GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 306: Legacies at Stake


The. Golden State concepts, baseball podcasts we cover everything majorly from spring trees to the world series got your favorite club cover from New York to Boston to La. This is the golden state media concepts baseball podcast. Thank you all for tuning into the. See Baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I am your host, Evan Worthy, and happy Friday to everybody out there listening to the show we are finally made it. This is the last weekend of the season. I. That was talking about this on the last episode like I couldn't. I can't imagine I couldn't believe how fast everything went and here we are. We're at the last weekend there are I. Think five spots in the postseason that still need to be filled to in the American league. And I think three in the national. League. I know there's like seventeen still fighting for a playoff spot. I'll dive into that a little bit later but We just got some breaking news that That Gordon after fourteen years has retired from the League fourteen seasons going with the Kansas City royals. Never had the. Over overly outstanding career You know if he was, I think it was a number one overall pick in the draft and you know he never really made it to the point where you know. He was kind of all timer but not many number one overall picks have I think only two number ones overall picks have made it to the mobile hall of fame and with a Chipper Jones and Ken Griffey Junior I might be missing out on a lot but I think. I think there's only a couple whose actually made it. So for him to have a fourteen year vaguely career for him to be you know, I would say above average player overall in you know very, very good defensive player overall for most of those seasons you know he had he had a great career and you know we wanNA world series champion and was one of the big. Big. Parts of the you know Twenty fifteen twenty was twenty fourteen twenty fifteen run of the Kansas, city royals who arguably his one of my favorite world series champions of the past twenty years Just the way that they played the game they played it really old school they were. You know we're GonNa, you know put pressure on you and you know it doesn't matter how long you've been in the league we don't care. We're still going to force you to make those quick decisions and like the like the hosmer play where he rushes home and Lucas Duda who's been playing in the League for a very. Long time he's you know he's been a pro's pro for forever and You know he just has a little league moment in just sales throw at home plate like Dow was one of those plays where I was like you know, I, get this team. This is I love the team. I love the Kansas City rose ever since then and it was You know just they were just really fun to watch And then you know Alex Gordon calls it quits one of the few I'm sure he's getting a statue. I think he has. He's probably getting a statue just for being a lifer like Kansas City Royal Lifer I could see I could see him you know getting memorialized even though like he did for really did anything to spectacular he had a lot of gold gloves that'd be Kinda like giving Tori hunter a statue outside of target field but still you know like if Torii hunter played all of his career at you know in Minnesota like. I could see why you know they would have given him a statue and I feel like since there wasn't that any success really any success in the royals organization since George Brett and Bo Jackson, and those guys like why wouldn't they? You know why wouldn't they memorialize them because you know he helped bring a championship and he are honestly never left So happy trails to Alex Gordon. You had a great career nothing too over the top, but it was a fun player to watch least So moving back onto the playoffs. So the MLB playoffs starts Tuesday September twenty-ninth That's when they said the open, the wild card round, and there has been a few injuries that could really You know really affect how. The wildcard series plays out starting on Tuesday. So the bay one over the weekend was Mike Clemenger of the San Diego padres the San Diego padres of. We went over this last episode. First Time, they've been the postseason since two, thousand, six there the Cinderella team everybody loves them But you know Mike Levinger he exited the game on on Wednesday afternoon with the fought in a five two loss just after one inning due to a flare up of bicep tightness that was caused him to get scratched from his star on Saturday. So he had already missed a star with his you know bicep tightness and then he goes out on Wednesday. Same thing happens to them. Yikes. So. they did former Ted or further tests including an MRI and on the post game and the PADRES are still awaiting results to this point you know their coach ended up saying we're going to wait for the results and see what the doctors have to say I don't want to speculate or anything like that because I honestly just don't know now. You're probably thinking like, okay. They're the second best team in the National League. Like, they were on a killer tear before they got my clovinger. They'll be fine which arguably is true. Yes. I mean they do have a cy young candidate in lament. Definitely GonNa Start Game One if Clemenger isn't available. But it does get a little rocky for the for the San. Diego. Padres warm. Once you go down past met you know they got Zach Davies in Chris Paddock which could be fine for a best of three series. All they gotta do is win too. I I bet that you know lament is going to get the first one I mean he has a two Oh seven era and is a contender for the strikeout title. He's been one of the most. pitchers. In the league this year like. I think that you know. If you have on the mound, you have a pretty good shot of you know doing some real damage. So. You've got to get one win at his activities and Chris Paddock, which is not you know not terrible. But when they get into the seven game series, you got lament Davies Paddock and. That's pretty much all they really have because they just put Garrett Richards you know they put him transitioning to the bullpen and You know the padres manager has yet to say that anything has changed. So it looks like if Clemenger is not able to bounce back and he's not going to be healthy for the postseason, they could be running with the three man rotation with Lament Paddock Davies. Now. Three men rotations that has worked before I. Don't know if it will work. You know throwing every other day. You know the traveling you know less wear and tear like Kinda stuff You know since they're in the bubble but Like. I don't know I. Don't know how you know how. Good they'll be able to fair without Mike Classrooms because my cleanser let's be honest. He was one of the best pitchers in the American league the past three years he's been one of the best pitchers in the American league and he goes on the. National. League. In does not skip a beat because there has been pitchers who? Were dominant in the American league and they switched sides and go to the National League and they just lose it for some reason I don't know what it is but you know we've seen it before we see a with position players we've seen it with. Pictures like you see with everybody like the first time I ever saw I was with Barry Zito like Barry Zito you know when I first started coming up liking baseball and you know two, thousand, two, hundred, one, thousand, two, he was the guy and then you know he goes from the Oakland as in just crosses the bridge overdue San Francisco, and next thing you know he goes from one of the top pitchers in the game to like someone who can you know? Hovering, between you know the bigs AAA like he's a long reliever is your fifth starter and then he had a little comeback in their running the you know the world series and all that kind of stuff there three three titles and six years, and all that kind of you know we saw with Matt Holliday Matt Holliday also with the Oakland athletics, he was killing it in Colorado goes to the Oakland athletics doesn't do that well, and then in Oakland gives them up and you know gives them to Saint, Louis. and. Then he's just out there being old Matt. Holliday again just because I feel like. I don't know what it is, but it's it. It's a thing that happens. I don't know. I don't know what it is but That's definitely. Something that. Really. You know we showed you know commend him for because you know he was able to transition you know from. Cleveland to San. Diego. Completely, new area during a pandemic in you know was able to just have like a seamless transition with the team so. You know we'll keep an eye out for Mike. Mike clovinger. But you know if Mike is not able to go. Let's a huge huge huge huge blow. For the San Diego padres and speaking of another huge blow on the rotation Max Freed. Of the Atlanta Braves you know for now the hope is that his early exit from his last regular season start wishes precaution to prevent him for furthering messing up you know his his left ankle he turned it while fielding a bunt from Marseille. You know he he wanted to stay in the game, which is you know that's cool. I'm glad you wanted to stay in the game maximum, but you know you already clinched a playoff spot. Save yourself like you have to. Be Smarter about that. Especially when it's looking, it's going to be three starters the top three pitchers in the brakes rotation going into the postseason. Are All going to be under the age of twenty four twenty, five, I think it is Max breed is the oldest. We have ham we have what was Oh man what was his name The. So we have him going with Ian Anderson and Carl Right Cow, right? That's who it is You know. We have Cole Hamels. But he's experiencing shoulder fatigue already and he's only pitch no one game or two games. So that's not looking. So great for us Coal Ham or a Max freed is one of the best pitchers in the entire game he hasn't I don't think he's lost this year he seven or eight no you know He's obviously of Great Cy Young, award candidate I don't think he's I. Think he's probably fourth I have Darvish. Darvish. No. Bauer Darvish. degrom. Then, Max freed from I like hierarchy of the Cy Young Trevor Bauer should win especially after the last game that they played pretty much pitched him into the postseason if they can. You know just. Hold off the all the teams behind going into To close out the season I. Think you know they they took over the eighth seed. So it looks like they're going to be in the playoffs as your just like I said, they just got a hold off and you know survive in advance pretty much. They're getting to the postseason But. You know when? With the braves back to them You know with Max freed Enersen is his rookie year not even a like a year. He's had three starts and he's looking at. You know the number two starter on postseason team. That's like that is the lighter than light like that kid is you know he's great and everything but that's he's way over his head like way way way over his head and you know relying on right when he's had one of the most rocky seasons. I've ever seen from a starting pitcher like you know we we. have. Held out for Kyle right for a long time. We've heard a lot of great about him and maybe one of these days you'll be able to kick into gear. He's kind of like the same as Tuckey Tucson where it's just like you hear these things and you see every once in a while you see the flashes and you're just like, Oh this guy's incredible if you can just figure it out and be consistent but it's just like are we able to wait long enough to be consistent because you know we can't rely on right in Anderson and Max free together and be like okay well, this is titled Team No it isn't not with that rotation. No. Sir. and. especially, when Max Pre keeps getting hurt this is like the second or third time getting hurt this month. He's at injuries flare up. You know grow albeit very, very minor injuries. But he's had injuries pop up you know multiple times this year and it's just it's just not looking good for the guys over there in Atlanta moving on. To Saint Louis. Carlos. Martinez, you know He. Just grabbed his left side trying to run off to first base like fell off to the first base side of the mound grabbed his back. He has a back strain You know it could just be because you know Saint Louis they missed so much of the season to start the year and they had to. Try and recover so much. They had thirteen games in ten days and they still somehow had a winning record You know there are lot not looking great right now you know offensively they're only banning to a one on that last road trip with seven homers an eight games they've been held the one hit or less with runners in scoring position, and somehow they want to of those games with out a hit with runners in scoring position. So it's like they've done their best to just like turn water into wine I guess and just. Power through The obstacles, they've you know set before themselves like their offense has been struggling. We've never seen. You know a cardinal offense do more with less I. Feel or at least my license I've been paying attention So having someone who is a key person in the pitching staff go down right before the postseason when your offense is struggling and Martin is just houck's. He's he's he's a phenomenal pitcher and they're going to need everyone that they can do you know the whole the runs down. So they can win those games without being able to a score with a runner in scoring position. You know so you know huge loss for the Saint Louis Cardinals going into the postseason To pick things up lastly, let's talk about the twins. So I was saying that the twins, it was a huge week for him because they needed to overtake first place in the AL central to give themselves a chance to move on to the postseason and who they rely on to do that while they successfully did it and it is thanks to Kenta my Ada probably the most. I would say, surprising. Just. masterful pitchers in the league this year, you know you'll out four baserunners in last game in six innings four hits. No walks nine ks he lowered his Mo be leading whip two zero point seven six and in the expansion era since one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, one, only twenty, sixteen Clayton Kershaw and two thousand Pedro Martinez has pitched at least sixty innings as starter with a lower whip. Clayton Kershaw. And, Pedro Martinez to with the greatest pitchers that ever thrown to the greatest seasons ever had by a pitcher. And Kenta Maeda is third on that list. And to be fair. He's not even going to win the CY, young this year because Shane Bieber had ten or more strikeouts in eight of his twelve starts. Like Cantona should in any other year, win the CY young. But Shane be were absolutely dominated You know it's not like the dominance over the Tigers for the twins was you know some outlier Maya retired for twelve of his first fourteen against the white sox in his first game with the twins out retiring eighteen of twenty against Cleveland then came in got fifteen his first sixteen against Pittsburgh and Milwaukee, and there was a no hit bid into the ninth inning against the brewers. That's the type of year that came to my aid has had. It sucks that he's not going to get more recognition for. Not only young before MVP has dad do need some. MVP. votes. He has been lights out this year. The one thing that the Minnesota twins needed last year was another pitcher outside of Jose Barrios and they got who of Randy Don KNAPP has been killing. It Kent my eight has been killing it rich hills been killing at this year and so as. Well Jose Barrios hasn't really made noise, but he's been one of the most consistent pitchers in the bigs and speaking of those guys to be taking a quick break and we'll be right back to talk about some of the older vets that have a lot riding on this postseason legacy. Wise. We'll be right back to talk about that in just a moment. Listen Up Sports bettors. This is your man Bryce here to tell you about my favorite sports book, and that's Bet US four-ball basketball and baseball back. That means it's time to get down your bets. I'LL IAN only endorse one sportsbook, and that is US DOT com. Why you ass bet us is the pioneer online betting with more than twenty five years. 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This is your ultimate stop for everything sports the Golden State media concepts, boards, podcast should I say more from the NFL MLB, the NBA to MMA, all in here the Golden State Media Concept's sports podcast listen. All right everybody we are back. So let's talk about. The best topic to talk about in all barbershops when it comes to sports. It's legacy. So when remembering and going over the greats of sports whoever they are you always talk about what they didn't always that argument. Oh who was better than everything is always based off. Well, what did they do? What did their career look like? What was their lasting legacies and enormous comes down to winning championships? So. We got some. We have some star studded players who are still looking for their very first rang. And they do not have a lot of time left. and. So I'm going to be going over some players who really really need their ring not would say not need their ring, but you know have a lot to gain from winning a ring if they were able to get one this season first and foremost you have to start off with. One of the best pitchers of the past decade. Just. Absolutely, out of his mind was in the playoffs every single season. Of the past ten years. And never won a title I'm not saying the best but one of the best it is Zach Lanky of the Houston Astros. The reason I have Zachary I is because he's played seventeen seasons in the bigs. and. He is thirty seven years old. He came so close to winning ring last year with Houston but. You know he started game seven against the nationals. He was great through six innings, left the game holding a to nothing lead and the Washington went on to win the game he had. Garrett Cole is now in. New York you Justin verlander down for the season Grinky is the number one to ace for the. Houston Astros this year. and. You know it's kind of all on his shoulders. It really hasn't been all on his shoulders. In the postseason you know. Whenever. He went it was you know he went with the I think he started off with the angels he went with the angels when he was there for about six weeks before he left and went to the dodgers. went to the dodgers. He was on there for a while and then he went to a he went to China and I, think one. Playoff series with Arizona he may have missed the playoffs with Arizona and then they trade him to Houston, and he is arguably the third starter. When he's in Houston, he's never been the number one guy in the postseason. And this is his time. This is his time to Shine Zach, rinky show us. What you can do you do not have a lot of time left my friend especially with a fifty, six mile an hour is quote unquote I don't even call any fish such as a really really slow careful speaking of big and now slow curve balls. Number two on the list with Clayton Kershaw. The Los Angeles dodgers now everybody knows Clayton. Kershaw. Easily hands down. Best. Pitcher, the twenty tens. There's no debate like you can say, Oh, in the postseason, he did whatever who cares. During the regular season he was the most unstoppable pitcher. One the Games. Ever you could argue the game has ever seen. Like his ten year run was absolutely nuts and the one thing that. Trips me out especially after reading this. He's only thirty two. Like I think Clayton Kershaw has been in the league. For ever. Like just like I don't remember a Lee season without Clayton Kershaw ever. and. It's only been thirteen years like the dude has so much more time. He's only thirty two years old and if he's thrown grinky that means he's got five more years of being a great pitcher you know. He needs to win a championship sooner or later. Like if he goes down without winning a title, it will be. Like heartbreaking. always got. Let's see what we got here. You know in his playoff career he's got nine different seasons where he's been in the postseason. He's at one, hundred, fifty eight and a third innings. He's got a four point, four, three play-off Yara, which is two runs higher that is marks on the regular season. That's not great. But everybody knows his struggles earlier in his career but you know it seems like after that. He was always the guy that you know. got. Left in too late, it's like Pedro Martinez in two thousand and. You know what I'm saying it's like a you know bill. Simmons has when he does the Ra- watchable it's like a what is it the grady little managerial f. up like what was the managerial f. up here and it? He calls it the greatest manager up because he had the right time to pull pedro given up hit after hit after hit and he leaves them in the game. And you know we just ends up losing the game. So you look like Pedro Martinez choke that game away when. He should have been out. He did his job and Clayton Kershaw was the same way you know he was always in the game. Way later than he should have been and then he no, he gives up stairs and Matt Adams homers and you know those pictures will forever live in dodger infamy So. I think that's one thing that they're starting to do better which is lowering as Yarra in the postseason. so we'll see how. They. Handle him in the postseason this year especially with you know Walker Bueller not being too. You know steady this year you know the up the rise of Derek May and you know all the pictures that they have down in. La, we'll see what they have to do with all of them over there. Moving on we got Joey votto next Joey votto has been a league for thirteen fourteen seasons. He's thirty seven years old. One of the best hitters. One of I'm not saying best but one of the best hitters of the past ten years. You know. He's never advanced past the divisional series he's got. To fifty batting average a three, twenty, four on base percentage, a two, fifty slugging percentage career postseason line. You know he's got a pretty decent power surge going through right now he could get redemption. This team is rather hot. They have the pitching staff to keep them going Maybe it just took a little while to figure it out. WHO REALLY KNOWS You know what I'm saying. So Joey votto is a great candidate for you know legacy wise. Because if he's able to, you know get really hot. This pitching staff you know brings that Trevor Bauer like energy onto the field. You know there's there's a chance. You know there is a chance that he can go down as you know, one of the great ones just off one playoff. I don't even think he has the win necessarily if he wins. Cool whatever. But you know even if he doesn't win I think that just getting to the see even if that the world. Series. Like. You know he's GonNa get his roses. and honestly, if he's able to make it to the world series and not win I don't know if you'll be back next year to be completely honest with you he may write out his contract but I'm not really sure. moving on, we have a guy who's on the fringe of the playoffs probably not going to do a whole bunch once the playoffs start just piano playing devil's advocate here. It's Evan Longoria. So Evan Longoria has been league for thirteen years. He is thirty five years old Everybody remembers him from you know winning rookie of the year in two, thousand eight you know he carried the race that first postseason advance all the way to the world series and their first postseason you know. But in the World Series Longoria went one for twenty. In those five games against the phillies you know he's yet to return to the world series and he hasn't played in the postseason all since two thousand thirteen. You know This giants team, you know they weren't really supposed to do much but they're kinda surprising everybody. It'd be nice to see Evan Longoria back in the postseason especially because you know. Thirty five years old like doesn't have a ton of time left but you know it's it's he's one of those players that you know. You Really WanNa. See You really just WanNa see him play. That's not really all boils down to get him in Longoria to the postseason even if it's with those terrible giants moving on, we have A. Shaky. Character to say the least Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee brewers you know he's the all time home runs leader Bruce. History. is going to become a free agent after the season's over he has a fifteen million dollar mutual option for twenty twenty one. Probably going to pick that up I. don't see him getting fifteen million dollars next year from any team unless he wants to win the world series then he's probably GonNa go to like New York or somewhere but. Brewers fans I don't know if this is a good thing or not but I can see him I I can see him staying You know it's possible that he has played his final Game Miller Park maybe. you know there's a possibility. So I throw that out there but you know. I don't really think so you know. Braun. He need like if he can power them to the world series once again they will I think they're on the outside looking in of the you know the playoff picture right now. I don't think he's got it. I don't think the brewers are going to be able to do it. It would take a massive power. It would have to be the Washington nationals of last year like you would have to turn into Juan Soto and just do something absolutely insane that we really have not seen before for him. Do you know for them to get to the world series especially with their pitching the way it is but Ryan Braun definitely has a lot to gain from a I would say a really good to great playoff situation Here's somebody I've always wanted to see succeed like. I don't necessarily love the team. But. If this player goes on to win the world series, I'll be happy in its Andrew mccutchen and your mccutchen. You know he's thirty four years all these played twelve seasons you know The farthest I think he's gone in the postseason was the divisional or the wild card games where I think he went to to back to back in Twenty, twelve and twenty thirteen no, those weren't even a thing. then. pull. Was it man? When did he go? I think I to Wild Card Games, the Pittsburgh pirates went to, and they just happened to lose those games, which is a major bomber always wanted Andrew mccutchen go further in the postseason I think that Pittsburgh in the playoffs for the You know for the pirates was always like bowls times that they were there. They were a never seen. Pirates fans at Games, and then they just showed up showed out and it looked like it made some lives, hell. On that field so You know just seeing what he's done. You know he was the twenty thirteen nl MVP he's homeless and thirteen playoff games. He's got a six hundred on base plus slugging like. I just hope he does well, I honestly just hope he does well, like if Philly does make the postseason and they make a run even though I don't like the phillies out all I won't be mad I. Think you know it's it's it's good for baseball to see him out there winning moving on we got. We got Nelson. Cruz. So Nelson cruises forties been in the League for Sixteen Years Everybody remembers he was you know kind of the scapegoat of You know the David Freese triple in twenty eleven world series game six You know he's. He's also one of the best like hitters. In playoff history. Blake he's one of the best hitters not a great fielder. I don't know why he was out in right field in that series that was colossally stupid you know. With one hundred and fifty playoff appearance or yeah. Playoff Plate appearances he's got a one point zero, twelve opie S, which ranks fifth all time. Behind Babe. Ruth. Albert pools. George. Brett. And Carlos Beltran. Fifth all time. In playoff. Oh PS. Like. They're gonNA need every single bit of that. I think that they're facing off against the Houston Astros I. Don't if I'm not mistaken. So Nelson Cruz is going to be huge for that series. He could go down as one of the best. Ever, if you know, the twins are able to put out this magical postseason run that everybody kind of wants them to have like if you're not rooting for the Minnesota twins, what are you doing? You have to be Justin you're a Yankee fan or something like that or a hater moving on we got. I call them, Nelson Cruz Jr... Turns out they've been in the league the exact same amount of years but one is just three years older. It's Edwin encarnacion. So Edwin encarnacion. Age Thirty seven sixteenth year the bigs. He's had some amazing battles in the playoffs especially when he was with the blue, the Blue Jays and Texas Rangers series. Dow is an incredible battle I. loved every minute of it You know the Edwin Kurnaz Ian he brings so much to the table. You know not just in the postseason but. You know just to that White SOx lineup up with all that youth there. You know that experience is unparalleled like you need that experience and you know he's he's I would say he could be pretty undervalued, and especially if they're going to be the team that's playing the Yanks because they're gonNA match up there, the fourth seed, the Yanks of the fifth seed they're going to be in guaranteed field in the south side of Chicago. What's going to happen? Nobody really knows. I, think that that makes the playoffs infinitely more interesting to the fact of the white sox are planning enke's not the twins because we know the twins are just going to see it and they're gonNA during the headlights rollover and it's done. But the white sox I think the white sox are just young and cocky enough to not care about the Yankees have to say or do. And is going to be beautiful to watch. I cannot wait. I really. Do hope that that is the series moving forward. Moving on. We got Nick Marquess. Of the Atlanta Braves Nick Markes has been the League for fifteen years as h thirty, six kind of running out of time. Especially, you know he's not a power hitter so that doesn't really justify him. You know going into a d. h. role unless you know their lineup is stacked with power and they just need some to drive in runs probably unlike the six or seven told that's where he would probably do is best damage you know. I'm glad he did decide to play but this year you know in the last two seasons which were Atlanta's LDS losses He's bad at one twenty, one to sixteen and one, fifty two he's not doing a great job. You know the braves have yet to win a postseason series since two thousand and one I think Nick marquess definitely he's needs to be the nick marquee the regular season Knick mark cakes for the braves the you know actually. Do something in the postseason who their face to play against right now mainly because that will change but My guess is probably going to be the Miami Marlins, and if that is the case then. Boy Howdy like just hold on tight braids, sands, I don't. There's something about the postseason where I just don't trust it. I mean I started they haven't won a playoff series since I started watching baseball so. I mean, what can we? What can we really do moving on? We only got one more actually. So lastly, I think this is a big Legacy. Guy. Mainly just for you know. 'cause he's incredibly underrated. Really underrated player in his Michael Brantley Michael Brantley been a League for twelve years. Age Thirty, three, he's. A, very underrated hitter he was in the world series a few years ago when the Indians lost to the Chicago cubs Also what was it Michael Brantley struck out against Daniel Hudson, to end game seven of the twenty, nine, hundred world series you know he just needs bounceback I think he's still kind of reeling from that. He hasn't had a year Reno know really to rely on You know he's bad two, ninety nine in each of his past six seasons like he just happens to end. With a two nine batting average all the time you know. He brings a lot of stability to the lineup. 'cause you know what you're getting out of him. He's kind of like Nick. Marquees like you just kind of know what you're getting from them. You know So Michael Brantley has a lot to his legacy, the post season and speaking of postseasons. I'm going to be taking a quick break and we'll be right back to go over the standings entering the last weekend of the season we have one, two, three, four, five teams still. That still have a shot. 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So stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts Pie Dash Network Guaranteed Ville that podcast is. Whatever it may be, visit us at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter, and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. I. Heard. Everybody a we are back now. Can you tell how excited we all are for the postseason is the number one topic it's just like the trade deadline. It's just like winter meetings. It's just like free agency. What's happening whereas you're going to go how do you feel it's going to go. And here we are. We got. The last weekend of the season. So the clench spots are. As braves, dodgers, white SOX, raise twins, Yanks, padres Cleveland, and the cubs. So. We still have five teams that are in the hunt for the postseason. Two of them are in the AL, West. And then the next three are all national league teams. So everybody in the American, League is gone besides the angels of all people and the mariners. The angels are two and a half games back of Houston. The manners are three games back of Houston now. That is crazy to think about especially since the angels were doing so poorly. So let's go baseball reference. Let's see what they're who they're playing in the last. Week of the. Last week end. Sorry. So they got a three games set with the dodgers. Day are not gonNA make it. I'm sorry to Angel Fans. They're not going to make it. Is it? They're just not Andrew Heaney is on the mound against the dodgers. Today, what's the? What's The twenty fourth tomorrow? So while you're listening to this, there's a night game angels dodgers Andrew Heaney's on the mound. Good Luck Dylan Bundy. You have the best chance of winning that game but yet angels. Sorry Buddy you guys are not making it we went and looked at the Seattle Mariners They have a pretty. there were pretty rough opponent I think, yeah the Oakland as they have a four game settings Oakland Games back, and then if I remember correctly he's in has a three-game set with Texas four-game four-game set with Texas they got. Christian Javier on the mound Jose you're. Your quality, your quickey. Sorry he's facing cow cody then you've got You know they've yet to announce who they're gonNA pitch. They're throwing against cow Gibson and Jordan lyles. So you know not looking too great for all those angel and Seattle fans but you know it's it. It leads to some excitement heading into the last week the year you know we'll we'll see of course, we're going to monitor that I'm sure one of those games gonna be Zach rinky throwing especially if they if especially, if they need clinching game like if they need a game magic numbers one, win in your in. Zach rank, he's getting the ball Let's go to the National League. So the PHILLIES are a half game behind Miami. One four-game Wildcard. The brewers are one game back in the wild card also tied with the Philadelphia Phillies and the mets are three and a half games back. That is crazy like that is so nuts you know who's in it right now you got the giants or the seven seed you're the reds or the eighth seed. Nuts. Wild End of the year. Absolutely. Insane I don't know who's GonNa take it in the NFL I go indus I'm going to say that the the phillies are gonNA move in over the giants I don't think the giants are going to win like I don't think the giants are going to be into the post season I. Don't think they have enough even if they do. I. Just I just don't believe in them I don't I want. Evan. Longoria in but you know I can't really trust the giants. This year can't do it. Sorry. What can I say? I'm completely biased sometimes and I'm just going to ride with it. So. Let's pretend that the phillies let's all put the. Phillies as the eighth seed, move the reds to the seventh. We're just going to ride the we're just GONNA ride the opening series out like that. So in which case, we would have the dodgers versus the phillies. Now. That bodes. For an interesting series. Because the dodgers pitching. Isn't spectacular. And The Philadelphia offense. Is. Very good. Like I really do like watching Philadelphia's offense I don't. I try not to admit it. But their offense offenses amazing their bullpen is a little bit Shakey. Their starting rotation is very hit or miss. So the dodgers can really capitalize on that and do a lot of damage but. Could potentially lead to an upset I feel especially if Bryce Harper's out here going one hundred, ten percent. Alec. Bomb out here raking you got Reese hoskins doing his thing launching missiles you got jt real Mutoko who's the number one free agent on the market this next season he's buying a brand new contract. He is going to be going above and beyond like there's so much boomer bus like Didi. Gregorius has been striking out on his career low rate. He's been doing incredible this year like there's so many things. Going, right for the Phillies I feel like there could especially in a three game series. We could see a one eight upset if the phillies go to the postseason as the eighth seed moving on, we'll go to the braves and the reds. If the braves play the reds. In the first round of the postseason. The reds will win that series. They will hundred percent. Lewis Castio introver- Bauer. Versus. Injured Max freed and Ian Anderson. Sorry. It's a two Oh sweep and we're out. That's just how it's GonNa go. That's what I'm gearing for, and I'm just accepting it now like there's no need to fight back on it just accepted it is what it is. Braves fans I'm with you. I can't wait for another. You know six months of pure sadness watching everybody else have fun besides us, but it is what it is. What can we really do happens all the time. Moving on, we have the cubs, the Marlins I feel like this one favors. It's the most lopsided I feel like the cubs win a hundred times out of one hundred against the Mar- The marlins in this series like get the marlins are kind of spunky. They're you know doing way better than anybody ever thought they would be but. You know the cubs they just have the more experience. They have the more fight they just better team. So I feel like they would move on and then lastly let's go to the padres and the cardinals. Now, this is going to be a very interesting series I don't. Think that it's going to go three games I. think that The padres are gonNA. Come in and just You know kind of do their thing as they always do they're gonNA come in they're gonNA rake They're going to do great things against that pitching staff of the Saint Louis. Cardinals, and their pitching staff is going to take advantage of the cardinals are doing, which is absolutely nothing offensively. So. We'll see. I mean I guess we'll see how it goes but. Yeah the. The. PADRES HAVE TO MVP candidates. They have the rookie of the year in their. Starting like in their starting lineup. Mitch Moreland is Great Eric Hosmer is great like. They're just there's too deep of a team i. don't see that going very well Moving on to. The American League. So we have the raise in the Blue Jays. As, much as I do like the Blue Jays and how much fun I had watching them this year. No chance to beat the raise I got the raise moving, pass them for and easy Now. This is interesting. It's not the most interesting, but it's interesting. The. As in Cleveland. You GET BIEBER You get probably Caracazo. Verses. You know Sean Mnaya. I would say shamanee maybe aren't even and probably Chris Bassett. For the Oakland, A.'s. That's one hell of a pitching series right there off those two games alone. That's GONNA. Be One amazing series. I feel like the American league's jam packed with great. This is just Such a great playoffs. Because, you can't even guarantee that one team's GonNa. Win Like there's normally a series like the dodgers versus the braves a couple years ago. It's like, yeah the dodgers are GONNA come in they're going to ransack them and then they're going to leave and that's exactly what happened this one I don't even see that I don't see any of these happening. You got the twins in the Astros feel like the twins are GonNa win that's just astros pitching staff is bad. But You. Know besides that like what? What is there the white sox the Yankees Who Wins that? Who Wins that? Series. A lot of people are going to. Yankees but the Yankees were so bad. To, what three weeks ago and then they came out and they were so bad in the now they're so hot and they're one of the hottest teams in the League you know you got the Chicago White Sox who Were riding the highs the highs and now they're kind of tailing down. But who says that they can't be sparked right back up you have some major swagger in Luke void Glamour Torres those guys versus incredible swagger of Tim, Anderson Louis Robert de la man is. Offense, offense the pitching staff is just who's GonNa Pitch Better. Is Dallas GonNa come back and do his thing like there's so many marks that need to be answered. I cannot wait to watch it. It is to be an incredible series and speaking of what you need to watch going to be taking my final break and we'll close the show. The right way what to watch four will be right back after these messages. Want to know the latest and soccer that listen to the golden state media concept soccer podcast from M.. L. S. is the world world's the Premier Li. We've got you covered a latest update hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the golden state media concept's soccer podcast. Talk. Listen now. South. Thank you for sticking around so As normally happens. We got some incredible pitching imagine coming up this weekend and it is looking incredible. So I have Friday night and Saturday night up. Starting, off Friday. We Have Jack Polarity on the mound. I is the Milwaukee brewers. Big Series right here we're still have a chance to make the postseason. Jack Flirt he's going to try and put a stop to that. What more could you really want? Moving on after that. You Rick Poor. Sell. Overseas Max Scherzer Yum Max Sherzer on the mound last started the season closing out the series or the season strong. I mean, what more could you want? Just kind of put in a little bit an exclamation point on the crazy year that was twenty twenty and you know have some some sort of momentum for Washington nationals rolling into the the off season and the You know get ready for Spring Training Let's see we got. Taiwan Walker on the mound for the. Playoff bound Toronto Blue Jays. Crazy to say you Taiwan Walker throwing against Hor Hey Lopez. The Baltimore Orioles. Just you know. I mainly, just Taiwan Walker. Come on So you got, let's see Antonio sends a tele. Taylor Clark. That's a pretty decent pitching matchup right there you got Vincent Alaska's versus Charlie. Morton. I Gate Geat Time Charlie Morton Curve Ball, and I don't think that's ever going to change. Anytime I try watch the Tampa Bay rays play. It is pretty much just time Glasgow and Morton throws. Just because I wanNA see Glasnost slider. Morris Curve. Ball. And I just want to sit back in a chair being dumb fat and happy. Watching, these games. Just seeing the rotation of the ball and just how stupid people look trying to actually hit that thing Moving on Cindy alcon Kantar versus J. Hap- Sandy Alcantara who is going to be a great pitcher give him a couple of years. Maybe next year I would say could be his big leap up there with six. Sanchez. yet Jay HAPP who looking to build some momentum going into the postseason especially, if he has to play against that treacherous, that's right. People use the word treacherous you know white sox lineup like. It's he. He needs a good start here and he really needs to get some momentum and build on that momentum. Speaking of building momentum. Boston verses Atlanta Cris, Mazza Verses Cow Right Kyle right and needs needs a good start so bad. Like so so so bad he needs a good start and if he can you know get A. Pretty. Decent one just you know snowball effect into the postseason. It will be a major relief for brave sands moving forward Let's see we got. Cookie RASCO versus Mitch Keller and that's going to be a great one Chris Paddock versus Tyler Anderson. Moravia. KRISTA guy anyways but toddler understanding no says I'm pretty good. Pretty good outings this year you got the. You got the Chicago does it? Man It's not the subway series. I don't keep every time. They play the series always like, Oh, they have this series but I never remember actually what it is but nor cyber southside Chicago you get Yu Darvish versus Dylan cease that's GonNa be one hell of a match up Spencer Turnbull versus Brad Keller a pretty good pitching matchup right there you Tyler Mall Mall Molly Verse Jose Barrios I geeked every time I see a Jose Barrios to to seamer. It's just how life goes You know he's he's. He's insane to watch I really. Hope the he can. You know settle down it'd be more than just a five inning pitcher Let's see. You Got Andrew Heaney versus Clayton Kershaw. We said that earlier you got your say Kukuchi versus Chris Bassett. I love watching. Kukuchi, I think he's I. Think he's a lot better than what the stats have to say Yeah. In Chris Bassett Chris Bassett is an insanely good pitcher. I love watching Chris Bassett throat I can't wait till my white son or my Oakland hood he gets in We have another Colorado Arizona game to close out the night Zach Gallon is going to be on the mound for the year is on a diamondbacks, and then for San Diego you've got. you got Donaldson Donaldson, Dino Son. Donelson lament. I man I really need to get his name, right? I don't think I ever will, but I'm trying. But yeah, you have a limit on the latter half of the double header with the With the San Francisco giants and moving on to Saturday. Just as many pitchers or throwing like it seems like we just get blessed every weekend with tremendous pitching matchups Trevor Rogers versus Debbie Garcia to start the day. The LAZARDO versus Sheffield. To Graham Saint Annabel Sanchez. John Means has been pretty decent. This year Matt shoemakers coming back anyway for the postseason. Your Matthew Boyd of the Detroit Tigers Lance mccullers, cow Gibson. Brandon Woodruff. WAINWRIGHT. Zack Wheeler Ryan Yarbrough. John Lester, Dane dunning Johm Musk Grove Aaron. Savall. Louise's. Castio. Michael Pineda. Mike Minor Herman Marquez Madison Bumgarner Dylan Bundy Johnny Cueto. Like what what more could we want? That is a day full of insanely good pitchers. You got you know Cincinnati Verses Minnesota Cincinnati is hanging on for dear life to the you know last spot in the playoffs. And they gotTA play against the Minnesota twins who are still trying to clinch the Al Central Division you know it'd be the number two seed in the postseason doing everything they can to hold off the Chicago White Sox so they don't want to play the Yankees. What. More could you WanNa that you have so many you have three games on Fox to ground versus Sanchez you got a woodruff and Ueno and you have Zack Wheeler versus Ryan Yarbrough. Great pitching matchups there. It doesn't look like we have any double headers to close out the year My favorite pitching matchup surprisingly is actually Hayes. LAZARDO versus justice. Sheffield. That's GONNA. Be One insane game. especially if they're able to you know if the Seattle Mariners able to fight back and if it's in a year, you know you win you're in type situation that would be absolutely nuts. You know you got a new Guy Who Oscar why? When Noah? You know for the Atlanta braves he's facing off against Tanner Hook. I'm going to be watching that just 'cause I've never heard of this guy. I'm going to click on this guy. So I've actually never heard of him is he is he new guy? Oh, it looks he's an opener. Yeah he's game started. I've actually never heard of this guy before, but it looks like they're gonNA do the opener. Yeah because he's only throwing what two innings, three innings, warnings, three innings. Yeah. So He's an opener. Okay. That makes a lot more sense of like who the heck is this guy I've never heard of before but yeah, you have him thrown for the braves. Finishing up their. Seasoning Boston. Great season you guys please just. For everything just do better Oh we actually am noticing. Seattle and Oakland. They do have a double header on sent Sunday Sweet Hell Ya. More baseball Let's see. You got. Dylan Bundy Tony Gone Sullen not a bad match up there Let's see. Keep going. Keep going John Lester Dane dunning that's going to be a great game. I. Wonder How many homes are GONNA hit off John Lester probably I would say if I put the over under a four and a half, I might actually take the over I. Think five is probably going to be what they get Let's see. I do like watching Matthew Boyd, I think I'M GONNA, turn I. Think I'm definitely going to be playing the the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City royals this weekend. All right. Everybody that is going to be our show. I will see you all on Tuesday to just you know. Get us all ready for the playoffs. I can't express that enough. We are at next. We will be in the playoffs. And it's GonNa be a HO. So very sweet. You can follow me. On instagram at Evan Wurley, twenty three, you can play me and tap baseball I take. I will take your lunch money. In tap baseball, you don't stand a chance. I would like to also thank you for listening to the GSM see baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I would like to ask you to please remember to subscribe to the show and write a nice review because it really does help us out also if you can follow us on facebook twitter and instagram thank you all and have a great weekend. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts baseball podcast part of the Golden State media concept's podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot gs, MC podcast, dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher sound class, and Google play. Just type it Jesus Mc. To find all the shows from the golden state media concepts, podcast network from movies to music thrown sports entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed. Today's program.

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