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NPR News: 08-17-2019 8PM ET


This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm jeanine herbst union workers at a royal dutch shell plant in western pennsylvania. Were given a choice ahead of president. In trump's visit to the plant earlier this week attend the president's speech or stay home without pay as n._p._r.'s bobby allen reports a memo circulated among more than two thousand and workers at the construction sites also reportedly cautioned attendees not to protest the letter telling workers to fill up the big factory hall or stay home without pay. Hey was first reported by the pittsburgh post gazette. The paper reported that in addition to urging workers to be there. They were told not to shout protest or do anything that could could be viewed as resistance can broadbent a business manager for the local steam. Fitters union confirmed the memo to n._p._r. He refers to the giant plant. That's under construction as a cracker. I'll tell you what i'll do. Photo ops all day long. Put another cracker in our area in his speech. Trump praised natural gas extraction across appalachia and told workers. He was counting on their vote in twenty twenty bobby allen n._p._r. News democratic presidential candidates elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are continuing attenuate to make their pitch for expanded healthcare as a meal moffitt from member station w._a._b._c. Era reports both spoke today in front of a crowd of young african american voters voters in atlanta. A cornerstone of bernie sanders campaign has been health care for all it was a point he emphasized at a candidate forum organized by the black church political action action committee. African americans are less likely to have insurance than white americans more likely to leave a hospital with a bill. They cannot cannot afford to pay elizabeth warren. Meanwhile noted that it's an issue especially important for black women who are more likely than white women to die during childbirth and i'm way past less raise awareness about this. I'm to the point say. Let's do something about this where he booker pete buddha judge. Julio castro took part in the forum on friday for n._p._r. News i'm a meal moffitt in atlanta. In portland. Oregon police arrested more than a dozen people today. During largely quiet demonstrations by far right and far left groups authorities say they seized weapons including metal and wooden poles and shields from demonstrators on both sides the protesters were format bmo a huge police presence that used concrete barriers and also closed bridges trying to keep the rival groups separated the animator here behind such hollywood hits as who framed roger rabbit has died vicki barker has more from london richard williams won the first of three baptist for his debut feature film the little island in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. He won an oscar for his nineteen seventy-one adaptation of dickens's a christmas carol and another two oscars for the nineteen eighty eight blockbuster who framed roger rabbit which mixed live action with animation. You're listening to n._p._r. News the man accused of shooting and wounding six philadelphia officers this week while holing up in a row house has been charged with attempted murder thirty six year. Marie hill also faces assault charges and was denied bail. He has a preliminary hearing on september fifth. Police went to the house wednesday to serve a drug warrant when he'll started. It's shooting. He kept officers at bay for hours. While he continued to fire his weapon. Sudan's military leaders and civilian opposition coalition shen have sealed a power-sharing deal after protracted negotiations. N._p._r.'s ofeibea quist arcton reports officials hope that what is considered a landmark agreement will also lead to a peaceful transition and to democratic elections the constitutional deal signed by the sudanese military and and leaders of the pro democracy protests is meant to pave the way for a transitional government after years of dictatorship and repression the cold full is eight months of demonstrations which swept swept out long-serving president omar hassan bashir to be replaced by the military african and arab leaders witnessed the declaration two months after a brutal military crackdown on protesters does the deal ashes in a civilian military sovereign council and elections within three years. Many sudanese welcomed the agreement. Many others questioned the sincerity not of general mohamed hamdan emitted gallo widely considered sudan's powerful man who has pledged to abide by the deal or february stockton to n._p._r. News and i'm janine herbst and you're listening to n._p._r. News from washington.

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