, Germany. Got a question for you. Would you stay in a hotel run by drug addicts? Well, some people who visit Copenhagen do the hotel at hotel, in the middle of the Danish capital, trains, and employs drug addicts remission or undertreatment to help them get back into society. The manager is an HIV positive former heroin addict, and ex prostitute, the rooms are very cheap for Copenhagen at seventy years night. And that includes a hearty Scandinavian breakfast. We send John Lawrenson to give it a try. So he's my room very small neat and white bathroom down the corridor, which owed for to be honest of a mind as a little Snickers on the pillow. Nice gesture is very quiet. The does seem to be any other guests apart from me, which might be something to do with not being on trip advisor booking dot com or anything you can't book online, and you have to pay in cash, the Ronson stuff around, either the, the hotel, flips into a sort of self service mode, two PM, which is partly Danish thing, I think, because people were very short hours. But in fact, maybe just as well as later in the day, you probably would want to be dealing with the staff, or they with you, as most of them are living with drug or alcohol addiction, as the people live with deafness or diabetes than managing it rather than curing it as I find out in the morning from the breakfast, chef. Name is Jonas. And I work in the kitchen. I'm originally a painter house paint. So me and another guy would painted a bunch of the hotel rooms toilets and stuff. Have you got to drugs? I still do so many people will work to actually functional. Addicts Hollick's was mused that we, we can take care of a job here. And then after the job is done, many of us have, like different lifestyle cannot keep you been drinking smoking drinking. You're not allowed to drink in the Trump. Okay. No. Not if, if you show up in the morning for work. Annua intoxicated, on some kind of influence that you're not allowed to work because you have to work with customers and stuff like that. So that there will simply say you're probably hungry. He's a breakfast. Go home come back tomorrow. Good for you working here. Yes, has been very good is taking me from being fulltime addict to be in a part-time adage, which is a lot better than being a fulltime attic. So six clog over morning and show up his so does wonders for me actually, what do you down to once you drug intake, the moment at the moment is alcohol and called hash? Vowed to about us about ten visited the place used to be a Copenhagen city council drug addicts treatment center, but in the year two thousand they moved it out into the countryside, far away from the mean streets of Copenhagen, then one of the rehab customers Janney. Paxson was her name suggested turning it into a drug addicts. Run hotel, Johnny has a terrible life story. She was sexually abused as a little go by her grandfather grew up looking for strong man to protect her to cut with the gang leader who became hooked on heroin. She to she was working as a hairdresser at Copenhagen airport. She says when her colleagues went to lunch, she went to the toilets to stick a needle in her vein. She started working as a prostitute to pay for her habits. Contracted the aids virus ended up having children taken away by the authorities and living on the streets. How miserable life might have come to a miserable end right there. But that's not what happened into treatment. And in that treatment, I got a good idea. And that was hotel. You and what happened was someone Sadie. It's someone in the community. They add to take a risk that was crazy. We never dancer, a risk, we own that we have to write everything down and own. I own, what if it's so safe that we don't take risk. So what if I run with the money? So what so makes them you what the problem if Israel that we want this people to change? Then we have to take risk the risk that kind of leaps out at you though. Apparently in literal way, is, of course that the staff here. I'm not ex- addicts helping actual addicts is what they're about one hundred drugs users go to treatment to be clean two years after. Ten of them, would it be clean five would be dead and rest of them would be begging in use. So it was not interesting from you to make a place where you have to clean because the big pot would not be. But doesn't that perhaps understandably freakout? The customers may be those who have worry don't come here. But sometimes the customer come, and they don't know what kind of hotel is that think, oh is cheap. We go there, and I always tell them and then some have what about my pet and my and really is like every other hotel. If you have really expensive watch, I wouldn't put it on a bed and leave the hotel once that was a customer, that got stolen his back and that really hurts because. It was the customer, Nick stole. And that was so good. What's that? It wasn't this staff. This place costs mainly in rent and salaries four hundred thousand euros a year to run. Two thirds come from the welfare services. A third from renting out the seminar room and paying guests who Johnny assures me, a numerous on the weekends. And in the woman months, the staff like kitchen hand, Kenneth, you wonder, how be coping if this place wasn't here, would you hopeful? Now. What's your mom would like to get some education in kitchen? So, yeah, that's my plan to get some what calling the flex job, five hours a day in more more more more and then just a full-time at the end. That's my plan cooking. Yeah. Cooking. So just bedding down in my drug addicts hotel. It is very quiet. But that's a good thing, right? The stuff off taking them methadone, or the ten th Biro ever, managing their addiction, as best they can with job an income away back to a pro-life an I'm guessing a hotel room in Copenhagen for seventy euros is including breakfast. It's an unusual win win situation. But it feels like it is one, nevertheless night till Nord some d-w Copenhagen nice. That's it for today. The program is produced with help from Sarah, Stephan the same technician as Georgi. And I'm Keith Walker. Thank you for listening. We also podcast, the show and you can subscribe to listen to previous editions on signed, CLYDE, and I tunes on Spotify inside Europe comes to from Germany's international broadcaster, d. W in bomb.

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