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Inspiration in Times of Crisis from Shaun Rein, Nick Bradley & Josiah Smelser


Hello Fellow risk-takers. Welcome to my worst investment ever stories of laws to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win in investing. You must take risks but the wind big. You've got to reduce it. My name is Andrew Stotz from as DOTS investment research. And I want to remind you that in this difficult time it is okay to reach out for help. Now is the time to rely on your family. Friends and the network you have built in that spirit. I have reached out to my network of podcast guests and have asked each to share a few minutes of wisdom about how to survive and thrive during these difficult times. I we're going to hear from Sean Ryan. You'll remember him. He was episode one eighteen. The title was. You can't win unless you know how to lose. Sean is the founder and Managing Director of China Market Research Group. A globally prominent strategic market intelligence firm focused on China. Sean has written international bestseller's such as the war for China's wallet the end of cheap China which is on my bookshelf. Right here and the end of copycat China in his discussion. I love what he talks about about. Focussing on facts and remaining focused one of the great things about what he shares is the idea of. Do your research just because people are prominent like hedge. Funds doesn't mean that they've got it right. Focus on your research and the other thing that I took away from. It was the idea that when other companies are collapsing. It may be an opportunity for you. In fact he's looking right now which you'll hear about and you can follow up by the links in this show notes during times of fear and panic like we have now in the world because of the krona virus. It's important that investors and business people look at facts and remain calm to find opportunities to grow. I'll give two great examples from my own experience during the great financial crisis in two thousand and eight where I was able to make a lot of money personally as well expand my company. The first has to deal with the Australian dollar at before the financial crisis. It was running out about a dollar a five to the US dollar in a very short time it collapsed a little bit above sixty cents because investors in the United States assumed that the real estate market in China was going to collapse unless there wouldn't be a need for Australian dollars to buy commodities like iron. Ore but what I did. At the China Market Research Group we went out and we interviewed twenty five of the largest real estate companies in China. And they were all very confident. They said that the government was continuing to send the money through low interest loans and encouraging them to develop not residential complexes much but more commercial buildings so I knew that there was going to be demand for the iron ore. The second thing that we did was we talked with hedge funds and long funds people who are controlling over trillion. Us dollars worth of investment assets. And they all were still shorting the Australian dollar or felt that the Chinese real estate developers were going to be in a lot of trouble and weren't going to be able to build. That's when I knew I had a really good investment time because you missed information or lack of knowledge about what was going on in China in the United States and European Investment Communities. So I made big bets that the Australian dollar was going to go up and you know what within about a three week period. The Australian dollar went from sixty cents to a buck ten actually higher than what it was during the prior to the financial crisis. So that's one way where investors need to really keep their heads on straight look for data. Don't look for rumor and be patient and calm and don't let fear overtake you. The second thing is consulting was collapsing at that time period companies like McKinsey or BCG were rumored to be firing people or having their partners increase their money because of fears about going under thankfully none did but at the time there's fear so I run strategy consulting firm so what I did was. I actually hired more people at the time because I knew that in three months or six months or even a year from now business was going to get good and China was going to be a growth driver for multinationals so I actually hired a lot of people at the height of the financial crisis in two thousand and eight and early two thousand nine and we actually gained market share. And I'm looking to hire now in two thousand twenty so if you're looking for a job send me your resume for the China Market Research Group. The second speaker. Today is Nick Bradley. He was episode one sixty nine titled. Buying a business purely on emotion rarely works. Nick is a business scale up. Specialist helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is the founder of the field in Group. A growth accelerator that helps companies improve business. Performance he's also the host of the scale up your business podcasts. Nick's going to share some of his positive messages particularly the idea that we have choices related to. Are we going to be overwhelmed? An inferior yes. We may feel that at times. But here's a chance to try to overcome that. I like what he said about. It's time to be a leader. A leader has empty but also confidence people need to trust in your confidence and your resilience to be a great leader. Let's listen to what Nick has to say. Hi Andrew Good to hear from you have you a well. Considering all the chaos. That's going on right now and yeah great idea about doing a podcast with a number of positive messages around what's happening around. At the moment. Considering the level of uncertainty the his his my perspective and my thoughtfully first and foremost I think people number choices during this onset time they can highway. They can hibernate. They can try and work out. What's going on being a state of obviously fear and you know what no judgment. I realized that people have to kind of get what they need right now to have some perspective just to get through it other people using this as an opportunity to grow to to build to maybe slow down so that they can speed up. 'cause let's be really clear. This is GonNa Sling shot back. This is going to snap back at some point and so for me personally. I'm very much I'm seeing. This is an opportunity. I'm seeing opportunities around me doesn't mean that I'm not feeling feeling uncertainty and fear on occasion but I know that if I let those emotions roomy then I'm not going to be in a great place. I'm not going to be able to say the things that I can be doing making the most of the situation and as much as I fully appreciate the people in this world right now is suffering some people very sick and some people who've lost loved ones. You've got to try and manage your emotions as best you can accept things balanced the second. Suppose bit of advice is now more than ever is the time to be a leader. Now is the time to step up and lead and not just the family feel business for the community but also the yourself. Now you've got to lead yourself back to what I said before about how you manage your emotions but there are two really important things right now as a leader that I think people need to understand if they're going to maximize what's happening. First and foremost you. GotTa have empathy. You've gotta realize that how you're seeing the world right now may not be how the saying it and if you're leading you've gotta have a sense of feelings emotions to really be able to to help people to listen to be there. You know you might have a perspective where this is not really affecting you too much. Some people like that. Somebody who had highly was resilience that said I was not and if you want to be the best leader you possibly can be. You've got to have empathy and the second piece you should Keisha. Capability could show the competence to get things down the confidence. If you like that people can trust. Believe the your someone who's going to push through this because in times like this uncertainty people need that trust confidence and to some extent that resilience even if you might not be feeling it yourself so you could say things that I'm saying to people the moment be Alita. Bellied if he is still family business for the community at large for the wealthy show. Empathy showed capability keeping zoo. Those two things manager emotions at the same time. Then that's how you are not only going to survive. That's how you're gonNA throw it and make the biggest impact you positive possibly can through these onset times anyway Andrew. Hope that's helpful. Please feel free to publish as you choose. Always be grateful. Be Bright have fight show up and I certainly hope you and your family. Your mom will during these times our final speaker for the day is Joe. Cya SMELTZER Joe. Cy was episode eighty-three. And if you want to laugh. Listen to that episode. It's aptly called pushed through when everything goes wrong. Actually in the middle of it you'll feel like crying but at the end you'll be laughing. Joe Cy is the host of the daily Real Estate Investor. Podcast a show on achieving financial freedom through real estate investing. He runs his own appraisal. Business is a licensed real estate agent and operates his own investment property business along with a partner as he says Joseph Mentions. It's time to be thankful and grateful. In fact he's grateful. He's got three healthy children. It's also time to focus on faith gratitude family and friends and this was a great reminder to me to not be afraid to reach out for help. Don't worry about the things that we cannot take with US beyond this life in other words focus on the things that matter most Andrew. This is Joe Cya smeltzer. Thanks for inviting me to participate in this war. We're living in crazy time. Swith corona virus pandemic and I'm here in Alabama in the United States and it's really hit the United States hard. There's a lot of fear we have a stay at home order here in our state and The schools are shut down a lot of businesses. Shut down but it's also a time to be very thankful and cognizant of the blessings that we have. I'm here at home. Got Three healthy children healthy wife were able to still work as a blessing from God. We're able to make enough income to pay our bills right now. I've got rental properties with most attendants paying on time right now and we're still able to service our payments on those and so I think it's time to press into our faith. Be Very thankful focus on our relationship with God and just be aware of what really matters in life and not be so focused on the things that we can't take whether it's like our money things like that. I do think it's important to be diligent. And wise with the money we've been given to multiply that but at the end of the day the things that really matter our friendships our faith our family and this is really just been a time to really be reminded of that. Simplify our lives too so I would say things you can do to get through you know. From a real estate perspective we had flips going on that we've now converted to rentals and actually the rental market got a strong demand right now. I think because people are not wanting to buy at this moment. They're wanting to rent. And so a rental properties are almost completely occupied. I think the are completely occupied at this point. And so we've converted our flips to rentals and we're refinancing all of our properties ever to Fannie Mae because Fannie Mae is working with owners who have tenants that are going through hardships so I would just say you know focus on strategy to get you through because I do believe this is a temporary problem that we will get through and we will You know persevered through so stay strong. Stay positive get some exercise. Spend some quality time with your family. Focus on your faith and focus on the things that matter in your life and just know that I love you guys. Were all in this together. We're GONNA make it all right listeners. There you have it stories of inspiration to keep you winning as we end. I WanNa thank my guest for coming on the show and sharing how to survive and thrive during this difficult time. Well that's a wrap on another great show to help us. Create grow and protect our wealth and our happiness fellow restorers. I'll see you on the upside.

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