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The following program is brought to you by podcast, one sports net. Is maybe the night them. We'll cheese my left me no on stars goal shoe honest full what you do to me confrontation nethon. No, TIMMY, you could bring a bullet. Bring swore bring a more, but you came, bring the TIMMY, Alexa, play Kendrick, Lamar and says, okay. With Amazon music, avoid all you need, get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today. The ship showed Steve Austin show a sponsored in part by online dot AG, hey, it's Tober greatest time of the year in sports, the NFL college football baseball playoffs. And now we have the NHL and NBA in full swing. Are you looking for place to make all your own land wagers than had met online dot AG and use promo code podcast one to receive a fifty percent sign up bonus when signing up today, bet online dot AG, your online sportsbook experts and exclusive partner of the podcast. Once more set. Podcast, one dot com production from Hollywood, California, by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show a hell. Yeah, yeah. Now, here's Steve Austin. All right. A welcome Steve Austin show. I am coming to you from silver state over here in Batta Rocha's go ranch, two point. Oh, I am kicked back my podcast room still need install some foams waffles to keep the bounce down. But nonetheless, let's move on alone cover days ago, had a big ass wrestling guy come by damn three seventeen gimmick street goes by the name of Walter. I heard a Walter a while back. I guess it was when I was interviewing George Annella someone like that and they were telling me, man, it this guy, Walter, he's the guy on independence to f is Walter doesn't have a last name. Yeah, he has a last name but he doesn't use it when he's wrestling. He just goes as Walter do those Amine is chop. He can wrestle his ass off. You can brawl. He's pretty technical higgin damn near doing all squared. Circle so map producer shown, hey man, you want to talk to God. Let me see vying hook it up. I believe he has an independent show. Oh, coming up and allows angles area. As you know, Los Angeles area is my territory. Nobody comes into out without my permission. Just kidding. Sean. Hook me up. Walter came by, he step down to car, big ass dude shook his hand as, hey, Walter, how are you? He said, all right, I said, man, house you back and he looked at me and goes, yeah, my back's good. I said, well, good. Let's go next door. I gotta biggest cooler full of bullets weighs about two hundred pounds. I'd like you to help me throw in a back of my pick-up truck sucking hall that stuff over to Nevada tomorrow. You said, all right, we loaded up the bullets in the back of my pick-up. Truck stepped over three seventeen gimmick street roll sound turned on zoom eight, six in and started bullshitting about the business of professional wrestling. I enjoyed my conversation with this guy. Good kid, thirty one years of age been in the business about twelve years, moves real well from guy, his size going back to a soccer background is we will find out. I enjoyed talking to his kid, hell damn work. Wish him out of best in the world and glad to get a chance to meet him and talk to him and see what to do JAL about. I'll tell you what, as we parted ways and he was about to ride off into sunset, we were standing dare my driveway and we were talking about just food hunting and bullshit and hill. Walter told me that he was a vegan or vegetarian, I said, come on man. I said, really? He goes, yeah, I guess he'd started about a year ago. Some something like that and hill sent ill vegetarian I met or the first one ever met was my wife and the only thing she will eat this animal bases, egg whites. She won't eg. It's only eg whites and no animal stuff. So that's an interesting tidbit of information that I found out after we got the recording. So he said, when he started eating vegetarian, he lost a ton of bad. Wait picked up some good weight changes, body composition anyway. It real interesting little fact. We didn't cover that in the podcast, throw that out there. Right now right now, Walter as busy on the independent scene. He gave me a string of dates that who is just fiction, head to and huge alighted up out there. But after I got finished talking to Walter, my wife and taken a Yukon down in Nevada, I loaded up my pickup truck. Put a bunch of targets that bottom bullets at a back moated up Kelly as my wife traveled. Now when moolah and I got on the road and my Chevy Durham actually quarter time up and just kind of took my time roller nanna road and got into the ranch and got everything unloaded, and finally headed back out to my shop, had two keys to my nam- two thousand seventeen corvette Vinicio six fire that son of a bitch up. I let it idle for about two minutes, kinda warm it up the fluids going back down a shop, eased out of my driveway, put a couple of miles on it. Let that motor get warm. And then I put my foot in it, son of a bitch and in all scared, the Jesus out of me that is one bad ass cool car when I drive it, I normally don't drive it very fast just because some Mitch at six hundred fifty horsepower and six hundred fifty pound feet of torque, man. That's so much will get away from your ass. Enjoyed ravening pretty good sound system, but about twenty twenty five miles on it. Just just kind of joy road around a neighbor that on highways a little bit passed by couple of highway patrol. I did not have my radar detector and the car. Luckily like I said, I would just cruise around wasn't trying to go to fast, but that is a bad ass car it right now. I fixed hangup is damn microphone as you listen to my conversation with Walter and then I wrap the show up and then I'm gonna get into my ninety five, four Bronco go down to the meat market and go get me some protein sources because I'm about fourteen days into a program on about twenty seven twenty. Seven fifty calories a day. I am eating protein carbs and fat. No more Kito for me. I think I like the energy with the carbohydrates little bit better plugging rat along zero alcohol. The weights are coming up, the fats coming off and what I'm getting tuned up for. I decided it was time to get tuned up for, hey, you know what? Tell you what? And that's bullshit. That's reason started to get in shape because I'm going down to see my niece graduate from Texas am university in college station here. And if you weeks and I didn't wanna roll in their lack of blimp I wonder role in like a global icon and a national treasure to watch my favorite niece graduate from college. She graduated three Dame years. I'm so proud of her. I was in college five years, four and a half scholarship years. And then I decided after only needing seventy hours graduate, I'm a ghost aren't working on a freight dock and. I ended up getting into pro wrestling business and never looked back. We'll get mccown degree, but always stressed anybody to either go to a trade school, learn some kind of trade or not college arm yourself as much education as possible to go out there and do battle in the business world. And so she is doing that, and I think she's gonna go to pursue another degree after she gets this one. Kid's got a great editor shoulders. She's a hell of a lot smarter than I am, but that's a whole nother story for another day. Let's get into podcasting. Let's talk to Walter on Twitter. He has at Walter a u. t. check it out. Sit here in the silver state. Dave Mason about online dot AG are go to people for anything betting was heading into next week, comic football scheduled for the Saturday out boy. Well, action is great, especially, you know, like I said, the thing is when we lose a lot of the players, the next weekend actually has great. So I worked more I work more in the marketing side of things, so I don't really work on the odds set aside of things I work more in marketing, so I'm always looking at our actions overall numbers that betters, you know, some guys go away for a week away for two weeks away from it, but I tell you what those weekends like this past week of when we lose a lot. I mean, the numbers are through the roof the following week it. So yeah, early action is great. We got some good games on tap, Florida number nine, Florida versus number seven. At number seven, Georgia, that's going to get that big. The action right now is fifty fifty. The Georgia open as ten point favorites are now favored by pledge down in the Gators just cash and tickets for the public. Season-long their six one against read this season including five straight covers. But once again, the editors fifty fifty, you know, Georgia's Bennett very public team for the last two seasons. And that's probably why so fifty fifty. But but I think kick off, you know, it will. That will be huge, huge game, but it won't be huge. It should stay there. The fifty sixty forty either way I've feeling will probably the Georgia by kickoff. What about that? Our verse benched day management intriguing to me. Oh, yeah, also get that. They, I'll Penn State opened minus nine, which apprise me that got down immediately. They're Penn State's currently favored by five and a half points, especially. I mean Hawkeyes have been like cash just as well as Florida this year. They're six to one against spread as well. The Nittany lions been struggling as of late. They lost heartbreaker, Ohio State failed. The cover. They lost visual as again. They fill the cover last two. I'll of last three wins though. I mean. They're winning, but their last three wins as looking at their last winter teams are combined three in there in the big ten this year, the public is all over Iowa and rightfully so I think six one ATS last seven games in linesmen struggled early Sunday. The better realize that sixty eight percent of the early betters are on. I'll cuss Washington state versus Stanford because washing stage on row rut now much never could come in there. Stanford even rank right now. They're holding all man that twenty four ranked twenty fourth in wars, Washington state is ranked twenty four. I are watching states are ranked fourteenth. Yes. One of those games Stanford open minus four and a half there currently minus three and a half. So even though their ranks ten spots lower their their favorite by three and a half. Whenever you got something like that going on, you can expect the public to be on the higher ranked team getting points like that. No, no difference here sixty seven percent of the betters. Early betters are in Washington state. Once. They lot of editors look at ranking into like holy cow, watching states ranked fourteenth stamps, ranked twenty four th but watching state skin three and a half points out sake. That also, as you said, watching six on roll, seven, oh, gets spread this year their cash in every game. So they're loyal. Betters are making a ton of money, and now they're coming off at press two to touchdown, win over Oregon. So we'll be Stanford fans come this weekend. That game against org-. It was a little bit closer than that them to my two touchdown surprise me. But you know, I'm a big Mike Leach fan and you. They always have an office. Sometimes defense doesn't show a form. That's why this is intriguing matchup with Stanford because Stanford gets set that gets at offense on a role. They could very easily and watch them state their ass. But we will see about Texas versus glaucoma state because Texas finally coming around with Tom, Herman over their head coach in news, going to turn that program around. Everybody's wondering, are they for real yet? They are, but still they could be suspect to a bad performance naked end up as a with a loss and Oklahoma state with Mike Gundy. They're, you know, they're always dangerous, but their defense seems to be always a little bit suspect them usually high powered offense. But what's Texas Oklahoma state loaded for for you guys? Yes, sir. This is gonna be a lot side at game. We're going to be humongous, Oklahoma state fans, you know, like you said, Texas is on a roll since that seat. No, that this phony laws are six in all the rate, including the Red River rivalry a couple of weeks ago. Either team has been very generous better. This year. They're both three and four against the spread Texas Open minus one and a half points. They bit up to a field goal favorite that result disloged Roach off in a game like this. Again, Texas ranked number six, Oklahoma state now ranked, but they're only given three points. A lot of that has to do because on the road, but the players to see that minus three that that number six ranking against the non ranked, they're going to scoop up the road jock all day long. That's one of those gains that we just get pounded in. There's no difference year eighty five percent of early betters are on Texas to cover that three points eligible down at injuries back introduced, own sideline. Not sure that that's that's a good question. The truth. I'm not exactly sure. I think he should be back believe. Inverse, Mississippi State what you guys are getting on that yet. This is so far the biggest sweated of weekend. So for, yes. Yeah. I mean, this is like one of those games to that that I was talking about, you know, a ranked team playing on the road and city stay open minus for the now, give him minus two and a half to the public. Just loves those ranked teams getting points for sun ranked teams. I mean e you see that scenario. We're gonna hurt the need that unranked team all day long hundred at one hundred times and there's no difference here. Ninety two percent of early better are on eight AM at also the aggies have been, you know, if you bet the eggs this year, you're rich. They're six one against spread this season. So we're going to be huge, Mississippi State fans this weekend. Are they're planning to miss Chevy? Yeah, hostile environment manage to place two pm. Memorize on that twelve man that that stadium is just electric, but I love what JIMBO Fisher has done so far there it to me, it seemed like an Emma's playing at a much different level from kind of the previous regime. And I believe in the next year to am is going to be a force to be reckoned with one hundred percent great hire. They're out there trending up works. So you know, hopefully it's not this weekend. I hope he has stepped back as we get Steve. We, we need Mississippi State bag is going to be one of the biggest cities at the weekend without a doubt, Willis commanders and see what happens in moving forward towards the national championship men. I'm very role, tad guy. So I'm going with Alabama when the whole thing at the end of the day, Clemson option still bland, tough ball. They had a hard time Syracuse few weeks ago. I think Notre Dame's gonna get clipped at, you know, they can still stay in, but no get Clint before they get there at orange around has done over LSU Michigan. Thank you suspect to another law. Sometimes the Harbaugh factor. I don't know which way to go there. Sometimes offense can hick up you George, Oklahoma, Florida UCF UCF at seven to know still hanging in there, and it was interesting on a completely different note to see. Nebraska finally get there first one of the season at Scott frost coming out. Thank. Because I, I would love to see Nebraska of a huge Nebraska fan, but going back obviously to their football history with house. Born championship should be nice to see them back richer where they should be allowed. We'll see what happens though, but Amen. Good speaking with you, and we will see how all of this plays out. Thank you, sir. Have a great weekend. Get in on the action and head over to bet online dot AG and use promo code podcast. One that's podcast only to receive a fifty percent sign up bonus today. One more time bet online, dot AG, and use promo code podcast one to start winning, but you're online sportsbook experts. Check it out. Our friends at truecar have a few football facts. 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Some features not available in all stay. Thanks. Steve almost show. Looking been joined by Walter, the hottest cats on independence, scene from Germany, dude. What's veteran with over w. w. yes, exactly. Stand for western extreme wrestling, our extremists do you? I mean, you can, but you can wrestle and your scientific very technical. So extreme of figures. It's not like it's was the name got founded around the two thousands of fingers. Just like, hey, we do our worship of EC w and now it doesn't really have to do anything with anymore because it progressed into more like a mature product. I would say where you live. I live in cynical Oberhausen yeah, it's like the next biggest city would say Duesseldorf lifter since for four years, I think main office estimates the next biggest city to wells and full w that's located there. So yeah, thirty one years, right? I'm pretty. Yeah. You've been wrestling. Take right around thirteen fourteen years. Eleven twelve. Grow ballpark. Oh. Main coming up as a kid. I mean, when I look minutes dooby bettas football player, American football, Jillian, got that over. I'm assuming rugby or soccer is soccer is the thing I played. Yeah, I played soccer that was actually kick shit, whatever bowl. I was actually pretty. I was a goalkeeper. It was actually pretty talented. Play soccer, and I never believed. I would be named. Yeah. So how did you play that? I think around ten years, I started very young age because my mom already used to play and she was she was like a coach later too, and I started very young and then usually like in soccer, crazy business in Europe. Over there liking the point where it decides if you make it or not is really the young age, I would say like fourteen years old fifteen. Also the time where you start like, okay, you start finding out how fun it is to go out with your friends. Find out about the new things in life that like in when you start into your grown life, that's usually decides not just decided to stick with anymore and just shower you when you win. I just, yeah, just quit. Like didn't. It was also the situation to team was a hard. One was like we already qualified for the next step basically, but I think the whole structure in the club and also with the coaches and those like how all the players and the parents of the play as well. Like the minds. It was nobody was ready to really do the next step of crazy, like. Even as fourteen fifteen year old. Like right now, it's like they're kademi like where heart attack? Yeah, we're football and the school education are combined. So back then it would have meant we trained five days a week and then on the weekend is game day and the parents are they able to manage that. They get a drive through all the games to get a bring into training everyday. They gotta do their own United States. We call soccer moms or soccer, Dan drive SUV's. I mean, do serious business people over, you know what? It's really catching on over here. I mean, American football, I think will always gonna be king over here, but but my point is if you have a kid sign of and that stuff. I mean, it is a commitment to it is it's so you stop. I mean, do kind of student were you smart average shits lazy. Gotta have education kid like I realized that, no, I'm good. Now. Messing with the, I dropped out of college seventeen hours to graduate things like I was always like stuff I'm interested in. That's always super easy for me to pick it up and stick into it, but stuff I'm not interested in. I couldn't careless like I can't really force Brazil to learn study. Something that don't care about where we interested in history, for example, be something in Germany, calling geography. That's the same where it's in English to like all that stuff. That's something super interested in addict into it. But all the regular stuff like mathematics or like biology, like about nature and stuff like that, come as much. Clash. When I got into junior college, I thought I was going to go into business with my father and sell insurance, and I try to take algebra and try to take accounting. And when I start it up, I said, oh man, this is easy. And all of a sudden we got a few weeks into it. I said, if this dropped it up dropping out of school and I'll try to switch my major to be a PE major because math and me no work now I can add and subtract, but that's about it. You got any hobbies, I know you on the road right now. We're gonna get to wrestling in a minute. What what do you like to do? Raveling around the world because right now. And for the past few years, you've been hot as firecracker. What do you do when you're not doing what you do? I just like to spend like, even though that's like one thing, even though very busy and stuff, I try. I really try to have like a good working private life. So I'm always trying to nuts like jump into the life of a pros, the four hundred percent way really calling suits because it makes me just like. Every after those weekends, like my body feels sort too, but feels like my brain is fried. That's like the worst thing. That's that results from it. I think. And it's like I had hearts like with the last month where kinda felt like Ella's visiting my girlfriend's place instead of like coming home. So really focused like just regular private life. So it's like it comes to hall visits like, I don't really have like crazy hobbies, just like to be home, normal dudes. And I like to watch a lot of documentaries about history like we just talked about. It's like one thing and then like to spend time with my fiance, no, just regular stuff with your girlfriend. And now you've Yonge almost like must be eleven years in March. Well, she's been with your lemon news and you've been in business about twelve obviously cool with it and understands the grind and the schedule is. She doesn't really like it, but you understand it and release supports it. And also I think her being. More conservative about it than than myself helped me out a lot of decisions that are made in wrestling in my life that I really didn't into everything. How'd she up with the decision? I think, is a wrestler. You love what to do. You're excited about everything. So if somebody comes up specially when you don't like big finger running, you go like, sure. Do it, whatever you need. Right. But sometimes it's better to be like, wait a minute. Let me think about it and then make the gun like, oh, yeah, they've been doing all of a sudden that time gets here to do that. You like, what am I think? Yes. Was I thinking so for example, like when started would wrestling started a little bit earlier and Denham matter, but it's not like in the United States. HUD wasn't England. It's not like there was a business around that. You could be like, okay, jump on to learn, and then we can make a living, especially w w we kinda basically just build business for owns. So few people can make a living of. I started Australia's when we're originally from and in Australia to live in Germany for more than ten years. Now it was a good resting school, but there was no events. I worked like the first year maybe twenty shows that year, and it was everage for European independent wrestles back then. So later moved to Germany because there was more going on at my Gulf and she was driven and then it was like it was busy every weekend, but it wasn't like the free or four shows every weekend because there were some companies just fans running business. Basically, running wrestling shows. There was nobody was like professionally, make a living of it. And then when stuff for w w would like develop and get better. And I was like, okay, I really wanna get out of the real situation. I had a good real job at the end of the day was like, it's legit. I worked at a logistics company and at the end of it, like I started, there's a regular like in an apprenticeship in the warehouse, but they work my way up and had like my own office and there was in charge of almost one hundred people and stuff like that. So it was pretty good and that a love to us to get into wrestling business. Yeah. The things at the end of the day relate like at the end of that, you're sitting there and it was a good job. Money was finding everything, but at the end of the day, you have to care about stuff that is not your real interest so, but when it was, I was thinking about earlier to to to leave that already and start wrestling and just been, okay. Let me hustle and get as many bookings as I can. But she was like, no, you can't Driss that it's dangerous if you get injured and stuff like that. So hold that back a little bit. But then it came to a point with w w where say, okay, we need to stop, start, make some changes, and then we decided to open arresting school in Germany. And I said, okay, when I do this, I want to do it like full-time employs. That's the deal I'm going to commit to it and they agree to it. So when I turned professional in wrestling employed by company so that it was a good thing, I tell you what that's hard to do the United States. If you're instructing at w. w. man, what is tight for. The people that want to get in the business in Germany. A lot of people that want to learn you saying when broke in nineteen ninety. I was in Russian school in nineteen eighty nine. When I showed up the wrestling school that was thirty on the people, they're ready to go. And I thought I thought it'd be a hundred people because I thought everybody wanted to get into Russell, doesn't turn out to be the case. So is there an big appetite for Germany? What's the scene over there? Is it thriving yet? The moment. It's like. The main company I would say we run about like up to fifty shows a year. Now there's some other smaller ones, and it's it's way better than it was like ten years ago, and it's way more professional like the companies and general work the presentation, the venues day they use those of the talent could better, which is automatic process. I think if the if more stuff is happening, you have to say like German people are more would say more conservative thinking than Americans. So we all get raised to like, you gotta have good job. You've got to be secured all that stuff. And on the weekends, he can do something like you'll be football player, whatever you want to do. So people just get into and be like a really wanna be arrested, but I want to do that the weekends, maybe. So for some people like especially like some parts of the rest of the guys have regular jobs, and only focus in wrestling is that's definitely want to do. And I think that's would many students we have as well that they get in and be like, okay, I wanna make w w and it's the. First step. Like I say, like, even though like for for somebody who starts out like just wrestling, fifty sixty shows a unit. It's quite a ride. It's not what I had when I started out. It's like. What? Six. Four hundred? Yeah. When did you start growing where you always a big nude? I was always a big dude. I was like nothing shape. When I started wrestling was always doing sports, stop playing football. I didn't do sports like for years. I'm thinking right away gateway. Not in a good way. But when it started wrestling, I got into like after the first year that got into more serious training and stuff like that logistics company. And you wanna get rationing. When did you start washing wrestling? Yeah, I was like I started working with later before I started when I just started it was still like an apprenticeship. My parents of the business to that, like I think call it nursery ahead. Like those glass houses where they produce like cucumbers, tomatoes, gross. Yeah, it was a family business, so I worked there helping them up. And then, yeah, I was just a regular fan like my my parents would always go to the tournaments in Vienna. That auto Vence ran. Yeah, you bring him next mystery like they took me to their like my first memories. My first memories like in wrestling was that I was too frayed to go to the toilet because cannonball grizzly. He was peeing using WCW. He was sitting in front of it and I was was to rate to walk in there. The wrestling after that and the funny things he remembered me when I told him that started because he said my face didn't change. I don't know if that was a good if there was a couple of. Because like over there working for for Vonts I mean your work in five minute rounds back into when you were going to watch more five minute rounds rather than long matches. I don't know along long rows where but it was like it was still wrong when I watched it a remember. Did you like around just straight time. Actually like is like, I like it that for every Mench, but there was one company who kept kinda style of running shows alive even till today, like in Hanover, which was tournament city too, and they would have all righty laments. But the world championship match up realms and they would be a second that the ring and he would carry towel in a bottle of water and then made it look so competitive in special. I actually liked around system if it's done right because it adds to the drug. Key thing because there's so much psychology going in within the five minute match or around within a five minute round as a place to the next round. How many rounds you go on. I mean, because you've got these five minute stories going from around around. Yeah, I think it's fascinating. Yeah, I really, I really enjoyed it. I did one. I one did prevail in my carry withdrew McDonnell was like a Scottish gay also did all the tournaments. He passed away sadly to for years ago a real. He was one of my favorites. Older guys would say because they would all be a little bit bitter usually, but he would be the one who would be super open to the younger generation and help out the thing with the with the wrestling business. I would say in Germany and in Austria, that area was it was big because it was all turn amounts. They're all local shows you're going to do do. Did y'all get any American programming or British program at the have wrestling over there on television at that shooter on any of that? Oh, yeah, sure. Of course. On your stuff actually. Like my high time I can remember was all the which you us that when you run a car man, one, nine, nine, two. Because I had to get my neck fused yeah, over there was the time when I was like consciously watching it like Koran. When you get hit with the co, Walter, I didn't think crying. I was super disappointed. The worst part of my career man. Cars. Letdown store learn, I was ever involved in, but we had to come up with a way to get my out of. Don't go Steve back. Then Nick man, that was a suc angle. I believe. I believe. That's what that's what I can tell you. Okay. Walter. I'm good Waller. Just came over. Go in overdrive, dropped him up. What are you working tonight? PDG in the cloak. Any walk at all six four, three hundred eighty Walter. How are you? We shook hands eight-man as you back because good can you? Can you help me pick something up heavy and who's? Yeah. So we just loaded about two hundred pounds of bullets in the back of my pick-up truck. So help me with that now, I guess away from my injuries and our backs in my neck. So you decide to go to restaurant school, how's it work in Germany? Because I had like three primary trainers kind of two Japanese guys. And what's the one do also Michael koets that's at my, yes. So those like a before, like you had to business in Australia, Germany, running with the tournaments system. Yeah. And when that broke down, there was nothing left, and it was only like a few guys left who's just started out when it went out of business because the top guy. Finley's Steve regal, those guys came over and the more famous German guys that just retired because there was not really much around there was just Michael co, which was one of them and if you utters and he just started like he was one of the guys who said, okay, still want to keep it active somehow. And he started a training school. I didn't even know wrestling training schools in Australia, but one time in Vienna city I lived in it was like on a on a wall was a sticker just said wrestling school, and it was like, what? A what here because I wasn't aware that they wrestling schools because there was back at that time. It was just like the only the only kinda wrestling that exists is like my mind was that. And then it just went on the internet and found it was like, okay, just just go there. Just call them. Hello, Mr. co would you want to be resting training? And then I walked in there and there was a squash room. It was just one wrestling restaurant and just fit in there. And it just took me told me the first lesson. Okay. I like it. I come back and then. The first lesson, because if you, you know, you're watching the back end of the attitude era back in the old days United States, if you wanna get into pro wrestling and this is before really and they would get you in there and they just want to see if you want it bad enough or they were trying to run you off to weed you out. So then in waste your time, trying to train somebody who didn't really want it bad enough and they would do Hindu squats and they would push ups and would run bleachers. They would do anything to torture those guys get them out. That's what they used to do back in the day. When I broke in with Chris Adams, it was tumbling grills. It was take a flat back bump, not a whole lot of chain wrestling, which a lot of your hands are known for. So how was the first days in academy of the school? What was what were you guys learning the system that's kovic trying to gas one to one. It would always do himself and it wasn't any anything like crazy with their regular legacy like few squats push up, sit up and stuff, and then star. Learning to roll start learning how to take like a back on. But from one maybe over at one we didn't do ropes at the first time, like how to lock up think maybe maybe the headlock and that's, that's it. But because Zinta was a goalkeeper taking the bums was easy to me and Ranga roles. So that was very, it wasn't. It wasn't a big challenge to me. I could've. I skip that part in in terms of I have to learn it and try it. So it was just like, that went really quick. So you pretty natural because when I watch your movement in the ring, as many times, a lot of commentators note minutes really moved well for guy size who show you is that like. Athletic ability going back to your soccer days? I would say yeah, because did some sort of sports my whole life because I see dolorous thing school. No, we have like we've a lot of students over hundreds who signed up and this training every day, but out of those hundreds there, maybe even five come in or athletes ready. And there is just like fans who go like, oh, I want to do this. That's cool. But then it will be waste lower for you. You need to have some flooding background for professional wrestling because it's such a do unless you're going to be a complete gimmick. Yeah, and work the crowd. Yeah, and exist that, yeah, I think it can be done, but I agree with you pretty much can be done, but it just takes a little bit longer Irish about five months and on the training school was once a week will at about two hours about twenty five or thirty of his ring. Time was very minimal. How long it take you to go through the patients and end up getting in your first match? I think the first much after six or seven months where you borough of training know like it was also like like. But it was his shift when it. I don't know. Like I said, like, I think even the burst I first thing I really did well, some random battle Royal was Mbeki fat, and it was just me being beating of other people and the other way around because I was the biggest one. And then my first real match was like in Switzerland. I got in. I didn't get beat down, but they did like big comedy spun dead where everybody a phone roll over me. Even the guy commentary, the referee, my own partner, detective match. So yeah, that was then that's like part of it. I guess, man, I go back. I remember when Steve regal William regal have you know, like you said over from a auto in Austria. Yeah, and Finley, amazing. So those guys are just awesome technicians, and I'm a big fan of that work here today. I don't nec-. I saw match. You had what was last year with Zack sabre junior, maybe, and a half, very technical. Scientific stuff, your biggest of all the job, stuff like that. How do you prefer to work because I mean, you can brawl you can Russell your scientific, what's your favorite match? Or is it just whatever your opponent needs you to bring? How do you like to work. That's what I try to always tried to have see with my opponent us, and then I tried to adapt and rather than be like, okay, you got to adapt to me. I think that's more it makes more sense because it's easy for me to adapt to somebody else than the other way around and then she could get trait to have an most. I've known to me kind of like Rick flair I mean, when you work with flare, if he was gonna work with Brody, he brawl or they'd Russell bit, whoever flare could make anybody. And so I kind of the same as you about the chops, what's up of those. Uh-huh. Match. Because you know there's none guys out there. Included six, four, three hundred. A lot of guys on the with all due respect to all of the talent you know, learn where from you know, five ten to four, but kind of under that to ten range, two hundred. Goodness. Go there. I how how is it working with pretty much everybody smaller than you right now? Oh, like it. It's way better alike. The story of the mentioned, I'm the big, I'm in control and hefty Atagi work up towards me. I liked that way more than wrestling just another big guy. We do some some moose because that's what it turns into at some point. I like them way more performance. It's really good. Like in general, the matches and general added like I don't really care about like like a like to do that Kenna style of a match like that style of moves or my Rick goal high preferred to do my matches is when people come in and they're like for the ticket for the free hours. And when they watch me, I want them to believe for the right time. Mitch takes. I want them to soon as I go through the carton. I want them to believe into what I do in a negative positive way. Whatever is like my part on that day. And that's like the most important thing to me. So I don't like stuff what you give defense to wink that, hey, what's going on? Because I mean, wrestling's open as everybody. Everybody can read kind of how it works, but it's still think I think it's easier for us that it was because when I came up the rest of like, oh, we have to be one hundred percent k faith, but everybody already knew like, come on. We all knew it, but now it's open. We can talk at Apopka side works and people know it, but people come to the shows and like I'm ready to believe it and they don't come with the mines anymore to be like, okay, let's see how we, how we find something to prove that it's not a real. It's so easy because people want to believe what we do and do want to believe in the dig it in client to do whatever they want, but they wanna believe, I think if you say that several times not to paraphrase you. Giving you do to keep it serious? Yeah. I see that they're like w w, for example, sometimes we have around of local shows where people don't actually don't know who we are, but sometimes they're going to have to like the last match of the inning, and he do the happy, go home promo after that, then you can do something to entertain them like half those moments to give them a laugh and stuff like that. I like that too, but I will never give the audience the feeling women during did I just goof around, but I'm not in a competition situation. 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And you guys might know me from across the world in the fitness community. I'm really, really pumper. This show. We get interview the kings and queens of their respective feels. I'm talking celebrities, athletes, activists, people that atop the line and business. I'm really, really excited anything that you guys wanna hear about. We're going to talk about including whatever guests guys want us to have on your will be included. One hundred percent absolutely want this to be very, very interactive. You guys tells you wanna bring on, we'll bring them on. That's right. So you guys make sure to download new episodes of the Natalie even Mary show every Wednesday on apple podcasts, podcast, one and the podcast one app and make sure to rate and review review five stars. That's right. Take us to the top. Steve Austin show. For work in he'll or maybe, and I know kind of cross aboard, and this is me from watching your majesty you just gotta go out there and you seem to be a fan favorite because people like your style, they like you. So you're not trying to be a good guy, nor are you trying to be a bad guy. So is there anything that you prefer or you just go be welter if the choose preferred to be the, he'll thank you but about the baby face? I was gonna pick. It's silly leg. If you're usually the big guy, there's no reason leg. It's my job to make the guys look because that's my goal at the end of the day, even though I'm gonna look because I beat them up and I'm going to Bruce them for most of the match. But at the end of it, they overcome me and I just at the end of the day, we both gonna walk on, look, good doesn't matter who. Yeah, I, I believe the same thing. You can go out there and I do believe in a territory or a wrestling company, sometimes you have been little selfish and your journey or quest to get over. Once you get over, then it's a metastatic to because we're known as for Dan Levin that client the top as kick scratch and claw. It's definitely a thing like you have to be interesting. You have to be selfish to a certain point at the balance. It's like you gotta find it line where you get into go into business for yourself, but then find it. Okay. It's enough now I need to work for the other guy because we see people fail both ways. Some people go way too far with being like to focus on themselves and they never go anywhere. And you have also, you also have people super talented, but they're too nice guys in real life that don't go into business for himself and then they never gonna make the drill. Next step exactly visits doesn't add up. No, yes. There has to be that mallet. So you have to take you have to take your things here that you got up sometimes in the match. When a guy goes to gotta beat? No, not now like it's your time. Sometimes you have to do it. I actually met the Chechen going. I asked you ten questions from there and Kelly run in how about those shops men. You get some long arms things like whips. Is anybody ever complain about those good? By the time you had Russell spring break in after thirty four, Jesus Christ. One of Jess was purple and other bleeding. I never was a fan of the shops. I took my share, obviously, but I, you know, those shops, yours kind of different level and. Zack sabre juniors, tremendous worker for years, but getting ever complains about those things. Some people have mentioned their names, none of them, but some people joke wise complain, but I think they mean it. I don't care. Like all this stuff I do to people is safe and easy old ever do anything. Stupid dangerous. Never ask anybody to take anything stupid. So I think men you're out to take the big slap on the chest and get. We get the same reaction out of it than for some of those crazy moves great way better. And also it's like the matches you watch like with sack Peacedale those matches. When we like beforehand, it was like, okay, let's let's go because sec, for example of wrestled him so much time. Oh two years. And as as you push, you know, when you wrestling friends. Wrestling friend of yours each as you just go crazy a little bit sometimes then we PC, oh, would call because funny thing was wrestled Carl almost ten years ago before it mania Mitch already knew him, and he was crazy back then. So I knew what it was like about two was about to happen, and he was like, man, Walter, give me jobs, let's go even that we all the other guys are usually usually don't shop. I, I want them to sell it bake. I want them to put him in a moment where it means something. It's not just a in-between fro away. How was it working with these yo, if you'd work him ten years earlier experience now, because even though you think you're good in that first match, you were still pretty green. Oh, yeah, of course. So how was the match after that that was Georgia? Jonas spring break match notice the difference? Did he say anything to you? I mean, you know the difference. 'cause you got ten years. The difference between being green and being seasoned? Oh, yeah, of course. I mean, like I tried to in general about myself, I try to don't believe my own hype, so it's still consider myself somebody like, no believe your own shit. People complacent arrogant. It's nowhere. It's a learning process. Sometimes I realized that figured out, but still like sometimes leaving your show to an extent here don't believe everybody else's. Yeah, shit about you. Like. Back then we call the ready to do like crazy dives and stuff like that. And then when Janetta hit me up like Walter universal PC oh, he's crazy. Went to meetings crazy, and then tells me all stars and I'm like cheeses. One of my into because that weekend I wrestled like seven or seven shows and that match happen, like at one AM or something on a day when a wrestle to free times ready. So it was like, okay, call. Let's go. And then he comes up with all these crazy ideas. And I was like, no, no, come come on. I said, please, I'm simple. We don't need all this. Like, let's let's let's have a wrestling match. We don't need that. And he was like, okay, well, I trust you, let's do it. Yeah, we ended up having match effing. I think after that night like was kind of like the night that made him because he was concerned because before the match came up and grabbed a Mike and this like. Thanks for everything, but just go home. It's your time and then it just beat the shit. Oh, him. And then at the end, the woman came up and I also I think even though it's impressive that he could do a moon sold Fink, the story that him like that he just battles to match at the end even succeeds was like the way bigger factor for him being getting debts. It was not the finish of the match the finishing, what happened in ring because I think you're going to walk out and then you chopped him. Chopped you stuck your hand out. I did this with some Japanese guys like years ago when we wrestles could fit after that much to now I work. Yeah. So I just told you got beat, but it's like shop shit. I'm stuck a hand. It was like to me that was like the alternate mutual respect. Yeah, that's what I tried to. It was his night that night and the other night. That's what I try when I tried to tell like to finish up that story, I, you disrespect somebody like come on, go home after you beat him, even though he shows you respect. That's the ultimate like happy end for it. I guess. Between two big as Bruce? Yeah, not like happy in a just to put a smaller face and that was banished happy. Business happy because we'll pay the first match was a bust, ask mash, but in shook is, let's see what happens next year. I'm not booking event. I'm just saying you're telling the story. Yeah, but the period on end of it and be ready for the next story. And at the end, like a really got to say like, it was super happy for call that had worked out that way. And especially that receives snow because over the years I met many like guys around this era like those guys and some of those people seem to very difficult and call was he's always super late back in nice. He's in this twice as long as everybody else in the locker room, but he would never walk around and be like, listen kids. I've been there done debts college, always super nice and super like that too. Late just wants to be one of the boys have funding ever acts like, I'm the big better at and you just listen to me. He's excited about what we do, and I respect that even more than somebody coming up. You know what I mean? Like routine either when someone thinks, oh, yeah, been around the twenty thirty years, whatever, whatever the big shot. I don't. I don't go for that. I don't let it I lasted. I think thirteen years in the business, but I consider myself although I've been retired since two thousand three. I kind of consider myself still in. Oh yes, you know, and I look is so I still love to watch it. So I would never walk into a locker room with that type event in a locker room. I get everything on a level playing field or if I am this veteran that I am, I'm there to help people if they were to have a question. Oh yes. Did this and sold out that. Yeah. No, definitely. Like I agree. Like I remember like that's funny story actually, like we did. Movie convention in Germany. W w was book. There does put arresting ring up and do show a day, and also the ring got used for pictures with Brody piper. Who was there? Not as a wrestler, but for his movie roles. And we were like changing his little tent and after the show, like he came in just stuck his head Fuda curtain and just came in and introduced himself to everybody. Super. And then it just started talking to people and told them about the matches what he was right when he was wrong and stuff like that. And then he said, thank you and left again. And it was like, man, that's. And it's awesome. Fifth grades made when we should travel to Germany, we'd always go on to week to. We'd be in the UK for a week and in Germany for a week and a bus, and it'd be bus for the ills one for the baby. I mean, we're, we're, we're protecting the business to that degree. And so every time we went to a hotel, there was there was usually anywhere from two to six hour drive to make sure that we're going in. And every time we've stopped, there was a rule opening into thank but the bar must be open. Or Germany. So does we showed up those things like twelve AM, two, three, four, five, it didn't matter. Boys hit it. We're just going crazy. I mean, I love performing over there over there now like health Matic. Now y'all going to have a few beers. I know independent coming from different areas. What's the scene as all the boys we're gonna. Like right now, you're all Angeles. We go here. No, not really. Like when when we l. age, for example, you crazy because it's so big. But what I would do here is like maybe maybe Venice, that's where we're mile and a half. Yeah. That's the one thing I will do. And then basically like in general, I would like as I experience it right now, I would think that the wrestlers now a more come down and more easy. And the business in general is like out, call it healthy when it comes to the party, affect the degree with you and usually more often, it's leg on those weekends you you have to because it's very few cages. It's like there's a bus that brings you from a to be. So you gotta do y'all all the travel and most of the flights on the weekends I read is so it's usually just show guilted dinner and then go to sleep. Goto hotel room, and she loves and they're like, there's the occasion you if you beers when you have more time at the place while you're at some bar. But for me, personally, I'm like, I don't know the last time I got drunk addressing is maybe like six years ago, seventy smile. Taking care of yourself by the time? I all my out because of a neck surgery, but man, I was running pretty wild there. So the fact that you take care of yourself crops to you. Hey, it's fun. Go out there and let your hair down and have couple BRUCE'S every now and then doing it on a night in night out basis. And that's a recipe for quick flame out. Seven definitely lights, it's dangerous. It's dangerous to get stuck in to like what you like saying many guys get stuck in and you know all the guys that have passed away too busy or too fast. And you also you have people now which is overdue, you always have to. That's personal joys up to them. I don't want to judge them or anything just like, don't think it's the right thing to do for me. And also when it comes to when it comes to drugs and stuff like that was like the Druk Joyce's nowadays a healthy. I think people would rather smoke weed instead of like it's do peels will do anything dangerous and stuff like that. So that's like. Let me snort coke writer. Shoot. I'm kidding. Here's a question then it's run down the road. Have you ever been there? Oh, yeah, sure. So you like to walk around because minute love dope smoking over. Oh, yeah. Front beach, each smell, it everywhere. Crazy crazy. I mean, I don't mean I mean that with respect it's an interesting dynamic. Let me say that it is correct a more like. It's like the beach itself. I like to go gold's gym because it's crazy. It's like, whoa, and it's like like muscle beach or just hanging out at the beach. Sometimes it's too crazy. Like the the people they like, like you mentioned, it's it's it's a sight to see that definitely like the beach so that that's that's the reason I go there. The main point it's usually we go to golds gym or muscle beach for a workout. I used to go to when it moved to LA. I went onto the front beige goals. I try to go into Germany. She got it from each like you do it twice and you live or it's like, okay, no him, yeah. So tell me about the gym. Big dude. What kind of work out? What kind of training do you do? I kinda always different things over time. So I try right now like for the last year. So I don't really try to have like a bodybuilding type training because I don't think it fits what I need to doing the ring. So I tried to train like accordingly. So what I do before example, instead basic exercise, you. What do that lift you would squat bench press. But I wouldn't go to like a butterfly machine instead after that would try to have like a something more functional. It would still add like he was quads and Tina pushups in debt would do circles for cardio and stuff like that. And it's really how you like, you know yourself. It's like it's such a big difference if you can work out, like if you home like five days a week and you can focus on work out or if you have a few weekends in the row where your gun for days, it makes such a big difference. So sometimes it really is like you only have two days that week where you can really dig into the workout. And there s just maybe a little bit cardio to maintain light Mentana shape and stuff like that. But also with that, like for me like the most important thing for the workouts like do something that keeps me Elfi and keeps me feeling good. So that's like the main focus will have with the way cardio just because I've been watching a lot of matches. Never seemed to blow to have extra cash and a tank with. What the workouts I know, obviously ring dam is the best thing for cardio because that's what you do this. So just cardio in Jim, you run, we get on. It's just regular like regular circle like sometimes will circle. We mean, it's like there's the tobacco thing that seems to be that suit that super easy because I just put in like in my gym. Like a basement with all the equipment like a big wheel and like that finger push in the how you call it like that. And the bell ropes and the box two jumps on. And I do something out of that make a circuit. He's making sure do something this laws you go. Yeah, just go. Yeah, that's gotta be like, I'm lazy with cardio. It's fun is like being blown up as shitty feeling. I really struggled to really push myself into that, but still there's something to get to get in most. There's no worse feeling than being in the middle of ring suck and for oxygen and your loan up. And this happened to me when I told my trash ship off my arm, and I came back and all of a sudden I was with Deva. She got fired Ishi w only one or two matches and then hired on by WWF. You remember or you remember salvio Vega. Yeah, Puerto Rican, dude, man, old school. I was working alien organ baby. She'll shiny mup-. Okay. Blew up Shannon because I hadn't had any ring tap. I couldn't even work out. So look shiny of late in rear chin, live for my from a heat, getting heat was trying to get ready to flip flop and fly for his comeback. In any made his comeback had brief. That they had to go home. So after two months work was obvi- Vega. There was lucky if men savvy it was on one, two or three because we always on the first part of card man. Once he got me in shape. Thank you south Vega. Vega. Fans savvy big, got me and shape, and it was hard to all of that match. My point is and I've been telling us there's a couple of guys talk to people talk to you here and there. Cardio is so important if it's time to get it on whether it's time to grind down in that he can get mean or time to our up as a baby. If you can't go Mr. drills gotta be able to go shitty feeling but also but also like it's the when my cardio started to get like really good, but way better is like, if you're usually go started to do Brazilian jujitsu, like suggest grappling and that got me in real good shape because those sessions are just like our technique when I was when I was sparring and I got so blown up the first few times. But if you get used to it, you get along very good has helped me and wrestling so much moving around and stuff like that. So now I'm very confident with it because it's also like you've got to understand how you work in the ring how to pace yourself. You can't go like one hundred. Percent to home match. Like if you people maybe can't who are like crazy athletes. Warranted? Yeah, of course. Most most of the time it's going to be a mill billing to the finish unless it's an feud and it's a jump start. Yeah, but at some point it's got to taper down and level off before it Rams back up to your point. Oh, yeah, definitely. And also you need to have moments in the match that stand out like you go hundred percent of the time. One hundred percent will be the minimum of what people expect. So that's no peaks. Asking expect? No, no, no place for them to get in or jump on question for the Brazilian jujitsu. How far along are you in that you have a belt? Are you know, like it was when we lifted another city in Germany. And as we moved to the place where I live now didn't really find like a club or something around to do that. So I had to quit, but it went really well. It went to twice a freedoms a week training. Even at one time I wanted to actually my league, but it was heavier than most of the other people's blue belts. It was. It was legit. That's legit the first time it was in a real fight. My whole life have been in the real fight my whole life. There was no. That was like the fight, the juicy out, the match. It was like the first time I was like, gotta kill it guy. I'm ready. So I was it was pretty ruthless, like because I did it with the. Yeah. So you have would have techniques where, for example, to put a joke, you gotta get that face in position. So you basically we think key. You put the elbow on his chin. Just slide to hold them over and TEP. Long guy would even just a slider just because I put my whole weight these face and just grinding down and stuff like that. And then with the finals I had a blue belt and I was like, oh my God. He's going to tell me apart because he's hiring than I was. And then like I just, I just went for, it was crazy. It's like, I'd never had adrenaline rush before when it comes to like being in a real fight situation, author trailer those crazy. Those crazy for being on the show, people can think your shooter. No. Shoot on you. It's fine. Like more more than enough people nowadays, like real comeback. So looking at your style, the way you work any American influences at all. I mean, 'cause you got shops, you have all the scientific stuff you can brawl can do everything, but there's gotta be some key people maybe that you sell that? Yes. You because RIC flair was a huge influence on me. It turns out when I got away from trying to be replaced. That's what I found my success for you and your style because it's. You you, you somehow remind me. I don't know what a limit of, bam, bam, Terry Gordy, and someone of Dory funk, junior from Japan stuff. And so many other people in there as well. I just named to people and they might not even sometimes Brody. You tell me definitely circle of people I would have looked because the things like the professional wrestling I enjoy the most is like nineties, all Japan. Because for me, it's the perfect mix of drama and competition. It tells big stories, but it's still like focused on a competition of two people and the natural like fighting spirit and charismatic develops out of that. That's like the, it's very special. So that's like that was always like the people that look at most and like I was happy enough very early to go to Japan trained with you months. How did you like Japan other? Very good. Yeah, hurry liked it is like the training I times because it was nothing that we got. We knew from home. I just died. It was like it was too much for me like it was hard. It was really, really bad. And then also I was with the company called Syra. One was Shinya. She separated from Japan, but he was passed away by Denno ready, and it was just scheduled to go to for training. And then they said, hey, we have a gimmick for you, and then he put me like in a green sued light, a green singlet with green hair and like yellow and pink stripes on my chest and called me like it was coming figure called. Gotcha ping. And I figured out years later because they had like a working agreements with some federation at supports kits and that was the mascot of it. So he just put me into goofy as outfit, and I was like, screw. It's that's like ten, ten, ten matches a month in Japan with like eighteen years old that just do it. I don't care. And during the time of trained Ricky Joe show. Yeah. His like just super basic training, like one they would be okay. Today we do stumps to laying opponents. The pets there in for the first half hour, just stump on a pet. Just dump on doing all that. That's kinda like define me when my career because I really try to do the most simple thing as good as possible still to that point. But when it comes to like watching stuff and really try to find, okay, that's that's the way wanna go definite like like brody's hands. And then of course, like Kubachi me Salva. Those kind of of of people like jumbled through like, looked at them and I was like, okay, that's what I what I want to do. I want to give people a competition, but the competition with their emotionally invested in his. Yeah, yeah, competition but also from showmanship and they're mean to to to bring a man. But yeah, competition. Winning and lose and it has to come natural. Because like when you look at, for example, he was like a big attraction. He was like, oh my God, like what kind of guys eat. But he was never in the ring what he stand in the middle of the ring and do a big pose of be like, come on people give me something he would never do something like that. It would just come the way he was. People would react to be like God what is what is going on that something I'd tried to that something tried to be as well. Like tried to be attraction for the people just in the way percent myself and how wrestle with man. I go back to watch some of the Anchin and Broden whenever tagged up together. Any become swinging that big bow road at bell on. And this was back in like when when people were still sitting on like hag chairs, patch on the floor in page would come to swing. God, dang camera hitting people, hitting fans, March, where they going to call him. He was running roughshod and of course they believe that shit was one hundred percent legit back in a day, but he was an entertain. And yeah, he didn't go to the people who are trying to work with people. It was him within himself. Everybody finds a formula that works for them, you know, like HOGAN. He thrived on working crowd and he could work to don't know, don't let anybody HOGAN came work. He can work, but he worked the crowd more than anything weren't stand. His focus was inside the confines of twenty by twenty squared circle and it was competition. And that's what they liked about him. And he was over ten times more in Japan than stay. And also that sounds crazy me, but also one till I think why that kind of style was so good because it was chaotic to a certain point too. I'm gonna believe at addressing has to be crisp and perfect all the time because it's up believable in this situation because things can go wrong. It's not like in a fight when you try something has to work outs. And it doesn't like it's not always like sometimes try to hit someone and you just go close over his head and it's like he just doesn't fancy counter to avoid it. Just sometimes things go wrong. I think that super. Okay. I do, and but also I believe it was like a pro presentation there has to be. There'd be like, gonna lock up none. It was a lock of exactly the same all the time, but a good lockup if you lock it up needs to be a good Lyon ordered someone's arm. I mean, you can see what say strokes now, because most strong style stuff is done really good technique when you see someone out there just potato and shit out. Yeah. That can really look like shit, and you can think men like really hurts. It really does. Yeah, strong stuff can can be laid in, but it looks professional great like youthful Bobby hours admired his work like Ricky Morton was a smaller Gabba fantastic worker. It was the presentation and regular, certainly not a strong style Gabba everything. He didn't look good that the guys at work heavy as a work ethic because I would like to lay my shit as well. I wouldn't say going crazy, but yeah. And then within the context or course of a match, if someone's getting fatigued, things are going to get a little sloppy trying to fight from underneath. It's not an all Christmas. There needs to be appropriate. Tation is Lowe's and always executed with as much professional, like you said, we're going back to the stops and the no Joe. But yeah, slop KNB is effective when it's needed to be. It's not all look like ballet. Yeah, definitely. And it's like what I think is like you. You should do things in the way where. The regular guy watches it and there. I think there are two kinds of reaction that one thing is when you do something that people actively, like, let's say somebody can do a coup move like this, sit out spinning piledriver, whatever that is, whenever debt gets hit, people go, yeah, that's my favorite move. But I think the more important reactions when people react out of subconscious mind when you do something, they oughta medically because they have in them react like, oh shit. Oh, be like, all good. Like that reaction I think is worth more than the one you always will. And you know what I mean? Like again, like me, I'm not gonna out while factors somebody with way more athletic ability or gymnast cabinet. What what I need to do needs to be from within needs to work for me. Everybody needs to find what works for them. The crazy athletic stuff is is awesome. If you can do this, of course. Certainly high risk deltaic could potentially shorten your career, but you gotta find what works for you, but you need to connect with the people I, but. Connect with the people you and nothing, and if you add like the crazy shit on top of that and it's perfect. Yeah, but that's just what do and people don't care about you then it's like the feel it Walter gotta be invested and goes back to some of your match issue. You put in a lot of time on these shows. Are you working now we're speaking on a on a Friday afternoon, so you working tonight or tomorrow night? Not tonight. So tonight who you working Jeff Cup, we have heard that name. So how many minutes do you think you'll be asked to put in twenty. I think like at the moment right now, like I'm the lucky to be one that everywhere, but they also want to like most cases, the asked me to do like twenty minutes of more. Yeah. Yeah. So like. It depends to certain amount. I I like to put in time when the story is stared to performance. I don't like to stretch it out for just a reason to be like, oh, I had a long match. Like if I can kind of tell us a compelling story over the time I go for it. If not, then I go short because then it's needed. We'll do I with our percent because you say, hey, man, I want to go thirty minutes just thirty minutes. Nobody gives us shit about that. It's got the match Ashby good. I'd rather see v twelve fifteen minutes of great mash thirty minutes of an average match because you're not doing it for me. I want to see something good and average and your mom is just wanna put in time to make me happy. No, I don't give a shit about time if I'm in my ticket as long as it's good or great. Yeah, Matvey people don't care. People will never be like five minutes. What would have been but you can't put in time. How long did you take it for you realize that because when I first started off and Memphis was a little spot show my first night in a different territory, two months. Business Dutchman Telesis Steve there and gives eight or ten minutes. Nothing. What the hell do. Turn any right as it got on then like, Amen. I need twenty to twenty five in house shows team, typical abor view. So when did you start really getting comfortable time getting comfortable with, like doing stuff that the plan before head, that's the main difference in general with the Mets quality would think as soon as you start getting comfortable to realize what is going on and then reacted accordingly while you in the ring. I think that's the big key to like, like make the story. You wanna tell like boosts debts and also like make some more time because if you stuck with something, it's not adaptable. So yeah, you gotta you gotta be able to figure out what is going on. You're thirty one. You've been in business give or take twelve years exploded recently Hella worker. What is your home for you? What are your goals? What you wanna do? I would say like in wrestling in general, I think it's a good thing to go out on a high when people be like managed really sucks that he leaves, though. That's like one of the big goal when I ended. I wanna wanna leave at some point where people don't see coming and also then at some point because at the end of the day, like you say, it's a business like make a good amount of money that Madeira rest of my life will be easy like not like I'm ready to dig into the real world again, like go to work against unfor- like dead, maybe start my own business, something like that. But I wanted like what I make wrestling should support me did I can make way more comfortable than the cover. Man would need to do thirty one years of age. I mean, I know I left it thirty eight. Yeah, man. I had four or five years sitting on a table steel, but you know, shit haven't like it did. Yeah. Shit, I and you know what, when you gotta planning for retirement or thinking about retirement? The used to be when I was in Tennessee in a US w. all of was kind of say, you know what you make money get in so you can get out. That's bullshit. Visit so much. You never wanna get out our word retire. Always sounds good. And all of a sudden I got forced into retirement. I was like, what I do now. I don't wanna do nothing wrestle or since then I found what I wanted to do it now, this is a lot harder than I mentioned that like that something you would say at the end like experiencing it would be harder, but also that's like what I mentioned before. It was like, I think reason why many people don't leave is like because they didn't take care of life to go back to well, the wear in the business. So it's important to me to keep like a real life active so heavily something when I go home, I have something to look for all so good to be here when I gun I won't. I won't miss it. I don't wanna be like. I'm happy to begun from home. I want to miss my home and I'm gone because it's the place like it's the number one place where you want to be at the end of the day is like in your in your own place. So yeah, but I believe on a percent, like you say in Genoa, like in life is like when you think about feature, like even if a look back ten years and it was twenty years old thought of things. Those very, very years old things a lot different when you're actually there, then how you plan it. I was Joey ran just last week you sitting in the same jail you're sitting in right now, and he was telling me about his schedule and how he books himself and does his all negotiations and stuff like that. We're not talking dollar signs about appearances and work-mates. How busy do you like to be at the moment? It just drive to make. I don't take everything I can do, but I try to stay busy because right now it's like it's my primetime need to make the most of it. But on the other hand, I always tried to don't be oversaturated present places. So. So even though some places when the world champion try not to be there every show because I still wanted to be somehow special when Walter on the cards and not just a regular do that. I can see every week again, right. I think that's very important, especially in the Indies when you just work for certain circle of shows of companies. That's one of the most important parts always aim for one free weekends month or at least a week in which just one showed. I don't have to travel far to. That's what I always aim to just for like minded and buddy recovery. So I because it's pretty rough like this month, for example, like last week and I had four shows and it was like traveling between stupid because on the first thing that went to England, and then from the next day from England to Germany to do a tangible WW, but like travel being messed up. I left the hotel at eight thirty and arrive in Germany, seven thirty evening. Do the show drive two hours to the next city where a hotel was just sleep, free hours, get on the next plane. Would just like. All red is like that would just be home through and a half days and come hearing in that. I come home. I night come. I tonight again and the leaf Friday, and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday. But then every week week off because then it's like it's stop sometimes because you go, Chris, the bulk of your work on indie scene and United States, because Indy scene is so hot right now. Yeah, you ever think. Amen. Let's move to the United States for a couple of years. No, no. No, Germany. No, I don't plan on like law. I thought about this, especially like like everybody moving to a land enough, but that would be my friends being there too. That's like something you talk about? No, it's America's that for me like it is what it is that you know that. Yeah, for me like maybe a little bit conservative about that. But like I like the German Australia of living, organize structure like, yeah, I liked it like like America's Luebbe to dude home. Yeah. I don't mind to be here like for a week or something, but whenever something curious, but it's like baseball always be Germany. Hey, before we wrap up of sitting there thinking about you watching matches reading about you, and so you're talking with you. So when someone sees Walter on the card versus whoever who is Walter, that guy that goes into rate, nothing on top do right now. Cool noon, very humble guy in ring who is Walter again, if paying to see the guy in the ring, I would say, well to the guy is the ring who somebody who's in charge of the match all the time and his opponent with hard time. So overcome this and hindering general. Yeah, that's the idea of this. I had a similar gimmick not gimmick. Yeah. Had a similar name the ringmaster. You talk about Boesch e. Gimmick suck Nash so, but someone always in charge. You take what you do seriously and yes, you're out there to compete and you're there to win. Yeah. Like I say, I want people when they when you see my name and the no next up is Walter. I want them to think like, okay, shit's going to go down though flag. We had a laugh here. We were excited here. Okay. But now it's like us shit. Like, let's ends up. That's that's what I want people to feel. When I when I, when I make tutoring kind of a lowest same lines when I was trying to do with stow-n-go see boss man, when when I went out there, we know at the medicine. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much. I love you stuff in the rain on best luck and world and safe travels and safe lands when you hit that. Damn, Matt. Thank you very much. Snow was my pleasure to be here to and you're all social media working people. Find y'all social media. Of course, Twitter, it's Walter CAPPS letters a UT. Definitely any Instagram Instagram's the same? Same thing. Exactly. The same on. Obviously people ought to get hold IV because you're busy. They do. Congratulations. If you're a loved one suffer from leg or foot cramps, you know how painful disrupted making me moso Kranj can jolt you out of a sound sleep or interrupt your daily life. 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